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tv   Reel America Lets Go America - 1936  CSPAN  August 1, 2021 10:50pm-11:03pm EDT

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story, we have ad it. a lot of people asked will you be informed of the next lunch bites, now that you regular thae registered. fascinating stories about the capitol hill near neighborhood that we do and led by steve and his friends. steve has amazing groups of friends that are lovers of the capitol in different ways and so we provide this as a fun activity as we are all trying to deal with the quarantine activities where we meet by zoom rather than in person. and so we thank you for participating, we thank you for your support and, steve, you are a rare treasure. thank you for your stories and
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we will all imagine how when the ghosts come out on all saints day. thank you for being of work. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> under the spreading chestnut trees, the long fellow of colorful romantic industries of golden times. times which we call the good-old days. just how good were the good-old days? black smith of old times. he had to be, he was the feel. ♪ ♪ ♪ mighty man also and he had to be, he was the food industry for the fair nexts of life.
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the woman in the home, not often do you hear her grandchildren sigh for the good-old days, how she labored from dawn to dark. we need to know from when we have come and what we have advanced to appreciate what we have achieved and to have faith and opportunities to come through the american system, founded upon liberty and freedom of initiative that has created progress enviyed by all of the nations. 100 years and watch the system at work. america marching forward. marching forward on marvels of today and widespread distributions of the industry than any other nation on the globe has ever seen.
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ideas were taking shape and future produced for all in new products, new services, new jobs. what an inspiration to our forefathers who toiled hard and long. such vision is given to few men, there have always been skeptics, pessimists, doubters, call the world a finish job 50 years, industrial progress has never been easy for those who dare to set feet upon it. >> never be practical.
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♪ ♪ >> she won't run. she won't fly. >> far back as 1830, canned food industry in america. >> 7:00 in the morning to 6:30 at night. >> when can i start? >> you have started. get to working there. >> thank you, sir. ♪ ♪ >> hang your coat over there.
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>> there's no future in this business. the machines take our jobs away from us. >> there's no future anyhow. >> canned stuff, sailers. >> it can't be done. >> it won't go. >> it won't fly. it won't work. we can't do it. what's the use? and in spite of the course that has ever been with us, america marchs forward. >> delicious soup we had tonight. you sure can cook. >> i'm glad that you think i can cook, dear. >> we have made progress.
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far from the near extensions of a man's arm and labor of black smith whose arms were like iron and daily task. today no spreading chestnut tree could cover the nation smithing and the mills that require modern blacksmiths. demanded the last hours of a strength now stretches out to far hoseon because american ingenuity is made up servant of man. new days and new methods of modern industry that have provided progress, human comfort and greater opportunities for more people that our forefathers ever dreamed of by producing more of the things that people
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want. human comfort and moral wealths for more people. even today, new methodses and new things in development stage and create new opportunities, new jobs, moral wealth for all in the years to come. television, the wings of tomorrow. new types of houses, air-conditioning, streamline train and a number of things will be developed because of this nation's imperishable heritage of life and the pursuit of happiness, it is this that has given us all of the industrial progress that we have achieved in the past and
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certainty of progress in the future. a certainty a long as this great gift of liberty, individual liberty to grow better and better is valued and protected. you are descendants of pioneers but you are also pioneers, opportunities still rise from every smokestack, every test tube, every laboratory, every workshop in the land. you have come a long way from the blacksmith shop and hand labor that day but your journey forward has just started because this is america. where do we go from here? >> straight ahead and don't spare the losses. >> i wonder what our grandparents would say if they see the world as it is now. >> great work, i canned. >> the heritage they handed us.
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freedom, individual initiative, opportunity, let's
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