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tv   Republican Contract with America Rally  CSPAN  October 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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it's my honor to present to you the distinguished chairman of the house republican conference. the gentleman from texas, -- armey. ladies and gentlemen, for all the good people of america, today we enter a new era in american government. today, one political party is listening to the concerns of the american people. and we are respon in with specific legislation. we are united here today.
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over 150 current members of the house and over 200 candidates united in the belief that the people's house must be wrested from the grip of special interests and handed back to you, the american people. unhappily, americans today are cynical. they are tired of broken promises. tired of being misled. tired of spin from a white house that seems to govern on the principle that you can fool the people. some of the time and tired of a congress that raises their taxes and wastes their money through the lens of c-span cameras. americans are just dismayed by the sight of a revered institution corrupted by absolute power. a house of representative that now routinely stifles free and open debate cobbles together thousands of pages of bills
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behind closed doors and refuses to live by the laws it imposes on everyone else. and most damaging, has adopted as its central philosophy, the belief that ordinary people cannot be trusted to spend their own money and make their own decisions. if the american people are willing to let us, we're going to change all that. today, we republicans are signing a contract with america. we pledge ourselves in writing to a new agenda of reform, respect and renewal. reform of congress and other government institutions. respect for the people we serve and represent, and renewal of the american dream that each day seems to slip further from the grasp of too many of american's families. we make this explicit offer. give us majority control of the house of representatives for the first time in four decades, and
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we will bring to the house floor on the first day real congressional reform. in the first 100 days. we will bring to the vote ten bills that would have an immediate and real impact in the lives of ordinary americans. we will bring all these bills to the floor for an up and down vote. and with open and fair debate, where everyone's views are heard as we embark in a new direction for congress and a new partnership with the american people. we put these bills in a contract so people can hold us accountable and there's an enforcement laws we explicitly state if you give us control and we don't do what we say, throw us out. we mean it. we mean it.
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and we take it as an article of faith that the american people will mean it to our contract with america agenda as has been put together by everyone you see here today, working together to draft common sense legislation to address the many real problem jobs where government can play a proper role. the ten bills that make up our contract with america are available now and full legislative language. unlike the current ruling party in congress that routinely forces us to vote on a thousand page bills without a chance to read them. we are not afraid to subject our work to do the purify and light of day. let me say that again. unlike the current ruling majority in congress, that repeatedly brings thousand page bills to the floor and does not give us a chance to read them. we are willing to let our work be seen in the light of day.
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now, today. we are making a contract today to run congress in the open with full participation of the american people. if you just give us the opportunity, our contract with america is just the opening 100 days of a carnival government. the contract is not the answer to every problem facing america today. it is an honest beginning and an effort to invest this election with some positive meaning. because running solely against an unpopular president would only deepen the public cynicism. winston churchill once said, americans always do the right thing after they've exhausted every other possibility. after 40 years of uninterrupted control, the democrats have exhausted every other
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possibility. it's time for the republican party to accept the role of leadership. the american people are demanding. today we pledge to britain to begin by bringing relief to the average family, which now pays more in taxes than food. shelter and clothing combined. by cutting the size and influence of the federal government and by restoring accountability to the political process. in short, we proposed a seat back power from the hallowed halls of congress to the more hallowed kitchen tables of america, where night after night families, families bow their heads in thanks and make decisions about education and charity values, jobs, spending, and balancing budgets with our wisdom and our compassion that no number of agency heads, cabinet secretaries or members
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of congress could ever match. our country recognizes the limits of government and the unlimited contribution of husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children and grandparents in a safe and prosperous america. it is now my pleasure to introduce congressman bill paxon of new york, who chairs the national republican congressional committee. bill made sure that candidates had as much input in this document as sitting members, and he has largely responsible for the prospect of electing the first republican house majority in 40 years. thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, this is truly an historic day. it was 40 years ago when republicans were last in the
