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tv   Reel America Eight Flags for 99 Cents - 1970  CSPAN  August 29, 2021 9:49am-10:19am EDT

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so-called "silent majority". [inaudible]. the silent majorities have too many things on their mind is. your kids, then making sure not in trouble, they work real hard, their wives are working to. and just trying to stay out of trouble in doing the right thing every day day in and day out but there think, to me that is the
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"silent majority", ordinary community in the night united states right here, the people who have their security tied up in her property and take pride in the property and in their home this is what they work for this their life so they are silent because i feel like they just don't think that they can fight city hall anyway at all. >> they don't have any organization, no one deleted them. >> he's trying in this weather picking on him. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> a lot of people say the same things but they don't want to get involved. in some don't want to play the right sport. >> is always or somebody else,
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it doesn't bother him but when it is here, it is a different story. i think the thing it is when i hear an announcer san tv says, only 68 of our men were killed this week. one of the main 68. that is 68 families that are torn to pieces because there was death or we just had a thousand or 1100 of our boys injured. with a mean by injured, and arm our oligomer and i. >> i have children 19 years old in 19 and 18 and i'm deadly against this. i just look to the magazine and i read an article about a letter to the president and for a lot of people, it's these pictures of these poor guys that are still there doing something. maybe i go over there and
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personally take a look at them. if i had a gun i would blow my brains out but i can even pull the trigger. >> i think a lot of our boys they got into the service. there are so many here, you don't know about them. you just talk and you'll find out there's not a lot of boys from this neighborhood. it. [inaudible]. >> jack, you were there predict. >> the last time i got hit, we had 57 killed the hundred 40 wounded it. my whole platoon was completely wiped out except for three or four guys and it's like, pretty strange, i went it down to indiana for my buddies funeral. it is a real good friend of mine and it is really to see it you
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know, but the people really go through with her sons get killed like a favorite son, the only son in the family. i went to warn i did not get killed. i backed care and he was in a hitting get killed. and he had a son, not everybody gets killed in the war. [background noises]. so we went in there and southeast asia was an strategic position. they said because of the united states. but seven years later, all they had to do is go on the side and many lost in many maimed nga's in combat took over their lives is not like the war where world war ii where we won. how do you think were ever going to just abolish something like that from vietnam.
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you can't win a war like this news paying for the war, we are. for what. >> communism, might as well be it vietnam because the communist china would love to get down into the pacific, they don't have enough room for the people as it is. and they would just take over everything if they don't stop them as a nation. >> stopping communism, doesn't seem right because after all russia has lots of men and look what we have lost. >> do you think we stop the communism or what is the real issue or you know. >> i feel that there are children born in vietnam that is now grown to.
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and i think that most people are sick and tired of warn i think they're entitled to have a time for peace. >> i hear some of the boys come back and say, those people don't even want to fix it. so makes you wonder doesn't it. >> a lot of them hated me while i was there and most of them thought that if you weren't american, or if you are american you owe them something and i think that we do of them something, the right to live up rated. >> they had the way i think that a lot of this people are ignorant, don't even know that the country offers the most. [inaudible]. communist. communistic. but as jake his head, it would be destroyed, yes. were trying to save them. >> if we got out tomorrow, do you think that the government's contention that there would be a
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bloodbath. that would hold true pretty. >> they would not be a bloodbath with only people that would suffer a bloodbath would be all these people but deliver suffer because when they lose, they're going to take off to switzerland left off on all of the money given harding away the last ten years predict they will never get touched. if we get there we will illuminate a blood bath, there were illuminating right now and then is my contention printed. >> nick surratt, i would like to edit and i don't know how he would do it that i would not be dropping bombs of the people because they are to blame for being at that war. they have the forms of government which they believe the same way that we do and why should they stick up for their lives whether they are one side or the other. i would like to get her boys out of there and how i do that i don't know and i would not want to hurt them in the same as i don't want us to be hurt read and as i said i had a son, he
