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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  October 26, 2009 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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tonight as the white house's war of words with fox continues, ann coulter will be here with a few words of her own. plus george w. bush finally stopped cutting brush so he can go make cash as a motivational speaker. what is wrong with this picture? another high profile cheating husband has been playing ball with an assistant. all this and more right now. well, we disagree on just about everything under the sun,
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but somehow we can maintain a civil discourse because we're adults, that's why. conservative commentator and author of "guilty, liberal victims and their assault on america" ann coulter. coulter. >> you always have trouble with names when you're on with me. fortunately, it wasn't mine last time. >> i have trouble with my teeth. i want to tell you first of all, a lot of people on the left do not like it that i have you on my show. >> i think they're jealous because i won't go on their shows. >> people like richard belzer the other night, munch from "law & order." he said why are you having her on your show? she's a fascist. they start calling you names. what should i say to these people? >> um -- >> that i'm not a fascist. >> this is taking too long. let's talk about fox news. >> i don't know. i kind of like having them call me fascist. i have difficulty putting myself in your position of caring about
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that. that's why it's taking so long. >> i think people would like everybody to agree on every show. >> since it's all the trend now, i will quote chairman mao. it's a good thing, not a bad thing to be attacked by the enemy. >> sure that's not martha stewart? >> or mother teresa. >> what's the first reaction when you heard the white house was taking on fox news? >> i thought obama must be on vacation or something. i mean, it's so massively stupid. and now everybody's out there speculating on why he's doing it to try to get, you know, the other networks not to cover the stories of government corruption that fox is covering. which seems the most likely reason. >> which one? the a.c.o.r.n. story? >> a.c.o.r.n., nea, van jones, kevin jennings. but as mickey kouse points out, one of your fellow liberals, they weren't covering it anyway. i think they are thin-skinned
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and can't help themselves. >> let's listen to what the president said. he weighed in on fox news for the first time on nbc's "today" show. listen to this. >> what our advisers have said is that we are going to take the media as it comes. and if media is operating basically as a talk radio format, that's one thing. and if it's operating as a news outlet then that's another. but it's not something i'm losing a lot of sleep over. >> are people pissed off -- and he is, too -- because fox lies a lot. they lie. let's give you an example of glenn beck, for instance, one of your pals. he said that 45% of doctors say they'll quit health care coverage if reform passes. now, the ama endorsed obama's overhaul in july, so that's not true of doctors. >> the ama doesn't represent all doctors. >> all right. 45% of all doctors -- >> that's like taking a poll of what lawyers think and say, the aclu doesn't say that and that's a group of lawyers.
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the ama is to lawyers what the aclu is to lawyers. >> which doctors is he talking to? >> you can't call that a lie. you can say i don't like this poll. take my own poll. you can't call that a lie. >> i think it's a lie. he says this is the only country -- >> from my discussions with doctors, i think it's more like 90%. i agree with you. it seems like it's a poll that's underestimating how many doctors are going to drop out of the practice of medicine. >> the ama you have to give some credence. >> no, no, no. it's like the aba. it does not represent all doctors. and point of fact, because i've asked doctors, what is up with this ama? they said, it's all the doctors who can't practice medicine anymore. they're all losers. >> last time you said most people don't like the public option. now it's up to 52%. >> that's phony. >> your polls are not phony, my polls are? >> you're calling it a lie. >> no, that's a separate thing. i'm talking about --
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>> try to keep up with me. >> fox can put on exactly what you said and say, she told a lie. she said 57% support the public option. >> 52%. >> 52%. that was the poll i saw. >> okay. the polls -- on glenn beck's site, it was a poll he saw. >> how about this one? he says this is the only country that has automatic citizenship. that's not true. brazil has it, canada has it, guatemala has it. a lot of countries have it. he needs to get his facts together. >> assuming you are right there, and i did not know that. i have not looked at what other countries make you a citizen simply for being born here. but the point is that isn't a lie. >> okay. >> he made a mistake. >> it's ill informed. >> if you're going to talk that much, he has a radio show, he has a tv show. if you're going to talk that much, people are going to make errors and trip over themselves. to be constantly jumping down -- i mean, they treat fox news like, you know, they're stalin and every little thing has to be analyzed. >> that's not true.
