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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 21, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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legally insane and a killer. why not send him on a field trip to the county fair? but then he escaped. how police ended up finding this guy, though, three days later. a document from the united states' top military man in afghanistan is revealed. it warns the war against an al qaeda-linked group there will fail if thousands more troops are not added. we've just got those details in for you. plus -- water, water, water. everywhere for the second week in a row in the south, closed roads hamper businesses and schools alike as we get moving on this monday morning for you. bob mandell has more for you on this monday. i'm richard lui.
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first off, police have caught a legally insane killer who escaped from a field trip to the county fair but he was on the loose for three days. sheriffs in washington state say they found phillip paul with a deadly cutting tool in his backpack. this is a man who strangled and slit the throat of a woman in 1987. law enforcement officials are outraged. >> there is an extreme amount of anger throughout the law enforcement community that this event even took place. we have learned several things throughout this investigation, one of those that mr. paul was non-compliant in taking his medications. my question is if somebody was non-compliant in taking his medications what made anybody believe that he would be compliant on a field trip to the spokane county fair on family day? this is a situation that in my opinion should not have happened. >> well, authorities also say that paul left the institution with a backpack full of clothes, food, and a guitar. so it looked like he was not planning on coming back. sheriffs say they were not even told about it until two hours after his escape.
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the head of state social services has suspended field trips for mental patients while an investigation is performed on this. as you can probably imagine, many of you have been reacting to this story on our facebook page. e. allen, you wrote, "the idea that insane killers have access to cotton candy and funnel cakes just infuriates me." we go to johnny, who wrote, "the people who thought bringing the crazy train to the fair need their own heads checked." what do you think? do you agree with those statements? let us know by going to and clicking the link to our facebook page. looking forward to hearing from you. america's top commander in afghanistan says if more troops are not sent to the area defeating insurgents will no longer be possible there. that's according to a report obtained by the "washington post" and the associated press. general stanley mcchrystal gave a troop assessment in afghanistan to president obama this summer. bob woodward broke the story for the "washington post." he spoke to our sister network cnn this morning. >> he says if they don't endorse
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this full counterinsurgency strategy don't even give me the troops because it won't work. >> right now there are already more than 60,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the pentagon has already committed about 6,000 more troops to be deployed to the country. we want to know your thoughts on this, by the way. should the united states send more troops to afghanistan? call us right now at 877-tell-hln. you can also e-mail us at and what we'll do is air your comments right here in about two hours. stick around for that. non-stop rain in the southeast is washing people out of their homes, stranding drivers in some areas, and keeping kids home from school. this car here wound up in water over its wheels just west of atlanta. we'll be getting reports on one man also we received who may have been swept away and drowned in tennessee. in just a minute meteorologist bob van dillon tells us when all this rain might let up. and it looks like there's a lot. right now more people have
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alzheimer's disease than scientists predicted a few years ago. a new report from an international alzheimer's organization says 35 million people are living with some form of dementia. it mainly affects though 65 years and older. the report says by 2050 115 million will be affected, especially in developing countries, because people there are living longer. well, next hour for you, the first of three men linked to a terror plot is due in a new york court. sources saying the men may have been planning to attack a railroad or subway station in new york. the fbi says it found bomb-making plans on najibullah zazi's laptop. he and his father will be in court later today in denver. now, so far the men are just charged with lying to the fbi. but agents say they also found nine pages of notes on zazi's computer that explain how to make bombs. an fbi expert says they appear to be in his handwriting. when investigators asked about the notes, though, zazi said he
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must have unintentionally downloaded them as part of a religious book. he claims he later deleted the book when he realized it talked about jihad. now, the fbi also intercepted some calls between zazi and the other two defendants in this. according to court documents, the third suspect in this case can be heard warning zazi that police are monitoring their phone calls. you can see that quote from the phone call there on your screen. in other news, investigators in florida want to talk to a man after finding his wife and their five children dead at their apartment. investigators say the man flew to haiti the day before the bodies were discovered. he has family there and is not being called a suspect right now. the kids were between 9 years old and 11 months. new this morning for you on this monday, firefighters squeezing inside a mangled greyhound bus to free the trapped driver. let's look at that damage there. the bus collided with a tractor-trailer on the new jersey turnpike around 6:30 eastern. the front of the bus was smashed in. crews airlifted the driver to the hospital. state troopers saying her
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injuries were the most serious. the five passengers on board were also hurt in that. bob van dillon, it's a monday. our meteorologist joins us right now. not much is going on, right? nothing at all. >> no changes anyway. same weather pattern as the last couple dabs, richard. let me show you what's going on. bring you up to speed. couple areas of low pressure we're watching. one at the surface at chicago. upper area low that expands really all over the plains. that's generating a lot of energy around the base of a trough picking up some energy out of the gulf of mexico and throwing it across the lower gulf states in the form of heavy rain. here's the way it looks underneath the satellite picture. you can see the rain all developing once again across mississippi in towards alabama, breaking down just a bit around the atlanta metro area, up toward the north heavy rain is it still out there for northern georgia and that rain extends all the way back in toward birmingham. let me take you live to atlanta. here's how it looks on the tower cam. troubles if you're trying to get in or out of the parpt today. low hanging clouds, we have them there, and then thunderstorms
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going in and out for the rest of the afternoon. we're calling for as much as 1 to 5 inches of rain additionally today and tonight on top of what we've already seen from the weekend, which is about 15 inches just west of atlanta. so the heavy rain continues, and it gets in toward birmingham. you can see some thunderstorms developing once again this morning as more energy moves on in and the flash flood watches and warnings, they've been extended. just west of birmingham now stretching in toward mississippi too. get away from here. it's just a broken line of showers in toward lower parts of ohio. they get in toward ontario, leaving out northern parts of michigan. thunderstorms, though, heavy at times, racing through the plain states. you can see some decent parts right now, central parts of iowa stretching in toward kansas. we have all that plus snow in colorado and heat in the bay area, richard. more on that in just a bit. your home town there, san francisco, 90 today. >> uh-oh, earthquake weather. >> don't say that. >> you were talking about all this rain in the south in the second week. you were telling me earlier el nino? >> yeah, el nino is kind of responsible for this.
