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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 24, 2019 5:08pm-5:49pm EDT

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>> president trump at the white house from within the hour. he is headed up to west virginia for a fund raiser. the president reacting to reporter's questions on the hearings today, the house judiciary, house intelligence committee hearings with the former special counsel robert mueller. we will show both hearings in the sboirt on cspan networks tonight. and coming up in a few minutes we will take you live to the capitol itself appear hear from speaker pelosi ant chairs of both committees and will continue with your phone calls. 202-748-8920, 202-748-8921 for republicans and our others line is 202-748-8922. on the others line in redding, california. bonnie waiting patiently there. thanks for standing by, bonnie go ahead with comments. >> hi. i'd like to clear up some
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misinformation from the republicans said earlier. fusion gps is a american company who does op research. the republicans hired them to get research on trump. then hillary hired them which all politicians do op research apparently for opponents. when fusion gps say landmark contacts from trump, to russia, he called up. and they call up other people that do research. that's why any called christopher steele to look into it and verify. okay and whoever was watching today, a lot of them didn't seem to get what really happened. russia attacked us. there is over 100 contacts from the trump campaign to russia. mueller agreed they welcomed and encouraged it. it was like in our face too on the news every night. but mueller, his truthful book
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if anybody would like to read it it's all in there. and it's not because people do not like trump. i'm tired of them saying that. it's because of husband words his tweets, lies and actions that go against facts and the truth. trump should be ashamed of himself for lying to america. s in a big day to for our democracy, for people that want to save america from russian infiltration which might be too late. but it was very informative i think. one other thing 100 contacts from russia. trump denied russia attacked our election. how stupid can you be. he lied he had no contacts with russia, when he did. people lied and this is the biggest cover-up since watergate. then he attacked the investigation into our
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democracy. he spewed lies every day. attacks our press, institutions trying to keep us safe and trying to get down and have got down to what is happening. but there is more to come. and sure he sides with dictators. come on, trusts our allies. wake up, america. oh, my god you're helping him take our country down. >> let's go to the democrat line and hear from fran in jacksonville, florida. >> yes well let me tell you, i totally agree with that lady that was just on. but after, you know -- i called in you know to say one thing then after listening to the president, he gives you a lot of ammunition against him when he came out talking about the democrats ruined lives. talking about the people pled guilty, people who were found guilty, talking about the witch hunt. well if it was we rounded up a whole bunch of witches and the
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head war lock is still out there. talk about ruined lives made me think about the contractor lives that he ruined that did work for him that he didn't pay, and how they had -- they're the ones who went bankrupt. talk about ruined lives, what about all the people that started that trump university and they lost their life savings. no he is a life ruiner. he comes out on that lawn and he wants you to not believe your lying eyes, your lying ears but believe him. >> we're going next to our republican line, hear from matthew who is in leewood, kansas. matthew, hello there. >> hey there, thank you for having me. i just would have to disagree with both previous callers. i think both sides it seems obvious that both sides have their own conclusions and they're just coming to the conclusions with whatever facts and information they receive. and nobody actually is
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questioning what those underlying assumptions are. people are making concludery statements it's obvious or clear he guilty or obstructed justice when that's certainly not the case. just the idea -- the basic idea that he is acting as an agent of the russian government is so absurd. the moscow stock exchange since 2016 is down 17% while the dow jones is up 45%. on the same note, in venezuela we back a leader that is entirely anti-thet cal to the interests of russia, the same goes for in the middle east where we work against iran who is obviously backed by russia. i mean there is no evidence that any of the actions taken by donald trump are at the direction or for the benefit of vladimir putin. and yet people don't like him because he maybe says things in a bad way. i'm certainly not going to attempt to defend any of that. but not liking somebody isn't a reason to impeach a president.
