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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  July 27, 2010 2:00am-5:59am EDT

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throughout this country. we have two moderate republican senators and i will always every detail respect and admire them and do can' affortoblic everything i can to recognize their good senators. snowe and collins from maine. [applause] are jobs ingnificaovisions to tf i just hope i don't get them terrorisle into trouble by saying something nice to them here. [laughter] we also need to keep our broader he would use the rules and no agenda in the right context and perspective. we have had to do more with less longer can you do that. there is now a time clock. that is what came about. passing some of the most major these rules that we have when i legislation in history with the least bipartisan cooperation in talk that i know a little bit the history of our country. about these rules were set up for reasons. with t they were originally set up as the constitution to protect minorities, not racial . something minorities necessarily but minorities and there were rules that i carry great deal about. that a good reason. they were used sparingly like i've been chairman of the embraer metro public works committee twice. the spitball like stalling the we had the chance and the ball. but now this republican senate has started using so we have to obligation to do more important change it. things dealing with energy. and --
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[applause] create badly needed jobs in our [cheering] country and in nevada and protect our environment and strengthen our national security and i have instructed to schumer and stop future bp catastrophes. chairman of the rules committee to hold hearings on this and thomas friedman wrote, in "the he's done it and there are some three good hearings. new york times" column this week we do not have the plant fully about the process for comprehensive energy legislation that would do just that. i hire him so much and is developed yet but we are looking at ways to change what has been writing. he is a brilliant writer. abused. [applause] i'm sure many of you saw. by his account we need seven republicans to reach 60. >> in the meantime 22 judicial nominees that have passed out of 70. i am sorry, we need seven to the committee and are waiting to come to the floor. do you have any way we can do reach 60. what caught my eye in this column is not whether he is that? >> that is one of the things we are looking at as the rules correct, it was that his communities change. baseline is 60. the f-22 there but we have about the supermajority needed for 50 appointments in addition to cloture and not 51, the simple those charges. and of course it is obvious what majority in the past needed for they want to do. passing a bill. they want to stop us from getting these judges approved. the supermajority hasn't been a because every one of these standard senate practice before but it has become our opponents judges is viewed. tragy so consistently that friedman didn't once feel laiews i can't file culture. i told you how long that takes.
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counting to 60 instead 51. so we are going to have to work i read what yourite and i know our way through these and focused much attention as we that when you count votes you are also countily assume that can. senator leahy, the judiciary committee is going to work with the judiciary members. they won't let us bring a bill he's going to come in the next it r.member it isted or voted two weeks to the floor pass consent and we are going to spend time talking about this abuse that is taking place and hopefully get them to do gy china th something. the president of a lot with recess appointments as it relates to presidential appointees donner nonjudicial. we hve noapublic to play bait w. but it doesn't work very well so we filed blocks and i can't put them into one filibuster. i have to do them one at a time and as i indicated during 22 of them a week at a time we can't do that. >> as we are wrapping up i wonder if you'd like to pick up a little bit about what senator byrd and senator kennedy meant to you and what the law means to the senate? >> i'm happy to do that.
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first of all, for me to think that ted kennedy is my friend is hard for me to say that because i was a person who so admired his brothers who were both assassinated. i can remember i was vacation and with my high school buddy with my family and when i saw ssen oependencontastrophe andur ted kennedy offer the eulogy at the death of his brother bobby and in my office i had a letter from what had -- to use to come that doesthisee rstt and look at that so many times and he would always say that your signature. but there was a letter to me burton after he had been elected but before he was sworn in as president of the united states singing thank you very much. you for the first in the history
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t done. of the utah state university. thank you very much. so ted kennedy meant so much to me. i knew before a lot of people might not see eye to eye on knew that he was nodding that we thar toreadou and i spent some time together. i gave him when of my offices so he would have a place to go in the capitol but i would always remember ted kennedy. his sense of humor, the voice that boomed across the way. so i almost tear up thinking about it. senator byrd was a different kind of guy. he was somebody that his life was literally in the senate. he didn't go sailing or a thing like that. he was a brilliant man. to give you an idea of his mind, i can to nevada and i mentioned this at his funeral, i spoke at his funeral in west virginia.
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i had been to searchlight, had a little library there. i didn't have anything to reva so i pulled a paper out so i would have something to read on the pain that was and centers of robinson crusoe. i hadn't read it for a long time but it was fun. what did you do this weekend? senator byrd i read the adventures of robinson crusoe. he said the ad ventures have robinson crusoe. keep in mind he hadn't read the book in 50 years or more and he was on that island 28 years, three months, two weeks and three days. [laughter] i looked at him and said are you crazy? i just read the book. and he was right. [laughter] so he was a wonderful human being. >> thank you. on behalf of the netroots nation, thank you for joining us again. [cheering]
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♪ and >> the republican u.s. senate canada expressed her support . [cheers and appl >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome the americans for crisper thefoundation tim phillips. [applause] ♪
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wee really got to ge the judge to stop holding back, don't we? he needs to loosen up and just speak from the heart. [laughter] tell us what he's really thinking. good morning. i'm sure everyone got a good, full night's sleep and rest. is that correct? you know, the government talks about wealth redistribution. i was walking to the casino last night on the way back to my room and i saw some serious wealth redistribution at the blackjack tables. [laughter] but at least it was private redistribution and not some government bureaucrat just taking it out of our pockets, right? [applause] there's a battle all of us all over the last year and half and was the battle to stop the. nancy pelosi obama healthcare takeover and i know all of you fought hard. you called, e-mail, cannot to
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hand off the health care rally and tea party. you did your job and it was a tough and bitter defeat. but i've got news for you. the fight is not over on health care. it's not over until we say it's over and we are saying it's not over. by the way speaking of nancy pelosi, did you actually see where vice president joe biden called her the, and i'm not making this up i promise -- he called her, quote, the mother of health care. did you see that? [laughter] now joe said some pretty crazy things. [laughter] i could go over a litany o them here but the mother of health care. i know that is a comforting thought to all of us, right? if our children -- if our parents or grandparents, if they get sick don't worry, you've got the mother of health care policy and her band of bureaucrats to take care of you. and if they are going to say don't worry i'm from washington here to help. things will be fine.
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we're you're the good news on health care. we could win this battle. i want to lk about that for mullen. we did lose the first round in congress with of those politicians in washington. but we can take part because we won and we n decisively with the american people and you and i know that. we know the grassroots politics does. [applause] and that's why we can't let the battle in the and we are not going to. one of the best sites on the internet is heritage of order. do you ever go to it is an amazing sight. i was just up a couple of evenings ago kind of went through the health care section of the website and i found a couple of things that give us just -- it indication of just how decisive and important the battle is as we move forward. reading on the heitage sight i saw that where the budget deficit under this
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pelosi-reid-obama bill would increase. that is not the total cost, that is just the increase in the budget deficit due to obama care. in the second decade you know the number is? $1.5 trillion more of red ink. money we don't have that we are taking from my children and maybe grand children of yours or my grandchildren. we don't have that right now. forget future we don't have that kind of money right now to read so much more is at stake here. the pelosi-reid-obama package is going to add over 100, 100 new federal agencies and departments to the already blown washington bureaucracy. now again, that number does not inude the existing bureaucracy there will be beefed up and added to over 100 new
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departmentand agencies because of this bill. and of course, that means thousands of new government bureaucrats the we are paying for. so there's just too much at stake. and do what job killing policies. think about the number of jobs were going to be lost by the mandates on the small businesses i was talking about small business owner in ohio who runs and rubber company about 90 employed. he said under this legislation we are literally going to have to drop most of our employees fromour health care package. now you know what that means? it means that the government mandates in obamacare those employees, hard-working folks who do a good job and have a good health care benefits package program through their private employer you know where they rank in that? on welfare. that is what medicaid is. that is what we are talking about. we are talking about hard working families who have a good
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job to have an employer who can do we have a good contract going. we are going to take care of you with health care packages and benefits. we have a good business. the step in with these mandates and literally destroy the relationship in the private sector. that's not compassion. that isn't a better way for america. and there's more. use of president obama's back door recess appointment of dr. donald. remember that? to run medicare and medicaid. i want to give you to uote and hopefully you heard about them and i that you have to read this audience is a laser beam and i know that. i want to run through two of these. the first is this and this is from the guy that was obama's back door twice to run medicare and mediid. quote, the decision is not whether or not we will ration care. the decision is whether we will rationed with our eyes open. now that's not some french guy who doesn't have a job. actually he is a french guy.
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excuse me. but he does have a job. he's t president's choice to run medicare and medicaid centers. let me give you one more quote from him. speaking of the united kingdom's government-run health care system this guy actually says the following quote. i am a romantic about the national health service. i love it. now this guy is actually a romantic about a government bureaucracy that forces tens of thousands of people every year to stand and tell long lines for basic health care treatment, medical treatment where the laws of them die while awaiting every year and he is romantic about that? that's his idea of romance? my goodness. is bill clinton when we need good old-fashioned romance in washington, d.c.? [applause] that's crazy. during this bottle president obama and speaker pelosi a harry reid told the american people many untruths but there were three that bear remembering today because you're going to hear about them a lot between
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now and november through the november coming up of americans for prosperity. number one and you may remember these. the president said on george stephanopoulos show on abc and every other speech he gave don't worry my health care bill is not a tax. that's right it's not a tax. now his own justice department is in court defending the constitutionality of this monstrosity by saying what say it's a tax and we have the right to do that. the federal government has the right to do that. on truth number two, and remember this just go ahead and shouted ou don't worry. under my health care bill if people like their current health insurance was? they can keep it. he vp to that dozens upon dozens of times to the american people. so it harry reid and speaker mother of health care that people will see. over and over but we just mentioned the truth about it. their job killing mandates means
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that literally thousands of small and big businesses that lack across this country are literally having to drop their health care. that means millions of americans are landaluze their health care. they may like it but they can't keep it. that is the country's number two and remind people of that. and the third part remember this this was the one that was the biggest water of all. when he said this we were in north carolina, douglas would house and you prably remember this might. we had a town hall meeting the president speaking to a joint session of congress on health care last fall. and what he said the next day the audience just burst into hilarious laughter. that is how crazy it was. he said don't worry. under my heah care bill the budget deficit won't give up what? a single penny. remember that? the government isn't at 100 new department. they're going to add millions to the welfare rolls medicaid and the budget deficit isn't going to go off. this year, this year and especially the next three months we are going to hold every
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single politician who supported those untruths to the american people by voting for this health care bill. we are going to vote them accountable. will you help us do that? wiyou help us do that? [applause] >> and thenhere's been to be a new congress in 2011. and we are going to demand two things from them. we are going demand and a bore down vote on the repeal of this health care takeover. [applause] and then an up or down vote on the funding every last penny of this bill. every penny. those are two real demands. and let's be clear about this. no matter which party runs th house or the senate we are going to demand those two votes aren't we? those are the two votes we are going to demand.
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[applause] the retial code and replace vote and t funding of this monstrosity. and that is what we have to be committed to do. the last two years this congress and this administration literally ignored the amercan people. these politicians have cut their stake. they piled up budget deficits and debt and added more government property and red tape. they have had their say. but i tell you this. this november you get your say and i get mine. we get our say this november and we have to make sure we take that. [applause] >> a few months ago i heard a quote, i read a quote on one of the tea party sides from the indian freedom fighter taking of the british empire in the 1930's and 40's for their freedom and had a quote but i think sums of our movement where we stand today. i would like to read it for you. he said speaking of their battle for freedom he said first they
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ignore you then they ridicule you. then they attack you. then you win. [applause] i think that the last year and have and they literally ignored us like we were the invisible man and the invisible woman. it didn't matter how many events, town halls, they ignored it but it kept building. the tea party movement, the other organizations fighting for freedom. so then they began ridiculing to remember, astroturf, corporate front groups, brooks brothers to fail on the trail by the way, and you were corporate firms. they used really derogatory names if they shouldn't use in the public discourse, civil discourse. they ridiculed the the movement kept growing. the impact could growing with the american people and that is where the attack began in earnest. they began using racial attacks.
