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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 20, 2021 1:41pm-2:05pm EDT

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militaries compared in demographics, organization, and the officer selection process. and at 2:00 p.m. eastern, on the presidency, a look at the life and times of abraham lincoln, with historians david reynolds and h.w. brands. watch american history tv saturday on c-span2. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we're funded by these television companies and more, including midco. ♪♪ >> midco supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to
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democracy. >> we have been talking about that plan for four months, it seems. the $3.5 trillion build back better plan is what the white house calls it. let's take a look at the top line numbers. $3.5 trillion. reports say it will be far less than that. in the plan, under the original plan, what part of that wad do is establish univsal pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds. it would extend the child tax care credit and earned income tax credit. it would create federal paid family leave and medical leave benefit. it would require the electric utility sector to provide 80% of power from clean energy sources by 2030. make community college free for two years and reduce some prescription drug costs. that's some of the highlights in the $3.5 trillion measure. this is the reporting this morning of lindsey mcpherson in roll call. budget tradeoffs come as
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democrats seek consensus. she writes that some of the trade-offs democrats are likely to make as they pare back a partisan spending and tax package they're aiming to pass through a filibuster proof reconciliation process began to crystallize tuesday. a proposal to stabilize two years of free community college is likely out. tax credits expanded in the march coronavirus relief bill, won't be extended for as long as most members wanted. a key proposal for pushing utility companies to switch to renewable energy sources needs to be reworked or replaced to appease senator joe manchin. these are all the ways the package is likely to change, as democrats prepare to cut what was once envisioned to be a $3.5 trillion package down to around $2 trillion. according to several democrats who attended negotiating meetings tuesday at the white house. part of those meetings yesterday, the chair of the congressional progressive caucus, pramila jayapal said
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this about the discussions. >> well, i mean, the president has consistently laid out a number that is somewhere between $1.9 and $2.2, and i think, look, it's not the number we want. we have consistently tried to make it as high as possible. but at the end of the day, the idea that we can do these programs, a multitude of programs, and actually get them going so that they deliver immediately transformational benefits to people is what we're focused on. the president has agreed with our strategy that the majority of our caucus put out some time ago, which is we would like to see more of our priorities, and remember, we winnowed the progressive caucus did not give a list of 100 things. we gave a list of five major priority areas. and so i think he is with us that we need to invest in as many of those transformational areas as possible, even if it means for some of them a shorter amount of time. >> how would you describe the
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president's role right now? >> when it comes to investments in climate change, what do you see as a resolution or middle ground, between progressives and senator manchin? >> look, i think this is one of the most challenging places for our caucus because we are still waiting to see exactly what the agreement is around how we insure that we get carbon emissions reductions. and i think that there are lots of possibilities on the table. some of which might be in the bill, some of which might not be. so we just need to continue to look at the final agreement around that because i don't think there is a final agreement there, but we're hopeful that we're going to get to a significant investment in climate. >> and this morning on "washington journal," the first hour asking you democrats only about the compromises on the social spending measure proposed by the president, 202-748-8000 for the eastern and central time zones.
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202-748-8001, mountain and mask. this is politico's playbook this morning, breaking down biden's latest build back better plan. they write that as inflation continues to raise prices of everyday household items, americans are laying the blame at president joe biden's feet. in a new poll, 62% of american voters say the administration policies are either somewhat or very responsible for increasing inflation, including 41% of democrats. biden, they say, began pitching lawmakers on an outline for his build back better plan on tuesday night. the proposal pegged in the range of $1.75 to $1.9 trillion is far from a done deal. moderates and progressives will have plenty to say before giving anything their bless, but hill democrats are relieved biden is getting his hands dirty after sitting on the sidelines for weeks. quote, this was a productive conversation and also one that demonstrates momentum, said a senior congressional aide breached on the several meetings
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tuesday between the president and lawmakers. this is a sign, quote, the white house is actually putting pen to paper. we mentioned the president today heading to scranton, pennsylvania, the headline from nbc this morning, as his economic plan hits a critical moment. biden heads home, and they write that when joe biden began laying out his build back better agenda, as a presidential candidate, he chose scranton to make the case. in a closing pitch to voters in the fall, centered on the idea of scranton versus wall street, he argued his administration would shift the economic playing field back in favor of americans in places like his hometown. now, biden is traveling to his birthplace for the first time since he took office, using the symbolic venue to drive home the case for his agenda at a critical stage. let's get to calls and hear first this morning from mike in arlington, virginia. mike, good morning. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. good morning.