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>> there's more respect for roman polanski than hosts on fox news. just yesterday little contessa brewer on msnbc was introducing jesse jackson and introduced him as al sharpton. that's a little bigger than making a mistake about how many countries say you're a citizen if you're born here. >> i'm not going to deal with contessa brewer here. >> if i'm defending glenn beck, you are defending contessa brewer because she's yours. >> no, i'm not. i don't know who she is. how about hannity? this is another one i love. the cash for clunkers you can go to the junk yard, tow it to your house and get $4,500. that's not true. you have to own the car for a year. why is he putting that out? i don't know why he did that. >> how about the one from my column that went out today with everyone on msnbc citing the willie horton ad as an act of racism and the introduction of vicious personal politics? >> that was lee atwater. he was pretty vicious. >> no. no.
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no. no. they keep doctoring what they're claiming was the bush ad to make it look like they showed a picture of willie horton. anyone who knows anything about the 1988 campaign knows that george bush never showed a picture of willie horton. they scrubbed the race from the ad. >> george the first? >> that was 1988. >> that was his campaign against dukakis. >> correct. it was a fantastic ad. the furlough program was unbelievable than letting convicted murderers out. >> can we not go down memory lane that far? >> you're going to start talking about lies. that is a lie purported nightly on msnbc. the point is the lies on other stations are so much more egregious, so much more relevant. you're disagreeing with a poll because you have another poll that says something different. that isn't a lie. >> what about karl rove? this annoyed me also. can we get that sound on tape for karl rove? he's spoken out about the fight too. listen to this. about fox. >> if you go out and call an entire news network, you know, out, and basically tell the rest of the media don't emulate them, don't follow them, don't be like them or we're going to attack you too, it's across the line.
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this is an administration getting very arrogant and slippery in its dealings with people, and if you dare to oppose them, they're going to come hard at you and cut your legs off. >> you know, that's really the height of hypocrisy. this is the same guy who went after valerie plame, outed a cia agent. he's talking about vindictiveness from the left? give me a break. come on, ann? >> i'm not following the parallels at all. >> i am. it's called vindictive. >> george bush was -- >> they come hard at you and cut your legs off. >> george bush was interviewed on cnn by larry king. he was interviewed by brian williams. he was interviewed on all of these stations. he never stood up and said don't listen to dan rather the way the president of the united states tells congressional republicans don't listen to talk radio and fox news. dan rather -- >> didn't he get dan rather fired from cbs? >> no, dan rather got himself fired by running lying, slanderous, mocked up national guard documents and treating it
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as news against a sitting president in a time of war. >> isn't there a lawsuit about that? >> yet, you never saw george bush saying don't listen to dan rather. but, obama gets his feelings hurt. said there. at first -- >> of course you did. >> at first what he was trying to two. why is the white house doing this? you have helen thomas and all of the liberals saying, wow, this is stupid, there's -- people are wondering why the white house is doing this. that's why i said, at first, i thought it's not bleeding. they don't want fox stories picked up other places. >> why do you think they are doing it? >> they make the excellent point they aren't picking them up anyway. mickey cal says it's to raise money from the base. i don't think so. you got money from the base by attacking -- >> it might be a distraction from the fact that progressives are on his case about the public option and afghanistan. just like george bush used orange alerts to distract us from his shenanigans. you know what i mean? i'll be right back with ann coulter. >> hey, i have more.
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it does offend our values when executives of big financial firms, firms that are struggling, pay themselves huge bonuses even as they rely on taxpayer assistance to stay afloat. >> i'm back with ann coulter. what did you think of the president -- what do you have to say about that, getting the money back from wall street? >> i say ha, ha, ha -- >> to whom? >> to wall street, who gave more money than they've ever given a
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president. i feel exactly about them that i do about these young college kids who also supported obama to make a fashion statement and oh, gosh, they're all out of work now. ha, ha, ha. >> i don't get what you are saying. >> enjoy the obama economy. wall street gave more money to obama than they had ever given to a presidential candidate. i hope you got to go to nice parties in the hamptons. now your bonuses are cut. >> you think they should get the money back? it's my tax money, i want it back. >> you won't get any argument from me. i can't stand it. >> bush was the one that started the ball rolling. henry paulson gave him all the money before he left office. >> by the way, i was against that, but, boy, obama took it up in a big way with all of his little goldman friends working for him, because wall street is joined at the hip with democrats and somehow republicans get saddled with defending wall street. they don't like us. they don't vote for us. screw them. >> we see republicans, money. that's how people think. >> we're the small businessmen. they are the money manipulators
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on wall street who do not create anything, who do not make society a better place, who have enormous mansions then run for governor in new jersey. >> i said it today, i'll say it before and i say it again -- the mob should have given the bailouts. then who are you going to be afraid of? timothy geithner or frankie -- see my point? >> that's good. i would vote for you. >> i know you would. yeah. the other thing about this whole thing, conservatives say we're going to turn into sweden. what's wrong with sweden, anyway? i've been to sweden. have you been to stockholm? >> they're lovely people. they're a little bit socialist. >> it's a country -- >> it's not sad and useless. >> i don't think you're going to count on sweden to "a" invent pharmaceuticals, "b" protect the sea lions. the rest of the world has no military because, thank you, united states, we're here to protect all of the pip squeak countries. >> we're too good. more wars -- >> why do you want to be sweden?