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majority. the same year that i was born. we lost our majority in 1954. and i felt guilty ever since. today is the day we as republicans make our camp back with the people to take back their house and restore our faith in the institution of the congress. ladies and gentlemen, this contract is truly of, by and for the american people. its tenants rise from the common sense of the coffee shop. the business sense of main street, and the values that come from folks in living rooms, in towns large and small, across the great land that lies in front of this capitol. the problem with the debt with our democratic colleagues who find fault with this contract is clear. it's been 40 long years since
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they've left this building. it's 40 years since they walked down the stairs, 40 years since save listened to folks back home in those coffee shops along those main streets. well, the democrat two huddled here pursuing their agenda. the men and women gathered on these steps have listened back at home. and today, bring the american people's agenda. this country act with america to the people's house. let's give a hand to those who played a key role as architects of this historic contract. the 200 candidate who will compose the republican class of 1994 and the united states house of representatives. now i'm very pleased that our candidates and our incumbent members will be presenting each
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of the ten planks of our platform, our contract with america, and the first group to come forward is led by lamar smith, the member from texas, and joined by three candidates, outstanding candidates from connecticut, ed monster from wisconsin, mark neumann, and making the presentation on behalf of this group from new york, bob moffatt. please come forward. i am proud to stand before you today to present our contract with america for you. see, this is noordin arie political document. this contract is a unique experience in american history. it was not written by special interest groups or the lobbyists. it was not pushed on us by national leadership. no contract with america was
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created by all of us individually and together. we heard what our voters were saying and we have chosen to act on it. we are ready to approve business and usual in washington just won't do. it's time to return government to the people. isn't it time we hold congress accountable for how much they spend and for what. the american people demand? responsibility from congress? this madness must stop. our contract with america begins with fiscal responsibly, kitty. just as every american sits at their kitchen table and has to balance a budget. and just as every small business has to balance their budget. congress must begin balancing our nation's budget. that's why in the first 100 days of a republican house, we will
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vote on the fiscal responsibility act. our contract with america calls for a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. and and to keep congress from passing the bill to you. our balanced budget amendment requires a 3/5 vote to raise taxes. and to increase accountability for the budget. our contract calls for a line item veto to give the president, republican or democrat, the authority to cut wasteful pork barrel spending. now, balancing our budget will not be easy. it will require a fundamental restructuring of government. we believe the american people
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are ready for government that does less of the wrong things, but does the right things well. the balanced budget amendment is supported by 80% of the american people. as the ruling party in congress has ignored the people on most issues, it has also ignored them on spending as well. by twisting arms to block the balanced budget amendment, the ruling party has protected its irresponsible, bold tax and spend policies that have weakened this great nation. with the help of the american people, we will put our fiscal house in order. thank you very much. thank you. once. our next group of presenters, the taking back our streets act led by our republican member,
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bill mccollum from the state of florida. he is joined by former colleague and soon to be colleague again, frank riggs. from california, kenny hulshof from missouri. and making the presentation, megan o'neill from the state of michigan. thank you. isn't it essential part of the american dream, the ability to live free of fear? the american dream cannot survive without safety and security for individual americans. for all of us. when our children are afraid to attend school, when a husband and wife are afraid to walk to their grocery store. and when society as a whole is being threatened. government. government must meet its responsibility to protect our schools, our streets and our neighborhoods. our contract with america calls for tough punishment for those who prey on society. for too long, washington has
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refused to get tough. and even when they sound tough, there are always loopholes that benefit the criminals, not the victims. our contract will make the death penalty real. no more analysts appeals. and we will. we will cut the pork in the recently passed crime bill in order to build real prisons. and we. and we will require criminals to serve their sentences, not have them back on the streets to terrorize again and again. and to make criminals more accountable. we will force them to pay full restitution to their victims or their victims families. and to those who commit felonies with guns. let me be part particularly clear. we will require ten years in jail, minimum. no exceptions.
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we call we call this bill the state, the taking back our streets act. and it will be voted on in the first 100 days of a republican house. it's time, all of us felt safe and secure. once again, thank you. megan. thank you very much. next, the personal responsibility act, led by two members, dave camp from michigan and jim talent from missouri. joined by three of our next generation of representatives, roger wicker from mississippi. andrea c strand from california. and making the presentation. steve chabot from the state of ohio right. isn't it time for the government to encourage work rather than rewarding dependance? yes. yes.
