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Kevin McCarthy
  House GOP Leader Mc Carthy News Conference on Mueller Testimony  CSPAN  July 24, 2019 7:28pm-7:50pm EDT

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messengers of the truth to the public, we think today, was really a milestone. in making that sentiment be more informed, thank you all very much. house minority leader, kevin mccarthy spoke to reporters today, concerning the testimony of a former special counsel robert mueller to both committees today, he was joined by the ranking members of the judiciary committee. and oversight committee. >> today was a historical day, i listened to the speaker, it was a historical day because this is the day that we closed the book of this investigation. it is time that america turned the page. it is time for america to move forward. democrats have to stop wasting time in trying to have a do over of the 2016 presidential election. for more than two years, democrats have obsessed about the mueller investigation, going as far as falsely accusing that they had evidence
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of collusion. which we found not to be true today. we heard today, only how to reinforce the fact, that there is no collusion and there is no obstruction. it is well past the time to put this country first. the democrats are more focused on bringing down the president than they are and building up america. we have gone through roughly 200 days with this a new democratic socialist majority. mainly, name one thing that they have solved? we have a talent on our border. we have a trade agreement that could build more jobs and make america stronger and more prosperous. but they will not bring it up. we have a challenge in our healthcare when it comes to surprise billing. thousands of americans. again. they have only focused on the mueller investigation.
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today is the end of that chapter. today is to put politics aside and put people first. let's put this country first. now i like to call up a republican leader of the judiciary committee. >> thank you everyone. i think what was interesting today and was just set a few minutes ago was that painting a picture they wanted the democrats wanted to paint a picture, why don't we start with today? let's paint the picture of today, what do we find out? mr. mueller came here today and actually for anybody who wants to separate collusion and conspiracy we put that to rest today, that is the synonymous term and even in his report he said those all the accusations out there that said there is collusion in plain sight there is all this out there, we put that to rest today. painting a picture. they try to paint a picture today about putting up slides and then talking about obstruction and going through these different acts and even putting green tech marks beside it and when asked about it he says i disagree with your theory. or your interpretation. when we go through this, what we are seeing is in my committee is really interesting because it was agreement on the
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one thing that there was russian and foreign interference in our 2016 election. the what has been the answer for my committee and by majority in my chairman? to bring no bill forward, to bring those solutions forward. in fact all we want to do is paint a picture of a president that they despise, they have done so since 2016 and for 7 1/2 month, seven month as a whole we have done in our committee, we did not have to worry about it because that is all my committee talked about for seven months. all we talk about. and everything we have come up with is show hearings, dog and pony shows, running out all people from watergate era and what have we found? that the american people have been footing the bill for a continuation of the 2016 election that they don't like so the question i have is, if we are going to paint a picture, let's paint the picture of what is actually happening? you have a democratic majority who has no agenda, who has trouble bringing bill to the floor. so i democratic majority in our own committee were the very things that they talk about immigration, election
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interference and others could be dealt with but they do not bring any bills forward. in fact they even tomorrow, we're going to have another hearing to talk about the problem on the border instead of fixing the problem on the board. i challenge the democratic colleagues get over the election of 2016, running 2020 if you want, this president put forward a great economy and great ideas, quit trying to dredge up a picture that today got painted that that your investigation is over, mr. mueller has done his job he presented a report, somebody asked if you found anything new? the answer is no, we've had the report for three months and mr. mueller simply said what was in the report. illusion, and conspiracy, for that was over, and obstruction by the democratic majority, he did not describe their theory. neither did the american people. that is why we are fighting for real solutions is that of a continuation of the show, that is the picture that was painted today.>> i think what you see today is collusion between the republican party and the trump
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campaign is over, there was no evidence, there was a dos year paid for by the clinton campaign that is the real number that was the real collusion, the collusion with a british former mi six agents. who was working supposedly with russian sources. we didn't get any new information on that today. but the democrats have refused to accept reality and live an alternative universe. so i think as representative collins said, and like we said today, this is over. and hopefully this will be the end of these hearings because the house of intelligence committee has important work to do. if you look at the national security for this country, there is nothing more important right now. then passing the united states mexico and canadian agreement that is ready to go. if you look at the situation on our border, that has to be dealt with and we need real legislation to start to move
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through this house so i can get to the senate. it's what the democrats ran on, they promised solutions to immigration and they're not delivering it. so, two pressing issues, not being dealt with hopefully, after today, we will begin when we get back here in september, to work on immigration reform and to pass this very important trade agreement.>> the leader and my colleagues are exactly right it is time to move on understand where you're at, three years ago next week, is when the trump and russia investigation began. and, the fbi investigated for 10 months, understand the big picture, the president is falsely accused, fbi investigated for 10 months, they find nothing we know that because we deposed and when they told him that and then bob miller takes over in may 2017 and he investigates it for 22 months, so here we are three years later and bob miller found no collusion, no conspiracy and no coordination. it is definitely time to move
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on. the second thing i would say is the investigation that matters and i said is in today's hearing. actually the two investigators that matter now, the one at mr. horwitz is going to have completed here in a couple of months and of course, the one that the attorney general has tasked john, the u.s. attorney to do, which is to look into how this whole three-year saga began that our country has now lived through for these three years or so those are the things that matter. and i look forward to hearing from that. let's stop the continuous investigation into something that is, something we have already spent three years on and let's focus on those issues that really matter to the american people.>> often answered with one word and sometimes didn't have total command of the details, do you have confidence that he was fully capable of running this investigation?
