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tv   U.K. Youth Parliament Debate Work Experience  CSPAN  January 3, 2018 11:25am-12:05pm EST

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of the navy secretary. later the senate armed services committee. today new york governor andrew cuomo delivers his state of the state address in albany. live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. more than 200 young people recently took part in the annual u.k. youth parliament debate in the british house of commons. here students talk about the importance of employers hiring young people in order to gain necessary work experience for the future. the youth parliament will now consider the third motion, colleagues, of the day and the last of the morning session. work experience hubs for 1 1 to 18-year-olds. the full motion is printed on the order paper. to move the motion, i call from
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the northwest of england, elijah walter hoffman. [ cheers and applause ] >> so thank you, mr. speaker. the difference between dreams and reality is action. it appears that the very essence of youth is built upon our passion to dream, our resolve to strive and effort to over come our trials in a society that often tells us, no, you can't. work experience is there to bridge the gap between education and a world of work. what if i told you that is only the echo of a convention broken by misguided tonig ed opportunid dreams and the means to tell our young people to never look beyond the life you've been
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given. when 65% of employers believe work experience to be critical for employment and only 30% are willing to offer it, surely something has to change. in 2012 we were told as young people that because of the school you attend, there is no obligation to offer work experience. and in those words, an inequality of opportunity only persists. we should no longer have to say we live in a time where our futures are defined by where we're from, what our parents earn and especially by an education system that has failed the many undiscovered talents of generations that came before us. in our actions today, we can break that cycle. i'm sorry, but where i'm from, my home, manchester, i remember growing up with my friends. we dreamt that we could be doctors, that we could be lawyers and some even
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astronauts. yes, it was through this critical phase of high school that aspirations wavered from a drive to achieve to realizing we live in a society that has little or no expectation to what we can go on to be. >> to oppose the motion, please welcome from the east midland midlands, -- >> work experience changed my life. a phrase not heard often, but a phrase that we would love to hear. i am here not to campaign against work experience, but to campaign for better work experience. let's be honest. work experience as it stands is pretty pathetic. our current system of work
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experience is everything but what we want it to be. it comprises of menial labor who need to be inspired, to be challenged, to have their eyes opened up to a world full of possibilities. but sadly, work experience as it stands produces dissatisfied, disillusioned and disinterested youth, each coming out with only negatives. i do not want to make tea and coffee ever again. or some may say i never want to work in retail. does this sound familiar? providing quality experiences in the vast fields of sciences, arts and technology will inspire an entire generation. we are the youth of today who have big dreams and high aspirations, who have been let down by poor work experience, being coerced into being tea
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boys and tea girls all under the big fat banner of work experience. here's something to think about. revealed by the department of education's recent consultation, we still don't know what effective practice in work experience looks like. which begs the question who's to say if our current work experience is actually beneficial. mr. speaker, we need to i evaluate our data of work experience and figure out our vision and what we want work experience to look like. this will take time, good quality research and comprise a collaboration of many different organizations. but this research needs to be done. it is only after this we can say, yes, this work experience works. as only after this we can rally
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together and campaign for work experience that truly enhances our education and development. friends, we need to offer standardized work experience where youth rotate across various disciplines, experiencing not just one profession but multiple professions. so my argument today is not to campaign against work experience, but before we take the step into rallying up our constituents, let us take a moment to reflect on our practice, let us take a moment to step back and improve the quality of work experience. let us create a future where we would grow to be pioneers, a future which will allow us to say work experience changed my life. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you.
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thank you for that excellent speech. i think now i'd like to hear, if possible, a speaker from scotland. this young man was first. sorry. let's hear you sir. >> my name is luca. myps, comrades, is it not the case that with the power to make and break government, all is possible up to and including work experience hubs and a curriculum for life. mature voters are just as capable of making uneducated decisions in elections and referendums as the youth. [ applause ]. >> and on that note, there's been cynicism just because we are filibustered out of debates does not mean we are on the
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wrong side of history. we are on the right side of history. did the suffragettes give up? they did not. we are on the right side of history. affirm yourself in belief. we need to unite as one youth parliament. let's give it one more push and see the change that we want to see in the world. let the government know that we are not the generation that will give in and accept our demands. we will not waiver when making ours. thank you. >> thank you. okay. [ applause ]. >> thank you very much indeed. speeches on work experience hubs and on this occasion i think i'm looking for a speaker from wales. who have we got from wales? yes, the young woman in the middle. >> okay.
