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tv   George Papadopoulos at Trump Club 45 USA  CSPAN  October 21, 2019 7:38pm-8:01pm EDT

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book about his experience, mr. papadopoulos spoke to an audience in west palm beach florida. (applause), well, this is wonderful, is this thing on? let's get this thing on, can you hear me? perfect, perfect, you know i walked in with one of these big, i don't know what you call, them the satchels, the big speech i was gonna do, i'm going away again because when you are with friends and family that is what you do. i wasn't going to sit here and were you all with a 20 to 25 minutes well rehearsed speech because that is not my style,
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it's not the style of my former boss that we all love, here right? donald trump. so what i came out here first, i want to thank the organizers of this, this is exactly what america needs, we need this all around america but of course this is the nation's biggest and the beautiful city of west palm beach, i love it here. eat you know i have come a long road ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long two years, a very long to ears, i'm going to start by telling you that things were not easy, initially we were in this chaotic moment, this coup that i lived from the beginning and unfortunately i couldn't speak loudly, i had no voice, except for my wife who is, here i think everyone should applaud. (applause) you know i remember
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it like, yesterday was the summer of 20, 15 i was working in the swamp in d.c. i was one of these young up and coming energy analysts, who is tired of the establishment, i was working with all the establishment types, scooter libby, great guys, but they were running at administration that i think americans do not, want they did not want another bush, so a new job was finished, he is a good guy but he's a little bit lower, energy am i right? >> we were in a moment ladies and gentlemen when isis was going to run around cutting people heads, off christian and jews are being persecuted unlike any time in this millennia, the economy was in a right, they had illegal immigration it was running rampant all around this country, we did not feel like you is in
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the america we grew up to believe it, was i am 32, there are some people younger here than me some people order that me here but i guarantee you under a bomb all we did feel that is the america we recognize, and my right? we (applause) so i said to myself, you know my colleagues over at the hudson institute told me go get your feet wet we are going to get you into through one of those establish mint campaigns, triggered and you, great and then obviously, you know people were predicting that clinton might have won so get your feet wedding continue working in the swamp, that would've been a safe choice not the choice to victory, so what i did was, i told them i'm not interested in that i am getting out of here. i am going to go off and go join the band in a campaign, that is exactly what he did, who love spent carson here? (applause) if there is one man
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who represents the american dream, it is banning cars, and i will give you another story about doctor cars, and i remember i was living in london, i was working over there in the energy business and i got a call from a guy called larry bennett, he was a campaign guy and he said we need some help and i said why don't you come out and i'm living in london, and you are on the next flight, i get over there and a move to alexandria virginia and i hope doctor person out and he tells me and tells the group, christian and you day-o the values, that is the heart of the american social fabric. sorry (applause) it struck me, i was raised as a christian myself in the suburbs of chicago, but for someone who had his beliefs at the root of his heart and how he acted every single day may agree impression on, me before every pretty -- meeting we prayed, before the acts of
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every meeting we prayed, it was doctor ban carson who explained how important education is and the family structure, while he did not have a two parent households his mother was his rock and his mother instilled in him the belief that you had to be educated to move up in this world and you shouldn't look at each other's colors were believes and you should all try to make a positive impact on society and the end of becoming one of the world's greatest renowned surgeons in history. boy (applause) so doctor banning carson talking a lot about america, was that moment when i saw americans, i have never seen before, i saw a great patriots, there i saw people, evangelicals, they saw whites, blacks, latinos, people standing up and saying this is a man who represents me and i love that about doctor abandon carson and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, shortly after he dropped out of the race i looked around and i
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saw that if he endorsed donald trump he was going to take away ted cruz is votes and then donald trump would become both the nominee and the next president, so i really contacted cory in miami, we laughed about it a, bit i haven't seen him in about three years and i was up persona non grata for so long so's needs to see my old colleagues once again and i told him and i mentioned it during the conference and i was pestering you corey, i knew you had a winner but i am john joining carson's campaign and you brought me on, that is exactly what happened. i joined donald trump's campaign in march of 2016 when he was going to be the nominee, i think he became the nominee around that time or next month, the moment i joined this campaign, ladies and gentlemen, i saw the setup, i saw the set up in what was going on, the media to tested this guy and they were going into everything possible to
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stack the deck against and, that is exactly what happened, so what you are starting to see, now when people like the new york times in the washington post, and some good articles in bad, ones they are shocked me would william barr and john are up to all around the world, okay, this investigation by john interim and william barr is going to change american history, (applause) and the fruits of the result of this investigation -- i marketing plan tie reputation about this, it will also change world history the. (applause) the mainstream media wants to call us extreme right conspiracy theorists because we believe the president was not colluding with russia, they want to call us french people
