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tv   Reel America 1968 Hubert Humphrey Campaign Film  CSPAN  November 2, 2018 8:58pm-9:11pm EDT

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i believe as president of the united states, if we can just take the american people onto the mountaintop and let them see how good this country is, how great it is, how fine our young people are and let's give them a goal to fight for. that is what we do in the selection of the next eight years will determine peace and freedom for the next third of the century, the american people feel that, believe me they will go forward. and i will be leading the charge. >> we will show another campaign broadcast from that series in about 10 minutes. first, film from the democratic nominee -- nominee in 1968. hubert humphrey. >> we now know that governor -- the governor, while carrying new york state by at least 50,000 votes will be the next president of the united states. >> on election night, 1948, republican campaign leader
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herbert brownell and the legion of -- continue to echo public opinion for folks that said doyle would be the next president of the united states. only harry truman and the american people disagreed. they refused to accept the philosophy of tom doyle on the southern mandate, a third-party candidate of j strom thurmond. 1968 is beginning to look like 1948 all over again. hubert humphrey has stepped into harry truman's boots while technics and and george wallace are wearing the boots of julian strom thurmond. the choice seems very much the same. the democratic campaign began one humphrey clearly and firmly told his staff where he stands on the issues. >> i want somebody to say that
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humphrey's ideas are good and i guess i disagree with you and argue about my ideas. because when they start arguing about my ideas, they will do so with respect. they may not vote for you, that you have them on the argumentative line, and that is what i want. not whether he is old hat, new hats, whether he can be his own man and all that cheap journalistic bunk, but let's get on -- let's get this argument elevated. we just got to make it crystal clear that the president of the united states and his ambassadors are making a determined major massive effort to find honorable peace in paris. the peace of the world is going to depend on the capacity and ability of the soviet union and the united states to maintain a mutual respect for each other and see there is not a major confrontation that boils over into nuclear war. that is the way it will be for at least the next 10 years.
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maybe longer. you know mr. nixon is the one man who cannot talk to the russians. if you think there's any chance for world peace without a president of united states to be able talk to the russians, you are wrong. whether we like it or don't, we have to learn how to live with it. at least we have to have a mutual contact. i have talked to -- more than any other american save the presidents and maybe more than he has. >> we will talk about the life of our people, the life of our nation and the life of our world. i would preserve the life and enrich it. how we make it meaningful and better. i would make it last longer. everything that bobby kennedy fought for and many of you have those feelings, we fought for with equal vigor and sometimes earlier we were prepared to do it as long or longer. the whole emphasis on this campaign on major substantive issues will be essentially the
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urban community, urbanization. i'm the one man they can't contend with a large city -- i have worked for four years with every mayor of every major city in the united states and been to dozens of meetings and visited their cities. we are talking -- you are talking to a fellow who is been in more slums than all the talkers put together. we have been there and have been with the slum kids and adults. we have been out there to see these projects and back alleys. i feel it's. i ran all the vocational schools in the state of minnesota. i was the area manpower director. we liquidated our relief roles with the war on poverty. the first citywide vocational rehabilitation program, retraining employment in the united states.