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i'm a member of youth parliament for car did diff. it is necessary that work experience is accessible for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. those with the best work experience are those with connections. those whose family members work for large companies, those whose family members are doctors -- having the government intervene and provide work experience hubs eninsured those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have equal opportunity to achieve their aims. two-thirds of employers say they want individuals with work experience as a benefit to their company. if the youth of today do not have work experience, how are we going to get hired for the jobs we need? so for equality and for opportunity i ushlg yrge you al
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support this motion and vote work experience as the most important issue. >> thank you. [ applause ]. >> and now earlier, my friends, i mentioned to you that we had been visited by the clark assistant in the house. we're now joined by the clerk of the house, the most senior official procedural in the house with whom i work closely every day and who's worked in this place for over four decades and is hugely respected. david natsler. [ applause ]. >> david, thank you for your characteristic interest and support. let's hear from a representative from yorkshire. what an extraordinary level of excitement. i think we're going to take the
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young woman in the pale blue dress. >> i'm scarlet rowe. currently you could attend a school where you could get all the help in the world to get good work experience placement. or you could attend a school where you get no help whatsoever. in a country where we believe in equal opportunities for all, i ask you how can this be justified. we cannot underestimate the importance of one good work experience placement. a student could be more likely to get into university, not because they're any more deserving than a student without placement but because they may have had more help to get there. i represent that student who didn't get into their first choice university because they didn't have that work experience placement. i'm here representing all those students whose voices need to be heard. work experience hubs will create
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a fairer society where someone's background does not effect their ability to achieve in life. this is the united kingdom that i wanted to live in. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ]. >> what about london? this gentleman from london is in a state of uncontrollable excitement. >> thank you. i'm a member of parliament from london. first i'd like to dedicate this speech to a very close friend of mine who sadly died a month ago. when i campaigned just a year ago, i received very strong backing from a number of communities. i met a lot of young people. there was this young person in particular. he wanted to speak to me. he said to me specifically that he was being bullied at school.
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why? because he was kurdish. a lot of kurdish families in my constituency came here as a result from fleeing iraq or their country such as saddam hussein. he was being targeted at school. he was being bullied, attacked constantly, every single day. i know this topic means a lot to a lot of young people, but in my constituency this topic was voted the least. i think it's much more relevant if we cover a much broader spectrum of issues this would help all young people. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you very much indeed for that contribution. just before i call somebody from the west midlands, which i'm
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ske keen in a moment to do, let me welcome to enjoy and support our proceedings by parliamentary colleague from birmingham. [ applause ]. >> thank you, khalid, for your interest and support. now, who do we have from the west midlands who wishes to orate? the young woman here in the second row. yeah. thank you. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm marisol hail from warsaw. through creating work experience hubs, we would be bridging the gap between young people and the world of work. the statistics regarding this or the 86% of young people who have
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had four or more encounters of employers are less likely to be unemployed later in life. therefore, work experience is something that should be integrated into a high quality education program within all schools throughout the u.k. the current fragmented nature of careers education across the country is detrimental to the youth of today as they don't have the practical skills to complement their educational skills. therefore, i believe it is critical for youth parliament to make this their priority issue for the coming year as i firmly do believe we will see a change in the next 12 months. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you. i'm looking to call a back bench speaker from northern ireland. anybody from northern ireland? the only thing i would say is if you've already spoken, i think probably not a second time