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lower jet stream's active, energy off the gulf of mexico, just blankets texas to the gulf coast. that's the way it's going to be the next few months, on and off heavy downpours. >> well, if you like london, come on down to the south. if you like that kind of weather. forcing you to have health insurance is not like raising your taxes it's like having car insurance. that's what president obama said about a health care proposal going boff the senate this week. people without coverage could face penalties, he says, but paying for the uninsured inflates your costs. republicans say the president's plan is impossible without a tax hike here. the odds are asounding if you think about this, but two guys who worked together didn't know that they were brothers. >> people are saying we look like brothers, and we go on deliveries together for the last month and a half, and we keep getting it. >> well, how they figured it all out. [ birds squawking ] [ moos ]
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good last week. it is i a monday, and we're down just a smidge. 86 points. almost one percentage point. but that's okay. as jen westhoven always tells me, it's early in the morning but what does it end up later in the day. also this, two men who worked together discovered what they were, long lost brothers at end. they delivered furniture together and people always told them they looked kind of alike. one of them figured out they were both adopted by different families when they were little babies. >> something clicked with me. i said i'm going to go out this door and ask him a strange question. so i got him up by the truck and said gary, this is going to sound bizarre, but were you adopted? he kind of stares at me. yep. i said what's your birthday? june 10th, 1974. and i knew that -- i'm searching for this guy. i'm like, i know that birth date. >> his brother's just sitting there staring forward the whole time. the brothers even grew up in the same county, went to rival high schools, and now live just a few miles apart.
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that is some story, isn't it? that's what you were saying, jen. >> yeah. >> it is just amazing. and it's funny that they do look very similar and the fact they couldn't figure that out for some time. >> looking for his brother his whole life. >> that's right. >> some folks might be looking at their yogurt this morning, and they'd better think twice before they sink that spoon into it because the healthful benefits may be, well, a little overstated? is that right? >> we'll never know, richard, because they settled. not that there's anything wrong with it. but they have decided to ixnay on that claim they had. dannon is going to pay up to $35 million. it had these claims on its activia and danactive yogurts. so it's settling these class action claims that the yogurts would strengthen the body's defenses or regulate digestion through the bacteria they use, the good bacteria. but dannon's going to drop those words. always in a settlement they say
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nobody says they did anything wrong, you can't deny if but you can't admit it. but it will change the labels and give away this money. $35 million. so you could get up to $100 back if you bought this yogurt. what i don't know yet, what nobody knows is how are you going to get the money back. were we supposed to have saved our receipts? you know, because you might not have saved receipts for something as small as that. that'll be interesting. we'll keep an eye on that one. how's it looking at the gas pump lately? i hope where you live it looks pretty reasonable. that is good news in a bad economy. prices across the country looking okay. $2.55 is the average price for a gallon of regular according to aaa. and it is down about 8 cents from a month ago. and that's even though oil prices have been rising. there's still so much basically unused oil out there prices are still pretty low. >> we'll take that. and again, it should go even lower, we hope, because we're outside of the summer season. >> right. >> thanks a lot, jen.
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a concert in cuba was supposed to promote paerks but some people in florida didn't have such a peaceful reaction to that. why they protested and smashed cds over the weekend. @%@ú@ú@ú
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all right. actress toni collette beat out the heavily favored tina fey for the emmy for best actress in a comedy but her show "the united states of tara" was no match for f fey's "30 rock." last night it won five primetime emmys including alec baldwin's win for best act r in a comedy. jon cryer from "two and a half men" had the best supporting actor in a comedy. this is what he said. >> i used to think that awards were just shallow tokens of
10:17 am
momentary popularity. but now i realize they are the only true measure of a person's real worth as a human being. >> well, the 1960s era show "mad men" had 16 nominations for its part but got just three trophies including best drama. still not so bad. glenn gloes got best actress in a drama for her performance as a ruthless attorney on "damages." "the daily show with jon stewart," always a hoot, was honored for its writing and the best overall show in the variety musical and comedy series category. a father's accused of giving his 4-year-old cocaine and telling him it was candy. police in newark, new jersey say the boy shared the drug with his friends at a daycare. a teacher called authorities when she saw a girl with a baggie in her mouth. none of the kids were hurt in this. hundreds of thousands of people rocked out at a concert called peace without borders in
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cuba yesterday. ♪ the concert lasted 5 1/2 hours. it was put together by colombian singer juanes. he's trying to connect isolated cubans with the rest of the region and the u.s. but there were also some protests in florida, where some cuban exiles called the concert a declaration of war. >> this is nothing more than a farce, to think that a concert can change a dictatorship that for 50 years has repressed the cuban people. >> we're hoping for the best, that this concert brings a sense of feeling to the cuban people and that the discussions that take place because of this concert are a catalyst for more deeper discussions in the future. >> okay. so juanes said he got death threats over the concert and that police are keeping watch over his and his manager's homes. the biggest regular season crowd in nfl history packed the most expensive stadium in the
10:19 am
united states. this thing, as you described for us, rafer weigel, when it first opened, a gem and it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. the cliche that everything's better -- bigger, rather, in texas. it really is. i mean, because this thing is just huge. and the dallas cowboys officially unveiled their $1.2 billion stadium. there it is right there. former president george w. bush with the coin toss. and with former first lady laura. 105,000 people showed up. some of them standing room only. jerry jones, all his personal friends. no, but he's thanking them there. unfortunately, for the cowboys, the ball did not bounce their way. literally. did you see the way the ball bounced off jason witten's foot for an interception to kenny phillips? on the offensive side new york's mario manningham catches it and gets a friendly bounce. the giants would win on a last-second field goal, but would any of the punts hit the scoreboard? that in the next half hour. the bengals' chad ochocinco made good on his promise to do the lambeau leap in green bay.
10:20 am
you know what the lambeau leap is, when a packer scores he goes and leaps in the stands. well, he found three bengals fans and went and leapt much to the demise of one packer fan showing his disgust. we had to blur it out. stay classy, packer fan. the guy who used to do lambeau leaps, brett favre, set a record for durability. when favre took the field against detroit, he started his 271st consecutive regular season game. that is an nfl record. favre has not missed a game since 1992, when this was a hit song. ♪ jump, jump ♪ make you jump, jump >> ringing any bells for you, richard? >> that's an old one. >> that's the point. remember how they would -- >> yeah. >> that's going to get me an e-mail from the boss. meanwhile, speaking of age-defying feats, in nascar trouble in the pits in the sylvania 300. kurt bushs hits david reagan. mark martin, 50 years young and the oldest driver on the circuit
10:21 am
wins his series best fifth race of the year. this guy's the leader in points standings. he came out of partial retirement this year and he could end up being the year-end champion. lastly, we're going to show you a million-dollar hole in one literally. that gentleman right there, we're spot shadowing him. 150-yard shot. celebrity golf tournament in utah. make the shot you win $1 million. and you see it roll in the hole. look at the guy's reaction. it's like "caddyshack." they all come running out on the field. where's rodney dangerfield? and that's a look at sports. and get this, he was using his brother's clubs when he made that shot. and he almost didn't play because he had a sore wrist. >> wow. that is amazing, man. and a million bucks, as you said. that's good stuff. thanks a lot, rafer. an idaho fire department is trying to figure out what caused an explosion that leveled a house and put a man in the hospital. take a look at this destruction right here. fire officials say the damage may have been caused by a natural gas explosion. the homeowner was in his kitchen boiling some water when the blast happened. he had slight burns and multiple
10:22 am
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president obama is backing an investigation into the acorn scandal. a hidden camera caught acorn workers apparently advising a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute on how to launder their money. president obama says what he saw on the video was inappropriate and deserves an investigation. the president represented the group in a 1995 lawsuit over illinois's motor voxxxxxx.
