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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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valuations? >> there were new studies. >> there were two additional studies. they were published after 2006. most of the animal studies and the data that was available was published after most of tafter 6 committee have their elections. you have these consistent studies. you have animal experimentation. you have a known biological mechanism. you have a dependent response. >> you are saying there was actually new research that had been conducted.
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>> yes. >> the clock is beating me here. one final question. do you believe this authority should remain with the secretary of veteraveterans affairs? do you think it should be given to congress in the future? >> whether it should be left to congress? >> the decision will authority as it now exists in the stat sheet -- te decision and authority as it now exists to the state. >> i never presumed to express to congress how to do their work.
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congress had an intent. we can ee what transpired. there were no presumptions to treat vietnam veterans until 1991. in 1991, a 12th of presumptions -- there were 12 presumptions. if the intent of congress was to move from where we were and causation was not working and we needed another mechanism, i think the will of congress was met. congress and achieved what it wanted. we can discuss how the modified that progress. -- how to modify that process.
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it will require the kind of work that i have been through for nearly a year now th. besides being descriptive of what congress discuss them to do, any reference to cost is discussed. that was not oversight. that was clearly the intent of congress. it is the secretary's decision. congress reserved to itself the decisional authority of where and how to pay for that decision. i think there is significant involvement on the part of congress and oversight.
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it that needs to be adjusted, i am more than happy to have that discussion. congress has decided to fund these three determinations. i think congress had an opportunity to review my decision and decde to do its part. >> with respect to funding, if a dsability is service connected, it will be funded. that is the united states of america. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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i think he had been contingent of some tough decisions. -- you have been conscientious of some tough decisions. patterns need the benefits they earned and deserve -- veterans need the benefits they earned and deserve. inthe meeting that we had on tuesday, you mentioned that claims for heart disse are rebuttable in certain cases. i want you to walk through the attitude you envision they have in determining the heart disease. who is responsible for what? you have someone who smoks a couple a pack of cigarettes a day and drink alcohol.
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they come to you with a problem. is that rebuttable? is it a situation were they are in? >> let me just ask you to talk about how we distinguished this hard disease from other -- this heart disease from others? >> thank you. scheming card diseasit is the de hardest not get enough oxygen to meet its needs. generally, that is symptomatic. that would constitute a of a disability. as clinicians, we confirm that
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shortness of breath is due to epistemic heart disease. a lot of things can cause chest pain if they have a normal stress level. >> can over use of tbacco and alcohol create a system occurred disease -- create epistemic heart disease? if they served in vietnam and they gotta regardless of their lifestyle, it is our poblem?
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>> yes. we cannot parse that out. >> with respect to the rebuttal a presumption, they claim examiners in the regional officers are not making a medical opinion like that. if there is clear evidence of risk factors or heart disase, when they request the examination, it is appropriate for them to ask the clinician in light of this risk factor. is it as likely as not that the current disability is due to herbicide exposure? we will then award benets based on what the commission says para. >> it to be very difficult -- it
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would be very difficult for a doctor to say it was herbicide exposure. >> i do not believe so. >> it is difficult to parse o. we do know from the studies th the iom is rigorous enough for us to give weight to them. six of the studies were strong and specifically as a dividend in making the tie between herbicide exposure and
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epistemic heart disease. we have to make this connection. >> i understand. i understand this is very difficult. i understand there is a number of veterans out there that tried to get through the door and cannot. i know you have worked on it. i think that is the whole point. i think everyone who earned the benefit should get it asap. as we try to limit potential fraud, is there a rebuttal process if someone comes in that served in vietnam and maybe
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everyone was exposed to agent orange -- it appears they come in with estimate -- epistemic hard disease in a surge in vietnam they will get it. is that correct? >> that is correct. there is one individual that recently made a comment that he is receiving agent orange benefits. he paused in the airport in saigon for eight hours. i do not now if this is true. that is the report. if someone sulfide and isulphids like this, we will take a look. >> -- self identifies like this, we will take a look. >> thank you. are there any further questions?