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what was your takeaways on his performance? >> i think the take away from the democrats are trying to back channel but his performance was not good is that they did not like the answers i think there is a certain thing when you go through and for someone who ran an organization like he did, what was interesting is he had 488 pages millions of documents , the testimonies, he had a command he had his advisor and answer the questions as we went through them, i think the bottom line is the democrats didn't like how he answered them so they are trying to find a way to salvage something and trying to find a way to say that what we did today actually mattered and that they had not been wasting people's time or money. the picture that was painted today though, was a long time investigator who simply laid the facts out they just do not like it. >> he said the president is not totally exonerated do you
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accept that? >> i think if you watched the hearings and watched both the intel and judiciary committee we discussed this issue of exoneration and where that legal theory that he would even come out with a very novel theory but there has never been used before it was not something grant to exonerate which is also a flipside to say there was not enough there to find guilt so instead of going from the opposite saying exoneration which he was not there to do, he has never done before and not have ever done before there was not enough go forward on so as you move forward again, if i was democrats and just as they got to talking about and their own press, that i would be frustrated because they had promised and promised that mueller investigation was the gold standard that it would solve all the problems, the problem is they got to the end and it did not tell them what they wanted. >> the chairman of the intel committee led to the american public for the last two years. he had proof and had evidence. found that that was not true. he had investigations, you had the report, and today, you had the hearings. you have a chairman, of judiciary who ran for his chairmanship based upon the he proposed to his own conference that he would be the very best person for impeachment. this has been their goal. but none of the evidence has panned out. the only people who have been hurt and is are the american public.
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i watched the democrats press conference and i watched their body language. i watched what they spoke of. they know this is not what they wanted to see today. it was not the answer they wanted to hear, even when they laid out this theory, that mueller said no, i disagree. this should be the end of the chapter of this that we put america through. it is time to solve the problems. i understand this majority has no agenda. i understand that they cannot pass something outside of a resolution. but the american public expects more. from this congress. it would be the best advice for these democrats to put the american public first and move forward to the issues that we can fight. >> you were with the president today at the white house during the hearings what was his mood and was he watching the hearings? what was his take on this? >> the president was working on issues, we were working on
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issues today i think he had caught some of it he was very upbeat, i have watched him almost every single day be upbeat, you know, the president , his cup is always habitable, to think what this poor president had to go through, if he was if you suffered for years and hear somebody say a lie about you, would each turn of the corner get proven correct, i watched the question before mother, did anybody in the white house not come and testify do you know? a number of papers before, we had people on the other side actually lie. to the american public, ahead of the intel committee. that is the question i have for the speaker of the house. knowing what she knows now, how can adam schiff still be chairman of a committee that we have to have trust in on the intel around the world, but he lied to the american public?>> the special counsel raised
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concerns that this could be the new normal as far as interference goes, he raised concerns about the president openly asking for help from wikileaks i am curious, if you want to talk about legislation, would you guys support legislation that would tighten rules to make it clear that inappropriate and illegal for a candidate to do that? >> what is interesting is this new majority came in and said we would have the hearings my committee is so paralyzed with their obsession with this president and the fact that they believe he should be impeached, that we do not have hearings anymore, we do not have discussions anymore and we have build up aboard a bill and so have the other members, they can put forward bills but we are not getting hearings in our committee, the very committee in which mr. mueller talked about today, the very threat to our existence and our elections, we are not putting bill together, that tells me either they are bankrupt of ideas or do they, they do not want to have hearings because they would rather run the narrative of running on this president in light of the 20/20 election, all i say to the democrats is if you truly
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believe you talked about love for america, will that love for america would be doing legislations i think those are things we could do that would actually do and we would support if we could get them actually do have some discussion. mickey would support making a crystal clear that the president should not have had the wikileaks for help?>> let's revert back to the house republican report. from last year, a year ago we put out 45 recommendations, i would refer you to that report, if you want to see things that could be done. to guard our election system against fraud. >> let me, go ahead jim. >> i am going to say maybe tomorrow should have a hearing on the various issues that you're talking about making sure our system is a best possible been set and over that we are going to subpoena white house employees for all other emails, so the democrats continue this as the leader said, when you're so focused on stopping the president it is actually tough to do what is best on the country and your specific example, tough to do what is best for our election system, so yes we would support moving ahead and having bipartisan focus on that but
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the focus in oversight and judiciary seems to be totally on going up to the president at folks who work for him. >> i will tell you what we will work on, we will work with anybody that wants to make sure that this border is secure and resolve this crisis and take care of the kids. the republican leader we will work on making sure u.s. mca that makes america stronger, makes this battle around the rest of the world that our gdp actually grows that more jobs are created, we will gladly work on that tomorrow. we will work and when it comes to healthcare and make sure that there is surprise billing that they get a surprise bill even though they are in network that comes back to a full work, we will work to solve that the challenge that we have the majority controls what is happening committees and none of that has happened. none of that has happened. the only thing that has happened this entire year, is something to do to undercut this president. now, it is hard to build up america. and turn the page.>> due have no concerns about how the president conducted himself based on the mueller report? >> i do not.
