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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 3, 2010 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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gratification and thinking jobs will return in just because you have the republican party or the tea party or a democrat wants to speak a specific way. it is not going to happen. it is not reality. i work for a financial institution. those jobs that used to be there are not coming back. we have to accept that and start using our education to re-train ourselves to do something else that will generate income. host: that was joyce in ohio. throughout the day, you will have chances to call went and comment on different events. the results will continue to run at the bottom of the screen. you can get updated. we'll show you some speeches that happened last night. the president will be live from
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the white house at 1:00 p.m., a press conference. we will bring you that and all of the events of the day. you can watch it all on c-span. rand paul last night in his victory speech. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . .
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>> i would like to thank my wife, kelly, i could not have done it without her. and my voice for the great music. i have a message. [applause] a message from the people of kentucky. a message that is loud and clear and does not, words. -- does not mince words. we have come to take our government back. [applause]
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they say that the u.s. senate is the world's most deliberative body. i am going to ask them to deliberate upon this. the american people are unhappy with what is going on in washington. [applause] 11% of the people approve of what is going on in congress, but tonight there is a tea party tidal wave, and we are sending a message to them. [applause] it is a message that i will carry with me on day one. it is a message of fiscal sanity. it is the message of a limited constitutional government in balanced budgets. -- and balanced budgets.
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hen i arrived in washington, i will ask them respectfully to deliberate upon this. we are in the midst of a debt crisis, and the american people want to know why we have to balance our budget and they do not. [applause] i will ask them respectfully to deliberate upon this. government does not create jobs, individuals, businessmen and women create jobs, but not the government. [applause] i will ask them respectfully to deliberate upon this. why is america great? why are we to greatest, rich's,
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and freest country ever known to man? -- richest and freest country ever known to man? [applause] america is exceptional, but it is not inherently so. america is exceptional because we embrace freedom, because we enshrined in our documents, and because we have lived and fought for the principles of freedom. [applause] america will remain great, if we remain proud of america. if we remain proud of the american system, the system that is enshrined in our s founding documents, the system that protects capitalism that
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has made this country great. [applause] america will remain great if and when we understand, if and when we understand that government cannot create prosperity. we have to understand that comes from ourselves. it does not come from government. we are the creators of that prosperity. until we understand that, which cannot truly protect and understand our liberties. and [applause] i have great confidence in the american system. we must believe in ourselves and not believe that somehow, some benevolent leader in a distant
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capitals will take care of us, will save us from ourselves. we must once again believe in ourselves. [applause] i will ask the senate respectfully to deliberate upon this. do we wish to live free or be enslaved by debt? do we believe in the individual or do we believe in the state? thomas jefferson wrote the government is best that governs least. likewise, freedom is best when enjoyed by the most. [applause] america can rise up and surmount these problems if we just did get government out of our way. and [applause]
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i am humbled by the honor bestowed upon me by the voters of kentucky. i will do everything within my power to live up to that trust. america's best days lie ahead of her. if we can once again unleashed the creative genius, entrepreneurialism spirit, that face and ourselves that is the american dream. and thank you, and god bless america. [applause] [crowd chanting rand paul]
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>> thank you. thank you. give yourselves a hand. you all are wonderful. friends, i keep a plaque on my desk that says that the choice is in the journey -- that says the joy is in the journey, and what a journey i have had. [applause]
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for elizabeth and i, this little girl was not yet with us when we started in april of 2009. [laughter] as i've been through the campaign and bank about this journey, i do not bank about me and us in their room, i think of the widow who lost her husband when both of his legs were severed and he bled out in the company took away their health insurance the very next day. i think about the hardware store owner along the way you told me he had been turned down 22 times for a loan in the past 18 months. i think all of the students who told me how they could not afford their student loans. i think about autism center i saw and floyd county because the
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people did not want to take their autistic children out of state. i. minka think of two friends t battle cancer during the campaign and said there were fighting because they wanted to vote for us. so to the people of my beloved confidants, you opened your homes, hearts, and elizabeth and i love you for it. [applause] right now we want to wrap our arms around you. this race was not about us, it was about eva, and our kids.
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our grandkids in their future. i called rand paul of the moments ago to congratulate him and wish him well. he is now are senator a lot. he is our senator, and i think we should wish him well and wish him well as he tries to do right by our state. we should be helpful in that regard, ladies and gentleman. [applause] why just told him on the phone where if he finds issues where we can move the common law forward and better lives of the people that are hurting right now, and this democrats is that his disposal and i want him and his family to know that. [applause] i have to stop now and they might remarkable and family and my parents -- thank my
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remarkable family and my parents. my siblings to put up with a lot during this campaign. i wonderful and loss, the davenport family. my staff. -- my wonderful in-laws, the davenport family. your energy is irreplaceable. richard drew jenkins. dillon nickles. john riley. john collins. allyson haley. jim barnett. to my ag staff. i love you all. i love you all very much. [applause] i want to thank jefferson county, because one thing i know after looking at the results, jefferson county has jack's back. [applause]
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i want to send a very special kentucky woman -- thank a very special kentucky woman. [applause] quite simply the best professional i have ever been around. [applause] i want to thank the people that were there with us at the original announcement. i want to give a special thanks to president bill clinton that cayman not once but twice for us. and [applause] i want to give a very special thank you to an 86-year-old war
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host frrse from kentucky. you are the best carry [applause] to all of you in this room tonight, i know you are with me. whether you are with me or not, i want you to know we are fighting for what we believe in. we were fighting for senior citizens, students, veterans, fighting for a more inclusive society. we were fighting for the women of the commonwealth of kentucky, and fighting to move of our selves forward. -- fighting to move ourselves for. we were fighting hard. though we came up short tonight, we were outspent 5 to 1. [applause] i am committed to doing
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something, what ever it is, regarding all full effects of the case citizen united and how it takes democracy further away from the people. [applause] if you are fighting for those issues, and fighting for the groups that i just outlined, you know what, put me in the calgary with you and i will fight with you every time, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] it was never about us. though we lost tonight, we will pick ourselves up. and we will dust ourselves off. we will keep fighting for the causes we believe in. [applause] because as a payment which is famous public servants once said, the work goes on, the cause and doors, and hopes still is, and the dream shall never die, ladies and gentlemen.
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[applause] -- because as a famous public servant when said, the workers on, the cause indoors, the hope goes on, and the dream shall never die, it ladies and gentlemen. i agreed to keep moving this commonwealth court. i am going to keep working, and you have not heard the last of me yet, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] kanas i stand here before you tonight, i feel truly blessed. i feel truly blessed, because as i wrap this beach up and turn away, i get to look at the two most beautiful things in this world that i could ever laid my eyes on.
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[applause] my lovely and beautiful wife, elizabeth, who makes me a better person every single day. and this wonderful little girl, eva, bill obviously has me wrapped around her little finger. i will wrap up by telling you how i truly feel. in the worlds of lew garrett tonight, i am the luckiest man in the world. thank you. [applause] thank you, and god bless you. i love each and every one of you. [applause]
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>> that was jack conaway at his concession speech last night, losing his bid to rand paul. senator a leelect, rand paul, wl come to the senate in january. he won with 56% of the vote. welcome back to our coverage of election 2010. we will continue this morning into this afternoon, bringing you victory speeches and concession speeches from last night. we will also bring you some live even saw related to election 2010 this afternoon. we want to get your phone calls and box on election 2010. how did you vote and why. let's show you the balance of power. there are a number of races we do not know about in the house.
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republicans 240. they will have the majority. there are a dozen races in the house we do not know about. turning to the senate. 53 new democrats. 46 republicans. two independence. sal on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i would like to mention about the economy and jobs. how did we lose all of these jobs, and how can we get them back? it started, if you drive up and down the east coast from maine down to south carolina, you see thousands of a brick buildings that look like warehouses. they used to be textile manufacturers. we made men and women's hats and clothes and shoes.