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>> i have one. it deals with the administrative costs. one estimate say it to cost about $1.6 billion over the next decade. do you agree wih that estimate? >> i think you are referring to a 10-year cost estimate that has been provided. i am just reading the notes. the note tht applies for epistemic heart disease of $1.6 billion read that multiplied the total administration costs of 1,880,005 unde $74 by 8%.
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i think we have a calculation error. ido not know how that becomes $1.6 billion. >> if these figures are correct, i would expect to try to reduce the administrative overhead. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate your being here today and with this panel. i believe there is much of value added of trough transparent in discourse. -- value added through
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transparent discourse. i want to thank this panel very much for your
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>> i'd jump from minority whip to speaker overnight and to a minority party that nobody thought would be empowered to leading a wave with 9 million additional boats in 1994 which is the biggest one-party increase in american history. >> newt gingrich on a possible 2012 presidential bid sunday on c-span. >> house republicans let out their policy agenda for the
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midterm elections. they call it their "pledge to america." it includes $100 million in spending cuts for non-military agencies and suspending the health care law with a scaled- back version. house minority leader john behner is joined by other republican leaders at a lumber company in sterling, virginia. this is 45 minutes. >> the american people are speaking out like never before. they are concerned about the future of our nation and the future for their children they see a government in washington that does not get it and the
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american people think that washington does not care. we are here today to put forth a new governing agenda, a bill for listening to the american people that offers a new way forward. before i served in congress, i ran a small business. i learned firsthand how government gets in the way of job creation in our country. the policies coming out of washington have created massive uncertainty for job creators and the american people are suffering as a result. in order to create jobs, we need to end the uncertainty for job creators and a spending spree in washington and reform congress itself. the government is out of control in washington and we need to rein it in and begin a new drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government in our nation's capital. these are the things that the american people are demanding. our pledge to america is that
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the republicans stand ready to get it done beginning today. none of this would have been possible without the work of kevin mccarthy, our colleague from california who has spent the last six months working night and day to put this project together. >> thank you. the document we released today finally answers the question tens of millions of americans are asking -- will we leave to our children a stronger, healthier, more prosperous country that our parents left us? as we stand here before you, the future of the country hangs in the balance. across this great nation, mothers and fathers wonder if their children will find the same opportunities for success that exists just one generation ago. can you blame them?
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as a result of the economic disastrous policies of the current administration, millions of americans today are out of work. our children will be saddled with a deficit and debt that is by every definition out of control. we have more people dependent on food stamps to feed their families than at any other point in history. the economy is so dire that one in six americans had to rely of government assistance for financial support. one in six. the land of opportunity has become a land of shrinking prosperity. americans across this country are outraged and so are we. just as john hancock boldly signed his name to the declaration of independence that even britain's king george could read it, i want to say this slowly so there is no room for misinterpretation. our government has failed us.
