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tv   Queen Elizabeth II Delivers Speech at Opening of British Parliament  CSPAN  June 23, 2017 3:11am-3:27am EDT

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he had wanted to help poor people, and particularly poor people of color. >> sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> queen elith attended the second state opening of parliament yesterday. the speech is written by the government is given to the queen to read in front of the members. the speech is about 15 minutes. may all be seated.
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my lord and members of the house of commons my guv rns priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the european union. my ministers are committed to working with parliament, business and others to build the widest possible consensus on the country's future outside of the european union. a bill will be introduced to repeal the european communities act and provide serncertainties
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businesses. this will ensure that the european union makes a certain of brexit ensuring new national policies on immigration, international sanctions, nuclear safeguards, agriculture and fisheries. support will be given to help british businesses export to markets around the world. prime ministers will strengthen the economy, said that it supports the creation of jobs and generates the tax revenues needed to invest in the national health service, schools, and other public services. my government who will continue to improve the public finances
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are keeping taxes low. it will spread prosperity and opportunity across the country through a new modern industrial strategy. my guverinant will work to attract investors to infrastructure and support economic growth. legislation will be introduced to ensure the united kingdom remains a world leader in new industries including electric cars and commercial satellites. a new bill will also be brought forward to deliver the next phase of hispeed rail. my government will continue to work to ensure every child has the opportunity to attend a good school ask that all schools are fairly funded. my ministers will work to ensure people have the skills they need for the high-skilled high-wage
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jobs of the future including the major reform of technical education. the national learning wage will be increased so that people on the lowest pay benefit from the same uch provements in earnings as higher paid workers. my ministers will work ensure rights and protections in the modern workplace. my government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation. legislation will be brought forward to protect the victims of domestic violence and abuse. my government will reform mental health legislation and ensure that mental health the prioritized in the national health service in england. proposals will be brought
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forward to ban unfair tenant fees, promote fairness and transparency in the housing market, and help ensure more homes are built. my ministers will work to improve social care and will bring forward proposals for consultation. my government will ensure fairer markets for consumers. this will include bringing forward measures to help tackle unfair practices in the energy market to help reduce energy bills. priority will be to build a more united country, strengthening the social, economic, and cultural bonds between england, northern ireland, scotland and whe whales. my government will work with all the parties in northern ireland to support the return of
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government. a new law will ensure the united kingdom retains its world class regime protecting personal data and proposals for a new digital charter will be brought forward to ensure the unitedcidom is the safest place to be online. legislation will also be introduced to modernize the court system and to help reduce motor insurance premiums. my government will initiate a full public inquiry into the tragic fire at grenfell tower, to find the causes and make sure appropriate measures are learned. to support victims my government will take forward measures to introduce an independent public advocate who will act with grieved families after a
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disaster and support public inrequest. my ministers will continue to invest in our gallop armed forces, meeting the nato commitment to spend on defense and delivering on the armed forces covenant across the united kingdom. my government will bring forward proposals to ensure that critical national infrastructure is protected safeguard national security. a commission for country extremism will be established to support the government to stamping out extremist ideology in all its forms and on the ort net, so it is denied a safe space to spread. in the light of the terrorist attacks in manchester and london, my government's counter terrorism strategy will be
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reviewed to ensure the police and security services have all the powers they need and that the length of posterity and sentences for terrorism related offenses are sufficient to keep the population safe. my ministers will ensure that the united kingdom's leading role on the world stage is maintained and enhanced as it is ineuropean union. and a permanent member of the united security council permanented to spend 0% on national income, my government will continue to drive international efforts and project british values around the world. my government will work to find sustainable political solutions to conflicts across the middle east. it will work to tackle the threat of terrorism at source by
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continuing the united kingdom's leading role in international military action in iraq and syria. it will also lead efforts to reform the international system to improve the united kingdom's ability to tackle mass migration, alleviate poverty, and end modern slavery. my government will continue to support international action against climate change including the implementation of the paris agreement. prince william and i look forward to welcoming their majesties of spain on a state visit in july. my government will host the commonwealth summit in april of next year to cement its
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relevance to this and future generations. members of the the house of commons, estimates for the public services will be laid before you. my lords and members of the house of commons, other measures will be laid before you. i pray that the blessing of all mighty god may rest upon your counsels.
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after the state opening of parliament members from the house of commons began debate on the ledge slaltive proposal setout by the government in the queen's speech. british prime minister theresa may and labor party leader jeremy corbyn kicked off the debate and were interrupted several times by members that had additional questions on topics not covered in the speech. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> ms. gracious sovereign, the commons of the united kingdom and northern ireland in parliament assembled beg leave to offer our humble thanks to the majesty for the


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