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the great society has had the unintended consequences of snaring millions of americans into the welfare trap. government programs designed to give a helping hand to the neediest of americans have instead bred illegitimacy. crime, illiteracy and more poverty. our contract will change this destructive social behavior by requiring welfare recipients to take personal responsibility for the decisions they make. in our contract. well, achieve what some 30 years of massive welfare spending has not been able to accomplish. we must reduce illegitimacy, require work, and save taxpayers money. all right. to reverse skyrocketing out-of-wedlock births that are ripping apart our nation's social fabric, we provide no
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welfare to teenage parents, and we require that paternity and responsibility be established in all illegitimate births where welfare is sought. to ensure that welfare offers a helping hand rather than a handout. we require that welfare beneficiaries work so they can develop the pride and self-sufficiency that comes from holding a productive job. we are pledging truly to end welfare as we know it. america can still be the land of opportunity for all americans. but to succeed, we must make a break from the failed welfare policies of the past. within the first 100 days of a republican congress. we will do just that by voting on the personal, responsible
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party act. thank you. i see that. next, the family reinforcement act led by our member from the state of nevada, barbara bacanovic, and joined by john papa george. from michigan, tim lefevre from california. and making the presentation. jeanne lighting from the state of indiana. shouldn't we do more to protect and strengthen the american family? the american family is at the very, very heart of our society. it is through the family that we learn values like responsibility, morality, commitment and faith. today, it seems the values of the family are under attack from all sides. the media, the education
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establishment and yes, big government. our family reinforcement act is pro-family because it recognizes the value of families. we will strengthen the rights of parents to protect their children against education program aims that undermine the values taught in the home. we will crack down on deadbeat parents who avoid child support payments. our contract protects children by increasing the penalties for assaults against children and by getting tough on child pornography. we will encourage adoption by providing a tax credit to assist families with the high cost of adoption and our contract to help ease the financial cost of caring for elderly loved ones. by creating a tax credit for dependent care.
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after 40 years of putting government first, the republic ends will put families first by voting on the family reinforcement act. in the first 100 days of our majority in the house, it's a change long overdue. next, the american dream restoration act. our presenters, led by henry hyde from illinois, joined by tad joad from minnesota, john christianson from the state of nebraska. and our presenter is the giant killer from the state of washington, senator linda smith. come on up. looks like we lost our leader, but i bet we'll do just fine anyway.
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do you think your tax bills are too high? yes. the you aren't getting much pay for out of washington. yeah. you know, in 1992, america was promised a middle tax tax relief package. however, the promise of the middle class tax cut quickly turned in to the largest tax increase in america's history. good job. in the first hundred days of an american republican can greece where. sounds good doesn't it? we're going to make good where others have failed on the american dream restoration act. our contract recommends that we
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build families back in as the building block of society unique idea, huh. renewing the american dream is our goal and renewing that dream starts at home with the family. to help families reach the american dream, our contract calls for a $500 per child old tax credit to make raising families and kids just a little bit easier. this credit will actually cut an average family that has an income of $28,000 tax burden by a third. we're not just talking. we're going to do it.
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second will begin to repeal the marriage tax penalty. the government should reward not punish, those who enter into the sacred bonds of marriage. and finally, we will create american dream savings accounts to make it easier for average families to save money, buy a home, pay for medical expenses, and send their kids to college. renewing the american dream is what this contract is all about. by strengthening our families, we strengthen america. thank you. all right, john, great job. now the national security restoration act, our prisoners
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led by bob livingston from louisiana, joined by jim nhlapo from illinois, or since wendell from hawaii. walter jones jr from north carolina. and the presenter for this group, saxby chambliss from the state of georgia. isn't national defense the first and foremost priority of the federal government. for 40 years prior to the fall of the berlin wall? americans stood shoulder to shoulder with international communism and we won. but with the end of the cold war, some have taken to raiding the defense budget to fund social welfare programs and the u.n. peacekeeping program. our defense forces have been cut so deeply that we risk a return to the hollow military of the 1970s.
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and for the first time in our history, american troops have served under u.n. command. a republican house will change this. a republican house will change this by voting on the national security restoration act within our first 100 days. our contract with america includes putting a stop to putting american troops under u.n. command. to stop raiding the defense budget to finance social programs and u.n. peacekeeping. and to stop gutting ronald reagan's vision of protecting america against nuclear or chemical attack.
