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tv   Reel America Communist Imperialism - 1962  CSPAN  April 1, 2021 9:26am-10:03am EDT

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1962 pepperdine college cold war film that documents soviet territorial expansion and warns viewers of the threat of international communism. primarily focused on the post-world war ii increase in soviet global influence, it details how countries were influenced by leaders in moscow. ♪♪
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>> we come in one country against another in order to gain strength as rapidly as possible. as soon as we are strong enough to defeat capitalism as a whole, we should immediately take it by the scuff of the neck. stalin stated the victory of socialism in one country is not a self-sufficient past. it's the beginning of and the groundwork for the world revolution. kruschev declared, through the formation of the world system, it has not known whom encircles whom. >> his words has direct bearing on the lives of every man, woman and child in the world. this map reveals the 28 territories and countries subjugated by a relatively few communists since 1917. during this period, as this map shows, 42 nations and territories attained
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independence and the right of self-determination through policies pursued by the free world. we present the history of the major threat to the world today. communist imperialism. >> hello. i'm your narrater for this subject. we can learn much about socialist communism merely by watching and listening to the communists themselves. history moves that communism does not recognize basically moral virtues. on the thinking of communism, let me quote joseph stalin. words must have no relation to actions. otherwise, what kind of diplomacy is it? words are one thing, actions another. words are a mask for concealment of bad deeds. sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or wooden iron, end quote.
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communism follows the strategy of reversing the truth of pointing the finger of accusation of those who oppose them to divert attention from their own violations of trust. in this film, you will see stark examples of the treachery and deceit practiced by communists. now, may i introduce as your guide through the picture, the vice president of pepperdine college of los angeles, mr. william j.t. >> rare film footage recently obtained exposes the true significance of the promises and alleged good intentions of the communists. the film sequences have been determined by treaty. in the manifesto of the communist party as written by marx we read this quote, communist disdain to concealing their views. they declare that their ends can
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be obtained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions, unquote. governed by lenin's theory that freedom must be extinguished in order for communist to exist, the reds have been at war with the free world. he warned his desiples, in war never tie your hands with consideration of formality. it is ridiculous not to know that a treaty is the means of gaining strength, unquote. let's see how the communists put the so-called science of marxism, leninism to work for them. note, if you will the involvement of khrushchev. >> in 1939 the question of peace
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depends on the soviets. stalin negotiates with france and england on a common antihitler front. the foreign minister comes to moscow to confirm with the soviet foreign affairs regarding the agreement. later the new soviet foreign minister goes to berlin for further conferences with the nazis. august 23rd, 1939, the stalin/hitler packet is announced and the army invades western poland. communists come out of hiding ready to do their part in consolidating the takeover. these are some of the 250,000 prisoners of war being sent to russia.
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later in 1943, the discovery of a mass grave of polish officers executed by the reds is announced. stalin stages a mass meeting to greet communist representatives of the allegedly liberated western ukraine who ask to be accepted into the soviet greater ukraine. [ applause ] this is to celebrate the incorporation of eastern europe into the ussr and is an honor of khrushchev. he falsely declares our political positions are well known. we have held and hold to the position of nonintervention in the internal affairs of other countries.
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the example of finland, november 30th, 1939, grossly violating their nonaggression packet of 1932, russian planes without warning bomb helsinki signaling the ruthless aggression. some 400,000 displaced fins move by every possible means of transportation. the 8 million fins are heroic against the russians, but the soviet war finishes to russia. the example of latvia, also in 1939, borders are forced open. on promise of friendship, moscow gets basin. on june 16th, 1940, the soviets issue an ultimatum, submit to occupation or be attacked. the red army moves in to complete the occupation of latvia. to initiate the new order, a
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public government is appointed. russia technicians are sent in with the troops. banners and signs prepared demand admit tense of latvia into the soviet union. the secretary of the lat vee yan party makes the formal request to the parliament. there are no oppose@xykykykibt÷. on august 3rd, a delegation of communists for the moscow supreme soviet. stalin and company applaud the communist delegates. they petition for acceptance of latvia as a soviet state.
