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tv   Reel America Public Health in New York State - 1937  CSPAN  May 1, 2020 11:03am-11:22am EDT

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in the minds of the american people. >> we're going to talk about both sides of the story, the tools, techniques of slave owner power and also talk about the tools and techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. >> watch history professors lead discussions with their students on topics ranging from the american revolution to september 11th, lectures in history on c-span3 every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv and lectures in history is available as a podcast. >> each week american history tv's reel america brings us films that provide context for today's public aaffairs issues.
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>> we are convinced that full time health service can be rendered new york state citizens most effectively under a district plan of administration. state health districts and subdistricts are now in operation or will be in operation at an early date. the five county health departments are integral parts of the districts. the oufrz fficers in charge of district and they include a medical degree, a post graduate course in public health and five years full time experience. >> they are authorized to act for him. he is available for technical advice the directors of the 11 divisions and two health districtors. the onch district staff includes an assistant officer and
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district sub inviting nursz, one or more engineers, supervising in field public health nurses and a clerical staff. full records are kept in all district offices. they may take checks according to the status of each case. district offices conduct the state programs through 798 local health officers and five county health commissioners. there are frequent conferences with local health officers. when serious epidemics or unusual circumstances occur, they're given to temporary assignments by other districts or central office. district staffs are flexible and not subject to local authority. an important function of the district officer is the preliminary field training of young physicians and participation is selection of physicians for academic training. the supervising nurses supervises nurse employed by the department and many employed locally. she has a responsibility for the training and selection of nurses similar to that of the district officer for position.
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the district over has a part in all of major activities. >> new york state is conducting a study to determine the fe feasibility of nursing in rural counties. because of persistently high infant mortality, home delivery and the maternal death in rural sections, st. lawrence county was selected. conferences were held at state and local health officials and local fctions, hospital and welfare representatives. the county was zoned for accessibility. ten nurses in a supervising nurse and midwife were trained and assigned. they were equipped with cars, bags and electric lanterns and strong snow shovels. they helped mothers make
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preparation. packages were used by the doctors in home delivery were made and assembled in sowing rooms and groups of women. the nurses supervised the work and assembled the packages for sterilizing at the local milk plant. the doctor arriving for a delivery fines a nurse in charge, room and patient prepared and hot water ready. the electric lantern is better than the kerosene lamp and the nurse is an efficient helper. nurse returns next morning to bathe baby, care for mother and instruct a neighbor or relative. this doctor believes the service is meeting a real need and appreciates the work of the nur nurses no in addition to general duties assisted in 84 homes and supervise 431 patients during the first six months of the
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demonstration. reduction in typhoid fever has been due in large measure to the controlled exercise by the division of sanitation over water, milk and sewage disposal. everything nears supervise the quality of water supplied to more than 12 million people. over 90% of the water consumed in new york state receives treatment. many water purification plans are made by recommendations of engineers. water supplies are inspected frequently and subjected to routine bacterial tests at regular intervals. in milk born disease outbreaks, all cows are examined by a department veterinarian. the department urges the u.s. of past rised muse being, past rising plants are expected frequently.
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the test defrms the thoroughness of pasturization of the milk and the test to detect pasturization. pollution is being abated by requiring the treatment plant and regularly inspected by the department engineers. more than 100 plants have been constructed in new york state since 1930. plans for all storage and improvements must receive approval of the division of sanitation prior to construction. in five years, the value of work represented by such plans has allowed more than $100 million, 2,000 swimming pools throughout the state are superviseded and 3,000 summer and tourist camps which provide accommodations two million persons. routine work is expedited by the assignment of district engineers and milk san takerians through the staff of the various states health districts enabling prompt service to be rendered in connection with any sanitary problem arising within the
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district. new york state's program embraces a number of strategies. the five types for which it improved of in value are improved at no cost to physicians. diagnostic serums are dispensed it 112 laboratories. it is examined immediately by the technique. every available means is being utilized in the belief that earlier diagnosis and wider use of the serum is available main result. the need for teaching the general public the seriousness of certain of the early symptoms
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of pneumonia and the urgency of medical care is recognized. skillful nursing care is important. public health nurses throughout the state are increasing time to bedside care as well as teaching demonstrations for pneumonia cases. the new york state nurses association is cooperating with graduate education of the members. research resulted in further advances in the methods of production and refinement of the serum. a series of 1606 type one cases treated with serum pru produced and dispensed by the department was accumulated during first 20 months of the program. fairly complete data are available. and the analysis gives adding stablly to our knowledge of the limitations and potential of serum treatment as a method in pneumonia control.
