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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 3, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we are looking at some of the races in colorado and washington out west where ken buck is a head right now. this is about half of the vote reported. in the washington senate race, dino rossi looking to defeat
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patty murray. the numbers show that she is ahead by two percentage points. she was first elected in the year of the women back in 1992. this is with an estimated 60%. lincoln chafee has been declared the winner with 36% of the vote. back to your calls. rejoining us from madisonville, ky. caller: we are probably going to somehow -- to get things back on track. i hope that we get through this mess. i am a happy man tonight. when i go to bed, i say my prayers.
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the lord is watching over me. i think the lord for the republicans because they are all for the working class. host: if you're interested in joining the conversation, you can do so. we have more on our website. also the base that we covered during the campaign season and the speeches, all available on our website. in the morning, we will be going over the results, particularly on the west coast. we're joined from illinois on the republican line. caller: i would like to say
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that the democrats conceding the loss to the respectful republicans, d.c. how nice and respectful they work? secondly, i'm going to say this about president obama. president obama has been in office for two years. i think he should be more respected by our government and if not, just respect the office. republicans were in the office two years ago. i have one question for you, can you tell me why is it that all of my elected offices and the house of representatives have reoccurring terms but the president's office is the largest at the highest and they only have 80. i would think it would be good
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if all of the offices were held for only two. host: there are no term limits for the house and senate but there are term limits for the governor such as in pennsylvania. rick perry winning a full third term. this varies state-by-state. a look at the balance of power with 51 democrats in the u.s. senate right now, 46 republicans and two independents. we are still awaiting the final return on a number of states including washington state and a three-way race in alaska. we're joined from north carolina. >> thank you so much for taking my call. i am so proud of the republicans in north carolina. this is the first time in a 112 years that they have not been
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controlled by the state legislature. i commend all of the republicans have come in office not only in north carolina but across the nation. americans are trying to get their country backu. the last caller said something about the president and his office. well, he was this respected and blamed for ilan. the fact is that he has been in office for two years and he has disgrace to this country that was founded by christianity. if anyone is being disrespectful, the president has been disrespectful.
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it is time that the democrats and republicans start to listen to the people because we are the ones that control this country. >> thank you for your call. historically, the party in power loses seats in the midterm and when the exceptions was in 2002 after 9/11 after the terrorist attacks and the republicans gain seats. 1994, a lot comparisons to this the democrats lost 52 seats and an new gingrich became speaker of the house for the first time in 42 years. in 1954, dwight eisenhower, the
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republican incumbent, his party losing 16 seats. in 1946, harry truman losing 55 seats. this is after franklin roosevelt passed away. we are keeping an eye on some of the other races including in ohio. let's get to some of your phone calls. caller: i am an independent. i'd to lean more towards the democrats and i just want to say congratulations to the republicans. they worked extremely hard but i hope that today do well. i don't see where they're going to do this. they did not do that in the past. host: the white house has released this photograph of the
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telephone making calls. he called steny hoyer, john boehner, nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell. in these calls with representatives in a near and mitch mcconnell, he said that he was looking forward to working with republicans to find common ground and to get things done for the american people. the president was campaigning sunday in ohio and making regular calls today to a number of urban radio stations. live coverage tomorrow. we will also hear from congressman to john boehner and we will have coverage beginning tomorrow starting with "washington journal." we are waiting jon casey to will be speaking shortly.
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>> hello. thank you for taking my calls. i would like to say that i was really worried today, but i am a democrat and i did get my kids out to vote. our country should removing any better direction. in our country, there is a separation of church and state. everyone has a right to their opinion and i don't think that he is being disrespectful to the country. there were many years of chaos before the president. >> you have a new republican governor and a familiar face to the state house. >> how are you? >> fine, thank you.
