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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  June 14, 2010 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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this is bout 45 minutes. minister. >> i would like to make a statement about afghanistan. first, i am sure the whole house will like to join with me to patron in -- to pay tribute to jonathan monk and andrew brees, whooboth died in afghanistan. our thoughtssshould be with their families and friends. their service and sacrifice for our country shall never be forgotten. i want to set out for the house, as this government will approach ouu mission in afghaaistan and how that mission is progressing. let me stress the importance of such updates. the whole nation is touched by
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the heroism of this generation of armed forces who are fighting to protect us in harsh conditions far from home. this country and this house are entitled to the facts. that is why this statement will be the start of a pact. there will be regular updates to the house with quarterly updates. on a monthly basii, we will publish much more information on the progress that we are making. .
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national security. our forces are in afghannstan to prevent afghan territory from being used again by al-qaeda as a base from which to plan attacks on tte u.k. or our allies.+ the al-qaeda training camps and the regime that prrtected and or the months after 9/11.stand in the presence of nato forces prevents them from returning. afghanistan is not yet strong enough to look after its own security. that is why we are there. together, with the greater efforts of the pakistanis to hunt down al-qaeda in their own country, al-qaeda are now under pressure on both sides of the border.
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18 months ago, the then prime minister told the house thht some 3/4 of the most serious terrorist plots against britain had leaked from thh border area. i'm advised that the threat from al-qaeda from afghanistan and from pakistan has reduced. i am also advised that if it were not for the current presence of u.k. and innernational coalition forces, al qaeda would return to afghanisttn and the threat to3 the next question is how long must we stty? the afghan people do not want foreign forces on their soil longer than necessary. pritish people are really impatient for progress. our forces will not remain in afghanistan one day longer than is necessary. i want to bring them home the moment it is safe to do so. the key to success is training and equipping the afghan security forces at every level to take on the task of securing their countty so that afghans can chart their own way in the
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world without their country posing a threat to others. our forces will be able to come home, the job done, theer heads held high. mr. speaker, that is why we back the strategy developed by the mcchrystal, endorsed byal president obbma, and nato. it involves projecttng this million population from the insurgents, supporting more effective government at every level -- the civilian population from the insurgents, supporting more effective government at every level, and transferring security responsibility for districts and provinces to afghan cootrol as soon as they are ready. this must be done on the basis of the facts on the ground and not a preannounced timetable. mr. speaker, the current year is -- with six months into an 18- month military surge did we must now redouble our efforts. central helmand and kandahar have been the heartland of the taliban. they have gained a safe haven. that is where the operation in
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sentimenn is crucial to the success of the whole mission -- the operation in central helmand is crucial to the success of the whole mission. today, there are nearly 30,000 troops there. 8000 british, working alongside 20,000 u.s. marines. in total, we have over 10,000 troops in the country. wwth the arrival of reinforcements and the continued growth of the afghan security force, e're now evening out the isaf presence in the the main populated areas. in the past, we have not had enough soldiers per population for an effective counterinsurgency campaign. although the rebalancing is to work in progress, the situation has much iiproved. the arrival of u.s. marine expeditionary force, combined with the additional contributions from other partners, including the state has been a huge boost the
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the marines have arrived with some 80 aircraft and helicopters of their own, which are now available to support all of our forces in the helmand. it is clear that we've made real progress this year.3 normal life has returned to some places. people are going about their been completely infested with insurgents. the progress is not yet in reversible -- irreversible. there'll be tough fighting. must hold the ground that has been taken and pushed the iisurgents out. during my visit, i was able to announce support of 67 million pounds to tackle the most serious threats facing our young men and women. with immrovements made in the the last year, many of the shortaaes which -- in the last year, many of us shortages -- of
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the shortages have been resolved. not everyone has been resolved. we'll have to deal with problems as they arrive. the home country is incredibly proud. we need to do more to recognize their remarkable men and women and place them at the front and center of our society. i announced a doubling of the operational allowance for service in afghanistan backdated the sixth of may. i believe it is right that we renew ann reaffirm our commitment to the military covenant -- that crucial contract between our country and goes o risk their lives to ensure our security. i do not pretend, mr. speaker, that we can succeed by military means alone. -- uncertainties usually end with a political settlement, not military victory. -- insurgencies usually end with a political settlement, not military victory.
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pounds be spent on training, strengthening the police service, and government service. we need a political process to this means getting individual an taaiban fighters to put down their weapons, renounce violence, and reintegrate into afghan society. a successful peace turgut earlier this month -- jurga earlier this month should enable the process to move forward swiftly. everyone in afghanistan, including those in the south, must feel it is their government the mother country, and that they have or role to play.%+ i agree with president karzai that we must work towards a wider reconciliation, leading to a political settlement that works for all the peoples of afghanistan. piercing a good example of that in kandahar -- we are seeing a good example of that in kandahar. it includes a group of several
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hundred local elders, which president karzai attended. it includessa major drive by the afghan government, with our support, to improve public serviies and the rule of law. whaa is happening in the area should reflect a deeper understandinn of the influence of trouble structures in afghanistan. and to the unintended consequences of some of our policies. i want us to take a careful look at the contracting policy of isaf to ensure that the money going into the local economy, from the huge contracts that are left, has a positive impact and does not help fund local militias or even worse the insurgents. mr. speaker, this is the vital year. we have the forces needed on the ground. not just militarr -- but the diplomatic and development fronts as well. i do not pretend it will be
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easy. i must warn the house that we must be ready for further months as the so-called fighting season resumes and as the isaf extends its activities. i say to you what i said to our young servicemen and they are fighting thousands of miles away to protect our national security here at home. like their predecessors, they have the support and the gratitude of the whole nation. mr. speaker, when we succeed in enabling the afghans to take control of their own security, are troops can begin to come hhme. even after our troops have left afghanistan, the relationship between britain and afghanistan must continue as a strong and close onn. likewise, we want to continue to build on our relationship with pakistan. these long-term relationships are essential for our national security. i commend this statement to the house. >> harriet harmon. >> i join the prime ministerrin
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paying tribute to the soldiers who have been killed, private monk, from the second battalion, from the first battalion. our thoughts are witt their families and the grief of their loss. i thank the prime minister for his statement today. can i wwlcome the early visit he madd to afghanistan since coming into government and the increase in the operational a lot that he announced. those serving in afghanistan should know that they have the admiration and respect of the whole country, and all sides of the house. it will contiiue with armed forces day on the 26th of june. i restate our support for the mission in afghanistan, which is, first and foremoss, to i assure the prime minister, since this is his first statement to the house on afghanistan and our first
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official response as opposition, that as he perceives the difficult decisions in the best interest of our missing -- mission, he will have our full support appeared in that spirit, i welcome the 67 million pounds announced to help tackle the ied threat. will he inform theehouse in more detail on what this will be spent? we understand there will be 13 extra vehicles. we welcome ttat. will that be in addition to the 67 millionnpounds? there is also a need for well- protected vehicles with greater maneuverability. will the prime minister confirm that the government will be proceeding with a second batch of 200 like protected control he has reaffirmed that, despite the challenges, progress has been made. can he confirm that the government is continuing this strategy, which the u.k. has
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pursued, but it has not changed? it has not changed, can he tell us in what respect? it is common ground that our work in the venice and need to bring together security, development, -- in afghanistann needs to bring together security and development. can you update us on your conversations with president karzai? i assure you that the government will have our support to take the strategy to see it the afghans are strong enough to take responsibility for their own security and prosperity. that he announced for buildingd- of the afghan army police and civil service. can he reassure the house that this will not be at the expense of vital, existing development programs elsewhere in the world? any oo the the house on discussions he has had with u.s. defense secretaay gates -- can he update the house on discussions he has had with u.s.
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mr. speaker, a stable afghanistan requires a stable pakistan. will the prime minister update the house on discussions he has had with the president and prime minister of pakistan? on the question of the families of our troops -- can i ask him if he will follow through the important work of the force defense secretary -- former defense secretary to back up the wives, paris, and families of our armed forces? will the prime minister reassure the house that the front line will not be weakened? in opposition, the prime minister nd his defense secretary argued for a bigger army, and for the expansion of the army by three battalions. will that go ahead? will the prime minister, finally, explain to this house the reasons for the departure of these two?