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and the fact of the matter is, he said i'm coming in baups there is as cabal of unelected bro kratz who control washington, d.c. and who do not respond to the will of the american people. i think republicans and democrats were both complicit in that. they said to each other no one rock the boat too much and we'll all make a lot of money and look good and get re-elected. and he came in said no i'm going to attack, break up the deep state. and if in investigation is unfounded, then how is it not the deep state trying to take him out? the biggest threat to the bureaucrats who actually are finally challenged for the first time in however many decades, and any try and take him out. and so i think, you know, all the questions that mueller did not answer about the origins of the russia investigation, that's the whole thing. we need to know if a foreign --
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if a -- excuse me if our secret courts are do not vermont proper checks and balances in place. >> well do you to ensure that warrants are issued. >> matthew let me ask you because there is an investigation under way. the department of justice, attorney general william barr, investigation is under way on the origins of the russia investigation. will you trust that -- that investigation to be done fairly and accurately now? >> i believe so. i mean there are some things that you can't kind of undo. so, for example, the claim that russia hacked the hillary clinton server. well you can't actually verify that because we don't have the server. in fact, the fbi never had the server. the server was never actually investigated and analyzed by the officials from the united states government. it was a third party and that report was passed along. i don't know if you bridge the gaps on those areas. like someone said, we have
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destruction of evidence, like text messages destroyed. and that makes no sense to me why that would ever happen. i understand if it's confidential and protected. but to actually destroy evidence. but generally speaking i do believe barr actually, you know is in there. he is a bulldog and he should be. if what people alleges to trump did happen. >> we'll let gou there just a reminder our coverage here on cspan3 hoping to bring you coverage briefly of the news conference with house speaker nancy pelosi on the chairs of the judiciary and intelligence committee after today's hearing. we'll have that live once it gets under way. also we will reair both the judiciary and intelligence committee hearings on the cspan networks in their entirety tonight. tune in for that as well. we go to becky next in zns on the others line hello becky. >> hello there. thank you so much for taking my call. i want to say thank you for your coverage of this and many other
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important events that unfortunately too many of things that go on in our representative government go ignored because people find them boring. i've rnced to and watched many hearings when i've had the opportunity. and yeah, sometimes they can be as boring as watching paint dry but it's critical with we pay attention. i think both of the previous callers had important points to make. but i'm old enough to remember the watergate hearings. and i was very proud of how courageous our republicans and democrats were during the watergate hearings when illegal acts were committed that benefitted someone in their presidential campaign. and i am dismayed that our country has become so polarized that we take it as a political
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act when someone as well respected as mr. mueller, who has been a lifelong republican, engages in the action of investigating attacks on our democracy by a hostile government, and he is discredited. and the process by which he was investigating is subjected to the worst kind of character assassination. i just find it deeply ironic that president trump seems to have had more events in the past where he was very chummy, very friendly, very much a very good friend of both bill and hillary clinton and seemed for a long time to be much more loyal in his friendship to them than to his wives. and yet once the election came and very unfortunately we were left with donald trump and
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hillary clinton as the final candidates, we were given two choices that were shall we say less desirable than some of the other candidates available from the republican side, another candidate available from the democratic side. and it seems that the result of that election is that america was more divided than before. and unfortunately russia got the exactly what they wanted. which is a united states that's pitted against itself. people are polarized and listening to only one side or the other. and in the meantime this hostile foreign government, along with who knows how many others, at least turkey had their hat in the ring trying to influence the current president. we are still under attack by those hostile foreign powers. and instead of honoring the report and then following it further to make sure this never happens in any future election
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it's unfortunately viewed as a political action rather than -- >> go ahead finish your naughts. >> i'll let gou. >> thank you for calling in thanks for watching the hearings on cspan over the years. you pointed out robert mueller, a long veteran of government, a marine veteran of vietnam and reservist as well. served as fbi director. today his appearance before the intelligence committee was his 90th appearance before congressional committee. we are going to bring you the briefing shortly with speaker pelosi on the chairs of the two committees, the judiciary committee and the intelligence committee. then we'll hear from the republican leader and the house kevin mccarthy, following in the same room. we'll show both of those back-to-back life on cspan3. we'll continue with your kaults hearing next from pamela in danville, new york on the democrats line pamela. >> thank you for taking the call. i just want to make a remark that i just watched the president on the south lawn
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declare that this hearing today was a witch hunt and a hoax. and those are the two words that mr. mueller eloquently said it was not, that the investigation or the report are not a witch hunt and not a hoax. i find that he -- mr. trump has a way of spinning things when he is frightened. and i think he really knows that he has been had. and i'm hoping that what we hear from pelosi today and nadler and schiff is that there is the potential now for impeachment. because my understanding recently has been that the reason nancy pelosi is holding back is because this hearing had to be done in order for the majority of american people to hear what the truth is, and then hopefully get the senate and the congress, republicans onboard. unfortunately, i'm very sad at the way that the republicans conducted themselves in the
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hearing today. each and almost every one of them to me sounded like it was a campaign speech to make sure that their constituents vote for them and keep them in their jobs. there was nothing that they said that had anything to do in my mind with getting at what the big t truth is. and i'm also tired of hearing i'm 71 years old. i'm tired of hearing people saying they were democrats but now they're becoming republican like one said earlier here on cspan today. he was a lifelong democrat but now he is a republican? i don't believe that for a minute. because being a democrat is not just about in hearing. and it's not just about donald trump. being a democrat means we are patriots. we are believers in the big t truth for government to try to maintain integrity. it doesn't always work. but the democrats are the ones that want to get at the truth.