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that's according to a report obtained by the "washington post" and the associated press. general stanley mcchrystal gave a troop assessment in afghanistan to president obama this summer. and then right now, president obama is heading to
10:31 am
new york. in a little more than an hour or so he'll speak about some of his plans to get the economy back up and running. then later today he's going to meet one david letterman for a show taping. of course, he is pushing that health care reform bill. the space shuttle "discovery" is expected to arrive today at kennedy space center in florida. "discovery" has been ferried cross-country on top of a 747 aircraft, piggybacking there. bad weather forced the shuttle to land in california on september 11th following a two-week mission at the international space station by this piggyback shuttle. it makes several stops because it's got to refill and that stuff. those are some of the stories we're watching for you on this monday. hopefully you're having a good start to your week so far. let's get you all equipped with the top stories. first of all, three days after he escaped from a field trip to the county fair a legally insane killer is back in custody. authorities say they found him over the weekend trying to hitch a ride about 180 miles from where he disappeared. court documents showing phillip paul killed a woman in 1987 because voices in his head told him to do it. a former roommate said paul made
10:32 am
him a bit nervous. >> i didn't see this outburst or outbreak in him, but i can tell he's kind of a strong guy and he's kind of around him there was something about he kept something secret, i'm sure. i never got into knowing all those secrets or anything or what the deal was, but you know, he is a big guy and he -- i guess he could be capable of probably anything, you know, knowing him. >> now there's an investigation of why paul was allowed out in the first place and why he was allowed to leave the mental institution with a backpack full of clothes and food. sheriffs also complain that they were not notified until two hours after his escape. three afghan nationals accused of lying about a possible terror plot will be in court today. najibullah zazi and his father will go before a judge in denver. a third suspect, named ahmad afzali, will be in a new york court at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the fbi says afzali tipped off
10:33 am
the other two that police were tracking them. he denies that. zazi allegedly lying to police about bomb-making plans on his computer. he told the fbi he had never seen those. zazi's father telling investigators as well he never talked to afzali about his son's activities, but the fbi says here they have recorded phone calls between the two of them. agents believe the group may have been planning to attack a major transportation hub. two sources saying zazi had video of new york's grand central terminal. the body of murdered yale student annie le is back in california for her funeral. her family is keeping quiet about the details. her body was found behind a wall of a research building on what should have been her wedding day. le's fiancee plans to hold memorial services for her later this month. a lab technician is charged with her murder at the moment. the swine flu virus could be showing the first signs of vaccine resistance. that's from the head of the world health organization,
10:34 am
margaret chan. she said so far the h1n1 virus has not mutated into a more deadly strain but there have been 25 cases of vaccine-resistant flu around the world. the first vaccine should be ready next month. and what a touching story. this one certainly is. a young man with down syndrome scored his first touchdown for his football team. rafer weigel has been telling us this story this morning. it just tugs on your heartstrings every time you hear it. >> you know, richard, we've had a lot of bad news. why not have a feel-good story? and what makes this story such a feel-good story is both of the teams worked together to make this happen. a great display of sportsmanship. we're talking about 15-year-old matt zizel who has down syndrome. he plays for bethel high in st. joseph's missouri. his team was down. his coach put him in and went to the opposing team and asked them a favor. let them score but make it look real. matt ran it, you can see here, 60 yards on the final play. his teammates running alongside with him. his coach was running down the
10:35 am
sidelines going come on, matt, they're going to catch you. one eyewitness said people started crying in the stands when they saw this. and richard, the video was recently posted on youtube. already over 200,000 people have watched it. and he's become, as you can see, a bit of a celebrity in the kansas city area. >> yeah, man, it is hard to keep the tears back on something like that. great to see what he did. thanks a lot, rafer. iran's president is denying the holocaust and says he's proud of it. mahmoud ahmadinejad made the denial at his speech friday, and as you know, it's not the first time he's said it. now he tells iran's state-run news agency he is proud his statement is upsetting so many international leaders. ahmadinejad arrives in the united states this week to attend meetings at the united nations, which are ongoing. a 20-year-old man who rapped about the thrill of killing is a suspect in the deaths of a pastor and three other people. richard aulden samuel mccrossky iii already faces one murder charge. he calls himself psycho sam and
10:36 am
records music called horrorcore, which uses violent lyrics. virginia police found the bodies of the pastor and three others last week. some incredible flying in the skies above hawaii over the weekend. the air force thunderbirds were the stars of a special event flying for a crowd at hickham air force base. it was expected to top 1 un,000. fans said it was uplifting, patriotic, and just plain doggone loud. bob van dillen -- >> so cool. >> it's always cool, but it is loud. i mean -- >> yeah. >> you lose some of your hearing every single time you watch one of those. >> you know, hair inside it's not. i hitched a ride with the blue angels about two years ago, three years now, and you can't hear anything. it's great. >> cool stuff. it's not so cool on the west coast, though. you were telling me it's getting kind of warm, yeah? >> heat. a possibility of maybe some 90s for the bay area last week. well, it's going to happen today. let me show you what's happening. we have high pressure building right around the rocky mountains. that gradually is going to bleed back to the west. we're going to get the warm air
10:37 am
coming in and pressure heating underneath that high really warms things up. you about on the east side of that high we have an upper-level low that's producing some light snow near denver. you get down to the valleys it's all going to be rain for you but still kind of interesting, watching about mid-september everything starts turning over to snow for the higher elevations near the rockies. but what about the heat? here's what it looks like. 90s to 100 degrees today for san francisco. the bay area heat advisory. and that's going to last today through wednesday. by thursday we settle back down into the 70s. but the next three days they're going to be warm. tomorrow probably the warmest day out of the next three. look at the showers. look at the thunderstorms all coming up out of the gulf of mexico through eastern texas right into louisiana, into mississippi and alabama. and then piling it on strong across northern georgia into tennessee too. so we have all kinds of flash flood watches and warnings. heaviest rain right now seems to be north of atlanta. you can see it there with the radar back in towards birmingham. the rain continues to fall. and that's all going to spread over to the northeast. so we're going to see heavy rain for at least the next couple days. that's where we have all the
10:38 am