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will the confirm ttat they will play a role in the strategic defense review until it is completed? can i ask the prime minister to join me in paying tribute to these two for their service to this nation? >> prime minister. >> i'd think the right honorable lady for response and what she said. also for how she said it appeared i know we will have our differences across these. on the issue of afghanistan, there is a great unity between the labour and polish and benches. p- coalition benches. our troops need tooknow that everyone in this house is behind what they're oing. in terms of this is a sick -- forces will go ahead as planned on the 26th. she asked about the 67 million spent on countering the ied threat and whether that was in
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addition to the patrol vehicles on order. yes, i can confirm that it is. he passed -- she asked about the strategy and what has changed. i know the foreign secretary said in his speech. we're six months into the crystal -- mcchrystal-obama strategy of political and military surge. we want to see that through pure there's continuity there. i am very clear that we must be absolutely clear in our purpose for the national security. it is not to say that development and building of schools and hospitals is not important. we just nned our priorities straight. in the end, our route home and for successful afghanistan is to put security firss. that needs to be very clear. pn terms of a question about the development aid -- the two and a million pounds is additional to
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the work we're doing already -- the 200 million pounds is aaditional to the work we're doing already. i agree with backing the wivess partners, and families of those who served in our armed forces. these families. pressure on we need to do more to help them. i know the very severe pressures we put on people. it is all those issues, whether the schools, the chhldren, the health centers, the time for lead, all of those issues around we want to do more to help them. we want to give a real focus to that. finallyy she asked about the strategic defense review and whether that would cover the pize of the army. of course it will cover all the issues that pertain to it. she paid tribute to two men, whom i would join her in paying tribute to predict are extremely strong - strong and dedicated
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-- paying tribute to two men. i would join her in pain tribute to them. -- paying tribute to them. he wanted to see continuity. he wanted to see that serviie continue. i was very pleased that that happens. he has had been standing down at the end of he strategic review in october. that would give the new government time to put in place the proper transition for new chief of defence staff to take on the vital work ttere. he has done a superb job as chief of the defense off. i've worked with him extremely well. begin with me on a trip to afghhnistan. deserves the gratitude of the3 >> thaak you. does my right honorable friend agree that there is a risk of conflicting messages while sitting on the one hand the the taliban that we will not cut and
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run, that will stay for as long as s needed to stay the job, but since the afghan government that there is an uugency to sort out your correction, your governance? as my right honorable friend pive priority to leaving -- does my right honorable friend give priority to leaving as soon as possible or staying as long as necessary? >> i congratulate my right honorable friend on his successful election as chairman of the defense select committee. i look forwarddto reading his reports over the course of this parriament. i do not thiik there is a conviction. -- contradiction. people want and other foreign troops will not be on their soil for extended time. artificial deadline about when troops will leave, but to do all the work that we can build up the afghan security forces, to give us the chance to leave, and to put pressure -- yes, it is
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pressure -- on the everett -- on the afghan government to combat direction and put in place good governance. it is important that we always work. we need not set artificial timetables that we ccnnot meet. >> several honorable and right honorable members are seeking t3 single, short, supplementary questions. economical replies are the order of the day. >> the prime minister referred very briefly about his son and he did not take the opportunity to respond -- about pakistan and he did not respond to take the opportunity -- take the opportunity to respond. what about a political solution involving afghanistan? >> the honorable gentleman is %+ght. the role pakistan is vital. what is encouraging is in all of the conversations i have had with president karzai, i have never heard him be so positive
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about his relationship with clearly, a stable pakistan and a stable afghanistan are two sides of the same coin. encouraging thing right now is the pakistan overnment is -- pursuing al qaeda in the tribal areas. that is making a difference. of coorse, we have to convince both the pakistani government and the afghanistan government that we are there for the long term, not a long-term with troops, but the long term with support, aid, development, so that they do not think we want to leave them in the lurch once again. >> recommendd the prime minister or concerning that are only justification for being there is not correction of the poppy trade, but national cosecurity. will you confirm that when we start withdrawing our troops, it
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army being increassd in size and training, but when they have reached that level of ability to ensure that al-qaeda cannot return? >> the right honorable gentleman is right. it should not be a focus on -- it should be a focus on national %+curity.+ when we can safely leave the job of securing afghanistan to afghan forces -- that is about numbers. it is about the abilitt. it is right to measure that way. >> mr. mcshane. >> the war is too important. we need to serve the authority of this house and to let government. with had to much -- we have had too much jingoism. >> thank you. i was going to say that -- the
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first sign of madness is quoting one of your own speeches. i agree very much with what he said. i hink ii is important that the military deal that can be of unvarnished, clear advice to ministers. it is also important that ministers test, program and challenge that advice. phat is the policy should be >> given thattone of the prrblems in afghanistan has been creed, i thank you for the clarity of your statement. his pointed out that we're still in the military surgeon phase. can he assure me that -- surge phase. can you assure me that we will keep in constant communication so that we are working in cooperation with them? >> i congratulate my honorable friend on his election to the committee and i look forward to
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the work they are going to do. the honorable gentleman is right. together with the americans and with our nato allies is absolutely vital for success. one thing that strikes me when you go and see what our troops are doing is how close that work is. sometimes, people wonder if it is right that british troops are under american command. it is right to point out that all the american troops in kandahar are under british command. our forces were incredibly closely together. -- work incredibly closely together. it is a great sight to see. us if the progress has been made on opium and poppy reduction? is there prison which is secure enough to help -- hold any of the traders should they be arrested? >> there has been progress. honorable lady will know that the province with the rest record in terms of opium helmand.on has tended to be
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production is significantly down. there is a question about how much of that is due to poppy blight anddhow much of that is due to the subsidy that we've been supporting. how much of it is due to security efforts? it is important that, as we see a more secure afghanistan, we see more farrers pursuinn alternative livelihoods. again, we need to get the order of priorities the right way around. >> speaker, i welcome both the prime minister's statement and his visit. i join him in paying tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives and all those reserved. i assure him that our colleagues stand behind him in the policy that he has announced. i have one questioo about the implications for policy at home. will he now review the work of our domestic government departments to make sure that returning troops have the full support, both for their mental, emotional, and physical needs,
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including their housing, after they have served? >> i am grateful for the question. we will examine every part of the military cover that and make sure we fulfill ittin all the ways we should. housing is clearly a key to that. the last government was putting money into housing. pe need to continue improving that. the health is the area that needs the most attention. -- mental health is the area that needs the most attention when you think of a combat stress that hhs been placed on these young men and women year after year. we need to recognize this needs to o through the rest of their lives. we need to learn from countries like america, where much more is done to follow up on mental health issues. the honorable member is looking at this area, working between the minister of ddfence and the department of health. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. further to that question. and as the right honorable generate -- can i ask the ight
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honnrable gentleman if he would meet with a panel of inquiry appointed by a group for pure form, discussing this very issue ? cuddy's bear some time to meet with us in the future? -- coulddhe spare some time to meet with us in the future? >> either i or the defense secretary ould be happy to meet with him and his colleagues. he makes a very good poont. the problem of mental health issues -- it has not had enough attention. we seek for soldiers all through the nets. they end up homeless on the street or in thh criminal justice system. >> sir stanley.+ >> does my right honorable friend agree that if we're to achieve lasting security success in afghanistan, it is impeeative that we observe a maximum pressure on al-qaeda and the taliban on both sides of the border? that being the case, will you
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tell the house whether it is in the government policy to continue the program of bilateral and counter-terrrrist operations between the british government and the pakistan government, initiated by the previous government here? and that it absolutely is our policy to indeed at work. >> the vital role played by pakistan is to encourage them to go on driving al qaeda out of the badlands of the tribal areas. that is part of it. there is good security cooperation. it is good military cooperation. there's a sense among the pakistan government and military that, whether it is the british or the amerrcans, we are there for -- to relationssip to help them with this work. >> -- we are there for a long- term relationship to help them with this work. >> of the prime minister share with me he real anger are as to -- does the prime minister share with me the real anger as to how this was announced?
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does not they deserve do they not deserve rather -- do they not deserve better than that? >> the chief of the defense that had for some time been intending to stand aside in the autumn after having seen through the ssrategic defense review. that is an appropriate time. it is a good momenttto pay tribute to the wook thatthe has done, which has been genuinely good. i saw myself in afghanistan. the very good leadership thaa is given to our armed forces. >> i join with my right honorable friends and the right honorable lady in theii tribute to two more of our fallen heroee. and some of us on both sides of the house have been pointing out ad nauseum, since 2006, that this is undeemmnned and under equipped as an army, how does he
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think it came about that four successive labour defence secretaries were so uninformed? >> the honorable gentleman takes a very strong view of this issue. i've heard him talk about this many times. he is right that we went into helmand province with too few soldiers and not a clear idea of how dangerous the insurgencyy could become. we also -- i made this criticism from opposition -- did not have sufficient helicopters and did not move fast enough on vehicles or other equipment progrrms. we have to take from where we are. what is right to do now? it seemed that it is right to give this new strategy of stanley mcchrystal and president obama time to work by having a correct number of forces on the ground to deliver proper counterinsurgency, to build up
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theeafghan army and police force, so that we can bring the troops back home. in the end, we need to make our countrr safer. it will be safer if we can behind in afghanistan that may not be perfect or brilliant, but with some level of stability that is not a haven for >> thank you, mr. speaker. next year, the british and american troops will have been 10 years in afghanistan. it is cost lives of hundreds and thousands. the war has been crossed into pakistan. are you utterly convinced that this strategy of long-term military engagement is nott because of future ppoblems? should we not think of some alternative involving neeotiation, rather than military activity? >> limit try and find some common cause with the honorable gentlemann+ -- let me try and find somee common cause with the honorable gentleman. in all lots all this by military
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there should be a political process -- we will not solve this by military means alone. there ssould be a political process. -pit should eegage with taliban. there have to be red lines. there has to be an afghan constitution. it has to be done by peaceful means. above all, they have to sevvr any link with al qaeda. a political process, yes, but let's not pretend that will come if we walk away militarily. >> dr. louis. >> thank you, does the prime minister expect that al-qaeda, as an international terrorist organization -- if it is suppressed in the afghanistan and indeed in pakistan, will more half a dozen otherny one or that it is either the questione- that we could ever tried to tackle the problem in the extremely costly way we have tackled afghanistan, will you undertake to view with an open
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mind, the sovereign solution, which i hope to have an opportunity to discuss with him presennly? >> i don't you for question period i know you have thank you for your question. i know you have considerable experience and expertise. there are areas where they are quite ssrong such as in yemen and somalia. that does not negate the need to do what is possible to deliver a basic level of security in+ afghanistan. the country cannot once again become home to al qaeda. doing that at the same time as working with the pakistan government can actually help to stabilize the region, from which to denounce of terrorism have come. -- from which huge amounts of terrorism have come. i'm happy to announce your ideas -- to discuss our ideas.+ this must be given time to work.