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caller: give the man a chance to run for office. they need to run for office. give the man a chance. i love your show. keep up the good work. host: -- declaring victory. he is an ohio defeating gov. ted stricklin. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> guess what, i will be gov law bio? -- governor of ohio. we want to thank you for the confidence that you have shown
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in me and marry taylor tonight. i would like to thank my wife. how about this life that i have also my daughters for in during a long campaign and joining me on the trail. they were exceptional and a great part of the family. i would like to thank all of the supporters, volunteers, and staff who have worked so hard for the past many months, it is all about teams spent down and you are staying with us all the way through. i need to have your commitment. we need to do it together. i would like to thank the people on both sides of the aisle, the
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governor called me andgood conv. he pledged to help in any way we could print them -- we could. the people of ohio have engage in this robustly. we taktook a step forward to shrinking government and making it work better. we will make ohio the best place to live and work in the country. a lot of fear has been spread in the last two months. tonight, ohio has confirmed that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us. hope always triumphs over fear
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and it happened here tonight ohio has said that they have wanted to run our state in a new way, a way that is good for jobs, families, and the future. we rejected the doomsayers. we succeeded because we stay true to what we believe. people are worried about their futures, so we give them solutions. i am very proud of the fact that it was ideas and values which helped this campaign and they are the only things which will drive my administration and i want you to understand that we don't owe anyone to anyone, we are going to do it the right way and turn the page on american politics.
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the best ideas possible, free from politics, the idea of creating jobs and getting a higher moving again. you know what, i am done with this. let me just tell you, i've traveled all over the state and i've looked into people's eyes. they're nervous, they are a little bit fearful, but they have not given up hope. from one part of ohio to
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another, what a great privilege and opportunity it was to travel our great state. to see the beautiful sunsets and the beautiful water and the beautiful trees and the beautiful people all over ohio. i think that the people of ohio said that we want to do better. i must also tell you that i'm so grateful for the fact that people here allowed me to be a congressman and stood with me and i spent 10 years of my life fighting to balance the budget to improve the lives of people in our country. that is what it is all about in public life. this is not about some decision making or some vote or partisanship. you have one moment in time to do some great things and as my mother used to say and so many of you have heard, johnny, raise
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the bar and that is what we're going to do in ohio. we will raise the bar and be a shining example for this country. i think the good lord will has been with me all my life. i feel so humbled by this. all i want to do is to do good. that is why i need you, that is why we need to stay honest and focused.
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i would not stumble and live to regret that for the next 30 years. i said to the lord the other day that i would like to go to the promised land. the promised land is to serve the people of ohio and this job and they gave me a chance to do it. that is why we cannot blow it. i know the republicans are feeling very good tonight. i have a message to all of my colleagues, winning is not the issue here, it is remembering what we promised, willing to put our political necks on the line and willing to make decisions that in the long run will consider our people and the culture and the legacy of the state of ohio and that is exactly what we are going to do. that is what we're going to do.
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i need you to stay with me. i will tell you why. those people that a fear change, those people that have somehow got their snouts stuck in a -- this will be a tough job. if all of us stayed together and remember to keep the main thing and that is to restore the great legacy of the beautiful buckeyes state, if we stay together, we will win, we will succeed and we will send a message to the rest of the country that it is different in ohio. [applause] i know you weighted down here a long time and i know some of you are getting tired and you understand. i was getting tired of waiting
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downstairs to be declared the winner. this is a great night and this only happens because we all put our shoulder to the wheel and we believe in really good things. the mountain that i keep talking about, we still have to climb it. we just started to climb. we need everyone to push up the mountain as we slipped. let's stay together as a team. we will improve the state and improve the lives of the people in this state. we will get people to stay here. you know, being able to raise the bar and give the next generation a great chance to inherit this great state is worth all of the efforts we have made.
