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tv   New Mexico State of the State  CSPAN  January 26, 2019 5:20am-6:14am EST

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>> babe ruth gets into it back and forth with charlie wrist, the pitcher for the chicago cubs. it becomes a legend that he is standing at home plate, and that there yelling at him from the dugout. he is yelling back at the cubs. he raises his finger for one- strike, for two strikes. this is the myth, he points at the bleachers and he says this is where i'm going to hit the next one. >> this is on c-span q&a. she became the first democratic women governor in new mexico, when she was warning earlier this month.. she previously served three terms in congress. the coverage of her first state
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of the state address. mr. lieutenant governor, senate, speaker, leaders of both party, honorable members of the judiciary. honorable tribal representatives , and of course my family that i do not know can last another hour. my fabulous fianci, the first man of new mexico. i know that they have been introduced. my lovely granddaughter. my mother, my daughter. my daughter aaron grisham. our nephew. and
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my wonderful brother. now, in this moment on this new day, we stand together on the precipice of immeasurable opportunity. i am ready to begin the climb, and i believe that you are too. seen the numbers of the house of representatives, there are 60 days of hard work ahead of us. 60 days and each one of those days represents a chance to make a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of every single citizen from new mexico. i know that 60 days is a long time. i know that a lot can happen. i mean, i might even start to
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like representative eddie armstrong. i formed the firmly believe that what we accomplish in the next 60 days will set the course. a stronger and better state. not just for the next four years, but for decades to come. generations to come. this right now is our moment. i am humble and honored to be a part of it and to share it with all of you. i know that in this first session of the 54th legislature, we are going to remind new mexico what it looks like when a governor and lawmakers commit to working together. commit to working through our differences. and the challenges that we face , with open minds and with the understanding that the person sitting across the table or across the aisle. together we are going to show new mexico how much good can be
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done with our two branches of government communicating clearly with each other. when we do the hard work. when we win with humility. when we win with grace. when we deal with our disagreements with civility. to keep the hard-working people of the states in our thoughts. and i want to thank you. in this moment, everyone out there that can hear me now stay excited get active, stay active. raise your voices and raise your hope and hold them up high. i want you, esteemed members of legislature, hear me when i say, the entire state the eyes of the entire state are upon of us.
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in this moment and in the moments ahead, we must also work together as a larger constituency of new mexico. this magnificent state that we are also lucky to call home. it has been said that those who us who one office this fall, it has been said that we are all entering office at an opportune moment. i agree. this moment is greater than the state of our budget. or any of the numbers that suggest that we can now begin to make the transformative investment. air schools, economy and community have always deserved. perhaps the greatest moment in the history of the state, because today we have the strength and vision and all of us have the willpower to deliver together. the state of our incredible state is enthusiastic and ready
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. ready. thank you. i'm talking to you senator. we like to have a little fun because it is a long day and it is an important day. i share my excitement for this incredible day. because i share my optimism about this moment, i share my conviction, the potential of positive change that we can make for the state is absolutely unlimited. responsible, game changing investments are waiting to be made, for years, decades in some cases. we have every tool at our
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disposal. right now in it is time to begin. so, when i unveil my budget last week, i showed you is what i said in my inaugural address. we are aiming high, and i want you to aim high right alongside me. we are going to deliver public education. [ cheers and applause ] what does this look like? this is a half of billion dollars of for our classrooms. right now, the transformation
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in our schools and in each and every single classroom. for far too long the educators of new mexico have been underpaid. on too many occasions, they have had to reach into their own pockets to purchase necessary supplies for their students. it will be different, starting now. we are going to raise our educators salary by 6% across the board. and to make sure that we've got equity, on top of that, we are going to raise the minimum salary for every level of educators by at least 10%. and we are putting the $5
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million into a fund for teachers to purchase supplies for their classrooms, so that they no longer have to. [ cheers and applause ] we are raising deep principles we are raising the principles salaries. we will do this because we will no longer say that we value the professionals, we will show them. we need our educators. we know that this is a state that will support them and treat them with respect that they deserve and that they have always deserved. we need our diligent workers to
