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tv   Reel America The Army Nurse - Soldier of Mercy  CSPAN  March 26, 2021 9:59pm-10:29pm EDT

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women nurses cared for soldiers from the early cause -- of the war. the army nurse, is a 1965 u.s. army film, celebrating the contributions of nurses from the american revolution to the vietnam war. it aired as an episode of the big picture television series. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this is a story of military personnel. in the classical sense however, it is not a military story it is a story of the army nurse. soldier of mercy. >> i am cheryl conway, i have a special feeling about nurses, and nursing.
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for me nursing is a real proud profession. the nurse is one of the few people in our society who measures success in terms of service and benefits to mankind rather than in the achievement of personal wealth and fame. the army nurse embodies the fine attributes of nurses everywhere. and adds a few qualities of her home. she works and lives according to a simple code. grant me ivy worthy of the secret and sacred pledge of my profession. help me to offer hope and cheer, in the hearts of men and my country. hope and cheer, in the hearts of men, the purpose and meaning of army nursing. the history of military nursing is as old as our country. it is a proud story, and one
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that eliminates some of the finest illuminate some of the finest moments in our history. george washington was the first to recognize the importance of military nursing. on his recommendation, contact nurses were engaged at a salary of two dollars per month. plus room and board the while the rate of pay has changed somewhat, the need for army nurses has expressed by george washington remains the same. contract nurses were used to get in the civil war, at the beginning of the civil war, 6000 women perform some type of hospital service got. here again it was service and heroism.
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>> the army nurse corps as we know it was formed just after the spanish american war, in 1901. law here for the first time, professional nurses were used to support the military forces in the field. the. in addition to caring for the sick and wounded in combat situations, these nurses working with the doctors, became pioneers in the fields of sanitary engineering and preventive medicine. the history of the army north nurse corps, in overseas foreign wars of our countries, is a story of patriotism and devotion to duty. a story that is usually lost in discussions of military maneuvers and spectacular victories. i suppose it is an acquired story, quiet.
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but it illustrates human capacity for an ability. for nor. one from nobility. >> it grew to a force of over 21,000 nurses. it served in ballor in dangerous situations. bringing comfort to the sick and wounded and saving lives. the general so the recognition of the country on these soldiers of mercy, who did their job so well. some of them never saw the results of their devoted efforts. between 1917, and 1918, 200 296
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nurses lost their lives in the service of their country. the tradition continued in world war ii, when the court grew to a strength of approximately 57,000. eagerly they came to offer their services, in what was to become the most savage jungle in history. they served with distinction, in every theater of operation. they followed the first troops to north africa. they nursed and sustained the morale of the battle forces in
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-- . they improvised wars and cared for the sick and wounded in -- . and they brought life and comfort to the allied forces on the bitter battlefields of europe. or nowhere was a story more thrillingly acted out, then at the beach head. after the landing, army nurses went ashore during the summer of 1944. >> they were there when we need them, they were there all right, they did the same thing we did.
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>> the angels of and ceo, familiar figures in the dark desolate winter hell. we knew we could depend on them, they went through all kind of makeshift setups, and in an effort to keep us in good shape. they did a great job. and we were all grateful. very grateful. the hospital tents were shelled regularly, but that did not stop them. the even nursed the enemy pilot
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that was shot down after dropping a bomb on that area. >> they served in the true tradition of the core with skill and devotion. after that can the decree and more, the army nurse was there. >> punchbowl, pork chop hill, heartbreak ridge and colorful names, from the colourless korean war, where there was one army nurse when the fighting started, within two weeks there were 57. before it was over they had 5500. 10% saw duty in the cold and wind, and heat.
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one would not find this clothing along fifth avenue. they were there to care for the seasons flow of wounded men, as they went about their duty, as one were corresponded put it, they walked into the. when there was a lull in the fighting, that means it was a chance to serve the community. >> there was a greater need for the skill and stamina, as one commanding officer wrote, when all hope ebbed, each face remain compassionate, because it was often the last thing on earth that the soldiers saw. and today once again, they are answering a call to arms.
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our soldiers are fighting in far off vietnam, where the suffering and injuries of war are made even more difficult because of the climate. but in their suffering, they will not be ignored. >> the army nurse is there to heal, to comfort and encourage. the army nurse is where the action is, and the heat of the tropics. tending to the sick and wounded behind the lines, but tomorrow these tents could be the lines in the situation of such a hidden war.
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they live here to, this canvas court is home. no matter how you spell it. anywhere in the world, under any conditions the feminine mystique is ever-present, and along with it the feminine ritual. the duty in vietnam is not all that he fatigues. these soldiers have mercy to get to where crisp white uniforms. as with all areas of the army, duties very. the army nurse works side by side with other members of the medical team and their mutual dedication. that of healing and preserving human life.
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the men and women of women of the army nurse corps, take advantage of their off-duty time, to look at the culture of this southeast asian corner of the world. as a new york city, a cap right here may not be the fastest way but it does offer a chance to rest a little while getting to ones destination. the record they establish has become part of our history, our glorious part.
