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tv   House GOP After Tax Reform Vote  CSPAN  December 19, 2017 2:43pm-2:54pm EST

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we will not allow tyranny to continue. in the end, of course, the atomic menaces that churchill had in mind, the sort of punishment of the kremlin for not abiding by democratic principles in eastern europe, was never in churchill's gift to deliver. it was in a sense of harry truman's gift here. it was america's gift. we're leaving our american history tv programming for a briefing with house republicans reacting to passage of tax reform legislation this afternoon. the vote on the bill was 227-203. it will now head to the senate for consideration this afternoon.
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>> chairman. here, here. >> good afternoon, everyone. when house republicans began this journey, we had two goals in mind. we believed the americans deserved a tax code built for growth. for the growth of their jobs, they paycheck and america's economy. we believed america could leap forward for that next new job and next new business. today we achieved those goals. and as we go forward, i want american taxpayers to think of three dates and keep them in mind. new year's day, america will have a new tax code for a new era of american prosperity. february 1st, look at your paychecks. because you'll see the tax relief we delivered today. on april 15th, you will for the
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last time file your taxes under this horrible terrible tax code that we're putting behind us for the american people. together, we did this without the leadership of our house, especially our speaker paul ryan. but of the world that's been done by the american people through their representatives, we're delivering a new tax code. >> i want to thank chairman brady for the work he's done bringing this conference together. going through the conference report with the senate and having this bill pass the floor today. i'll mo it will move over to the senate and pass today and become law. for every parent, for everyone who ever dreamed of opening a small business or being an entrepreneur, i want you to know we heard you. we heard you loud and clear. that's what this bill is about. it's about the american comeback. the opportunity to let you keep more of what you earn. to make america competitive around the world.
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and to make sure small businesses have an ability to compete. it's going to be the lowest rate they've seen in 40 years. the family is going to double their standard deduction. come february, check your check. because you will get a raise in your payroll of what you're going to see based upon what happened today. >> this is an historic day. if you're somebody who has been working really hard and you want to keep more of your hard earned money, this is an historic day for you. if you're an american like those of us here that are tired of seeing jobs shipped overseas because america had the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, and we couldn't compete anymore, this is an historic day for you to finally be able to see those jobs come back to america. if you're somebody who has been sitting on the sidelines after eight years of sluggish growth
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and an economy that was growing at less than 2%, and so you just gave up looking for work. this is an historic day for you because now you finally have that shot at the american dream again. because we're building a tax code that works for families. and that creates jobs, makes america competitive again. and allows hard working families to put more money back in their pockets. there was a lot of hard work that went into this. chairman brady, speaker ryan, the ways and means committee and all the conferees who worked tirelessly for months. our attitude from the beginning was failure is not an option because the american people have been waiting too long for this relief. the last time something this historic happened was in 1986. when ronald reagan was signing that bill into law, he talked about how hard the journey was, but how he never gave up. back then the headline read that this was a day that many thought was not possible, but ultimately became inevitable. today the impossible became the
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inevitable again. >> it's a hopeful day, it's a brighter day for all americans and their families. and as you think about the impact of this package on every day americans, it's so clear. whether you're moms or dads or students or seniors or small business owners, everyone is going to have an opportunity for a better life. and that's why we are so excited today, to see the tax cuts and jobs bill pass the house with such a big vote. so as we move forward, we're going to continue to celebrate what this bill has to offer. you think about bringing down tax rates for all americans. you think about those that have an idea to start a business, grow a business, create jobs. this is the beginning of a new bright future for them. that's why we stand here so excited about what it means for people, for every day americans, hard working men and women that have been doing all the right things, feel like they're falling behind. they have a brighter future.
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>> i want to start off by thanking the american people, our constituents for sending us here to do this work for them. this is one of the most important pieces of legislation that congress has passed in decades to help the american worker, to help grow the american economy. this is profound change and this is change that is going to put our country on the right path. for all those millions of men and women in america who are living paycheck to paycheck who are struggling to get ahead. help is on the way. for all those businesses that are tied with one hand behind their back in this global economy having a hard time to compete, help is on the way. i want to thank chairman kevin brady, i want to thank all the men and women who made this possible. this has been a long work in progress. what this achievement marks is a promise that this majority made that is a promise this majority is keeping.
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we said in 2016 that people would place their trust in him. we're fulfilling our promise. this promise being kept today is one of the most important things we could do to get the u.s. economy growing faster, to help people get bigger paychecks, to have a fairer tax system, and a simplified system so people can have more peace of mind. so kevin said it the right way. on january 1, americans are going to wake up with a new tax code. in february, they're going to see withholdings go down so they see bigger paychecks. and april 15th will be the last day they have to comply with the old bad system. this is a good day for america. this is a good day for workers, this is a great day for growth. and we're very excited about this moment. thank you. >> so you have said that you've spoken often about the tax cuts families will see in the first few years of the plan.
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what can you tell us about the tax cuts individuals will see in the end of the next decade. because the jct analysis showed that some -- >> sure. we have every intent of making those permanent. you know why the sunset is there. it is obviously our intent, like times past, to make all of those permanent. >> so income tax will actually be bigger. >> casey. >> mr. speaker, congress doesn't have the greatest tax record of planning to do something later and following through. how can you guarantee americans that they're still going to see the benefits of this tax cut? >> look at what we have done right now. we were planning on this doing this tax reform bill all year long last year. we ran on it in 2016, we spent 2017 working on this legislation. and here it is. we're getting it done. this was a promise made. this is a promise kept. >> last question! >> mr. speaker, does the lack of democratic support mean this tax overhaul is vulnerable the same way the affordable care act was vulnerable and ultimately was changed. >> the affordable care act proved to be extremely unpopular. the affordable care act proved
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to reduce health care choices, to raise premiums, to make health care unaffordable. this is going to do the opposite. this is going to grow the economy. it's going to increase paychecks. it's going to increase take-home pay, and that, i believe, is going to be very popular. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. sunday, on c-span's "q & a,"ta," the 60-year involvement in the conservative movement. >> i met joe mccarthy through my father, something of a confidante to him. and he was a fellow well-met. he liked to party. he liked a drink or two. and as long as you didn't talk about consume communism, you
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couldn't ask for a more fun guy to be with. but he was very serious about that. and he was also someone who did not take advice very well. and he consequently said things and even did things that hurt the cause of anti communism for some time. >> "q & a" sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> there's more american history tv coming up next with father and son historians, paul bew and john bew. they give talks on ireland and his influence on clemmen atly who served as british prime minister from the 1940s to 1951. from new york city, this is about 45 minutes. good morning, everybody.


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