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they began using the bigoted attacks and attacking each of you and each organization, each local tea party, americans for prosperity calling this precise and all this so the language because they knew we were willing and they kept building and we kept building and we kept building and now i'm telling you if we do our job we are going to win. we are going to win for our values and freedom. [applause] we are not going to win for any party, we are not going to win ankly for just the sake of a power trip. we are going to win for all this to goodness vaes and principles of economic freedom and the tenants of our constitution. and this isn't just about 1e election is it? its about genuinely over a long period of time bringing the country in a different direction. the direction the prince was pretty freedom and hope and a genuine chance to give our children and grandchildren the
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same life and opportunities we had as americans. we are exceptional, we are americans and that makes us exceptional and we can't lose that. and i tell you this when i travel the country from really all over the country, i asked one question to the activists that are there and i asked them this and you can feel free to shout out your answer and there is no specific. i'm interested to hear what you have to say. i ask what do you want from government? what is it you want? this lady right here said it. you don't want anything. you just wantto be left alone to enjoy the freom. [applause] we just want to be left alone to enjoy the freedom we were given by our creator and the constitution. we want to be left alone to raise our families to run an honest living to work in our communities, churches,
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synagogues to make a difference the way we want to make a difference. but here is the great irony of american of represented democracy. if we ought to be left alone to enjoy those freedoms, we have to get involved to fight for those freedoms every day. [applause] and you are here doing that. i know you're back home doing that and that is what this afternoon is about. i hope you come back at 3:00 as americans for prosperity hosts the november rally coming in this room after this conference at 3 p.m. i hope you come back. we will go door-to-door together and make phone calls together. we will begin the hard work of freedom to make sure we do our part to pass america on to our next generation. thank you very much. [applause] ladies and gentlemen please
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welcome [inaudible] ♪ >> thank yu. it's great to be back here at rightonline. it's exciting to see how energized and active conserves have come. give yourselves a hand. this is a terrific time and it's really your success. but i'm afraid i have to make a confession. i am not what i seem. yes. i know, i seem like a man of taste and sophistication. [laughter] you are laughing all ready. but unfortunately i do have a deep and dark secret. i love disco. [laughter] the music of the 170's was my guilty pleasure. i have been nown to shake my groove thing, i will boogie
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oogie-oogie until we just can't both be no more. i may have a nostalgic love of the music of the 1970's but unfortunately it is not the music that's coming back. instead it's the big economics of the 1970's that has made a comeback in the obama administration and the nancy pelosi congress. it's the same field ideas of the top down centray controlled economics that has led us to the glory days of stagflation and leisure suits. democrats sought to pretend that the intervention policies and of the taxes they championed will work this time around. despite the utter failure of the moves in the 1970's. the bloated and competent
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regulatory regimes that helps trinkle american manufacturing an the decade will now get impose on wall street thinks to a poorly conceived financial regulation bill that fixes everything except what actually broke in the financial collapse. meanwhile at fannie and freddie and the fha we are back to push in cheap loans and securitized in excess risk in order to conduct social and engineering. i call that doing to hustle. [laughter] in health care, the same top-down government control that run the gas lines in the 1970's will shortly bring hospital and clinic lines in the 21st century. dumping moreregulation, mandates and price controls on providers and insurers will drive them out of business and leave us all with long waiting time for treatments. in fact, the trick in the new obama carroll world would be
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staying alive. [laughter] i had fun writing the speech. [laughter] call about unmployment? that is that stock, to that. when jimmy carter ran for reelection in 1980 the percentage of people employed in the u.s. population was 59%. you can check this out. the bureau of labor statistics. when bk obama took office it had come down to 60.6% $860 billion in a stimulus plan that supposedly losing their jobs, money we had to borrow because we didn't have it, the percentage of population working is nw 58.5%. obama looks like the carter the second time around. [laughter] he's startingto ake carter
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look good and believe me if you asked me to years ago if i would be anywhere and say carter kind of looks good in retrospect i would have lost my house buy now. [laughter] it is probably in this town, too. meanwhile we added a new gold medallion and polyester suit and exploding the deficit. nancy pelosi and harry reid have managed to do the impossible. they've made overspending republicans a few years back look like ebenezer scrooge. [laughter] democrats added a trillion dollars a year in extra spending and just three budget cycles since regaining power in congress in 2007. that is an increase of 38% in the federal budget and the annual federal budget in just a short period of time. national debt spiraled 8.5 trillion september, 2006 to almost 12 tralee and now, an increase of over 40% in three
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yea. it's now 93% of our gross domestic product. so, when i tell you that greece is the word, you know it has a groove and a meaning. [laughter] [applause] fortunately though the 1970s headed anecdote. it was the reagan revolution of the 1980's. we stopped penalizing the capitol. we've lowered taxes and rolled back the regulatory and unleash the power and dynamism of american innovation and ingenuity. that did not happen by accident. it came from the work omen and women just like yourself in some cases the same people who are here right now who had enough, got active and got organized. they found reliable leaders and kept enough pressure on congress to force them to listen. and what happened? we triggered the greatest expansion of wealth in the
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nation's history and we can do it again, too. [applause] we have the duty to our contry to act when it goes off track to organize, get involved, make a voice is heard and make a were politicians listen. that's why i'm proud to be here among some in a committed activists to work with such a great organization as americans for prosperity to fight with you for the free market principles and the private property rights that created an economic boom that lasted a generation. this generation can do it again as long as you keep it coming, folks. keep it coming. don't stop it now. thank you and god bless america. [applause] [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen from "the wall street journal," please welcome don. ♪
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>> it is a pleasure to be here. how many of you fi or subscribe to "the wall reet journal"? [applause] how many of you watch fox news? [cheering] the least i could do to come here today and thank you for helping to pay my salary. [laughter] i work for you. i do double duty to read line meeting loss of you here right on line but i'm also going over to report on the netroots nation conference. [applause] speaker pelosi is speaking there right now. but let me say something on her behalf. she is an honest liberal. how much more honest can you get the and just before the health care bill passed? she told the american people if you want to find out what's in
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the health care bill you are going to have to pass it. because they did in the dead of night with last minute amendments and all ofthat. that's honesty. there's a lot of honesty happening at the netroots nation. they are depressed and they are confused. because people -- [applause] people don't seem to want to change america quite the way they want to. in fact overt the netroots nation you could walk through the deepest optimism and not get your ankles wet. [applause] y is that? last year i was at etrots nation and even there the health care bill was sinking in the pollthe town hall meetings had occurred, and they were told over and over again a year ago and over and over in the months since all you have to do is pass this health care bill and the american people will accept it and they will finally embrace it
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and adopted. well, how is that working out for you? the new president's re-elect number is at 14%. [applause] the health care bill is as unpopular as they get past and another survey by bill clinton's former pollster stan greenberg 55% of americans believe the word socialist best describes barack obama. [applause] ek directly describes. now that includes by the way 30% of democrats. you may think some democrats might be thinking that is a positive thing. about 34% of democrats think he's a big spender.
2:32 am
and 35% of the democrats think he is growing of a government too big. even his own party is having questions about the direction the country is going. [applause] pact cad the former democratic pollster for george mcgovern and mick carter and jerry brown says the poll he looks that shows the country is in a pre-revolutionary mentality. and let me tell you the single most exciting thing i've seen in american politics the last 18 months. you, the american people, looking at both political parties and not having been disappointed by both decided to take things into your own hands. to paraphrase a famous expression politics is not important to be left just the politicians. you have to get involved.
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>> and through the power of the new media that right on line represents especially the internet you have been able to organize yourself, come together and establish the political force that is astonished the entire political community. you now have more power than any previous generation of americans have influence your government and make your voice heard. [cheers and applause] you have so much power. you have scred your adversaries into a panic. and they are lashing out using all of the old tried and true is near tactics that they've always used in the past. for example, the racism charge. we all know there was $100,000 reward offered by the big government for any credible evidence that the n-word was actually used on capitol hill before the health care bill passed. it has gone unclaimed.
2:34 am
well, i now have evidence as to why in the world this charge was hurled at the tea pary. mary frances berry is a very liberal democrat, democrat in good standing. she was the share of the united states commission of civil rights appointed by bill clinton. she also served appointed by jimmy carter. this is what she wrote in last week. listen carefully. changing the to party was the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for democrats. there is no evidence that he party will answer any more races than any other republicans and indeed other americans. but gettg them to spend their time purging their ranks and having the candidates distance themselves should help democrats win in november. having one's opponent rbut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.
2:35 am
[applause] >>ave you ever heard a more honest explanation of the cynicism driving people attacking the two-party? salles wilensky, indeed, 9.5% unemployment nationally, 40% of nevada, was 50% in less vigorous you would do anything to change the subject. [applause] first the good news. door going to have a big victory in november. [applause] but remember already the bulkeley party which is the amalgam of the two parties in washington that both want to spend your money it's just that the republicans sometimes feel more guilty about it, the beltway party is already plotting to thwart you. how many of you heard what trent
2:36 am
lott the former senate majority leader said. i call him the vacant lot. [laughter] [applause] trent lott told "the washington post" we don't need any more jim demint's in the senate. if they get elected we are going to have to collect them very quickly. >> we don't need trent lott! [applause] >> well, trent lott represents the part of the republican party that came to washington once determined to dream the slot and decided to meet a great hot tub instead. [laughter] you have one more task after you win in november. there is a lot of unfinished business in congress left over from 1994 and '95 when they reformed the internal operations of congress they didn't finish the job. how many of you know congress is still exempt from the civil rights act.
2:37 am
how many of you know that congress still refuses to acknowledge if you cut things like the capitol gains taxes you're going to get more revenue will lose less than y would anticipate? how many of you know that there are three parties in congress, democrats, republicans and members of the appropriations committee. [laughter] we need to insist if ther is a change in congress the house that nancy pelosi and her liberal friends build will be changed interlly and completely remodeled. [applause] and noeth lame duck sessions. [applause] the [cheering] there are 31 republican senators they can block major legislation and lamb dak sessions. there is no excuse for members of congress who have been defeated or or durham the year
2:38 am
e american people said we want to go in a completely different direction. [applause] you stand in the shoulders of giants we've been this way before. addressing staffing risers in 1997 after the republican defeat of 76 post watergate wynn said be of good cheer for we are beaten but not slain and shall lie down and leave a land rise again to fight again. he said you have a future because liberals only when when two things happen. de win when the people we elect a tree the principles of the campaign and went liberals are able to convince the american pele they will govern as moderates. he said that jus happened with jimmy carter but he will govern
2:39 am
as a liberal. i guarantee because the leadership of his party in congress and the people who pay the bills of the democratic party, the unions want have it any other way and he was right. jimmy carter took us into the economic ditch. and ronald reagan was able to campaign again in 1980 saying a recession is when your neighbor loses his or her job and the depression is when you lose your job. recovery is when jimmy carter loses his job. [cheers and applause] ..
2:40 am
reagan in his last speech to his staffers, the last three innings before he succumbed to alzheimer's said i reminded you what would happen and 76 when carter would govern from the left. the american people would rise up and they would demand an accountability. bill clinton campaigned as a moderate but he will govern from the left because he has to go his party won't let him have it any other way. and the american people will respond because liberal policies failed in the 1994 republican revolution happened. twice before your fathers, your mothers, perhaps you be back liberalism. 77 to 80, 93 to 96.