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ithe unions were really necessay in the 1930's because of the bad conditions. my uncle was in a union. after the second world war, in order to prove that there need, at the union started to raise salaries as much as possible. meanwhile, congress started taxing the companies from the top, while the union was getting more money from the bottom. all of those factories are closed. all of the jobs went overseas because we could not compete. the same thing with the steel industry. somebody came along and said you are polluting the air with the steel industry, so the steel industry was raped. those jobs went overseas. china is having a ball with
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those jobs. they are polluting air over there, but that does not matter. host: how does this impact your vote? caller: i voted republican, and i think the republicans are less concerned with political correctness. they are not less concerned with the environment, but they weigh the benefits of having an industry like steel or mining, and the democrats are more interested in political correctness, which a lot of people like that stuff. host: sal, from pennsylvania this morning. we wanted to let you know about the governor's races. we started this morning not knowing about seven races. vermont, that race was recently call. it was called for the democrat,
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peter schuman coming away with it to 6% of the vote. there are six undecided governor races left. florida, connecticut, oregon, minnesota, maine, and illinois. we will update you throughout the day. remember to go to our website, we are aggregating the results on our website. nancy on the democratic line. go ahead. caller: if i can tell you, that the first one is michael angelo 's [inaudible] i think of the republican party
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as the man in the picture, and in the picture god is obscured by clouds, and behind the cloud is the monopoly man with bags of money. that is the first picture. host: we will go to jenny in providence, rhode island. caller: last time i called i was a democrat. i am an independent now. i voted republican for the first time. i have been listening all morning, and i hear people trashing the republicans. i do not hear the media address and the fact that barack obama has been using stimulus to increase outsourcing of jobs. he has been finally -- funneling
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money illegally to send jobs to other countries. he is this incentivizing, artificially increasing our tax rate. why do we send $18 billion per year to india? , a very wealthy country now. the same with mexico. they just at $575 million to build a new engine plant in mexico. host: how did you vote yesterday? caller: i voted republican, quite honestly because i feel betrayed by the democrat party. i really think they need to be removed from power because i believe they have been corrected. it was bill clinton that pushed through nafta. they started this insanity with
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india. why will barack obama spent $200 million per day on his jump it to india? -- junket to india? host: mary from kentucky. did you vote for rand paul? caller:yes, yes, i did. whenever conrad would say he was not against abortion, that switched me over to rand paul. i am a common sense person. i have never been to laa tea party group or any of that stuff. i am a housewife and farmer. i have worked hard all my life.
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my husband is a union man, but he is a republican. he has said no choice in some manners because the union runs him. by i want them to know that we will be watching. if you're in to do something, keep your word. if not, you will be out and a democrat will be right back in there. host: let's hear from dan and virginia. and-- from diane in west virginia. caller: west virginia is not suffering. i feel they have not been giving president obama the respect that he needs, because he is cleaning up other people's
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nest. -- mess. it is going to be a change. i feel that. but he is cleaning up others people's mess. it will take time to do with. host: governor mansion said agad trade legislation. he has distanced himself from the president on health care law. he said there were certain provisions he would not have voted poor. did that bother you at all? caller: n. o. host: why not? caller: i feel that he had reasons to say it. it still remains the same. people are upset because we have a black president.
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host: we will go to wayne on the independent line. caller: all this anger that i had, i was a lifelong democrat, and the anchor has now turned into excitement that we're getting exchan change. caller: president obama reminds me of a peddler that is assigned to sell you a bill of goods all the time that never comes true. what amazes me so much is when we went to the polling place last night, it was really crowded. we waited for over an hour just to cast our vote. i do not remember waiting that long for the presidential election. it was brimming with people.
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it is really good to see -- i do worry -- as americans, i think we want to balance the power, but i do worry we will not get nothing done. i honestly feel region you are talking to a lifelong democrat. i did not vote for one democrat this time. host: you voted for senator byrd for re-election? caller: yes, i did. and my wife did also. host: we will come back to your phone calls a closer to the top of the hour. first, we will continue to show speeches from last night. we will go to senator barbara boxer speech, followed by what carly the arefiorina had to say.
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barbara boxer winning with 52% of the vote, but have not heard from ms. fiorina yet. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, senator feinstein for being my friend, a supporter, legislative partner. let's hear it for diane. [laughter] [applause] [applause] i think the best thing i can say
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now is feinstein 2012. [applause] it took me awhile to get down here, because hours ago we recall the winner by every single station, every single publication, and we're going to win this race. [applause] we just pulled out to as several point lead, and that is before l.a. is in. [applause]
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i am thrilled. i want you to listen up. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this victory. after the toughest and raucous campaign of my life, this is my 11th street election victory. [applause] and what a sweet one it is. [applause] from the time i was elected to that first office with backed, you have to listen uppe, i only had one reason, one reason that i went into politics, and that was to make life better for the people i represent. that is who i am, at that is
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what i am about. there is no other agenda than to make life better for you and the people of california. [applause] now listen, everything was thrown at us. including the kitchen sink. and and the stove and oven. millions of dollars of negative ads from known and unknown opponents, but because of the people of california, we matched those secret, and disclose dollars from the special interests dollar by dollar by dollar, because of tens of thousands of small donors, and i say to you, 145,000 donors, we matched those special interests. and [applause]
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when the people of california step up and fight for their rights and their jobs in their freedom, we will be any money special interest that comes in your state. there were so many out of state special interests. i was so excited when the san francisco giants beat the texas rangers. [applause] guess what? i knew that would get you excited -- but here is the deal, the giants beat the texas rangers, and we'd beat the texas polluters tonight. [applause]
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this campaign was never about me, although i never saw so many horrible pictures of me on tv. honestly, where did they find those photographs? i kept saying to my little grandkids, do not watch television. [laughter] my worry was they would say that is not a gram of, but then they would say, what if it is? [laughter] every time i thought our boys would be drowned out, you can forward with $5.10 dollars and $20.30 dollars and $40.50 dollars. an extraordinary campaign. i i never seen anything like it. you came to me from all over our
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great state. young, i have seen you out there tonight. [applause] olved, i have seen some of you t there tonight. middle age, i have seen a lot of you out there tonight. [applause] men and women, and gay and straight and african american and whites, latinos, and pacific islanders. and all of us together, we are california. in that is what our state is about. [applause] listen, listen, listen, i want to give special thanks to
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veterans for boxer who stood with me and are proud of what i have accomplished for our brave men and women who put everything on the line, and we need to bring them back from lorwar. it is time. we need to rebuild america. tonight we all came together, and we have a new governor, jerry brown. [applause] [crowd chanting jerry] it is ok. i am not jealous. i love jerry brown. i wanted him to win so badly.
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i want to thank my beautiful family. my beautiful family is here behind me tonight, and they are behind me every single day in the darkest moments of the campaign and the brightest moments of the campaign, and i want to thank the most incredible campaign manager known to schuman townhuman kind. where is she? i asked you to come up on the stage. [applause] shue will not come up on the stage. -- she will not come up on the stage. [crowd chanting rose] nevermind.
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she is counting the votes, and she refuses to come out. she is the greatest. i will never get her to be out front. she led me -- and the mysterious rose -- through four winning campaigns. our victory tonight belongs to the people of california. democrats, republicans, yes, we got a bunch of republican votes, and i am proud of that. independence, we got their votes also. these votes are precious.
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i want to tell you a story. some of the other side wanted to depress voter turnout. and we even had a group that cut its tv ad wanted to play and latino communities telling that to stay home and not vote. thank but goodness the tv stations would not run that after just a few times. that is good. this is what i want to share with you, but i need you to listen, because it is an important story. i am a first-generation american on my mother's side. my mother never graduated from high school, because she had to work to support her family. she became a naturalized citizen and the late 1930's. after she passed away and i went through her memorabilia, a downturn naturalization certificates.
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-- i found her naturalization certificate. then i started to think, in the heat of this campaign of how important it was that everybody vote, and we have a good turnout regardless of the outcome. i thought back to when i was a little girl at my mother would take me by her hand and she would take me into the polling booth. in those years it was very mysterious. there was a black curtain that went around you. you push the letters like that. she would look at me and say, this is what is america is about. do you know how many people all around the world would give up almost everything to be in the both like this in america? she said our vote is secret. it is a secret ballot.
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so do not even tell daddy how i voted. [laughter] that is what america was to my mother -- freedom to choose a government, to have a secret ballot, and when i saw the attempt to depress voter turnout, it cut to my heart. i want to say tonight to california, thank you for voting. thank you for coming out in the large numbers that you did. i do not know the exact numbers, but let's say a big thank-you to california tonight for voting, for exercising the franchise. [applause] listen, you put your faith in me, and i am going to keep the faith with you.
