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tv   Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary  CSPAN  March 3, 2018 10:26am-10:36am EST

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announcer: this weekend, american history tv is featuring a shawnee, oklahoma. c-span staff visited many sites featuring its history. in shawnee inorn 1927. he became the first asked her not to sleep in space in 1963. learn more about shawnee all weekend on american history tv. the pottawatomie nation believes these eagles help carry their prayers to the gods. historybes have a room -- have a history. we are at the citizen pottawatomie nation eagle aviary. eightare currently only aviaries in the united states. for us to have this is humbling.
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in 2012. we are funded by our tribe and we started with eight eagles and we now have 14. the reason it is so important for tribe to have this is to save the lives of these eagles. there is no place for them to go to of quality of life to spend out their days and they would have to be put down. we want to be able to do this and do a outreach to give our community and get young people involved and have a relationship with the eagle. we can help handout feathers to our tribal members. you see eagles feathers used in rick alea a lot. -- used in regalia. to have gooding come upon the community.
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when they use eagle feathers, they fly so high they see the face of god heard -- god. you have to have a tribal id card from rape federally recognized tribe -- from a federally recognized tribe that has eagle feathers. because of the threat to the bald eagle and the bald eagle act was put into place to protect them. it is nothing short of a pure honor to get a feather and it is not given lightly. we were fortunate to have respectful people in other aviaries. we were able to listen to them and get input about what works best. what we want to do is incorporate cultural significance into the bill. the three eagle centers above us represent the three types --
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tribes which came together many years ago. that is respect to that relationship. this is the only half ground enclosure you are going to find. not only will it be good for the eagles but it represents our prayer circle. we enter from the east, representing new beginnings for these eagles. anything we put a cultural significance into was important. each eagle has a personality and a name. we try to give them a pottawatomie name also. by giving them the name, we believe the creator does not see your face. he just sees the top of your head when you pray. important to us to give them a pottawatomie names also. the relationship of tribes is
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incredible with these facilities. they are supportive of native american aviaries. they try to find at least one project a year. every one wants to see these eagles of thrive and continue to make a country back -- make a comeback. they are able to stay and see what we are doing. and sethe sun come up with these eagles and it is a different relationship. they are given the highest care. it is a big deal. tois important for us maintain that relationship and cultural side of this. facility, every now and then, things happen where we can get a eagle back in the wild. we had that happen in 2013.
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a eagle rehabilitated herself and we were able to release her. many of our community members know her as brave breakthrough. young, we are able to track her movement and know she is able to thrive. this year will mark the sixth year she is doing fantastic. having that balance at the having that living culture over here has been incredible. we recommend people visit both cultured to have that for people to carry on is so important. without that, our culture goes away. this is a step in the right direction for our young people.
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announcer: our cities tour staff recently traveled to shawnee, oklahoma. learn more about shawnee and other stops at tour. you're watching american history tv. all weekend, every weekend, on c-span3. today, on american history tv, a historian talks about the founding fathers who influenced abraham lincoln. here is a preview. wasbraham lincoln interested in the founding fathers his whole life. the most famous expression of that is in the gettysburg address, where he said our fathers brought forth on this content -- continent. 1863, twon november,
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and a half years into his administration and the civil war. 1860, at cooper union, new york city, he gave a ofech which was the kickoff his presidential campaign. it was a 90 minute speech and half of it was devoted to the specificallyers, the men who had signed the constitution and lincoln went through their opinions on the federal government's power to restrict and control slavery in the territories. he said in that speech of slavery -- so let it be again marked as a evil not to be extended but i speak as they spoke and act as they acted upon us. octobers before that,
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1854, illinois, lincoln gave a three-hour speech which was the beginning of his mature political career. the speech has all the themes he would touch for the rest of his life. in that speech, he said -- our republican robe is soiled and trailed in the dust. let us wash it white in the spirit of the revolution. the founding fathers were a pure occupation of lincoln for the last dozen years of his life. this morning, i want to talk about the three were the most important to him -- george washington, thomas payne, and thomas jefferson. announcer: watch the entire program this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern.
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american history tv, only on c-span3. next, on american history tv, it gary kremer, executive director of the state historical society of missouri discusses his book, "race and meaning, the african american experience in missouri." the book traces the history of african americans including the transition from slavery to freedom and the movement to urban areas to seek opportunities. the kansas city public library posted this event. it is about one hour and 20 minutes. >> good evening. i am gary kremer, executive director of the state historical society of missouri. -- good evening.


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