flash flood watches and warnings that are out there. up to the north a little bit farther. take you live to new york. here's the way it looks. not a bad day. just some high thin clouds coming in. mid to upper 70s in nyc. looks like a real nice one today. but if you go down south of there, some pictures coming out of miami beach over the weekend. still summertime down there. here's what it looked like. some water spouts forming just offshore. none of them coming ashore, which is good. they weren't classified as tornados, just water spouts pup see people aren't even looking at them. they're just looking at the lovely gals on the beach i guess. there's a water spout directly over that dude's head. >> he's like what water spout? i don't see nothing. >> that was this weekend, southern part of miami beach. >> thanks a lot, bob. appreciate it. we have some video you need to see. a man tackled a bank robbery suspect. they goes. whammo. but this guy had a reason to spring into action when he saw this happening. ( clicking )
10:39 am
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opening statements begin today in the federal trial of john "junior" gotti. he's accused of being involved in three gang-related murders, cocaine, trafficking, and a plot to kidnap the founder of the guardian angels. this will be the fourth trial for the son of former mob boss john gotti. his last three trials have ended up with either a hung jury or mistrial. a man came to his wife's rescue during a bank robbery. just look at this tape right here. police say the wife was nearby talking to a teller when a guy came up demanding money. now, the husband came from the back of the room and made an astounding tackle. >> it's kind of nice to know that somebody like that would take the time or, you know, put himself in harm's way to, you know, at least, well, protect everybody's interest here, you
10:42 am
know? >> especially his wife. >> sbleeshl his wife. >> definitely a hero for somebody to do that. today's day and age you never know. you never know what's going to happen. >> it takes a hero to do that. and it takes a lot of guts. >> well, the wife ended up helping bank employees detain the guy until police arrived. if you like to watch videos and listen to songs on the internet, an announcement today from the government could be music to your ears. our money expert jen westhoven is here with that story for us. what's it all about, my friend jen? >> you know, feel free to jump in on this one because i'm sure if you watch you know that richard likes to text stuff too. but this is really interesting. net neutrality, some people say, well, it protects you, the freedom to do what you want on the internet. and other people say it could mean a slower everyday experience if you're not a real tech guru. basically, the way it works right now, your internet service provider, they can kind of put a traffic light on you. they can put a red light and slow you down if you're downloading too much. and they argue that's because
10:43 am
when one person does it they're hogging bandwidth, they're slowing down the internet for everybody on the network. but consumer groups say that's not the only reason they're doing it. consumer groups say that they do it to block out the competition sometimes. well, the head of the s.e.c. apparently listening to the consumer side, calling for a new rule. net neutrality, meaning that providers don't make any distinctions, they have to treat all web traffic equally. >> hmm. >> got anything to say about that? >> no. interesting. yeah. >> sometimes people have strong opinions. all right. the president making the rounds on the sunday talk shows, and of course he brought up the economy. the jobs market. specifically saying there's probably not going to be any large-scale hiring until next year. and here you see some evidence in cape coral, florida this weekend, where an estimated 2,000 people turned up. they were applying for just 150 jobs at a new luxury hotel that's going up. florida unemployment rate, more than 10% right now. it's a little bit more than the average. and this week this is going to be real important to you if you're collecting unemployment,
10:44 am
if you know somebody who is. congress is going to be looking at considering extending benefits again if you live in a state that has very high jobless rates. we'll keep you posted on that one. richard. >> so that means they'll get unemployment for longer periods of time? >> yeah. sometimes they might extend it for like another 13 weeks because they know it's not really about you trying so hard, there's just not many job openings where you live. >> and as you've said to us in the past, sometimes those unemployment figures don't factor that in, right? those folks that fall off of that. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot, jen. a new york rabbi is worried that synagogues may be easy targets for terrorists. so along with a prayer shawl he's got some firepower and he'p teaching others how to join his god squad. (announcer) neutropéna tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning.
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10:46 am
new york governor david paterson will run for the office next year despite a report president obama asked him to step aside there. "the new york times" reporting the white house urged him to withdraw from the governor's race. the obama administration denies that, but some white house officials acknowledged aides conveyed to apaterson's camp
10:47 am
they're aware his lack of popularity could cause trouble for democrats. a daily aspirin might cut your colon cancer risk in half if it's in your genes. that's from a new study in europe that tested 1,000 people with a gene accounting for 6% of colon cancer cases. an earlier study showed that aspirin may cut the odds of dying from that disease up to 30%. cancer experts say more research, though, is needed at the moment. a new york rabbi teaching anti-terror tactics to synagogues. >> die! die! come on! >> all right. now, that's a sample of what the former cop and black belt in martial arts teaches in his security course. he's been warning that synagogues are becoming terror targets and they're not doing enough to beef up security. now, his showmanship is a big draw, no doubt. >> a lot of nicknames. rambowitz, rabbi rambo, the god squad. i don't know where people come up or think about these things. >> rambowitz?
10:48 am
he even teaches right now how to turn a prayer shawl into a weapon. >> that would make an excellent tv show. wouldn't it? >> that's right. >> it's too bad aaron spelling -- it would have been right up his alley. >> absolutely fantastic. getting a lot of laughs no doubt, as well. >> serious stuff, though. >> yeah, it is serious stuff. talk about making a grand entrance, a former nfl player parachuted into the stadium, where he was being honored by his former team. and you dissect the video for us and tell us how good he looked when he did it. >> we consulted a parachuting expert. i don't know if you've heard. ms. meade prior to you has a bit of experience on this. and she dissected how shannon sharpe parachuted incorrectly. we're just giving him a hard time. there's sharpe. he used to play for denver. parachuting into denver's mile high stadium. he was being inducted into the broncos' ring of honor. robin here said he didn't lift his feet up. you've got to lift your feet up. that's fine. what an entrance there for sharpe. and he was honored during halftime as well as they put his name up on, like i said, the
10:49 am
ring of honor there, joining other great names like john elway. but then during halftime he actually broke down. and that's a tough man right there. he was very moved by the moment. meanwhile, denver went on to beat the browns. and they were both in "gq." now it's time to square off on the field. jets rookie mark sanchez the new heartthrob in new york, led the jets to their first win over tom brady and new england since 2000. brady was made to look downright ugly by the jets' defense. and this just in. sanchez, we are hearing, is now dating gisele. i kid. they're married. she wouldn't do that. and the super bowl champion pittsburgh steelers lost a stunner to chicago. two big hits in this one. tight end greg olsen collides with tyrone carter right there. we're going to give you another look at that. both these guys laid on the ground for quite a bit. here it is. right -- oh, that's going to leave a mark. and jay cutler got blindsided by a referee right -- ooh. watch where you're walking, jay. bears win in a dramatic come-from-behind win on a field goal by robbie gould.
