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tv   Reel America Apollo 10 To Sort Out The Unknowns - 1969  CSPAN  February 1, 2021 7:34pm-8:03pm EST

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>> surgeon, procedures. go. get hurt. okay my controllers. let's play it cool.
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may 18th, 1969, we were almost ready. man had orbited the moon once. man had -- the earth landing craft in orbit, once. but what before we get commitment to a lunar landing there were number things that had to be worked out. this was the mission of apollo. ten in the words of its commander, thomas stafford, to sort out all of the unknowns and pave the way for a lunar landing. it was a veteran crew, space craft commander -- had flown with stafford on january nine. john young had been on germany
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three and germany ten. they faced problems on apollo ten. problems that would be solved for apollo 11. most would be minor. but they would be solved. stafford, young, they brought to their mission enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility, even amazement. and through the means of color television, they took us with them as they played their part and men's greatest adventure >> that we are due for a mission to the moon at this time. they are go for a 22nd mark. 17 seconds and counting. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, ten, nine. we have ignition sequence start. engines on four, three, two.
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the engines running. once commit, lift off. we have lift off 29 minutes past the hour. [noise] [noise] >> roger. >> good ignition on the second stage. >> that's quite a sequence >> beautiful out there. >> you sound ecstatic. >> apollo chen was headed for its initial parking orbit around the earth. after the checkout in orbit it
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was time for trans lunar injection. the burn of the espy four engine to send apollo tend to the moon. >> eli, i've or be is looking at. go. . . >> a peloton with a perfect burn was on its way to the moon. now the command and service module separated from the s4b, and turned around to dock with the lunar module. for the first of many times tom stafford turned on the high resolution television camera and shared with the people of earth a spectacular sight of outer space. apollo ten took a long all those who had made and were making the conquest of the moon a reality.
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>> charlie, we can't be more than five or ten meters away. >> roger. >> it's looking very stable. we show you close. be docked in a second i hope, roger. >> houston you're looking good. looks like a good stop. >> roger. >> roger. >> you've got to docket, charlie. we can reach numbers on the docking window. >> during the docking, apollo ten encountered its first
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problem. -- releasing a snowstorm of fiber glass and the zero gravity. >> it has insulation all in the seal, the valves. >> for apollo 11, it would be faxed. then we watched as they pulled free of the s four b, and got our first live colored pictures of the blue planet earth. >> charlie it's so hard to describe, you can see alaska you can see the polar caps, and it is incredible. >> we see it all here the colors are really beautiful. >> that is great. >> and the black is the black you could ever conceived for the setting of all this. >> so stafford, young and -- continued their trip. their speed continually
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dropping, as the arms of gravity tried to pull them back. >> to control the temperature of the spacecraft, they performed a slow steady rotation. >> certainly will be about 55,000 miles out. it's a long way from home. >> it was time to continually check the trajectory of the spacecraft, the command module call sign charlie brown, the lunar module soupy. it was time for conversation, and time for showing people at home on the earth what space travel is like. >> if europe here you have your choice if you don't like being right side up you can go upside down. >> web okay we have one in each direction. >> it's the only way to fly. >> farther and farther from earth stafford young and certain, flew on their wingless
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flight. they became a progression of minutes as a space craft went three revolutions per hour. look >> tomorrow we should be around the moon. >> we heavily reveler. you stand, sounds like we are ready for a naval drill. on the flight deck. >> here's your horoscope for today, you should concentrate on finishing things, but you have already started. today's pace will be moderate. use this time to take inventory. john you will have a slow day today, this will give you time
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to concentrate on the work ahead. you will enjoy your surroundings and companions. >> and geno your horoscope reads, give careful thought to your working and driving habits. do something nice for your friends. >> the crew of apollo ten was getting ready for lunar orbit the clocks were synchronize, computers updated. and it was time for the lunar orbit insertion burn drew near,. we >> houston a politan trying to lean out as far as we can still can't see the moon but will take your word for it it's there. >> we a politan houston, two minutes to el oas. object. >> okay we'll see you on the
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other side of orbit. >> l oh yes, loss of signal. go leader second burn that they would do would be 60 miles above the moon subbed and the controllers waited for aos, acquisition of signal. >> houston over. the politan. >> roger houston, apollo ten you can tell the world that we have arrived. or can. >> house the view? >> i know this may sound corny but with really way out of this world. >> for the second time three americans orbited the moon anne, a the network followed their flight, measuring precisely
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their orbital paths. on the first orbit, the crew turned the tv camera on the scarred lunar landscape. >> you know the first real thing and positive about recognize, it's a real crisis out here. boy it stands out. >> stafford, young and sernon. 60 miles above our satellite. >> this is really a rugged planet. >> but also look at to the horizon, some of the mountains you can see, appear that's going to be something tomorrow. >> we copy that >> houston a
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politan we've got a beautiful view of the earth here it's absolutely fantastic. >>. i >> now it was time for lunar pilot jean cernan to check it out for the next day's dissent. his evaluation? >> i am happy, and it should be good tomorrow. >> you bet your life. >> so make them sleep good tonight, and they'll be able to stretch their legs in the morning. >> okay. >> the next day stafford and cernan were in the lunar module. called charlie brown. they checkups knew before the
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last time. one of the items involved creating a tunnel between steube and charlie brown, to make sure that the spacecraft hatches did not leak. >> okay the tunnel is fine. it >> this was a real problem, for there's a pipe that seem to be clogged. but they reduce the pressure in the lunar module, and the inability to reduce pressure in the tunnel, caused a three and a half degree rotation between the two spacecraft. not enough to endanger when docking, but for apollo 11, it would be fixed. >> okay three minutes going over the hill. as >> the undocking took place
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behind the moon. >> when contactless reestablish snippy and charlie brown were ready for the separation maneuver prior to dissent because >> you'll never know how big this thing is. you'll never know how small it looks when years far away as we are. a >>. >>. >> my transponder is on. >> test switch and operate. >> should be getting a radar signal here but i don't. >> an electronic piece of radar equipment in the command module was not functioning.