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know that the state recognizes the impact that they have on our children and on the future. so, ladies and gentlemen,. when we do this, we are putting our values into action. when we commit to paying our educators and school personnel, we show them that they are wanted here. that they are needed here. and that we know that they will be compensated. to truly and immediately transform public education, we must also be proactive. and once again, the research is unanimous and it is
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unequivocal, children who attend high school are fair better prepared than those who do not. it is really a simple fact. we can make this for every single three and four-year-old. [ cheers and applause ] i'm checking to see if my three-year-old went off to school. and if that was not enough, research has also shown that children that come from poor and disadvantaged families have the most to gain from preschool. as do dual language learners and spanish-speaking children. these are real children in our state who need and deserve a better start. a better start that the state
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can provide for them. always could. every single one of them. so we will provide for them together, together we will do this. why am i so confident? this is the year. this is the moment. would put new mexico on a path. for every new mexican child. we need the educators. we need educators that will advocate. this budget of mine also calls for investing $60 million in increasing our enrollment by 80% in the next five years. that includes money for early
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childhood educators scholarships so that we are proactively building and supporting the next generation of top-flight educators in the state. we may disagree about how we get there. but i think that we all recognize the early childhood education is the foundation for everything else that we want to achieve. they are our children and our families. we need to put our resources, on those vulnerable populations. they need us to deliver. frankly, i intend to eliminate the word achievement gap from our vocabulary. to ensure that every single child, every young adult in new mexico has every opportunity, no matter where they come from.
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this is exactly why that i am proposing an almost 200% increase in our early education fund. [ cheers and applause ] while you're standing, our native american students will not be left behind. we are not going to do it. we are putting $55 million for our dual language teachers, so we can ensure that our bilingual families will not be left behind.
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led our unique, multicultural identity continue to shine for the entire country. we will show the world. new mexico can be that example. we can show the entire world how inclusion makes everyone of us stronger. i call on this legislature to explore every possible, viable approach for education, including a proposed constitutional amendment that will allow us to take responsible, additional money from her fund -- our fund to help every child in every
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family in the state. now, this is when we do it. i will tell you why, the people of new mexico, they know the investment in our children is an absolute imperative. a judge in santa fe has ordered us, all of us to adequately provide for average -- for students. we can do better and we must. we can all agree that no new mexico students should ever fall through the cracks. we must. together we will. we will grow stronger.
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i water educators in our students and our parents to hear me now. there will be no more high- stakes testing. [ cheers and applause ] and my first executive order put us on a path to a more effective evaluation system. i have ordered, i have ordered a public education department to build a new assessment system from the ground up with the
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needs of students, teachers, school administrators, parents, and are community experts. from now on, we will emphasize teaching, not testing. the result will be a new day in education. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. i want our educators and our students to hear me once again. we will do everything in our power to ensure safety and your classrooms. in your community library, in your homes and in your public spaces. because i believe, and i think that you do to too, we all have a right to be safe. 400 new mexicans lose their lives to gunfire each year. 400 souls, 400 futures.
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400 of our neighbors. we will conduct a thorough study and we will get the data that we need. right now we also must take action where we know that we must. that means when this legislature adjourns, i'm going to sign a bill that will ban all those convicted of assault from purchasing or possessing a gun. [ cheers and applause ] i expect background checks.
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i expect higher restrictions on safety to ensure that children do not have access to firearms in the home. with these commonsense reforms, we can build a state where people who should not have firearms do not. as simple as that. hunters and sportsmen and responsible gun owners, also recognize the need for the need to take steps for fair, effective gun violence prevention. new mexicans want every -- thank you. also, gone are the days where we would rather look tough on crime than do the work on being tough on crime. instead, we will empower our public safety officers for policing reforms.