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he speeds home to be welcomed by soviet troops, his new guard of honor. we are reminded of an item in the speech to the soviet in 1939, the nonsensecal talk about the sovietization of the baltic countries is only to the interest of our common enemies. the new constitution sent from moscow guarantees freedom from unreasonable arrest, unquote. however, enough reasonable charges are found to send thousands of men, women and children to slave labor kamps in the soviet union. on this list are the names of 78 people arrested by the soviet secret police. the notation at the end of the list explains the quite reasonable charges. not politically reliable, shoot them to death.
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the example of estonia, also a 1939 with more promises, the soviet union requests these bases, the little country exceeds. in june of 1940, the red army invades estonia. less than a month later a new communist constituent assembly holds its first session. key communists indoctrinated accept the party as their masters. typically a vote of confidence for the one-party ticket is ordered. another victory parade or a new moscow-approved public government, estonia succumbs to communist imperialism. undergroundworkers who prepared the way welcome the invasion of the red army into romania.
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romania is powerless to resist. soldiers are evacuated to slave labor camps in the soviet union. the red flag flies over eastern romania. agents organize the local communists. khrushchev congratulations them on their liberation and ensures them the soviet government does not pursue the aim of changing the social situations existing in romania, end quote. >> as you just witnessed, the communists took treaty at his word. beginning with the first treaty by the soviets in 1920, the communists recognized the independence and made alliances with their neighbors to gain time in order to martial the resources and energies of the 170 million russians to build a powerful military force.
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when they felt they were strong enough, they systematically and immediately gobbled up their neighbors. they found that in most cases, just the threat of soviet power was enough to gain therein. carl marks, one of the original architects said, the russian bear is capable of anything. as long as he knows the other animals he has to deal with are capable of nothing, unquote. communists imperialism was on the march when these things happened. >> on june 22, 1941, historically turns his forces against his packed partner stalin. he seeks his treaty of friendship with the government in exile of the country he had previously violated, poland.
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on december 5th, 1941, the general executes the agreement. stalin promises a free and independent poland after the war. stalin joins the allies, pledging, quote, we shall give the liberated peoples of europe the full right of freedom to decide for themselves the question of their own form of government, end quote. behind the scenes stalin grooms his future pep -- puppets who are laying the groundwork for the retakover of their country. the war is over and with red troops on po lish soil, they sign a fact. the ussr signs. stalin promises at yalta and to the general to secure free and unfettered elections in poland have already been dishonored in
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an occupied poland whose key figures are trained in moscow agents. the example of czechoslovakia, ambassador to russia, signs a mutual assistance treaty with the soviets as his president looks on. these people are -- august 17, 1944, the people's republic request incorporation into the ussr. today their existence is utterlied denied by the soviet union. it results in one governing party being recognized in albania. insight into it seem together in communist parades and rallies. this is manchuria, destroyed after liberation.
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these are factories after systemic stripping by the soviets. khrushchev declared, our state has refused all that rests on loot, violence and occupation, end quote. here is grim evidence to the contrary. this is only one of the evidences of dismantling removal of russia for industrial plants. the example of mongolia. this official is an agent of the kremlin. he is ordered to moscow to ask for formal incorporation of outer mongolia into the uss are. the example of yugoslavia, in may 1946, stalin summons to moscow, head of the people's republic of yugoslavia. from he is unanimously a
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re-elected president by the national assembly. very soon, the communist become the leading party in the cabinet headed by the premier. here he denounces cabinet members before 100,000 of his party in the square. on february 22nd, communists file into the fair building where a meeting of the communist dominate a federation of labor is taking place. the premier is on the stand. chairman of the central council of trade unions reads off the communist demands. the delegates vote. two committee members have the courage to abstain. it is noted by the soviet secret police. this whistles signals the
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beginning of the strike to compel the president to secede to their demands. transportation is halted. minors leave their -- with a nationwide strike a success, they force the president to accept resignation of the last anticommunist members of his cabinet and finally banish himself, resigns. a constitution on the soviet model providing a one-party legislature is established and the communists have complete control. a patriot who remained as foreign minister under the communists in an attempt to help his country, had this to say. >> it's up to us, the so-called little people, in the great mass of thinking and citizenry. come along with us, join us, lets criticize together, let's make suggestions together, let's