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republicans are committed to a defense against missile attacks from terrorist states such as north korea, north korea, libya and iran, providing for the common defense as the first duty of our government. it is not optional. with republicans in the majority, we will stop undermining our military and give american security with peace of mind. the job. our senior citizen fairness act led by denny hastert, member from the state of illinois, and joined by j.d. hayworth from arizona. enid green walled holtz from utah and making the presentation, the next member from the state of texas, bobby ortiz.
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dawn senior citizens deserve a break rather than a tax hike. general i hinted at my your as to i respect all of the symptoms of this but i still say they i'm. americans today are living longer and reaching their retirement years in better health than ever before. our senior citizens have taken this great nation through incredible years, and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. don't you agree? hey. to too many seniors are now facing effective marginal tax cuts of over 50%. a rate much higher than that of other americans. that is why our contract calls for the repeal of last year's tax increase on social security benefits.
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and for those between the ages of 65 and 69. we will raise the social security earnings limit three fold to $30,000 so that we may continue working if they so choose. washington should not be in the business of driving productive seniors us out. we should be in the in the position of offering them to invest in the great future and transferring their great knowledge to our great youth of america. we also call for tax incentives to help older americans purchase long term care insurance so they can better afford the high health care calls that may be maybe come in to them in later years of life. senior citizens are threatened every day by bigger and bigger government. higher inflation and higher taxes. we will address this problems in our first hundred days by voting on the senior citizens tax
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fairness act. our contract treat seniors with the respect they deserve and we offer positive solutions to help those who have given so much and who made us the great nation we are today. thank you very much. and you do get through. next, the job creation and wage enhancement act, led by two members, tom delay from texas and jim saxton from new jersey, joined by three of our next house republicans, barbara cuban from the state of wyoming and rick white from washington state, and making the presentation from the state of missouri. ron freeman. isn't it time to get government off of our backs.
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government needs to understand that our problems will not be solved by big programs, but by common sense people. that, in fact, most of the problems we face today have been created by irresponsible government, and we need to change that. fact. the current economic recovery, which began in 1992, is being jeopardized today by excessive taxation and over burdensome regulations that throttled the hand of business to be about the work of creating jobs and opportunity for people. yes, it is. if you, the american people, will elect a republican majority in 1994 and the first 100 days of the 1995 season, we will spring to vote. it's football term. we will bring to a vote the job
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creation and wage enhancement act to make a difference for american citizens that work hard and want to make our country great. we need to roll back tax rates that are working against investment today. we need to stop the unfunded federal mandates and throttle the work of state and local municipalities from doing their jobs effectively. and and in order to renew the american dream. we need a growing economy that will provide jobs and opportunity to give the youth of this nation a hope and a future and restore. once again, what thomas jefferson called the world's last best hope for freedom. thank you very much.
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john. next, the citizen legislature act, led by the member from the state of georgia, john linder, and joined by kevin vigilante from rhode island, mary alice acevedo from california. and making the presentation, jim dietz from texas. isn't it time we sent the professional politicians a message that politics should not be a lifetime job. the founding fathers envisioned a legislature accountable to the people, a citizen legislature, not a house of lords. a house of lords that's entrenched in washington and
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removed from the concerns of the very people who elected them. today, instead of constituents, their congressmen too often choose their constituents and districts gerrymandered to protect the elite power structure of the last 40 years. today, the speaker of the house sues his own state to block the voter's call for term limit. yet, lawsuit or not, term limits movement is sweeping nation and eight out of ten americans support the idea. the democrats want to debate the issue of term limit. we will. our contract with america will guarantee the first ever vote on a constant judicial amendment for term limits.
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within the first 100 days of a republican house, we will vote on the citizen legislature act. the strength, the grass roots, term limits, movement comes from the fact that washington is simply out of touch with middle america. but we are listening. we hear you. our contract with america is. the agenda of the american people, not of the establishment in washington, dc. thank you very much. now, as we prepare to present our last group of presenters, just one comment. for the past year. it's been my great honor as campaigning chair for house republicans to have met these and a thousand men and women who have come forward to run for the house from across this great country on the republican ticket.