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>> sandra osborn. >> will the prime minister be mindful of the need to advise on human rights? not be oppression of women? >> i am grateful for the honorable lady's question. i think some progress has been made. when i say we're not going to or brilliant society, it does not mean that does not matter. they do. for instance, the recent peace meeting was 20% more -prepresentatives who were wome. president karzai and the britiih press -- all the questions from the afggan press corps for the women. i thouuht that was a sign in and %+++tself. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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recognition of us to recognize the importancc of this. do you have the commitment of our coalition partners that they that we can only lead oneage security as established? the population in afghanistan has to believe we have the commitment to see the job through. by the honorable gentleman makes -- >> the honorable gentleman makes a veryygood point. the canadian and dutch hhve made their own decisions about it is important to do what we can to encourage other nato allies -- i met with representatives of the danish and the estonian military awhile back -- all of our nato partners remain committed to the task, particularly when the number of troops has increased. there is a real chance of delivering a proper counterinsurgency strategy that protect the people, pushes the taliban out, and delivers a
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basic level of tability. >> andrew miller. >> the prime minister will be aware that the first battalion includes many of my constituents.%+ i thank you for your statement today. he quite rightly says that the military effort must take the highest priority in the campaign. in his visit -- in his reports, could ask hhm to reflect on the is on the ground? therr is no doubt that once the engineering resource matches the military effort, it also helps to rebuild communications. those communications can%+++ determine -- can in turn help governments of the country. is it at the right level? >> the honorable gentleman makes a good point. i do not think we of made as much progress as we should have done on the front of engineering. if you take the issue of that one dam. it should be delivering a lot
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afghanistan people. progress has not been as fast as we woull have hoped or as it that is the sort f tangible progress but people in afghanistan want to see to demonstrate that life -- that people in afghanistan want is to demonstrate that life is now better than it was under the talibbn. >> mr. dinkins. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i support my right honorable friends determination and forces are seeking to achieve in afghanistan. is he aware that there has been afghanistan, they have not been on the same wartime footing with the same urgency that our armed servicemen would expect? what is doing to put them on at a better footing? will the, in his absence, appointed secretary of state for afghanistannwho will drive
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things forward? >> what i would sayyto my honorable friend is that we putt that on much mooe of a war footing by having a national security council and the national security adviser. met on the first day of the new government. that is driving the policy of this. that is a difference. i also think that message has gotten very clearly through to the ministry of defence. there are ssmetimes time lags in getting equipment at the fronn line. we're doing everything we can make sure that that happens and the commitment is really there. >> the prime minister has focused his remarks on the security issues, rightly and understandably so. i wonder if he could say more about the development strategy in afghanistan, particularly the development strategy, how he feels about so-called afghan again strategy -- afghanistan strategy, how he feels about the afghan reconstruction trust
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fund, and finally, can i get -- when will there be another report? the airport still has relativee -- relevant messages to give. -- that reports still has rrlevant messages to give. >> i agree about a whole strategy. we cannot be overfocused on helmand province. that is where our troops are. in the end, progress in helmand will be how the whole campaign and mission will be judged. in terms of changes to the%+ strategy, we're just making sure security and helping to deliver that security. having been, for each of the last five years, onto many occasions, people have not been able to get out and afghanistan to deliver a project, becausee
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ttere is not enough security. you have to get that right first.. >> one of many problems that we have encountered is that, there have been in the past, confusion over the key objectives. i welcome your statement today, although i remain convinced -- unconvinced as to whether it can be achieved. thereehas to be a political aad military solution.+ how worried is the by he recent regulation -- resignation from president karzai's government of the chief of intelligence and the interior minister? will the support president karzai in seeking thatt -ppresident karzai in seeking a compromise? >> i support the prospects for political settlement and reintegration. this is, in the end, combined with the military surge, vital to securing the future of afghanistan and enabling us to in the end, the people in
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southern afghanistan have got to feel that they are part of the government, that it represents them. that procees of reintegration -- that have been laid down -- that issa vital part of making this couutry more secure. >> i m grateful for thh commitment to afghanistan and this house. it has been clear that our forces there were in demand. we've been fighting instead of 15-year war, 51-yeer wars. -- one five-year war, five one-year wars. i would ask you to commit to counterinsurgency. we've always been good at that. we've been the problem by the americans. >> i'm grateful for the question. -- we have been leapfrooged by the americans. >> i'm grateful for the
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question, but i do not agree that this is a repeat. what is happeeing in terms of counterinsurgency is making sure that we of the correct number of forces spread across -- we have the correct number of forces spread across helmand to affeet counterinsurgency. he knows that means moving forces from one place to another to make sure they are thick enough. it is welcome that there are now 20,000 u.s. marines there. it should enable us to deliver security. ashamed or anything like that if weemove the disposition of our forces around, and with our u.s. allies. that is part of the delivery of a successful outcome. >> i welcome the prime minister's statement. this autumn, soldiers from the brigade will be deployed air afghanistan. is there any statement on the equipmenn that the prime minister did not mention -- the
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unmanned aerial vehicles? you ladies -- uav's are aavery useful tool in orking against insurgents. will you give a commitment back uav's will be very much part of thh equipment program? >> iican give the honorable gentleman that reassurance. on previous trips tt afghanistan, i have had presentations about the work of the uav's, the drums, the predators.ones, the they're incredibly impressive. we will make sure that they can be employed as quickly as possible. to soldiers who had justly spoke returned from afghanistan. they made the point that the police -- the police equipment is incredibly poor, but the police themselves are very good. would my right honorable friend address that as a key issue? >> i'm grateful to my honorable
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friend for the question. it hassbeen a problem in terms of recruiting and training and retaining, as well as equipment. we had an appalling incident last year. this is a cause that has come out on all sides of the house -- this area has not been given enough focus. training the police is absolutely key. the effort is now going in. i met american police trainers, british police trainers, and there is a a good turnout. for too long, his issue was ignored. >> does the prime minister equipment unveiled doubt that -- that the clearance equipment now available is the best available? >> i believe that equipment and training is incredibly impressive.
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the truth is -- the former defenne secretary would agree -- you have to keep on investing and keep on catching up with the latest technology they are incredibly cutting in trying to find new ways to make these things arder. buttmuch of the federal communications commission regulate the internet? -- >> should the federal communications commission regulate the internet? "the communicators" is tonight on c-span2. >> now, a look at recent sanctioos against iran and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the former u.s. ambassador to iraq and pakistan was a guest on this morning's "washington journal." is 40 minutes. -- it is 40 minutes.
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guest: is a pleasure to be here. host: we'll start our conversation here. the testimony in front of a connressional committee on the role of hezbollah in the middle east -- what did you tell that committee? guest: first, i reviewed the enormous reach and strengthen that hezbollah has developed over the last 25 years. they are clearly on a roll with backing from both syria and iran. interests. the other oint i made was that hezbollah is not just a proxy for foreign governments in damascus and tehran. entity.
5:47 pm
as such, it makes sense for us to engage them. not to compromise with them. not to cut deals with them. simply to engage them. yourot -- you don't affect them. i learned that in iraq. you haae to be in thh game. you have to be engaged. that is how you mess with the minds of people who are unfriennly to a spirit i would like to get on with that with hezbollah. >-- and friendly to us. -- and friendly -- unfriendly to us. i would like to get on with that witt hezbollah. the fighting demonstrated clearly to all of us the capabilities that hezbollah has as a military ntity. since then, by all accounts, they have rearmed, restocked, and are perhaps even morr
5:48 pm
formidable than they were. host: the ambasssdor is with us until 11:00 eastern for your teleppone calls. the topic is iraq, afghanistan, and the middle east. ambassador, you served as ambassador to iraq. this morning, the headlines are on more insurgent terrorist attacks in baghdad, coordinated attacks which killed dozens. we asked earlier on this program how our guest view the progress or lack thereof. what is your view? guest: there were today. one was the terrorist attacks+ that you mentioned -- there were two big stories today. one was a terrorist attacks hat
5:49 pm
you mentioned. -pthere was also the yin and ya. the backdrop of terrorist violence along with the unique political process. these bombings have been part of a landscape for quite some time. there are tragic. their evil. i do not think there want to affect the -- they are evil. i do not think they are going to affect the process. the process will continue. host: how do look at the administration's approach to iraq, the drawdown of troops, and there ramping up of the efforts -- the grabbing up of the efforts in the kandahar reggon. what is your view? guest: they are very much engaged in iraq. the vice-president has made numerous trips out there.
5:50 pm
iraqi leaders are regularly in washington. there is no question that the administration is being very serious about iraq. there is a long way tt go. engagement going forward. more%- we negotiated an agreement with the iraqis before i left in 2008, calling for all u.s. forces to be out by the end of 2011. that interim step -- down to 50,000 by the end of augustt-- this administration -- of this administratton. i think it is going to e workable. given the continued instability and the continued threats that we saw again today, this is going to be have to -- going to have to be carefully calibrated in iraq. in afghanistan, i would call this the afghan surge. i think it is absolutely
5:51 pm
but not necessarily sufficient. we will have to see how it plays. it is clear to me, watching afghanistannas i have for years, that, until you have a dynamic in afghanistan simillr to what the surge did in iraq, you're not going to change the course of vents. i think the afghan surge is crucial. it is taking time. it will take a lot more time. it will take a lot more time.
5:52 pm
guest: you backed out.
5:53 pm
and so we're short of your commitment, we will be careful not to be left alone with more enemies than we can deal with. it is an ambivalent relationship. we see the taliban attack the government. the military itself. state structures. they have declared war on the pakistani state. we are seeing them respond with an effort inside of pakistan. but also, in a more cooperative endeavor given the challenges and threats we face jointly. he was an ambassador in the 1990's. lesley on our independent line. caller: hello.