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because i think some people don't get to speak at all. you've only got three people? what about the third person who hasn't spoken? does that person wish to speak? no? not on this debate? i know you'll want to keep it brief. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we have a system in northern ireland which is very much like this. i am confident it has helped most people. but there is still an ongoing publicity problem. some young people don't even know it exists. i know for a fact this is beneficial to young people to help advance their careers and dreams, give a taste of their future and give them help in difficult upcoming decisions. i would love to see people in other parts of the u.k. have the same opportunities as i will. i find it appalling that this has been overlooked in the crucial system that has stood by
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us from our early days and i can't help but feel like the young people of england have been let down by past governments to provide a hub such as we have and the one we are proposing today. please make work experience one of your topics. >> thank you very much. now, what about the east of england? we've not heard from the east of england? young gentleman here holding up his sweater as a kind of fashion accessory. let's hear from you, sir. >> a couple of years ago i actually had the privilege of doing some work experience in my local council with the chief executive. if it wasn't for norfolk's campaign of takeover day, i wouldn't have had that
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opportunity. it changed my perspective on workplace and it made me feel more involved in the workplace. it allowed me to have the opportunities that i have today to be speaking to you in the house of commons. however, i think that it is important that we need to acknowledge that not everyone has this privilege to be able to have the opportunities that i have had to go into the local council and work with the chief executive, sit in on meetings, vote, count ballots, stuff like that. we haven't all had that experience. i'd just like to also say remember this is a deinvolvvolv campaign. thank you. >> just before i call a representative from the southeast of england, please welcome a member of parliament from the southeast, the
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conservative member of parliament who is standing immediately to my right and waving ostentatiously to his adoring fans. i'm referring to bob stewart. [ applause ]. >> bob has a very distinguished track record in the army. he served in many theaters and at a very high level, and he has experiences that most of us probably thankfully will never have. but he's been a brave soldier for his country and he's a principled member of parliament. it's a pleasure to have you with us. thank you for your support. i think i was going to hear next from the southeast of england. there are two people who have been gesticulating for a while. i'm going to call the young woman here who had indicated at an earlier stage.
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>> i'm from surrey southeast. today we live in a society where 50% of people do not use their degrees to work. teens faare stuck with no clue what to choose. this is the society where all but a few are left unguided and uncertain in the decisions that will make so much shape of how they will spend the rest of their lives. the government has a duty to young people and we have a duty to our young people to give all young people the stunt to explore future options, to test their passions and find themselves and how they want to go out to their working years. for the sake of a more directed, passionate, prepared generation of young people, i urge you to pass this motion.
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and we'll see more individuals reaping rewards and our economy will reap rewards too. it is therefore that i urge you to stand for this motion. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much indeed. what about a speaker from the -- i'm going to call a speaker from the northeast of england. yes, you were trying earlier. just hold on because i'm going to call you in a moment. take a seat for a moment. prepare yourself for your oration. the right honorable member since 1979, 38 years a member of parliament and widely recognized members of the youth parliament across the house and in many,
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many, many parts of our country as what people want a member of parliament to be, which is a principled and fearless seeker after and speaker for truth. frank field. [ applause ]. >> for decades frank has campaigned against low pay and child poverty. he's a specialist in the field of social security policy, pensions policy. he's forgotten more about pension policy than i've ever known. he's never been scared of anybody or anything. it's a standard that perhaps you should aspire to attain.
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thank you, frank, for your support for the parliament. [ applause ]. >> what about our friend from the northeast, who's had now plenty of time to prepare herself? we really look forward to hearing what you have to say. >> i'm rachel. the idea of work experience hub seems so ideal in bettering our journey in further education or work. but how can we probably prioritize this motion if the basic foundations of our educational institution are not yet built? before we work on the advancements of our education, we must ensure every single young person in the u.k. is guaranteed a basic, fair and unbiassed curriculum to prepare us for life. thank you. [ applause ]. >> northwest of england? the gentleman waving second from the end, red tie, white piece of paper in his hands.