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working my heart out to to create jobs and turn this economy around, focusing on small businesses that create the jobs and extending tax breaks to companies to create jobs in america. i want to see the words "made in america" again. [applause] that is what this campaign is about. it is not about giving tax breaks to companies to shift jobs overseas. that is wrong. we want to give tax breaks to companies that create jobs right here at home. i am glad to keep on working to protect your rights, to pass comprehensive immigration reform. including the dram aceam act. [laughter] [applause] i will continue to work for
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equality on all fronts, including marriage ended in asked, do not tell. -- and do not ask, don't tell. you have always wanted me to protect a woman's right to choose, and you can count on me to do that. and [applause] we will make sure that california is the hub of the new clean energy economy. we beat those texas polluters. we're not going back. we're glad to get off the billion dollar a day habit of foreign oil. you know, one day my opponent said i was extreme environmentalists. this is what i want to say about that, i readily admit i want
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extremely clean air, extremely clean water, and extremely safe drinking water, and that is what we will have. i will keep faith with the veterans. i know times are tough. and i know times are tough, and i have never shirker coded it once during this campaign. ani said when the press said, hw do you ever expect to win being an incumbent senator and an anti-incumbent situation with a bad economy, and this is what i said, i have two ways we are going to win. one is to tell the people if ever we needed a fighter in the senate, it is now, and i am that fighter. [applause]
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that is one way. and the other way, the other secret plan that i have to win was to tell the truth. [applause] tell the truth. that is what we did an hour commercials. i particularly want to say to the four former hewlett-packard employees who had the courage to go up on that commercial and tell their story, they do forth from the bottom of my heart. we do not want anyone else to feel the pain of having to train their replacements. i was so proud to have president obama come out here for me, and vice president biden, and
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michelle obama, and joe biden. i spoke to the president tonight and the vice-president. can we hear a cheer for them? they really helped us. [applause] i am going to tell them how loudly you cheered. they were handed a situation when they took the keys to the oval office, the worst recession since the great depression, leading 700,000 jobs per month, and we wafted back. it is still all not we 1 -- it is still not what we wanted to be, but we walked back. we are pushing the car at the ditch and will continue to do so until it is going in the right direction. yes, we will. [applause]
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listen, not all the votes had been counted, but they are moving in our direction. i feel really, really good about it tonight. i wanted to share that with you. i wanted to tell you this has been quite a campaign. somebody said to me the other day when they saw me for the first time, i did not know you would be so little. [laughter] i said i was actually 6 feet tall before i started this campaign. i went down to 5 feet. tonight i feel tall and happy and proud and grateful and tumble in and excited. [applause] now the politics are over for now. in the politics are over for
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now. the governing will begin. i will do everything, i will cross any divide to get things done for california. senator feinstein and i do it every single day, but you need to know we will always stand up to anyone who tries to hurt our state or the people of our states, and we will always stand up for you. i have to sit this, you stood up to carl rosve,a nd and we won. we stood up to sarah palin, and we won. [applause] we stood up to every special interest in this country who did not want a fighter for consumers and the senate, who did not want
10:51 am
a fighter for the environment in the senate, who did not want a fighter for the middle class and the senate, and we won. thank you, god bless you. god bless california, and god bless america. i love you. thank you. yes. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> i love you, too. i love you, too. ladies and gentlemen, let's start by saying that it is a great night to be a republican tonight.
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we have a new majority leader, john been oehner. [applause] we have had a fantastic sweep across the nation. many senate seats have already fallen, and as you all well know, we have a new majority leader. just a wonderful, wonderful night. exactly. the message has been sent loud and clear. here in california, you know, calif., is always a little bit different. here in california share is where we are, 36% of the vote has been counted, 36%, and we are in ed dea dead heat tie. [applause]
10:53 am
the facts are it is too close to call, , and we will be watching returns all night, but all the people that have already declared this race, maybe that was not a smart thing to do. [applause] on primary night sky inho, i pre that i would run the entire list, peerless campaign. i want to tell you that you have ru tireless, fearless campaign as well. and [applause] i want to thank because the tens of thousands of volunteers that have given of their time,
10:54 am
money, and particularly all of you out there who made phone calls, who knocked on doors, who left literature, because you know what? with 36% of the vote in the end this race in a dead heat, i guess what? every call you made matter. [applause] every call you made it mattered. every door you knock on matter. every friend, colleague you told to get out there and vote, every single one of those matter. thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that. you guys are the best. [applause] frank and i love you, too. absolutely. this will be a long night. we look go up and look at data and crunch data.
10:55 am
thank you for being here this evening. and i hope yet had a great party so far. stay as long as you like, get prepared, we may not know for many many more hours. [crowd chanting carly] thank you, guys. god bless california. thank you. thank you. [applause] host: the republican challenger in death california senate race, carly fiorina. we have not heard an update yet on whether she concedes defeat.
10:56 am
the networks have called that race. senator boxer will return to the senate. california has about 2.2 million more registered democrats tahhan republicans, and unemployment is 12.4%. we have an update in the florida governor's race. it has been called this morning. rick scott wins the governor race in florida. and the associated press this morning with the numbers on that shows that rick scott, 49% of the votes. sink wit 48% of the vote. we want to know your thoughts about republicans taking control of the house.
10:57 am
senate remains in democratic hands this morning. there are a number of senate races we do not know about. washington state, alaska, colorado -- all too close to call at this point. we have a caller from hawaii on the phone. caller: i am a tea party activists. i feel it is a good thing they have taken the house, because obama has been in office only two years japan has already tripled the deficit. -- and has already tripled the deficit. host: how old are you? caller: 12. host: are you a tea party acted as? caller: yes. host: we will go next to gregg
10:58 am
on the democratic line. how did you vote? caller: i voted democrat all the way across the line except for local candidates for a township community who i happen to know. i actually voted for the republican in that case because i happen to know this guy. in any event, my comment is that america essentially always gets what it deserves. it will be interesting to see now what happens over these next couple of years with more and more gridlock. i have not heard a single thing out of any republican that would suggest there is any room or them to compromise on anything. they seem intent on being the party of no, and drag down
10:59 am
everything that president obama has tried to advance. it host: what do you think of your governor and that state, chris christie? caller: that is a good question. i can see his point of view on the business with the tunnel to manhattan and so forth. i think he is implementing fiscally conservative policies that are really necessary, belt- tightening. overall, i would love to see paul krugman get elected to president of the united states on the economy, because everything he has always said and predicted it seems to come true. he was arguing for even a bigger stimulus.
11:00 am
host: do you think you would have the credentials needed when it comes to running the economy? caller: i would love the republicans to send chris christie. that would be classic. you look around, and you look at boehner and palin and a whole other cast of characters, and they are all comics. when you look at that entire group, it is really hard to see anyone who has the product cost and demeanor and so forth or could command the international respect. . .
11:01 am
i am confused because it seems like the american people do not have patients anymore and think that president obama can change the economy around and fixed all of our problems in a matter of two years. it is frustrating that they get swept back in power without explaining in full and in detail
11:02 am
of how they would bring the economy back and what they would cut, which programs they would cut to shrink the deficit. host: do you think the president should compromise with republicans? caller: i hope they do compromise. i hope there's not gridlock. that would be awful. i hope they compromise and come together and work together and do something. if not, then maybe president obama would not get reelected and republicans would control congress. host: ok. south carolina, jean. caller: my goodness. c-span. i voted for the people, not the parties. i recently moved to south carolina from california.
11:03 am
i am astounded that barbara boxer won. the incredible understand-- i don't that at all. i voted for haley for governor, but i would not have been crushed if she did not win. host: which district is spartanburg in? caller: just south of the north carolina line. i voted republican. the state is an embarrassment, pretty much, with some of the things we have been through. i feel bad for folks like alvin green and folks like that who just get skunked. host: joshed on the democratic line. how did you vote? caller: i voted for democrats because i am loyal to my party.
