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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Ukraine- Russia Conflict  CSPAN  November 27, 2018 7:30pm-8:06pm EST

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legislation to strengthen democracy. be sure to watch the c-span washta journal wednesday morning and joined the discussion. >> the un security council held a emergency meeting to discuss a confrontation between russia and ukraine. this half-hour portion of the meeting includes remarks from u.s. ambassador nikki haley, and investors representing the ukraine and russia. it begins with an update and update from rosemary dicarlo. >> less than a month ago when i last briefed the security council on the situation in that ukraine, i brought to the council the increased tensions in the sea of azaf.
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regrettably, a serious security incident took place close to the sea only yesterday. i wish to underline that the united nations currently cannot independently verify the circumstances surrounding the incident. however, reports indicate on 25 november, an incident involving three ukrainian vessels and at least one russian vessel took place when the former attempted to enter the sea. a number of ukrainian sailors though the exact number remains unclear, was reportedly injured in the event. ukraine claims they had briefly notified the russian federation of his intent to sell these vessels to the -- -- sail these vessels through the straight. -- strait. the russians claim
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that the ukraine provoke these incidents and russia acted under international law. the ukrainians are currently being held by the russian authorities and that ukraine national security defense counsel has since recommended the declaration of martial law. we understand that the decision remains subject to ratification. mister present, the waters of the sea were claimed as being waters of both the ukraine and the russian federation. vessels of the two countries have enjoyed freedom of navigation. however, tensions have risen end and around these waters since he annexation of crimea in 2014, which is been the subject of several general assembly resolutions. in december 2016, we drew up
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proceedings under the united nations convention and we instituted by ukraine against the russian federation with regards to, a dispute concerning coastal state rights here. the russian federation argues that the sea is not subject to the tribunal. that united nations is deeply concerned about the escalation of tension that is taking place in the broader conflict in the eastern ukraine and the annexation of korea. in our last briefing to the council, we urged all parties to -- crimea. in our last briefing to the cats, worse all parties! in our -- in our last briefing we urged all participants to
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find a peaceful settlement. i also wish to reiterate our calls for new and constructive action by all concerned to overcome with the diplomatic negotiations. we underlined the need to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine within internationally recognized borders in accordance with the relevant general assembly and security council resolutions. regrettably, the incident yesterday only threatens to cause the situation in and around ukraine to deteriorate further. we strongly urge both the russian federation and the ukraine to refrain from any ratcheting up of actions and to remind both the need to contain this incident to prevent a serious escalation that may have unforeseen consequences. at this juncture, the de-
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escalation of tensions, in the black sea, that is required. it is critical as earnest attempts are made to find a peaceful settlement to the situation based on the diplomatic and legal means available and in accordance with the un charter. thank you mister president. >> thank you mister president. this morning i spoke with president trump and secretary pompeo, and my statement reflects the concerns at the highest level of the american government. for the past four years, the international community has spoken with a strong, clear, and largely united voice denouncing russia's aggression against the ukraine. the united states, the european union, and its member states and many other countries have impose sanctions against russia for its unacceptable conduct in crimea in the eastern ukraine. the outrageous violation sunday of sovereign ukrainian territory
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is part of a pattern of russian behavior that includes the purported annexation of crimea and abuses against countless ukrainians in crimea. as well as stoking conflict that is taken the lives of more than 10,000 people in eastern ukraine. and it shows no sign of decreasing. what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation. that's be clear about what is known. ukrainian ships set sail from run -- one ukrainian port to another ukrainian port. they attempted to do so by the only possible way to go, and both russia and ukraine use this straight -- strait routinely.
