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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thr llow entertain requests for one-minute spehes. for wh ppose does the gentleman from georgia seek recognn? mr. gingrey toto address the and eend my remarks.evise the eaker pro teore: without objecti mr. gingreyi want toffer my congratulations to cobb count georgia's,asebl am, managed bmark eins deated lassiter ithe class 5 seres. it w an excid well-plad series. hairson's remarkab defse s on display throughout the enre sies, with their buildi slls cing them to the titl a ew highlightinclina diving catch by the outfielder t save a run in the opening game and in gam two,
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two outelders gunned wn runners at home, peventi laiter from scoring go-ead runs. hason al pull - hais also pulled off three run ares this is their state ttle since 18, making this a specialchievement. they are one of two schools from grgia's 11th congresonal districto win state titles this year and i coratulatio harson, i s. yielback. the speakepro tempor are there fur one minute requests? for what purpose ds the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? >>o address the house fore ne and revise and extend my comments. e spker prmpore: wiout objection. the gtleman irecoized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this administra h borwemore money than all
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administrations inhe nation' histy combined andhey have on been at this for just er a year. the ange wwere promised has t tt to be what all had hoped for. higher than what demoats promised with the fir stus package. america's bt is at $13 mr. graves: now learn t admistrationants another $15 billion bailout. whn will it end? washington cann create job, no matter how much mone rown o there we kn js can only crewhen you expa the private sector and not expand government. as we look forwarto getting americancko work, i stand here dato say it is te for washingtoto foret - to get aut the busesof expandin t privateector, not expaing government, and promoting sustainable eation.
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i ow georgians are tired of what's going on here washingn, i know miest icans are too,ith the bailouts, bouts, and stimulu the saker pempore: the gentleman's time has e. are the further oneinute ests? for what purpose ds the recognition? utah seek mr. bishop: mr. speak, i k unanimouconsent that today, foowlegislativ, t following membersay be permitted to address the house and revise a extend thei matial, mr. boozman for today, mr. pofor today, mr. flakeor today, mrduncan for today,r. bishop for today, mr. broun for today. the speaker o tempore: the eaker pro mpore: without obction. for what purposdoes the gentlewoman from wisconsin seek recogon?
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ms. baldwin: i ask unanimous nsent th today following legislative businesand any ecial orders heretore entered into, the foowg members may be rmitted to address the royce for five miutes, revise and extend tir remksnd include therextraneoumaterial. ms. wlsey for five nutes. ms. wal ba -- ms. bwin for five miter. garamendi for five minutes, mr. is a pl for five minutes,s. kaptur for ve mutes, and mr. defazioor five minutes. the speaker p tempore: withouobjection. under thspeaker's announced pof january 6, 200 a unr prevus order of the house, the following membe a recognized for five minut ach. mr. poof texas. >> mpeak. heer pro tempore: fo t puose do the gtleman mr. flak i ask unanims
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consentclaim time. the speaker pro tempore: wit objection, the gentleman is recognized for five mites. m flake: mr. speake ren prs reports indicate that the house ldership is consideri a rules chan that would iminish the scope and authority of the office of congreal ethics, or e. this is an aprent responsto the o.c.e.'s decisiono forward foation gaered i its invesgation of e p.m. group to the justi partment,assing the standards- the committee on andards of officialonduct. his is anotherxamp of the o.c. growing beyond its intended purpo. in the ierest of full disclosure, voted against t creation of.ein 2007. i felt athe me the house should be able to apropriate standar and lice its behavior through e andardcommittee. able to system buthis d be controy over t o.c.e. has effectely own that wn it comes to removing the cloud that hangs ovethis body
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relati to earmarks and campaign coribution, body is unlling,hrough the standards committtoake necessactn to uold the dignity of institution. aftern investigatiolain measure a year, during which documentation weracmuted, e.c. detein that is, king earrks om a memr tities congress belve a pitical donaon to a member hasn imct on the m decion to offer an earmark for dor this agreed with a conclusion reached by e o.c.e. e standards committee summarized the followings as follows, quote, the is a widespread rction that contbutions pose a greater ce of taining emarks. en quite inexplicably, t standardsommitt deloped maer, stang that address
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thprwas not within t jurisdiction ofhe committee, quote. let me state that agn. he standds committeeaid it lacks the authity to stabli sndarthat will addresshat they conclude is a widespread perceptif a li between earmarks and campaign ntributionthis dees reon. at the beginning of t10th congrs, the house adopt rules requingembers of congress to certify they have no, qte, financial terest, quote in an earmark ing sponsor. finacial intereshas been defined by thstandards mmtee to inclu a direc or foreseeae efct ohe pecuniary terest r the memberr his or her spouse. the relevant sectof the hse ethics manual st that, e, campaign ntbutions do not necessari constitute nancial inrest. how n the standards comtt lack the authority to set standards or interpret rus? thispaicularly confusing en oneonsiders tt the standacoittee can dress the issue by amending the
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inrpretiof financial interest it has also promulgated in the hoe ethics manl. oneeed not readfarnto the suary before realizing th members through their campan committees derive signi benit frothe, quote, widespread perception, earmarks d camp contribns. to etend thisenefitoes not conste financi instno longer a viable option. we ao longer acting in ignorance. the wink, wink, nod nod game we ha all kno to exist with rerd that emark and campaigcontributions is well docented anthe stdards committee definition of finaial interest nee tbe updated to reflect these findings system of where d go from here? we ca s press reports indatny meers are clined to do. the problem th the approach is that the message about theink tween earmks ancaaignontributions has already been deler.