11:04 am
host: ok. caller: i do not why alex called in defeat. host: we just heard that alex sink conceded defeat to rick scott and that he will win that gubernatorial race in florida. that means that we started the morning not knowing about seven governor's races. vermont and florida have been called. there are five still out there that we did not know about. we want to show you from florida that senate three-way race. the victory speech by marco rubio. how he was able to win at last night. 48% of independents voted for mr. rubio. than half said the government is doing too much. it also notes that disappointed
11:05 am
democrats wondered what might have happened if charlie crist head bowed out of the race. rubio would have been meek. -- rubio would have beaten meet. marco rubio won the three-race. >> could evening. it is a joy to be here. my office is here. -- good evening. i am so proud of florida and so proud of our state for recognizing principles and leaders that they are supporting
11:06 am
all across the state. marco rubio. thank you, florida. i'm so proud of marco. when you are down 35 points, it is easy to get discouraged. it is easy. a lot of us have tough times. he showed a dogged determination to making a great senator. i am so proud of his enthusiasm and his eloquence and that he will be part of the next generation of leaders that will restore america. marco rubio is the right man at the right time. this is a great night for our state. it is a great night for florida. [cheers] i will try -- my wife told me not to cry. "don't cry." but marco rubio makes me cry for
11:07 am
joy. [cheers] this is a great country and we need great leaders to inspire us so that we can be better and strive in our own families and communities to make life better for ourselves and not to rely on the oppressive the government to be the solution to our problems. we need principal-senate leaders to inspire us. that is in our dna. i am so proud that marco rubio will be our necks senator. i give you our new leader, marco rubio. [cheers and applause]
11:08 am
>> marco, marco, marco, marco! >> marco! ♪ >> thank you. [cheers] ♪
11:09 am
thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. >> marco! marco! >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. i received two gracious phone calls. governor christ called. spend -- congressman meek called to congratulate dick i think both of them for being worthy
11:10 am
candidates in a worthy campaign. the make acknowledge a simple truth. we are all children of a powerful and great god. [cheers] of a god --thing this will not always end up the way you want them. i promise you this. no matter what you face in life, he will give the the strength to go through it. i bear witness to that tonight. it should be acknowledged in everything we do and everywhere we go. >> daddy. >> he likes the microphone. i do not know how to begin to describe this journey. i am grateful to my family. to my wife who has made this possible. [cheers and applause]
11:11 am
raising children under any circumstances is a two-person job, but she has done it alone recently. i over a debt of gratitude i will never be able to repay. i am grateful that she is with me. [cheers] i am blessed with four children who reminded of what is important in life, but also give me the strength. there was a moment where i did not know how i would raise the money to be competitive. the next morning, my children showed up and had collected their allowance, which was largely quarters and single dollars bills. it was in that moment that i was reminded of what this race and this election was all about. it is not about our individual ambitions. it was about the future, as represented by them and their
11:12 am
generation. tomorrow, the stories are being written about what this election is about. we still do not know all the results from around the country. tonight, the united states house of representatives will change hands. [cheers and applause] we know tonight a growing number of republicans will now serve in the senate, as well. [cheers] mistakee make a grave if we believe that tonight these results are somehow a base -- embrace of the republican party. a second chance for republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago. [cheers and applause] i learned early on that what this race is about was about
11:13 am
the great future that lies ahead for our country. it requires actions on our part. americans believe with all their t that the united states of america is the single greatest nation in all of human history. [cheers] a place without equal in the history of all mankind. we also know that something does not seem right. our nation is heading in the wrong direction. we are looking for people who will go to washington d.c. and stand up to this agenda that is taking us in the wrong direction and offer a clear alternative. [cheers and applause] and that is what this race was about early on for me, and that is what it is about tonight. it is about the future of this
11:14 am
country and when our children are our age. there are some people who doubt the greatness of america. i sometimes hear the sneakers and they think -- i sometimes hear the sneakers -- snickers. i have seen it with my eyes, that america is great. i have been raised in a community of exiles, a people who the country, a people who know what it's like to live somewhere else. a community that i'm part -- i am proud to be a part of. a community of men and women who work once my age and they had dreams like we have now. and yet they lost all those things through an accident of history. and so they came here to try to rebuild their lives. and some did. but many others could not. instead, it became the purpose of their life to leave their
11:15 am
children with the opportunity that they themselves did not have. i know this -- no matter where i go or what title and a chief, i will always be the son of exiles. [cheers] >> marco, marco! marco, marco! marco, marco! >> and we will always be the heirs to those generations. there is the story of a man i knew well, someone who was not born in this country. he was 6 years old, he lost his mother. he lost his father when he was 12. he grew up in a society where what you are going to be was
11:16 am
decided for you. think about what that means. that means that before you were even born, how far you are going to get to go in life is decide it for you by who your parents are or are not. that is how it is almost everywhere in the world. this is how it was for that man. he was fortunate enough to make it here in america, where he was never able to capture the dreams of his youth. he ensured that his children would have every opportunity that he did not. that every door that was closed for him would be open for them. and so now life was about opening a pathway for his children. this story i know well. verify is to meet the greatness of this country. with your vote, you have collected his son to the united
11:17 am
states senate. [cheers and applause] that is our story. it is not exclusive to us. it is played out within walking distance of this very place. all across this state and this country, there are people working hard to ensure their children would have a better opportunity than they have had themselves. they are blessed to live in this society with that dream is still possible and it is still true. our story says more about our country that it does about us dirt is what we are fighting to protect and preserve for the generations to come. it has been what this election has been about for me from the very beginning.
11:18 am
when you're 35 points down in the poll and the only people think -- that think you will winds are in your house, you better know why you are running. when you have to drive four hours to get back home after speaking to 50 people and they're still an hour and half to go and you are not sure you will stay away, you better know why you are running. there were days i was not sure if i could, from tokens of extraordinary kindness, from every corner of the state. sometimes it happened when i was at a restaurant, may be meeting with some folks and thought maybe this is the last day of this campaign. just like that, somebody would appear and encouraged me to continue. other times became in the form of $25 checks in the mail from the single mother or a senior i
11:19 am
fixed income. each time we thought this campaign had run its course, something like that would happen to remind us that this race is not about need for us. we are privileged and blessed to be citizens of this great society. that is something worth fighting for. we have the opportunity to ensure that our children and grandchildren are the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived. if only we are willing to do with the americans that came before us did, to stand up and confront the great challenges of airtimes, to say that we will not leave our problems for our children unresolved. we will do whatever we must do to insure that life will be better than for us. our country will be better than the one we inherited.
11:20 am
tomorrow will be greater than today. our history will surpass our heritage. this has been the story of this extraordinary land. tonight, at this crossroads, we are asked to choose whether we will continue to be our story moving forward. before us lies two very different roads. there is a road of politicians who will say or do anything to win the next election. it is the road of those who are in politics to be somebody come out not to do something. is the road of perhaps the first generation in history will lead to allow their children to inherit all the mistakes and things that went wrong. that is the road we're on right now. but there is another road. it is the road i hope we will
11:21 am
begin to walk on again tonight. it is the road that says our children deserve to her -- deserve to inherit the greatest society in history. it is a wrote that understands that the world is a safer place when america is the strongest country in the world. [cheers and applause] it is erode the realizes that there is still at least one place on this planet where it does not matter if your father was a bartender and your mother was a madaid. you cannot accomplish anything you want if you're willing to work hard and play by the rules. [cheers] -- you can accomplish anything you want if you are willing to work hard and play by the rules.
11:22 am
>> marco, marco! >> thank you. i will join the the united states senate. [cheers and applause] but i do so with my eyes wide open. i understand that washington is a place that some people go to and they do not come back to simple way we sent them. it's a place that literally changes people. and they forgot what even ran. so tonight i ask for your purse for -- for your prayers for me and my family come that will always remember what carry us and that this day would come. that we would always remember the things we care about on this night, then i will carry on my back the obligation that comes with knowing that i represent
11:23 am
more than just those who have voted for me today, but the millions of floridians who did not but deserve to be represented, as well. [applause] and that ultimately, what this is all about stands before us even as we speak. it is about whether we're going to be the first generation of americans to leave our children worse off than we were. they should inherit a week inherited. gio generation before us has given to the next three single greatest nation in all human history. god bless you. thank you and god bless america. thank you. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] host: republican marco rubio at
11:24 am
his victory party last night. marco rubio with 49% of the vote is the victor in that senate race, three-way race. we have an update on the colorado senate race. it looks like mike bennet is being called the winner over ken buck. so might bennet -- so mike bennet is the winner. mr. peters is going to be declared the victor in that race. the incumbent in the georgia second race is also the winner in those races. that leaves 11 outstanding house races that we're keeping track of. coming up, we will be taking you live to the republican leadership news conference. we told you -- you cannot see
11:25 am
the -- you can see the room there. wheaton that mike pence -- we told you that mike pence put out a letter earlier. "the republican leader asked me to help lead house republicans back to the majority, and i felt it was my duty to do so. people should keep their promises and complete the assignment they had been given. i have declined offers to run for the u.s. senate." he goes on to say that, "the bold and courageous. to not allow political wins to sway you from standing up for the basic principles. we have been given a second
11:26 am
chance." prove to be true to our world, the american people will stand with us." he has resigned and he will not seek another term as conference chairman. we will take your phone calls. let's go to washington, d.c., on the independent line. go ahead, caller. you are on the air. what are your thoughts on ?lection 2010 fact caller: i think the tea party movement is a twofold thing. you have your basic grassroots conservatives that are anchored there is a democrat in office. they are storing up much more anger -- they are staring up --
11:27 am
much more anger to try to give themselves a new look. basically they are saying the same thing. host: jeff in kentucky. did you vote for rand paul? .aller: yes, ma'am i felt that he was what we needed in washington, d.c., to stand in for kentucky and to say no to the policies of barack obama. host: what would you like the first thing for the senate to take up? caller: this health care. host: reform the health care law? caller: to take into consideration the -- the second
11:28 am
thing is the economy, and then this war on terror, to end this war in afghanistan and to get our troops home. host: ok. natalie from boston. caller: good morning. i voted democratically across the board. host: ok. you are on the air, natalie. turn your tv down so you don't get confused when it is your turn to talk. explain what you voted for governor patrick. are you there? we will move on. illinois, independent line. caller: i am a republican, but this election i chose to split the ticket. i voted mostly for the
11:29 am
libertarian party. i am disappointed in the direction our country is going. i am extremely disappointed in the american people for tolerating this. i voted republican for governor fort phil brady because i did not want to waste my vote but did not feel he had a chance. i didn't want his opponent in there. he would have a drug bust further -- he would have drug hole.ther down the h host: michael from queens, new york. caller: i really wanted to emphasize that regardless of republicans or democrats, that it has to be from beginning to the end about the voters and the
11:30 am
citizens of the united states of america. with this tea party movement, americans are angry and angry because what they have hoped for and work for is not what they are getting, what they have been getting. this has been a lot of talk and quite frankly i am tired of it, sick and tired of another broken promise just to get elected or reelected. you want officials that you can depend on. they are not going to go ahead and work for the special interest to help pay for their campaign again to get into office. it doesn't matter to me whether or not they are a tea partier or some kind democrat. they need to fight for america.
