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tv   Road to the White House 2000 George W. Bush Campaign Event  CSPAN  February 8, 2020 10:19am-10:46am EST

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>> got three gold medals in the winter games this year. softball, went to golf. i did the, what is that called when you have a partner? what do they call that? >> [indiscernible] >> yeah. gov. bush: i am holding the gold medal if that is all right. >> thank you, sir. we need a good man. >> how are you? >> i know your family very well. >> how are you? >> doing fine. gov. bush: really? >> when they dedicated -- gov. bush: that is exactly right. ok, look out. i'm coming through. i'm going to show you how to flip a burger. you looking?
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going to flip a hamburger. >> let me go. [indiscernible] >> i want a hamburger, well done. gov. bush: you like it? i didn't have nothing to do with it if it is cooked or rare. she doesn't know what she is talking about, does she? >> we are over here too, governor. gov. bush: all right, good. come in here, john. >> john. >> yes. gov. bush: yes, come on in.
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>> this is bill from new hampshire. gov. bush: fabulous. >> for your payday. gov. bush: you got any pancakes right now -- >> if you want it, we can make it. gov. bush: no, i'm cooking a hamburger. john, you take it from here. he is going to finish it up for you. thanks. i don't know what the time is. >> 5:00. gov. bush: thank you. i will. i appreciate it. thanks. >> thank you. [laughter] gov. bush: see you again. nice to meet you. >> bye-bye. >> governor, can i get your autograph? >> my dad, he is a democrat and i am a republican.
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hey dad, look who's autograph i got? gov. bush: a special vote for your dad. hey, you are back again, huh? what is the name of your school? >> dublin school. gov. bush: dublin? great. what kind of school is that? >> boarding school, secondary. gov. bush: fabulous. where do you call home? >> new york. gov. bush: do you react -- do you? that's great. how about you? what city are you from? new haven? great. good luck to you. doing well. surviving. >> good, good. gov. bush: nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, sir. good luck to you. gov. bush: thank you very much. i'm honored. thanks. 55th reunion. i will. 55th reunion.
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[indiscernible] >> southern guy. can't eat that. i'm about to deal with this jambalaya. gov. bush: i need to get up there sometime. >> you need to. they've got skiing and they've got hunting up there. unbelievable. gov. bush: nice to be you. -- meet you. [indiscernible] >> 20,000. gov. bush: my running mate. [laughter] >> all right! >> i like your costume too. >> thank you.
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>> dressed up as a governor. [indiscernible] >> get in front, please. press folks. >> thank you, sir. >> i have not seen it. >> good. gov. bush: thank you, sir. how are you? >> hi, how are you? gov. bush: come over and say hello. i'm going to say hello to you. >> nice to meet you. it is a pleasure. thank you. gov. bush: how are you doing? >> love your sense of humor. gov. bush: i got to keep it. otherwise i will go nuts. too late. sorry. >> real pumpkins. real carved pumpkins. guinness book of records. tonight is a thing for the district community. this gets national attention.
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gov. bush: fabulous. >> i would like you to meet -- >> pumpkin carving. >> she invented the -- gov. bush: hi, nancy. [laughter] >> we are glad to have you. >> there he is. >> thank you very much. >> hi, nice to meet you. gov. bush: good. thanks for your hospitality. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> enjoy. it's hump in. -- it's pumpkin. >> can we have a lighter or a match? would you like to light that? gov. bush: yes. thank you. >> come on over here. >> i will never forget. gov. bush: this is what happens. >> i spent half -- gov. bush: you did? and you recovered.
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i thought you were from maine. [laughter] >> ok, guys. >> make sure you -- gov. bush: it is fantastic. i saw it walking in. it is spectacular. and then you are going to have them at this end of the street and the other end it will >> we will light them all. gov. bush: sorry i will not be -- other end. >> we will light them all. gov. bush: sorry i will not be here. >> wish you were. gov. bush: i will be in east texas. tomorrow night? or sunday? >> tomorrow night. we're hoping to break the world 17,000 lit jack-o'-lanterns last year. gov. bush: looking for 20,000. >> 20,000. gov. bush: great. >> that is one of them. gov. bush: congratulations. [laughter] >> thank you very much. congratulations.