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>> more military buildup. that's what we're supposed to be known for? great. >> and pharmaceuticals. you're not going to have any pharmaceuticals being invented. democrats have a genetic inability to understand the market, how things get invented. do you know how much it costs to bring a new drug to market? it's something like $800 million for a new drug. so, yeah, you can say once merck has figured it out, well, i can get those ingredients for $4, why are you selling it for $100? you're never going to figure out what the drug is. it will be the end of innovation as the patent office said in 1700. >> all right, you go -- >> but i got a lot of information in. >> you did. you did. but you know, it's interesting that you can get health insurance for viagra -- you know -- >> yes! >> they will pay for viagra but they will not pay for birth control. don't you think that's interesting? >> i don't think they should pay for viagra. i don't think they should pay for people to have babies. i don't think you should pay for marriage counseling.
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i think you should be able to buy catastrophic health insurance which you're not able to because why? because of government intervention. >> why shouldn't they pay for having babies? we need more consumers. >> why shouldn't they pay for me to put an addition on my house? it's -- >> it stimulates the economy and puts people to work. >> and people will stop having children? >> what do you want to go back to? the 19th century where nobody paid anything and people are on the streets begging? come on. >> no, we already have medicare and medicaid and the chips program. we already have socialism mucking things up and particularly with the restrictions on insurance companies as we discussed the last time i was on. >> i want to change the subject now. because it's my show. it's my show. i saw a report that said threats against obama are straining the secret service. what do you think of that? a newark airport guard was arrested for making threats against the guy. what the hell is going on? why are there so many threats? >> um -- i -- i -- do not -- i don't know what the evidence is. i would be shocked if there were
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more threats against obama than there were against president bush. >> i'm telling you. what is this another, i don't believe the poll? i'm telling you. trust what i'm saying. >> i think they may be more aggressive about investigating it. >> he's getting more threats. >> as i have not only witnessed in my whole life but described in "guilty," every presidential assassination or attempted presidential assassination was committed by some kind of left wing loan or communist or -- >> the home-grown terrorists are another group we have to worry about here. >> they're all liberal. >> don't make that jump from murderer, terrorist to liberals. that is an outrageous statement and you all know it. >> it's all described in "guilty." we can go through it, assassin by assassin and moreover go to -- >> they're not liberals, ann. they're murderers, they're terrorists. stop it. >> what's the ideology?
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>> stop it. >> they are communists -- look -- lee harvey oswald tried to move to the soviet union. he was on his way to cuba. he was a communist. you have one after another of all of these guys -- so it isn't good. it isn't because obama is liberal. if something happens to him, it will be >> it's because he's black. come on, let's just say it. >> no. >> yes, it is. >> okay. maybe liberals -- liberals are a little racist. >> she says it with a straight face. that's what i love about her. >> they are. would you like examples? >> no. i'm -- i don't want to go in to that. it sounds ridiculous. >> charlie rangel or the democratic party treating governor paterson? >> charlie rangel is on the way out. they're after him. >> that's what i'm saying. they're jumping on his case but leaving chris dodd alone? they give the head of the dnc -- >> you act is if the republicans don't attack their own -- don't go after their -- after 100 years. they go after them in -- >> if you are comparing -- >> democrats go after their own
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at their own pace, the same as the republicans. >> if you were comparing the crimes and put charlie rangel within the same universe as what chris dodd and barney frank have done -- >> you're putting a liberal, charlie rangel, in the same category with timothy mcveigh. >> no. terrorists are liberals. therefore -- >> charlie rangel. >> new discussion. >> no. you have completely combined conversations to create a frankenstein's monster. >> you think you're the only one allowed to confuse the discussion? >> liberals are racists and my evidence of that is how liberals are going after charlie rangel but not chris dodd the way they go after governor paterson, and the way they treated roland burris. >> they should go after karl rove. they should go after cheney for what he did. >> they did not make donna brazile the head of the dnc. howard dean will take the wasp by the green pants. donna brazile was one of the smartest members of the democratic party and i don't think most democrats are smart. she has just run gore's campaign. she's not made head of the dnc?
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>> when we come back i want to talk about george bush then we'll see who's smart. back with ann coulter in just a second. @@@@@@@@@@@@@
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