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this is no way for a law- abiding and civil nation to act. impeding the lawful transit through the strait is a violation under international law. is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never except. in may, the united states condemned russia's construction and opening of the bridge between russia and occupied crimea. in august, the united states condemned the harassment by russia of international shipping in the sea of azaf and the straight. the united states will continue to stand with the people of ukraine against the russian aggression. it is our expectation that our european partners will lead this effort through the normandy format, which we support. we call on russia to respect its international obligations and not obstruct or harass ukraine's transit in the
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straight -- strait, and to de- escalate the tension it has created. as president donald trump said many times, the united states would welcome a normal relationship with russia. but outlaw actions like this will continue to make that impossible. the united states will maintains its crimea related sanctions against russia. further, russian escalation of the sky will only make matters worse and further undermine the russian standing in the world. it will further sour the relationship of russia with the u.s. and many other countries. it will also increase tensions with the ukraine. in the name of international peace and security, russia must immediately cease its unlawful conduct and respect the navigational rights and freedom of all states.:you. >> thank you very much mister president. mister president before coming
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here, i did what some of us normally do every morning. i searched through the internet to find out what happened this day in history. and look what i found. exactly on this day and 1939, the soviet army orchestrated an incident by shilling a village near the soviet border. did the soviets claimed the shelling was done by the finland site and used it as a pretext for the invasion on november 30. the south the so-called winter war started which eventually led to the expulsion of the soviet union from the league of nations. interesting is that? that is so to say about the unlearned lessons. mister president, we have the convening of these briefings at
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the request of ukraine. i would like to sincerely thank the members of the security council for their unwavering support of my country, demonstrating once again once today. and of course thank you for your very useful update. were convinced that it is of utmost importance to discuss recent developments since they constitute a clear threat to international peace and security. before delivering on the subject, i would like to express my dismay at the attempt of the russian federation to manipulate the agenda of the security council and have a meeting convened on the deceiving relation of the borders of the russian federation. in this regard, i have to emphasize that according to the international law, crimea and prospective territory waters are that ukrainian territory.
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temporarily occupied by the russian federation. hence, there is not any russian borders in the area where the incident happened. i repeat, there are no state russian borders around the crimean peninsula. dear colleagues, you have 40 heard the russian interpretation of the event, which as usual, is concocted to mix reality with fiction with the ultimate goal of misinforming, misleading, and confusing the listener. instead of real details, of the incident yesterday, we heard epic stories about the ukraine. the russian claims violation of the russian border of the ukrainian naval ships is an outright lie. they had to try to shift all the responsibility on that ukrainian side. they are consciously manipulating the facts and ignoring the evidence.
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mister president, for the better understanding of the situation by all councilmembers, i would like to present the main facts of what happened during the last three days. first of all, in accordance with the united nations convention on the law of the sea an article 2 of the treaty between the ukraine and the russian federation in the use of the sea and the straight, the ukrainian navy enjoys four eating -- full freedom, and therefore can pass through the strait at any time. on 23 november, that ukrainian navy boat group, slow armored boats, and the tugboat, started to plan a transfer. the root and procedure was in the same as in september this year when two ukrainian vessels sailed
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from a vessel to where they was. on 24 november during the naval march, the commander of the ukrainian group received a notice of a closure in the area. however the international center did not confirm the certification. on 25 november, the ukrainian command requested twice that the russians make a tight control service to the passage. he did not receive any answer. later, the russians made a tight control officer to the so- called area. it was stated that two ukrainian vessels was soon be informed on the procedure per then, all hill broke loose. -- broke loose.
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they made a ram attack against the tugboat and damaged it. if you watch it, you will clearly see that the ukrainian boat was trying to avoid the collision while the russian ship was deliberately carried out the attack. i also have to warn you that you haven't understood -- if you can understand the russian language, you hear a lot of profanity from the russian sailors in that short video clip. after the ramey, the russian vessels the ukrainian vessels from lending assistant to a damaged vessel. all these times, the russian vessels were trying to provoke the ukrainian semen to open fire. at 1:22 pm, two russian k 52 attack helicopters approached at the height of 50 meters.
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they openly demonstrated their missile armaments and laser amy device. after completing the dangerous maneuvering, the helicopters departed towards the crimean peninsula. from 1:40 pm, russia has physically block the passage beneath the so-called bridge, having located there a tanker and later a cargo ship. after 7:00 p.m., due to the impossibility to pass the straight -- strait, they headed back to exit the strait. they headed back in toward the open sea. they wasn't neatly followed by a group of about 10 coast guard and russian black sea fleet vessels. there are audio recordings of the communications among the russian vessel commanders regarding orders on how to proceed.