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now we have the third yard yard-brown, exactly 16 years later. it is obama now. obama mpaigned as a moderate. he governed as a liberal. and the american people have responded to that flimflam are he and that is why do you are here. [applaus i think american history goes in cycles. every 75 years there's a generation that is called upon to do maximum sacrifices to keep this country free. the first generation that did that with the revolution that fought and won our freedom as judge napolitano told the then we have a civil war and the great depression generation that defeated the nazis, the fascists in world war ii. while 75 years ago that greatest generation rose to the challenge now 75 years later you are the next generation that will have
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to make sacrifices for your children and for your grandchildren to keep america free. if you do that-- [applause] and i think you will this november and a month after that, if you do that someday when your children and your grandchildren ask you, what did you do this summer and fall of 2010 you can say to them with pride and with truth, i saved america from socialism. i saved america from a takeover of our health care system and we kept this country free. we were not the greatest generation but at a time of national peril, we were called upon to do great dings and we did them. [applause] thank you. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome politically or editor don vestige. ♪ >> good morning americans for prosperity. how are we doing? [applause] i am doing okay but i'm afraid after last nights performance at the tables i'm feeling a little bit less prosperous than i was about 12 hours ago but that is okay. at first i was reluctant to gamble. i figured, it ready much announces surrendering a whole lot of my hard-earned money to a faceless heartless entity with a very slim chance of coming out ahead. then it occurred to e that is pretty much exactly what paying taxes is except with gambling you have a slim chance of coming out ahead. as a lookout on the crowd here i am pretty sure that i recognize
2:45 am
a few fellow revelers who were on the town last night with me but rest assured no worries. my lips are sealed as was ld what happens after hours at right right right online stays that right online. now that is a hell of a lot wetter than what they have got across thestreet. their slogan is, what happens after hours at netroots nation gets published on the journalist, so i'm sure the secrets are completely secure. [laughter] but seriously it is awesome to be in vegas, my first trip to las vegas and a sin city can be exciting what i am stoked about his being in the glorious home state of the esteemed majority leader of the united states senate, harry reid. harry reid is so popular here in nevada that his own son who is running for governor is omitting his last name from campaign literature. that is true. [applause] hairy who? i don't know that guy.
2:46 am
sorry, dad. some of you heard in the introduction that i'm leaving my current position as a chicago-based talkshow host and moving to washington d.c. to be the new political editor of town i am really excited about that opportunity. thank you. [applause] what i'm especially eager to do though since i'm leaving chicago, i'm eager to abandon the culture of corruption, the backroom deals, the profligate spending and they nanny state that characterized chicago politics and as we all know none of that type of stuff for flex washington so i'm sure we'll be ju fine particularly in the sage of the most ethical and transparent white house and congress in the history. since i only have a few brief moments appear i wanted to encourage you to visitot only town and also our phenomenal sister site, hot you heard from ed morrissey a few minutes ago. he does a great job. i'm finishing up a prospect just-- project right now.
2:47 am
what our goal was when we set out on this project was to refocus the public's attention on that abomination of a health care bill that the democrats rammed through congress five months ago. what we did is we went back into the record and we isolated eight of the central promises made by the president and his allies during their insufferable and dishonest pr campaign on behalf of obamacare. actually we just heard a few of those eight central promises recapitulated a few minutes ago, the end of-- the individual mandate is not a text. they said it would reduce health care spending in america. not so much. would want to add to the deficit. you can keep your plan if you like it, all that stuff. than what we go through, i believe we convincingly demonstrate that each and every one of those age promises s proven now to be either a ludicrously irresponsible promise or an outright lie back.
2:48 am
in obamacare, we have a massive new entitlement program that the public did not and does not wany deliver on the benefits that its defenders said it would and oh by the way, it will bankrupt the country. this is a monstrosity. it is built on lies and it cries out for repeal. [applause] talking about repealing obamacare is an easy applse line with this audience but it is one thing to defeat the big government democrats in november at the ballot box, but and that is not-- essential step, don't get me wrong but it will be equally important for us to hold republicans accountable and insist that they live up to the limited government rhetoric that they have recently rediscovered. [applause]
2:49 am
i am glad they have rediscovered it. a lot of their votes have been heroic and excellent over the last couple of weeks and i'm not worried abt mike pence. i'm not worried about michelle bachmann. uyghur from yesterday. i don't think you guys should worry either. those guys are strong. but i think we all know there is probably a couple of republicans in congress who could use some friendly adult supervision. [laughter] so as conservative activists and conservative members of the dia that will be ourask after the conservative tidal wave hits the shores of the potomac th fall as i believe it will. so please, log onto hot next week, check out the obamacare post. i think it will be compelling and impactful and i hope it goes viral because the amrican people, they still know they don't like that bill, they don't like that love that we will remind them exactly why and exactly why that righteous anger so many people felt a year ago should endure and democrats should pay when they go to the polling place.
2:50 am
i know my time is almost up and if you'll excuse may have an appointment at the newest tourist attraction here in las vegas. it is called the stiff man. is actually al gore is brand-new massage parlor. i've got to run. thank you also much. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome grassroots leader and dio host roger is cox. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i am so happy to be here in a place where there is hope, optimism, determination, perseverance, where real americans have gathered because across town there are some people who are angry, divided, despairing, running down the country as a matter of their professional principles. the netroots i am talking about. i am happy to be here, reporter
2:51 am
asked me why are you invited over there the air and their invited here? and i said, who would want to listen to ed schultz in the first place? [laughter] nobody listens, nobody watches his levision program. it is only when he gets out li this that he gets any kind of an audience. i am a professional talker. i have been doing talk radio for 25 years, and i am true-- through talking. this year it is time for action. a week from thursday i'm taking my radio show to tucson arizona to stand up for arizonans. [applause] and, i want to invite everyone of you to be there. the sheraton hotel, thursday the
2:52 am
fifth of august from 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon our affiliate is w. q. t. h.. we have invited people. i asked the management there if they were ready. because americans want to stand up for arizona, for jan brewer, for the legislature, for what they are doing there. [applause] stand up and turn around with that t-shirt. i love this t-shirt by the way. have you seen this? [applause] and you show it very well too, thank you are a much. am delighted to have the opportunity to stand up for arizona because last week the president of the united states in federal court, in sworn documents filed in a lawsuit that they filed against arizona, let's of the federal government has the right not to enforc a law passed by congress. this is the same guy who took the oath, i think it is in the
2:53 am
oath, isn't it? faithful execution of the laws. a foundational element of american government was thrown away in a written document in a federal court. it is time we put a stop to it. it is time we showed up. it is timely, we are all arizonans, all of us now. [applause] now i've gotten kind of excited about this so i put ogether a little tour. we have been here in arizona because as americans, we have been in here in nevada because as americans we could not have a service to our country greater than defeating harry reid in november. [applause] so, when the president went down to missouri to a campaign for robin carnahan for unite states
2:54 am
senate, i called up roy blunt. anybody here from missouri? yes, sir. i am with you. roy blunt is running [applause] >> thank you very much. i would like to begin by thanking all the grassroots members of the amerins for prosperity foundation, because without fos like you volunteering your time and energy whether it is making phonecalls, knking on doors, going to town halls, it would make it impossible for folks like me to run for office successfully so thank you r all you do in helping to elect me. [applause] i would also like to tank while the conservative bloggers here today, working feverishly to spread the conservative message
2:55 am
of smaller government, lower taxes, decrease spending and free market principles, the things we stand for here in this room. [applause] are you ready to get to work? ready to start typing? or your fingers nice and limber? let's fire up those computers, go to for and let's send a message to washington right now. i need 2010 people to go to that web site and sign up to join me in operation new direction to ousted dena titus, fire nancy pelosi, retire harry reid and send a message to washington that november is coming. [applause] you know, for the first time in our country's history, this generation, my generation, our generation, runs the risk of leading this nation-- leading
2:56 am
this nation in worse shape than we inherited it for the next-generatn. that is why i am running for congressional district 3. i want to preserve and protect the american dream that so many americans across this great nation are watching just fade away. i am running because i refuse to see our children saddled with trillions of dollars in debt. i refuse to mortgage their future. i am running because we can no longer afford the unsustainable deficit of this administration, and the liberal mantra of in good times spent money and a bad time spent more money. we simply cannot afford it any longer. [applause] patriots, patriots across america are afraid and rightfully so. they are fearful of what might come next. they are afraid of their government and what might lie ahead. they are worried about the
2:57 am
liberal progressive agenda that this administration and democratically controlled congress is foisting upon us and an unprecedented agendthat increases government control of an intrusion into our private lives. it is time for real world experience. it is time for commonsense solutions. it istime for a new drection. we need elected leaders that know what it takes to run a small business, to make a payroll, to sign the front of a check, not just the back of a check. only then will congress truly understandhe impact of their job-killing policies. we need elected leaders that know what works and what doesn't work in our current health care system. only then will we bring about commonsense health care reform. and we certainly need more elected leaders that have worn the uniform ofur military. [applause]
2:58 am
who can foresee-- who can foresee the unintended consequences of their misguided foreign policy decisions. only then will our homeland remain secure and the sacrifices of our servicemen and women not be in vain. [applause] as a small-business owner, as a physician, is as a military officer, i have that real world experience to tackle the tough issues that we face in the nation. while my opponent was teaching political science i was creating jobs, taking care of nations and defending our nation. [applause] while her professional career has been based on theory, mine has been based on action. it is time it is time that we have elected leaders who understand that it is we the people, the taxpayers that need to be the priority in washington d.c., not the unions, not the mr
2:59 am
mentalists, not the trial lawyers. we saw, we saw the trial lawyers trial with the exclusion of tort reform from the health care takeover. we watched as the environmentalists push for and succeeded in passing in the house cap-and-trade, tax on every struggling american family, and we watched as the unions aggressively lobbied for card check which will kill small businesses across our nation at the very time that we need private enterprise to strengthen our economy. [applause] these liberal policies are unacceptable. they can no longer be tolerated. they must stop and that is why i am running for nevada's third congressional district. [applause] my opponent, my opponent dena taxes titus was an original
3:00 am
co-sponsor of card check. she voted for cap-and-tax and she followed the liberal leadership like a fleming and her vote for obamacare, replacing our current health care system with a bureaucratic government takeover. dena titus is a liberal sweetheart who is now being funded by the special interests who must repay her for caring nancy pelosi's wat 97.3% of the time. you know nancy is in town today, but instead of talking about our unemployment rateof 14.2%, instead of apologizing for the job-killing policies that have brought us into this disaster, she is motivating her liberal league of lawyers in an attempt to steal this election. are you ready to join me today in ensuring that the only seeds nancy takes in vember is on a commercial flight back to san francisco? [applause]
3:01 am
then we must, we must beat dena titus. dena titus is pelosi's minyan and in order to fire nancy we must defeat the liberal legions of tax raising, job-killing puppets like dena titus. we must-- to flip the house and i need your help. the race for nevada runs through my congressionadistrict, nevada's third as the most populous congressional congressional district in the state, the way cd3 goes, so goes nevada. i need your help to take that congressional district 3. i need your help to take that nevada. i need your help to take back our country. [applause] this year, this year more than ever you must understand the
3:02 am
weight of your words. we must take advantage of some momentum we now have and i need your help in carrying my message of operation in a new direction. the battle plans are drawn, the troops are mobilized in the fight is on. proved today that we can control the ongoing debate. this is our way, and demand that we are heard. you must carry this movement. break through the clutter and ensure the conservative message which stands the onslaught of special interest spending. we might be outspent but we will not the outworked andthe fight goes viral today. [applause] i need your help. i need 2010 people to head to my web site right now and join operation new direction to alice dena titus, fire nancy pelosi, retire harry reid and send message to washington that
3:03 am
november is coming. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, john aaronson. [applause] ♪ >> one of my favorite moviesis tombstone and they have got that great line, you tell them i'm coming in hell is coming with me. we need to look at the rio and tell them that we are coming in heck is coming with us. [applause] and angle and rubio and rand paul and people like ken bodkin pamela gorman and other fighters for freedom across the country. we are coming. we are going to take over and we are going to set the clock back. do you know what? and i hate to break it to them, but let's be honest when we set the clock back we are going back
3:04 am
past the georgw. bush. no more t.a.r.p., no more auto bailouts. let's not forget these are things republicans gave us. we are at it point in this country where we have to stop looking at the letter next to someons name when we decide who we are going to vote for. [applause] we are at a point in this country where we need to get involved in primaries and start beating up our own side. if we are not going to hold our site accountable, they are going to hold our side accountable. brooms, sweep them out of office. [applause] there is a great church of quote, and is gathering storm about world war ii. i'm going to use it this morning and some of you have heard me say before. a few old not fight for the right when yo can easily win without bloodshed if you will not fight when your victory will be sure not too costly you may come to the moment when you will
3:05 am
have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. there may even be a worse case. you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than live as a slave. a great quote. [applause] the left doesn't understand this. the left is so wrapped up in this idea that we should all be equal, the only way for us to be equal is for us o be slaves. for us to be slaves to government and they think that is a good thing. they forget history. there's never been such a thing as equal people. we start out equal, we start out in the womb the same but then we have to come to this country and experience freedom and though some of us are going to get ahead and some of us are. some of us may have an obligation to those who can't get ahead for one reason or another but the government shouldn't be holding us all back because some of us can't get ahead. and yet the democrats, even some repuicans want to punish those who get ahead. if they are going to start
3:06 am
punishing everyone who gets ahead no one is going to want to get ahead and we are going to wind up not in the positione are, the last best hope for man, which we still remain but not for long and less we come november. so i want to encourage you to get the on the proests. i said this before and i will say it again. the one thing i have and consider myself a tea party activist, these issues are not tea party issues. they are american issues. and when you say they are tea party issues, you have got half the country that plug their ears up. these aren't tea party issues. they are american issue so it is time to put down the protest signs in time to pick up campaign signs. it is time to knock on doors. it is time to get out the vote. it is time to eat the democrats. [applause] and it is time to at the
3:07 am
republicans. [applause] so how do you beat them? let's be realistic. in washington there are two parties. there are democrats and there are democrats lights. some of the democrats light remember what it used to be like and they are still republican. so now i don't know about you but i personally have more in common with the people that have the hour mac next to their name and i'm actually one of them and i intend to embed myself within them and drive out all the people who i don't like. i mean, that is what the left is doing. when you get on tv, tv wants to talk about the civil war among the right. the right is beating each other up. just the other day some guy over crosstown was talking about how he was glad a lot of democrats were going to be eaten. yeah, agree with them. it is just he wants more people on the left. i want more people on the right. at when you have the talking
3:08 am
heads in washinon all they want to talk about is finding common ground. i don't want to stand next to these people. i want to beat them. there isn't any common ground with these people. [applause] there is no common ground. you know the reason we are having the fight we are having today because the common ground, we found it all. ere is non left. they want to destroy us. we want to build up this country. i m writing a book. one of the chapters is entitled barack obama's war with all things other than the enemy. [applause] you do not take over a sixth of the american economy unless you hate a sixth of the american economy. you do not take over another six of the american economy unless you hate that other six of the american economy. you do not take over another six of the american economy le you don't like that. that is half the economy. if you don't like have the american economy there may be a
3:09 am
lot more about this country you don't like. personally i love this country. [applause] to make this country good again, to restore the heart and soul of this country, to fight for freedom, rush is right, they have to fail. that is the simple part of it. americo wince when the democrats lose [applause] abraham lincoln in 1862 i believe it was, traveled on horseback for two weeks from springfield illinois to kalamazoo michigan. he, like us, believe so strongly in a cause that he was willing to travel for two weeks by horseback to talk 100 people. i don't know about you but i'm not getting on a course in writing for two weeks to speak to just 100 people. 10,000 people showed up in callousness do-- kalamazoo to hear him.