11:31 am
the rich americans pay for the special interests. host: that was michael in queens. the main governor's race with 30% of the vote, lepage wins. 29 republican governors, one independent, and four races that we do not know about. democratic line. caller: three quick points. the good guys lost yesterday, and the bad guys won. this was not a mandate for the republican party. all of those races were lost with two % or 3 percentage points. we could have won with more effort. i love this president, barack hussain obama and his family. we're not going to quit. lee fisher said, "i'm
11:32 am
disappointed but i am not disillusioned. that is the way the democrats feel an ohio. host: two house races were called this gary peters, the democrats won. sanford bishop hold on and will be returning to his seat. this is the new balance of power -- we're waiting on the republican leadership to come out for a news conference. they are gathering in the capital visitors center. the press is waiting for them to take questions. we will bring you that live when that happens. bob in washington. bob. caller: thank you. i believe that obama was
11:33 am
elected as a severe backlash from the bush administration. his election -- this election was a severe backlash against the obama administration and things like health care and the bailouts and everything, a severe backlash against what he has been cramming down the throats of the american people. this is a very strong message that americans are not happy with the democratic or the republican party. nothing is going to change in washington until the lobby industry is completely destroyed. as long as people, lobbyists are going through our representatives offices with suitcases full of money, nothing is going to change in these
11:34 am
elections. these elections are not going to change anything until the lobbyists are put to a screeching halt. nullifies the vote of the american people. host: how did you vote in the washington senate race? caller: i voted republican. host: and what are you hearing about that race? it is too close to call. with about 62% reporting patty murray leads with a slight, slight margin, 50.5%, so still too close to call. 60% of those ballots were counted last night. about 1.4 million out of the to point for the balance were counted last night -- about 1.4 million out of the 2.4 million
11:35 am
ballots were counted last night. caller: hello? host: good morning. you are on the air. caller: everybody is out of a job. all my kids, my family. and i am the small business owner. i have had my business for 30 years and i'm almost ready to lose it. we need somebody to come and fix what has been done. i think obama has already done -- all these other countries help everybody out instead of helping the american people. the medicine -- i think -- i don't agree on the madison.
11:36 am
they should go back to how we used to have it before -- on the madison. medicine. madis caller: i voted democratic, of course. my main issue comes from people going into this blindly, not really realizing that this is about us. it is not about someone else's pocket or someone else's well- being. it is about all of us. when you have a republican party that is only interested in filling up your own pockets and making their own life better. we're losing troops and schools and they are gaining. everybody wants to blame barack obama. they want to say that he is not doing such a good job. but he is coming in.
11:37 am
if we would help push that tractor and get that mountain of trash out of the way, we would make progress. he is getting more opposition then he is getting help. he is our leader. we need to have faith in him. the problem is when people want to spite him. host: you are seeing the leaders in the house. john boehner presumably becomes the speaker and eric cantor will become the majority leader. earlier this morning, they held a photo op with reporters. there is no sound on that. flint, michigan. go ahead. good morning. how did you vote? caller: i voted green. everyone has their own opinion. i felt obama when in office as a
11:38 am
backlash to george bush. trying to take things over without a clue on how to take things over. still getting terrorist threats in the present day. host: ok. another call from michigan. richard on the republican line. the headline of "the detroit free press" is "landslide." caller: i voted republican. they did not say one thing -- i'm 67 years old, ma'am. a lot of my friends are retired. i had put money away during my working years. if they take but social security away and dump medicare, we're
11:39 am
going to be up a creek. i could not do that. the other question i have come when is this country going to stop this drug -- host: we are losing you, richard. mitch mcconnell and haley barbour. let's listen in. cree >> in jobs, cutting spending, and reforming the way congress does its business. it is not just with the american people are demanding. it is what they are expecting from us. the real question is this part are we going to listen to the american people? republicans have made a pledge to america. our pledge is to listen to the american people. we will focus on their priorities. that is what we are going to do.
11:40 am
last night the president was kind enough to call me. we discussed working together on the american people's priorities, cutting spending and creating jobs but we hope he will continue to work with us on those priorities. the new majority in congress will be the voice of the american people. i think we clearly expressed that last night. we will continue and renew our efforts for a smaller and more accountable government here in washington, d.c. i want to say thanks to my two colleagues. sen under mcconnell and i have worked closely together over the last five years -- senator mcconnell and i have worked closely together over the last five years. but have a real partnership. i am proud to stand by them
11:41 am
today. mitch? >> the me say what a pleasure it has been to work with john the last four years. i have known hill barber for -- haley barbour for 20 years. we are indeed humbled and ready to listen to the american people and to lead on the issues that they have clearly indicated they care about your we are determined to stop the agenda that americans have rejected an to turn this ship around. we'll work on the -- choosing the president over your constituents is not a good strategy. this election was clearly a referendum on the administration
11:42 am
and the democratic majority here in the congress, ignoring the voters and their wishes, as you would see it during the entire two-year period produces predictable result. the health care is a metaphor for the government accept the we've witnessed over the last two years. the american people watched the government running banks and insurance companies. car companies taking over the student loan business. it became the tipping point during the course of the last two years. i would say that they may have missed the message someone. i get the impression that their view is that we have not cooperated enough. i think what the american people were saying yes by is that they
11:43 am
appreciate us say no to the things that the american people indicated that there were not in favor of. i think the group that should get the message from yesterday's election is our friends on the other side of the aisle. we hope it will work with us on things like spending and debt and trade agreements and clean coal technology and other things that the president said they are for. -- he is for. the question is, how do we meet in the middle? the best strategy for the other side is to listen to the voters yesterday. they make a clear statement on what they would like to see done. we would like to make progress over the next two years. >> thank you for want me to be here.
11:44 am
while governor races may fall to be separate and different than what is going on in washington, this election was a referendum on obama's policies and the policies of the obama administration -- that were repudiated by the voters. governors and i would say going forward, governors believe that we can work with the congress to try to set things in a better direction. the voters yesterday voted against excessive spending. pauling in up deficits. trillions of dollars of new debt being loaded on our children and grandchildren. a huge tax increase around the corner in january. and the government-run health
11:45 am
care system. almost all of us have to have a balanced budget. we have to cut spending. i remember when my career in washington was going on. it wasing cut -- supposed to go up 8% and it went up 5%. it was a 3%, at. -- it was a 3% cut. hope that will be something that will be an example for the new congress. with afford to working with them and appreciate their support in helping us get there. thank you. >> how do you see yourself integrating the tea party activists and? >> the speaker attempted to reach me this morning and left me a nice voice mail. i expect that we will have a smooth transition with her office.
11:46 am
what unites us as republicans will be the agenda of the american people. if we are listening to the american people, i do not see any problem in inc. members of the tea party along with our party in the quest that is the same. they want us to cut spending and focus on creating jobs in america. >> with the bush tax cut renewal, which be open to something of a continuation? >> we believe extending the current tax rates for all americans is the correct policy at this time. >> what made you cry last night? >> it was difficult to talk about my background or my
11:47 am
family. i thought i was going to be in good shape, but not as good as it turned out. >> exit polls said 53% of americans haven't on favorable view of the republican party. what does that tell you about how you have to govern? >> what we need to do is listen to the american people. it sends a loud message. if you look at the number of republican governors that won the legislative bodies, it is clear the american people want a smaller, less costly and more accountable government here in washington, d.c. if the american people see us doing things that they are telling us to do, i think we will do just fine. >> i know all of you have been reading about 1994 and that you
11:48 am
were part of -- what are the lessons you take away from that? how you govern differently this time? >> i think is important to listen to the american people. there are more americans engaged in government today that i have seen in my lifetime. the real key to having a real successfully american people is to keep the american people engaged in this process beyond last night. the government will do exactly what the american people demand every day, nothing more and nothing less. if they stay engaged in the process for i am hopeful that it will. >> clearly, the election yesterday cannot transport full control of the government to the opposition. it was a first step in the direction of change it what we
11:49 am
have been doing in washington. there are two opportunities for that change to occur. our friends can change now and work with us. or further change can happen in 2012. we were sent here to work on the people's business. in the senate, it takes 60 votes to do most things, it is clear we will have to have some kind of bipartisan agreement, and hopefully that will be on the issue of spending and debt, which is what the american people are asking us to address. i anticipate enough democrats to come in our direction of spending so that we can make progress for the american people. >> there are differing points of view about what to do about earmarks and the debt limits and
11:50 am
the vote up or down. how are you going to do some of these things? >> that is what the transition is for. that will give us some time to figure out the big things that need to be done on behalf of the american people. >> can you tell us about your conversation with the president? >> the president and i had a pleasant conversation. we agreed that we needed to listen to the american people. we need to work together on behalf of the american people. of her it to having the opportunity to talk with him about those areas where we cannot work together. >> the next congress, won the early test will be the debt limit.
