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tv   Reel America Meet King Joe - 1949  CSPAN  December 23, 2017 10:12pm-10:24pm EST

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the worker of the world due to his higher wages, productivity and shorter working hours. this film from the library of congress collection has been made available by the national film preservation foundation. ♪ >> meet joe, the kingdom of the
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workers of the world. >> hi, folks. ♪ >> joe is the king because he can buy more with his wages than any other worker on the globe. [breaks screeching] >> now what makes it possible for joe to earn such a good living? he is no smarter than workers in other countries. >> are you kidding ? >> he is no stronger than workers in other lands. yeah, will just watch me. anjust because joe is american, does not mean -- >> well-being and american is the best thing -- my back.
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is great,n american but how can he be superior than any farmer when you or your folks might be one of any of a dozen different races or religions. if you are no superman, it must be the american way of doing things that makes you that what you sky in the world. >> i don't think i am so lucky. >> you don't? well, let me show you. >> what is that gadget? television? >> it is a time machine. just pull that lever. you will see how people worked 100 years ago. hey, this i like. tryhat is too far back, again, we want to stop at 1850. [laughter] who's the character? >> that is your grandfather, joe. he had to work 69 hours a week
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to earn a living because he had only inexpensive handtools and his own strength to help him make things. your grandfather was a powerful man, get his strength equals almost 1/10 of a horsepower. you have hundreds of horsepower in this costly giant of a machine to multiply your strength and efficiency 1000 times. this makes it possible for you turn more than any worker in history. [whistle blows] you still have leisure time each day to enjoy life. >> so, i am lucky. but what about the rich guys who does nothing while i do the work? >> true, there are rich people who contribute nothing. and there are poor people who contribute the same. but most of the investing capital that buys the tools you use comes from your fellow americans. 40 million of. us have money in the bank's
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70 million of us own insurance policies. over 15 million of us invest savings and corporation stocks and bonds, which helps to finance industries. each year the people of america invests billions of dollars to create new plans and equipment. this invested capital buys the tools which make a man's labor worth more because he produces more. in china, for example, whether there is practically no capital available for investment in tools, a man's labor is not worth very much. it takes 10 days to move 10 gallons of kerosene 100 miles. american railroad worker takes only two hours to move
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100,000 gallons of kerosene one hedger miles at a free cost of one cent a gallon. but coolly makes $.10 a day. american where a walled worker makes $10 a day, or 100 times more than a coolly. the average railroad worker has the benefit of a $20,000 investment in equipment. the chinese coolies and equipment is worth only $.10. with improvement inexpensive tools, and the skill to use them, the value of any man's labor can be multiplied many times. people in this country, who invest their savings with industry, expect dividends. no dividends, no investment. without new capital each year to finance new plans, tools and equipment, labor and management would soon find their selves -- themselves in pretty bad shape. buy newut capital to
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tools, i might not do so good. but look what a new invention did to my grandpa. for 25 years he knocked his brains out in the wagon works, then along comes this. [explosion] >> need i tell you a happen to grandpa? ♪ the history of our country proves that new inventions create thousands of jobs for everyone they displace, so it was not long before your grandfather had a better job, had more pay for less work. progress isal largely the result of the competitive struggle between companies to capture the market to increase profits. huge sums are spent every year to make a better product to sell of hows yet, regardless much money is spent to develop a new idea, there is often
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failure. when research proves successful, everyone shares in the accomplishment. the business which fails to give the consumer as much value as a goestitor gives often bankrupt. however, on a national scale, competition gives the greatest good to the greatest number by continually producing more and better goods at lower prices. ♪ the american way of doing things makes it possible for more people to own their own homes. we are only 7% of the worlds population, but we have 50% of the radio's. [screaming] >> we have 54% of the world's telephones.
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[telephone ringing] ♪ americans on practically all refrigerators in existence. iceive them plenty of quickly and easily. we have 92% of them. most of us have the leisure time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful countryside. 72% of the about and world's automobile. under the protection of our freedoms, american labor, management and capital, the greatest production team in the history of mankind have made the
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united states the industrial master of the world. capital must continue to provide industry with the fines to create new tools and plants labor advantage met must continue to increase the production of better goods at lower prices so that more people will be able to buy the things that make life easier and happier for all of us. then joe will continue to be the king of the workers of the world. >> you said it, brother. ♪ >> monday, christmas day on the monday, christmas day on the c-span's network. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, queen elizabeth delivers her annual christmas message. at 8:00 p.m. eastern, cornell west debates israel and the impact on middle east. >> what kind of human values are we willing to promote?
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are we going to forget the very ugly realities in gaza and west bank? the u.n. look at today, there is one country in the world that is the focus of 90% of you and resolutions. that is israel. on 6:30t tv at c-span2 p.m. eastern, world war ii veteran recalls his bombing missions over japan with his book "the last fighter pilot." my place for a mission on june 1. the squadron took off and was led into a front. 27 fighter planes went down. 25 guys were killed, including -- and my airplane. it is hard for me to tell you the truth of how i felt then. i miss my airplane. protect oure to freedom, we were there to fight and we did that. it was after the war that i
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suffered for 30 years. aton american history tv c-span3 at 8:00 p.m. eastern, lindeman well -- lynn maneul miranda accepts the freedom award. >> when you are a theater kid you learn to work hard to create something greater than the sum of your parts. just for the sake of making something great, you learn to trust your passion and let it lead the way. >> watch monday, christmas day on the c-span's networks. , america history's tv brings you archival films that provide context for today's public affairs issues. ♪ >>


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