3:10 am
he said in our nation's sympathy which in 1862 it still kind of was, we are to become the envy of the world. europeans, they came to study is to see what made us great. he said he had figured out what it was. in this country, unlike any other on the face of the earth, every man can make himself. think about that fr a minute. [applause] in georgia, my friend karen handel is running fr governor. she didn't go to college. she didn't have that opportunity given hardship and her family. but she went to washington and begin working and she became the chief of staff to maryland quail, the vice president's wife in the white house. she then went on to work after leaving the white house and eventually became the chairman of the county commission in georgia. she then became secretary of state of georgia now she is running for governor. nikki haley and south carolina, her family came from india.
3:11 am
[applause] she began working for her father is a cpa when she was 10. she became an account and when was 10. heck of a life. she is now the republican gubernatorl nominee in south carolina. in this country, every man and woman can make themselves. but not for long. and that is the reality we face. it is not just democrats. it is also republicans. so i encourage you as we head out from here, remember discern who the real enemy is, discern who te real friend is. sometimes it is not who you think. sometimes it is who you think but in all cases remember stand on the side of freedom and fight like hell until november. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome dio host from the apple,.
3:12 am
♪ >> as you can see out of the many women that mesh-- men and women who have ventured out to speak to you i wear the suit of a gladiator, not a suit and a tie. and i'm going to take you from the corporate suites to the streets. and many of the things i say and my allotted time, i'm not going to please many people but you know something? i'm not a politician. i'm not running for office. i have to do with the realities of life in this country i am loyalty, america because i'm not loyal to a party, republican or democrat. i'm not loyal to a religion. i am loyal to a country that has given me an opportunity to freely not only discuss what i believe to take it into the streets, and with america the fan-- land in the free and home
3:13 am
of the brave to protect the elderly, infirm, women and children not to depend on the government to do it. [applause] people will disappoint you. principles want. you know that. you have been failed before and even though many will come with a tsunami of words and make love to your ears, oftentimes they have treated us like a-- the keep on the side and when it is time to take back to the house to introduce them to your mother and father, they are a dollar short and a day late. you have been treated this way before. don't be fooled again. remember the who, i won't be fooled again. i want to honor steve monaghan, americans for prosperity of new jersey because this man is a man of not only principle but he goes out there and he organizes. there is a man in the white house who is a community
3:14 am
organizer. i want to see your credibility. it is people like steve lonergan of americans for prosperity who is out there day in, day out getting people on buses, going to rallies at times anonymously behind the scenes making sure the powers of people are heard so the democrats and the republicans have a-- when ac1 thousand people outside their office. [applause] but i will disappoint you as a person and even steve monaghan will disappoint you because we are human beings. before i came out here, i noticed the governor of new jersey who overall has done a very good job trying to wrestle together a dysfunctional system. but lo and behold enlisting to the taxpayer american for prosperity, he took on chris christiend said you are going to do what? you are going to bring in the government to control atlantic city? you are going to the casinos?
3:15 am
are you out of your mind? do you have the furniture rearranged in thewrong room? keep government out of atlantic city. [applause] because the people will end up paying us. i am dedicating my life to going after the white-collar, the blue-collar, and the no collar. the uzi toting psychopathic killing machines, the geriatric sipping psychotic killers organized crime and you know how many of the gambino's anotti's try to make sure i was room temperature. t let us not exempt the white-collar thugs and criminals who almost imploded america and the world from goldman sachs to merrill lynch who stole from us, the taxpayer and go out there and gamble with our money. if i gamble here at the venetian there is security that will take
3:16 am
me out and give me silver bracelets. we rewarded them by giving them our money and putting them back into business. we need to treat the white-collar thugs on wall street the same way we do the drug dealing thugs on the streets of america. you commit a crime, and make sure they do the time. [applause] do not protect them and do not take their campaign contributions because if you come before us and you say, i am for the people, i am for the rd-working middle class, the people who are multitasking working two or three jobs just to make ends meet. take the money from the banks too big to fail or the financial institutions who have once again put us on the edge of implosion, you are speaking with forked tongues. don't trust these politicians. we have seen this before and i will not be fooled again.
3:17 am
[applause] but now, we want to cut taxes. we want government out of our lives. we have this growing debt and deficit. we are all aware of it but do you know something? i'm a free agent of thought and a free free-agent to do whatever all americans should be doing and that is turn the tube off and get into the streets of their communities and began doing many of the things that we have given over to government. government enables us from the cradle two the grave. they tell us we can't survive without them. let me tell you this much. back in 1979 new york city, the economic engine of the world was on the cusp of fiscal implosion. they wanted to declare chapter 11. they went to then-president gerald ford. they said bellsouth. it is e first time ever heard the word bailout and the
3:18 am
president had hoots for and said, dropad new york city. [applause] you cut my veins and arteries. i am a new yorker but do you know something? the president was absolutely right. the criminals and crooks, elected officials both democrats and republicans have put their feet in the drawer. the lobbyist to wind, dined and pocket lined restraining the life force out of american we wanted to be bailed out by taxpayers in iowa, california nevada and texas and the president said, hell no. not a penny, not a nickel, not a dime. is forced new york to get its act together, fiscal restraint. they had to layoff, they had different levels and in that void i was a manager of mcdonald's, fries, strawberry shakes and the heart of the south bronx. you remember them movie, the documentaries, the books, the
3:19 am
bronx was burning. people said nothing could be done. we had window shades on their eyes and cotton in their mouth. they would pack their bags and leave new york city and run to florida, texas and north carolina and south carolina and arizona. god bless them. they were looking for a better way of life but i determined at that point that i would fight for what i knew was right. i would take back the streets i. i would go for and utilize every right we have as americans to get the youn men and young women to use their energy. honorably they served in afghanistan and iraq and every day they shed their blood and honor of this great country of ours. we say the pledge of allegiance and sing the national anthem and we sang america, the land of the free and the home of the brave and they said youknow something? i want to be brave a i want americans to be free so i organized voluntarily the guardian angels. you know the story. in 14 countrie 140 cities and we haven't taken one nickel, dime or penny of taxpayer
3:20 am
dollars because this is what we should all be doing. [applause] and let me finish up on the snow. as the tsunami of good will come and hits america, and with its solid left and right you send a message to washington and trust me, they have been on the ropes before. don't let them off the ros. they have lied to us. they have cheated us before. they have made love to us and they have turned their back on us and stuck the shim into us because we have had faith, we have had morality, we have had character, we have had principles. do not believe in people. believe and fight for the principles and if we are going to reign in government, we are going to have to step forward and volunteer. one man, one woman can make a difference. one blogger, one activist, one
3:21 am
steve flanagan, one curtis schley what can change the world and change the way of business is done in america. let me tell all of you, so are watching right now. they are representing. they don't think anything can be done. they believe in the power of a group and they don'tthink anything can be done beyond a group. i stand as an example. as god is my judge, that this great land of ours needs those who are fighters, not quitters, not retrieve years, not those who tell us one thing and en and they coat room another thing. the principle of the people must persevere and if it means taking back the country, to means goin out d doing all the work that we are basically advocating and abrogating. i want my country back. i want america back what i am going to work to take it back. god loves all of you.
3:22 am
[applause] >> people want to know whether or not in fact first evolved a lot of green jobs are going to be created if we pass cap-and-trade. >> can create a lot of green jobs and possibly create millions of them if you are willing to spe trillions of dollars but those jobs come at an enormous cost. >> this bill-- will do nothing to reduce pollution and might increase greenhouse gas emissions. this is just an excuse for central planning, central control of our economy. >> how much of a role did ban jones and the apollo line have been crafting the stimulus package? bill kerr panettiere. >> historically the unions have been against environmental revelation. apollo and van jones, if you raid the u.s. treasury and you
3:23 am
take all this money and use it to subsidize the so-called gene, give money to the social justice organizers and so on you n get everyone of these leftist constituencies on the same side by taxpaye on the other side and they can lift the treasury in order to support all of their friends. spin i wanted to bring him here because i want to show you what is on the other side of the board and i need yoto help jobless together because i think this is stunning. we have van jones. we tied him yesterday, tied them together with the right directly to obama and write directly to the apollo line. bill kerr pinned with the americans for prosperity's joins us. first of all you were the one who broke the van jones story on "fox news". van jones, president obama so-called green job czar quit his post last week in. jones was supposed to help implement job generating climate policy. >> ladies and gentlemen please
3:24 am
welcome vice president for american prosperity foundation, phil cirpin. >> at that we should play the clip because he was speaking in one of their great speech or-- featured keynote speakers and i think it is very interesting the way was embraced by the left after resigning in disgrace from the obama administration. within a week he was hired back as a senior fellow at the center for american proess the most influential think-tank in america right now run by john podesta who ran the obama transition team so we hired him for the administration hired him again. he is teaching a course at princeton, the naacp gave him an image award and he is a keynote
3:25 am
speaker. you have to wonde if the guy who says that green jobs are the colonel of destruction of the capitalist system, completely embraced by the democratic party promoting green job legislation next week, doesn't that mean the democratic party is trying to destroy the capitalist system? isn't that what that means? [applause] harry reid is telling everyone he has removed cap-antrade from the energy bill. does anyone here believe harry reid? do we trust harry reid when he says things like that? does he deserve any benefit of the doubt? this is what is going on now with energy. harry reid has temporarily taken a cap-and-trade provisions out of this bill to get it through the senate and into a conference committee where henry waxman has already promised to put cap-and-trade back in so that
3:26 am
they can force it through in a lame duck section after the election. john kerry said they are going to do the same thing. it is not a big secret. they just think we are not paying attention, but we are. even if they were doing that, the senate energy bill sent billions of more dollars to the same green jobs racquets intended for the capitalist system. bottomline we need to tell every member of the u.s. senate, you vote no on any energy bill this congress. they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt on that issue. vote no on any energy bill. [applause] the lame duck thread is actually much greater band just the energy issue although obviously cap-and-trade is an enormous, enormous problem that will in the words of the president cause electricity to skyrocket. also on the agenda for potential lame duck session of congress, the deficit commsion report likely with a national value-added tax.