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this is not about the we're sad that we lost. that's another thing i'm really sick of hearing. this is about the fact that this president has created more controversy, more hatred, more misogyny, more sexism, more racism than any president that i've known in my 71 years. >> we'll let gou there, pamela. we're joining you this afternoon from our perch at the canonhouse office building, a building or two where the hearing was held. and shortly we will take you back to the capitol to hear from nancy pelosi and the chairs of the two committees but we will continue taking your phone calls. 202-748-8920 for democrats. 202-748-8921, that's for republicans and others. and for others. 202-748-8922. and of course the coverage reaires the hearings in entirety. let's hear from escondido,
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california,ed linda, republican line. >> just one comment that mueller did a good job evading to answer the questions of every republican regarding the dossier which was paid by the dnc and clinton administration which is the main, the basis for the russia investigation. and i am, lime really really frustrated when he tried to answer, he like -- he is lost. and cannot believe that the wholesale integrate of capability of answer of not knowing every detail, which he should be aware of everything. and i agree with president trump, that he thinks that mr. mueller is very conflicted. that's all i have to say. >> let's go to kapau, hawaii, and hear from donna on the
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others line. hi, there. >> hi, thank you for taking my call. i like what the republican caller said about an unelected cabal calling the shots. that's probably more true than anything else we'll hear today. and it might include the 60 plus hunl corporations that haven't paid any taxes in year. that said, i believe that mr. mueller followed the kfs of the report as he was tasked to do. for the most part he studiously avoiding reaching conclusions or judgments but the two times he interjected opinion was about russia's interference with u.s. elections. and the urgent need for in situation to be investigated so it doesn't happen again in the future. the other one, mr. mueller expressed the gravity of trump's public comments about wikileaks which is under indictment and considered a hostile intelligence service. mr. mueller affirmed an opinion that calling this problematic is
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an understatement and confirmed that this should be urgently investigated. trump minimize ds the facts revealing the disturbing reality of russian interference in our elections. and even called it a witch hunt and hoax. although 34 indictments resulted from in investigation. i don't call that a witch hunt or a hoax. trump tweets no inclusion no collusion instead of being glad that this interference has been revealed. in fact subsequently trump said publicly that he would welcome it and that everybody does it. this is beyond alarming. and i think niece rechlgs releases are clearly significant issues that need to be addressed. thank you have a nice day and please register and vote. >> on the topic of the overall report, the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election, the chairman of the
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intelligence committee adam schiff early in questions asked the former special counsel to confirm that the report said that russia wanted president trump to win the election. the response from mr. mueller was quote, generally that would be accurate. from the -- from the report and that was largely how he answered questions. was to confirm or deny what was already written in the report. he was constrained a bit by the letter that the justice department had addressed to the committees and to mr. mueller about areas he could cover in his testimony today before the two committees. here on cspan3 we are waiting for the news conference with house speaker nancy pelosi ant chairs of the intelligence and judiciary committees. then we'll hear from kevin mccarthy, the republican leader -- the house republican leader following that. all of those will be live and we'll continue to take calls and hear from cherry in morristown,
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tennessee, on our democrats line. >> hi. >> hi, there you're on the air. >> thank you for having me. i'm just wanting to say that i watched the judiciary and the house, and i have a lot of respect for mr. mueller. and i think that he had an exhausting job. and i think that he was kfd as to what he could say and answer to, because of other things already happening. but anyway, what i want to say is, i'm ashamed of us as americans that we have lowered our standards and what we -- our expectations for our children. and, you know, presidency was a class. and it seems like it's lost that. and i'm ashamed for them -- i'm saddened by it. and that's all i've pretty much
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got to say, because it's going to go as it's going to. and it'sed is. >> we'll go next for the republican line, mary anne, ridgewood, new jersey, what did you hear today in the hearings. >> caller: well i left-haistene most of the hearing as much as i could. i was glad he said that the president was not exonerated. even though mr. trump says no obstruction, no collusion. i also think the republicans i'm almost ashamed to say i'm a republican -- behaved ridiculously, jim jordan looked like he was a kindergartener screaming at him. and devin nunes made snide comments. mr. mueller is a decorated war hero who gave his life of dedication to public service. he was just repeating what he had written honestly in that report. the fact of the matter is