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it is for the first time in history. fact, there are more republicans running for congress than democrats. that's a real message. but ladies and gentlemen, as you can see today, it's not only important that across this great country, a record number have come forward, but as you can see, they are also the best qualified ever in the history of this country, seeking the house of representatives. now a pleasure to present the last group of presenters who will be making the common sense legal reform act presentation led by jim ramstad from minnesota and joined by greg ganske from iowa. dave mcintosh from indiana. and making the presentation from texas. -- armey we have all texans here today. joe baylor. thanks, guys.
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and. isn't it time to clean up the court system? frivolous lawsuits and outlandish damage rewards make a mockery of our civil justice system. americans spend an estimated $300 billion a year and needlessly higher prices for and services as a result of excessive legal costs. but delays and costs caused by legal abuses. put the legal system out of reach of most average americans. our contract with america includes a package of commonsense legal reforms that will put justice back in our civil justice system within the first 100 days of a republican house. we will vote on the common sense legal reform act.
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our bill penalizes frivolous lawsuits by making the loser pick up the winner's legal fees and. it also impose those mandatory penalties on lawyers who abuse the system. it comes to the use of junk science in court and requires so-called experts to be real experts. it helps lower prices by curbing abuses in, product liability, stopping, runaway punitive damages, and by directing legal blame at only those responsible for the injury. with our package of commonsense
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legal reforms, we can eliminate excessive cost and long delays. and we can restore fairness to the american court system. the time has come. on behalf of the 300 plus republic lican congressional candidates. we are proud to present to the voters of our districts this contract, a contract which gives voice to those who have lost in their government. contract with america is our sacred pledge to millions of hardworking, taxpaying, patriotic americans that we will put their needs before those of the special interests that we will listen to their will and return their government to them. respecting the judgment of our fellow citizens as we seek the mandate for reform, we hereby pledge our names to this
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contract with america. it is. and now it is my great privilege and also my great honor to introduce the next speaker of the people's house, newt gingrich. thank you very much, joe. let me say first that before we enter into dealing with the ten bills on, the very opening day, we will have a series of eight reforms that i in particular want to thank david dreier and jennifer dunn, who chair the working group that produced this. and i want to say to every american that we believe in this
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contract and these reforms so deeply that we have not only put them in writing today, but that they will be in a full page ad and tv that we encourage every american. when that ad comes out, which i believe is october 27th, to tear that page out, to stick it on your refrigerator till january 3rd, and then to join us. and i want to promise every american that we will have the same ad at the speaker's desk every day until we meet our obligations and we will begin the session every day by rereading the ad until we have met our obligations, and we will keep our commitment to keep our half of the contract with the help of the american people. on the first day of the 104th congress, the new republican majority will immediately pass
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the following major reforms aimed at restoring the faith and trust of the american people and their government. first, require all laws that apply to the rest of the country to also apply equally to the congress. second, select a major independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of congress for waste, fraud and abuse. third, cut the number of house committees and cut committee staffs by one third. for the fourth, limit the term of all committee chairs. fifth, ban the casting of proxy votes in committee. sixth, require committee
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meetings to be open to the public. seventh require a 3/5 majority vote to pass a tax increase. an eighth guarantee an honest accounting of our federal budget by implementing zero baseline item budget. baseline budget. i'm sorry, that's baseline, but let me say on a larger scale, this is truly in a way that very few political events every are, ever are. and his star trek event, for all those who are tired of negative smear campaigns, for all those who ask political parties to get together and be a responsible team, for all those who said we have to deal in a positive way with the challenges of america's future. i hope that you listened to each of our candidates as they outlined each of the ten bills that we have committed in our contract to bring to the floor. and i hope every person will realize this is an enormous
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undertaking. i want to thank in particular bob michael, who has been an extraordinary leader in reaching out to everyone in the conference and encouraging us to be daring and to be bold and to launch this effort. and bob, we literally would not be here today without your support and your help. i want to thank -- armey and all the incumbents who worked so hard to make sure that we actually had substance and that today we're not just offering promises, but we are actually releasing text of the bills. now, that's an enormous step in the right direction toward specificity. i want to thank bill paxton and the candidates who worked together to make sure that we had input, that everybody running for office across the country had an opportunity to advise us. i want to recognize the republican national committee chairman is here. haley barbour, who's done a tremendous job.