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these recordings clearly demonstrate that the russian military vessels were given orders to attack the ukrainian vessels after the latter started to withdraw from the area. approximately at 8:30 pm, the russian side carried out the shoot to kill order. i have all of this recorded in my telephone, but i will not waste your time. i would just go over a couple of changes which was intercepted. there is a conversation between the base and the russian boat hands up, hands up, everyone on board hands up. surround your arms. we will shoot to kill. and then finally, well, who was
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getting the shooting? i cannot connect, and there is a commotion in the air. they are shouting, the ukrainians are seeking and with orders that i don't understand. and then the commander is asking who gave the order to shoot to kill? and the capture replies, it was me according to your previous orders. so the ukrainian vessels were damaged and after the ukrainian vessels were forced to stop and they were seized by the russian special forces, six ukrainian semen are wounded -- sailors are wounded and three of them seriously and according to the
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previous information, one is in a critical situation. once again, the video footage of ramming and shooting as well as the audio recordings, and everybody can consult them to see what happened and how this happened. distinguish members of the council. throughout all of these events, the ukrainian side acted strictly in line with international law and the existing bilateral agreement with the russian federation. ukraine tried to cross the channel and it is guaranteed from article 2 of the treaty between ukraine and russia and the strait from 2003. the treaty clearly provides for the freedom of litigation for both civil and military vessels of ukraine and russia in the sea and the strait.
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this is the treaty. that was signed by the current russian federation. secondly, the russian federation new well in advance and was informed through traditional channels of communication about the ukrainian group through the strait. the ukrainian group strictly followed the orders, and as you can see, there was no provocation whatsoever from the ukraine part. nevertheless, the russian federation opted to purposely block the passage of the ukrainian ships, thus violating the freedom of litigation guaranteed by the ukraine and russia cooperation. moreover, russia committed an act of open
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military aggression against ukraine by targeting and firing on and capturing three military vessels. i would like to remind everyone that article 3 of the general assembly resolution marine or athletes of other states. end of quote. russia's act constitutes another relation with international law, from 1994, as well as existing agreements. this is a conscious delegation, the security situation of the region, establishing control, over the straight. there is irrefutable evidence
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that aggressive actions were used by the russian military leadership, mister president, the reaction of you killing -- ukraine clearly demonstrates full compliance with international law and existing litigation. nonetheless, the russian federation should not be ruled out. according to a relevant intelligence, invasion and stealing -- for their aggressive actions and provocations by the service and russian navy begins -- it remains to be a possibility, due to these threats, yesterday the president of ukraine supported the initiative of the national security and defense counsel, to propose to the parliament of ukraine to declare the martial law for 60
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days, but cutting it to 32 avoid speculations. it has no negative effect on respect for human rights, and functioning of democratic institutions. in response to the russian delegations alleged motives of ukraine's president, regarding martial law, i will just quote the president's statement available online, a statement he made a couple of minutes ago. the martial law will last 30 days, and will be over in the middle of december. and early december, i will submit a draft decision, of the parliament regarding the dates of the presidential election, which according to the constitution are to be held on 31 march 2019.
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ukraine is ready to settle the situation through political and diplomatic means. at the same time we are ready to use all available means in exercising our right of self- defense, as foreseen by article 51 of the charter. mister president, the kremlin's criminal regime has once again demonstrated that it will not stop its aggressive policy and is ready for any act of aggression against the ukrainian state. the dramatic escalation of the situation in the region needs a prompt reaction from international communities. these events are yet another testament of developments of the united nations general assembly prepared by ukraine and the group of like-minded states regarding the issue of militarization, once again, we
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are grateful for today's strong statements in support of ukraine, with the call upon the russian federation to guarantee the freedom of litigation in the region, while condemning the russian of aggression in the black sea. ukraine demands russia to immediately release the 23 captured ukrainian soldiers and all three ukrainian ships. also calling on the international community to implement a new set of sanctions. aimed at addressing the situation in the region including -- the increased political pressure on moscow would contribute to the de- escalation of the security -- secure situation, and unblocking the free crossing of the canal. if unopposed, kremlin regime will take another and another aggressive action, creating even wider conflict in the region. thank you mister president.