5:54 pm
when you started the conversation, you mentioned%+ threats on hezbollah. i am not sure of the term you use. maybe you could repeat the term on how we should be dealing with hezbollah. i know that the country of lebanon on has been financially in better shape than almost anywhere. i am wondering what exactly you are saying that the u.s. -- how the u.s. should be engaging with hezbollah because our relationship with love and on would be a friindly one. what exactly are you saying and how should we be relating to hezbollah in engagement? are you talking about the george bush pollcy which is non- engagement ann military force?
5:55 pm
or are you talking about diplomatic sit down, let's talk? guest: thaa gives me a chance to expand on my earlier comments. i think we need to do a number of things. first, we have to have a strong and effective relationship with the lebanese government and with the llbanese armed forces. they are a series institution in the country. we have had an uneven relationship over time. we now are in gauged with them and we need to continue to give them training -- we are now engaged with them and we need to continue to give them training and to one day be a substitute
5:56 pm
to hezbollah. in terms of engaging with hezbollah, i mean just that. we talked to virtually everyone in lebanon, but we do not talk to hezbollah. and i think weeare weakening our own hand by not talking to them. we do not know very much about them because we do not deal with them directly. we do not know with their differences and divisions are. i am sure they are there. we will learn more by talking to them and we might see some advantages that currently we are blind to. this is not a bush policy or an obama policy. it has been a consistent policy that we do not talk to terrorist groups or organizations. when i was in iraq we talked to anyone who would ttlk to us and we did not worry about labels.
5:57 pm
the influence we were able to bring was a big help in winding down the insurgency. i would like to see us be more creative not just in iraq but in lebanon and elsewhere in the world. host: so you're ok with us talking with the taliban. guest: i am ok with it. it does not mean confering recognition or anything else anymore than it meant talkkng with insurgent elements in barairaq. host: there is a story about rhee integrating some former detainees as the headline
5:58 pm
risky experience that they consider redeemable. do you think it is a good idea? guest: we have to be adaptable in these battles situations. again, the individuals who are coordinating the effort in afghanissan, general mcchrystal, has been at this a long, long time with great success in afghanistan and iraq. general petraeus has been with me for a year and a half in barack and he is overseeing both efforts. we bring a lot of cceativity to this effort. >host: 8 republican caller. -- a republican caller. caller: i do not take issue with
5:59 pm
anything your guest has said. when all the noise is at out, something like your guests are conspicuously absent from the so-called round tables. it sounds as if it is their job. logic rules. we have a president if he attempts to perform along these lines, he is called a cobddler of terrorists. he is called a socialist and a secret stalker. insanity. my party. we do ot have a chance. our foreign policy should be3
6:00 pm
criticism at the shortest edge. this gentleman who was -- he brought nuclear weapons to pakistan. from this point forward, our house was on fire and we had to start trying to figure out the relationship between pakistan, india, iran. this is a tough neighborhood host hed. host: he called it a tough neighborhood. guest: i would like to comment on the first part of his remarks. i could not agree more. we')e fighting real battles against real enemies in these
6:01 pm
tough neighborhoods of the world. back here, the level of extreme partisanship has gone to the3 this cannot be about labels and bumper stickers. i have been proud to serve as ambassador in both democratic and republican organizations. there is a continuity among them on issues of national threat and strategy. our adversaries are all fairly well united out there. we do not do any service by going after each other back here at home for no particularly good or logical eason. just because the politics oo identity. now i will talk about the tougher neighborhood beyond our
6:02 pm
borders. host: the think it makes it tougher back home for people like yourself, does it make it tougher to be an ambassador for foreign seevice officer knowing politick the go along stateside? guest: what you have to do is stay in your lane and do what you were sent out to do, which is to make assessments, make recommendations, carry out policies, engage the people in your assignment. don't get caught up in the political swirl back home. that is what i have tried to do as ambassador to iraq. you cannot be oblivious to it.
6:03 pm
host: next call from cincinnati. ccller: i wanted to ask about someone in basra and he did not seem to have power. his father was an ayatollah. he went to ayatollah school or some kind of thing. if he graduates this school -- host: who are you talking about specifically? caller: i do not know his name. host: any idea of that? guest: i think our caller is talking about the head of the trend that is from central iraq and the son of a revered
6:04 pm
and distinguished grand ayatollah who was assassinated by saddam hussein in 1999. he has been in iran studying theology since the beginning of 2007. he has taken himself out of the political discourse in the r iraq. %+e longer he's there, the less influential he will become. is a proud state. they have limited affinity towards iran against whom they fought in a bitter ground war from 1980 until 1928. the longer that he is in iran, the less politically influenced
6:05 pm
he becomes. host: michael on our independent line. caller: my question -- you have worked in pakistan and work with the government'. at the time, we needed the government to crack down on the talbot coming in -- on the taliban coming in. what has been the tone of dialogue with the government that rose toopower in less than democratic fashion, you could say. our relations with pakistan -- is it aimed solely at fighting pakistan -- and fighting terrorism or about autocracy and nuclear non-proliferation, guest: that is a great question. i do believe that that
6:06 pm
relationship does have to be a broad one prick it cannot only be about fighting terror. hasted be -- it has to be a broad one. it cannot be only about fighting terror, the improvement of good governance, the extension of rule of law, everything pakistan needs to stabilize as a secure democracy. that will take a long-term u.s. commitment that will have to transcend administrations. we started on this with a significant packages that were by no means limited just to military insecurity. we now have the blue bar administration -- lugarrpact which has good governance,
6:07 pm
education, as well as for security assistance. pakistan has a lot problems. they are not going to be fixed overnight. we need to establish herself as a strategic partner over the long run and then just stay with tit. i applaud the continuity and i think we need to carry that forward. host: connecticut. caller: can you hear me? i have a question.%+ at the height of the iraqi war, there were billions and billions sent by plane. bush appointed a consulting out of the bahamas to track this money. some of the money went to the right place but the majority went to places they cannot
6:08 pm
account for it. are there anything in place so this does not happen in afghanistan? guest: this gets at accountability, how our resources are used. one of the innovations in bairaq was the creation of the counsel and it has been headed up by stuart boland. there has been a similar , special inspector general for afghan reconstruction. i think the model is the right one. iraq where we learned to fix a lot of
6:09 pm
things. drawing from that experience and applying it to afghanistan and developing the structures for monitoring inspection investigation and oversight are what we need. host: connecticut. democrat caller. caller: in the lead up to the iraqi war went george bush was saying about the weapons of mass iraqi war went george bush was saying about the weapons of mass government's trying to give the document that showed they had destroyed the weapons of mass destruction and it did not seem to make any difference. did you have any input to try to get the message through to the bush administration that they had destroyed these weapons?
6:10 pm
what do you think the chances are of an israeli strike against the iranian nucleaa facilities within the next six or eight months? . . guest:ñgjp we have made some chs
6:11 pm
as to how intelligence is put together that will serve as well in the future. the community got that one wrong. wrong. great question on iran. of all the challenges that america faces in the region over the next few years, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, perhaps one of the greatest maybe the prospect of an armed iian. there are several ways to deal with it. we could accept and attack. i don't think either of those are good options for us or for israel. we need to do exactly what we have been doing. we did it first on the the bush and administration and now under the obama and the administration by making this an international threat toward -- not just a problem for israel or the u.s. to engage the international community.
6:12 pm
we need to do everything we can to impede their effort to develop nuclear weapon. we want to slow it down and buy time and that is a good investment.3 world with us but ii will be very hard. host: under 15 minutes left with our guest. he is now the head of the george bush school of public policy at texas a&m. here is a call from texas, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i see that the main problem is the war is not obama. the problem is howard stern's anus. host: arlington, virginia, go ahead caller: i am polish american and i just watched the
6:13 pm
polish news. polish will pull out their troops from afghanistan. the main reason is the policy and how to manage the country. and how to manage the country. we have to change the policy war in afghanistan to help the3 instead of spending so much money on the military industrial complex, we have to redo the roads which are dangerous and many other things. we have to enrich the heart and soul of the afghani people. we're spending so much money on companies doing business in afghanistan. guest: thank you for the question.
6:14 pm
been a tremendous ally both in iraq and afghanistan. i served with polish forces in iraq. their courage, commitment, and achievements are a great credit to poland and our bilateral relationship. in afghanistan, i think we are pursuing a complex multi- faceted policy that is focused not just on security nd military operations, but also trying to help afghanistan build a viable and sustainable infrastructure. this is not new. when i reopen the embassy in -pafghanistan in 2002, i made te case that in addition to our traditional assistance programs in areas like agriculture and education we need to make a difference in infrastructure because the devastation was so
6:15 pm
total that improvements in agriculture, for eeample, were not going to count for much if farmers could not get produce to market. that led to american products like our involvement in the kanduhar-kabul highway. we cannot do it all. i am pleased to see efforts underway to try to coordinate afghanistan across the board. this will require a huge international effort. we will not prevail. the afghan government will not prevail. just by military means. afghans have to see that their life is getting better and more importantly that the prospects for their children's lives are far better and they can support
6:16 pm
the current afghan government and its international backers led by the united states. the alternative is letting the country revert once more to the taliban. hoss: we will hear from riverside, georgia, good morning. calleryou are on the air. go ahead. hang on, i pushed the wrong button. there you are. caller: thank you for taking my call. can you hear me? host: weekend. caller: we talk about democratic elections and whether we like it elected because fatah is allally about taking the people'')s mon. we have also given nuclear weapons to pakistan, india, and israel, yet we want to hold iran to another standard regarding
6:17 pm
their desire for what they say is a peaceful nuclear program. we have nuclear weapons here that we are supposed to be downloading with russia. we let israel dictate what is going on in the region.. israel is supposed to be our democratic partner. yet israel is dictating everything that is going i would suggest and i hope that the ambassador would agree that we leave that region alone and let them work out their own problems so that we can take care of our problems here at home. we have soldiers all over the world. pe have been a germany, japan. let them come home and let them take care of their own people. host: you want to wrap up the
6:18 pm
military and diplomatically? caller i woulday milarily but es iould have ty at see whahapphen w seagerom tough parts of the world. we disengefrom afghast andpastan afthe sovie edut of afanistain :í7cident,nhe way out e do i990, wapd theiclr weonprograf does norto s that w supportedr ganuear s to indior pis -- ogaveuear on to ina pakian ina pakian weengad.