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and we're particularly grateful to haley because it is his committee that is putting the ad in tv guide. and without him, we couldn't reach the country. i also want to recognize governor pete dupont of delaware. governor dupont. governor dupont came to us about two months ago and said washington's not enough. you can't solve the problems just in washington. and with his leadership and haley barbour support we now have over half the states in the country by next tuesday, we'll have a state level contract in over 50 major counties. the following tuesday, there will be a local government contract as the concept of reaching out and having a contract with the american people extends beyond just washington, d.c.. finally, i want to single out barry jackson in carrying out on the staffs who work on this. this is, as you look around here, an enormous and without tremendous support from
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literally hundreds of staff people. we couldn't be here. and yet we were asked as recently as this morning, why are we here? why not just run against the clinton administration and its collapsing public support? and in the spirit of total honesty, i have to say, when you watch them collapse this badly it is tempting, but it's not good enough. the fact is that america is in trouble and our trouble extends beyond the white house. the fact is, as a history teacher, i would insist that it is impossible to maintain american civilization with 12 year olds having babies, 15 year olds killing each other, 17 year olds dying of aids, and 18 year olds getting diplomas. they can't even read that this is a crisis of our entire civilization. and within a half mile of this building, these conditions
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happen in our nation's capital, and they happen in every major city, and they happen in west virginia, and they happen in most indian reservation and across this country. we are failing in our obligation to the children of america. think of america as a giant family of 260 million people of extraordinarily diverse backgrounds. writing in a huge car down the highway, trying to pursue happiness and seek the american dream. and of course, in america, every one of those 260 million can define for themselves the dream they want to pursue. we suddenly started having blowouts. a tear blew out because we couldn't make the transition to the information age and all of its great promise of better jobs and better services and greater opportunities. and then a terribly out because we haven't finished making the transition from a national economy to truly being competitive in the world market, to recognizing that create local jobs through world sales.
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and that means our children aren't just getting educated so that georgians can compete with texans. our children are getting educated to compete with germans and chinese and japanese and across the planet. and then a tear blew out because the welfare state failed so totally and it's so clear we have to replace it with an opportunity. society and with three blow outs. the american family began to have a terrible ride and people were anxiety ridden. they're worried about their job. they're worried about their children's education. they're worried about their government. they're worried about their safety. but no politician and no reporter would get out of the car. and our campaigns consisted of promises that if only you'd elect me to be to be the person who steers, i'll steer smoothly. and so we'd elect each promise, and they'd get behind the wheel. and the fact is, we had three flat tires and the ride got bumpier. and so we got madder. and then the fourth tire blew out and trust broke down between government and the governor. let me just say to all of you,
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while we believe in our contract and while we're all gathered here, we are not going to fix the american family car. we're not going to replace all four of those tires here in washington, d.c.. the fact is, every american is going to have to be willing to get out of the car every got to learn to roll up their sleeves. every american's going to be willing to sweat and to if we're going to give our children and our grandchildren a free, a safe and a prosperous future. now we're here. we're here because we are taking the first steps and we're taking them in a contract with the american. we've already told the incumbents and the candidates that if we a majority if the american people accept this contract, that they can expect to work five days a week in january, six days a week in february and march, and 24 hours a day around the clock, towards
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the end, if necessary. but we are going to get to the final recorded votes in the first 100 days on every item. you know, you would have thought with a positive contract with positive ideas, with a reform steps in the opening day, and with ten bills that the press corps to finally said, what a difference what a from 32nd attack ads what a change from the usual lack of teamwork lack of specificity. but instead we've had the usual carping, the usual complaining, the usual negativism from an all too cynical washington press corps which attacks us for term limits for a balanced budget. amendment. one columnist called our contract an airball. now i recognize sadly, that the washington press corps is all too often the pretorian guard of the left, but.