3:27 am
other tax increases, a so-called labor reform bill using card check to eliminate the secret ballot protection for union organizing elections. and immigration bill of the sort that the democrats would like to see past. everything on their extreme left-wing agenda but they are unable to pass while they are subject to political pressure they will try to pass after the election with the people who have already ost casting votes in a lame duck session. weave to stop this threat. we can stop the lame duck thread. there are a couple of ways we can do it. first of all, no republican setor should vote for any policy cange in a lame duck session of congress, period. [applause] if they have policy disagreements on the side or the other bring it up in a congress
3:28 am
of the people who actually want elections. do not help the democrats disregard an election by voting for it in a lame duck session and we need to make that crystal clear to every republican senator. number two, there are special elections to the united states senate that will be seated before the lame duck session. in delaware and west virginia, possibly in illinois, arguably in colorado. ese places there is an opportunity to make sure that all of the candidates from all parties know that they should vote against policy changes and a lame duck. they should not help other members of that body. disregard the election. the elected people should make the decion in the new congress. third, we need to ask every member of congress, every member of the hous what you plan to do and a la duck and tell them to coit now that they will not vote for policy changes in the lame duck. every member of congress, both parties. if we do the things we will block the only path they hav
3:29 am
left for most of these radical policies in a lame duck section and take them up in a much more reasonable congress next year because these are the things we need to do in the short-term. [applause] but i have some more bad news, not just on energy but a lot of issues. the obama administration is intent on accomplishing almost every element of its agenda without a vote of congress. there using executive power in abusive ways we have never seen before. they are taking it to levels -- make it is amazing to me. the folks on the left went crazy during the bush administration about abuses of executive power and frankly in some areas they had a point but obama has taken ito a level that has never been seen in area after area and i will start with the clothing clothing -- my global warming area. stop harry reid's trickery, stop cap-and-trade. the obama administration attempt to do it by the back doors by dusting off a 40-year-old law of
3:30 am
the 1970 cleric and applying it to global warming. they are going to regulate everything that moves, planes, trains, automobiles, tractors, automobile equipment, lawn mowers. things like commercl kitchens and cooking fuel and large single-family homes. they have 18,000 pages of proposed legislation now they think they can regulate greenhouse gases under the clean air act. congress has to step in and stop them. they have to pass a law that blocks these epa global warming regulations. [applause] we have test vote. we had a test vote on june 10 in the united states senate. there was a vote on overturning the epa local warming regulation. needs 51 to pass and may god 40. only six democrats voted for it. 53 democrats voted to look the other way said on the hands not take responsibility for the future of our country and let the epa regulate.
3:31 am
so we need to do better. we need to have more senators who understand that they can't outsource our economic future to the epa and it is not just the epa. the fcc is proposing, has proposed sweeping regulations of the internet as we heard about last night from commissioner mcdowell. they want to have complete regulatory control by treating the internet like an old-fashioned phone network or you have to get permission from regulators to do anything you want to do. that is completely unacceptable and again congress must step in and stop the fcc from regulating the internet. [applause] jim demint introduced legislation last week that would do precisely that. jim demint is a great hero on this and many issues in that legislation is to be supported by every senator that takes internet freedom seriously. that needs to be supported by every house member's who takes internet freedom seriously.
3:32 am
and it is not just the epa and fcc. the national labor relations board, how many folks have heard of craig becker? craig becker was the associate general counsel for both the afl-cio and the seiu. anpresident obama nominated him to be a member of the national labor relations board despite the fact that he had recently said employers should have no legally recognizable interest in the unionization process. as radical as you can get. and craig becker was rejected in the united states senate on a bipartisan vote. 's nomination was rejected and obama went ahead and said, i am putting him in any way. and he put a man using a recess appointment and becker is now on the national labor relations board and wouldn't you know it, they have got a way to get card check at the backdoor. they are just going to allow people to vote for unio representation from their homes over the internet and there
3:33 am
could be a guinean guy standing over their shoulder. that is a real proposal at the national board. we need a congress that will step in and stop them from doing that. [applause] offshore oil drilling. how many folks are for developing a manned-- american energy resources in this country? [applause] we had a hughes victory after a summer of anger over gasoline prices. we finally repealed the moratorium on offshore oil drilling in this country. ..
3:34 am
[cheers and applause] one >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome american for prosperity foundations the director and radio host kirby lilburn. ♪ >> fellow americans, thank you for being with us today. i come from the state of washington. the other washington where we will have at least one new united states senator and at least two new coressman this year november 3rd. i promise you that. because the tail wind of the
3:35 am
freedom are reaching even the left coast. i know some of you are relative new to politics and every one of these gray hairs has a man of the campaign on it. i've been involved in a long time. i'm a student of history and let me share with u a few thoughts about where we are today. we are at a crossroads of american history. november 2nd we will decide if we are te america of the ann jones and reverend wright or the america of james madison and thomas jefferson. that is what we will decide on november 2nd. [applause] let me assure you ifwe do not win on november 2nd, the obama administration and the left will feel justified and affirmed by the american people. and if you think it's been bad the last year-and-a-half, just wait if we fail to take the majority on november 2nd. it would be worse than you can imagine. and this country will have failed the test of tipping
3:36 am
point. nowhat's at stake and like our president i believe america is a very exceptional country. my ancestors came from england and poland to be freed because there was no were also the world to go to be free. the noted author said wants think about this, america is the on country in the history of the world deliberately founded on the good idea. those ideas are th declaration of independence with the public, talked about so while this morning. this is what is at stake, the secret fiat of liberty. and the experiment of self-government. that is at stake november 2nd and we have it within our hands the power to make sure that the experiment lives on and the fire still burns. that is our responsibility. americans have always stood up for their responsibility. we won against the greatest empire in the world when we declared independence.
3:37 am
we defeated world war i, the fascists and the nazis of world war ii and the communists and the cold war. and we can meet this challenge if you rise to eight. it is our job and our responsibility to ensure that our prosperity enjoyed the freedom and blessings that we have been enjoyed to the efforts of the people that came before us. i know we all have lives, church and chamber and sports and vonteer work. we have lives. that's why we want to be left alone. the left lives for power. they want to tell you how to run your life. we are in politics to defend ourselves, not to force anyone else to believe anything. it's totally different but you must rise to this challenge. winston churchill once said it's not enough to try. sometimes you must do, and we must do on november 2nd. [applause]
3:38 am
ronald reagan who by the way i work on all three presidential campaigns i met my wife in 1980 presidential campaign. he was a great man and a great american. he told a story about a cubin doctor who told him of all of the horrible things that capture cuba, the oppression and the poverty and the evil of it all and after hearing this story, he looked at this cubin doctor and said you know sometimes we americans don't know how blessed we are. and he said mr. president, you are blessed i have somewhere to run to. you don't. this is it. we shall all the line here. the battle here by you by us november 2nd. now, i know you're busy. but folks in your way to pick up on november 3rd except you, sir, if you keep looking that way you may not. [laughter] with the rest of us will week of
3:39 am
november 3rd and you know what we are here to use one of two things, we are quick to hear that we want or that obama one. it is going to be a to you what we hear. now i know that you've enjoyed the conference. i know you've learned a lot more today. but when you go home, please consider what earlier generations have done for us and what we must do on november 2nd. box the precincts. go to the rally. right small checks, post the hard science. this is what we must do if we are to win because when you wake up on november 2nd you want to hear not that they won the that yes, we did we take america and the prosperity will thank us for that. [applause] thank you l for coming. let us when so our grandchildren will say we did it. we honor them. we give them our liberty and guaranteed america f them. that is what is at stake. thank you. god bless you and god bless america. [applause]
3:40 am
[cheering] >> we the people it is up to us to keep it that way. the journey is not a destination is a connection of destinations. >> he began his journey at morehouse college graduating in 1967. after working with the did part of the navy he joined the business world rising first to vice president of pillsbury then devised the president of burger king. in 1986 he became the president of the godfather's keep the incorporated. he fought the company and first in the future for accepted a call to become the ceo of the national restaurant association. we made our money the old-fashioned way. we work for it. >> in the political arena he reaches out as the spokesman bringing conservative issues to
3:41 am
light across ameri. now as the founder of the intelligent movement he leaves with a single vote take back our government. >> instinctively understand focus on the ability. >> people want a fair chance to proceed in this country the threat not only for us. >> at the free enterprise. >> it is a 7 million-dollar [inaudible] and we have to fix it. >> great leadership to get on the right track. >> the freedomtself as a
3:42 am
country is america's ability to to change. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome her -- herman cain. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. it was dr. benjamin mays president of the morehouse college when i was a student who used to remind the young men of morehouse let it be borne in mind that the tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals the tragedy lies in
3:43 am
having no bowl to reach for. it's not a calamity to die with the dreams unfulfilled. but it is a calamity to have no dreams. i want to share something with you this morning. i have a dream. [laughter] [cheers and applause] i have a dream that in november of 2010 we are going to chang the house of politicians back to the house of representatives the way it is supposed to be. i have a dream that we are going to reestablish some balane of power in washington, d.c. in
3:44 am
november 2010 and i also have a dream that when the spending revolves is over spending will never be the same again with the taxpayers' money in washington, d.c.. that's my ream for november, 2010. [applause] i have a dream we are going to return to those principles that our founding fathers envisioned as the foundation for the greatest country in the world. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it didn't y anything about the department of happy who. [laughter] it said the pursuit of happiness. those are the ideas that our founding fathers established that helped to create the greatest country in the world, and some of us want to keep it that way.
3:45 am
[cheers and applause] but the are some things we have to do. there are three things that i challenge you to do in order for dream and your dream and the dreams of our children and grandchildren to come through. first we have to stay united take back our efforts to the government. we've got to stay united as an organization. americans for prosperity. we've got to stay united in this citizens' movement this moving across this nation at great speeds but people in washington, d.c. don't have a clue and that is a good thing. [laughter] [cheers and applause] that is a good thing that they don't have a clue. but we have to stay united because the liberals are so desperate now they have gone past what i call the syntax.