6:19 pm
military terms not teenge diooaticly beere no loer mhf force. whapne that was theo t9/11. thafghanivil w hd. tabaemerged topn the earl'andave on to -q a few years later, got 91. host: why dideengage in at reg guest:d that there a stricmpitor, the soviet union d been defeated i ghistan better were was do. we sa the wldhroughurely por tes. ñighanta -- we dould be weght would l tm. fit it out anyayyould. itas a ontd.
6:20 pm
ur par bas on ile of imagination. will tave tha exce decwe want to disenge now litari. we know h mogoes. ir, n'tant to see ain. host: jo, o indepdent . er: am so iiad over untry. who is sppthe opm out? what are we doing there? we started the liban id is start hamas. hos's go toro royal, george bush ad i paall e
6:21 pm
criticism ofim. e thechl is doing we isoing well and i hope hes happe. to t issues -- first ofall, head surveilnc oucotry wheth t tngnd forth which got so much cr got so much cr all attime, theyerbl to he same token, i wish th orge h juedightin in irq rifrom the beginni ery dahey ed and
6:22 pm
weall these people to vestind tall th stuf ,ñ&ognew, d , do do bause i knew tir wor r-wes ere a most pele fl th . eventhough thehave n und on, that does no mean ther noe. ghe ge bushch here a 41sth.w. bush th hereat tas a. the 43rd president wi wch was ishing hisibrary i dallas. tw seraterests er hoolwoferent ies. halhost: demoatic caller, nex
6:23 pm
y mbing the ddlest aarted ts staginofus in sa ara that iwherwe w wrong rold rean created saddam n. he case heveim tens o llions ollinilitar aidndhe thmonster got ta the..ol,apaw bh added that is what staqaida d jihaemenanhat has gotn wre we theac yo casy sithe and defend your riculo behavior. weave stng in iran and almost destroyed america and t llgn wars tt areculous nsthat is cry was unded on e intferi. aresing i r ar hezah over alese ars. host:
6:24 pm
. . was prent athe time of the desert derttorevt.nd i was directo of the aq- t apart fromhe sta department. iouake ferentoint sidenteorge hu's decision to u u. mitary forc tlira kuwt w crit stepot only in and o itself but alsostabshing i think he establishedda very important prinniple that we would not stand back and step aside as adversaries of hours
6:25 pm
took actions that undercut the stability of a given region and threaten our own sscurity. i think deseet storm was a pretty important event, and we're just coming up on the 28th anniversarr in january. i think president bush got it did.cly right, and i am glad he- host: one more call from st. louis. caller: i would like to get a quick question in. this is more along the lines of intelligence. maybe ambassador crocker can help me. a couple of hours ago i received two calls on a cell phone from an arab-sounding gentlemen.
6:26 pm
as just a private, average citizen,,i do not know any arabs. i do not mean that in a disparaging way. with tte wiretapping situation, should i be concerned? host: i believe thht is a bit3 we will thanks ambassador ryan crocker for joining us this morning. ambassador carper, thank you for being here with "washington journal.. >> should the federal communications commission regulate the internet? the communicators, tonight on cc span2.
6:27 pm
>> the president will deliver his first remarks from the oval office regarding the gulf oil spill tomorrow. today he went to the ulf coast region. next, a look at some f the >> i will make a longer statement later in alabama. quickly, i wann to thank governor barbour lady of missiisippi for hosting us. we have members of the connressional delegation here in mississippi as well as a range of local and state officials. admiral allen provided us a detailed report about what was being done specifically in mississippi and has questions
6:28 pm
pbout how the response is continually improving. one of the things that came out of this discussion is how do we make sure that there is effected cord nation in terms of skimmers, vessels of opportunity, and can we make sure that they are responding a3 before it starts getting closer to shore?having to do with communications, some of the vessels have radios on them, have we dooe an effective inventoryyof whiih ones are large enough and have enough trained personnel that thee can actually label where they can engage in skimming, and where thee can identify where that+ will as coming in. it was a useful conversation. a captain, who is the local commander, had gathered a lot of
6:29 pm
these suggestions and will be moving on these in the days to come here we also talk about claims, to make sure that people here in mississippi, but throughout the region, are going po be adequately compensated before the damage -- for the damages and losses that they are experiencing right now. there are still problems. i will be meeting with the chairman and other officials from b.p. wednesday. so we are gathering stories now so we will have a clear standing of what we can present to bp to make sure that individuals and businesses are dealt with in a fair manner and in a prompt manner. again, there were suggestions on that front as well. i want to thank everybody here who is involved. the folks around the table at the working 24/7. the governors have been on a
6:30 pm
constant state of full alert about putting in a lot time and energy, working to make sure that in dealing with this disaster we are minimizing the short term in tax and making sure thaa we have the resources to fully recover. the last point i want to make, and this is something that has bben repeatedly emphasized, here in mississippi, but true in florida, alabama, and portions of louisiana come there are still a lot of opportunities for visitors to come down here, a lot of beaches that are not yet affected or will not be affected, and we want to make sure that people who have traveled plant -- pllns to the -pgulf areaaremain mindful of that, because if people want to know what can they do to help the folks down here, hen of the best ways to help is to come down here and enjoy the outstanding hospitality. all right?
6:31 pm
and i will make longer comments when i get alabama this afternoon. thank you. >> we have never seen up to -- [no audio] ye nays, h. 550byeas anna. procdion house tion 1383 wl sume lat in the week. the lenic vote will be conducteds a 15-m te ondued as ve-minute otes. e unfinishedusinis the vote onhe motion of gentleman froalama, mr. breis to suspd e rules an age to -- mr. yco h.r. owhicthye and e t ns are orred. the erk will reporthtitle of lu. the le: use lution
6:32 pm
6:33 pm
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. .
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
this was letteha wentut toy to thema supporters l across theat andai weing to have a b meeting t white hsend 'r gng t t a mov d on leglationo promot new ecomy powered by s, ct cha climatengend eur deence o foreign o non fer in the lte hes tthe usof res has pass a cehsivergy giio let's meat w thatheman-maeyill. at wap-tde bl. e that was a v v and he ss,the's crently alan the senate to do the me thing." well, that t kerryiean bite'sking abo and going t talkbo sohehole ia of this me -- andnderdt th-- thepehhat's going placeomorro nig -- is to try to pmotennda,
6:41 pm
a very lalgend agenda 's been rec cap-antrade has been recte thisegislati bod sce cap-d-ade, wel scehe oto treaty. that wack -- the late 1990' th, course, the 2003 a 2005 bls by mccain liebermahat would h been cap-antrade bills. they wer rejecte andvery ofhein then the warnbean bilndhe -- dheth-- t other bills that we'vead. nonteresng tng he, ee a capnd-trade bill comes u, it i dte by a lgeargi that why i've been sayin cap-and-tradis somethi inad of pdentiasenat leaderipweeng the as in point last week, w hethat murws's retions a big oailout ch a b.p.o pte the. th mt be newso thousan gros acrs t coury as
6:42 pm
support of resutuchn m tng abo people ke housiner f the a,of bureau, eatnal ide businees, the brickustr thlistoes on and oildersnd conad of the p who realize tha th -- ty didt toave thisve govert le keep in min when you lk abo aap-and-trade athe.p.a. is tkingbout doin uer cleir act, it essentiallyamehi it's jt tincehey couldnet i pas, t legislively, tre g t th what the whole rkowski resolution wabo, w abouttoppin tha f incidentally got 47 votes d i' going t tk abo thoses in a minut ll, some memrs rea lie that the groups have
6:43 pm
den dup o wha they' rlly supptingsng mthan s t b. andig oil thiss sim iulo the cizenscross the cntryhat supporte mkowski resol for simple ret wlto the grtest burucrac trio pele hisry.of the ameri i'mdenthat wll keepearihis refrain asege clor . thitalo her? toy's "potico" --nd ts eresti it just ce out today talks abo a svey by a gernmen named j nnon. now, hs esidtbama's campaignlster. 's an oba guy, and there doint for a vy lal grp. among othehing mr. bnin foha based on h intetation o the surve cap-and-tradend tng opsiti tig oils -- qte "tent political apor demragainst publanhis f"
