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tv   Billy Graham the Cove  CSPAN  April 21, 2018 3:34pm-4:01pm EDT

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not save the soul it not bring the pc were so longing for. for god'sre serving religion and not finding it. you got to know price for christ for yourself, and life takes on a purpose and there is a sense of forgiveness joy ofr sins and a glory. officials is daddy's office at the training center at the cove. the never actually used this as an office, if you want, but he would meet important people here, and they would come to the cove. delegations from foreign countries or things like that, he would bring them up here to meet them. but he had some favorite things, and this this probably many of the family's favorite pictures that someone did, daddy sowing
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d of thes, the see gospel. the family has a private joke that behind there is a man plowing, and my dad had a brother, and he stayed by the farm. they would say that is billy sowing the seed, and i am sowing the manure. that is the family to appear at we love that because it shows that a sowing the seed of the gospel all over the world. i am gigi graham, the eldest daughter. i am tired of being introduced oldest, so nownd i can say i am the one that they have loved the longest. daddy was in charlotte until the day he passed away. he felt himself a farmer's boy from charlotte. he never felt himself anything more than that. my granddaddy had a dairy farm
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down there, so my daddy grew up milking cows in the morning before he went to school, and when he came back from school, the same thing. when he first discovered the calling us when he went to bible school. saviorpted christ as when he went to an evangelist meeting as a teenager. hewent to college, and then was in tennessee at that time. you know, he got sick one day, he had the flu, he was not feeling well, and he did not really feel like he was getting what he wanted at that particular college, so he saw a brochure about a bible school in florida, and he solved time to home trees,aw orange trees. we are alike. we both like warm weather. biblet to florida
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college. he found his calling there, the very first place, and that he went on to wheaton college and finish his education. my mother was born in china. my grandparents were missionaries in china, so she was born there in 1920. she went to north korea for high school. back then it was across the peninsula. she went to north korea, to kim pyongyang. and then she went to wheaton college. that is where they met. when they got married, they first lived in chicago, where daddy had a little church outside of chicago. they realized they would be traveling much for christ , and he was kind enough to ask my mother -- if i am going to be
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traveling so much, where would you like to live? and she said i would like to live close to my parents. when the communists came to china, and my grandparents had to li leave afr 25 years of living there, they settled in the valley. my grandfather was a surgeon and had a practice in asheville. he was very beloved in asheville. holding together the little clinics that they had here, which is now mission hospital in asheville. [bells ringing] we are sitting in one of the most beautiful places in north carolina, in my opinion. mothere is a place that and daddy felt years ago, they had a vision of a place that people could come and study the word of god. many adults cannot go to a bible school for six months. they cannot take six month off and go to bible school, but they can come for five days to the
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cove for bible study. that was their vision, to bring people here to be able to study the word of god. the only book we use here at the cove is the bible. so every teacher that comes uses the bible as their textbook. we have two hotels on the property, and then we have the main conference center. where we're sitting right now is the chapel, and my mother was very influential in a lot of what happened around here. but she loved the chapel, and she wanted to keep it simple. she said no stained glass windows. you cannot beat what god has put outside these windows, so no stained glass windows. she also came out when they were putting the steeple on, and she was not pleased at all because it was not high enough. so she would say it is not high enough. well, how high do you want the steeple? she said how high can that crane go?
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it kept going higher and higher and as soon as it could not g et any higher, she said that will be fine. i do not know if he had a goal. the he what he wanted to do, he wanted to serve god in whatever way that god wanted him to serve, so he began slowly. he realized that there were meetings. he also gave an invitation. i think the first time he gave an invitation, only 10 or 11 people came forward. he realized there was a gift, that god had given him a gift that he could, at the end of a message, given invitation for people to come forward and accept jesus christ as their savior. when he went to california to have a meeting, they call them crusades back then, he went to california, to los angeles. they began to have a saw this
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tent, like you would think of in those days, and he began to preach, and crowds began to come slowly, not very big crowds at first. and they stayed a week longer, then they were asked to stay a week longer. after a little while, mr. hearst said to these people to go on, and that is how they got started. the only thing we can think of is god did that. daddy did not why. i do not know if mr. hearst did that. daddy never met him. but that is how he started. our i and theto p eventsn went on, and they lasted longer and longer,. jesus christ,m: has an answer to every burden that you carry he can forgive every sin.