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supporting combat troops, in their effort to protect our liberty and freedom is a traditional function of the army nurse. it is not however the only contribution that she has to offer. the army nurse corps has developed into one of the finest and most comprehensive nursing services in the world. these men and women of the army nurse corps reflect the highest standards in nursing and patriotism. the this did not happen merely with the passing of time, or through some unfortunate accident, it was a result of rather careful selection, intensive training and brought experience. and i happened, because of the deep patriotic and humane motivation of the men and women who have come and continue to come, to offer their services to the core. the they enter service as registered professional nurses, and to this basic requirement, the army adds the education and
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experience required to make the military nurses. and so they move forward, and resume their goal, to help the sick and wounded. and to offer hope and sheer gap in the hearts of men. this begins at the brook army medical center, in texas. here the nurses educated in a
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contribution really begins, their first assignment in the big side of the army hospital the hospital is a place of value in the military as well is in the civilian community. here a vast mosaic of small sounds and hurried movements make practice of their art. this includes every aspect of general nursing and patient care. it also includes specialties such as anastasia. operating room nursing. ♪ ♪ ♪
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psychiatric nursing. obstetrics, pediatrics in many others. the range of experiences complete, the opportunities to serve our endless. ♪ ♪ ♪ but the creation of a military nurse includes more than a merely providing diversified employment opportunities. of equal importance is the educational process that starts with the first day in service. and it continues throughout the nurses entire career. the role of men and women nurses in education has two distinct aspects. they steady as pupils, seeking new and better methods a patient care. they also service instructors for other hospital personnel.
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♪ ♪ ♪ this varied experience pays off in several ways. it prepares the nurses for important duties as part of the army medical team. and it helps them in choosing the specialty they wish to follow in their careers. ♪ ♪ ♪ for example, army nurses participated in the research that led to development of the regulate environmental systems for safety. a major advancement in the prevention and control of infection. ♪ ♪ ♪ nurses also made important contributions to the development of the armies transport herbal hospital unit. this unit is designed for use in remote or disaster areas and has the potential for both military and civilian
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utilization. a hospital with word facilities, x-ray, laboratory operating room is set up in less than an hour. a new concept in a new atmosphere for army nursing. and so the benefits of their education and experience move and ever widening and comprehensive circles. nurses also have participated in research and the use of radioactive isotopes and patient care. and in the design of new hospital equipment such as this circle electric bed, use for many types of injuries and diseases. it is especially useful in the treatment of burn patients. the modern army nurse uses the latest and most complex equipment. this includes devices such as the bennett machine. used in the treatment of
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certain respiratory conditions. and the artificial kidney or pertaining ill dialysis. ♪ ♪ ♪ the search for new methods continues into variety of ways. one such activity is the international council of nurses held in frankfort, germany. here information and ideas are exchanged on all matters relating to the healing arts. ♪ ♪ ♪ in these international meetings members of the army nurse corps offer their full and enthusiastic cooperation. working according to the truth of their careers, the army nurses serve here as teachers sharing their experiences and
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knowledge with their colleagues. from nursing organizations over the world. and learning at the same time on what other nurses are attempting and achieving other particular health programs. the congress does more, however, then serve as a forum for the exchange of technical information. it offers great spiritual value to the members of this international partnership. it provides the opportunity for a cultural companionship during a visit to the opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ an ideal location for
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developing new and lasting social relationships. another activity designed to widen and strengthen friendships was a boat trip up the ryan river. the nine our trip gave the nurses a chance to view the scenery, have lunch, sunbathe and take pictures all to the tune of a german band. ♪ ♪ ♪ motivated by the ideals of the profession and the highest standards of patriotism these nurses reach out and join hands in an international effort to win a war against pain, disease and death.
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♪ ♪ ♪ like many of you, i used to have a pretty sight idea on who the nurse is and what she does. they said it was always a hospital or the doctor's office. and the duties never seemed to vary. this is not true however of the army nurse. a city of her duties reveals that all of this has been changed. the scope of her duties and the locales and wish you practices have undergone many significant changes since the core was formed in february of 1901. one of the specialties is army held nursing. the army held nurse performs the public health services needed by serviceman and their families. they visit the homes of military families to give care and advice. the services provided in both
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the united states and overseas theaters of operations. the problems range from urgent health matters to the teaching of perspective parents. the army nurse serves anywhere in the world she is needed. this may be in places such as alaska, the tropics, europe, or somewhere in the far east. a principal area of concern of the modern army nurse is the
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various action programs being conducted in the developing countries of the world. they contribute here in a different kind of war. the war against hunger, ignorance and disease. nursing and civic action includes many diversified activities. principally it is the extension of medical and nursing care to people who desire and need help. the nurse also provides assistance where natural disasters such as the iranian earthquake which destroyed homes and villages. in fact anywhere our troops have emission the army nurse is there, not only to administer to them but to the people of the country as well.
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here in santa domingo, the soldiers are true to tradition as a treat and heal a local civilian. education of the people and other lands is an important part of the civic action program. this also includes the medical education of health personnel. in extending this assistance, army nurses are not hampered by specified boundaries. they respond promptly when the need exists, to the appeal for help found in the eyes of the sikh, the week and the helpless.
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and so they continue in contributed for the fight of the hearts, the mines and out of the people in the emerging nations of the world. the range of the army nurses activities encompasses all of life. they are concerned with the beginning of light, the preservation of life, and with the care of those who find communist subversion in vietnam and other areas. and with the protection of the american soldier and his allies in our own hemisphere, the army nurse has a long and honorable history in the service of her country. devoted to the betterment of mankind, they are nurses truly a soldier of a mercy. the meaning and purpose of her life is clear in her every
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action. very simply, it is to offer hope and cheer in the hearts of men. ♪ ♪ ♪
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according to the 1945 or department film, the army nurse, 57,000 women served as army nurses during


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