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republicans and democrats is that the russians influenced in our election. and the reason why donald trump doesn't want to admit that, it makes it look like he was elected in not the right way of voting. but it was enhanced by russian interference. we cannot let that happen again. that is the bottom line and i think that mueller explained that. at the end of the day this is exactly what that report proves. pan republicans and democrats need to look at in issue head on. >> how concerned are you about 2020 mary anne in terms of. >> very. >> potential interference by the russians or by other -- other nefarious actors if you will. >> this is how concerned i am. if the republicans don't get onboard neal say, you know what, that report showed that russia interfered in our election. nobody will ever trust the results of any upcoming election coming. if the russianss os got away
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with it trump was right -- not trump. mueller was right that other countries will try to influence the election in america to their benefit. this is extremely important that republicans move forward with the democrats to try to put a stop to this and some of the media makes it worse. >> thanks for the call we live on cspan3 hoping to bring you the briefing will bring you briefing shortly with nancy pelosi on a and the leaders of the committees and kevin meriwether after that. let's go over to the briefing room on the capitol for just a moment get back to your calls momentarily.
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the briefing room at the capitol visitors center, waiting for speaker pelosi on and the chairs of the committee. we're showing you some of the comments from -- and it looks like we may be getting underway shortly. let's hear the questions and comments from the ranking member on judiciary, doug collins. >> we're moving -- just reiterating the five minute rule. mr. mueller had several questions many of which you just answered will be questions here in a moment. i want to lay foundations we'll go through i'm said i will talk fast. i will talk slowly. >> thank you. >> in your press conference you stated any testimony from or your office would not go beyond the report. the work speaks for itself i
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would not provide information beyond that beyond that public in any appearance before congress do you stand by that statement. >> yes. >> it says closing special counsel's office since may of 2019 have you conducted any additional interviews or obtained new information in the role as special counsel? >> in the wake of the report? >> since the closing of the office in may of 2019. >> and the question was. >> have you conducted any new interviews any new witnesses anything. >> no. >> and you you can confirm you're no longer special counsel. >> i am no longer special counsel. >> at any time in the investigation was your investigation curtailed or stopped or hindered? >> no. >> were you or your team provided any questions by members of congress majority ahead of your hearing today. >> no. >> your report states your investigative team included 19 lawyers and approximately 40 fbi agents and analyst and are those numbers act. >> 40 fbi agents, 19 hours intelligence analysts and forensic accountants are those
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numbers accurate. >> generally, yes. >> is it also true you issued over 2,800 subpoenas executed 50 oh search warrants obtained more than 230 orders for communication records and 50 pin registers. >> that went a little fast for me. >> okay in your report, i'll make it simple you did a lot of work, correct. >> yes that i agree to. >> a lot of subpoenas a lot of pin registry. >> yes. >> we'll walk it. >> a lot of search warrants. >> all right. a lot of search warrants a lot of things you are very author thorough. >> what. >> you very or sthor o you listed this in the report correct. >> yes. >> thank you. is it true the evidence gathered during the investigation -- given the questions that you have just answered is it true the evidence gathered during the investigation did not establish that president president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election interference as stated in volume one page 7? >> we found insufficient evidence of the president's kulpability. >> that would be a yes.
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>> pardon. >> that would be a yes. >> yes. >> thank you. isn't it true the evidence did not establish the president or those close to him were involved in the charged russian computer hacking or active measures of conspirators or the president ha unlawful replaces with any russian official volume 2 page 6. i leave the answer to the report. >> that's a yes. is that any true your investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russian government in the election interference activity volume 1 page 2 be, volume 1 page 173. thank you, yes. >> yes, thank you. >> although your report states collusion is not a specific offense and you said that this morning more a term of are -- or in federal criminal law conspiracy is in the cloakial context are collusion and conspiracy essential synonymous terms. >> you have to repeat that for me. >> collusion is not a specific offense. or a term of art in the federal criminal law.