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what we do with t o.e. at this point is verch beside the int, little more than a sideow. we need to conce ourlveses with the dignity of the ho hais ourollective esnsibility. does nofall osidef our jusdiction. as have sa many times bere, mr. speaker, the p.m.a. cloud thas er this body ras on docrats and republicans alike. we are in this swamto. but we can't gr ahovel whilwe areovering our eyes and plugging our ears. eld ck the speaker pro tempor the gentlan's time has expired. ms. woolsey of lifornia. >mr. speaker. the spker o teore: what purpose ds the gentlela from wionn ris? ms. baldw: i unaniou conse to claim the time the speaker prtempore: without objection, the ntlelady ecognized for five minutes. ms. baldn: thank you, mr. speake i rise today tbring e voices of my conitnts in ffersonounty, wconsin, to
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floor of theeople' house. in 208omes alg e northern shore of the lakend t sunding community were absolute devasted by a recordetting flood. this was a 500-year flood evt, the same one that ravaged much of the upper midwe and in icular wisconsin d iowa. durinthat storm, i knew that thdama would be devastating community would beyd repair. but wt i didn't knowas that most two yearser the flood, e agencies upon h ey relied would be ing the hardworking erans bend arfe itituted what it llimmediate needs funding. basically, theyre fing already-approved funds to folks in wisconsid otr disaster areas across the country. aoup of weekends ago, i d
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the chance to visit wi the property owners afcted from t districthat i have the privilege of rreseing. the are svivors of the 2008 floods. i nted to hear the stors. ma brohphot and tter and ought their own uniq stories and tir anger and their frtration. i metith gend marie haist thhome olamp road, one of the most extensively maged neighborhos in this flood. th damage was so extenve their housisuninhabitable and has been since the flood. they showed me photos of before and during and after. we talked about the tangle of bureaucratic red tapehey waded thrghn der to g pproved for the dollars they were approved fothe fema money, but they hen't reived a penec of the
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when i asked marie t rell what they had ge thugh ck in june of 2008, not surpringly, the she welled up with tears. mr. speakerour hearts go ou the victims of rent floo an natural dis. yet i fear we suff fromhat oladage, outf sit, outf mind. once the cameras a pked awaynd theews crews leave for thnext breaking stories, what happens to the victs and survivors of these naral disasters? will the families in tennessee orrkansas suff tame fate as wcosis and iowans and see their funding fema frozen,ven after 's been approved? oneou hope the stem of gencyespoe would keep pgging away and assting thfamilies in ne as this country. but we see --e have seenat
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system completeroken down and this is unacceptable. o yea after their hos were devastatedmy neighbors are still living in temporary housing and enduring financial chaos. one m is homele, another family is on the verge of bankruptcy use of a situation that fema has left em in. know ts is wrong, my constituents ow ts is wrong and e federal governme has to do betr. so tha yu, mr. speer, i yield back the remainder of my me. thspear o tempore:he genelady yiel back. the ntleman from north rolina. >>rspker, i request ion to ajet stam -- assume e time of the gentleman from rth caroli the speapro tempor thout objection, gentlem is recognizor mutes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. eaker, thination has se mlio of good jobs to other countriver the la 30 or 40 years because of environmental rules, lations, and red tap this has hurt millions of poor and weincome and working
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pele bderong jobs and driving uprices on everything. mr. duncahe b.p. l spill in the gull san francisco rrib thing a we se need o do everying we cano see at sometngike is doesn't ppen again. offshore oil oduction top tirely. talk about wreing r economy, talkbout killing countless numbers of jobs, and all this at a time when unemploenis faroo high and underemment is even gh. the formeovernor of michiga wrote an article for he new york times" titled "drilling moratorium is a bs moratorium." he wrote that ourovernmt cannot afrd tusthis ss an exse to op progress to the detriment ofur nnal securi we do n need tooose betwn energy securitan ronmeal safy we need to continueo striveor both. chl crautammer is a
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columnist who is respected evenhose with om he disagrees. he ked y weere dril in 5,000 feet of war in t first pl said, enviroental chic has en us out there. in t safesof a place on land, have ha-year ban onrilling trctic tional wildlife refuge. mr. craut hammer is -- mr. authammer right. e'veried to limit driling on anwr the 9 million res, some 35 times the sizef the gret smoky mouain tion park. the smokies gethondof sitors a year and they think it is huge. they n't corehendow big anwr is and it's home to only fup cupple hundd peop and gets onla couple hndred visitors each year. yet radical enronmenlists