11:51 am
how will you work with them to achieve that? >> we will be working that out over the next couple of months. >> we try to adjust spending levels? >> operating under the 2008 levels of spending before the bells, before the stimulus is -- before the bailouts, before the stimulus is the responsible way to do that. >> will you formalize the link between the american people on- line and your administration in the capitol? >> we look good team to talk to the american people every day. we will continue to listen to the american people every day. programs like america speaking up and some other ideas will outline will be intended to provide the american people a forum in a vehicle to talk with us so that we cannot listen every day. >> -- so that we can listen
11:52 am
every day. >> do you plan to try to use the appropriations process? >> i believe that the health care bill that was enacted by the current congress will kill jobs in america, ruin the best health-care system in the world, and bankrupt our country. that means we have to do everything we can to replace this bill with common-sense reforms that will bring out the cost of health insurance. last question. >> do you have plans to change finance reform? >> i think one of the things congress has not done a good job of is real oversight. i'm not talking about gotcha oversight.
11:53 am
this is a constitutional responsibility of the congress. i think when it comes to the financial services bill and the 358 regulatory filings under that bill, it is corn to require a significant amount of oversight. so the congress will understand and the american people will understand just what this bill will do to our financial services industry. thank you all very much. >> will you answer the question about the concession of the gop ? [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] host: they are in the capital visitors center, the new studio, holding a press conference, the
11:54 am
first day after election 2010. the numbers are on the screen as c-span continues its coverage you can react to the press conference and to what happened last night. 202-737-0001 -- republicans. 202-737-0002 -- democrats. 202-628-0205 -- independents. go-ahead to start calling in. john boehner stressed the message from the american people to the congress last night. he was asked about the tea party influence. if you would like to continue the conversation, you can go to it says it continues the conversation. you will be able to follow what is being said on facebook. you can post comments on
11:55 am
facebook. you can see a lot of the tw eets candidates themselves are posting. i want to 0.1 out on the site. this is one. this is a site where we collect all the tweets. swung from charlie rangel. his ethics trial begins november 15. this is a tweet he sent out. this is the article to which he is referring. he attached the article to the tweet he sent out. his ethics trial begins november 15. he does not have a lawyer with him. john boehner won reelection last point in a while. his district is just to the west of the cincinnati. it borders indiana and runs up
11:56 am
and down the east coast of indiana. he won with 66% of the vote. his opponent got 30% of the vote. first up is fred, a democrat in las vegas. good morning, or good afternoon. caller: it is still mourning over here. i want to react to the election yesterday and the press conference i just saw. with the election, i hope the new majority will be able to recognize that a lot of the races were very close. that means there was a lot of voices that actually agree with the strategy of no. even though the minority leader -- he is defending that point,
11:57 am
saying that the people will agree with that. now nobody is talking about the amount of money that was put into these races. it could have had an effect. i know people are not happy. i voted democrat because i would rather vote for somebody that i can see and i know they are fighting for the middle class regardless. now the election -- before the democrats took over, things went horribly. they would have done the same thing. cutting taxes during the same policy did not change the direction. host: john in california on our republican line. caller: i am john shield. i am looking at c-span what john bennett and the rest of his cast up there. -- john boehner.
11:58 am
was talking about the democrats working with the republicans. when the republicans would not work with the democrats, how will they get anything salt when they did not want to work with the democrats. host: john, you are calling in on the republican line. are you a republican? caller: i am a democrat. it is the only way i could get through. caller: i read the campaign and we received 14,0771 votes. the winner got fallen to 31,000 votes. the amount of money that was spent was $2.3 million. i did some tabulations. he spent -- he had 35.9 times the amount of vote that we had
11:59 am
dared. could have multiplied that by 328 -- he spent more than we did. we would have gone formally enter thousand votes -- i do agree with jack conway in kentucky against rand paul. i think if the governor of kansas makes hundred thousand dollars a year, the lieutenant government three under thousand dollars a year, if he tabulate them, you will find you have % 568,000, and that's to be the figure that is used for elections. . .
12:00 pm
host: you can watch the campaign commercials, you can continue the conversation after we're done taking your phone calls by going to the continued the conversation page. " we do is we have all of the tax of all the candidates tweets. you can scroll through and read what they are treating in one place. this came not from team mccain.
12:01 pm
we had a great night. check out the victory speech. dallas, you're on the air. caller: i voted democrat, but i would like to give two short stories. if you are human being and have a job than you have an income and the balance of payments. if you have overdone your credit card and got your house was going to the heavier, you suddenly find yourself and debt. how you get out of that? just keep spending. the point is it will take you a very long time to pay off debt that you have wildly generated. suppose you're with the company and the company has gone bad. the united states is a company whether we like that or not.
12:02 pm
you want to start the company or bring it back to life and it sells more than it buys a you go to the bank. -- so you go to the bank. then we will be in a position to pay off debt. host: i want to give hewitts an updated balance of power. first of all in the house of representatives. currently in the 111th congress, democrats control 255 seats, republicans 178. from the election last night, right now the republicans have 239 seats. the democrats have 185. 218 is needed for a majority. in the senate, 57 democrats.
12:03 pm
41 republicans. two independence. right now 49 democrats, 46 republicans, two did independence, and three seats undecided or are too close to call. that includes alaska, washington state, and one other that is slipping my mind. i apologize for that. >> caller: thank god for [inaudible] . host: jimmy i apologize, but we do not have a very good
12:04 pm
connection. please try again. another tweet. gov. perry, more think use. thank you to all our supporters and especially perry home headquarters. you made history across the state. anita and i are forever indebted. washington, d.c., on the air. caller: i was calling because this morning i have been listening to all of the victory of the republican party and the tea party movement, but none have been very specific about creating jobs. it is all about taxes. they're not talking about what specific jobs they are talking about when all the jobs are going overseas. thank you. host: at 1:00 eastern time, the
12:05 pm
president is due to come to the white house and told a press conference. we will bring that to you live. in the meantime, we want to show you the nevada speeches. this is majority leader, harry reid, followed by his opponent, sharon and wigle. [applause]
12:06 pm
[music playing] [applause] >> thank you. [crowd chanting harry] >> they do, everybody. and when to. -- thank you. [applause]
12:07 pm
thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you. yes, we did. [applause] today nevada chose hope over fear. [applause] nevada chose to move forward, not backwards. [applause] nv made this choice, because we know it is not about us versus them, it is about every nevada andan in this together. today you made possible what many called impossible. i am grateful you idid.
12:08 pm
not for me but the future we all share. first, let me thank my wife. [applause] my wife and my best friend. i wanted you by my side since the first time i saw you. and you have been there ever sense, every step of the way. to my family, my tire the staff, and all of my generous volunteers -- [applause] i wish my voice could convey
12:09 pm
what is in my heart. that is thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause] you never give up. you never give up. because you know we never give up. i know how hard you work, and i appreciate each minute you spent, each hour, days, weeks, months, and years, and i think the people for that. it has always been my honor to represent the state, to serve the state, and to fight for the state, and to fight for each of you. [applause] and friends, i am not finished fighting. in fact, tonight i am more determined than ever. [applause]
12:10 pm
you see, i have been in some pretty tough fights in my dead. they have been in the street, then in a boxing ring, and the united states senate. , but i have to admit this is been one of the toughest. it is nothing compared to the fights families are facing all over nevada right now. [applause] this race has been called, but the fight is far from over. the bill that just rang is not that end of the fight, it is the start of the next round. -- the bell pick that just rang is not the end of the fight, it is the start of the next round. i know a lot of you feel like you have been counted out, but i know what that is like.
12:11 pm
i have taken on powerful forces that no one dared to challenge, and i ran in some tough elections no one thought i could win. i know what it is like to have the odds stacked around you. i know what it is like to get back on your feet. [applause] my story and this night proved that difficult is synonymous with impossible. and we are approved that the test is cut only if you're not tough. my career in this campaign have been driven by a simple belief. if a poor kid can make it, anybody can make it. [applause] everyone in the that that deserves a chance, everyone in
12:12 pm
america deserves a chance. -- everyone in nevada deserves a chance, everyone in america deserves a chance. now that vote is going to leave. -- nv is going to leavd,. i a have never counted the ballots that out, and then not about to start now. i think you know that about me. you also know balloons and ballrooms are not my style and not my thing, so everybody enjoy tonight. but remember to mar lahootomorrs back to work, for the people of nevada. [applause] you see, tomorrow morning there
12:13 pm
will still be too few jobs for too many people. too many foreclosure signs in thtoo many front yards. but your hard work, and it has been really hard, has given the battens the chance to believe again that tomorrow is not impossible. before i finish here tonight, i want to invite on stage just a handful of those who made tonight possible. my family,-- [applause] my friends, my staff, they all made tonight possible.