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>> that's him. >> i know. [laughter] gov. bush: logan. you mind holding the pumpkin? hey. there you go. did i have a chance to say hello to you? >> yes. >> all right. gov. bush: doing great. beautiful day too. >> i hope you do good for health -- do something for health care. gov. bush: i will. >> what would you implement? gov. bush: well, that is a broad question. for whom, elderly? >> i guess i'm going to have to ask about my sort of circumstances. i'm self-employed. i spend an awful lot of money on hmo. and i'm concerned for -- gov. bush: that would help if you are self-employed. >> it sure would.
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>> i have looked into that and the way they have them set up now. gov. bush: [inaudible] >> mr. bush. can you sign this for me? >> invest in your family -- gov. bush: i have a nephew that is graduating college in a couple of weeks. bright young man, young fellow. he was diagnosed with diabetes. i am concerned with the circumstance he is in -- [indiscernible] >> sorry. gov. bush: i did not do it. it happened before my arrival. anyway. >> good to know. gov. bush: what is your business? >> i am a lawyer. everybody needs a good lawyer. gov. bush: i agree. >> yes, you do. gov. bush: nice to meet you. >> good luck to you. gov. bush: thanks.
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i appreciate your interest. >> from california. gov. bush: i have been spending a lot of time in your city. i need to. good to meet you all. what grade are we in? >> six. gov. bush: let me ask you a question. how many of you are going to go to college? >> me. gov. bush: good. how many of you read more than you watch tv? tell the truth. ok, good. how many of you practice math more than you watch tv? >> [laughter] gov. bush: thanks for teaching. >> do you know bill hickey? gov. bush: do i ever. >> my cousin. gov. bush: you got to be kidding me. i know him really well. and i know all your cousins. i know all your cousins. six of them. >> they are all coming to new hampshire next summer. yes, you are right. they are all coming up. gov. bush: they are great. hickey, the first house i ever purchased, he built. >> i will even him tonight and tell him. gov. bush: give my love. [laughter] gov. bush: i am not sure who looks scarier, the mayor or -- you know, huh?
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>> a halloween store. i couldn't believe. gov. bush: i appreciate your interest. [laughter] >> all right, folks. gov. bush: to stand here? [indiscernible] >> knock it over. it fell. [indiscernible] >> yes. >> yeah. [laughter] like, yeah.just gov. bush: going to light this thing? need a match. >> no, no, no. [laughter] >> we could simulate light.
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simulate. >> one more. >> no, no, no. gov. bush: ok. give it to your math teacher. >> we will, she is awesome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> pumpkin. why don't you come through over here? gov. bush: the bush pumpkin. >> i'm here. [indiscernible] >> yeah. gov. bush: he is a good fella. isn't that wonderful? >> would you like to have your photo taken down here in front of? [indiscernible] >> not with you here. never. and i'm in politics a long time. gov. bush: you tell him thanks.
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>> thank you. >> can i get one quick one? >> medication. [indiscernible] [laughter] gov. bush: i am not signing your shirt until i hear your mother says yes. [laughter] >> hey. gov. bush: going to. going to. thank you very much. thank you for saying that. >> can you sign this? can you sign this? [indiscernible] gov. bush: how are you doing, buddy? >> good. gov. bush: you are a good-looking man. >> he has nice heyer. -- hair. gov. bush: great mom.
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[indiscernible] >> i got it. >> good luck. >> look at this. gov. bush: living in dallas? fabulous. you been down to visit? big city. [indiscernible] where does she live? [laughter] >> governor bush. governor bush. governor bush. governor bush. gov. bush: yeah. >> my mom said you can sign it. gov. bush: where is your mom? >> right there. [laughter] [applause] >> yay. gov. bush: boy, your mom has a lot of children. you got a lot of children. [laughter] i am blaming it on you.
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he is a good man. thanks. >> back up a little. >> thank you. >> thank you, governor bush. gov. bush: everybody in texas is wearing sweatshirts from keene, new hampshire. very welcome to have you here. gov. bush: goodbye, nancy. >> thank you, thank you. we didn't qualify because we were ahead of the game. we renovated our movie theater over here in downtown.
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it's a great community. gov. bush: it is a great community. thank you for having me too, showing up with my entourage. [inaudible] gov. bush: anyway, thanks. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. gov. bush: thank you. >> [inaudible] gov. bush: you're from the area -- from there? he is a great guy. he teaches at ut. i know him well. he is a good man. he married your niece?