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pose oilduction ever plac they wt g tubler iple icost so people will drve less. theyan't relate tpeople who can'afford gas that co$7 or $8 or0 gallon, like it es isome other countrs. not only would shooting the cost of gas way up affect people, wou puthe nl the coffin of pele in ral ars. alady 2/3 of cnties in the u.s. are losing popatn, yet nce agai radical environmentalisee nothing wrong withs. most ofhem are city pple anyway. hey probably tnk it would be go ifveryone s forced to li i25 or 30rban are with the rest of the country ft empty anpeople could be bus to a naonal park or wilderness area e couple of months, under government rm the land. they would not everyonpays lip service to
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ener indendence bute readyad 84% of r s. oil limits,n before the prident posed thisatest moratori. environmental radicals will say they, too, want energy inddence but en environmeal groups oppose drilling foril, cuanything trees, digging for coal, o produce anything natural gas caus of the pipelines and refiners and heaven forbi they don't want more nucle powerhosmesigs variesrom group to grd geraphic locatiobuth environmentalists are always the tfighankind of energy production except solar or wind. some of em oppose wdmills too and solar energy, despite ga blions in government subsidieproduces only of 1% oour energy. ding wind powebrings it up onlybo 1%ore,if we limit thisnation to wi and solar we might as well shuthe country doconomilly. all these yng people with degrees who are woing as
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low-paying jobs canhank nvironment iole my we we were ti out, the arican people used to work actoes and eat outcasionally. now factlies --actories have ne to other countries and restaurants placed the factories as the bst employers. now most people get parof eir income frofederal, state, or localnment. when a country paes that thold it's on the way down we ne to wakup andalize the worst polluts have b in siali and communist counies and only a free rket syst can generate the money do gd thingr envienthat everyone nts done. having failed so speacular the leftasdrift until metamorphosi fromed to .
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een. the objeive is thesame higy centrazed power. once again,r. krauthammer is we need to clean up t b.p oil spill but not let miuided adicals shown our economy and hurt middle and lower ince people in the process. i yield backhe balance omy time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlemads back. for whaturpose does the gentleman from californiaeek recognition? . gamendi: to request my five minutes and to tend an amend my remarks. the eaker prteor t gtleman is recognized for ve minutes. . garamendiwas going to speak a subject, and i will, in having listen to the evious speaker, i think a f coments were in orde ihinkt was the great socialist, charnixon, that happened to sipe the vientalrotection -- gn the environmtal prection acand thclean air act, so maybe that's what you're talkinabout, but to make the argume thaw the environtal pofmentr
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movement is the demi othe economy isellatious. it'sa stretch the imagination. the many, many things involved including freera acts and ternationa competition that's coming other way. and if e -- my colleague on the republicanide was so interestn th he would havoon the billast week that would have bght back foreignarnin and closed the tax loopholes on those american corrations that have gone offshore. instead bringing tseack, but i thinkf i rell correctly, we didn't get one republican vote onlosing those loopholes that have alwed amerin rporations to offe jobs. but reallnted to take up other issue, ani now. i rise todato expss my support for the right that all nations haveo secure their borderin self-fense. our clos ally, israel, shares a borderith g,a region
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controlled by a terrorist sce 2001, thousdsf rockets have been launcfrom gaza int israel killing more th dozen israis and woundg hundreds and terrifying that nation. we al know that hamas receivesaterial support fr irannd international ah that oppresses i own citizs twle fundi trost ornitishroughout -- while funding terrort organizations rougho the region. isrl has chosen to restrict imports on e gaza str, sisting tt all deliveries must binspected make sure that weapons are not smuggled into territory. today i call on hamas leaderip to reject tir past pport for terrism, renounce violence andmbrace the two-ate sotion so that israelis and palestinians can li their lives freelin peace and sit i alsoall on all powers in the middle east to value human nd do everything to avo oodshed. the lo olife in the
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flotilla cident was trac and i look forwa to e independent public commission which will exaneuch sues. actiontaken by th commanders dg the flla iident. in the meanme, weust focus on avoing escalation, prevnting anprevent more violence, continue the peace process. e grtest tragedy woulde to allow e otilla incident r peace.he region's prospect and witthmrspear, i yield ba my reining time. thakerroempore: e gentman yields back. for what purpose does the gentlen from grg sk recognition?