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i am definitely happy about biden being the president of the united states. and i am hopeful that the progressives and those that are in congress will really take a very hard look at the educational system here in america as it relates to colleges and the cost of colleges. and that piece that's in there for the community colleges is definitely something that, you know, they should really take -- back up and punt and take a strong look at because the cost of colleges is astronomical, and the problem with having college debt in america has been one that seems that's literally crippling young college graduates when they get out of school. so i'm really hoping that we can, you know, turn the corner and find a way to make it happen to reduce the college costs, whether it's community college, a four-year university, if we
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can get those reduced by 40% to 50%, that would definitely help the country and the economy and everything moving forward. thank you very much. >> to matt in maryland. good morning. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> fine, thanks. >> caller: i would like to see them do something about raising the taxes on the rich. i think that they don't pay anywhere near their fair share, as well as the corporations. i had come across a list of the corporations that don't pay taxes. and it's way too large. the list that don't pay taxes. i would also like to ask why we aren't discussing the fact steve bannon is going to be arrested? this seems like a very big subject to me that shouldn't be left to, you know, maybe when it comes up. everybody deserves to be able to discuss this and know about it. >> thanks for that, matt.
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of course, we covered that hearing last night. you can find that at our mobile app, c-span now mobile app. the story this morning about what's the next step, this is from the hill this morning. house to vote thursday on holding bannon in holding bannon in contempt. the house will vote thursday on holding former president trump's exstrategist in contempt. he said the house committee investigating the attack on the capitol voted to ask the house to cite bannon for contempt after he refused to abide by the subpoena and answer questions before the panel. the january 6th committee voted tuesday to refer bannon to the justice department for criminal charges in response to his refusal to speak with the committee. that was a brief committee hearing last night, maybe 20 minutes or so. that will be on the -- that is on the c-span now mobile app and the house coming in this
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morning, live coverage on c-span. that citation expected to come up on thursday according to the majority leader. democrats only on the compromises in the social spending plan. checking twitter and our text messages as well, like obama before him, biden with a chance to make america great again conceded to his chance to have a fdr moment. cindy from missouri, have enough faith in some of these programs to shorten funding from ten to five years. if a program can't show promise after five years, maybe it needs revamped. and this one, i would like the democratic party for screwing themselves over and losing the senate and house in 2022. and a text from patrick, when it comes to making meaningful, necessary change, compromising only maintains the status quo
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and delays what needs to be done now. let's hear from jim in higland park, new jersey. >> caller: thank you for taking my phone call. and, well, i would like opine on what the republicans are trying to do. they are trying to obstruct all efforts by the democrats to further enhance the interest of america and the world. now, as far as the spending goes, i would like to remind everybody that the infrastructure bill and all spending bills are extended beyond one year.
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it's not just one-year deal. and that's what i have to say for today. thank you very much and god bless america. >> next up is margaret in texas. hi, there. >> caller: good morning to you. and good morning to all in america. even though the environment -- the renewables are my number one issue, i'm willing to give into fossil fuel manchin just to get something passed. maybe we can do more to the energy department and through the transportation. we can do something later on. but we do need to get these bills passed and despite sinema and manchin. if we need them, we have to bring them in some way and give
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up something and go around them later on. >> margaret, thanks for that. article here from "politico." they're reporting on the discussions yesterday and the process ahead. democrats edge closer to ditching disarray. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer's strategy to force through the democrats agenda, they're ready to try it all over again. the speaker and senate majority leader are hustling to clinch a deal as soon as possible on a framework for president joe biden's $2 trillion social spending package. that framework would free up needed progressive votes for a bipartisan infrastructure bill by october 31st. this was the view yesterday of the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell on the democrats' deliberations. >> we've all been fascinated by the stories all of you are filing about the difficulty our
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democratic friends are having getting everybody in place on this reckless tax and spend proposal. the longer this lays out there, the more unpopular it becomes. i found it particularly interesting was the gallup poll last weekend which indicates how the public mood has shifted from the pandemic year where people felt vulnerable and the government needed to step up and did, i would remind you on a bipartisan basis, but now over half of americans think the government is doing too many things, too many things that should fall to individuals and businesses according to gallup's comprehensive poll. and over half americans think the government has too much power. i think the american people have
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figured this out. we rescued the country last year in a time of distress. this year, we had three vaccines, we were coming out of it in the new democratic government just didn't want to stop spending. and now taxing and spending as well. that is the reason they're having very, very difficult time getting everybody in line behind something that is increasingly unpopular with the american people. >> it's for democrats only on the potential compromises in the build back better plan. where are the compromises and what needs to stay in the legislation. what can be cut? you can send us a text as well. this one is from joe of
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kentucky. early childcare should stay in, being able to negotiate for a prescription drugs for medicare should stay in. clean air and clean water has to stay in. dental and glasses should stay in for medicare. mary in california, the democrats need to make a strong stand and do the right thing for the poor and middle class. we seem to have plenty of money for tax breaks for corporations and evil wars, she says. and a tweet from david, contrary to conventional wisdom, the democrats have been relentless in their compromising on social spending. example, bill clinton ending welfare as we know it for decades. it's time to bring back the spirit of fdr. i don't like any of these compromises. let's hear from victor in birmingham, alabama, good morning. >> caller: yes. >> victor, just mute your television and go ahead with your comment. >> caller: okay.
