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tv   Reel America Victory Round- Up - May 1945 United Newsreel  CSPAN  August 16, 2020 3:44pm-4:01pm EDT

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tv, keep up this during the week on facebook, twitter, and youtube. learn about what happened this day in history and see preview clips of upcoming programs. follow a set c-span history. c-spanhistory. ♪ [military band music] ♪ ♪ [newsreel intro music] >> berlin is occupied by the red army. the red army stages a review in berlin. ♪
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in this headquarters on the eighth of may, the final unconditional surrender has been ratified. ♪ german field marshal keitel, the former chief of staff. marshall jukov of the red army. ♪ ex-field marshal keitel signs for those still bearing arms. general admiral yvonne friedberg signs. american general spots from the eighth air force.
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british air marshal ted r. -- theodor. ♪ it is over. the war in europe has ended. ♪ in berlin, the brandenburg tower still stands. amid the ruins, dazed people wander here and there. not much else remains. in southern germany, allied troops move forward to complete the occupation of the country. ♪
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the eagle's nest at berchestgarden, formerly hitler's mountain retreat. ♪ much of munich lies in ruins. the famous beer hall, little remains. ♪ one of the first war criminals is captured, hermann goering. ♪ [dramatic music] he is interviewed by allied newspapermen. ♪
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field marshal castlekesselring, former commander of german troops in italy. ♪ field marshal von rumstedt, former commander of the west. hermann frank, former governor general of poland, high on the list of war criminals. ♪ field marshal von kleiss. ♪
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admiral horthy, former regent of hungary. ♪ the tall man is artur seiss-inquart, from austria. he will be brought to trial. in austria, the last german armies in the southern redoubt had already surrendered. ♪ lieutenant general brandenburger of the 19th german army came with his chiefs of staff to sign the capitulation, and the small -- in the small austrian city of innsbruck. ♪ american general eh brooks has ratified another victory. meantime, near a small town on
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the danish border, admiral doenitz, self-styled new fuhrer of germany, winds up the last business of state. ♪ the surrender of his once great u-boat fleet, one by one they enter british ports that are taken over by men of the royal navy. ♪ these germans, once the terror of allied shipping, are now like all their comrades in arms, nothing but prisoners of war. ♪ the news of germany's surrender reaches the people of brussels five years almost to the day after the german invasion of the country. at dawn on v day, every city house is alive with flags, every
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street alive with happiness. ♪ orange smoke flares, no longer needed for warfare, make effective fireworks. ♪ in paris, from notre dame, from sacre coeur, from every church goes out the resounding message of peace and hope for the future, and joyful thanksgiving. in the place de l'opera.
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in the rue de madeleine. ♪ while general de gaulle approaches the arc de triomphe to pay homage from the people of france at the grave of the unknown soldier, to pledge their victory with the the memory of those who died to gain it shall for all time be preserved in peace. ♪ the capitulation to field marshal montgomery of the remnants of the northern german army and navy is not only a signal of germany's total defeat, it was the signal of liberation for those countries still remaining under german occupation. the british fleet sails into copenhagen harbor. denmark is free after five years, five years of stubborn
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resistance and heroic acts of sabotage. ♪ a german cruiser falls prize to the british navy. to the danish capital, where a guard of honor awaits him, comes field marshal montgomery, victor and liberator. ♪ [cheering] ♪ at his reception by the people of the city, they demonstrate feelings of deliverance and gratitude. as in every liberated city, the people of copenhagen welcome allied troops. this world the world has seen such scenes of joy in france, and belgium and holland and now it is the turn of the people of denmark.
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♪ sheets of music are printed and distributed. ♪ soldier salutes soldier. this is the comradeship of free people. king christian arrives for the reopening of the danish parliament. with a democratic constitution, all parties are represented under the leadership of the well-loved monarch. all through the occupation, he inspired his people. his faith in allied victory never faltered. his faith is justified today. ♪
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>> this is american history tv on c-span3, or each weekend, we feature 48 hours of programs exploring our nation's past. >> on the eve of the summers national convention, we will show several acceptance speeches from several nominees. the footage appears courtesy of nbc news archives. here is a preview.
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>> we will do that because they are wrong when we are right and i will prove it to you in just a few minutes. met to express the will and reaffirm the beliefs of the democratic party. there have been differences of opinion, and that's the democratic way. those differences have been settled. by majority vote, as they should be. it is time for us to get together and seek the common enemy. we have been working together for victory in a great cause. habit ofas become a our party. days ineen elected four succession and i am convinced it will be elected a fifth time in november.
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people know the democratic party is the people's party and the republican party is the party of special interest and it always has been and it always will be. the record of the democratic party is written in their accomplishments of the last 16 years. i don't need to repeat them. -- the keynote speaker, the candidate for the vice president, and the chairman. >> watch more of the acceptance speeches this sunday at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific, here on american history tv. easternturday, at 8:00 on american history tv on c-span3, go inside a different college classroom and hear about topics ranging from the american revolution, civil rights, and
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u.s. presidents to 9/11. >> thank you for your patience and for logging into class. professors transfer teaching to a virtual setting to engage with their students. >> gorbachev did most of the work to change the soviet union but reagan met him halfway. reagan encouraged him and supported him. press, madisonhe originally called it freedom of the use of the press. it is not a freedom for what we now refer to as institutional press. >> every saturday at 8:00 eastern, lectures on history also available as a podcast. find it where you listen to podcast. u.s. information agency broadcast a year-long series of half-hour programs
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designed to explain the presidential election process to international audiences. next on "reel america", three of these programs from the election 1976 series focusing on the national party conventions. political scientists discuss the issues and show clips of key scenes from both conventions. ♪ ♪


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