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tv   Arne Arnesen on New Hampshire Politics  CSPAN  September 16, 2017 12:18pm-12:31pm EDT

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artifacts, the american treasures exhibit at the national constitution center. >> wilson saw that the articles of confederation were too weak and wanted a stronger central government and a strong president elected the people. we the people were sovereign, not the people of each state and the parliament itself as in britain. weekend,ekend, every only on c-span3. hampshireat the new statehouse where we are learning more about the history. this is not the only building important to politics. we visit the host of arnie arneson. >> what is new hampshire known for?
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it is known for presidential politics because we play an amazing role in the presidential primary. what people don't understand is within hours after the november election resident, candidates start showing up in new hampshire. it's a for your process. thes a fever pitch during primary and actuary of that year , but people already start coming in. concord is political mecca. it's the place you have to show up. it's where the supreme court is. it's where the pulse of politics happens. if you are a republican, you want to make sure there is a republican governor if you are running for president. this place becomes very clinically important to presidential campaigns.
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if you have the governor, that's good for you. there is an interest in the outcomes of peripheral elections because it lays the foundation for political -- presidential elections. concord is important, especially this place because it plays a role as each candidate gets their rolodex out. i have this person, i have that person. we are so small and so intimate, it doesn't take a lot of money. it takes a lot of time and effort you when i moved here, i asked you concord as a politician, but never as a resident. i moved into a remarkable house. it had been owned by a power political couple. andas a powerful democrats
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she was a powerful republican. they had no children. politics was there child. incredibly wharton's. -- important. they had a lot of political candidates here. he said to the realtor, find a place. house,y did he love this it was hard for him to leave it. he wanted somebody who appreciate its political history. lowest ricedd the in north america for this house, ,nowing it was my aunt's money please forgive me for this price. i promise you one thing, this house will be open and available to presidents and waiting period -- in waiting.
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since they were such a powerful couple, everybody wanted to be here. -- 150 peopleeet would be here. -- this is the first time they are bill clinton is marty opened his doors. at that time, bill clinton was a third string democrat. he was from arkansas. nobody thought a democrat would win. everybody thought bush would get reelected area from the very beginning, marty knew this was -- guy, if anyone have shot had a shot, it was bill clinton. by opening his house to him, he put that stamp of approval. this used to be the living room. those doors used to be open to
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the dining room. this used to be opened to the entryway. they would invite residential candidates here. people will tell you this is where they scored al gore and bill clinton and met jimmy carter and bob dole. they would invite these people in. the candidate would stand here. they would have their elbows on the mantelpiece and they would talk to 150 people. everyone would say i know your living room, that's where i met bill clinton. but your elbow here. you had your elbow where bill clinton with his elbow. cloth to theesee room. it tells you how many people have actually walked into a house in new hampshire and become the leader of the free world. this is a bedroom in martin gross's house.
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the story goes that jimmy carter slept here. he was open and available to presidential candidates. carter was notorious or always writing thank you notes, handwritten thank you notes. if you look above the door in plaqueadroom, we have a that we put above the door that was here when i move in. martin gross was so proud of it. jimmy carter became president of the united states. there is a note from mondale and jimmy carter. is vice president. the secret service had to come check out the house. they come to the house. they are supposed to have a big event for the vice president. the secret service says we can't bring the fight president here. you don't have any safe rooms. it's a room without windows to the out side.
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we do have a room without windows to the outside. this is the al gore bathroom. if there had then an assault on the house, they would have thrown him into this bathroom. there were no windows to the outside. bernie sanders began his campaign in this room. i don't endorse candidates, but i have known arnie for 30 years. when you are a liberal progressive there only 12 people that you know. i did talk radio from vermont. he was the only congressman rahm vermont. he was a regular on my show. talk to each other. we feel lonely. it's january, 2015. i get a phone call. it's bernie sanders.
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i need a favor. he says can i are of the house? this is senator sanders. i am thinking of running for president. i try not to laugh. he said, i am thinking of running for president. my house has a lot of political history. it's got all the boxes you would want to check if you run for president. im in the media and i don't endorse him. i promise the former owner it would always be open. i said to him, here's the deal. i don't endorse. i will move the furniture and put out water. it's january 31. i moved the furniture and i put out water. the doors were open and the furniture was moved out.
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150 people showed up. people were standing in the kitchen. it was an unbelievable moment it -- moment. finally, i raised my hand. once the question? you haven't answered the $64,000 question. i said, which party? and you hear this gasp. it gets quiet here in. party, i'm notck sure you should stay here. people are here for a conversation and not for a solo performer. he gets really quiet again and he finally says the first time, i think i am going to run as a
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democrat. he was in readily passionate. it was kind of remarkable. nobody took it seriously initially. a court reporter sent reporter. it was not possible he was going to go very far. i think people were curious. nobody would imagine what would happen the next year. i converted this on insulated attic into a living space. i needed a place that was mine. the newreciate hampshire place in politics. i wanted a place where i could invite students to meet with editors and publishers and political leaders and political science professors to talk about the campaigns were happening in the state where it -- state.
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throughnd of november 2016, over 220 students came to this living room. or in groups of 15 they came from harvard. we would have dinner and we would sit and talk about what campaigns were like in the past, white this campaign seem different. thehey were studying presidential primary, they got a firsthand taste of what it was that makes new hampshire important and pivotal. i love this space. i designed it in a lot of ways. i wanted to make sure that it was like a salon, where people could come and learn. we had over 200 students for this most recent campaign. i am hoping to do it again.
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>> our staff recently traveled to new hampshire to learn about its rich history. learn more at >> you're watching american history tv on c-span3. next, the uneasy relationship up next on the presidency, timothy walch talks about the uneasy relationship between herbert hoover and dwight d. eisenhower. mr. walsh is a former director of the herbert hoover


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