10:50 am
and the cowboys hosted the giants. the texas-size scoreboard. look at that beautiful thing. would any punts hit it, though? that was the big question. tgi friday's was going to give out free green bean fries if any punts if any punts did, this one came pretty close, but it didn't happen. the giant's lawrence pines hit a field goal in the final second to give new york the win and spoil the party. lastly, a little weigel's wackiness. it's the cardboard kayak races in idaho. you can only use cardboard and duct tape. you can use an actual kayak paddle, which someone should told that person there. i don't know how those things stay buoyant. wait, that's a real kayak. >> a cardboard and a lot of duct tape and some free time, evidently. >> thanks, rafer. thousands of people hit the mud this weekend. check out the mud run in columbia, south carolina. it's a fund-raiser to support marines and their families. the course is more than four miles of walls, trenches, and
10:51 am
mud and water-related obstacles. mama mia. >> number one movie right now sure is a spicy meatball. the new animated film, "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" took in $30 million. matt damon's "the informant" debuted at number two, took in $10.5 million. and last week's number one, tyler perry's "i can do bad" came in at number third. so what are you doing next tuesday night? we have an exciting addition to our prime-time lineup coming your way. "the joy behar show" will kick off on tuesday, september 29th. be sure to put that down on your calendar. now you see it -- -- and soon you won't. one artist's tireless work gets
10:52 am
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right now on a special live edition of "showbiz tonight," showbiz at the emmys. tonight, "showbiz tonight" is live coast to coast with the latest reaction to tv's biggest night. big news breaking. the amazing stories behind the big emmy wins of shows with small ratings. the tina fey upset, the star who looked like she was ready to give birth on the red carpet and still looked incredible. plus, did host neil patrick harris rock or flop? this morning, "showbiz tonight" is live with all the emmy shockers and controversies. is oprah winfrey bashing marriage? this morning, oprah's unbelievable brand-new confessions about her longtime
11:01 am
relationship. oprah's startling revelations about why she won't get married. but "showbiz tonight" dares to ask, is oprah sending the wrong message? plus, jessica simpson's heartbreaking dramatic move in the search for her beloved missing dog, snatched by a coyote. so why in the world is martha stewart now slammi inming jessi. a special live edition of tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. good morning. i'm a.j. hammer, coming to you from new york. this is a special live edition of "showbiz tonight." this morning, it's showbiz at the emmys. "showbiz tonight," of course, was right there in hollywood for the 61st annual emmy awards on sunday night. i've got to tell you, the emmys really took a big gamble coming off of its lowest ratings in history last year. the show went through some big changes. neil patrick harris, who hosted this year's tony awards, was
11:02 am
called on to host the emmys, and there were plenty of star surprises, controversies, and of course, some hysterical moments. we'll get to all of that in just a moment. but first, here's "showbiz tonight's" kara finnstrom with big news breaking at the emmys. ♪ don't flip that switch aren't you curious where stars got emmy's vote ♪ >> reporter: host neil patrick harris got the show off to a fun musical start. then it was on to the comedy awards. supporting actor and actress went to first-time winners. >> i'm unemployed now so i would like to be on "mad men." >> reporter: kristin chenoweth won for the canceled abc show, "pushing daisies." >> jon cryer beat out the competition, including the host. >> reporter: "30 rock"'s alec baldwin became the first repeat
11:03 am
win of the night. >> i'm literally shocked i won again. >> michael emerson won his second supporting actor drama emmy for playing the creepy benjamin linus on "lost." and it was hail to the chief for first-time winner cherry jones, who took the supporting drama actress surprise for playing the president on "24." >> it's just now dawning on me that there really were probably millions of people around the world watching. i'm sorry, i'm a little speechless right now, just thinking about that. >> reporter: from then on, every big winner from last year won again. glenn close earned her second lead drama actress emmy in a row for "damages." brian cranston repeated for "breaking bad." "30 rock"ed earned comedy series the third year running and emmy voters were enthralled once again with "mad men," it repeated as best drama series, proving that everything old is
11:04 am
indeed new again. >> we worked very hard to not have it stink the second year. >> reporter: and speaking of old favorites, the biggest winner this year was based on something really old. a 150-year-old charles dickens novel. the pbs mini series "little dorrit" took home a total of seven emmys. >> there were certainly plenty of memorable moments on tv's biggest night. and joining me laura sanchez, a correspondent for "extra." and also mike fleeman, the west coast editor for i want to start off with everybody's been buzzing about in hollywood. neil patrick harris, he did a fantastic job hosting the emmys. he really set the tone doing that amazing opening number. let's take a look at that. ♪ yeah, don't let your finger hit the remote ♪ ♪ tonight the emmy is hitting the town, so don't put down the
11:05 am
remote ♪ >> just watching that right now, neil seemed to be having a terrific time occupy there, everybody knew it. but the running joke he had going through the night, don't change the channel. michael yo, all the reviews that i've said this morning said neil knocked it out of the park. i'm right there with him. what do you think? >> i thought he did an amazing job. every celebrity i talked to after the show, the thing they loved about neil patrick harris, he kept the show moving. and that's the whole thing. last year, you know, at times you were like, i wish they would just move on with the show. this one, it was quick, it was moving, and all the celebrities, plus the viewers, they loved it. >> lauren sanchez, are you right there, because i think he's like the new host for the new millennium, if you ask me. >> pardon? >> what'd you make of his performance last night? >> i thought he did an incredible job. just like you said, he kept the show moving. the only criticism i have was the white. i have to say, the white suit kind of threw me off just a little bit. i thought he might be serving drinks a little later, but after
11:06 am
that, he did such an incredible job. he said he was going to keep the show moving. >> i have to say something about that white suit, as you were changing the channels, it caught your attention. it was like, what's that guy wearing that suit for? last night in so many ways, it was sort of like deja vu all over again. same big winners as last year's emmys with both "mad men" winning for best drama, "30 rock" winning for best comedy. tony collette took home the emmy for best actress for a comedy. the show "united states of tara," not a lot of folks have seen that show. what is up with that, her winning this award over the big hitters? >> the wrap on the tv academy has been they all keep awarding the same shows over and over again. that we're going to see nothing but a "30 rock" lovefest. it speaks to the new emmy awards that they finally recognized something new and interesting. >> i want to stay with the funny ladies for a momentum. kristin chenoweth, who has long
11:07 am
been one of my favorite actresses. she won best supporting comedy actress for "pushing daisies," and that is a show that's been canceled. and she gets my vote for the best acceptance speech of last night too. let's take a look at a bit of that. >> i would like to think my parents, i would like to thank ryan fuller to trust me to create this part. i don't know when i'm crying. i'm not employed now, so i would like to be on "mad men." and i also like "the office" and "24." >> i love that she's joking, she's now unemployed. i don't think she's going to have any trouble getting work, but michael yo, are you with me that kristin's phone is probably winning, especially loud today. and maybe she'll get her wish and wind up on "mad men" or "the office" or "24." >> i thought she was phenomenal. the acceptance speech was fun. you were speaking earlier about toni collette winning the award,
11:08 am
but sarah silverman in the mustache, that was absolutely hilarious. the women came to the occasion and they brought the funny this year. >> brian cranston winning for best actor for "breaking bad," for the second year in a row. probably one of the best shows on tv that doesn't have a big audience. now, mike, it does seem that there are a lot of big wins for shows with relatively small audiences, but does that even matter? >> it matters a little bit. "mad men" got certainly a boost. it hasn't helped "30 rock." but, you know, with a show like "breaking bad," the stakes are not as high. and that's the good news about awarding these shows with small audiences. they don't need a huge bump to keep on going. >> one of the biggest wow moments for me, not on stage, but before the show, on the red carpet, can we take a look at the shot of heidi klum showing off her pregnancy, wearing a tight, black dress. lauren, i have to imagine that moms everywhere are looking at heidi, saying, wow, right on. she was absolutely unbelievable and just looked incredible last night.