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insist we're being heard and actions are bound to follow. >> two weeks following the communist takeover, he leaps to his death from a prague hotel after realizing the futility of trying to do business with the communists. the former president who also learned this lesson dies a year later of a broken heart. the stage is set for usual formalities of requesting acceptance into the soviet. the head of the communist led coalition government arrives with the communist party leaders. finally, a treaty is signed in 1947. the ussr signs. seven months later, it becomes a people's democracy. his promises of keeping the
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status quo was nothing more than soviet diplomacy. berlin. following world war ii, communist puppet strengthens stalin's grip over east germany. june 17th, 1953, the people of east berlin rise and revolt against their red masters, demanding free masters. 100,000 angry people stage the rebellion inside the iron curtain. part of the iron curtain is tore up. it is put to the torch. after one day of freedom, the surging crowds are quelled. it's a powerful demonstration of people risking their lives in defiance of kremlin tyranny. the example of hungary, leaders of the communist movement in
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hundred gray grar, they become a democracy. what was the role of the soviet union and the creation of a popular democracy without the support of the soviet union, the hungarian popular democracy, and i may add, all other popular democracies would never have been created, end quote. harping on capitalist imperialism, they allege war. in 1956, the world learned the meaning of the support of soviet union. russians, go home. the hungarian people are in revolt. they succeed in overwhelming the red forces and hold the upper hand for a few days. then through treachery, the russians counterattack to end
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the short-lived breath of hungarian freedom. >> in view of the acts of subjugation of which we have just witnessed, it is difficult to understand this quote from stalin, the people of small nations are frightened of soviet oppression. if the soviet union would undertake to oppress or influence small nations, it would betray the ideology of lenin, unquote. words are one thing, actions another. lenin adviced his followers, in the last analysis, the outcome of the struggle will be determined by the fact that russia, indiana, china and so forth constitute the majority of the population of the globe. they march on. >> the example of china, 1945, a treaty of friendship is signed.
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as this treaty is being signed, stalin is aiding and abetting mao against the chinese. the chinese nationalists and a general of the communist forces meet with the united states general martial for a conference in which a truce is signed to cease the civil war. it appears that they are having the last laugh. the chinese communists having gained time to build their strength violate the truce and sweep over china. this victory parade is in honor of stalin, mao, and the general. a 50-year treaty between red china is signed by red china's
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foreign minister in the presence of stalin. the soviet union also signs. stalin and mao witnessing. the example of korea. world war ii ends with a northern part of korea in the hands of soviet troops. united states and soviet representatives meet in seoul to reach agreement on unification for korea. but it becomes clear that the russians are not interested in a free, united korea, but are determined to bring the entire country under communist domination. the boundary line, hearing of the liberty and prosperity existing below the line, come in thousands to the new republic. in june 1950, unprovoked and without warning, a ruthless invasion of south korea was launched by north koreans.
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the lettering on this tank, however, is russian. subsequently, the united nations issues a directive ordering the north koreans to cease their unprovoked attack. the directive is ignored. red china enters the war, allying herself with the north koreans. military setbacks and rising world indignation prompts stalin to direct mao to initiate peace talks in korea. for the free world, the talks are frustrating. krarkt characterized by
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deliberate delays, haggling and petty arguments by the reds, as the war rages on. finally mao is recalled to moscow by stalin where he is met by molotov. this time, mao is ordered to conclude a peace. on july 27th, 1953, after three years of conflict and negotiation, agreement is reached. lieutenant general william j. harrison of the united states signs for the united nations. the north korean lieutenant general affixes his signature. the truce accomplished, these north korean communist leaders are called to moscow to receive instructions to carry out a cold war. >> red chinese troops relieved from the korean front were transferred to southeast asia to lead wars in vietnam and laos.
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these wars were described by khrushchev as, quote, revolutionary wars. these are not only possible, but inevitable and will continue to get communist support. khrushchev describes the cuban situation as people's wars of liberation and sacred wars. communists must not only support such wars but lead them. khrushchev points out, and we quote, where transition to communism meets to resistance to transition, it can be brought about peacefully. otherwise, communists must encourage armed uprising and civil war. end quote. there was no determined resistance to communism in british guyana. >> the example of georgetown british guyana, 1953,
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international intrigue smolders here. britain charges a red plot. accused of its conspiracy, the heads of the people's progressive party. communist propaganda literature is confiscated, but the communists had their foot in the door. by 1961, a communist premier controls british guyana. the example of vietnam. just 21 -- july 21, 1954, at geneva, a french general signs a cease-fire agreement with the vietnam general. others taking part are russia's molotov and china. the negotiations between red china achieves an armistice which brings to an end seven and a half years of fighting in indochina. the flag comes down.