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they will build solutions for the drug conviction epidemic. while holding bad actors accountable. this means intelligent, evidence-based. it is our pathway forward out of the violent crime in our neighborhoods and communities. and we recognize the public safety officers that pour their heart and soul into their communities. we also recognize that those officers need a break. i a raise. by aggressively pursuing federal grants and responsibly using the money that we have, we can implement, and improve retention. we can have the number and quality of officers that we need and
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deserve. we can stay focused on repeat and violent offenders. repeat drunk drivers. domestic abusers. caught. we cannot give up on those kids. we must also provide effective treatment. we cannot give up on someone with a disease. a disease that is all too often linked to bad circumstances, not bad character. this means that we are going to be tough. smart about investments and priorities and never stop fighting to make our community safe. this will be the session were we begin to win the fight against opioid addiction in our community.
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so under our proposal, we are going to into juice programs throughout the state -- we are going to introduce programs throughout the state. we will also go after the pharmacies and those who do not follow the law, those who have unleashed the epidemic into our community, we will hold them accountable. we are going to be tough, smart, and we will also us for
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the families that are caught up in this crisis. i will direct my health department, to adopt a long- standing recommendation to include opioid addiction as a qualifying disease. we will not stand in the way of our neighbors that are struggling with addiction and want to recover. instead, let's help them all along the way. every day over the past years, i have heard their concerns. i know that you have heard from them as well. nowhere is this concern greater then in our behavioral health system. we may disagree about the size or role of the government, but i think that we all believe that it is the duty of the
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state to provide those with mental illness, those dealing with substance abuse and their families, and that we absolutely have the capacity to do something about it. which is basic humanity. which is why we will rebuild that system, the behavioral health system, brick by brick together starting this session. [ cheers and applause ] and in the session and in the coming years, when we explore, and increase patient access. i want to improve patient care, better health incomes they smack outcomes. to that end -- better health
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outcomes. the message to providers and patients is this: better delivery over bureaucracy. all of our providers, all of our doctors and nurses, all of our clinicians, they should spend more time taking care of their patients and patients should spend less time worrying about about what they can and cannot afford. and let us also show the women today that we will not allow far away, federal judges to determine autonomy. [ cheers and applause ]
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unfortunately, i think that you all know who i am talking about. the nefarious justice ginsburg. just go with me. the old criminal abortion law of this state. only one of nine left in the entire country must go. bring me that bill and i will sign it. [ cheers and applause ] i have
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outlined in this budget how we have begun to address the family department. we will finally be proactive in protecting our vulnerable children. thank you. my budget calls for 100 new positions in the protective services division. and in this legislature, i have a bill on my desk, this will bring new energy to child well- being in the state. in the meantime, we will work with key departments to
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make sure that needs are being met. and that we are on the forefront of innovations. i also want to take this opportunity to applaud our mayor. i want to encourage all public officers, throughout new mexico, to be considering how we can come together and leverage our resources to deliver a turnaround on child well-being in the state. and speaking of getting things done. you probably want the speech to end, but there is more. bring me the rocket docket. these are bills which so many of you, have worked so hard on
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in the recent past. they include good, productive ideas. we will.cap off those good ideas anymore. support for our land grants. bills to support our farmers and ranchers. agriculture. and to make grants available to nonprofits to provide legal services to low income new mexicans. [ cheers and applause ] commonsense changes for lobbyist expenditure reports to enhance transparency. i don't know that the lobbyists were clapping, but that's all right. all of these ideas, all of these are measures, to show
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that we are taking this session to make positive change a reality. if we do the work to make the state a better and a safer place to live, we will also be aggressive in making new mexico a better place to work and do business. [ cheers and applause ] finally, building a broader economy that works for all of us. this means starting now, the workers in new mexico will no dignity in their work. more than 110,000 new mexicans make $7.50 per hour. this is a poverty wage. i do not intend to lead a state where we simply tolerate poverty in our community. [ cheers and applause ] these
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are our children. these are our neighbors. these are our members of our extended new mexico family. no one that works hard in the state should be left behind. which means, we are going to send a very clear message to new mexico families by making $7.50 an hour a thing of the past. $10 an hour. [ cheers and applause ] and then let's end the inflation, so the rate is fair forever after that. and the women in the stay will see equal pay. [ cheers and applause ]
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new mexico can and will be a national leader on gender equality. thank you. and for all of our tireless state employees, i propose, so that those who currently own or lease will be at a 4% rate. and the minimum wage for state employees will rise to $12 per hour beginning on july 1. let's make it happen. let's make it happen.