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this hospital located in buffalo and called the state institute for the study of malignant disease has research facilities in all branches of science and bed capacity of 130 after a completion of a new wing. the state institute is equipped with a complete surgical department for the diagnosis and treatment of ma anything lant disease. is as much radium dpesed and the solution disintegrates it gives off a gas which can be utilized only after it is removed by means of oil and mercury pump.
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modern shock proof x-ray materials are available. lastee 3,645 new patients were admitted to this hospital for diagnosis and treatment. this service is free to all residents of new york state who are recommended for examination and treatment and impressing that there is a cure if the disease is recognized in the early stages. it is always born in mind that this is plim airily an institute for the study of malignant disease and every opportunity is embraced to conduct a continuous program of research in the unsolved problems of cancer
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control. new york state is rebuilding the children and now spends $1.5 million annually on the rehabilitation and education. through efforts of the nurses and family physicians, they have brought the clinics for examination by a surgeon. if a child has a condition that be improved, arrangements are made to admit the youngsters that meets the state requirements. or to the new york state reconstruction home at. here specialized surgery is available. hospital care by specially trained nurses guards the child if a operation is necessary. trapd teachers work with him so he'll be able to follow along
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with school mates. outside activities keep the youngsters busy and happy. some of them have reached a point where the physical condition will permit them to carry on restrictive activities on the playground. this is a selection which is used as a theme music of the state health department weekly radio program. ♪ when the patient is ready to leave the home. she is returned to her home and family physician under the care of the orthopedic nurse and the field clinish service conducted by the state department of health. new york state tuberculosis case is based on the fact that the
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control of tuberculosis depends on the spread. this can be accomplished by segregation, treatment and education of the open cases of sue beshg lose is. and by going out into the field and finding cases. beshg lose is is a family problem and there are chose household contact of those having the disease. early discovery of tuberculosis means early recovery. so that end our efforts should be devoted. early tuberculosis is not characterized by any special signs or symptoms. these men have been x-rayed. x-ray is the most valuable ally in discovering the disease in the earliest stages. and these workers too have been
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x-rayed. these normal school students are tuberculosis tested and x-rayed yearly until graduation. this patient had advanced disease when discovered. his treatment is prolonged. the cost to himself, family and community is great. this patient was discovered easterly ji on the road to complete rehabilitation. is best to find the early case. public health programs reeffective only so far as they are taken, to understood, and
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accepted by the public. frequent press stories are reliced to news stories and the 130 dailies and 540 weeklies in new york state. health news is sent every week to 14,000 physicians, nurses, hospitals, libraries, public health workers, and other interested individuals and agencies. qualified experts prepare special stories and pamphlets on the subjects. during the first nine months of 193 1937, 1,275,000 were distributed. visual instruction is helping aides in new york. now 16 and 35 millimeter cameras record the progress of public health and silence and sound projectors tell the story. they go over the equipment and exhibits and displays and other portable education material.
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the most intimate is raid yoi. each week since august 1933, health plays is written and produced in the department of health have been presented from wgy. they are broadcast over 18 other stations. the records are available way means of portable sound equipment for use before parent teacher associations, school classes, women's organizations, service clubs, and similar groups. responses have been received from 745 different cities and villages in the state. health education is reaching the people of new york state.
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>> you're watching a special edition of american history tv, airing during the week while members of congress are in their districts due to the coronavirus pandemic. tonight at 8:00 eastern, sarah milov discusses her book. she looks at nonsmokers rights and strategies in the context of other social movements including civil rights and environmental issues. american history tv now and over the weekend on c-span3. rvelgts w >> why do you all know who lizzy borden is and have you ever heard of the gene harris murder trial before this class? >> the deepest cause where we'll find the true meaning of the revolution was in the trance formation that took place in the minds of the american people.
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>> so we're going to talk about both of these sides of the story here, right? the tools, techniques of slave owner power and we'll also talk about the tools and techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. watch lectures in history on c-span3 every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv and lectures in history is available as a podcast, find it where you listen to podcasts. >> next, stoney brook university nancy toms teaches a class about the 1918 influenza pandemic and public information efforts in the united states to stop the spread of the disease. shez talks about social distancing and propaganda about good hygiene which a


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