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he's created milling of jobs, had the stunted economy in more than 50 years. >> potential obstruction of justice in which he did not exonerate the president, you have any concerns>> there was no collusion so how do you get obstruction? you watched the entire investigation for three years go after something that there has been no proof two. >> i think in the questioning of john radcliffe that mueller answered your question rather clearly that no, this president had not done anything wrong in the process. so no i do not have a problem. >> i would just say this, what i have concerns about is that the fact 2016 two american citizens were spied on who were associated with the presidential campaign. we know that is the case, the attorney general told us that is the case we know that they went to the court and got a
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warrant to spy on them, they spied on them for the better part of the year and they said the same thing with george and they used human sources so, that to me is a scary, never forget what emmett flood wrote to the attorney general when he said if they can do this to a presidential campaign for president of the united states, imagine what they can do to you and i. imagine, that is why the investigation bill barr is doing and the one michael horwitz is doing are so important as what concerns me and that kind of stuff should never happen in this country but we know it did. and the attorney general said he does not think it was properly predicated, so let's figure out if it was or if it wasn't, let's get an answer to that and thank god that is exactly what he is doing. >> if you are falsely accused of something, you would be ticked off as well, you think that is the problem here in this whole thing is played out over three years and remember what we learned today, they didn't even charge the guy who started the whole thing that is joseph, he is the first guy
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that, he did that three times on charging, they charged everyone, they charged 13 russians no one has ever heard it but you cannot charge the guy that started this whole three-year saga we have endured as a country? i don't get that that is why again i will say it until it is done, the investigation that is happening right now at the justice department is so important. >> it goes back to certain parts of the hearing remembered today that we talked about specific questions, his answer, no. so he goes back to obstruction wasn't answered, no. we talked about the actions of the president, john dean made an interesting point because one of the democrats i believe was asking about advice or if your boss give you advice would you follow it and he said you have to be very careful here about folks like this president who has been so frustrated who has been attacked from day one has been very frustrated but
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nothing happened to this investigation, we seem to gloss over that and over the fact that he never stopped and we never went. >> the question at the end of the day is what happened on the question is not for the ethereal hypotheticals that the democrats are throwing out there to hide a bad agenda they simply want to attack this president but mr. mueller said that. and we answer that today when you come to the point when they laid out every possible thing they could for obstruction and he looked at them and said i do not agree with your theory, that should tell you a lot.>> you watch the question, looking jeffrey where he lay that out, mueller was clear, the only new thing i learned today, is that even when doug cullen says he is going to speak slower that he can't. last question.>> you brought up johnson who became the prime minister today, and said that he might be some late compromised, can you explain what you mean by that? and why you think that the prime minister?
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>> a go back, it goes back, one of the frustrating things is who it is, he is mentioned in the report i think two dozen times. so, the point that i was making is that we know he has close ties not only to the fbi and state department, western intelligence agencies, he worked at campuses that appeared to have some type of relationship with multiple western governments, he taught and ato courses, he was actually right here just about hundred feet away in the capitol visitors center in 2017. participating in a program here in the u.s. capital. so, and then a picture that i showed with boris johnson was just a recent photo i think less than one year old, so the point that i'm trying to make, if we really need to know more about it, either he said he is a russian agent, but in the report, they do not say that
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and all i was expressing is we really need to know the answer. but today mr. mueller stood by what is in the reports, but that really does not bring banality or closure to who it is, we still have the outstanding question.>> what does that have to do in regard to esther johnson? no, i was just making the point, that if this guy is continuing to hang out with and ato leaders, boris johnson, many others, we need to know who this guy really is because if he is a russian agent we meet in nature that are russian allies know about it. very clear. it is time to put america first. it is time for the democrats to close the chapter on this book that they have tried for three years. it is time to get over the 2016 election. and let's solve the problems with the american public. thank you.
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>> former special counselor robert miller's opening statement this morning before the house judiciary committee. this is about 10 minutes. do you swear that this testimony you are about to give is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and information and belief so help you god? let the record show the witness has entered the a primitive and please be seated. please note, that your written statement will be entered into the record in its entirety. accordingly i ask that you summarize your testimony in five minutes. you may begin. >> good morning chairman nadler. and ranking member collins and the members of the committee. as you know in may 2017, the acting attorney general asked me to serve as special counsel.
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i undertook that role because