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from the billion dollar bailout, the stimulus package that failed to stimulate, the government take over health care, you cried stop. the democratic majority in washington has refused to listen. we are here today to tell you that we have been listening and we have heard you. we heard you loud and clear. we assure you there is nothing more inspiring than the common voice of the common man. when you said you wanted a more prosperous, competitive economy, we heard you. when you said you wanted and more accountable government, we heard you. when you said you wanted to repeal the health care bill, we heard you. we know that you want a government dedicated to working for the people and that is why we have written this pledge to america. our solemn commitment to serving you. this pledge is about -- is not about republicans or democrats, liberals or conservatives, it is
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about you. this pledge focuses largely on three things -- a plan to create jobs, end the economic uncertainty, and make america more competitive. it is a plan to cut wasteful washington spending and reduce the size. size. it is a plan to recruit former government and restore trust in government. the new agenda and bodies americans rejections of the notion that we can simply tax, barr, and spend our way to prosperity. it offers a new way for that has not been tried in washington, an approach focused on cutting spending which is sadly a new idea for congress. to put americans back to work, our agenda seeks to eliminate uncertainty for the private sector, the innovators and entrepreneurs to create jobs. it commits to immediate action to change the way congress works. this pledge is a governing agenda that can be implemented
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right now if the powers that be in washington will bring it up. we are calling on speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader harry reid to implement these proposals before congress leaves this fall. we pledge to you that we will create jobs, and economic uncertainty, and make america more competitive. we will cut washington wasteful spending and reduce the size. size. we will reform -- congress and restore your faith in government. we pledged to uphold the model for our country, our founders envisioned it as a grander america, the exception among the nations of the earth. were promise of liberty refreshes the hopes of mankind. if our current troubles have somewhat dimmed the lights of that shining city on the hill, we pledge to recharge them. they will not go out on our watch. more than 60% of americans
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believe our country is headed in the wrong path. they are right. the pledge as a governing agenda that will pursue today in order to turn the country around and put us back on the right track. we are optimistic. we firmly believe we live in a land of great promise and possibility. it is a land where until recently our tomorrows held more promise than our yesterdays. we are not ready to concede the fight for the prosperity of our country. we refuse to believe that that same american dream that has shown so brightly for our parents has been for our children. we must reverse our current course of action and reject the economically poisonous policies of the democratic majority. we will take back our country. we will restore for a better future. this is our pledge to you, the pledge to america.
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>> good morning. i am marcia blackburn. today, we complete one pledge and begin another. many months ago, house republicans committed, we pledged to listen to americans all across this country who were speaking out about better ideas and practical solutions. we kept that pledge and it allows us to make another. they pledged to america starts with a preamble that reminds us that every american citizen is endowed with certain rights from their creator. when our government charts the course that endangers those rights, the people, indeed, the people have a right to demand a new agenda from their
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government. this pledge recognizes that the problems that the american people face are beyond washington's ability to solve those problems through overspending and hyper- regulation. the great promise and salvation of this country has always been the power of the american people to seek and create solutions. this pledge acknowledges that washington has gotten in the way of those solutions and that washington has made the problems worse. our problem -- our pledge to america is that we will respect the will of the american people and we will return to the principles that have made this nation great. faith, family, freedom, hope, and opportunity. we pledged to honor the
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constitution and the original intent of the framers. we pledge to a defense policies that promote greater liberty, wider opportunities, a robust defense, and national economic prosperity. we pledge to honor our families, a traditional marriage and life, and the private and faith based organizations that form their very core of our american values. the pledge to america is built on policies that reflect these principles. we call on speaker nancy pelosi to commit to taking action on these policies today. >> i am from suburban chicago. this is a morning of very distinct contrast. we have, on the one hand, an