11:09 am
>> she looked fantastic. heidi was telling me, she goes, she didn't know how big i was going to be when she was making the dress. and for some reason, it just fit. but we were talking about it earlier. she is supermodel, baby, supermodel. it's like her boyd hasn't changed at all except for this big, huge belly she has. she looked incredible. seal was by her time tside the time. i asked, what happens if you give birth. seal said, if it happens, we'll go to the hospital. it's a baby girl and they don't have a name yet. >> and we know that seal can drive pretty fast. we've seen video of that before. michael yo, did heidi klum just not look beautiful? >> she is so beautiful. pregnant, not pregnant. seal is a very lucky man. >> mike fleeman, we talked about some of the highlights of the nights, but i have a feeling you
11:10 am
have a couple of disappointments in mind. run a few of them down for me. >> you know, i was perpetually surprised and happy throughout the entire night. this is one of the first shows that people were complicating the show as it went. it was almost as if people were relieved that the show didn't stink. and i was sitting at home, i was relieved that i was finally enjoying an emmy and not just enduring it. >> lauren sanchez, did you feel the same way? >> i did. what i really liked, they played the nominee's shows for a long time. so if you didn't know the show, you kind of got a feeling of it and why it was nominated. i really thought that was incredible and helped move the show along and it also made you want to watch so you weren't just seeing actors up there doing nomination speeches or doing some type of skit. i really liked that. >> and that was particularly important, again, given the fact that a lot of these shows had relatively small audiences. finally, over the you, michael yo. >> i thought neil patrick harris was in the perfect position. if the show didn't do well, he could blame it on the big
11:11 am
football game that was on last night. if it did well, he's like, hey, i was the host, i did well. >> i have a feeling we are going to see much bigger things from neil patrick harris. it's so nice to see a guy who started out so young have such momentum in his career at this time. appreciate you guys waking up with us and being with us this morning. michael yo, mike fleeman, lauren sanchez, thanks, guys. and as we move on this morning, oprah winfrey stirring up serious new controversy. is oprah really bashing marriage? she is revealing brand-new details about her longtime relationship with steadman grant, like why she won't get married. so "showbiz tonight" dares to ask, is oprah sending the wrong message q message? and poor jessica simpson, her dog gets snatched away by a coyote, happens right in front of her. now she is making a heartbreaking, dramatic move in her search. but why is martha stewart now slamming jessica simpson? also, paula strikes back at ellen.
11:12 am
♪ i'm coming out, so you better get this party started ♪ >> this was such a great, great moment. paula abdul caught on camera imitating the woman who got her job on "american idol." so does paula resent ellen degeneres or will the spoof actually give paula some "idol" closure or was paula straight-up out of line? this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. imodium multi-symptom relief p) combines two powerful medicines for fast relief of your diarrhea symptoms, so you can get back out there. imodium. get back out there. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle.
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what? i see you giving me the evil eye, paula. i see it. >> i'm not leaving her alone. >> all right. just last night, vh1's "divas," host paula abdul took a playful jab at reality show star and comedian kathy griffin. kathy known for her hilarious stand-up routines where she takes a swipe at almost everyone in hollywood. but tonight i have a side of
11:16 am
kathy you don't see that often. her very serious side. welcome back to "showbiz tonight," i'm a.j. hammer in new york. and tonight, it's kathy's painful past. kathy griffin makes a living, of course, from making people laugh. but in this, kathy's new memoir, "the official book club selection," griffin writes about something that is really no laughing matter. her oldest brother kenny was a pedophile. yanlg i can't imagine a whole lot of people who would want the world to know such a shocking family secret. when i sat down with kathy, i had so ask her why the story needed to be in her book. >> i'm not a secret keeper, as you know. and there's nothing about my life that has any secrets. and what i learned is, you know, i grew up in a very traditional irish-catholic family. and you know the mix, they love their secrets. and that's all well and gad, but i think at the end of the day, when you're talking about pedophilia, something as serious as that, you can't keep that secret. it's something that needs to be exposed. when i was a little girl, i'm 48 years, but when i was a little girl, it's almost like the word
11:17 am
"pedophile" didn't exist in our world, but we all had that relative that you knew not to go near. i couldn't write the book without writing about him. because, in fact, he was actually a very influential character in my life. because, obviously, very difficult person for my whole family to deal with and he was a very divisive figure in our family. so i felt like if i'm going to write a book that is stuff you haven't seen on the d list and don't see my act, there are serious parts too. like anybody else in life. you know, you have serious and heavy things that happen to you. so i couldn't write the book without writing about him. >> and separate from learning about you -- >> could that answer have been any longer. >> it was pretty long. is there anything about your brother, kenny, that people may take away and perhaps look at their own lives? >> of course. i think the most important thing to take away is that it didn't just happen in my family. it happens in many families, it needs to be talked about. and i believe this is a topic that only when you shine the light on it will we start to get some -- i don't know if you can
11:18 am
say healing, i don't personally believe that people can be cured from this, but it's something that needs to be talked about, and that's how you protect people. >> just an awareness that, hey, it's going on, have a conversation. >> absolutely. have a conversation. and my dad did have a conversation with my brother before he died. and he said, you know, kathleen thinks you're a pedophile. and my brother's answer was, well, i do what i do. probably not how you would answer if someone accused you of being a pedophile. it's a pretty intense thing so, yeah, i write about it. >> you can pick up a copy of katy griffin's memoir, it's terrific, called "official book club selection." it is in bookstores now. let's move on to our showbiz on call phone lines. as soon as we showed you the first interview with hulk hogan's wife, linda, who's 50, with her boyfriend, who's 20. gianaj >> caller: i think if he was 50 and his girlfriend was 20, everybody would think he was
11:19 am
rocking and that was hot. but if you're woman, that's creepy. >> we also heard from caitlin from new hampshire and she doesn't like what linda's doing. >> caller: she's crazy. it's absolutely ridiculous that she's putting her kids through this. hulk hogan worked his whole life to give him everything that she has and she ripped it all up to date a child that's that age. >> the showbiz on call phone lines are always open. 1-888-sbt-buzz. please, give us a ring. leave a voice mail so we can play your call on "showbiz tonight." we're also posting them, too, online. check out our home page, well, oprah and her guy certainly no cougar issues there. her and her longtime boyfriend steadman graham are about the same age. not only is she revealing why she never married steadman, but
11:20 am
is she actually trashing marriage at the same time. also tonight, kelly osborn's unbelievable drug confessions. >> i started experimenting with drugs when i was 13. >> 13? >> yeah. so by the time we started doing the osborns, i really was a full-born drug addict. >> wow. 13. in a brand-new interview just today on "ellen," the daughter of rocky ozzie osborn reveals how she became a drug addict and while being made fun of for her weight just fueled her addiction. and poor jessica simpson. her dog was snatched by a coyote and tonight she's making a sad, dramatic move in the search for her little maltipoo. but why is martha stewart now slamming her on top of a whole bunch of other people. i'm thinking, everybody needs to leave jessica alone. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. it is time now for the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. [ woman ] dear cat. gentle cat.