6:44 pm
puly pitical. no one auet. wellt's vw tt we should be cpingha wl and not thecono,utpparentl differtly.ts i i suose mehis iv by last ws7-ot on orturning the endangnt finding e motion to pro to rkski rol failed b the predentdnet those nbebscu the h politicalealityre is a bipartisan majity in the united stes se that heba'sither aay o a e. job-kli glo waingnd it's - preventing aeb mkoesolution, the moat-l senate last we to expand t reach of gonto dives t esons bureaucrac trusion will conti is tha e dl was j p to ot it was eosedn front-page ory in "e hl"he day of vote -- and i'm gng to rerom tt sry, "eill"
6:45 pm
story q -democratic leader are samblino prevent e senar deliring atinging s to pres bar obaman th have a voten a ll they disli in hopfavoiding a. li murkowski would b e enl tion ency from regatin carbo ission ho t pree presideeced gislationing from a cong in whichis ownarty it woue a hiliaonor hi andoremocran capito ll. sate majorieaderarry reidocrac leadersoing wha tyan top it. hey arloatin the poibily of vingnn alrnate m bis that riayocfellera decrrom a coa ste o
6:46 pm
west virgia, they floore to."f to gnt this is a quote fmhe articl. "it apprs tt at leaeven demosook the deal offed now, whatseal? thdeal is, know you guys want toor the murkowski endmen andll yr peopl ckomant y t vot it'sy popul rolutn, to shisverwhelmg over. in orderomm heo, e against it. thes areev docra. at t se me,fho se sevenemrats wldse f cove rockefeller andm endmen-- aockefe amendment i t se as the murkowski rolutn dpept just yceptju delst t yea. ankly, i aomishi t same thing, i for eithe one of t one o tmould be good. the probl wh i the rockefeller ll would tak 60 vos. so it's -- is saying we k thy can get to 51 ves butf you seven for
6:47 pm
owsk we' l you go ah and vot f the ckefeller thi a the w't get itnywayecauseil ke- itould take 60 ves. i knows heavy lif colite but that's that's ws n right and in oords, for t moats to ensehat the micromanage farms a her stit in ameri have to dop aeme to veer toemrs whuld oos the e.p.a takeover. w, i want to emphasi tha i liehese members confli about what to do. ink t underand the economicar thaan unfred e.a.ureaucracy cld mn fo theironits: few jobse regulations, higher tas, swer. but they we pressured b the es and tase the rnedga defying the president o ois -- top initiives. hey tur t the rkefeller bill an aernative. itas a
6:48 pm
twar del for imementati of t thi. o w notllowg e a. to mromageur lives at lea fore y, aiterehi bu it' notnd of the ad. as ieet,ocll bill shoul b use as a it isernatins o hievimil goal sough byenatorur. nation ergyy, woutid our g aote onocfeller o if it hpens i trust the seven mes and possibly me of e others would --ho voted "" murwski will ve for t tients forocfell and agast t e.p.aaking jobs busesses a ergy t ofhe struggling econo. lemee blu,.p.a.' growgatory rime wil reauatic intons inthe lives o arica. peter ger att with tm, srse of torn can a act
6:49 pm
ssed many deces a, said at e.p.'sndangermen ndill ld teral spits, nursiom,oo, mmercial bldin, chuhe restaurants,esotel malls,ollege and arenas, a tse this. tually erydy. and it wld be very, ver expensive proposition. if youkwhatpene rohout htory o t endangermentngheebe er mwski resolution ga en beforehe resion roduce ianua. it really began with the crtion of t intergovnmta paneln ime chang the ipcc, tt wa bacin t uni nions in 198 and we ved on thent protol, the kyoto proco rig i thi
6:50 pm
amr, 90. estn w this: will rect a treatyt com fr thentore whit house to ufithe iturts rno or doe't tre the evel nions.onse and, of coue, thas ect w5-0. then l on, as ioned, we had t,hese difrent bill the liebermanarr bi,ain-warnerills, ale cap-aradeills and a dia ty aied. what that sd asasendaer f. th the house a tenatvent refuses totn favor o s o aap-a-trade bil a e mention,hell g ahea do irhe c ai a. thean air act wet up t attaealoltantuch a
6:51 pm
sox, nndry. ey're wll l you do it wit thi regat ma no mistake, deste onto t c by offia, the oba the preme courtohoosdy enngerment. i notthey h cic they made the wrong choice. to considero2 as, aotedot dangerino hea or t thld d i o jt ignore althe theyecided to ind it 't surprisme ait. so, the ipc put together t thing,nd we now -- i can remember s when h sa jks, who is the minira the enroental proteconnc before our committ. wealabout fact that i thgh thiis bore t ntng. aid,intratoni thin you're to have endangerinding. andn youo, youe got to t on sence. what sen are yoio
6:52 pm
batn? the awe was thepcc o the we knowt'sappene the credibility ofhatcien nce that ti it's other dense peopl usedn trying toti votg ainst the resolut wxpress by few docraas that ovtuingangerment w mean remghe autho from eationa h traffic safe administratio-- that's tsa -- t s cte agl econo standar. morecicall some aue it und auto deaea st may by twoo anies, thehi, e.p. d a cifa. thy pblem is it'srong. ju a the obama administtion -- quote -- " ctegalatter"ccding to a februar 19 kevin vnt that's thehtsa's geral counl.
6:53 pm
"the muresolut doe notirtlympact t ory thorit tetuel econy standards und the ergy pic aonseation act as ameed by t eney ndceecity act so w hring tt resolutionill revokeewe stdas dncrease the amnt wn. it ial t asst they't ntinue to wor as theyre doin todayn the cafe standards. hat argent a pny arnt. p-trad durtheeb last week, i spo befbout thlapsofhe scice bend manma glol wars. iaid that totet waotased tcice but raer on sing aiberal llggenda. the is n tt's st there are seral p allhe republicans sporthe murkski rutn. who actllelieve that ropogeces is aajor
6:54 pm
caf glal warng. on the othreme. but there allewhere in ther b theyon't agr reayasn't what the wa aut. itas ahether or n t ou te er con our liss 'r tking g. the is no doubt tha there a depectrum ofeliefsbout the sce iheepublica party,ut i'm pleasedt last week w sod unite for protectirican jobs. that's all1epublicans. thatery rar theylways say democrats m disciplined than the repuicans are at'she the pasee "hting cats." at whyou t to get reblicans all tethe thelean air act is a numental mistake twill ki the americaconomy and job regulatns letnoak a littleim t discuss bh the currenttate the cap-a-trade in t hi gloarng latest scien
6:55 pm
rs let meta obvious. sphe btff byy an morremeeral winof eemratic partyglobal cap-and-trade giatio is dd. it isea tad two mths ago. ere is no wayy're to be ableo bring it b we'll have to wai and see. justhe ter cap-a-ts na byrat -- my democr colleags rusto e theerm anymore. th't use "cap-and-tre. la wk majority lder hry reid sd quote - "weon't us t tm c-and-t. thomething t been deteromytiary."ro call rorted lk decrat the hse h a mir res t cad-trad nancyositenyoyer ings sat the dlaration that the cnd-trade proposa is dead. eousesed a bl t inclesheropolastr, buthe issueastalln the
6:56 pm
nate. that's not bil that ey ve in eenate, peli td reporters. they don'tave a c-a-trade bi. that's not the bill theyin e sen ths the bill twe he in the senate. itap-andra. all ofhosereap-and-t thurrentill,he kerry-lierman bill is caand-ade. theyay change theamef i then they sta trangrounde gornmenticks winners a sers andries tonnce er.ryone thaheill the athe author of t lg a cap-and-tradbill in the senate trie t suggest hil wn't cap-antrade eith sayini don't kno what c-and means. i t think e avera americanoes. dithis isot a cap-and-trill. itolluti-rucon bill is a c-a-traill. but thein when s y and lberman final did intruce r bl, we soon leard att was wsen and-trade bee itas cap-d-tr aoncluded
6:57 pm
a gas ince. th wds employed or t exten to wch temish to people, c-and-trade will mea re job lses, morain at eimp andigher --or pain nd highe food prices f next versionf putting aprice cl cap-d-trade,ur a simple. if touse, the waxmannd markeyl iny gdeit exnsnfernmen mse of massive forica th e.p.a eanget whher the base saacks is presiden shedmitte py that tator.
6:58 pm
e.p.difndanget isn gdsu conclusions ofhe us ipcc. she m alicum ve on that e.p. accepted thosindings witutus indendt alysis to see etr or n they' tfp aftelimatega and admission of e very glad toav
6:59 pm
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7:04 pm
you bute'relsst terr especially glado haveour wifejulie who is sittinup n the gallery. tom has s ree childr withim today, je, jo annie, we're gd you're goi to your daddy wus m is well known back homr
7:05 pm
having a tiful familynd a veglykutruc but he's commteto the truck, he's had it f3 years and thought that s long time, t i want to tr yo ga ke, who will tel you how toeally ke care of aarwhich i think nois goon0 years ol lso, i wto telm frid ifstrns d coi brownt rom a a thalietd is a ora bullg. tom gves we ways use onee in torld. if any of you pe om loridaant tt woulde goodime m, we weome yoto t greatest dythereatest veen, the united states as congre. th that, iant too my good iend, joewis, the de oour deletion.