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>> yes. gov. bush: good. he is a great athlete. thank you. i'm honored. thanks. thank you. yeah. thank for having me. >> can we get one last photo? >> i'm honored. thanks. [inaudible] >> maybe it will work on ther e. >> thank for having me.
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gov. bush: see you all later, thanks. thank you. see you later. thanks. >> goodbye. gov. bush: thank you. sorry to hit and run. >> you're doing a great job. >> [inaudible] to cast you're watching american history tv, covering history c-span style, with event coverage, eyewitness accounts,
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archival films, lectures and college classrooms, and visits .o museums and historic places all weekend, every weekend on c-span three. you can watch archival films on public affairs each week on our america," on american history tv. here is a look at one of our recent programs. of his official duties, the president must report to congress on the state of the union. shortly after his inauguration, dwight eisenhower delivered this message in person. in outlining his foreign program, he declared --
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>> the policy we pursue will recognize the truth that no single country, even one so powerful as ours, can alone defend the liberty of all nations threatened by communist aggression from without or subversion within. mutual security needs effective .utual cooperation for the united states, this means as a matter of common sense and national interests, we shall give help to other nations in the matter that they strive earnestly to do their full share of the common task. [applause] wealth or aid could compensate for poverty of spirit , the heart of every free nation must be honestly dedicated to the preserving of its own independence and security. [applause]
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>> you can watch archival films on public affairs in their entirety on our weekly series "reel america," saturdays at 10:00 p.m. and sundays at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on american history tv. ♪ >> a heavy snowfall on primary day in new hampshire is an omen of things to come. a write-in vote, by a man who did no campaigning and was half a world away. despite the weather, the turnout was heavy -- 100,000 were expected to vote, substantially more than 80,000 cast their ballots, and 85% wrote in the name henry caps on lond.
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from the capital of the granite state to a small hamlet on the canadian border, the people seemed to have made up their minds. the largest appointment at a campaign have -- headquarters were put in the shade by the whirlwind tours of goldwater and rockefeller. meanwhile, henry stayed in his vietnam as the ballots were counted. it was a large victory all the way. ♪ with the victor far from the scene of his triumph, his son george faced a barrage of questions from reporters. he said he felt his father would remain at his post for the time being. the ambassador would work in south vietnam when he got the order to report to defense secretary mcnamara. he could not discuss politics, but the man who emerged into international prominence as ambassador to the united nations
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may have uprooted the chances of both goldwater and rockefeller. ♪ missouri to pennsylvania, river towns have been inundated by the rising waters of the ohio and its tributaries and other packaging rivers. kentucky and ohio have been especially hard-hit. there is nothing amusing about this amusement park. coney island near cincinnati. --h of this was watched away washed away. damage in the area is estimated in the millions of dollars. there is some irony in the fact that the nearby racetrack is known as river downs. ♪ at cincinnati, the crest of the ohio reached more than 66 feet, 14 feet above flood stage. this is new the record of their worst floods. the governors of several states appealed to the federal government to declare any of
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sections -- many sections disaster area. more than 27,000 families are estimated to be affected by the flood. the susquehanna river drove nearly 10,000 from their homes, and civil defense workers described some towns as completely deserted, from the mayors to the towns alleycat. crested 19 feet above flood stage and hundreds of square miles were underwater. ♪ as the flood began to receive slowly, there was desolation in its wake. some 12,000 persons were living in 53 shelters, having lost everything they own. always, modern man finds himself unable to cope against the horses of mother nature on a rampage. southday night, how was
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sudanese video game developer is bringing peace and conflict resolution through the refugee experience to a wider audience. 73% of the population is under the age of 40. these were people that were born in a war and raised in a war. i thought about, how about people from south sudan started playing this game? the videogame is the same thing happening in my country, killing people and this is how things are done. but i was like, how about creating a videogame for peace and conflict resolution? watch sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> foreign dignitaries and holocaust survivors gathered on january 27 to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of
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the auschwitz-birkenau concentration camp run by nazis during world war ii. speakers include four auschwitz survivors, and the ceremony concludes with a candle vigil held in memory of those killed at the concentration camp. [violin playing]


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