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economic plan that has been put upon the united states and its citizens by folks in washington that are convinced they have all the answers and their answers have underperformed. a nagging 10% unemployment and a trillion national debt over a 10-year period. that is what is. what we are presenting today is what can be. what is the opportunity? where is the optimism and where are the concrete ideas that we can move forward? our agenda says it to concentrate on job creation. let's concentrate on ending uncertainty and let's concentrate on making america competitive once again. there are four specific areas that we propose to move forward and these are things that speaker nancy pelosi can call today. she can whistle the house in this afternoon and begin this debate. number 1 -- make the tax cut permanent. i represent a district that is
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chock full of first and second generation companies that are currently sitting on the sidelines from a job creation point of view because they don't know what their tax rate will bait. the joint committee on tax which is the non-partisanship gatekeeper and scorekeeper in congress on all things tax- related says that president obama's proposal will actually increase taxes on 50% of small business income. that is not the direction we need to go. #one-make the tax cut permanent. number 2-we suggest a tax deduction of 20% of small business income. that has a jolt that encouraging a fight for business knows that for the first time in a long time, government will be on their side and not an adversary. the third thing that we propose is to rein in the washington, d.c. red tape. this town of washington has
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created one rule after another role after another rule to a point where small businesses in particular are really struggling. jeff davis, one of our colleague from kentucky, has put forward an initiative called "the reigns act. " it says that if there is a proposed rule by a non-elected federal agency that would have a bigger than $100 million impact on the economy, you don't get to publish that in the federal register. that has to, you have to have an upper down vote on that by the elected members of congress. that is congress taking authority back from the executive branch. this is no longer where businesses will be threatened by a cap and trade regime that is so controversial they cannot get it through this congress. they are proposing to do an end run through the environmental protection agency. we suggest those days need to be
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gone. finally, taking a playbook from speaker nancy pelosi's lines, the health care bill had to be passed so that people would know what was in it. it has passed and the more people find out about it, the less they like it and the proof is in the polling. one of the most outrageous things in the health care bill was the 1099 requirements that says that small business, big business, and the business, if you are doing commerce and you trigger $600 in the transaction cumulatively over the years, you have to submit that in 1099 to the federal government. that is outrageous. we need to make sure that is repealed and repeal promptly and the speaker can do that this afternoon. >> good morning i am from the fifth district of texas.
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this president and this congress has put this nation on the road to bankruptcy and they are pressing down on the accelerator. it is time to press on the brake and put us back on the road to recovery and opportunity to. the second plant in our pledge to america is a plan to stop out of control spending and actually reduce the size of our government. we want to put, today, our government on a path to a balanced budget and actually begin to pay off the national debt. today, we can act immediately to reduce spending by canceling unspent stimulus funds. the american people know that after an additional 3 million of the country and have lost their jobs, the only thing the stimulus has stimulated is the national debt. we can cut government spending
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to pre-stimulus, pre-belt out levels, saving immediately $100 billion. you cannot spend belt out and tax your way into economic prosperity. we will establish a hard cap on new discretionary spending. we would go from the first house without a budget to a house with a binding budget under our pledge. we would actually congress's budget at a time when families are having to cut back and small businesses have to cut back. why not congress? if you're going to lead, if you need to lead by example. every single week, we go to the house floor under democratic rule to have a vote to increase spending. under this pledge, we believe we will have a vote to cut spending. to reduce the size of government
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-- republicans pledge to end tarp once and for all, no more $700 billion revolving bailout funds for the administration. and government control of fannie mae and freddie mac which will prove to be the mother of all belau to the american taxpayer. it is at the root cause of the economic crisis, totally ignored by president and congress. we propose to impose a federal hiring freeze on all non- security employees. federal payrolls should not increase and cause small- business payrolls to decrease. we will root out government waste and sunset outdated programs. the closest thing to eternal life on earth should not be a federal program.
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we will reform the budget process, one that actually focuses on the long term, one that focuses on the next generation, not the next election. the practice of borrowing almost 40 cents on the dollar, much of it from the chinese, sending the bill to our children and grandchildren is not just unsustainable, it is unconscionable with this pledge, republicans will save the american dream as a drowns in a sea of red ink. we will make a bigger and brighter for the next generation. we will not allow the torch of liberty to be mortgaged. it will be handed off to the next generation.