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the french leave hanoi according to the armistice terms. and virtual control is left in the hands of red elements. these are some of the million vietnamese refugees fleeing the area. the red army takes over. the communist flag goes up. proclamation and decrees of the new order are immediately posted. cuba. the nationalist congress of socialist youth meets with the theme, down with yankee imperialism. as they hail castro's expropriation of the united states' holdings. delegates are from red china, the united states, canada, russia and romania. in 1961, castro reveals, i'm a marxist-leninist and will be one until the day i die. socialism is a world reality today. there no halfway between socialism and imperialism. >> we have been watching the communist takeover of territories and countries.
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while this was going on, comrades throughout the world were charged that capitalism leads to imperialism. this is like thief, crying thief. we note, their movements followed a rigid pattern. there is a reason for this. because it is spelled out in the communist international's official publication. let's look at a few very select quotes. immediately after the seizure of power, the central committee will set up a new government. it will appear democratic. opponents of the new administration should be removed as soon as possible, but in a democratic fashion. that is to say, be brought to trial before a people's court comprised of one known member of the party and two secret members who are sympathizers.(,■ the country should not apply for inclusion in the soviet union until they have received instructions from the comintern.
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traitors are to be liquidated without trial. the term class enemy comprises the following groups. members of ideological movements of a nationalist or religious character. members of the police force. diplomats. civil servants. officers. any individuals known to have opposed the revolution. we continue our quoting. whenever necessary, representatives of the churches should be allowed to contribute in the preparation and carrying through of the revolution. their numerical strength should determine the rate at which church influence is later to be eliminated from the party. end quote. the communist internationals' blueprint for conquest speaks for itself. but the will for freedom cannot be changed. let's look.
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>> the example of east berlin. in the fall of 1961, a new version of china's great wall appears, separating the free west from communist dominated east berlin. to keep their people from temptation, the communists seek to block out the sight and sound of freedom. speaking of the east berlin situation, khrushchev said, the soviet union has diplomatic relations with all the countries of eastern europe and maintains most lively contacts with them. i must say that we know of no symptoms of anyú8x8oy in this area. unquote. however at a kremlin press conference he changed his tune. quote, west berlin has become a kind of cancerous tumor. if it is not liquidated it could lead to undesirable consequences. it is just because of this that we have decided to perform a surgical operation to liquidate the occupational status of berlin. end quote. and then khrushchev blustered,
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quote, we are not afraid of withdrawing our troops from all countries where they are stationed. britain, the united states, and france fear this. end quote. again, the finger of false accusation. the truth is, following world war ii, the allies left a temporary force of around 800,000 in europe. whereas the soviet maintains a standing army of 5 million. and their internal police armies total 2 million. the immoral science of socialist commuism is beginning to falter. as the need for freedom among human beings is sharper than barbed wire. more powerful than death itself. >> here is a grim tug-of-war. east berlin secret police are attempting to pull this woman
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back up into communist captivity. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> the example of these east berlin men, women, and children making their bid for freedom against all odds must inspire us to unite, to guarantee that
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there will always be a beacon of freedom, lighting the way out of the tyranny of communist imperialism. weeknights this month we're featuring american history tv programs as an example of what's available every weekend. tonight h.w. brands talks about
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humor in the white house and the role it plays in presidential politics from george washington to donald trump he considers how funny our presidents have been. the gerald r. ford library cohosted the event. watch tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern and enjoy american history tv on cspan3. american history tv on cspan3. every weekend documenting america's story. funding for american history tv comes from these companies who support cspan3 as a public service. "the children & the bear" is a 1959 cold war animated short film telling the story of a dangerous bear, meant to represent the soviet union.
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children who represent small communist nations are eaten by the bear before a small group bands together to defend themselves. cito was an eisenhower era initiative, it was designed to defend countries against soviet expansion and influence. ♪♪ southeast asia films presents "the children & the bear." ♪♪


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