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without it there would be no rendezvous, and no low orbit decent to the moon. in mission control, and in the spacecraft, they switch positions and procedures were -- . from mission control, one last instruction was sent up. >> roger, how about trying to recycle the switch the hard switch charlie brown. >> in the command module, they turn the switch off and on again. >> hey that you didn't you goddess it is on. that did it you guys it is on. >> a little thing, a stark switch, but for apollo 11, it would be corrected. >> okay, so we'll see you back here in about six hours. >> roger that. >> have a good time were gone.
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>> don't get lonesome up there. come >> and don't accept any -- updates. charlie brown, houston, 45 seconds. -- the oh i. this would come about 180 degrees from landing site, to the primary landing site for apollo 11. according to the an extra bylaws of mechanics, this burn of a lunar engine would put -- less than ten miles from the site. once more in mission control they waited for word from the moon. >> charlie brown. they're down there. and by the boulder things right
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now. >> eight miles above the surface, 35,000 feet over the ancient hills, then a communications problem. contact with snoop was reestablished through charlie brown. >> this is snippy. >> right. go ahead. >> are you still among us? charlie >> will go up the freeway. >> right. right. >> fantastic, really. we can't believe we are seeing. i'll tell you joe.
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it is a rough beginnings. i tell, you we are down here where we can talk to the top of the hills. >> one of the key aspects of the mission. -- discusses some of the landing sites selected for apollo 11. [inaudible] they estimate 25 to 30%, [inaudible] it shouldn't be a problem. if you don't have the -- you will have to shut off. >> now it was time to begin the rendezvous. on this first orbit they would make the official burn, to put snow b and charlie brown into the proper relationship for the
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upcoming maneuvers. >> we are burning. we are burning. >> snow b was now ready for the rendezvous sequence to be performed in the next orbit. once more they rounded the battered face of the moon. we just saw earth rise, and it is going to be magnificent. >> charlie, if his view is any better than ours, it's going to be fantastic. before the actual rendezvous took place, -- would have to be separated from a descent stage. but during the separation, something went wrong. snoop began to fall rapidly.
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>> [inaudible] we didn't lock it. >> charlie brown. they got it under control. >> it was a unexpected system malfunction. staff assured that they had it under control. -- were never in any kind of danger. for a few seconds they did not know that. for apollo 11, it would be vehement and corrected. now the rendezvous sequence came step-by-step. it was a old had for the veteran crew. in gemini, stuff had flown five, stafford three. snoop-y rose up from the moon to join charlie brown. >> we are about ready to dock.
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stand by. we >> okay, you are in the first phase, looking beautiful. we >> their hugging each other. >> roger. that >> but today was not over yet, they still have to prepare their assets and command over their initial -- >> [inaudible] we're standing by for when you give us the word. go ahead and separate now, charlie brown. >> okay, houston will give you a countdown. we're all set to go. five counts. five, four, three, two one, fire. >> it was ready.
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into the sun. babe, right into the sun. [inaudible] that a little snow pea was a real winner. that big charlie brown is not so bad either. >> the next day, apollo ten state in orbit around the moon. the orbital deviations of a politan were being determined is greater and greater precision. on, board there was more photography, more land mark and -- with each revolution the points were being pinned down closer and closer in preparation for the arrival of apollo 2011. >> we have some very interesting-looking things to look sort of like volcanoes. there are more on the backside. fuji alma.
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but now it was time to head home to earth. the one burn of the mission that absolutely had to work. the burn that would push apollo ten out of its lunar orbit. >> everything looks good. we'll see you on the way home. >> but then the most pivotal of all maneuvers will take place behind the man, cut off from earthly contact. >> roger, we are returning to the earth. >> glad to have you on the way back home, can. >> for the last time, apollo
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ten watch this a fire called earth rise over a stark moon or horizon. and as they had at the mission, stafford, young and -- shared with us their feelings on the voyage through color television. reckoning straight on, joe. we were shot straight off the center of the moon. >> you are going 25 meters-y second. as the crew of apollo ten hurtled earthward they decided to do one more test. a test not in the original objectives of the mission but a test that would solve a problem that had battled space engineers for years. >> i used a razor and shaving cream.
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>> i tell you charlie, that is one of the -- things that happened in the last couple of days, and it's really great. >> you guys really look good >> down from the moon towards the coastal earth, apollo ten sped on its incandescent path. >> problems have been met, faced, and solved, for that was the mission of apollo ten. to sort out the unknowns, and pave the way. but as the man of apollo ten
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were reunited with their families and friends, attention was already turning elsewhere. apollo 11 had been rolled up to its launch pad even before apollo ten had entered orbit above the moon. now it, stood pointed towards a distant lunar sea. how much we're going to progress in the future is up to your imagination. if we keep our perspectives right, abbott everything is unlimited.
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