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>> i am here to help clean up the mess in washington even though i did not help credit. we have to change the status quo we have to change the way we do business in washington. i think everybody understands that. we cannot perpetuate the status quo. in order to get the right results, process is paramount. we are taking a pledge today to do a number of things. it starts with requiring that all pieces of legislation be available online for 72 hours, at least 72 hours, so that the public has a chance to review the legislation and members of congress can actually read the bill. we commit and pledged to adhere to the constitution. in fact, when you submit your piece of legislation, you will have to cite the constitutional authority for the bill. we want to ensure an open and bipartisan debate. we want to make sure it is
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harder to increase spending and easier to cut spending. as a freshman here, i have never experienced an open row. i have never been able to go to the floor of the house and actually offer an amendment on the spending bill. that is fundamentally wrong. it is fundamentally wrong. we will make sure that legislation is issued one at that time. no more of these big, huge mass of bills that are used as a piggyback for a piece of legislation that would never stand on one issue at a time. these are simple, easy, common sense things to do yet they seem like radical new ideas to washington dc. i am proud of this republican conference to make this commitment and changes and that starts today, thank you. >> my name is bill cassidy, i represent the sixth
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congressional district of louisiana. two years ago, the democratic majority said they would put up a health reform bill that would lower costs, expand access, and those were gulls that democrats, republicans, and independents can all agree upon. unfortunately, the bill that was signed six months ago ultimately will not achieve those goals. i say that from the perspective -- i still practice medicine and i worked for the last 20 years and a public hospital caring for the uninsured. my life's work has been making sure that those without otherwise receive health care. i can tell you that working in a public hospital, politicians consistently over-promised and under-fund. it is easy to say they will give you something and went that is something is something you have no funds for, quality suffered as well as access per you do not control costs.
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ultimately, none of the goals are met. this bill does not control costs. there have been studies since the bill was put out. it increases our long-term deficit despite $500 billion in taxes. let's look at the last six months. we have seen greater than 10% increase in the premiums for small businesses and the regulatory compliance burden of 1099 forms. the 1099 form is not officially a health care function. it is inherent in the bill and in that bill, the energy and income placed on 1099 compliance takes away from job creation. the american people don't want this. the american people don't want the federal government telling a small business woman she has to do weights and 99. they don't want the federal government meddling in their personal life and the way they never had before with individual mandates. they don't want the $500 billion
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in new taxes and the over 150 board bureaucracy and commissions required to implement this. -- theeral government's american people have told us is that they want us to de-, and replaced. we have a plan that we believe will lower costs. realtor reform -- real torte reform says we can reduce costs by $350 billion over the next five years by allowing americans to buy insurance across state lines. make the big insurance companies with market concentration compete against one another for the benefit of the small business woman or the individual purchaser of insurance. to strengthen the patient- physician relationship by
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increasing the use and usefulness of health savings accounts. that puts the patient firmly in control of her health care dollar and in so doing allows her to make a decision that are important for her health but also for her finances. we will ensure access to affordable health care for those with pre-existing conditions. lastly, will join the 70% of the american people that desire to ban federal funding for abortions. that helped build was signed six months ago but the need for real health care reform is even more urgent now. it is urgent for the family and a small business paying premiums and the american taxpayer facing huge increases in taxes and it is urgent for the uninsured. like those who i have had the privilege to treat for the last 20 years.
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house republicans have listened. we have heard, and we shall do our best to implement to health care reform that lowers costs, and expense access to high- quality care. those are goals we can always shoot for. thank you very much. >> i emax thornberry of texas. the first job of the american government is to protect our citizens and defend our people in a dangerous world. our pledge as a plan to make our nation more secure. house republicans think is wrong to try to pass controversial domestic legislation on the backs of our troops and we believe that our troops ought to have all the resources they need to do whatever job we have less than to do without any pork barrel
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spending being attached. the american people have said clearly that they do not want terrorists to be coddled with rights equal to or greater than our own citizens they don't want guantanamo detainees brought back here and they don't want them to be released when they should not pay. we offer a sensible detention policy that keeps terrorists off the battlefield and helps keep americans safe. we are committed to standing by our friends and interests. we will restore full funding for missile defense and push for tough enforcement of sanctions against iran. finally, we believe that the national security of any country depends on its ability to control who and what comes across its borders. we will remove the obstacles that some federal agencies have put in front of the border