3:46 am
they ship the subject, ignore the fact because as it turns out, the fact is that stimulus spending bill is not working so the keep shifting the subject and trying to distract the american people to not pay attention to the facts. well, you know, to paraphrase jack nicholson, liberals can't hand the fact. that's why they want to shift the subject. they ignore the facts. so now that they are desperate to stop us they're desperate to slow us down dov. they're desperate to keep that grip around the govement nec for the benefit of the politician and the so-called political elite. they've now resorted to name calling. they want to label you and me racist because we are patriots. now that is mussed up logic
3:47 am
right there. they want to now label us as racists. it is a ridiculous argument and the good news is it has backfired. it backfired on them. [applause] but we have to stay united. stay united. second we have to stay informed. that's why you're here we've got to stay informed because stupid people are ruining this country. [lghter] the uninformed or destroying america. because over 50% of the people can be persuaded based upon slight speech or slick campaign ad. that is why those of us there are learning the facts and sharing it with our friends and neighbors and families, we have to stay informed. and then the third thing we have to do we have to stay united, we have to stay informed so that we
3:48 am
will be armed with the weapons we need to convert those that can be converted. we are not trying to save everybody. we are trying to save the sable and the numbers on on our side, fol. there's an ongoing survey of poll that shows that conservatives out number the liberals to throw one. moderates out number the liberals who 1.5 period one. the numbers are on our side but we have got to get our fellow conservatives to get off the sofa and off of their anchovies because november is coming. [cheering] that's our job. stay united, stay informed and state inspired because they want you to believe that we cannot o this. they want us to believe that we should save our energy. let me tell you what inspires me. back in 2006, i was diagnosed
3:49 am
with stage for cancer. it was and my liver and michael lynne and i surgeon, the second surgeon, not the first one. i had to get a second opinion, the surgeon said you have about 30% chance of being alive five years from now. 30% chance. what do we have to do to solve this problem? you see, the was just my natural business instinct. so let's figure out how we solve the problem. and we did. i had to go through chemotherapy. i had to have double surgery and go through intensive chemotherapy again and then three weeks ago i got my latest test results and cat scan and it said that aftefour years i had
3:50 am
been totally cancer free for four years. [cheers and applause] for four years. [cheers and applause] now i tell you that because that was god almighty saying hermann, not yet. not yet. i've got something for you to do. and the first thing want you to do is help take back our government and november of 2010. so my information comes from god almighty. and what we have to do for this nation. [cheering] not yet. and the other inspirational story that i always like to refer to that inspires me because many of you know a little bit about my background and you know that i've always been put in situations that were not supposed to be doable.
3:51 am
i love it when somebody says herman, it can't be done. you see, when i was a physics at morehouse college we learned about the bumble ee. you know the bumble bee aerodynamically is not supposed to fly. you know, for decades ph.d. students have been running aerodynamic mathematical models while the bumble bee proves it can fly. you and i have a good sense. we know they can fly because we see th fly. [laughter] but yet the mathematicians want to prove it using the sophisticated mathematical model that is the design have their plans and aircraft and rocket flight. and so the phd students will get some bumblebees for the tunnel, it sure the aerodynamic of the body are little floppy wings and get echelons and adult clothes and put it into the equations of
3:52 am
the motion and run and come back and say that sucker can't fly. [laughter] so they think maybe they made a mistake but they get more help with this little bumble bee and but then the wind tunnel and they get more measurements of the aerodynamic properties of the bumblebee and more echelons and delta and put it in the bigger computer and a faster computer and bigger faster computer comes back and says that soccer still can't fly. [laughter] there is only one reason the bumble bee flies. he didn't get the memo but says he cannot fly. the bumble bee believes he can fly. [laughter] [applause] i have a dream that we can take back our government, and i believe we are going to start
3:53 am
today and make it a reality november 2010. [cheering] i have a dream that we will do this and we can and we must do this. how are we going to make this happen? we are going to stay united, stay informed and we are going tostay inspired. we are going to stay inspired. why do i believe we are going to make this happen? because we have bumblebee power. [laughter] i have a dream for november, 2010 and i believe we are going to take back our government. [cheering]
3:54 am
ladies and gentlemen please welcome american for prosperity foundation new jersey director, ladies and gentlemen here he comes, steve flanagan. ♪ >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i have a brief role to play. i'm going to introduce the next speaker but before i do that i was prettympressed this morning when he told us that this is the biggest building in the world. pretty impressive. i have another impressive statistic of l the speakers on stage for today, most of them were the biggest chunk of them come from the state of new jersey. pretty pecliar fact, curtis lee, my good friend danny napolitano for my own
3:55 am
neighborhood and john from the next community over. i don't know what this means. but i am happy to know i am not the only conservative coming out of that state. [cheering] but i can assure you i am not introducing snookie as the next speaker. my job today is to introduce our next speaker. she has applied for a job and like many people applying for a job we review the resin of this individu. she is applying for a position happens to be a government job with nevada and washington. the joblessness sharon entel. [cheering] and we should always review the candidates resonate so let's talk about her resonate she married her college sweetheart and has been successful in her family life with her children. she has been a teacher, she has a school, terrific resonate she serves on the part of
3:56 am
legislature as many of you know and in the nevada legislature during her term she had a term for her rvice pool 41-engel against tax hikes and overspending. at one we even taking them the governor of nevada to court to protect the constitution of the state and winning with her own money. [cheers and applause] she speaks boldly and eloquently about the conservative values on which the nation stands. that is why she won the primary and that is why she is a candidate for the u.s. senate. now the opposition here is a little bewildered by this. harry reid and his friends don't know quite what to do when they hear the bold and rticulate statements. they use the moderate compromising republicans of washington to raise up such a leader they don't know how to deal with that so they descend
3:57 am
into irrational statements like saying she is an extremist. but who is the extremist in this race, folks? and i need your help with this. i need you to respond to these simple questions. harry reid supports the cap and trade bill that will tap the age of consumption, drive jobs out of this nation, undermine our prosperity, raised taxes, destroy the industry's of who is the extremist? >> harry reid supports the bill that would take away the rights of workers to vote to the union's organizers come to this hotel, the only on a union hotel on the strip. [applause] organized worker with a secret ballot allowing them to badger them or whatever to force them to unionize and who supports this? who is the extremist? harry reid has been the architect of a stimulus package that was going to grow our economy, create jobs and did during his home state of nevada
3:58 am
we are the country now 50 billion more in debt. nevado itself has a 14% unemployment rate. that's. who is the extremist? >> harry reid. >> and nancy pelosi. i guess if nancy pelosi is the mother maybe he thinks that he's the father of health care. he supports the takeover of health care and you know the argument what it's abot. how extreme is that? who is the real extremist? >> harry reid. >> i think the jury has spoken on this resonate. ladies and gentlemen, this conservative movement that we talk about, the uprising you see in the two-party spawned the new era and that is the era of the consvatives from mickey haley to sharon entel to michele bachman out of new jersey a little known and howe little taking on the author of te
3:59 am
health care bill watch that rate by the way. we see more women engaged in politics and conservative leadership than ever before in the history of america. [cheering] and many say who was going to be the next ronald reagan? we hear that a lot. i think the next ronald reagan is going to be a woman. [cheering] the age of the conservative female. those women who understand the values and principles and are willing to stand up and fight for them. they understand the role of government, they understand the best heath education and welfare program ever developed is not a government program to the american family. ladies and gentlemen i like to introduce a job applicant for nevada u.s. senate, sharon
4:00 am
angle. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. i love you too. thank you so much for being he. and welcome to nevad thank you for not believe in the obama and the obama whisper when they said if you are coming to las vegas you are coming. thank you so much or being here. welcome. i'm running for the people of the unit sates senate now occupied by what's the deal with tax and spend a good boy politics as usual. we have an opportunity here in nevada and i want to tell you about before ieave of a book
4:01 am
that i received from and says sharon the face of the nation right on you. no pressure. [laughter] but i'm going to tell you he is ong. the face of the nion rides on us. [applause] it rides on us. and i'm going to tell you that we here in nevada have taken the challenge. we have a dream and we believe. we know that we have an opportunity to do something for the nation every one of us understands that we have a purpose and our purpose is to make sure that we have found the american dream and freedom to
4:02 am
our children and our grandchildren, not deficits and debt. [applause] we also know that we can't. harry reid said he needs $25 million. i say i need a million people with 25 to go to sharon [cheers and applause] because i said that so many times so often and any time i get an opportunity i say it again people have been responding. i get the sweetest notes from arnold the nation eckert prayers are with you. my $25 you're $25 i'm going to enclose $25 from them. they can't vote, but they need a nation that once again is one
4:03 am
nation under god not one nation under the government. [applause] we have an opportunity and an opportunity for solution. we can do better. and we know that we have a problem with the fellow who says that he has done more. he has done more for unemployment. we have 14.2% unemployment here in nevada. he has done more for the mortgage foreclosure. we have the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the whole nation. he has done more for bakruptcy. we have the highest bankruptcy rate in the whole nation and we in nevada are singing harry reid op doing more. [applause]
4:04 am
we can do better. we have the simple solution. ronald reagan gave us those solutions. he knew that the keynesian economics that came in the 1930's didn't work then, didn't work for jimmy carter and it doesn't work now. he also knew what john f. kennedy in new that if you want more tax revenue, just reduced the marginal tax rates. that's why i took thepledge yesterday, maybe the day before yesterday. i signed the pledge to permanently repeal the death tax. [applause] ronald reagan also said to us the governnt is not a solution, they are the problem. we the people are the solution. we know that he ran that ad and we are going to provide the
4:05 am
simple solutions. we know what it's going to take to do the things that need to be done. we all heard what's wrong ith our country and congressman from minnesota told us last night in a very moving speech just exactly what's gone wrong in the last 18 months and we know what those solutions are. they are simple. first, pnac, second, cut back and third, take back. payback, payback on the deficit and debt. payback that $2.5 trillion that has been rated and pillaged out of the social security fund. pay it back. we have senior citizens counting on us to fulfill our agreement. now you all know that there's not too many gentleman left in washington, d.c..
4:06 am
but we do have a agreement with our seniors. they have paid in good faith, and i've ever said in order to be eliminated i always said i want to save social security by paying back. but to do that, we have to cut back. we also can do a few things like using that laughter for stimulus money, the t.a.r.p. money coming back and we could do a ood down payment and the social security fund that would send a clear message moly to our seniors that we are acting in good faith, but also to our businesses that we really understand th we need to go in a differe direction and that direction is not charging an already maxed out credit card. we need topay it back. we need to cut back on the
4:07 am
spending. and there are things that we can do that are much better done at the state level. we need to look back at our constitution and read the part that says the federal government has enumerated powers. and everything else is for the state. we need to pay attention. [applause] we need to pay attention to our founding fathers. they know what it takes to be a free nation. so we need to cut back on the ending. one of those places, they always ask the conservative where would you cut? well, we have the departments and agencies as herman cain aid eloquent plea. we don't have the department of happy. we have departments and agencies that really would be better served the state level. one of those is the department
4:08 am
that passes down one-size-fits-all policy that sets nobody that the department of education's bravest that gave us, that gave us no child left behind. we knew that if we could meet policy right at the state level at the very local position of the classroom where we had stakeholders and teachers and parents who know what is best for our children and put the money right there we would have a better educational system. we would have a first-class educational system and there's more that can be done at the federal level to shrink the size of the federal government and give the states the opportunity to take over those roles and i have to tell you when it comes to her illegal aliens we need to secure the borders, enforce the
4:09 am
law, every state needs at least one share of like joe and bartsow arizonan ago. arizona has taken to take care of their borders and and to protect their citizens. it's better done at the state level especially when the federal government fails. so we are waiting anxiously to help arizona get the tenth amendment rights back. [applause] finally we need to take back our economy and there is a few things that we can do. we need to look at what caused
4:10 am
the problems in the first place and go right there and instead of finance reform and i hate to call it reform because it has become codeword for takeover and they said health care to go for we got obama care and that is taking over our lives right from the very relationship we have with our doctors. now they say they want to do something at the finances. another takeover. let's talk about what real restructuring looks like. first of all but a true audit of the fed. find out what is working and what is not. second, let's liquidate a system in which we have involved ourselves and the housing market and liquidate phony mae and
4:11 am
fraud mac. [laughter] those agencies are corrupt from top to bottom. let's do something about taking back our economy by dealing with es kind of agencies. finally, let's remember that we have the right contract with america. that is our constitution and bill of rights. [alause] we have the right message for america that cut back to back of lower taxes, less government regulation, more individual freedom and stop the spending. finally, we have the right agle to defeat harry reid. thank you so much for being here. thank you for coming to our state and for your support. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the embassy from the united states of afghanistan, embassy. >> general mccrystal. general mccasey. members of the u.s. armed forces, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for allowing me to be
4:32 am
part of this memorable ceremony. i am honored to be here to congratulate general mccrystal for his immense accomplishments, wearing his uniform of the armed forces to preserve security here in the united states, and fight for piece and fleem my country, afghanistan. it's my flows deliver the highest medal awarded to him by our president and to convey the message of our minister of national defense. general mccrystal, the man and woman of my country value your leadership. and deeply appreciate your commitment. we will never forget the sacrifices you and those under
4:33 am
your commanded you have made to make afghanistan and the world a safer place for our children. you have made a profound impact on our struggle. from ordinary villnlers to teachers, army generals, women act vilses, government officials, numerous afghans are proudly calling you a trusted and friend, and allow me to read part of his message, which clearly speaks for all your friends in afghanistan. from an afghan perspective, you lit a beacon of hope for peace and prosperity of our nation. you served with distinction and dedication of -- above and beyond the call of duty in the interest of the united states, and specifically us afghans.