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thank you very much. [applause] ♪ host: declaring victory at his campaign headquarters in ohio, the republican defeating democrat ted strickland. the one-term democrat losing tonight. let's look at some of the other results. first of all, gov. quinn had
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46%. this is a slim margin over brady. in florida, where rick scott, the republican candidate is ahead slightly over democrat alex sink. harry reid is at his campaign headquarters in las vegas. he has been declared the winner over his opponent. we're keeping an eye on his campaign headquarters. when he comes out, we will take it to you live. in the meantime, some of your phone calls. caller: thank you for taking my call. i appreciate it. i am a longtime democrat but i
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voted republican today because i wanted to send a message. i wanted to send a message to the incumbent politicians that washington is wrong. denise to be a change. i also have a warning for the republicans. i heard a republican politicians say that his mission is to make sure that the president does not get elected again. basically, he is trying to say that his mission is to -- we elected the president to work for us, it is not for our party to be a failure. if you are going to washington to block everything that the president wants to do, they will pay for it as well. host: thank you so much for the call. a quick look at some of the
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results in delaware. the democrat chris coons has defeated cristina o'donnell. in kentucky, rand paul has won against jack conway. in nevada, harry reid as one pentagon -- has won. in washington state, patty murray is a head slightly keeping -- is the head slightly. the republican candidate has 34%. the democratic candidate is that 25% in alaska. there are a number of write-in candidate so it could be couple of days before the final results
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are determined. next is james joining us from los angeles where carly fiorina loses to barbara boxer. caller: did c-span air at the john mccain acceptance speech because i have not seen it on any of the networks? host: we are not getting it because there are so many feeds at once. kim caller: erick kanter will be the new majority leader in the house. you have john boehner as well. the bottom line is that eric kanter is already wanting to take money out and cutting some foreign aid.
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erick kanter is to let the u.s. states go broke to ensure that money would be cut off from going to foreign countries like israel still goes there. is that the kind of person that you want to have as the majority leader in the congress? host: we will be hearing from congressman john boehner to mark. he is here in washington. we heard from nancy pelosi very early in that evening. it is unclear when we will hear from her. the president called both john boehner and mitch mcconnell and steny hoyer, the democratic leader in the house and speaker nancy pelosi. caller: good evening. thank you for c-span. as you talked, we will be looking at some of the new governors coming to office in
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january. >> i agree with most of the democrats about bush being possibly the worst president in the history of this country. i think that obama is pushing him into second place. i was watching all of this tonight and i got a big thrill that the american people have risen up and vanquished the progressive parasites that are draining the lifeblood of this country. this is a historic moment. thank you. host: we have a statement from john boehner.
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here is the statement from the minority leader. "president obama called john boehner to congratulate him. they had a brief conversation. john boehner says that he has those been straight forward and honest with the president in the past and that is how he will be in the future. they discussed working together to focus on the top artists of the american people. congressman banner think the present for the call. a live conference tomorrow from the east room at 1:00 eastern. we're joined on the republican line from ohio. go ahead. >> i am very thankful. john boehner is my rep. i would like to say that the government sent a message, especially to nancy pelosi.
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i want all the democrats and everyone to realize that you voted for change but what is the change that you wanted? he has taken this nation in the wrong direction. this is very very scary. he is responsible for everything going on right now. he was going to get unemployment down, capt. trade is a disaster. we need the tax cuts to continue. if he does not, that will kill everyone. wait until people see that they'll get more taxes taken out of their checks. we're going in the right direction and i think that is great and thank you for taking my call. host: we will be hearing from harry reid in about seven-8
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minutes. we were told that he will come out in 10 minutes and that was a few minutes ago. he is in las vegas. we're joined from casper, wyoming. caller: i'm very excited that it looks like -- might pull out. the one thing i just want to say to voters about this election is something my angelou said, people forget what you said or did but they will not forget how you made them feel. barack obama inspires me. he might at have done this perfectly but he tried to push health-care reform for 30,000 people. at least he tried. who else has tried and got as
