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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  September 25, 2010 6:15pm-6:30pm EDT

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palestinian/israeli peace within one year, in accordance with the resolutions of the international legitimacy, the arab peace initiative, the road map, and division of the two-state solution. we have reaffirmed, on behalf of the palestine liberation organization, our commitment to the option of just peace and our determination, seriousness, and sincere intention to make peace negotiations a success, in spite of all the difficulties and obstacles that stand before it. the international community should draw lessons from the failure of the political process and the inability to reach the desired goal. restoring stability to the peace process requires mainly compelling the government of israel to comply with its
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obligations and commitments, particularly to seize all settlement activities in the occupied palestinian territories and in east jerusalem and its surroundings, and to abandon the annexation of partite wall and with an end to the policy of blockade in closures that restrict the lives of and movement of our people and deprived them of their basic human rights. our demand for the cessation of settlement activities, the lifting of the blockade, and putting an end to is look -- illegal israeli policies and practices do not constitute great conditions that are alien to the peace process. they are consistent with the implementation of obligations and commitments that have been agreed and reaffirmed by all the
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resolutions adopted since the very start of the political process. israel's implementation of these obligations and commitments will create the conducive environment for the success of the negotiations and will give credibility to the pledge to implement the final agreement. israel must choose between peace and the continuation of settlements. mr. president, i reaffirm our readiness to continue as we have always done to make every possible effort so that these negotiations will achieve the desired aims and objectives through tackling all final issues. jerusalem, refugees, settlements, borders, water, security, and the release of all
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prisoners. in a manner that now realizes freedom and independence and justice for the palestinian people in their homeland, rectifying and lifting the historical injustice inflicted upon it, with a goal of achieving safety and security for all of its neighbors and to achieve a just peace in the entire region, including on the syrian and lebanese banks, in order to usher in a new era of stability, progress, prosperity, and good neighborliness, of rectifying the fact of the political process can only be achieved if the international community bears the responsibility for ending the israeli population -- occupation, the longest occupation ever in contemporary
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history, and in ensuring our people's right to self- determination in their own independent sovereign states, based on the fourth of june 1967 borders and in achieving a solution to the plight of the palestine refugees. all this must be done through the implementation of the principles of the charter of the united nations and the implementation of the security council and general assembly resolutions in addition to the advisory opinion of the international code of justice and the provisions of international law, including international humanitarian rights law, on the ground of the occupied palestinian territories, and including israel, all of which constitute the legitimate terms of reference for any successful negotiation leading to a final
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peace agreement. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, our people, in spite of its great suffering, holds steadfast to its rights, to their land, and to the national soil. at the same time, they are determined on restoring their national unity between the two parts of our homeland. we are making every possible effort in order to restore our unity through dialogue and in order to restore the good offices and honorable efforts deployed by our brothers and friends, particularly the arab republic of egypt. we will spare no effort on our part to put an end to the division resulting from the coup against palestinian legitimacy and the institute of democracy as a firm foundation,
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as an indispensable foundation in our political life. we will also bear our responsibility in billing national institutions for our independence state or in building our national economy and ensuring the stability and safety under a national authority based on the rule of law, accountability, transparency, and justice. we shall also continue to uphold all of our obligations in accordance with the road map and the agreements that have been reached between the two sides. in conclusion, it is necessary in this regard to express our appreciation to all those who have contributed in sponsoring and supporting the peace process. i would like to extend my special thanks to his
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excellency, president barack obama, the president of the united states of america, who has reaffirmed in his statement before the assembly two days ago, the two-state solution and the necessity for a freeze of settlement activities as well as to establish an independent state of palestine that would enjoy its full membership in the united nations next year. on this occasion, we reaffirm our readiness to cooperate with american efforts in order to lead the political sources and to reach a comprehensive just and lasting peace in the region. we also believe there is need to pay special tribute to the united nations that has preserved our call and has extended a helping hand to our people, adopted resolutions and solutions that have constituted a basis that cannot be bypassed in the search for comprehensive peace. we call upon the united nations
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to continue playing its essential role until right is upheld and our people have regained their usurped rights and peace prevails in our entire region. we would like to reiterate our greetings and appreciation for your tireless efforts and solidarity with the just cause of palestine as well as the pledge that we will continue to hold onto a piece, peace to which we and all the peoples of the region aspire. we ask god to bless us with a future in which we will all enjoyed peace, security, and stability. made peace and god's mercy and blessings be upon you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to thank
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the chairman of the executive committee of the palestine liberation organization and president of the palestinian authority for the statement just made, and i request protocol for his excellency. >> sunday on "washington journal," scott rasmussen on his new book about how the tea party movement is fundamentally remaking our two-party system. then come immigration issues surrounding arizonas immigration initiatives and the dream act, a pathway children -- a pathway to citizenship for some children of illegal aliens. after that, protecting student athletes from concussions. plus, your e-mails and phone calls. "washington journal" -- live sunday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. sunday on "newsmakers," wyoming senator john barrasso on what
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the republican gop should be if the gop wins more seats. he also talked about the role of conservatives and moderates in his party, and the espy -- expiring bush era tax cuts. interviewing the senator, reporters from politico and "the national journal." >> i really underestimated how big the job was because i had been the minority whip. i have not even been the minority leader. i jump from minority whip to speaker overnight, and from sort of a minority party that nobody thought was going to be in power to leading a wave of 9 million additional votes. the biggest one-party increase in an off year in american history. >> newt gingrich on his tenure as house speaker, the state of american politics today, and a possible 2012 presidential bid. sunday on c-span. >> for all of the people in the
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book, there are many mistakes they might have made in their lives, but moving from the south is not one of them. >> between 1915 and 1970, nearly 6 million african- americans migrated from the self. saturday, isabel wilkerson on their journey. >> you do not get to choose the moment when the opportunity to shape your country comes your way. all you get to choose is what you do when it does. >> british deputy prime minister nick clegg defends his decision to form a coalition government with the conservative party from the liberal democrats party conference sunday at 9:00 on c- span. >> this week on "the communicators," looking at privacy and delicate -- telecommunications policy. our guests are linda woolley and
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geoff chester. >> this is the third installment of "the communicators"' look up on one policy. we will be talking with advertisers and consumer groups. joining us is linda woolley of the direct marketing association, and juliana gruenwald continues as our guest reporter. if i could start with some testimony from just -- jeff chester, the guest following you with the center of democracy. he talked about the advertisers, and this is what he had to say, and we would like to get your response -- industry self regulation, it is clear, has failed to offer meaningful protections to consumer privacy.
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>> noticed and choice has been the hallmark of the self- regulatory program, which has been in existence for some 30 years. we absolutely believe that an informed consumer who has the opportunity to make a decision about what they want and what they do not want is the best for everybody. as marketers, we are in the business of offering products and services to consumers and hoping that they are not just consumers but that they turn into customers. the last thing you want to do with a customer is make them angry, so we really want to make sure they are happy, make sure they, especially on the internet, have a good internet experience. we do not want to make them frightened. we do not want to make them mad. we want them to look at our ads and make purchases. one of the things that has been
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great about the internet is that it has been such an unbelievable economic driver. i do not know if you know this, but this past year, 2009, was the first time that sales on cyber monday exceeded sales on black friday. i have heard members of congress say from time to time, "we really only want to make sure that consumers are comfortable on the internet." i think by far and away, consumers have shown that they are pretty comfortable on the internet, and they like making purchases there. >> i want to go back to the self regulatory issue because that really is dma's hallmark. they had the program for 30 years. it started with mail preference. it started with mail preference.


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