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conspiracy is. yes. >> in the cloakial context public context collusion and conspiracy are essentially synonymous terms, correct. >> no. >> if no on panl 180 of volume one of the wrote you defined in legal dicks areas collusion is largely snon news in the as that's set forth in the federal stat 18 uscp you said at the may conference and here today you choose words uncle carefully are you testifying something than what the report states. >> what i'm asking if you give me the citation i it can look at the citation and evaluate whether it is accurate. >> let me just bed clarified. you say that you have stayed within the report. i just stated your report back to you. and you said that collusion -- collusion and conspiracy were not synonymous terms. . that was your answer was no. >> that's correct. >> in that page 180 of volume one of your report, it says as defined in legal dictionaries
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collusion is larnlly synonymous with conspiracy as that crime is set forth in general conspiracy statute 18 usc 371. you said you chose the words carefully. are you contradicting your report right now? >> not when i read it. >> so you change your answer to yes then. >> no. the -- if you look at the language. >> i'm reading your report, sir. >> it's a yes or no answer. >> major 180. >> page 180 volume 1. >> from your report. >> correct. and i -- i leave it with the report. >> so the report says yes they are synonymous. >> yes. >> hopefully for finally out of your own report we can put to bed the collusion and conspiracy. one last question as we go through. did you ever look into other countries investigated into russian interference in into our other election were other countries investigated or found knowledge they had interference in the election. >> i'm not discussing other matters. >> that i yield back. >> and doug collins of georgia ranking republican on the house
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judiciary committee his testimony, questioning earlier today of roberts mueller. we're standing by to marry from the speaker nancy pelosi and also the chair of the judiciary committee jerry nadler and the chair the intelligence committee adam schiff that briefing coming up shortly tea visitors center. while we wait we show you some of the opening questioning from jerry nadler. >> director mueller, the president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction and that it completely and totally exonerated him. but that's not what the report said, is it. >> correct that is not what the report said. >> now reading page 2 of volume 2 of the report that's on the screen, you wrote, quote, if we had confidence after a thoe era thorough investigation of the fact that the president did not commit instruction of justice we would so state.
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based on the facts and legal standard we are unable to reach that judgment. now does that say there was no obstruction? >> no. >> in fact, you are actually unable to conclude the president did not commit obstruction of justice. is that correct? >> well we at the outset determined that we -- when it came to the -- the president's kulpability we needed to -- we needed to go forward only after taking into account the olc opinion that indicated that a president -- sitting president cannot be indicted. >> so the report did not conclude that he did not commit obstruction of justice. is that correct? >> that is correct. >> and what about total exon ration. did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> now in fact your report expressly states that it does not exonerate the president. >> it does.
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>> and your investigation actually found quote multiple acts by the president that were capable much exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations including the russian interference and obstruction investigations. is that correct? >> correct. >> now, director mueller, can you explain in plain terms what that finding means so the american people can understand it? >> well, the finding indicates that the president was not -- that the president was not exkulp eighted for the acts that he allegedly committed. >> in fact, you were talking about incidents in which the president sought to use his official power outside of usual channels end quote to exert undue influence over your investigations. is that right. >> that's right. >> am i correct on page 7 of volume 12 of your report you wrote quote the president became
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aware his own conduct was being investigated in an obstruction of justice inquiry. at that point the president engaged in a second phase of conduct involving public attacks on the investigation, non-public efforts to control it, and efforts in both public and private to encourage witnesses not to cooperate with the investigation. close quote. so president trump's efforts to exert undue influence over your investigation intensified after the president became aware that he personally was being investigated? >> i stick with the language that you have in front of you. >> which -- which. >> from page 7, volume 2. >> now it is it correct that if you you concluded that the president committed the crime of obstruction you could not publicly state that in your report or hear today. >> can you repeat the question, sir. >> is it correct that if you had concluded that the president committed the crime of obstruction you kwo not publicly state that in your report or here today. >> well i would say you -- the