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rope and change of habit that may be binding you at anythingnt and stop that may be bothering you because of your sins. yes, jesus has the answer to life's problems. gigi: he was invited to the white house by president truman for the first time. being young and inexperienced, he went with some of his team, they met with the president. i do not know all that was sent there, but he came out and told some of the press and some of the people what had gone on in that meeting, and then he got on his knees in front of the white house, they had a prayer and he realized he made a mistake, but that is not what you do. from then on, from president truman on, he met with every president. presidents, and i think there is every president except president trump, because at that time, i did not think one was hung up that was taken at his 95th birthday.
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butas not president then, he can to his 95th birthday, and there were pictures. when he enjoyed talking with the dealing with the most, because they had things in common together, because spiritually and so forth, was president reagan. as i said, that he was always interested in the person, and then he was interested in the spiritual side. with president obama, that was the only one that came to our home, and that was because daddy was not well enough to go and see him. thead invited daddy, president was visiting here in asheville, golfing, in fact, and he wanted daddy to go to the hotel to meet him, and that he was not well enough, so the president was gracious enough to come up there. i was not in the room at the time, but i was told, there , you could see his graciousness, but from what i understand, president obama had
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never met him, and he would not would not say nervous, but he did not know what to expect. very first thing that he said to him was you know, mr. president, we have some things in common. and he said no really, what is that? he's at first of all, we both got our start in chicago. i started outside, and you got your start in chicago also. the other thing we have in common is we both love golf. i cannot play any longer, but you do, and you love golf. everybody was just at ease after that. the tension left the room, whatever tension there was, and then they had a conversation. that particular time, it ended in prayer. his relationship with the president was basically spiritual. obviously, every now and again they were trying to get him involved in things in politics. if my mother happened to be hundred at the table, she would under the table and
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remind him that his job was spiritual, not political. corners of thell earth, he will now deliver a prayer. reverend graham: lead america to the donnie of a new day with renewed trust in god that will eace, justice, and prosperity. he prayed us humbly in the name of the prince of peas to shed his blood on the cross that men might have eternal life. gigi: a couple of times, he did get in a little bit of trouble, as people maybe have read, and he got a little bit close to president's and. -- president nixon. he had no idea that nixon used the language that he did on the tape, and it was hard hurtful to my dad.
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he had known him for a long time, and that is why it was a big surprise to him and hurtful when all of that came out on the tape. he was also close to the bushes. he enjoyed their company. he went to kennebunkport several times on vacation with them and enjoyed their family. he also enjoyed president johnson. president johnson is quite a colorful character, and he was down at the ranch quite often. he was invited probably more often to some of those events at the white house. reverend graham: and don't ever forget another thing -- jesus belongs to africa as much as he does to your love and asia. asia. euros and he was born to that part of the world that touches africa and europe and asia, and jesus was not a white man like me. nor was he has black as some of you.
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of hisot know the color skin, but it must've been a dark color like the people of his day them.e he was a man of do not ever say it is a white man's religion or a black man's religion -- it is a world religion. he belongs to the world. gigi: although debtor did not consider themselves -- daddy did not consider himself a political person, and he tried to stay out possible,s as much as when it came to moral issues -- he consider segregation a moral issue, and he was not going to put up with that. he would not have a segregated meeting, weather here in the united states or in south africa. at afused to preach segregated meeting. here in the united states, when i tried to have a segregated meeting, but with the ropes of, he went to the head usher and said what is going on here. this is not allowed. those ropesase take
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down, and the head usher said no, i cannot do that sir, so daddy got off of the platform and took them off himself, and the head usher resigned. that he felt that very strongly. color is not an issue. god loves all people. like he said, god is not black, he is not white, he is for all people of all color. on the outwardok appearance, he looks at the heart. that he was on "time" magazine several times. the family would tease and say this is that he that was mother behind. it was a family joke. we never thought anything of it. some people would feel proud, you know, collecting things. obviously people have caps on, family members and so forth, but daddy, they did not impress him so much. he was thankful. he was thankful because you got the publicity out not about him
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about the lord. anybody who get the publicity god'sout god's grace and mercy, so as to "time" magazine, he was happy to do it. in a show on television he would accept for the same receptor i was invited to be daddy state to the 75th anniversary of "time magazine", mother could not go. anybody who had been on the cover was invited. it was very interesting group of people that he of course a synaptic president's table, and i was sitting behind him a couple of tables, and this is during president clinton's administration, and they had just found the blue dress, and so it was a very tense time for the president and his wife. know, thinking how difficult it must have been for the just sit there in that crowd with all that had gone on , and going home
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that day, i said daddy, tell me, how do we as christians deal with things like that? and he said honey, according to to new testament, our job is love. spirit's job to convict and god's job to judge. daddy was asked one time what was the greatest surprise of his life, and he said the brevity of it. reverend graham: it has been a difficult time, but there were a few times that i thought that i was dying. i remember one night in the hospital, two nights in the hospital, i thought i was dying. and my whole life came before me. and i did not say to the lord, i am a preacher, i preached to many people.