12:14 pm
[applause] because of you, because of viewyou, we did not just make history, we made better a lot of futures. because of you, we did it. thank you. [applause] [black eyed peas song playing]
12:15 pm
[applause] >> i am alive. thank you, thank you so much. i really appreciate you saying we were able to do what needed to be done. i want to tell you that i just talked with senator reid, and i congratulated him. i want you to know that i am so proud of johanyou, because thiss never about me, this was always about us. [applause] sheer in america -- here in
12:16 pm
america we are a country of the people, by the people and for the people. we've the people have been awakened over the last 20 months, and it has been an incredible journey from being asleep to being awakened to constitutional principles and to the love of the country i have never seen that kind of patriotism that i have seen displayed over the last 20 months. you are incredible, and i am so proud of you. [applause] i want you to see that i am still smiling. it is because i still believe
12:17 pm
in american exceptional wisdom, and you are the example of that. -- i still believe in american exceptionalism, and you are the example of that. you came out, and your thoughts for those principles and policies that we hold dear as americans, and tonight we have seen some incredible victories. we have seen those victories right here in our state. we have elected a new governor. we are looking forward to a new congressman. [applause] we have elected news state
12:18 pm
senators, new constitutional officers. you have done an incredible drop. across the country, we are looking at victories. we're looking at victories and pennsylvania. we are looking victories in florida. you have done an incredible job, we did people. and i am so proud of you. [applause] i want to tell you something else that was incredible about this race, and that is that we were able to inspire not only now that sinevadans, but the co. in the last quarter we raised to $14.3 million.
12:19 pm
80% of that came from out of our state. that means america was watching, was desperate, anxious to help us here in nevada. 94% of that money came from people who gave less than $100. they did not get from their excess, they gave from their substance. they gave like the founding fathers gave it. they gave from their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor because they believe in this country like we believe in this country, and they know that we are united country, we are one nation under god. [applause] and because we are one nation
12:20 pm
under god, we help one another, and that is what they did. they came and they help us. -- helped us. i know you all to be gracious people. i am so proud to call your friends, because we know how to win and we know how to lose, and we have done this graciously, and we will accept these things in knowing that we have a future here. look at what has happened within our state to our own party. and look at how energized we are and how ready to go forward we are to the next battle and the next battle. [applause] and think of this, we did not just inspire republicans, but we
12:21 pm
inspired democrats and independents as well. and this has been an amazing turnout for this election. we are turning out votes that looks like a presidential election material. that means we have inspired the people once more to do what they know they need to do as americans. our very first right and duty and privilege is to go vote, and we did it. [applause] once again, i am so proud of you. they may call us the tea party, but we know we are main street america. [applause] we know that we have crossed all kinds of lines.
12:22 pm
we crossed age lines, gender lines, ethnic lines, we crossed party lines. we know we have to write a contract with america, which is the constitution and bill of rights. we have inspired the nation to take a look at that document and began to read it. i remember from the debate that senator reid reached inside his pocket and said i carry the constitution with me, and we want to hold him to that for the next six years. [applause] we want our senator to remember our constitution, to read our constitution, and to consider every bill that he votes for in light of that constitution.
12:23 pm
we have the right message for america. we know what will make us prosperous again. that is to cut back on the spending, paid back on the debt , and take back the economy. we want tomorrow to be the first day that they consider an truly boat to take back the economy by repealing obama care -- [applause] and making the tax cut permanent. i do not think there is a more universal masjids -- message across the united states than those two things. we all want a united america, and we have seen americans unite behind those things.
12:24 pm
we know what we want as americans, and we want to have choices. we want to be as free people. and we want to have a limited constitutional government. when we send the message tomorrow and the next day in the next day, because i know we will not quit talking about this -- we did not awaken to go back to sleep, we awakened so that we can have liberty for our children and grandchildren. [applause] we have the right message for america, and that is lower taxes, lower government
12:25 pm
intervention, stop the spending, and i know all the fielof you wl remember we have the right angle for for government. that is once more our constitution. we need to thank god every moment that we live and breathe, thank god that we have a nation under god, that we have a nation in god we trust. i think god for this evening -- thank god pull for this evening. [applause] i thank god for my country. i thank god for all of the men and women that have served and will serve my country.
12:26 pm
i thank god for my family. i thank god for my husband ted who has always been a strong support for me. my daughter, joy, that came with me this evening. and my grandson, jake. these other ones that came to represent our family. and-- are tehe ones that came to represent our family. most of all, i sthank god for you, and this incredible experience for being your friend. thank you so much for being here this evening. thank you. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> final results in the senator
12:27 pm
reid sharon angle result, 58 0% to 45%. anshe is associated with the tea party to express. i want to point out article in "the wall street journal." there is a " by the national coordinator for the tea party patriot.
12:28 pm
that is in "the wall street journal" this morning. we have more time for more of your phone calls. we will begin with vincent in california. what is the name of yorktown? -- of your town? caller: [inaudible] host: interesting. what is your comments about election 2010? caller: when they were in power, everything the democrats " will work, they said no to it. thank you.
12:29 pm
silver spring, md. on the republican line. richard, good afternoon. caller: i have been following the races since late last night. this morning i looked at "the washington post" but and i went to the governor election, and and i noticed that prince george's county, it is predominantly african american population. i noticed 88% of the vote went to martin o'malley the same thing happened in baltimore city. host: what is your point? caller: my point is i think the two-party has done every
12:30 pm
service as an alternate to the taken for granted black vote for the democrats. these people have energize the republicans, and i have a good alternate that they can summarily -- even republicans that were undecided, that you can depend on them to get the vote going. it is a great election. i am hoping we can work together. imf decision -- imf decisi am a physician, and i think this will be good for the people. and host: michael bennett will be of elected to the u.s. and after pulling ahead of ken buck
12:31 pm
this morning. and returns from denver and boulder moved then it passe benk in the lead. just after this, she sent out a tweaked. -- he sent out this tweet. by the way, if you would like to see the candidates tweets go to you will see "continue the conversation." you can read all the tweets that are coming in from the different campaigns. newport, vt., nathan on the
12:32 pm
independent line. caller: first of all, thank you for having me on here. i stayed up until 4:00 last night, and i noticed from all the different news station that all of their race is about the fight between republicans and democrats. it is a head to head thing. i am attending college at the moment. i have heard very low status 1s ts of 18 to 21-year-olds voting. i feel like they do not want to vote because they do not have too many votes. host: did you vote?
12:33 pm
caller: to be honest, i did not, because i did not feel like loading for the person i hated the least. in host: where do go to school? caller: johnson state. host: so you did not vote at all h? caller: i did not. host: the democratic candidate sumlin won. has that and call? caller: mpno, it has not. it is still too close to call.
12:34 pm
host: eric cantor for majority leader. tom price for policy committee chairmanship. mike pence of indiana announced he was resigning from house leadership. it also goes on to say in a different article from cnn that michele bachmann has made sounds of are running for the conference chairmanship position in the republican party after majority leader and majority whip. it has just been announced that dan malloy has been elected to gov., another very close election. that is just coming over the wire as well. at 1:00, 25 minutes, the president will hold his news conference at the white house. we will bring that to you live.
12:35 pm
in the meantime, one of the incumbent senators who was beat last night was russ feingold, democrat of wisconsin. ron johnson won by five or -- actually by seven points. we want to show you ron johnson and russ feingold from last night. an[applause] >> thank you. wow. thank you. thank you, all. wow, this is a fabulous site. and you all for coming. -- thank you all for coming. thank you. thank you.
12:36 pm
i got a call from senator fine gold. he is very gracious. he offered his congratulations and offered to help in the transition. i certainly wish him well, we all wish him well. we do. [applause] i have a few thousand people to think. i will not go by name. i want to think, by the foreanke fine introduction. i also want to say thank you carrie for singing the national anthem. i would like to thank my parents. my father is on the stage, and i am very grateful. [applause] my parents instilled in me the
12:37 pm
values that brought me to this moment, and i am sure the values that will carry me through the next chapter in my life here. i would like to thank my family, my wife, jane. [applause] carrie, jen, ben and extended family. they have given me the support i need in this past six months, because they are as much concern about what is going on in the country as i am, so i needed their support their. [applause] a huge thank you to my campaign team. [applause] they are just a fine bunch of individuals led by a fine man, mr. justin johnson. [applause] i am new to this process.
12:38 pm
i cannot believe how hard these people worked, almost 24/7. i am blown away by their dedication. i thank them sincerely. i need to thiank the thousands of volunteers. there is no way as a dozen candidates and now a citizen legislator can enter the arena without having the backing of a strong state party. [applause] but over 14,000 volunteers that manned the phone banks, knocked on doors, and did a tremendous amount of voter contact and got us to where we are today. thank you very much. [applause] we also were able to garner
12:39 pm
over 40,000 voters on facebook and that makes a difference. i want to thank the hundreds of thousands of people that exercise their right of freedom by voting today. [applause] i not only want to thinank the people that voted for me, but i understand being the senator up from the state of wisconsin, i know what an honor that is. i represent all of the citizens of wisconsin, and i want everyone to know i take that responsibility very seriously. [applause] so tonight we concelebrate, but tomorrow we start the hard work. our nation has dug itself in a very deep hole.