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statement would be that you would not diet and you would not indied because under the o the lc opinion a sitting president -- excuse me cannot be indicted. it would be unconstitutional. >> you couldn't state that because of the olc if that were your conclusion. >> the olc was some guide, yes. >> under department of justice policy, the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office, correct. >> true. >> thank you. did any senior white house official refuse a request to be interviewed by you and your team? >> i don't believe so. >> present -- >> let me take that book are back. i would have to look at it but i'm not certain that was the case. >> did the president refuse a request to be interviewed by you and your team? >> yes. >> yes. and is it true you tried more than a year to secure an interview with the president? >> yes. >> and is it true that you and your team advise ds the
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president peace lawyers that quote an interview with the president is vital to our investigation, close quote? >> yes. yes. >> and is it true that you also quote stated that it is in the interests of the presidency and the public for an interview to take place, close quote. >> yes. >> but the president still refused to sit for an interview by you or your team. >> true. true. >> and did you also ask him to provide written answers to questions on the ten possible episode of obstruction of justice crimes involving him? >> yes. >> did he provide any answers to a single question about whether he engaged in obstruction of justice crimes? >> i would have to check on that. i'm not certain. >> director mueller we are grateful you are here to explain the investigation and findings. having reviewed your work i believe anybody else engaged in the conduct zriebds in the report would be prosecuted. your work is vitally important to this committee and the american people because no one is above the law. >> jerry nadler is the chair of
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the house judiciary committee and we'll hear more from him as he joins house speaker pelosi and the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff as a capitol hill brechg that's been postponed a bit. we expect it to get under way we'll have it live whenever it starts on cspan3 and follow that with what we expect to be a news conference from kevin dmaergt, the house republican leaders and other house republican leaders as well. all of that live on krpds as we take phone calls and comments on the two hearings today. 202-748-8920 use if you are a dpk. if republican or lead lean that way, republican republican. for all others pl, 202-748-8922. on the hearings we will reair both theed judiciary and intelligence committee hearing on the cspan network and they are available right now as a matter of fact. you can find them online at let's get back to calls and
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comments on the hearings. to redding, california on our others line it's bonnie. >> hi. >> hi, bonnie. >> hi. how are you today. >> fine, thank you. >> good. i'm calling today to say thank you, mr. mueller for all of your work. i grew up in a home where my father was a marine. and he was also a republican. and my mother was an immigrant who was a democrat. and so i grew up seeing both of the good sides of each one of them. and i don't know what has happened to our country. i'm 57. i can't even talk to my republican friends any more. and my democrat friends are so angry i can't talk to them. and so my dilemma with -- in this whole process and the reason why i called is i'm not understanding what is happening
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in our congress, because surely these congressman from the south who are republicans understand how our constitution was written. and that the president -- a sitting president cannot be indicted. and i don't understand why they keep putting up the facade that something can be done to the president while he is in office and that if he was guilty we would be doing something about it. and, you know, i'm not understanding at all the sense that these republicans are making when it comes to how things go in our government. i mean, these are simple things i learned in school. >> okay bonnie let gou there we have a couple of california callers on the line. chris in santa clara on the democrats line as we wait for the news conference to get under way with democratic accommodates
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from california nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house coming up shortly. go ahead, chris. >> hi. >> you're on the air. >> okay. hi. how are you doing. >> fine, thank you. >> i'm watching this and i have to agree that i do believe that trump -- not my president -- has obstruction of justice. you can see it in him every time he says no. mr. mueller has done a wonderful job. and he is thorough. he -- the thing of it is that the republicans will try to get him mixed up whenever they asked a question. and our country has gone to not better. it used to be wonderful. we need our congress -- democrats and republicans to get together and do our country well. mr. mueller has done a wonderful
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job. and i will continue to watch this episode as it's going on. i think that trump should be impeached. >> all right. let's get one more view from california. this is the republican line in san diego. ellen, go ahead. >> hi, yes. i set my alarm to get up the 5:30 in morning pacific time. >> wow! >> and i watched the whole thing, actually fell asleep a couple of times during it. >> glad you tuned in glad you joined there is the speaker sorry about that. glad you got to watch it we're going to listen to the house speaker nancy pelosi. >> the cameras were there. good evening, everyone. sorry for the delay. it's been a pretty interesting day. an historic one as a matter of fact, a day in which the former special counsel affirmed in public what the mueller


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