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tv   Leland and Jane Stanford Collection  CSPAN  May 5, 2019 12:53pm-1:01pm EDT

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media myths. for that reason i would argue that media myths and the debunking thereof matter quite a lot. that is it for now. i look forward to seeing you again soon, when we take up and debunk additional media myths. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> listen to lectures in history on the go by streaming our podcast anytime anywhere. you're watching american issue tv. university founder leland stanford was elected governor of california in 1862 and would later serve in the
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united states senate from 1885 until his death in 1893. mr. stanford made his fortune during california's gold rush and was instrumental in building the first transcontinental railroad. we visited stanford university to -- to view items. >> a few items related to the history of stanford university leland and james stanford. the leland stanford papers we have several letters during his career as a student, as a lawyer , eventually as a businessman and founder of a university. this early letter from 1884 he's writing to his dad as a student. talks about several subjects including girls. he would goer that on to study law as an apprentice in wisconsin. in 1850 we have a certificate for him to practice law in the state of wisconsin. were it not for a major fire to
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his library and home at the time he may not have -- you may have one on to become a successful pioneer -- were it not for this fire that is what may have happened. after the fire he decides to move to california with his brothers to start a company to sell mine equipment. wildly successful. createf those funds to their own enterprise in terms of creating the railroad which in 1869 would complete the transcontinental railroad. during that time they bought property in palo alto and created a stock farm. a collection of stock farm records including journals, racing figures, horse breeding statistics. we have these ledgers documenting each of the horses and various lineages.
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a huge operation for them to sell and breed horses. motionnd commissioned studies on the stock farm. -- to provees whether or not all four folks come off ground during trott so a testd point bridge -- to prove this point. you can see a series of specific captures over the course of a horses trot, you can see the horses hooves to come off the ground. these were done in 1878. took about seven years to perfect his studies and equipment to produce the results we see here. i mention this was a stock farm so they raised a lot of cattle. also raised horses and sold horses crowd the world.
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a number of trophies awarded to stanford during those years of operation. died.3 leland stanford as was common at the time a death mask was commissioned. assigned status and wealth. we have desk mat -- we have masks for leland jane and leland junior. he died well traveling in europe with his parents in 1884 so his emotion,overcome with sought out a way to properly memorialize their son. an avid collector of museum objects. their initial idea was to create a museum in san francisco to honor leland. eventually they decided to create a university in his honor . executedeland and jane the founding grant of the
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university. this is the original copy of the founding grant with original engravings and calligraphy. carl -- you can see the amazing detail of the founding documents of the .niversity lane out pioneering ideas of the university to be found in a nondenominational emphasizing the practical arts and sciences. vellum wasopy on executed in 1885, november. very ornate, beautifully done. very unique item. in 1887, the founders laid the cornerstone for the university. presentational trial from that event as well as events for cornerstones of future stanford
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buildings including for the museum, the library and for .emorial church the university officially opened in 1891 on october 1. during the course of that first year about 500 students attended . that first year in 1892 there was actually a graduation. some transfer graduate students graduated at the pioneer class, the first stanford class graduated in 1895. herbert hoover was one of those pioneer members. he and his wife were pioneer stanford students. we have collections in the archives and in the hoover institute documenting their life and service. history is very alive in our collections and effectively used by students were teaching, learning, and research. our cities tour staff
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recently traveled to palo alto california to. learn about the rich history to watch more video from palo alto, visit tour. you are watching american history tv. all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. >> for the past 25 years, independent investigator and been writingas about the assassination of president kennedy, marley --king jr., and malcolm x martin luther king jr., and malcolm x. she argues the evidence in the case points away from the convicted assassin's hands or hand and toward the cia. she discusses her findings in remarks she made at a conference on political assassinations of the


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