11:21 am
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now on "showbiz tonight," is oprah bashing marriage? tonight, oprah winfrey's brand-new stunning revelations on her longtime relationship. why oprah says she won't marry stedman. and "showbiz tonight" with the provocative question, is oprah setting a bad example? and big, breaking news in the search for jessica simpson's dog who was snatched by a coyote. and why is martha stewart slamming jessica? plus, paula abdul spoofs ellen. ♪ i'm coming out, so you better get this party started ♪ is paula slamming ellen for swiping her gig at "american idol," or is this all just in good fun? plus, more stories breaking from
11:31 am
the showbiz news ticker. tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight, oprah now revealing why oprah won't marry. in a rare and candid interview, oprah winfrey is revealing what she never revealed before. there is outrage tonight over what oprah said and her take on marriage. oprah opens up about what she really thinks and why she may never get hitched to her longtime boyfriend, stedman graham. and paula abdul strikes back. >> good evening, everyone. i'm paula abdul and this is not "american idol". >> the dancing diva returned last night on the return of the
11:32 am
vh1 show "divas live," and in her first tv gig since she left "american idol," paula wasted no time spoofing ellen degeneres who got paula's job on "american idol." the big question everyone's debating today, was it all fun and games, or was paula a little bitter? joining me tonight, jessica weiner. tonight in new york, marvette britto, a strategy for brands, a brand strategist, and a publicist. let's start off with oprah winfrey. i'm sorry, i'm just very excited tonight. we love oprah, we love her show, we love her interviews. not everybody is loving what she's got to say about marriage and you're about to understand why. everybody's always wondered why she and her longtime partner stedman have yet to tie the knot. now we know why. oprah told atlanta tv station, wsb, had we made the official marriage commitment, we wouldn't still be together. the reason the relationship
11:33 am
works is that we get to define it on our own terms. it would be very different if we were in a traditional relationship where i was expected to be a wife and every now and then cook a meal. no surprise, blogs were just burning up today. a lot of people just outraged by what oprah said. they're saying, basically, what does marriage have to do with cooking? jess weiner, off to you, first. what do you think? i'm pretty surprised by this. is oprah really slamming marriage here? >> are you surprised? i'm not surprised. i love that oprah said this. here's the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about in the gender roles in traditional heterosexual marriages, they still exist. and oprah would never be oprah if she had to raise her children by herself or with a husband and do the traditional rules that people are expected to do in marriage. name me one billionaire in his position that is a man and who have hands-on raised a kid. >> but marvette, tell me if you agree with me, the definition of
11:34 am
marriage has certainly changed, and i don't want to debate this. oprah's such a progressive woman. so to equate marriage with being expected every now and then to cook a meal doesn't seem very oprah-esque to me, marvette. >> well, i think there are traditions and expectations when you get married. for oprah, she clearly marches to the beat of her own drum. and for her, you know, marriage is about the commitment that you make to each other. it's not about the vows. so i think oprah's more interested in the action of -- you know, that a commitment brings rather than the vow. and i think she has every right to do what works for her and stedman. you look at the staggering divorce rate, i don't think it's something that everybody should aspire to have. >> absolutely. marvette, i agree with you. what i guess i'm saying, you make the point that oprah marches to tmarch s to the beat of her own drum, you can still get married and march to the beat of your own drum and not let the word "marriage" define you.
11:35 am
and the "showbiz tonight" facebook page fired up and may i have one more round of applause, over 10,000 fans on facebook. a lot of hits when we asked, is oprah sending the wrong message. cindy z. writing, of course she's sending the wrong message. enough people already feel marriage isn't what it is all said to be, and this type of commenting does not help. but julianne h. says, no one makes a big deal out of goldie hawn and kurt russell, they've been together forever. so have stedman and oprah. big whoop. you do what's best for you, regardless of who you are. just because her name is oprah doesn't mean she should live her life inauthentically just to appease the public. >> i think marriage is a union between two people and what goes on, rules, regulations, their relationship is all individual.
11:36 am
and i think we should all get out of everyone's marriage and everybody's relationship and if it works for oprah and stedman, it works. they're responsible human beings. she's doing a beautiful job, as is he. everyone just needs to take a chill. >> i agree with that. i think she can do whatever the heck she wants. and let me say one more time, oprah winfrey. we have more big breaking news today, paula abdul, the dancing diva debuts on her first tv gig since she left "american idol" and was replaced by ellen degeneres. she hosted vh1's "divas live" last night and didn't waste anytime poking fun at ellen. check this out. it was the highlight of the night. ♪ >> why y'all staring at me? can't a girl try out a new job?
11:37 am
all kidding aside, nothing but love, ellen, and i wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your new gig. and call me! you've got to call me if you have any simon problems, because, you know, i know him best. >> all right. i think it's pretty clear that paula was just having some fun, acknowledging the elephant in the room, even throwing some love ellen's way. but marvette, there are some people out there, i've seen the comments who say she came off as a little bitter last night. what was your takeaway? >> i don't think she's bitter at all. she should be able to make fun of herself. this is a very difficult situation, i'm sure, being replaced on a show that she was very much a strong of. a strong part of the "american idol" brand. so i think we should support paula's decision to make fun of a very difficult situation, maybe that's the way that she chose to deal with it. i thought it was amazing. and i think that it's really showing "idol" and "idol's" fans what they're missing.
11:38 am
>> she started the show off to singing and dancing to some of her big hits from the '80s. let's watch that. ♪ >> now, the way i look at it, everything paula is doing right now is basically an audition for her next job. what do you think, jess, she needed to hit it out of the park last night. did she? >> you know, a.j., i like paula, i don't agree completely with marvette, that it was so, you know, much fun and hilarious to watch. i think paula's not a comedian. it fell flat for me, it seemed a little desperate. and i think that's part of what people can pick up on with paula. i want her to stay being paula, but leave the comedy to ellen. >> did she maintain the paula brand? >> she absolutely maintained the paula brand. she made light of it, ellen is a comedian, ellen will get it, ellen makes fun of people all the time on her show. if that's how paula chose to
11:39 am
deal with this situation, we should supporter in that. and we've been asking you to vote on our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. talk show show down. who would you rather see get her own show, paula abdul or kate gosselin? e-mail us, "showbiz tonigh showbiztonight@cnn.c tonight, big breaking news in the search for jessica simpson's dog, who was snatched by a coyote before her very eyes. i'm a big-time dog lover and i'm very upset that a lot of people are slamming jess for going on a all-out search to find her dog. i've got the latest on jessica's dog drama. and kelly osbourne reveals her dramatic battle with drugs. >> i started experimenting with drugs when i was 13. >> 13? >> yeah. by the time we started doing "the osbournes," i was a full-blown drug addict. >> is her family's mtv reality show "the ozbournes," to blame?