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without objection. . broun: mr. speakerin genesis, chapter 12 versus: 3, god tells abham that he will bless the nation that blesses hiseoe and curse the nation that cses his pe god sa ithat ver, aing rse 1, the lord id tobrah, leavyour country and ur father's household and go to the land willshow you. i'll make you into a great nion anwill bless you. i'll me ur name grt and you will be essing. i'll bless the bless you and whoever cuesou will urse and all peopl on eartwill be blessed thrgh you. mr.peakerd gavehe land in israeto the isites, to the jewispeople. there a sovereiion. they have a sovereign right to proct theirorders, to
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prect their lives, to protect their untry, to protect the valley claim to e land that god gave them. mr.peaker, our nationas supported el scet was e-established in 47 by an act of the united natio. this country hasuprd .srael every since then weave been bless aa naon since then, but'm very fearful that th administration is turning its back upon israel. i'm very fearful that god's blessing that has been this landhipromise i genesis chapter 12, verse 1:3, willot suort isrl. d protti ielf.ign nation it hasn absolute ght to d so. mr. speaker, if we turn our back upon isrl, as i' nation throughis as a
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admintration, not onl wil but wll also starteceiving g the curses from god thate promised in gesis chapter 12. mr. speaker,we don supportsrae jusby being silent, just turning our back upon israel, then we're pporting hamas, we're supporting hezbollah, we're suprting ir. prident ahmanejad has stressed ernd over agn th he wants to annihate israel from the face of the earth. we haveo support israel, . saker the conseqnces tour nation e too di n to. god has put his blessings un this coury,nd i think aig art of that is because this country was founded on the jew da chrisan principlethat have made -- judah christian
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principles. but that blessing wi cease if wer turn our back upon ral. we must not. we cannot. america must suppo israel, and our adminiration must support israel. and i calup our country t continue to do so. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the ntleman yields bac the gentlemanrom kansas, mr. n. >> mrspeaker. the spear pro tempe: for what purse doeshe ntleman ris time and to revise d exte remarks. the speaker proemre: the gentlemais recognized. mr sn: the peopl t northern mariana iands, eal without rice is no meal. yet,ronilly, one oour most cherishrocsors
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manufacture wheat bread. this brings us memori of the rthern mariana islds weecall the modern bakery. erha our devotion to it has to do with the roots of this business. like the pple of israel, as erge from the trauma of world war ii, the famineill soe so tre waso ea we were stving and stored togher an internme camp in the days d months following t vtory of the japanese in 1944. but the u. forces ban rrganing and -establishing the ability of our community to carr itself the occupying rces tapped it. he ben ki bre for.s.
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trps, for japa prisone of war and for the ople hous by te military as often materis lft behi, cheaper to abandon than return me. so it wast the close of world war ii in the pacific the united states navy mp gave herman guerrero the baking material the liryupplied m to yufmentse with the tures and thcuomer bas he established, herman oened rman's bakery. not only was this e first bathis was the veryirst company foded in our postwar country. herman's busess grew. he openedheirstotel on the land of saan, a retail sore, a undry mt and a avel agey. in the 169's, following an expansion and upgrade, kery became known asman's
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modn bakery. today, the compa stribution chain includes several intnational franes. you can even find herman's thgs for sale othe internet. his fonde memy of the early baking cr was a sit to the shopy admiralhter nimitz. and flowing the 60-plus years of gwth, the relationship betweethuned ste milita and the bery nued. today, the u.s. commencesn guamherm has contracted an authorid suppl opene u a distribution facity and consideri aakery there. herman pplies the us. naval vessels for those in saipfor r&r. they me herman tast stop to the airpor ad comfort ods to homeo too do the ods to homeo too do the u.s. fleeenjoy pullinaway


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