7:06 pm
r. l: mam spear, i ldikto thank mgo iend, kings for yielng mtime. as thdeanf the gegia degat it my great pleasuo welcome aves t unitedtas e of reprentave mr. gves is notranger to gegia polics. he serd in the georgiate housef presentafor tom, i noton welcomyo, but i'proud tolcome your beutif wife,ulie, and yo theeovelbeaul ch yid back my time e speaker: t gentleman from georgia,r. graves,s recoized mrraves: madam speaker, congresan lewisressn kiston, thk yo
7:07 pm
aweecogne fl day t, it'slso a reminder oe grtness hiun publicthe fodatis for ich it re oppoyhat ai. as one who dn't grp eginnis in a swide y simple trailer on a taan av roadn thek wos of nth gea,ere now t pay trut my parents,ho thing thiise, b t e o ld ecouragnode dream big toork rd, and achievmu whle'mtainbefo y day as fresan mr, from t hills onthe messe o the hill f this grt building is vear,nd at it'ti to rb emwehe people. ee budget, itime wh t challges e gr ithatio t wl and
7:08 pm
nstitutionoupeople a ea and know my das gh if we s americs if we dream big, wod,can hieve so o behalff gorgiine, so o behalff gorgiine, tok.peakeri'm here to theaker: uerlause 5df rule 20, the c annnces to thhouse at in e ght of tdministratof the oath of office to the gentl from geo, wholnuer of
7:09 pm
the speaker pro temp witho objecon, ve-mute ting will continue. on thmotif th he gen from texas, hoe sarks tsuenthe s of t rolution.title re the clerk: hoe retion 1409,esolutxpssing suppt fodeatioe 20, 10 aic eag dayd celebring th recovery and restoraon o the ea the natsymb . he unistes the sakro tem: the quti is, wl e members lrerd the vot to iss veute vote the nationaltioning inst in coopetion
7:10 pm
th theniates housef presentatives. coverof theouse d-ptiod corcial purpes is expry prohibit by th expry prohibit by th u.s.sef reestatives.
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onvidinfor consatioofheill,.r. 54o amenthe revenue code o1986provide tax ceive fosmal busine job creation d for other purpos and prodi f siderati othe bill h.r. 52 to eate small busissending fund program to direct the sectaryf the treasury to makeital investmentsn igib institutions in order to increasehe availability of credit for small bunend for other purpes. e speaeremre: refeedthe hoe calendar nded inted.
7:28 pm
the c w reests f o-mute the air willntertain ts f one-me speeches. recoitioom essese >> address e hofor one minute and revd exndy res. tho teitho oec. . cohen: thank you, mr. speaker. tye tony awards we ork presented d i wavery proud tse"memphiss awared st musical and ce three oeriefor best book, best scre and best ortration. hey a eat ayn broadthat talks about racial renciltionnd city that has are deal of love d muin ithat comes to the screeanwon a tony. it's a gatonor, but i urge ee the igalas we are ty enrtainment and al hg,
7:29 pm
onciliation. memphi tene t spirit,e origina jump oirplane come ohome. tnkoumr. ke the speaker pro tempofor what purposes gelewomafromloridaeek rognition ros-lehtpermsion to addrs thhouse r one minu. so plsed recognize uth florida nonprofit grou committedpring free mecal care and assistanceo nc patients thattherise would t haveheecry nancl resocetoht sua diicbattle. since , organization has served mre than r50,000 coividuals the posive impt that thi orgazation has h on our community is withquestion and we suld all be grateful for i efforts. his month, teae hoed its premier event raise canc awareness and
7:30 pm
unding for the cure. residents swed t ca, pledgingelp to cancer vicim the ag pledged $4.5 million h the . chnd eve mbeof tgal a league in spif are cmitted to figg nc ialforms. against er f i eeae ucceful event that resul in vinlives our community. thank you, mrspea thepeak pempore: for whaturpooes the gele rognion? vise and extend. and dress thepeaker pro tempore: wiobjeion. mr. thompson: as we ntinue nd o wt's t health care billdisappoime pile oncle sa, coul rip me oneli ofpeoplef insuran
7:31 pm
viatg a keyoaof the esident'reforms, end quot theslimited prossvide suro paime workers and il and resurant empls. th are ed mi medns, ey are pr low and rtrict e mb of cove do vri aorinto e article. e enalth carrerm ld prohibit thwsau ther a in e law on al caps. employer and trade associatis leven, the staunt ssoc andhave skedhat the plansbe aod to continue, because if the coveris ended, th g will be ithouterage until 2014 notaowed to keeople ir present iuran. thspr prte for whaturposes gentleman from florida seek reck cognition? >>o address the housene minute. the speaker pro tempore: witho objon >mr. spinstea
7:32 pm
attemp to pay do national dt is congr onnu to spend taayer olrs intoblivi. wheth'repayi credit card bols paying uraxes reeld accountable fo yourpending bits and the money you havtoay back, the moey y owe. what discovered in mfit ar in cgress, tse in biions thed each day and aren't ined in loping w to y back rrowed ney. dfteraye ic peop llor us totop the out ontrolpending. congress ignores ose pleas and chars llpe aheadmounng $13 triion tial debt. mericansht expt the governmen pass a budg plan to get the snding r contol, but coreas glted pass a buet luti and the fure los grim. m incredibly frurad us fromated with -- my constituents feel the same way. thk u and i yield back the bancof myime.
7:33 pm
thspeaker pro ore: are there fuher requ for one mite speechs? e chair layseforthe us aomnion. speer, house le the rentiv, da puuant to the permsi grant in clause 2h of rul2 ofey have rules of the u.s. hou of retives, i have t honor toransmit a m.ndaito conin a at55 e msa from the esident ereby ifiee congrehe h extended the be wishes, a sin, debra m. spriggsdeputy clerk rrainemiller, chlor of the house. the spker pro teore: the clerk lleread thage. the cl stion 20 ofhe
7:34 pm
na gencs act ernaonf a naon atic emergency unle pri to the niversardaf the legislation congress transmat the present trsmates ngress messagthat mergency will contineyond that date. accordae with , have st a nice tt the emergency is to cone in ecbeyo jun, 10. the existee anth rk of proliferati of weasae fissle merial onhe kor peninsa titute continui unusu tto e foreign pollf it states. for th rso i have termint ecessary to connue thonal emergency and intn ceai striions with respto nothea a north korean natiols. signearack a, the w house, june , .
7:35 pm
peer pro tempore referr to coon reigaffairan ordered printed. hairays behe house e following pers quests. he clerkes of absenc reques for mr. danny davis ofllinoifor tday, mr. ah of pnsylvaa fo odmr. gerlacof pennsylvanoroday, mr. hill of indna for today, mr. honda california today anunti5:00 tomoow, mr. inslee washington fo day. kilpatrick napitanof califorfo today. the ser proemre without objeion,he reque ent for purpose ds the geleman from texase? mr. e:r.peaker, i as annapos coenthat today connt that today following legivebusiness any sporrs herofor er into, the follin
7:36 pm
mr mace bpermitted to addrs the e, revan eir s and inude trusateria mrburton, june 18,yse, mrpoe, for je 18 21, mrfojune 18 and 21 ros-lehnefor ne5 and 17. hepeerroempore wiouobjeio foat purseoes e gewofrom califor ek rognitio ms. woomk i ask unanous cot th tay flowing leslate businend any iars heretofo ted to, the following memr ce be ted to adess thuse fofive minutes and inud extranus sct, giamrdore in the k washingto ms. kaptur of ohi mr. dazio of oon. th speaker pem: without objection. under the eakes announced under a prioused oer of e hohe flowing members
7:37 pm
are rognized for vees ch. mr.cottf georgia. ve min. recognized for mrscott:ha y, mr. spear. dies and gentlem of the hse ahe gpele of americarise overy spial oasiotoaybute d t rognize the outstaing excellent work of one oonstien and in dougsvle ggin douas cnty. this is extaordinary story thisividual, you mr. ricky dobbs a nave dolasv, orgia, and a gradua of uglas county high go on thas exceence and greatness inan extraordinary carr of academ achment,asell as athletic achieveme. duri hisearss a douglas coty hh hool sdent he
7:38 pm
potred such a endae attributthatis affeionaeferretoim asthe yo e was the repit of the facuup at his commenment ceremonin 2006. riy dobbs who h demotrated outanding achievement bo in acamics acceptedthenit aval academy in annapolis d rts is leing theavy footballeam as i quarterback. at a quartback hhas become. inth2008 navy football asricky bbs ruedor and avy honored the whe house in ril of009 fowinning a six raht coandein chi'srophy by our presiden barack oba. in his r a qrterck for the viy shmen singlseasolle rord the the mt shing touow y a terback.
7:39 pm
s,indeed, ribbs thi ung man, find th the 7 sing of rushing touchdns. a he was nad e game's moslu 2009 tex wl. and mr. speaker, lad and men heongress, ricky has wn just four interceptions in eire cares quarteack r th . owesterception percentagin navy footba history. ricky dbs has scored for orrushintohdowns on fo differt occaon iother word fr tuchdowns in ur differe game includthree times in three mes isast year.
7:40 pm
no other vy pyeas mre than one career f toucn days, thatncdes the ledare ror stch. ricob comrom a humble begng. he has a family a loving faly, and when you give credit and you recnize t vements of a young m, or oung la, you ctainly have toognizehe achievem of thoseparents, barbara cobb and claree dos have dne a reable b of ing this young n. but we n't stop the en youni the acents of ckdobbs of douglasv d dos coun, ve got to that entire commity. that i armound d reared and ured is outstanding unano son adem as well as orexcelltly in
7:41 pm
record-shtering cirmsnc on theootbfield r the estis naval academ know, la and gtmen, when you look at thi o wd omes to mind thawo i you knowwhenhat word w p to thgrea plosopher artotle, treatreek philosr artotlwas ked, wt does ike to be exclent person? aristle sa, in order to be anxcelnt per youust first of all kno thyself. himself, or knew o he was h also kw whose as and is that is he is a o go the questn was later puto the great empireenal,- auli of me. , marcus
7:42 pm
he wassked, doeit take banxcel person? he said, iorr to be cellperson, you st first ofall diipline youelf. what discipline took to ach amically at douglas county high hoolnd then to move up to th estigious naval academy and set ese astounding recd-shatring .ecos n the foll field nally he qstion was put to thgreat messiah jesus christ, was asked what does it take elle pson, jus said, sacrice urself. d as a military person, doi that r his untr les givehitribe to thi outstanding young man and me his day,adies and gentn, cky dobs in thi uned ss ofrica. t you, . spea
7:43 pm
thspeaker pro te mr. e texas. forhat rpose he geleman from texas rise? >>'d ask unanimous consento oduce an artle inhe rd,ithout ction. the speaker prmpore: the ntman fr tssee has k to suit somhingo threrd,without jectn. >>t's rom the 10 nwildlife it tthe record. likto submi thank yo mr. speak. thepeak proemre: the gentleman from texas is mr. po rstermission s. toddress the house for five minutes. t spe p tempore: obctio misngtion on rd government serity.