11:40 am
plus, brant new secrets from "sex and the city" the quell. we're right there on the set. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. (announcer) sleep can help lighten your mood... ...and improve your concentration. tylenol pm qets the pain and helps you sleep. because the better you sleep, the better you feel.
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finally, all the sweetness of nature and just 5 calories a packet. nature gave us the recipe; we just gave it a name. new sun crystals ® all natural sweetener. two natural wonders. one sweet taste™. we haven't named it yet. it's jess' responsibility. >> tonight, bad news for jessica simpson and her doggy drama. the desperate search for a beloved maltipoo, daisy, who was snatched by a coyote. a dog first gavin to her her ex-husband nick lachey. why the heck is martha stewart slamming jessica over this? tonight, jessica's doggy drama is coming to a heartbreaking end. today we learned that the official search is over.
11:44 am
jessica has been holding out hope over hope that daisy is still out there somewhere, but a lot of people said she was being unrealistic, including whoopi goldberg on "the view." today we learned that martha stewart is also dogging jess, blaming her for being careless. with me tonight in new york, steven smith, a music and pop culture expert. from the moment jessica sent out a tweet that daisy was snatched by a coyote, people were having a big laugh at her expense because she thought there was a chance that maybe daisy would come hope. today daisy dug up the automated call by a company to help find daisy. >> daisy is a ten-pound multicolored maltipoo. if you have seen her or help, please call. you can view your neighbor's lost pet and their contact info at >> despite those efforts, we learned the search has been called off.
11:45 am
there's no sign of daisy. and jessica is bracing for the worst. steve, i'm pretty ticked off a lot of people have been making fun, just because jessica was hoping for a miracle here. are you with me on that? >> i'm completely annoyed. it's really, really rude. we've all lost pets. they've escaped. we've lost pets to disease or anything. and anytime someone is grieving, you do anything you can to get your animal back. and for everyone to weigh in, it's really none of your busy to discuss things like that. martha stewart saying, you should have watched it more. what if it had been a child, martha. who are you to say anything like that. >> and a lot of us feel like our pets are like our kids. and i was pretty shocked about the martha stewart comment, because she's apparently a fellow dog lover. she's given jess a smackdown in the whole doggy drama. stewart was at a party for "us weekly." here's what she said. it's pretty sad. she should have watched it more closely. she should have been more carefully. are you with me that martha's just out of line? >> i don't think at all. i think martha's basically
11:46 am
saying what we've all been saying. kind of saying, shut up. i mean, jessica has really, i think, pushed us to the limit. and then martha actually said, it's time, maybe, to get a new dog. >> but on this comment, she was saying here that it was her fault. and i think that's hideous. it wasn't her fault. she doesn't know what happened there. >> no, she doesn't know what happened. it's sad. she saw the dog being dragged off by a coyote. but to go on twitter and put up these signs, it's highly unlikely that this dog's going to be returned, unless the coyote decides to brings it back. >> but there's nothing wrong with hoping. before martha had her smackdown, "the view" cohost whoopi goldberg made the suggestion that jessica was being unrealistic. and that's what a lot of people thought, that daisy would never return from the clutch cans of the coyote. >> i'm not sure whether jessica realizes with coyotes, they don't generally read these fliers. >> now, steven, do you think that jessica's really being
11:47 am
picked on because she has that public image that she's not really that bright. i mean, obviously, you don't think that's fair. do you think that's the core of it? >> i don't think she's being picked on because she's not that bright. she does have that image, sadly, but as someone who used no live in los angeles and have seen the coyotes come down, it is kind of common sense that, you know, if you have a small dog, don't let it out at night, don't let your cats go out. she probably knew it and she's kicking herself more than anybody else could. maybe she turned around, maybe she was on the phone. you have no idea. so everyone else just jump on the bandwagon. if i lost my pet, i'd be on twitter, i would use everything possible, even if i saw it get run over. >> i would like to go back to martha stewart suggesting that jess go out and get another dog. she said, get another dog. i think it's very important to get another dog. someone else to love. you just have to find the dog that's the right match for you. martha has a whole bunch of animals, but i don't think that's good advice from one pet lover to another, suzanne.
11:48 am
i think that is basically saying, oh, you know, you loved that, you can love another one just as easily. it's not like that. >> well, you know, it's just that jessica really has gone to the limit with publicizing this and getting an agency to help her out. she just hasn't gotten a dog whisperer. >> all right. okay. thank you for being with me, steven. tonight, kelly ozbourne's dramatic revelations about her battle with drugs. kelly the daughter of shock rocker ozzy ozbourne. even though we watched her every move on the mtv reality show "the osbournes" we never could have known that she was seriously addicteded to drug the entire time on the show. kelly reveals on "the ellen degeneres show" how early she started using. >> i started experimenting with drugs when i was 13. >> 13? >> yeah. but by the time we started doing "the osbournes," i really was a
11:49 am
full-blown drug addict. and it was at a time in my life where suddenly i was famous, my mom had cancer, my dad almost died in a bike accident. i was going between a hospital in london and a hospital in l.a. and on top of dealing with every time -- i felt like i didn't deserve to be this miserable, but -- or i didn't have the right to be, rather. and i would open up magazines and see things like, the fat daughter of the osbournes. and people would drive past our house and scream, "you're fat and ugly," "we hate you." and it would be consistently every friday and saturday night. >> unbelievable. >> and it was a lot for me to handle. >> yeah. yeah. >> a lot. and i didn't handle it very well. >> well, i am happy to see that kelly is now clean and sober. i think she looks terrific too. ellen's interview with kelly will air on monday. the same day kelly makes her debut on "dancing with the stars," and of course, we wish her all the best. i've got to tell you, people are just going nuts about the
11:50 am
brand-new "sex and the city" sequel and the movie is not even in theaters until next year. "showbiz tonight" has brand-new secrets from behind the scenes from someone who knows the ladies better than anyone else. time now nor the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. . time now for making it work. the secret of how stars make their relationships work in hollywood and beyond and tonight it's naomi watts and lean shriver. they have two young sons together. so when "showbiz tonight" caught up with naomi in new york, we
11:51 am
had to ask her, how do you juggle your kids and make your relationship work at the same time? >> there are days where i cannot believe how one functions with the sleep deprivation that you go through, constantly. and then there are days where i feel like, oh, my god, i can do this. i can do everything. no matter how tired you are, you get so much out of just one little smile. >> this is "showbiz tonight" on >> this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. .ast, so i can love the air™. - hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh?
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