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because we believe that some of the key actors in my story and others were not working for the russians or were probably working for the cia, people like joseph maps in, alexander down or, oscar uttered, charles -- some of you have read my, book you may have heard the names, probably hear them on some of my interviews, these people were not there to ever rule out or find out if donald trump and his campaign were colluding with russia, because these people know what you had for breakfast before you even had it. you know they were tailing eyes for months and months and months, me they were fisa warrants issued, michael flynn, and the great michael flynn, right. the (applause) seven months before i had this bizarre however, the guy they called the wall race from cambridge, he was targeting and spying on him,
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seven months before a bad man michael flynn and then they're starting to say that this was all in just because we believe that the donald trump campaign and associates of whom were in the pocket of putin, this was a set, up this was pre-planned this was orchestrated in a came approximately from the top of the obama white house, okay. the and you know i hear a lot of pundits go on tv and say yeah you came from the white house, they're just saying, it i know they, did these foreign governments that were involved in my case which william barr and john are going around the, world whether it is australia, the uk, medulla -- italy, ukraine, these governments and representatives of these governments would end event go near and americana let alone a spy on him unless the u.s. government told him to. okay, that's just how things happened, i was in d.c. a long time, i
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worked in the middle east, no one goes near you when they know you are politically involved unless you're being told to go after this person, who told people like joseph maps in, alexander down, or stefan help or, others to target the campaign, brand in, exactly. i think, comey was the area and boy, i don't even think he knew what was going on, this came up from brandon in the obama white house and the heads of the doj and they used comey to get the elicit fisa warrants that we are now just starting to get more information about. so when it came out people were trying to understand why he would have a fisa warrant on him, what did he actually, do why was he never charged, we later find out that it allows the doj on the fbi to use new ban on everybody within the campaign, they weren't looking after just
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individuals they want to go back door into donald trump and that is what was happening, they wanted to ensure that if donald trump did end up winning, i guarantee that they thought he had a much bigger chance of winning then the pollsters thought he did, that is why he was targeted the way he was, they wanted to handcuff him. they want to try to humiliate, him they didn't allow him to properly govern this nation i'm surprised the nation is doing the way it is considering how much he has been handcuffed. he (applause) historic unemployment rates, african american unemployment, hispanics, women in the workforce, the world respects us, these are not fallacies, this is a reality, i know the media wants to tell all of us said it is not happening, it is happening, the world does respect us, what donald trump said during the campaign he is
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keeping them, how many politicians have done that in the past? the non promises made and promises kept, that is something that what he said he was going to do he's doing, it he moved the embassy to jerusalem, great choice, right? as somebody who worked in israel for a long time in the energy business, thousand of the most beautiful things they saw because you had so many key presidents who were determined to move the embassy to jerusalem but they never did it, you had other presidents like obama who are has -- hostile to our greatest the ally, spying on b.b. netanyahu trying to interfere in his election so don't be surprised he was trying to interfere in our election to, be (applause) ladies and gentlemen we are at the precipice and i don't say that lately, we are
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finally going to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. the (applause) if i, if i somebody went through hell and back, main fighting and going public with my story and bringing more intention and heat on me from these people who would rather see me, you know disappear than talk to groups like you, if i am out here doing here this, if i'm vigilant, and talking, and being active, i really hope that all of you are remaining active for our democracy. he (applause) ised 2016 was the most consequential election in the u.s. history and i really think 2020 is. >> that's right, that's right,
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sorry? >> winning! >> i like to win everybody, i don't know where you all winners and here? >> me i don't like to see scams against my country, i don't like to see scams against my president and i don't want to see my name run through them lied for nonsense, if i was a guilty guy and up to no good, the last thing i was do would be talking to patriots like you tonight. >> the coward is the one that hides, that is why all these cowards went after us, after britain sent after as you are trying to sped disinformation and chaos and division and create this bizarre impeachment issue that we're going right, now these people hate america, these people don't respect your votes, they don't expect what you all believe, in what you stand for, that is what the deep state is, it's not a
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euphemism, people use that word so usually, i don't, i saw what the mueller team wanted to, do they wanted to crush me, they wanted it to crush michael flynn, roger stone to say something that wasn't true in order to harm our president and to change the direction of this country for the worst, i'd rather go to jail for life and be the then a trader on my country. so with that ladies and gentlemen, i want to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to come out here and give you some of what i think is happening, keep the faith in the people that are, patriots they love, america and it is the year of boomerang, these people are going to get a back. we (applause) thank you, usa! usa!