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>> go ahead. >> caller: thank you. good morning, c-span. i would just like to say if all the democrats are sitting around and we haven't done anything for the united states and we shift the united states down, now what happens when we build back better? we build back better our money, not promises. money. thank you. >> okay. to michigan. next up, bill. hello there. >> caller: yes. thank you. i think the republican party needs to work together and the virginia manchin needs to get out of the coal company's pocket because they're paying him to hurt the democratic party. that's what i believe. and that's a shame that he's not working for the people. >> okay. first hour, it is democrats
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only. 202-740-8001. article in the hill this morning about joe biden. ad campaign, progressive coalition unveils add to pressure manchin on biden spending plan. they've unveiled an advertisement buy to ratchet up pressure on senator joe manchin to support the build back better agenda. the ad is focused on an estimated 30,000 new jobs that would be created in west virginia if biden's full human infrastructure spending passes. here's a look at that ad. >> i have two daughters and i don't think they'll stay here. >> my son was a welder and he had to travel two hours from here. >> one of my children moved to a big city out of west virginia because her and her husband felt like they couldn't survive here.
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>> the last five years west virginia has seen 60,000 people leave the state. joe manchin, we need permanent long-term jobs. this whole state is depending on him to do something right. >> that add from a coalition of groups against joe manchin, this is a reporting of the nation in a headline titled bernie sanders shows democrats how to deal with joe manchin. if democrats hope to enact a build back better agenda that expands medicare, provides paid family leave, lifts children out of poverty and saves the planet, they're going to have to speak bluntly about the democrats who are standing in the way of progress. most members of the senate democratic caucus are resonant about stating the obvious. but bernie sanders did so on sunday when he explained to west virginians that their senator
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was on the wrong side of joe biden's plan. sanders wrote an opinion piece for the charleston gazette mail. by monday morning, was the top trending piece in west virginia's capital city which by monday morning -- on the website, in it, he argued for the plan that is backed by president biden and the vast majority of congressional democrats as the central legislation that would benefit west virginians. let's hear from gwen in detroit. it's democrats only this first hour. good morning, gwen. >> caller: good morning. i agree with bernie sanders. someone needs to stand toe to toe with joe biden -- i mean with joe manchin. but also i believe that the -- they shouldn't go no lower than 1.9 trillion. because of so much that has to be done and i believe that bernie and the progressives, all it takes the one of them.
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just like manchin and sinema, it takes one of them to say, we're not going to budge. thank you. >> one of the follow-ups to that story between joe manchin and bernie sanders is from "the hill" and in that story the headline of that story on the money, it all comes down to bernie and joe and they write that senator manchin told democratic colleagues that he will work with bernie sanders and senate majority leader chuck schumer to reach a deal by week's end. according to sources familiar with the lunch, manchin said he thought a general agreement would be possible by friday. sounding a more optimistic tone behind closed doors than he did when asked by reporters earlier in the week about the meeting on october 31st deadline. the source described the negotiation as a subtled diplomacy with schumer coordinating the talks. >> can you hear me?
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>> yes, we can. >> caller: hi. i'm in favor of early childhood education. i think we get a big return on investment from it. i'm not in favor of free community college. i'm not sure that college is the right thing for everybody. and i'm not sure that free community college would at the end lead to a job for people. i think that prescriptions and so forth for older people, maybe we can't afford it right now. although we probably want to do it. it's -- it would not help boost the economy. i think we should invest in things that will boost the economy near and medium term. thank you. >> here's another view via text on the community college issue. this is phil in connecticut who says free community college is a must. we have a shortage of 11 million workers and employers are having a hard time finding skilled employees.
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community colleges provide the workforce our economy needs. next up is william. >> caller: how are you doing? >> fine, thank you. >> caller: i just got a comment about the social security. people worked all their lives, they worked 30, 40 years and they're entitled to get these benefits -- >> we will leave this program here. you can finish watching it if you go to our website senator ron johnson is leading a round table discussion on border security with a number of other republican senators. live coverage on c-span3. >> good afternoon. i want to welcome all of the participants. i want to thank those of you who have and are


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