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tv   Adopt-A- Highway Program  CSPAN  May 6, 2018 10:54am-11:01am EDT

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endgame, the fix, absolute power which became a major motion picture, plus over 30 novels. he has written six novels for younger readers which include the finisher, the keeper and the width of the world. we will take your phone calls, tweets and facebook messages. today, live from noon to 3:00 p.m. eastern on book tv on c-span2. 69 in texasn u.s. is the first adopt a highway sign in the world. bobby evans, the father of adopt a highway will share his story and the impact of this program. seen people stop and mcdonald's and tossed the bag. i've seen people throw beer cans out their window.
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, especiallyme a lot since we had to clean it up. i did not appreciate people calling me up and telling me my highway was dirty and to do something about it. texas.ed out in west our job was to pick up trash and in those days, the way we did , but we could not work, we would send a truck out and have our gifted employees pick up trash all night long, which is very demeaning. it bothered me a lot. we produce a film called money to burn, showing the evils of litter. one of my assignments was to show that to the schools and made quite an impression on me. it did not do much on the public. i did not like sending our employees out to pick up trash.
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i did not appreciate people throwing trash on the road. good trip toit's a a highway meeting and my wife and i kept talking about how clean the roadways were in south dakota. the cities were so clean. there had to be some public involvement. i had to give a speech to a civic club. you to adopt a highway to get rid of the letter -- litter. myt was just a part of speech and i do not expect anybody to jump up and do anything. the more i thought about that, that might be something we could try. i called our local chamber of commerce and listed -- and enlisted their health and said we are having a garden club convention and we will put your man on, billy black, to see if
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somebody will take us up on that. sure enough, the entire club did. 1985, we put the signs up. this section of highway adopted by the club. they cleaned the highways and the adult the highway program was born. we gave speeches to civic clubs, we produced a video that we showed to people, to encourage them to adopt highways. locally andthe idea people did come to us from our neighboring districts. people would see it and they would contact their office in their local highway department and they would want to adopt a highway. the format we had was what was used everywhere else. people from other states would see it. first thing you know, they had an international adopt a highway
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conference. they got together from all the states and had meetings and discussed what people were doing. program that's time had come. to comment people volunteer and i still say the secret was giving people credit for what they were doing. we had a big sign. a lot of people criticize that the sign is too big. we told them you never saw statue erected to a critic. taxpayers gained about $3 million a year from the free labor they get from people going out and picking up litter. ,hat has been 33 years ago times $3 million, that's a lot of money the taxpayers have saved. the state pays for the signs and the bags. the labor is free.
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the groups go out and do this on their own. standpoint, il feel really good it is a legacy i can leave to my children and grandchildren. it is something i feel good about. seeing what has happened, it is nearly unbelievable how this started. our thoughts were let's clean up tyler, texas. it was amazing what has happened. >> our cities tour staff recently traveled to tyler, texas to learn about its rich .istory you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every
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