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-- i trained and retrained them and employ them. that was my job as the administrator of that division. the talk about law and order and everybody's talking about it and there isn't one that could run a scout booth. i did that, too. i did not run a police department. i increased -- i ran a police department and doubled in size and increased his pay and reorganized it. i made it also acceptable to the community. i talked about the most common base problems that happen in our slums. the place that has the least police protection that needs the most. the ones that have the old schools that needs the newest. the poorest teachers and needs the best. they gets the garbage collector less often and needs collecting more often. that has the oldest fire equipment and needs the newest. that has the worst streets and needs the best. he was parks, most. the easiest and most humane way to kill a person as quickly. the agony of disease, the agony
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of fear of worry of despair of not being wanted, of prejudices and bigotry and racist is the worst way to kill a man because it lingers on and on and you live in misery. that is the picture of slum america. i know it's like i know it and the back of my hand. i have been all over this country. there is no candidate that is ever one -- run for public office that is been in urban america as much is the man you're looking at and if i do not know this, i do not love my mother or know my children. i know we have helped young people. we have helped a lot of them. that is a wonderful feeling. what we want is not so much their adoration as we want to do what is right by them. it is not going to kill you if they are not cheering me because it will not be the first time this is happened. i would rather do a lot of
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things where people spend most of their time -- cheering, being popular is not so important as trying to do what you think is right. i will give you one other suggestion. the american people today, they want to adjust to the change that is here but they don't want to break with all that they have. you don't have to sell your souls, but you do occasionally have to take a little note to what the other guys doing and pay them little attention. 77% of people have an investment in a home and they want to make sure their president will not let their house be burned down or let the mortgage market go to pieces and will not like the stock market go to pieces. at the same time that he is doing all these protective things, that he will make sure they will get a shorter work week and a
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better education for their children and so on. it is a mixture, a sensible mixture of self protection on the one hand and social progress on the other and this is a typically american pragmatic approach. we are very much moved down here in washington by the militants and there is a role for the militants but i want to tell you they are -- there are two kinds of them. there is the intellectual that makes you think, that stirs up your juices. and then there is that noisy one that just stirs up your emotions and the reaction is devastating in this country. i met with four militants yesterday. they think that you are playing games with them. they don't think you're really listening to them. because most of the time when we get with them the first half hour they are so -- their anger that you don't want to listen any longer. i took an hour with them. after 30 minutes, we started to communicate.
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the first 30 minutes, they poured out their vitriol on me. i just sat there and took it because maybe that was only 30 minutes of humiliation i had to take and they maybe had taken it for 20 years. as i said to these young people as we left, they questioned me at length emma i said look, don't try destroy the law by violence. you are not going to win. if you think the law is unjust, and we have reason to believe it is unjust or being unjustly and inequitably enforced, then there is only one thing for you to do. we need to get together. i can be your instrument. for i am honorable. democratic residual change because that is how we preserve the rights of dissent in this country. you must respect the right of a minority and i think i made a sale. but there has never been a government that is done as much for the poor and never been a government that is done as much for civil rights as this one. never. the mystery is phenomenal.
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>> this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 6 pm eastern on civil war, historian peter carmichael talks about public reaction to photographs of the dead in the 1862 battle of antietam and the soldiers perspectives -- letters to home. >> dwells in the dead and in the eyes of dead men. he said this was a terrible -- these people had with death and he said these photographs of -- all they really did was satisfy this morbid satisfaction. >> at 8 pm, on lectures of history, arizona state university professor kyle longley on president lyndon johnson and the vietnam war in 1958. >> here's one of the most present -- powerful presidents in history that is transform the country for better and for worse giving up power to search for peace.
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it is pretty big. major step. it all relates to what? what is the issue? vietnam. >> sunday at 8 pm eastern on the presidency point ronald reagan's attorney general talks about president reagan's view on communism and his relationship with pope john paul ii. >> you had two people, both leaders, one of the secondary -- religious world with parallel interests. when those interests were obvious as to what happened in poland there where they were under attack if you will, then it was logical that ronald reagan particularly with his ideas about defeating communism would cooperate. >> next weekend on american history tv, the world war i centennial. american history tv airs every weekend on c-span 3.
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>> which party will control the house and senate? watch c-span's election night coverage starting tuesday at 8 pm eastern as the results come in from house and senate around the country. here victory and concession speeches from the candidates. at 7:30 a.m. eastern on wednesday we will get your reaction taking your calls live. c-span, resource for campaign 2018. >> we take it back now to detroit, michigan on september 30, 1968, for another hour-long broadcast from the nixon campaign. republican presidential nominee took questions from seven michigan citizens. they included journalists, a doctor, a graduate student, and public relations professional. >> the panel numbers are


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