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far as he did? we need more politicians like this, at least they will try and work together. the whole world is watching america and wondering what we are doing. host: carly fiorina and barbara boxer, barbara boxer has been declared the winner. this is a statistical tie but many networks are declaring that barbara boxer will go on to a fourth term. in the governor's race, jerry brown coming back. he was first elected back in 1974. he is returning to the governor's mansion at the age of 72 defeating meg whitman who spent upwards of $190 million, much of it her own money. christine joining us from california. caller: i would like to
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congratulate the republicans. we are not the enemy, mr. president. a lot of them put you in that seat. you showed us that you came here to destroy our country. this is what i call change. i think that republicans are going on the right track. we can do anything. i say, her way for america. if we go to another country, we have to obey their laws. i don't think that it is feared that you would take that away from my grandchildren that they cannot say a prayer, they cannot say the pledge of allegiance. i don't want them to change the constitution. host: harry reid will be coming
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out shortly. he is from searchlight, nevada and is now on his way to another term. let's look at the results. this was looked at as a tossup along with colorado where the races too close to call. pennsylvania is another one of those tossup races going to the republicans. we're joined from south padre island, texas. caller: i watched part of the coverage. i really enjoyed what c-span does during elections. am i one of the few that is astounded that the republicans are taking over? i am an independent but it seems to me like this is a terrific backlash against obama. i believe that people are
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uncomfortable with the fact that he speaks well, he is diplomatic, is not some kind of rough rider that gives all kinds of promises and doesn't follow through. the problems that we have today, the seeds were planted many many years ago, particularly during the bush administration. i am horrified frankly and i felt like the fact that republicans are simply saying we will not compromise, what kind of plan is that? this is a recipe for even more gridlock. the country is already polarized enough. i am hoping that there are enough people understand that obama has delivered us from the second great depression. he might not have done a perfect job but we could be in a much worse situation. unemployment was already climbing even before he took office. the problems are complicated. they are not able to be
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presented in just a punchline. i am concerned for the country. one town and said it was a historic night. i believe so, too, but the mood is much different because i believe that it is going back to the good old boys as far as i'm concerned. host: you are looking at the scene in las vegas. we will be hearing from harry reid shortly. we are keeping an eye on that. we will keep the cameras there so you get a sense of what is happening. he will likely come back to become the democratic leader with a smaller majority. we're joined from louisiana that on the democrat line. >> i wanted to call in and say hat's off to the sky and ohio, the republican.
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christians have not stood up and taken our place. i will be praying for our president. god has to come first and we come section does come second and we would be in a better situation. -- and we come second and we would be in a better job. we should start praying for our leaders. host: only one debate between harry reid and his opponent. sarah palin campaign for her.
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they met in las vegas a couple of weeks ago. caller: i am part of the tea party movement and i want to say that we are a grass-roots organization. just because republicans won, if someone tells you to apply for a job, it is up to you to keep that job. if the republicans don't do what they are supposed to do. >> how do you hold them
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accountable? caller: i will be looking at promises and look at the things that are done. i want them to know, this might be good for the people and they want to hear from the people. they can be on the hot seat and any time also because i am a republican and i'm very happy that we won all the seats but we could lose them the next time around just like the democrats did.
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host: what about the presidential race? caller: i really don't have anyone. i would like to see someone older, more mature, someone who has honored our country. i will be honest with you, i think had obama not one, i would have voted for colin powell. i always look at if they have a military background. host: thank you for the call. we're getting a call from ohio.
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caller: in 2010, they call for republicans. the democrats made their bid. it was easy to fight against bush. we still have the war in afghanistan going on. i am in columbus. you never see obama go through the neighborhoods. these are the people live and die obama. obama never goes and sees them. he has these big stadium events. those are his people and he just ignores them. you don't hear obama say anything about.