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said dad why should i have to go over there. they said son, you answer that will marty, what do you think he said will is because i'm an american and citizen of this country that the only reason i go. >> i think in 18 -year-old owe something to this country that's absurd. to have a son over there right now in a loss to brothers in world war ii. we had something to fight for in world war ii and have nobody, very few would not volunteer. i would not mind serving my time in the army for the country because i think the countries given me a lot of things and give me a chance to go to school i had to work through it but at least given the chance to go. i think i would worry about going over to vietnam because i'd fight someone else's work pretty. >> differences there between
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vietnam war in world war ii pretty. >> you you want to face the facts, we were attacked. were getting attacked predict its at home, it is right there, pearl harbor. you know they came in they like you not just going to let them walk away from it, i think i would be in alignment with that. but i don't think i would go to vietnam rated. >> is hard to say whose foreign who's against. but the protesting is just tearing things up. >> i resent your statement that i have a flag. [inaudible]. >> i don't think it is true. i think people are concerned that the people who are going, think they want the war to end just as the same as light but there trying to show that they are americans they will get
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people out. and why are we there. >> why would there, some people made mistakes between 19631964 and that wrong decision and shouldn't have to cost me my life or my arms or my legs or something like that. >> give them salaries and big money. you had world war ii and for leaders and now you have this and after this you're going to the east. we have to have the war. [inaudible]. so many people have to die in and said shaman if your politicians to that have to take a quick portion of this blame because i think there is a lot of them to give up certain percentage of these contracts and things that go out and i think there are a lot of politicians that are involved in this together cut. this is what is prolonging everything.
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>> michael talks about the black market there for the generals that have helicopters with chrome runners and stuff like that. and guys who come with rifles so they can get promotions. >> and that got weapons. >> maybe world war ii, imagine there's a lot of innocent people inequities but if it's so obvious that the war are so many things in the war are fixed around the dollar. somebody is making money and i don't want people making money off me pretty. >> that is true, monies being made left and right and i think that's why this war is being prolonged. >> i've already buried one son in vietnam. and their two people right now that i know who are there.
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[inaudible]. but for somebody to come back who is 19 and don't know what kind of future they will have because the war and they don't know if it was worth it read any 20 right now so i hope he doesn't end up there. ... ... just keeping it going, that's all. >> the government is for the people. >> it's for the people all right. >> everything is made by big manufacturers making a profit. >> i got hit by general motors shrapnel, they dug it out of my
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leg and i had the numbers on it and everything so general motors is making motors. what else can i say? that's what it's all about. there's supposed to be taking cars. [laughter] spent so much money on other nations giving them aid everything we have, we be better off, with cleanup the cities. >> the manpower and money on the war, environmental problems and poverty and housing and education, institutions and hospitals. retarded children and muscular dystrophy. it is nonreturnable, it's just money blown up, $500 wasted. >> i'm just against the war.
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>> how you feel about the effect of the work on the community? >> there's more i think it's wrong. it's a waste of time and money. >> fighting communism. >> why do we have to? about our allies, so-called allies? >> there's problem is feeding people who are hungry in this world. let's face it, hunger in the world, we can find a solution to feed people, who wouldn't, problem number can you imagine just in this country, just in
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this country this -- >> think of the hospitals they could have built. >> you will have poor transportation systems, you won't have children going hungry from all these problems can be solved. they solve the social problems of the country. it would be such an improvement for us the whole world that the simply, we wouldn't have this problem. we all try to solve our own in our own country. >> i agree with you, i think the money could be used someplace else, i shouldn't be used to make a bomb and blow the bomb up. the money could be used here, because people who need it. all the people who take their cut, give it to the people who really need it, i don't know if that will work because that's not the american way. >> they could improve conditions here, too.
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>> there's a lot of ways, for one thing for educational purposes. we should educate people and help with poverty, to. >> educate about the war and our representatives. >> way of thinking. majority. >> silent majority is about to make itself heard not by shouting obscenities, not with disorderly street demonstrations, waving flags and demanding america throw in the sponge. >> that's what he says. that's not necessarily true, is it? to find out here? well, all right. how can he speak for the majority when he doesn't even know who they are?