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patrol that prevent it from doing its job. we will ensure that the federal government works with, not against, state and local law enforcement to enforce all of our laws. we will also take action to improve these and make it harder for terrorists to come here. support our troops, fight the terrorists, stand by our friends, and protect our citizens. house republicans know that the freedoms we enjoy can get a dear price. preserving them for future generations is aerosol obligation and our pledge. >> hello, i am from the second district of west virginia right across the way. i want to thank the folks at tart lumber for hosting us today and i'm proud to stand with my
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colleagues and the american people as we pledged today to get our country back on track. it is long overdue that we take this action that congress is accountable to our employers, the american people. and that there are checks and balances in place. we have been listening to our constituents' frustration. they are exhausted and they are tired of all the bickering in washington, d.c. i hear every day from west virginians who are asking for a little common sense. you have heard a lot of common sense and a pledge boss far. do not spend more than you taken, live up to your promises, and solve our problems. that is why we are pledging to fight on the side of the american people so that we can work together to address the serious but not impossible problems that are before us. we have been listening, but today we pledge to ensure
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transparency and accountability in congress and throughout the government. , to fight efforts to fund the very costly health care bill. , to fight to increase domestic energy resources, and to fight to oppose attempts to put a national energy tax known as captain trade on americans. to fight efforts to use a national crisis for political gain. to fight for workers' rights by making sure that we oppose a hard object bill that takes away an individual's rights to a secret ballot and to fight the growth of government and oppose new stimulus spending that only put our nation further into debt. our pledge did not originate behind closed doors in
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washington, d.c. it originated with the american people who have spoken out against the tyranny they feel and we feel of excessive, unchecked, and accountable government. today, i ask our colleagues in the house for action today. i asked the american people to join us in our fight. thank you. >> for the last three months, we listened to the american public and discussed with them and now we have come before them. we have heard you loud and clear and this is our pledge to america, something we can do right now. we laid out what the fight is about. we challenged speaker nancy pelosi, leader harry reid to bring these bills up and change the. course of the we ask the american public to join our fight. thank you and we will open up for questions.
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a pair >> any compromising on the principles or specifics of this? you said you want tax cuts permanently and extended. does that mean you're not open to the idea of giving a temporary extension of a year or two? >> we believe part of the uncertainty that is causing employers to refine from reinvesting their businesses is the fact that no one knows what the tax rate will be tomorrow. if you have more certainty with regard to tax rates and regulations, you will see employers begin to reinvest. the extending of the current rates and making them permanent certainly provides more certainty. >> so no to a one or two-year extension? >> we believe the permanency creates more certainty for employers. that is why it is in their. >> on the red ink that you reference to -- how do you avoid
6:48 am
that? even if you could enforce this cap, cutting $100 billion per year, you have a $1.40 trillion deficit, what are you willing to cut? will you cut entitlements? >> if we are going to deal with deficits and be honest with the american people, we have to cut spending and we need real economic growth in america that puts more americans back to work to care for themselves and their families and you cannot have real economic growth in america if you insist on raising taxes on the american people. >> you talk about cutting spending and getting rid of the red ink, but there are no specifics about how you would get a balanced budget if you plan to extend the tax cuts and extend defense spending. there is really no specifics about what you do with social security and medicare which is the biggest drivers of deficit
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spending. can you give us specifics? >> i think it is pretty clear that by having a spending cap at 2008 levels, we can say $100 billion per year. that is $1 trillion over the next 10 years. when it comes to dealing with the entitlement programs, i have made it pretty clear -- it is time for us as americans to have an adult conversation with each other about the serious challenges that face our country. i don't have all the solutions. i believe that if we work with the american people, the american people will want to work with us to come to grips with these challenges that face our country. it is about having that adult conversation in an honest, open the way that will help us get the answers to lay out the plan that will help solve this problem once and for all. yes, ma'am?
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>> legislatively, how do you plan to honor traditional marriage, life, and faith based organizations that form the core of our american values? >> if you look at house republicans over the course of the last year or the last 10 years, you will see that by and large, we have supported those pro-family traditional value issues. the point we make in this preamble to our pledge is that we are not going to be any different than what we have been. we will stand up for those things that we believe in. >> one other thing that is not in here is something that you have supported which is a ban on your marks. why is that not in here? >> clearly, the american people are concerned about your marks.