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>> represented another russian situation has asked for the floor. >> think you have heard a lot of interesting things today and i would just like to share our views of what has been said. of course, most of it does not weren't being talked about, first of all, we would like to see that once again we have been justified in our proposal to hold a meeting under another item agenda, was absolutely right, because today, people have been talking about whatever they wanted, and, once again, we also have annexed and occupied resolve that is something that we did not know about. the main topic here, is something that not many people have talked about, apart from vladimir your rich, who predictably talked about an
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instance that i will come back to. so, why do the ukrainians feel that they were able to use that area, but they moved to an act of propagation, and subjected their own sailors to a risk of their life, nobody even referred to that, so, that could be perceived as blind by ukraine to carry out acts of aggression, and to pose a threat to the entire region. given with the ukraine representative said, that is exactly what ukraine things. i just like to correct what some speaker said, what was had by mister kudlow, it was a little bit odd, she seemed to mix up premier and the agreement and i do hope madame that you have read the agreements, i am sure that you are well aware that no mention whatsoever is made of premier. you also urged the sovereignty,
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just the sovereignty to be respected surely there is something that the russian federation should be a reflect -- respected as well, at least that is our understanding of what you believe, ms. haley also touching upon the fact that they are part of the agreement as well. and, ms. haley, perhaps, it seems that you are seeing the result as part of the agreement as well, perhaps i misheard but unfortunately, that is really astounding, in a previous meeting, our permanent representative, talked about, he gave an entire analysis of the agreement, going through it really paragraph by paragraph and despite that, we have to hear these egregious things, as regards the incident itself, there are many questions of course the investigation is
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underway and of course we will share the answer of that but i do not want to predict what is still a hot topic but i would just like to highlight two points that have not yet been mentioned. but clearly, they pertain to this. and, need analysis for example, there were two from the ukrainian security services, that had a mission to act in a certain way, and, there is another small detail that is an important one, the ukrainian party violated our border in a particular place that up until 2013 was part of russian territory. if we are talking about crime, crimea rather, so, they came up from this, it was a gross act of provocation there is no other qualification, nonetheless, you are not prepared to recognize that, as an active propagation, also, your actions, by supporting
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ukraine's version of what happened, is already leading to an exacerbation of the situation in the east of ukraine, as our colleagues have told us, the confrontation line, there has been schelling's, etc., in that area. the capital, and, military servicemen have been moved around, and, the town has been captured as well. so, these are specific events, clearly in the agreement, and all of the rest, have nothing to do with this. and, you are just completely ignoring these fact.
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i would also like to say, that since crimea has been touched upon, although crimea is not on the security council's agenda, i would like to underscore that the issue of crimea belongs to, for us, the crimean's, it is not a question anymore whether you like it or not, no sanctions will change our opinion that issue was closed after the crimean voted in a free election, and referendum to the come part of russia. that was a referendum determination. many people are asking, did they know what would face them? given the current geopolitical anti-russian project in ukraine? of course people had no illusions they knew it would happen, does russia regret what would happen?
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in no shape or form furthermore i would like to say that the majority of russians are proud of what has happened, because, we have sought to protect crimean's, if we had not done so, then, they would be subject to what the people in dumbbells are being subjected to at the moment, these are russian- speaking people who protected the area. there is also a need to mention, and i did not mention this in my previous, statement regarding the topic, that the decision taken by ukraine has really given free reign to the nationalists in ukraine, nobody mentioned the fact that there was another attack on the russian embassy, and the ukrainian authorities did nothing, and a car was set on fire earlier, the radicals are threatening to storm the
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permanent station, and there is no reaction coming that seems to be normal in your opinion it would seem. we are urging that the ukrainian party decide in short, that complete protection be given to the russian representation in line with relations, to that agreement. mister president? since your present china, i would like to remind you of something that was said by confucius, namely, it is difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, in particular if the black cat is not in the room. therefore ladies and gentlemen, this is what you are doing, you are condemning a russian act of aggression, but you are not talking about the reason for why we actually met today in this meeting. the problem, is right in front
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of you and it is easy to solve it, you can just solve the problem, over a 10 minute period you need the team from washington, but unfortunately given what our ukrainian colleague said in his statement, i can understand that they are intending to carry on, in the way that they have been acting, that leads to have been talking about, that needs to stop. and in conclusion i would like to say that what he has been doing in coordination with the u.s. and others, to promote conflict line against russia is very dangerous, we are going to curb any infringement of russian sovereignty, and territory integrity including the results in that area. we do hope that that is clear to everyone. thank you.
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>> thank you mister president i will be very brief. because i think that i was clear enough in my previous statement, and it needs no further explanations. i will just say that, starting from spring 2014 we hear a lot of russian and takes about crimea is ours, and, i think that everyone at least in this building, is that up with all of these stories. my short remark is just, specifically from knowledge, that the trade can be approached only from the south because it is located to the
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north of the black sea, and when you said that the ukrainian ships were technically, -- moving to the north, trying to enter the trade , what did you mean? i did not understand? they were attacked by the russian navy, while they were moving from the canal, to the south. thank you mister president. >> tonight on c-span three a summit on criminal justice reform hosted by a variety and rolling stone at discussing attacks on the media by politicians, a house hearing on the g.i. bill and delays on paying veterans benefits and later how religious voters are swayed election revolts -- result in the 2018 midterms. >> the governors of louisiana oklahoma, and connecticut sat on a panel about criminal


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