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>> we talk about divisiveness in the country, i think is purposely going around the country separated and divided, i think that his purpose because people are divided, they fight with each other forget about the major issues involved like talking about all we have to do in this country to help the poverty programs, poor people and housing. housing has never been saved in this country, so if we fight among ourselves about contention over the way he criticized certain people so we keep divided and we can't really do much with elected officials and i think that is the purpose. >> you're talking about our vice president doing these things. i? who is he serving? >> serving the interest of the party, the people running the country, i don't think they want people like the average guy to get together demand his
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representatives to make an accounting of what he's doing ... talk about people running the country. we are the people supporting the country. it doesn't make sense. >> say about what's going on. >> is not what you are telling us? >> that's exactly it. i'm not making the policies, somebody more known makes the policies but i hope with they know what they are doing because if they don't, we are in trouble. >> is just like the bible, it's already telling what our bible already says. the laws of your land to put people in power in government, the laws of the land. >> we were brought up to never question authority, isn't that true? people our age group and the
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priest was right and mom and dad were right, the school board was right, anybody who is in authority newport was bested how we should think and they told us. >> i never told my dad he was crazy. >> shouldn't i let my government know i think they are crazy? i think they are, this is an insane think we are doing. >> pottery say it? >> how should i say it? >> i don't think it's right. i didn't like school when i was going to call, my sister at school slapped my hand one day. i went home and told my father and he gave me a couple of more wax. >> what can we do so we can be heard works the middle class, the so-called silent majority? >> what can you do about it? >> there's 200 of us.
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>> that's why the younger generation are trying to protest. >> if you want to complain because you want to go to work, good luck. >> what the reason for voting? if you say there's going to be a war, what good is your boat going to do if there's a war every ten years? >> all those smiles to fight for somebody else, somebody he will probably never see again, i don't blame them if they don't. this is their country but it's our government in trouble. do your best to help them. >> so many people get it wrong, i understand there's a definite difference between the country and the government. the people in this country aren't fighting a vietnam war, the government is fighting. >> the government is the people,
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supposedly. >> i agree with you it's not. >> they going to force all of us to become unruly because they utterly refused to listen to us with a nice smile? as a matter of fact, nixon said he will not listen to us. the people in the streets arming. >> have to have respect for each other's opinions and accomplish what we do as we say in a free society without anybody getting hurt. >> if you look back at american history and look up to united states as the number one, you're going to have to lose lives. >> people continue to feel like this and the majority rules that
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we will never it does involve ourselves but the majority starts to pick up the trend we have to pick it up the matter what an essentially it will reach the establishment, it's going to have to come down represent the people get supposed to. right now the government is too powerful. >> the people who have lived in this community 15, 20 years, i think eric beginning to realize they do have all stake in the policies of the government and we are working with you now? to see that we are represented in our voice is heard and that means something. i don't care if i'm hurt and makes a heck with it. no one listens to us. >> everyone is talking about revolution, i think the most effective revolution in this country will be a tax revolution. don't pay your taxes. >> i think it takes everybody,
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not just a few people, it takes a minority measure get together and like, everybody strike. it's a template would do, and might show the government that people have the stronghold. we headline in 196913% expect 20% in 1970 and we all sit back and accept it. >> would you agree insane human people who benefit, who can gain anything because of our tax law are the very wealthy or the very poor don't have anything so they don't pay taxes week support and get we are the silent majority and i believe we are becoming this but the definition of your silent majority i don't think agrees reason same as president nixon. >> he's not talking about this
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have a majority you are. >> majority people are going to stay silent, we are beginning to talk. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ service.
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recently on lectures in history, emory university professor taught a class and how you have oh capacity varies change american culture and a portion of that class. >> alien invasion films in the 1950s, the classic invasion of the body snatchers, but also invasion of the saucer ran invasion from mars and killers from space, earth versus the flying saucers and more. and there's a couple of interesting parables to be brought help from these films. not the least of which is a lot of them deal with aliens by the taking control of humans minds, or of replacing them entirely with look-alikes. and given these that are coming out next to the late 50s, when
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other films have been been talking about that: tides with. coincides with. certainly communist infiltration read. >> rain washing. >> brainwashing, that is good and this is very much playing on to simultaneously bubbling up in the 19, not just the communist but the infiltrating through this kind of mind control ideas. and pairing that with this fear of extraterrestrial threats. so i can watch the rest of this class and our entire library of lectures in history online website,ry. click on present history tab on the homepage. >> without further ado, i'd like to turn it over to discuss the capitol creating


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