12:40 pm
we're just simple wisconsin people here. we know what needs to be done to get ourselves out of a deep hole. the numbers are quite staggering. you know that. the last two years we have incurred over 1.4 trillion dollar a year deficit. our national debt stands at almost 14 trillion dollars. 15 million people are out of work. we need to reverse course. my campaign has really been pretty simple. because i think the priority is pretty straightforward. it will not be easy, it will be hard, but we know what we need to do. we need to restore fiscal sanity to this nation. [applause] certainly one of the ways we can restore fiscal sanity is to repeal the health care bill -- [applause]
12:41 pm
which will not only save us trillions of dollars in deficit, but it will destroy a health care system if we do not repeal it. throughout the campaign, i have been reminded frequently at the lady and the karlan town hall meeting and she said you have awakened a sleeping giant, well, i certainly welcome. it was not the health care plot. it started a few days before the 2008 election when i heard president obama saying we're going to fundamentally transformed america. you know what? i certainly was not looking to transform america, i wanted to fix the problems, not transform america. [applause]
12:42 pm
i believe america is precious, and it is exceptional. [applause] something else president obama said got my attention. he said the doctors will take out a set of calls for a few extra dollars. no they will not. no they will not. i know that dr. save my daughters' lives. -- i know doctors saved my daughter's life. that was an outrage. if we disagree on 3 trillion dollars in deficit spending, we are the enemy. that is the wrong attitude if you're trying to fix our problems.
12:43 pm
that is not attitude i am quantitate. i am going to be looking for allies, and i will look for any ally who understands we simply cannot continue to spend and spend into bankruptcy. [applause] i will work with anyone, i will work with anyone who realizes it is a free-market system that creates a long-term self- sustaining jobs. [applause] that realizes we need to reignite the economy if we are going to create jobs. that is what we have to do. i will work with anyone who believes it is freedom and a free-market system that made america great. [applause] one promise i made at the convention, and i repeat it daily, is i will never vote
12:44 pm
whitmire reelection in mind. that is not why i'm doing this. i will vote was what i believe is in the best interests of wisconsin and america, and that is my guarantee. [applause] as i said, we have awakened a sleeping giant, but the problem is our nation has that it's all a very deep hole, and it will take time and perseverance. it is not just this election, it will take a few more elections. we have to stick to this, and my purpose is not to depress you, i am seeing long faces, but i want to close by telling you a story that wooartt will up with you.
12:45 pm
this was a story told by the troops. the only way he could communicate back to america was by satellite phone. he had 30 minutes of satellite time left. he goes up to the first soldier and as if there's anybody to affected talk to. he said i would like to talk to my girlfriend. he thought about it and said, my buddies wife is pregnant. why don't you let him use the phone. he goes over to the soldier and said i hear your wife is pregnant, would you like to get her a call? he said there is nothing i would rather do than talk to my wife, but my master sergeant's father is ill. he is not doing well. why don't you let him use the 30 minutes. to tell you the truth i cannot remember the exact circumstances or how many soldiers passed the phone to a buddy, but i distinctly remember that by the time the reporter was done telling the tale he was having a
12:46 pm
difficult time telling the story. all he could really do is murmured, where do we find such men? i think we know. they come from oshkosh. they come from bond a lot. they come from superior. they come from hudson and green bay. they come from all over wisconsin. they come from all over america. the one thought i want to leave you all here with tonight is that the american spirit is alive. it may not be doing well right now, it may be under attack. it may be imperiled, but it is our job, our duty to make sure and not only survives for future generations, but that it thrives.
12:47 pm
[applause] in the end, but that is why one guy from oshkosh, of husband and father stepped up to the plate, decided to run for u.s. senate, and i have to tell you this campaign has been a joyful experience. i have met wonderful people. i have visited successful businesses. i have shaken hands of thousands of hard working wisconsin iites. i want you to have the confidence that together we can do this. we can bring back wisconsin and bring back america. [applause] so let me end with a very simple prayer --
12:48 pm
may god bless our efforts and continue to bless the greatest nation in the history of mankind, america. thank you all. god bless you. [applause] [applause] >> thank you, my friends. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. thank you, everybody.
12:49 pm
my friends, my friends, the people of wisconsin has spoken, and i respect their decision. i have called ron johnson and congratulated him. and wished him well as our senator. i also offer of my health and the help of my staff in any transition. [applause] -- i also offered my help and the help of my staff anin the transition. and being your senator has been the greatest honor of my life. [applause] thank you. i have enjoyed working with you and feel we did many good things together, and i thank wisconsin
12:50 pm
for this great privilege i have received. it is hard, it is hard, -- you are good fans. that is why it is hard to express my gratitude for the support i have received throughout my career, but it begins with my wonderful family and a very dear woman. let's applaud for them. and [applause] and then it goes to my superb federal staff who have helped so many wisconsin families. [applause] and then to the incredibly hard- working, enthusiastic campaign
12:51 pm
staff. you did all that you could do and more. thank you for a wonderful effort in this campaign. [applause] and of course, to all of my supporters over the years. no one has ever had such a strong foundation. it gave me my backbone. you gave me my backbone. [applause] so, so, so, to all of you, in the words of who else, bob dillan, but my heart is not weary, it is liight, i have
12:52 pm
nothing but affection for those who have sailed with me. [applause] i hope, i hope and intend to continue to work with all of you in the future as much as possible. [applause] so it is on to the next fight. it is on to the next battle. it is on to 2012. [applause] and it is on to our next adventure forward. [applause] [crowd chanting]
12:53 pm
host: that was senator fine gold last night. you just heard him say on to the next battle, on to 2012 and our next adventure. not sure what he meant by that. ron johnson won by about six points last night in wisconsin. republican senator elect is of ron johnson. coming up in seven minutes the president will do a live news conference in the east room at the white house. in 1994, president clinton did a news conference after the republicans picked up 52 seats. thought you might enjoy seeing a piece of this history. >> when the republican party assumes leadership in the house and senate, they will also have a larger responsibility for
12:54 pm
acting in the best interests of the american people. i reach out to them today, and i asked them to join me in the center of the public debate where the best ideas for the next generation of american progress must come. democrats and republicans have often join together when it was clearly in the national interest. for example, they have often chosen to put international affairs of the politics. i urge them to do so again by passing the g.a.t. agreement this year. there can be no compromise with the interest when american households are at stake. last night the voters not only voted for sweeping changes, they demanded that a more equally divided congress work more closely together with the president, for the interests of all the american people. i hope that we can do that, and
12:55 pm
by doing so we will pave the way for further cooperation on " -- further cooperation on health care reform and the continued strength of our economy. we must also take more steps to restore the people's face and our political institutions. -- we must also take more steps to restore people's faith in our political institutions. to those who believe we must keep moving forward, i want to say again, i will do everything in my power to reach at to the leaders and members of this new congress. it must be possible to make it a more effective, more functioning institution. it must be possible for us to give our people a government that is smaller, that is more
12:56 pm
effective, it reflects both our interests and values. but to those that would use this election to turn us back, let me say this -- i will do all in my power to keep anyone from jeopardize in this economic recovery by taking us back to the policies that failed us before. i will still work for those things that make america strong. strong families, better education, safer streets, more high-paying jobs, more prosperous and peaceful world. there is too much at stake for our children and future to do anything else. well, a lot has changed since yesterday, but what has not changed is the reason i wasn't here and the reason the members of the congress will be sent here -- to restore the american dream and to make this country
12:57 pm
work, this government work, the city work, for the interests of ordinary americans again. that is what the american people expect of us. last night they said there were not satisfied with progress we have made. they said the democrats have been in control of the white house and congress. they said they were going to make a change, and they did make the change, but they still want the same goal. i pledge today to work with all of the members of the congress to achieve that goal. if they will work with me, and they have pledged to do so today, then we can make great progress for this country. we should be optimistic and work to make that optimism real. host: that was bill clinton after republicans took the house for the first time in more than
12:58 pm
50 years. so far this year, republicans in the house of representatives have captured 61 seats. you can see there is the balance of power. current 111th congress which will convene november 15, democrats have 255 seats. republicans have 178 seats. nancy pelosi will reside as speaker during the lame duck session. for the new congress, which reconvenes gingrey third, republicans 239 seats, democrats 185 seats. -- for the new congress, a britiwhich reconvenes in januar, republicans 239 seats, democrats 1085 seats.
12:59 pm
a couple of races still to be decided. colorado has been decided. michael bennett won there. it is down to washington and alaska. in just a minute, this is a live picture you are looking at of the east room at the white house. the president is due to come out in just a minute. you can see all look the network correspondents doing their stand ups outside of the podium, but the president should be coming down in just a minute to the east room to make a statement and take questions from the press about election 2010. and. .
1:00 pm
inclined to vote for people to spend less money or change the system. it is obscene that we spend billions of dollars with other good charities and these homeless people. >> you do not sound like you are a native american. >> i am


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