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we will take just two questions and then he will head out the sides, do you have any questions? he i think a lot of people have the question of where is joseph miffed said. but could you, i don't know if you can share about this bribe that you were given and what happened with that and where it is in a little bit about the background with misted and that. >> this is a part of this story that not even the media has covered, probably will fully because it changes the narrative, as i explained earlier in this conversation, if there was one country that a new inside and out it was israel, not russia, that is were all my business used to be and that's where all my work used to be. so what happened was, after the fbi comes into my house and they start questioning me, and i'm happy to answer all their questions
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and i find out they are looking for some sort of a perjury trap, that's what it seem, like it seemed like they knew exactly who this joseph was and then i get caught up and missing dates and i get in a charge for, that so it happened is after i thought i was helping, them i guess didn't think they had enough, they didn't have enough on me to bring me and free whatever they were trying to do, so all of a sudden i noticed in my email he gets hacked, the week after a meeting with these people, to weeks later i mean this bizarre man names charles -- who could characterize himself as an american israeli businessman who knows all about the oil industry in israel the only indices -- he did actually know what he was talking about the right away i was very suspicious about him, he was like a hunter biden kind of guy. he's going around telling me, he's the most well networked, guy he knows everybody, but i looked around
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nato who was, never heard of him, so anyway i'm on vacation with my then girlfriend now wife and greece and this is at the time when there was the fisa warrant issued so this is going to get very interesting, there was a fisa warrant issued, and i was told by abc news in the new york times they had executed one on me so i can't wait to actually see what they put in there because a plan on suing, when i actually see the fraudulent stuff if there was one on me and this individual tells me, come to israel just for the day, we will talk business there. i fly to israel as i've done several other times, but we weren't there talking about business, i was being introduced to people that i should not have been to be -- introduced, to and i feel like i was being entrapped, he tells me this is 10, 000, dollars why don't you keep this as a retainer for a future business dealings and i kept thinking to myself and my girlfriend at the
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time and my wife warned me. she said this guy is up to no good the. we (applause) women are a little wiser than us man, you know. you know she saved my life a lot of times, so i definitely do, so i take this money right away, take a given to my lawyer because they said to this guy no one gives you 10,000 dollars in cash unless there in the mafia or setting you up, so i give it to my, lawyer i contact this individual and i said don't ever contact me again take your money, i fly by to d.c. and i have a fbi agents waiting for. asking me where the money is, looking at my, bags all this and this money is now under intense scrutiny by congress and the department of justice.
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(applause) guys get up for a papadopoulos, thank you for coming out and protecting him the, our wives tend to have a sixth sense about these things. (applause) >> thank you, that was great. >> thank you so much.
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coming up it's a member of the foreign relations committee, and national security issues, then law professor and author on this book of presenting the history of impeachment evidence modern application, after that a look at the impact of a national pharmacare boat will have on presidential campaigns in american democracy. senator on foreign policy and u.s. security. he spoke with the hudson institute in washington, d.c. this is an hour. >> good morning, everyone good morning, good morning to everyone who is watching overseas fan and other electronic means of


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