4:34 am
you have laid the foundation for our final triumph. we will -- and we will spare no efforts and sacrifice to achieve it. you have presented the youth military with honor and dignity demonstrateing the highest -- of leadership and like great warriors before you, i am confident that your achievement and legacy will be remembered and honored. we will remember you for generations and remain forever in our hearts and minds, your memories. on behalf of president karzai and the afghan people, please accept the highest medal of our -- as a token of our appreciation and ever lasting
4:35 am
grute -- gratitude. your praise and best wishes will always accompany you and your wife and to conclude, general, i am honored, my friend to convey my personal congratulations. these accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of the family. i would like to thank your family for their support throughout your career, especially during the time that you are away from them in afghanistan, making sure that our friends and family enjoy safety. thank you, very much. and good luck with your retirement. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, that
4:36 am
the time general jawad will present general mccysting so general stanley a. mccrystal. commander, of the citizen of the united states has made comprehensive efforts and showed to preent unlawfulal home services and improve the quality and quantity of the afghan national security forces and enhance close coordination in order tore fight terrorism and achieve -- in afghanistan therefore i award the highest medal to general stanley a. mccrystal, commander of the force based on the recommendation of the ministry of defense in corns with the constitution of the islamic republic of afghan signed hamid
4:37 am
karzai, president of the republic of afghanistan. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the chief of staff of the united states army, general george w. casey jr. >> good evening, everyone. now you know why everyone leaves washington in august. great to have you here with us. how about a big hand for these magnificent soldiers out there in the field? [applause] >> as the distinguished guests have already been recognized and in the interest of the soldiers in the field, i'm going to say on behalf of the secretary, distinguished guests, thank you for joining us here. some of you may know stan comes from a long line of service to his country.
4:38 am
the son of -- his dad was a classmate of my dad's at west point, so the casey mccrystal ties go back a long way. i'd like us to take a moment to recognize the immediate family who are here. the brothers, peter, david, scott, bill, where are you? wave your hands. nice to see you. stan's and his son sam and his if i on saye, stacy, i hope i got that right. waive your -- wave your hands. if that's not right, stacy, work it for everything it's worth and stan's best friend, annie. [applause] >> i know u got many more friends and family here, so i'm going to leave that to you.
4:39 am
today we honor a magnificent soldier and leader and one of the army's most experienced and successful officers. stan has had a truly remarkable career. in both peace and war. so i must admit i found it impressing when i looked at stan's officer's records brief, something that it was clear stan has not looked at sings he was a second lieutenant. the officer's record brief is the army's record of a soldier's career and has a box where it tracks the officer's dwell, the time they spend at home between deployments. according to stan's most recent brief, he has accumulated 415 months and 11 days of dwell. now either using casey math, that's over 34 years at home. so either stan's deployments have been so secret he couldn't share them with us or we
4:40 am
couldn't get him into the fight. the reality is stan has done more to carry the fight to al qaeda since 2001 than any other person in this department and possibly in the country. his vision, his innovate genius, his ability to bring dis pretty organizations together, and his unereen lenting drive and commitment to defeating the extreme irses that threaten our way of life have kept al qaeda off balance around the world and tchept country safe. stan, we are in your debt. now usually when i lay out an officer's career i talk about how many coarse and divisions they've served in. but stan bestan's has been feick. he began as a paratrooper following his graduation from west point in 1996 his first battalion was the red delves. but jumping out of planes
4:41 am
didn't seem exciting enough for stan, so he volunteered for special forces, qualified. and commanded an attachment in the seventh special forces to group at fort brag before he headed off for the advanced course. after a tour, he returned to fort stuart georgia for company command. it was following this company demand 1985 that stan chose the path that he would follow for the rest of his career. he was accepted into the rangers, and he has been a lead they are in our special operations community ever since. along the way he mixed challenging assignments and the rangers and joined special operations command and broadening experiences at the naval war college, the j.f.k. center of -- the council of on foreign relations and left lasting contributions.
4:42 am
he directed a highly successful special operations effort into iraq, as a member of the 727nd rangers, he spurd the beginning of the modern army's combative program. and in the early days of afghanistan, he established the headquarters that came to direct operation enduring freedom. while serving as the vice j. of -- stan was selected to deliver the daily pentagon press and hill briefing on the war, candidly he didn't have to put up much of a fight for that but took the job and did it magnificently. it was where stan made his greatest and lasting contributions to our army and to this country, he personally oversaw the successful hunts for saddam hussein, awe but but
4:43 am
-- abu musab al-zarqawi, and by sheer force and will and unrelenting commitment to the commission. thinking back to 2003 and 2004, no one had done the kinds of things stan's folks were required to do, so he wrote the book and pulled the inner agency together in support. not satisfied with just improving his own capabilities, he saw the migration of skills in the forces something he progressively did over time and something that has exponentially increased the effectiveness of our forces in prosecuting this war. ifer me, working with stan in iraq was a privilege and can say his work against al qaeda made work there possible. they strided pressure against a constantly evolving network by building an organization that rewarded teamwork, and
4:44 am
risk-taking, i watched stan through the low low's of a messed comrade and high, highs of the czar couey operation. throughout all he remained focused and committed. although i treb night we thought we killed czar couey but still weren't sure. stan had the body brought to the compound for identification and decided not to tell anyone until we were sure so stan went down check tout body, he said we've been tracking the guy for 2 1/2 years and it's him. i said how sthur are you? he spoppeded quietly i'm sure. this was the first and only name our time together that i heard his voice crack with emotion. following his time at j. socks was give an break as the director of the joint staff, the position he held when he was chosen by the president to
4:45 am
head the sbm security assistance force. i'm going to leave that discussion of that period to secretary gates. but i believe that in his time there stan began to establish the conditions for our long-term success. when you ask soldiers about stan mccrystal, they say he's a great leader, they say that in fact, his people trust and respect him in a way that is truly remarkable. today say he is a man of integrity and great personal courage. today say he's always ready to laugh even in the most trying circuses, and they say that he's absolutely self-less. these are the traits of a leader we value in our army and over the years -- and while his operation experiences span spectrum of conflict, i can think of no officer who has had
4:46 am
more intact over the country of extreme. he leaves a legacy of as far as that will be emulated for decades. [applause] >> anney. most of you know stan and annie were high school sweethearts and when folks think about annie, the first word that usually comes to mind is strength. not only is she a marathonner, but she has survived and fwraved marathon of army life. this is a testament to your overall amazing inner strength and has need that to navigate the last decade, especially since i'm supposed he has developed a few idiosyncrasies along the way, one claims he lived on as you love you time so much when he comes home he has her change the time.
4:47 am
and so powerful to powerpoint briefings that she has to put together a slide if she wants to present something to him. anney has been at stan's side throughout his career and in doing so has been there for the those in the armed services. and through her volunteer work including the toughest but most important, raising a an army family. her service makes it especially hard to say goodbye, so thank you for your strength and commitment to the families of our soldiers and army. [applause] >> for 34 years stan mccrystal has been the man in the arena. his face has been marred by the blood and sweat of the men and
4:48 am
demonstrated the infectious courage that inspired anyone who sebbed with him. he is a soldier to his core, our army and this country will mess him deeply. there's a monment in burma to sacrifice the british division in world war two. it says when you go home, tell them of us and say for your tomorrow, we gave our today. stan and anney have given their todays for 34 years so the people in this country and those in afghanistan can have a better tomorrow. we owe them a debt of gratitude. thank you for your service and friendship and the entire army family wishes you good luck around god speed. [applause]
4:49 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, the secretary of defense, the honorable robert m. gates. >> well, first off, i would tell you that the weather here today is worse than in jakarta. we gather today to say farewell to a treasured friend and colleague, and to pay tribute to one of the finest men in arms this country has ever produced. there are many distinguished guests and v.i.p.'s here today,
4:50 am
but none so distinguished and none so important to general mccrystal as his wife anney and son, sam. like so many army families since 911, and especially those in the special operations community, they have endured long separations from their husband and dad. and liming so many families, they have done so with grace and resilience. our nation is deeply in your debt. we bid farewell to stan mccrystal today with pride and sadness. pride for his unique record as man and soldier, sadness that our comrade and his prediligentous talents are levering us. looking back at the total tear -- totality of stan mccrystal. he ended up -- nothing about this man could be considered ordinary. even has he rose to the highest
4:51 am
ranks retained his trappings and what we call personal maintenance. 4 ehad little use for amenities that opened the grow up around the echelon much to the chagrin of a few of his colleagues. to stan, fast food counted as fine dining, but neither fine dining near beer gardens had any place in his war zone. in spite of or perhaps because of his no-nonsense approach to war fighting, stan enjoyed a special bond with his troops, they respected his mission and as evidenced by all the uniforms here this evening, they remain just as devoted to him. that's because stan never forgot the about the troops most nonch harm's way keeping in mind the front line world war soldier any son of a bitch
4:52 am
behind my fox hole is rear echelon. his fearsome exercise, sleeping and eating routines are are legendary, i get tired and hungry just reading about them. at the same time this consummate ranger possessed one of the sharmest and most inquisitive minds in the army. a scholarship who earned -- to hash harvard and voracious reader who was frone spend his free time wondering around old book stores and reading what he called weird things, stuff like shake spear. the attacks of september 11 and the wars that followed would call on every occupancy of general mccrystal's intellect and skill and determination. over the past decade, no single american has inflicted more fear and more loss of life on our country's most vicious and
4:53 am
violent enemies than stan mccrystal. commanding special operations force ins iraq, stan was a pioneer in -- that fused intelligence and operations, he employed every tool available, high-tech and low, intelligence in human and others this new and collaborative ways. he went out on night missions a with his teams summinging himself to their hard shes and dapingers. after going on one operation that resulted in a fair to fight some of his british comrades awarded him the dipping of being the highest paid rifle man in the army. cell-by-cell, intercept-by- intercept, stan's forces confronted and then crushed those in iraq. it was a campaign well underway before the surnl when the violence seemed unstopable and when so many haled given up
4:54 am
hope in our mission there. stan mccrystal never lost faith with his troopers, never relented. never gave up on iraq. and his efforts played a decisive part on the dramatic security gains that now allow iraq to move forward as a democracy to draw down as u.s. forces. last year when it became clear to me that our mission in afghanistan needed any thinking, new energy and new leadership, there was no doubt in my mind who that leader smoub. i wanned the best warrior in our armed force ins this fight. i needed to be able to tell myself, the president and the troops that we had the very best possible person in charge in afghanistan. i owed that to the troops there, and to the american people. when president obama and his national security team deliberated on the way forward in afghanistan, general
4:55 am
mccrystal provided his expert and best unvarnished military advice, and once we all agreed on the new strategy, general mccrystal embraced it and carried tout devotion that carried out every mission he has taken on throughout his career. over the last year, general mccrystal laid the ground work for success and achievement of our national security objectives in that part of the world. i know the afghan government and people are grateful for what he accomplished in a year as the commander. in the lives of innocent afghans saved, the grip of the taliban for vigor and sense he brought to the international effort there. as he now completes a journey that began on a west point parade field nearly four decades ago, stan mccrystal enters the next phase of his life to a recess pit earned. 4 edoes so with the gratitude
4:56 am
of the nation he did so much to protect. with the reverence of the troops he led at ever level. with his place secure as one of america's greatest warriors. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, general stanley a. mccrystal. [applause] >> this is frustrating. i spent a career waiting to give a rer789 speech, and lie about what a great soldier i was, then people show up who were actually there.