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we're grateful to you, sir. hit's hear you. >> my name is tom lange. i just want to mention about work experience, because i know someone who had the opportunity to do work experience in the united nations. that's an opportunity that i bet many people didn't even know existed. they didn't know where to get work experience on veterinary. it's so heart breaking that people don't know where to get that work experience. imagine if we had the opportunity of people to put on work experience online and they could go find that opportunity. image tha imagine that. wouldn't that be a quality of opportunity? >> thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you. bless you, frank. cheers. thank you. what about the east midlands? who have we got? yes. what about the young gentleman
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at the end? yourself. >> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. i'm lawrence. the key term for this motion is experience. experience to learn in a different environment, experience to explore o explore w ideas and experience to idea, and experience to fail. this is what i have considered this position to go against the motion. we live in a world full of opportunities. the foundation to allow all people to have a chance to succeed. as your people, we will be the future fountains, lawyers, and leaders of the future. however, it just a seems to me that wee have grown lazy, that life is going to be easy, but it's not. as sylvester stallone said nobody is going to hit you as hard in life, but it ain't about how hard you're hit. it's how hard you get hit and get up and stand up and move forward.ta we are given the very fabrications of life.
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to shape our futures the way we want it.o sure, it will be hard, and it will be difficult, but that is good.ay experience.n life isn't always about sunshine and rainbows. it's only through failure can we really call ourselves a success. life is the future. it beats us down, but we learn from it. we learn from our mistakes and we learn and improve ourselves to be a better us. a work experience takes this away from us. we need to understand rejection and find the tenacity to get up, work hard, and achieve. thank you. >> thank you. yfr i'm looking to call a speaker from the southwest of england. and i'm going to call the young woman in the very back row with the gray. i think it's gray.e, forgive me, it could be black or dark blue dress. thank you. >> thank you, mr. onspeaker.
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my name is cassidy and it's a great honor to represent west wilshire. i ask one question. why are we at present making little effort to network across the country to aid both young people and companies? with this notion, young people would be able to access applications a for work experiee easily. do unnecessary research. this also raises mutual benefits like raising businesses. interacting with professionals, and encouraging apprenticeships. we must take into account that this could offer life-changing opportunities for those who have never had the chance to develop key life skills. constituents, not just young people from the city. let us make a difference by supporting this notion and injecting a sense of energy and
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passion into what really matters the most. >> thank you. >> very soon, i will call the el concluding speaker from northern ireland to wind up f the debate. however, before we get to that, elija made, as i said, a superb speech, but he hadn't actually finished his speech. he's restored to full vigor. and we're delighted by that.g and elija is going to finish his speech. >> please. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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inreason why i shook the gentleman's hand because it's what he said. it's not about how hard you hit. it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. thank you for those words. also, never tie your tie too tightly. i'm going to start again. the difference between dreams and reality is action. it's the very essence of youth is built on our dream, our resolve to strive, and an ever-lasting effort to overcome ours trials in a society that often tells us no, you can't. work g experience by conventions that with which the gap between education and the road of work. what if i told you that is only the echo of a convention broken by misguided opportunity, failed
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dreams, and the means to tell our young people to never look beyond the life you've been given. when 65% of employers believe work experience to be a trait critical for employment and only 13% are willing to offer it. surely, something has to change. 2012, we were told as young people that because of the school we attend, there was no obligation for us for work o experience. and with those words, an inequality of opportunity only exists. we should no longer have to say we live in a society where we're defined by where we live.m what our parents earn, and especially by an education system thatha has failed the ma generations that have come before us, andan our actions today, we can break the cycle. i'm sorry for where i'm from, my
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home, manchester. i remember growing up with my friends. we dreamt that we could be doctors, that we could be lawyers. and there was even one who believed he could be an astronaut. yes, it was through this critical phase of high school, the observations wavered from a drive to achieve to realizing we live in a society that has little to no expectations of what we as young people can go on to be. so how o can we expect the many young people beyond these four walls today b to maintain themselves? for i was once told that a post code should w never have to dictate potential. and withh those words, i stand before youel today with a belie. i believe that a young person in the streets that deserves the same same opportunityel as a yog person from easton. i believe that a young person in deserves the same
