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tv   President Trump French President Macron  CSPAN  July 11, 2018 1:04pm-1:08pm EDT

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important to have those exchanges together, because in actual, we are partners, we are good partners and we wish to continue to cooperate in the future. >> okay. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> mr. president -- [ inaudible questions ] >> chancellor merkel, are you okay with what the president said this morning? >> thank you, press. >> let's go. make your way out. >> we did discuss that. thank you very much. thank you. >> make your way out. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, press. thank you. thank you, press. >> president trump also met with french president emmanuel macron on the sidelines of the nato summit in brussels. and they talked about trade and the future of nato. >> a friend of mine, emanuel. thank you very much. president of france, who's doing
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a terrific job being president of france. he's changing a lot of things around, and i guess that had to happen. and i think it's going to be very successful. we have a tremendous relationship. we're discussing trade and discussing nato and discussing a lot of different things. and hopefully in the end, it will all work out. and so it's great to be with you. [ speaking french ] >> it sounded beautifully. i have no idea -- it sounded
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great. >> i have to say, i don't know if it's exactly the same in the french, but the fact that knowing you, i just reminded everybody that almost one year ago, you were president, your wife in paris for bastille day. >> beautiful. >> for the fourth of july. and we've worked together for, yes, 12 months now. >> sure. and good decisions. >> we've made some good decisions. >> and we'll continue to work together. >> do you agree that angela merkel is [ inaudible ]? >> i'm glad you -- thank you. thank you very much. >> we work together.
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>> the white house says president trump suggested that nato allies commit to spending 4% of gdp on defense. the current goal is 2% by the year 2024. the secretary general was asked about that during today's press conference. >> good evening. the secretary general will update you on the first working session of the nato summit and then he'll be here to take your questions. thank you, general. >> good evening. we have just finished a substantiative meeting of nato 29. we have had discussions. we do have


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