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i said oh, lord, i am a sinner. i still need your forgiveness. i still need your cross. lord to give me peace in my heart, and he did, a eace that has not left me to this day. gigi: we were absolutely overwhelmed. it was extraordinarily touching. to get income even the drive from here, asheville to charlotte, there were -- not hundreds. there were thousands of people. roads on every overpass, hanging over. we had to go down the middle of the freeway because the cars were even parked on the sides of the freeway. it was overwhelming to us. it was such a blessing to have that type of support and to realize the love that people had
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for daddy. most of those people have a love for daddy because there is something in their lives that was touched by something that daddy said. and usually their lives had been changed because of what god did through daddy's work. and they would come with tears streaming down her cheeks. they were on the side of the road on their knees. some held up bibles, some signs, flags. it was an overwhelming experience. and then of course it goes through washington. and have that honor of only four people being laid in honor there at the capital. i mean, we were just overwhelmed by that honor. and the honor that congress gave
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us and the president and vice president. went,trump: everywhere he reverend graham delivered the same beautiful message "god loves you." that was his message. "god loves you." we can only imagine the number of lives touched by the preaching and the prayers of billy graham. the hearts he changed, the sorrows he eased, and the joy he brought to so many. the testimony is endless. today, we give thanks for this extraordinary life. and is very fitting that we do so right here in the rotunda of the united states capital, where the memory of the american people is enshrined. gigi: it was a real blessing to our family and wonderful
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support. thatthan that, we realized daddy would not want it, i would -- tell him sometimes "daddy, thank you for being obedient." "no, it is all him." he was always giving honor to god. reverend graham: jesus would say i am the way, the truth, and the like. in that he set an interesting thing "no man comes to the father except through me oe." that is the way to god, through jesus. neither is there salvation through no other, neither is there a way to heaven given unto him. said at the end
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of his life "i am still searching for truth." jesus is the truth. he is the light. [applause] our cities tour staff recently traveled to asheville, north carolina to learn about its rich history. learn more about asheville and other stops on the tour at watching american history tv all weekend, every weekend, on c-span3. america,"nd on "reel a program from september 1969 at examines the status of the women's liberation movement. covers court cases regarding fair pay and treatment, attitudes of young statementswomen, and from leaders including shirley chisholm and others. here is a preview. >> >> today, the national woman's
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party lobbies the 26th amendment, to guarantee women are equal rights under the law. womenmendment would make people in a legal sense for the first time. have 30 million women backing this particular measure before congress. that is 30 million women uniting through their organizations. >> about 1% of the 10 million long to what is called the women's liberation movement, or simply the movement. they range from foreigners to revolutionaries. women who belonged to the freedom movement, like
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these drill, until they learned they were expected to make coffee, not politics. yes, the women want to change the whole society. the women's liberation movement organized several groups to protest the miss america pageant as a symbol of society's exploitation of women as sex objects. there are names as colorful as red roses,gs and women for women, older women's liberation. they are addicted to acronyms. wolf.'s liberation front, >> you can watch the entire program this weekend on "reel
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america" at 4:00 p.m. eastern. this is american history tv, only a c-span3. >> sunday, a look back to the tumultuous year of 1968 focuses on women's rights, the women's liberation movement challenged long-held assumptions about american womanhood transforming society. joining us to talk about women's hights in 1968 are deborah' wo r, author of "wonder mona, senior fellow in washington, d.c., also the author of the upcoming book "sex watch 1968, america in turmoil, women's rights, and sunday at 8:30 a.m. eastern on
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c-span's "washington journal," and on american history tv on president abraham lincoln was assassinated on april 14, 1865 at four theatre in washington dc. alford talks about his book "fortunes fool." he talks about john wilkes booth. this was recorded at the virginia historical society in richmond, virginia and 2015. it is about one hour and five minutes. every author needs a proper incentive to travel miles and go somewhere and give a speech, and i'm always reminded of the wonderful definition of incentive given by p.d. east. p.d. east was a crusading


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