4:57 am
it proves what doug brown taught me years ago, nothing ruins a good war story like an eyewitness. to show you how bad it is i can't even tell you i was the best player in little league. because he is here, those here at night to feel my need to conflict my memory with the troops, i was there, too, i have stories on all of you. photos on many, and i know a rolling stone reporter. look, this has the potential to be an awkward or even a sad occasion. with my resident i go nation, i left a mission i feel strongly about. i ended a career i loved that began over 38 years ago. and i left unfull filled commitments i need many comrades in a fight.
4:58 am
commitments i hold sacred. my service did not end as i would have wished. and there are misperceptions about the loyalty and service of some dedicated professionals that will like lie take some time, but i believe will be corrected. still, anny and i are not approaching the future with sadness, but with hope and iphones. and my feelings of the time i spent are a ghanges any experience could have been as rich and fulfilling as mine was and gratitude with the comrades and friends we were blessed with. that's what i feel. and if i fail to communicate that effectively tonight i'll simply remind you secretary gates once told me i was a modern patent of strategic communication it's. fair point. so if we laugh to want, it doesn't mean all these years
4:59 am
have not been important to me. it means the opposite, that every day and every friend were gifts i treasure, and i need to celebrate. but first i need to address two questions that we've been asked often lately. the first is, what are you going to do? actually, anney is the one who is asking me that. i'm thinking i'd be a good fashion consultant and spokesperson for gucci, but they haven't called. the other is asked tentatively, how are you and anney doing? we did spend some years apart. but we're doing well and i'm carrying some of what i learned in into retirement. first anney and i are reconnecting and now we're up on skype with each other. of course, we never did that all the years i was so,000 miles away, but now we can connect by video link when we're 15 feet apart, and i
5:00 am
think she really likes that. i was so enthused, i tried using skype for a daily family where i could give updates. but the same is true for the tactical issue i directive i issued. its reasonable guidance, one meal a day, morning p.t., the basic of a family life but i've got an few night letters and anney is stocking up on nitrate . although the insurgence as i is relatively maul is, one woman, i assess the situation as serious and in many ways deteriorating. mr. secretary, look at her. i'm thinking at least 40,000 troops. [laughter] [applause]
5:01 am
>> let me thank everyone for being here. this turnout is truly humbling. here tonight my wife and son, four brothers and nephews, comrades and those from countless phases in my career and those whose service and sacrifice are impossible to describe with words. but because this could is big, i've dwoided you all into four groups. please remember your group number. group one are all the people who accepted responsibility for making this ceremony work. from the planners, to the soldiers on the field and my apologies for all the time you spent in the heat. you're special people, and in my mind you also represent soldiers all over the world. you have my sincere appreciation. the second group -- [applause]
5:02 am
>> the second group distinguished serven'ts of all nations who have taken time from your often crushing schedules to be here, and thanks for your years of support and friendship, i got you out of the office early on friday. group three are warriors of all ranks, and that includes many who don't wear a uniform, but defend our nation with whom i've shared aircraft, remote outposts, frustrations, triumphs, laughs and common cause for many years. you are not all here. some of you are deployed and in the fight. others rest across the river in arling on the. most of the credit in arlington on the. makeovers of the credit i've received actually belongs to you, it's been your comradeship that i consider the greatest of my career. finally, group four is all
5:03 am
those who've heard we're having two kegs of beer in the backyard after my ceremony, this group includes a number of my classmates from west point, old friends, most of the warriors from group three and others who defy accurate description, anyone already carrying a plastic cup may be considered the vanguard of group four. everyone here is invited to join. to secretary gates, i want to express my personal thanks, certainly for your generous remarks but more for your wisdom and leadership which i experienced first nand each of my last three jobs. your contribution to the nation and to the force ask nothing short of historic. similarly i want to thank the many leaders civilian and military of our nation beginning with president obama for whom and with whom i was honored to serve. whether elected, appointed or commissioneded, the common
5:04 am
denominator of self-less service has been inspiring. as come eye satisfy i was presented a unique opportunity to serve along those of 46 nations under the leadership of nato. we were stronger for the diversity of our force, and i'm better for the experience. my thanksal also to the leadership and people of afghanistan. for their partnership, hospitality and friendship. for those, you are tempted to simple phi their view of afghanistan and focus on the challenges ahead, i counterwith my belief that afghans have courage, strength and resiliency that will prove equal to the task. my career included some amazing moments and memories, but it is the people i will remember. it was always about the people. it was about the soldiers who
5:05 am
are well-trained, but at the end of the day act out of faith in their leaders and each other. about the young sergeants who emerge from the ranks with strength, discipline, commitment and courage. as i grew older, the soldiers and sergeants of my youth grew older as well. they became the old sergeants. long-service professionals, whose wisdom and incredible sense of responsibility for the mission and for our soldiers is extraordinary. and the sergeants' major. they are a national treasure. they mold and maintain the force and leaders like me. they have been my comrade, confidant, constructive critic, mentor and best friend. a little more than a year ago,
5:06 am
on a single email, command sergeant mike hall came identity of retirement. leaveing a job, his son, and his amazing wife brenda to join me in afghanistan. to mike, i can never express my thanks. to brenda, i know after all these years, i owe you. i also love you. to true professionals like sergeant major rudy valentine, steve cuffe, c.w. thompson, chris craven, jeff medical injer and chris fairs, your presence here today is proof that when something is truly important, like this ceremony, you're on hand to make sure i don't screw it up. i served with many. many of you are here tonight. and not all the heroes and/or comrades are in uniform, in the back of a darkened helicopter
5:07 am
over cofar, afghanistan in 2004, a comrade in blue jeans whose friendship i cherish to this day passed me a note. scribeled on a page torn from a pocket notebook, the note said i don't know the ranger creed, but you can count on me to always be there. he lived up to his promise many times over. to have shared so much with and been so dependant on people of such courage, physical and moral, integrity and self-lessness taught me to believe. anneys here tonight. no doubt she walked the 50 free from our front door in cute little italian shoes of which we have an extensive collection. at once i thought about using her shoe as a tron send additional forces but truth be
5:08 am
known i have no control over that part of the mccrystal economy. but she's here, like she's always been here when it mad mattered. always gorgeous. for 3 1/2 years she was my girlfriend then if i on saye and for over 33 years, she's been my wife. for many years i've joked, sometimes publicly about her closey cooking, terrifying closets, demolition derby driving and addiction to m & m candy, which is all true. but as we conclude a career together, it's important for you to know she was there. she was there when my father commissioned me a second lieutenant of infantry and waiting for me when i emerged from ranger school. together we moved all we owned in my used chevrolet vega to my
5:09 am
narment fort brag. the move with our first days and $180 month apartment was the only honeymoon i was able to give her. a fact she has mentioned a few times since. anney always knew what to do. she was gracious when she answered the door at midnight in her nightgown to find sergeant emoe holts carrying a grocery bag of cheap liquor for a platoon party i scheduled that night and got home to celebrate then after a friday night jump. intuitively anney knew what was right and quietly did it. with 9/11 she saw us off to war. and patiently supported the families of our fallen with stoke grace. as the years passed tapped fight grew ever more difficult and deadly, anney's quiet courage gave me strength i
5:10 am
never otherwise would have found. it's an axiom in the army that soldiers write the checks but families pay the bills, and war increases both the accuracy of that statement and the cost families pay. in a novel based objective history, steven press field captured pointianly just how important families were and i believe are today. facing an invading persian army under king zerk as i, a small force was stonet buy time by defending a pass at they are moply and were led by spartans. the mission was desperate and death for the 300 certain. before he left to lead them, the spartan king, explained to one of the spartan wives how hi had selected the 300 from an entire army famed for its professionalism, courage and dedication to duty.
5:11 am
i chose them not for their valor, lady, but for that of their women. greece stands now upon her most perilous hour. if she saves herself, it will not be at the gates. death alone awaits us and our allies there. but leitner battles yet to come by land and sea. then greece if the god's will it will preserve herself. do you understand this, lady? well, now listen. when the battle is over, when the 300 have gone to death, then all of greece will look to the spartans to see how they bear it. but who, lady, with the spartans look to? to you, to the other wives and mothers, sisters of the fallsen. if they behold your hearts broke within grief, they, too, will break, and greece will break with them.
5:12 am
but if you bear up, dry-eyed, not alone enduring your loss, but seesing it with contempt for its agony and embracing it for the honor that it is in truth, then part isa will stand. and all greece will stand behind her. why have i nominated you, lady, to bear up beneath this most peril of trials, you and your sisters of the 300? because you can. through all who wear no uniform but give so much. , sacrifice so willingly, and serve as such an example to our nation and each other, my thanks. as i leave the army to those with responsibility to carry on, i'd say, service in this business is tough. and often dangerous. it extract as surprise for participation. and that price can be high. it is tempting to protect
5:13 am
yourself from the personal or professional cost of loss by limiting how much you commit. how much you believe and trust in people, and how deeply you care. caution and cynicism are safe, but soldiers don't want to follow cautious cynics. they follow those whether risk enough -- believe enough to risk failure. if i had it to do over again, i'd do some things in my career differently. but not many. i believed in people. and i still believe in them. i trusted, and i still trust. i cared. and i still care. i wouldn't have had it any other way. winston church little once said we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
5:14 am
to the young leaders of today and tomorrow, it's a great life. thank you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's air is knowny, general mcchrystal and mrs. mcchrystal will receive guests in front of the reviewing stand. thank you for your attendance, and enjoy your evening.
5:24 am
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>> the website has posted tow thousands of classified military documents about the war in affingaffling. we'll talk with the chief "new york times" pakistan correspondent about the story. "washington journal" starts at 7:00 eastern. this morning a look at the effect the gulf of mexico oil spill is having on tourism. we'll hear from the vice president at the gulf coast tourism and fine berg who heads up the -- later in the day also on c-span 3, a confirmation hearing for marine corps james
5:26 am
mad,, president obama's choice to head the u.s. central command. coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> with new york representative charles rangel mt. news because of the recent house subcommittee ethics, use the c-span library to watch history with congressman rangel. the c-span library. it's all online and free. washington your way. >> now the founder of the website wiki leaks the group that posted more than 91,000 classified military records relating to the war in afghanistan. he discusses unreported ince digits of afghanistan killings and covert actions contained in the report. .
5:27 am
>> 14 pages about this subject during go -- about this subject. also 17 pages from "the new york times." i have not checked into the others. >> what do you say when people like the white house accused you of compromising the troops? >> i am familiar with groups we are exposed, attempting to criticize the messenger, and we do not see any difference in the white house response to the other groups we have expos. we have tried hard to make sure
5:28 am
this does not put innocent people in harm. we have no current operational consequences, even though it may be of significant investigative consequence. >> do you feel risk, and how so? >> from time to time, we have threat warnings from our forces , and we take those seriously. we have not felt a threat to personal safety in kenya and
5:29 am
other parts of the developing world. that has not always been true. the australian government was asked by the united states to engage in certain forms of surveillance and other people in australia. most of those requests were rejected by the australian government to carry their >> -- the australian government. >> [inaudible]
5:30 am
>> it is too early to say yet. it is clear it will save our understanding of what the past -- will shape our understanding of what the past has been like, and the course needs to change. the manner in which it needs to change is not clear. >> [inaudible] >> i am often asked this question. in what is the most single damning revelation, the single event, the single personality. that is not the real story. for real story is that it is war. it is one thing after the other. it is the continuous small
5:31 am
events, the continuous death of children, insurgents, allied forces. search for the word amputation or amputee, and there are dozens of references, so this is the story of the wars since 2004, and like most of the accidents that occur on the road, they are the results of
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