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the president has to stand for something. >> margaret is joining us from nashville, tennessee. >> thanks for such a great service. anke to all of the democrats. -- thanks to all of the democrats who fought for what they believed then. also thanks to all the service members. host: we have looked at kentucky, ohio, arkansas,
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wisconsin, colorado, nevada. washington state, california, the governors' races and the governors. all the speeches are available on our website. you can join the conversation with those on twitter and facebook. you can send us your comments here as well. margaret is joining us from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: i think that united states has spoken. host: we are getting feedback
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in that one, we're going to carolina. caller: this whole election smells to me of almost intergenerational warfare. i think the so-called greatest generation and the silent generation are sticking it to the boomers once again. george bush said in the early 2000's, people over 50 don't have to worry about such security. now there are these groups that are 60 + that saying that people over 60 don't have to worry about social security. they have stolen the treasury, the trust funds, the surplus in 2000 was also security and medicare and they gave it back
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to the old rich people in the form of income taxes. they said that they pay all the taxes. they paid most of the income taxes. that is not even 1/3 of the budget. he has so much intestinal fortitude. i hope that they pushes through the repeal of the taxes from the top 2%. the estate tax and just about 50 of these 400 bills. i hope she and harry reid push through a ton of stuff that will not be able to be overridden by veto. >host: the republicans now moving back to the republican territory with john boehner who will likely be the next speaker
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of the house. he will be joined by his colleagues on the senate side. mitch mcconnell from kentucky and the head of the republican campaign association, haley barbour from mississippi. they will be holding a news conference. we will have live coverage of that news conference. the president will comment on the returns. what this means for the next two years in his agenda. live coverage will begin the morning with the washington journal. caller: clearly americans are getting what they're asking for.
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and the republicans are going to screw it up. two years from now, another lesson is learned. if you let a bunch of dumb masses -- host: 85000 votes difference in the colorado senate race where -- a 5000 vote difference in the colorado senate race. >> harry reid is in the room. the he is declaring victory. let's listen. [applause] ♪
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♪ [crowd chanting "harry"] >> thank you, everyone. thank you. thank you, everybody.
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thank you, thank you, thank you. yes, we did. today, nevada chose hope over fear. nevada chose to move forward, not backwards. nevada made this choice because we know not about us verses them. all of us are in this together. today, d made possible what many called impossible. i am grateful that you did. not for me but to the future
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that we all share. first, let me thank my wife. [applause] my wife and my best friend. i wanted you by my side since the first time i saw you. you have been there ever sense, every step of the way. to my family, my tireless staff, and all of my generous volunteers. [applause] i wish my voice to convey what
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is in my heart. you never gave up, you never give up. you know the people of nevada and never give up and down, i appreciate each minute that you spend, the hours, months, days, weeks, years and i think the people of nevada. to fight for the state and to fight for each of you. friends, i am not finished fighting. in fact, i am more determined than ever. [applause]
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i have been some pretty tough fights in my day. they have been in the streets, a boxing ring, the u.s. senate. i have to admit, this is one of the most difficult. this is nothing compared to what is going on in nevada right now. the bell that just rang is not the end of the site, this is the start of the next round. i know a lot of people have been counted out. i've taken on powerful forces.
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no one dared to challenge them. i have dealt with some tough elections that no one thought i would win. i know what it is like to take a punch. i know what it is like to get back and your feet. my story and this night proved that difficult is not synonymous with impossible. a test is tough only if you are not tough. my career in this campaign has been driven by a simple belief that if a poor kid from searchlight can make it, anyone can make it. [applause] everyone in nevada desert a chance, everyone in america
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deserves a chance. nevada is going to recover and prosper and will lead. [applause] we will bounce back stronger than ever. i have never counted and asad out and i'm not about to start right now. i think you know that about me. you also know the balloons and ballrooms are not my style. those are not my thing. everyone enjoyed tonight. remember tomorrow. it is back to work for the people of nevada. [applause] the sea, tomorrow morning there
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will still be too few jobs for too many people, there will still be too many foreclosures signs in too many front yards. there will still be too many kids in crowded classrooms and too many students wondering how they can afford college. but your hard work has given nevada the chance to believe again. tomorrow is an impossible. -- is not impossible. before i finish here tonight, i would like to and fight on the stage just a handful of people who made tonight possible. my family. my friends, my staff, they all made tonight possible.
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[applause] because if you, we did not just make history, we made better a lot of futures. because if you, we did it. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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host: that the harry reid is up by five percentage points over his republican challenger, sharron angle. there is still a number of races in the u.s. senate to be decided. most notably in colorado, washington state, and alaska to enter the democrats holding onto a very narrow majority. . . .


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