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that. but it tells you something. it tells you something about how out of touch they are with the american people. that every item in our contract is supported by 60% or more of the american people. some of the items are supported as much as 80% of the american people and outside washington. this is a contract with americans for america. and there's a huge difference. now, they said the american people want real change. and i think the balanced budget amendment is the best example of a clear, decisive change. let me tell you what the difference is. we recognize that we republicans want a larger private sector with more private sector jobs, with less government. we recognize that the clinton administration and clinton democrats want a smaller, private sector with fewer private sector jobs and a bigger government. we republicans recognize we
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republicans recognize that we want more in the family budget and more take home pay and we want less in the federal budget. the clinton administration is willing to take away from the family budget and take away from your take home pay to have more in the government budget. so when the clinton administration says a balanced budget amendment would cost $750 billion, what they're saying is they will tax and borrow from you and your children, but they will not take away from government, in effect. in effect, al gore is reinventing government as a cosmetics facial theft of the old order. what we are saying is something very different. and we're not just offering theory. i would urge the washington press corps call governor weld in massachusetts, call governor carol campbell in south carolina, call governor john engler in michigan. call governor tommy thompson in wisconsin. call governor george allen in virginia or call governor christie whitman in new jersey.
8:53 pm
in one of those states. the republican ran for governor are offering less government and lower taxes in every one of those states. the liberal editorial pages said, what an irresponsible offer in every one of those states. the republican won because the people were tired of big government wasteful spending, dumb bureaucracies and ineffective red tape. and in every one of those states, the republican governor kept their word, cut the budget, cut taxes, and created more private sector jobs than they'd ever had before. now you can ask us how will we take this huge out of balance,
8:54 pm
enormous federal budget and how will we change it? let may surprise all of you by quoting from the greatest president of the 20th century who stood in this city on march 4th, 1933, in the middle of a great depression. standing embraces at a time when it was inconceivable that a man in a wheelchair could lead a great nation and franklin delano roosevelt said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. and i would say to all of you, if we truly reach out not just for the first hundred days, but if we are republican and are prepared to reach out to the american people again and again and again, if we're prepared to have town hall meetings and invite every citizen to come with their ideas for cutting spending, if we're prepared to go out to the information revolution and find every method for downsizing, if we will approach the challenge of
8:55 pm
getting to a balanced budget with a standpoint, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. we will get there some. 50 years later, 47 years later on this, very same steps a former roosevelt democrat ronald reagan stood. and i remind all of you that our doors are open to every former democrat who decides that they, linda, that they. this is a great party of growing strength, because our own doors are open to everyone who wants to create a better future and is tied to a failed government. president reagan stood at the end of the malaise administration and he said, we have every right to dream heroic dreams. after all, we are americans. and so i would say to our critics in the press corps, yes, it may be a heroic dream to think we can balance the budget.
8:56 pm
yes, it may be a heroic dream to think that every child in washington, d.c., could go to a school where they actually learn how to read and write. yes, it may be a heroic dream to believe that every child in america could go to bed tonight without drug dealers, without pimps, without prostitution, without violent crime, and could actually live in safety. but isn't that what america's about? the right dream, these kind of our own dreams. we are in the business of reestablishing the right to pursue happiness and the reality of the american dream for every born in this country. every child who comes to this country because that is what it means to be an american this will require tremendous creativity and new effort. let me give you one minor example out of a two day conference in august on cyberspace, in the american dream, we've developed a proposal which we will bring up in january, though, when a
8:57 pm
conference report or a committee report is offered, when the president up a message, they have to be put electronically available at that instant so that every american, everywhere in the country has the same access. there's the lobbyist has the same opportunity, the insiders, and that information is available automatically for free to the entire country when it's made available to the members of congress. today is just a start. much has to be done. america has the most revolutionary experiment in human history. we truly believe that we are endowed by our creator, that our rights come from god and from the government or the state. the tragedy is that in the last half century, while we contained the soviet empire and won the cold war, we have become in danger of losing our own civilization. today, on these steps, we are for this contract as a first path towards renewing civilization.
8:58 pm
i am going to sign the contract now as, the last member to do so on behalf of the republican conference. let me just say. let me just say close by saying this. as you watch the evening news tonight, as you say, the barbarism of bosnia, where snipers shoot children in the street, as you see the devastation of somalia, as you see the human tragedy of rwanda, where a half million human beings were killed. as you watch the chaos and poverty of haiti, recognize that if america fails, our children will live on a dark and bloody planet. if the american people accept this contract, we will have begun the journey to renew american civilization. together we can renew america together. we can help every american
8:59 pm
fulfill their unalienable right to pursue happiness and to seek the american dream together. we can help every human across the planet seek freedom. prosperity, safety, and the rule of law. that is what is at stake. god bless you and god bless america. you.
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