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opportunity as a young person from westminster. and i believe that the young person who feels isolated in tht rural age of this country the exact same opportunity as a young person from harvard. we are taught as young people that we are the future. yet what value does any of that carry when a self-proclaimed title such as the united kingdom has left the opportunities of so many young people divided, and allow me to say that once more. if we are a united kingdom, then why have we divided our young people by opportunity? [ applause ] i look to all of you today, and i saw you. let this be remembered to show
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this country that in the 21st century we should no longer have to be defined by simply where we're from. because as i look at each of your eyes, you know, we all have a future to aspire to. let us be remembered as the mips who can say we made our mark, and mosts importantly, let us b remembered as the young people we are. for work experiences of young people of this country. i thank you all. >> elija, thank you for your sincerity, for your eloquence, for your passion. and indeed, thank you for your
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courage. you are the spirit of the united kingdom.he [ applause ] >> colleagues, to conclude the debate, i call please welcome from northern ireland, jenni iredale. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i also thank elija for the passionate argument both for and against the motion, encouraging the work experience. and i think i speak for everyone in this room when i say, elija, you are amazing and we're all so proud of you. [ applause ] following the government's review of education in 2012,
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they arranged work placement for people age 11 to 16 was removed. instead, a higher focus was placed on 16 to 19-year-olds. who the department of education expects o school to offer appropriate work experience for as part of their study programs. in l regards to the argument pu forward, should opportunity be limited to higher level placement or is it more realistic for other roles. whether you aspire to be a ll hairdresser, a builder, or a surgeon, should all those not be considered if we desire to be fully inclusive? secondly, is the reality of entering the workplace being given autonomy and responsibility, or is it stocking with oppression. one could argue that, yes, photo copying and filing are extremely mundane and uninspiring, but they're sometimes necessary tasks and they're the reality of
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so many workplaces. the employers say -- screams double standardsds regarding wh employers want and what is available to young people. employers desire soft skills like communication, initiative, and teamwork. skills arere necessary for us t succeed in the modern work place. you can only learn and develop these life skills when you're given the opportunity to grow by experiencing new challenges and new opportunities outside of the school environment. the government establishing education business partnerships with over 173,000 businesses offering work placements, but still, there is no direct access port for young people. ik was luckily accepted last summer into a work placement with bbc. and without beg cliche, and i know it is, but it changed everything for m me. my dreams, my path, my goals,
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everything. myke work experience worked. but this regrettably isn't the case for so many young people, so what isn't working? we need to give young people a stepping stone to bridge the wide gap between education and employment. s a factor between april and june of this year, there were over 790,000 young people not in employment, training, or education. in fact, 90% of these young peoplead have had some form of work experience. so many young people are leaving education completely disconnected from the reality of the world around them. and the reality of the workplace. this notion seeks to improve accessibili accessibility, is that the real problem or instead the quality of work experience is lacking?f. i think the figures speak for themselves. although positive steps, we still haveho many thousands of young people struggling to find
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placement. so whether making the tea is indeed your cup or tea or you imurs yourself in a world of test tubes and microscopes, the question this house must address is should the government establish an easily accessible employer hub that enables young people to search for work experience opportunities and apply directly? that, my honorable questions, is your decision. thank you. [ applause ] . >> thank you for that first-class conclusion to our debate. order, order. that concludes the morning session of our sitting. the youth parliament will now
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adjourn until 1:45 p.m. friends and colleagues, i invite you all to return to westminster hall for lunch. order, order. today, new york governor andrew cuomo delivers his state of the state address at the empire state plaza convention center in albany. live coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> last month, the supreme court heard oral argument in christie versus ncaa dealing with sports betting. outgoing new jersey governor chris christie brought the case. the four major professional sports leagues oppose the move and joined the ncaa to uphold the ban on sports gambling. >> we'll hear argument first this morning case 16-476, christie versus ncaa, and


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