7:44 pm
ur ineffecve border serity s to be of comssnate disterest or catcth if you n. lasteek, there wa neael paso, tas. isme a lonorder patr agted group mexan nationaroing the border ley. e agt to apehend s legal,but other i - r people attacked th ent. e defendedimself bue of theationals was killed. the mexican policowedp at e sce, did protect t sovereignty of the unid stas of america no, r boer patrol en retreated. th fled. d y? becae the federagovernment doesn't ck up borr patrol.
7:45 pm
e governnt hangshem out to dry, just k rderatl shion ges l andpean. service to secung t border. the governmel ours bder patro goowtheron the border d kind od orcehe law. th doneceiheupport thed to cu thbord. they don'get e neceary anwer or nsary uipment. they don't ree the nessa moralpo from the govement. t gert don't ck up eir rito protect theelves whhees a dang. the federal government, mr. speer, missing iaction cue, mecan preside calron, arrogany dand apology foe shooting. caldon didn't ologize fo th--antse ariza ncng murdered america h own proy by a mican criminaalien. calron didn't apogize the execution-style mdeof
7:46 pm
boer patrol antas california. caeridapologze wen rder patroagt was run over by n a human vee -- humve wh whe amica?s being edn whis calron'apology for the murd oicer johnson, he was a veterf the uston lice force. he was shot fourime, execu style ba mecan lewith a criminareco when he s opped for speeding. hereas calderon houston police offerary gryder kiedy an illel in008? or wh houston policcer henry canaas wasurred- rderedly been iegal las ar americans are fruely kled by micanegs fruely. whesn'our vernme demand an alogybout these
7:47 pm
whesn't our government demd compensaon from mexico frthe for the hicid their illegaommiin t united states ere is the state opdpt? whe is the outge and ncern en it's an ari tht ses eiife,cost thr ives be atis of illegarom xi. ere thadend forn apology? missinin action, tt'ion? wher er yr outrag mr. eside. thereside shod be on the amican se ofhe borr, ingt's bestmeri andon't we potect our own. how hard would it be for the resint oe un stes say, dot crosth american bordethout pssio wh d't he say that 'tbelievthe word mexican iminals think they n r here and eyleasand nobody i going lldo anything about . anthe rit. do we sd our toeyen out to demand answehen rder patrol agent rsas was
7:48 pm
shot execution yle la yea ere s the torney gen missingn action.ameranpolice of losiheir livausehe governmis missing i action the vernnt ire interested than in what alderothinks than the american ople. calderon should ta car of own lless countr . obama should te caref our bords. is mistrati is noth first benefftive in order security, t it shouldn'te the last that'sust th way it , yielback. wosey from california. ms. ol thank you, mr spe. mr. e, e r in ghanistan is now 10mths old, pasng vtnam to mait e longest warit state history. and as it aches ths mione, is rd to imagine ings gnguch worse. theuch hype militry
7:49 pm
inaahar is no hedule with the seetar o defense sayg it's m important to get it than to get it done quickly. at kin of plea might he d 80 mons o, m speaker, do they t see t i odisconnect in preain patience out a r that inow the longt e nation er foht? dohenot see that the americaneople, wave given ousands orore of t bt yog pee and quarter a tilon dollars to is war are long past thpoint whe the willing to cut some sla aake e waitnd see proa it turns out the campaign w thwe had jt shed never realltooin the fit whseem to be auick and did hsees have military tri turneouto ban
7:50 pm
lusion the lin ha'tcrushed. ey had gone to hiding, laying lofoa while, taking part in the opm harvest and aing their bearingso t now tiban ibacka mpaign of violencend ntimidatio plag bombs, attackinrines d as one rrt in the "whington postput it, they sti night. genel mcchry pmi todd have ready-made in a x pred to take over. butide box w a ct gernor nser haplssy st w h bee outfitted by thmanes th teeems more fo o afoaps thann doing he hrk ogovern and thnation govnmt that
7:51 pm
isupposed to be ur ese hop leader othe regime that is suod toicup where u.s. troops leave of proving stability and security,ell, iss ardon't se to be in thssion. win dined durg astat sit, presidt ka is wondering allowedhetherhe uted states and nato can ge myce, speaker, is that teachetbk and ea la pressure will bld t extend thtroo'ept. our oo gting outf afantan. th wou be e ong leon toearn need is more time every day thawe contie this miliry campan will coibute to t chaosn afghistan. more tindoroopsan
7:52 pm
only acerbatehe proem th cannot solvet. t incan ribe t herbert d quothim d sa i i mi-num by- destroying slog. moh afmontanyear after pointless yend ofhi . speaker, it's time tend e slog. it's te tond the lgest war in am history. is past time tongur oho. the speer p tempore: the gentledy yieldback. mr. jones of north carolina the leman isecognid for fivmis. . jone i rise tonighto xpress my since dwith eettefromay johnson, g counsel othe departnt odefense to senor rl lev to cram the d.o.d.
7:53 pm
opposioto satbill 504, legiatto rename the epartment of the ny ashe dtmenof navy and marine iletter, . johnson statesand i quote, the reamg theepartmis cessary andouncur additional expense oferal uned,000 sevehousand dollara year. thcrmple b.o. states tha, and quot, the bill would h veryittleffect on most naval omarineorpsnstaations, e cost of impmentings thi bill w be sshan $500,000 er t nt vel years in appropried fundsnd enacting e bi would n affect dict spending or herefore, it would not he an impac m speaker. th that , woy lik mrhnson, do you k r m a womenf e unit statesarine cos are a
7:54 pm
small monetary amoun ha they not the rit be respected? its aoke fod.o. to be concned absuchll monetay amount conderihe moneyhahaen and i ntued toe wastedyhe partment odefense. an aud concted b the partmentfense i.g. revealethheederal ovnment failed to disbse zhrrs.8 billion of $8.2 billiospenfoodan rvices inraq. i think mr. jnson should be focused serios moy issues sucas theopposed to opposing tecognitionhat ourines deserve. our mas have ft alongside the nyoin years d ould reive equ recognition. this bill is noto ke
7:55 pm
anhing away om the navy or dsn't demand any ecial concession. am baffle to why . johnson lt t nd to interject tohis matter now when ihabe ongoingor the pa 10 year have the sportf a record 425 mbs of the house of prentativ and members ofheenate. alone should spk . peak, befose, i wanteoe see, this yu marine w gave his li for thntry, theamily received the silver sareda that earned by giving his life for tcountr this is official cot sthe cretary of the ny, wangto d with the na flag 's all it has ae heading. nothing abt rine cps ifhis ll should beco l, what it wod say is what you see no, mr. speaker. thsecretary of the navy and
7:56 pm
mar flag, present the silv sto thisan'samily. mr. eaker, i wld like to men d women, amsoolsey r saiare givingheir lives i iraqnd aan. and i would ask d to pas less men and women in unif pleass their familie and pasbless thhouse ansenate th we will do at is right in the of god. ani ask three times, pleas god continue to bless ts country d god, ease always remember that we carat you look afus so wl do wh's right oeoe. i ieldac ue tbless america. eneman yields back t bance of h. mr. dertt of washingt. thetlems recognized for fiutes. mr. dermt: permission to ddre t hou for five minutes,evise andxtend. eakepro tempe: without obction. mr. mcdermott: we ve auge probin country that hav't comto terms with,
7:57 pm
long-term unemploymen the nuer of amicans who ha job te past simonths ve hit the hel ever record. d anle. cindyfor ea, worked the corporate uning division of p. morgan chase in upstate yo sas let go inave of layoffthat eveuay shutterethtire syracuse operations center hejob wento indian and ed colcting unemoyment benefits. her n wo i ed everything o tre. now that she is aboo run t f benefits, has arted taking money out ofer.a. and he health insurance face fe of long her he. i hear similar stors from over the coury. jos amicans are deerately looking r wo,
7:58 pm
jo to gorounyet. last weeki coucd a arin my suommitteeo discus log-term unemploym problems. re are aew of thfacts highlightthheing. arly0% o the employed haven'be abl find a job r more than six mont. he highe number ever corded, whh goesack must be cated to restore the lar market tit e-cesslel. this huge jobs lecreaby eit years ofross enomic smagt under th bh admination,as left fi unpl worrs cpeting for every availle job. rnding to ese record tes long-te uemployment, our firstriority st bto maintain theurre erg
7:59 pm
feral umployment programs that have psed two wee ago. peope have been waiting for two eks. these programa ng time ago, t the senate has to car thlegiaton if the senate fails to ctin edal unempyment progras ve milong-te unemployed americans will theiextendeds befo the enof this yith 1.2 million of them sing the benefs by the end of this month, j ev with e of thesfacthat feraunemploymentrogrs, are projected texhat l ple benefits available before th end othe year. need to provide more he these long-term ded wokers, could range from addial extd unemployment benetsn gh unemplment benetsn gh unemplment states tfederally-funded jobs


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