6:51 am
the republican congress took a moratorium on earmarks for this year. we have to earmark moratorium in place and i think it speaks for itself. >> yes, sir? ideas that are not included in here for example private accounts for social security. is it off the table? >> if you look at the pledge, it is not intended to a party platform. it is not intended to cover everything under the sun. it is about listening to the american people and as we have listened, these are the things they told us it is about what needs to be done now, first steps toward real fiscal sanity in washington, d.c. and real steps about getting our economy moving again and getting people back to work.
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>> what percentage of the problem in terms of our deficit is being taken care of by this plan? >> we intend to take first steps for those first steps to be to reduce spending to 2008 levels, saving $100 billion per year. our commitment to put ourselves on a course to balance the budget and to pay down the debt. we don't underestimate how difficult this is going to be given the economic circumstances that we face. it is our pledge and our commitment to get ourselves on a path to balance the budget and to pay down the debt if we are going to save the future for our kids and grandkids. yes, ma'am? >> thank you, sir. would you speak for a minute about the pledge to give a constitutional test to all legislation and talk about where
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in the constitution it states that congress should have to follow that test with legislation? >> i believe that most people in america believe that washington is involved in far too many things. the health-care bill involves an individual mandate for every american to buy health insurance, in my view, is unconstitutional i believe it would bring a bill to the floor, cite the specific constitutional authority that allows it to come to the floor. the federal government is too big and spends too much and it is out of control. mali [laughter] i thought i better get it over with now. >> thank you, mr. leader. here comes a tough one. you guys say this agenda can happen tomorrow and that the speaker nancy pelosi can whistle the congress back and you guys can pass this 300-50 page pledge.
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government agenda if republicans take over the house next year? >> it is a governing agenda that could be enacted tomorrow. there's no reason why we have to go home next friday. we can be here each and every day until the end of this congress enacted this agenda because if we enact this agenda, we will eliminate the uncertainty that employers are facing and we will begin to improve the economy and get the american people back to work and begin the process of saving countless hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful washington spending. >> will we see republican state to another energy protest on the floor, ensuring that speaker nancy pelosi brings congress backs? >> statement. yes, sir. [laughter] >> how is the pledge influenced by the tea party contract? >> we listened to all americans. we put this together. our members over the last four
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months have done thousands of town hall meetings, public forums, private meetings to listen to the american people and bring their ideas back to washington we have had hundreds of thousands of people go to america speaking to give us their ideas as to how to rein washington in. everyone in america had an opportunity to participate in this. that is why there was great enthusiasm among all our colleagues when we unveiled this last night. they know this document was put together by listening to the american people. all the way in the back. >> thank you. what is the proposal on what to do about the 12.5 million undocumented immigrants in this country? >> you are asking about something not in the document?
6:56 am
>> yes, americans are debating immigration reform and what is your position and why it is not in the document? >> it is clear in the document that the first steps for immigration reform are to secure our borders and enforce our laws, the two things that are in our pledge to america. yes, sir, last 1. >> mr. leader, two things you hear at tea party rallies are that the country needs a balanced budget diamendment and people are angry at what republicans did in the early part of this decade. why should they believe you this dime and one not a balanced budget amendment? >> i have made it clear over the last 20 months that republicans were in charge of congress and we made our fair share of mistakes. we have demonstrated over the last 20 months that republicans have heard the american people every single one of us on the house side opposed their stimulus bill twice and it began
6:57 am
to send a message to the american people that we were serious. when all our members voted against their budget with trillion dollar deficit, we all voted against it twice. nearly all of our members voted against the national energy tax and all of our members voted against their health care bill that will basically be government control of american health care. we get it. we get it. that is why we outlined in your our pledge to america, i can tell you that we are very serious about implementing our pledge. thank you, all. [applause] spa[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national
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