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i have also proposed an expansion of the working families tax rate. we know, right, this will help bring out of poverty. as they do the hard work, to transform themselves and their families for the better. we need to invest for new mexicans who want something better for their children. we will help them. our local development act is a great example of how public, private partnership can elevate communities in the state. not just the cities and towns, committed entrepreneurs that just need a little extra help to get going. all across the state. we have seen the positive results. this works. so this year, let's double it. double. let's show our new
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mexico business men and women that we mean business. new mexico is more than one industry. let's show our communities that we know local businesses provide good jobs to local residents and have a cascading positive effect on neighborhoods and regions. and we can further amplify this by investing in additional, delivering 50 million straight into homegrown, mom-and-pop businesses all across new mexico. [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, our job training for
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the i especially for those that are in our rural community. we can train workers for high- paying jobs. our television industry is a powerful tool for economic development statewide. the flurry of film activity in santa fe and albuquerque, and when we lift the rebate cap, the industry will be broader, including our tribes, our rural communities, workers up and down the spectrum. whether you are on the crew, whether you need a foot in the door, you needed opportunity to start making your mark. these film and television productions
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are a global audience. people in the farthest corners of this planet no new mexico is a great, american west because of the film industry. people in those important offices in hollywood, they know new mexico has a great crew base. they have great talent. vistas and scenery. today we have an opportunity, right now. to begin investing, so that we have an opportunity in the coming years. we can celebrate what is going on in the film mystery. film makers have put millions of dollars into our local economy. that poorly designed cap on rebates has left us with unpaid tabs. in new mexico, we keep our promises. we will build a smarter system
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to ensure that we keep new mexicans working. i calling you to adopt to us we will pay up all of this this year. [ cheers and applause ] i want to hollywood to hear me. i want new mexican writers, producers, actors. i want moviemakers to hear me, we are open for business. bring your cameras. bring them. i would also like to address the veterans that are here and they are listening out there, thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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we thank you for your incredible service and sacrifice. i have directed our state personnel office to immediately formulates a policy that will lead to more veterans being hired by our state agencies. i have directed our department of veteran services that will be significantly string third and they will be playing an active role in the lives of our veterans. from healthcare to caregiving assistance and so much more. our veterans and their families have given everything for us
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and now it is our turn to give it right back. thank you again. once upon a time, when i was the secretary, i had the privilege of learning of tribal elders and the importance of government to government relationships. we will see a full restoration of positive, collaborative relationships between the state and our tribes. chair i [ cheers and applause ] we will rebuild an effective intergovernmental framework. no
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more disregard. no more disrespect. again, we will renew this essential relationship starting today. let us also take time in the session to recognize our incredible infrastructure needs. i ask with a sense of urgency, that the situation quite frankly demands. we are structurally insufficient. to many of our roads are endangering drivers. we have improvements to make in our waters, broadband internet in our rural communities. right? all of these items need our attention right now. we are ready to transform our infrastructure to promote economic developments and
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meeting critical community needs. we will fast track these investments. it is the foundation of a diversified economic growth that we all envision. we will make critical investments in a safe community and a stronger economy. and for the thousands of federal workers in our state who are having their lives unfairly held hostage, for this unnecessary government shutdown, this date will step up , wherever we can. and indeed, in some ways that we already have. we are preserving federal funds and programs that are already at risk. new mexico is taking charge,
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and made this ks. staff members have been working overtime at the human services department to make sure that families will continue to receive their food benefits. and the department of health has worked overtime to ensure that recipients will continue to receive this in april. our department of workforce solutions, for the federal employees that have filed for unemployment, it will make it a little bit easier. we will continue to build on this effort, as long as the shutdown last. i will need your support to make sure that none of these federal workers continue to
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feel like they're being held hostage. new mexico has your back. and are great outdoors. outdoor recreation is an opportunity begging for investment. when we have an outdoor coordinator in the state, that office will make sure that bikers, hunters, fishermen, fisher women, i i got the biggest fish. and when we boost our marketing
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