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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  November 7, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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it makes economic sense. west norfolk also has higher unemployment and higher deprivation than the alternative based under consideration in scotland. >> the good lady makes a good plea for her area. she will know that we're committed to containing the tornado. we have not made the final decisions about basing.
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>> ed miliband. >> manager 9 the prime minister in paying tribute -- may i join the prime minister in paying tribute. he died during the bravest and heroic work. we fully support the actions the government is taking to tackle terrorist threats that we saw emerge in the past week. can he tell us when he believes it is likely to be completed? >> and number of steps have already been taken. stopping for it transport from yemen and somalia, suspending the carriage of toner cartridges and passenger hand luggage or flights departing the u.k., prohibiting the carriage of toner cartridges by air , or from theia
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u.k. there's all kinds of their k -- all kinds of air for its security. we will be updating the house as soon as we can. >> thank you for that answer. asked about the wider context to this incident. as well as the countermeasures on terrorism, we need to tackle its roots as well. he will know that yemen has been one of the poorest countries in the middle east and that is why the friends of yemen is organized for this year. can he give us progress for the imf plan for yemen for the much- needed economic reform? >> as well as having good intelligence sharing and tough terrorism and legislation and place, as well as those things, we have to do with the root
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causes. there is a worrying strain of al qaeda strain coming out of -- of al qaeda coming out of yemen. we also must consider the yemeni government to have to deal with other problems in their country. the british are cochairs of the program with the saudis. there was a meeting of the u.n. general assembly. there will be further meetings. the aim is to pressurize and work with the yemeni government to do with the issues that affect the wider region and those that affect us, too. we will go as committed with our development budget to ensure that development is going to yemen so that a short-term issue of getting the yemeni government to concentrate on what matters and the longer term of economic development which badly needs to approvimprove. >> thank you for keeping the
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house updated. mr. speaker, the prime minister has talked a lot about restoring trust in politics. what does he expect of members of his government who gave cast- iron guarantees to their voters six months ago so they would a vote against a rise against tuition fees? >> what i would say to everyone who is part of this government is that i think they have all taken, frankly, some courageous and difficult decisions. to deal with something that we frankly all want. i think every single person in this house of commons wants strong universities that are well funded, that have greater independence, and we want to make sure that people from the poorest homes can go to the best universities in our country. that is what the proposals will achieve. they grew from a decision made by the last government to set up
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the grand report. and what a pity that opportunism has taken over principle. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister used to think that trust mattered. what did he say in the ford -- in the forward. we both wanted britain where our political system is looked at with admiration, not anger. does he not want the anchor there will be among constituents of all the people on those benches? does he not understand the anger that will be felt in sheffield, in east wing, in all of those constituencies about promises made and promises about to be broken? >> along those the miliband wagon. he talks about trust.
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what did he write in the labor manifesto about the report that he set up? they have completely broken their word. the point is there is a debate now in britain about how we get strong universities and people able to go to them without being put off. that is what we're proposing. that is what he is opposed to. he should listen to his trade and industry secretary that one, who was part of the brown process, who said this, "the truth is there are many elements to the brown plan. you only pay when you are earning about 21,000. brown is essentially right." 1 and join the consensus instead of playing political games? -- why not join the consensus instead of playing political games? >> because i ask the questions of the prime minister. now he talks about hard choices.
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he claims to be making it hard choice on tuition fees. i cannot believe that he is talking about hard choices this week. he has chosen to put on the civil service payroll this week his own personal photographer. there is good news for the prime minister. apparently, he got a nice line in airbrushing. and you can picture the themes on you. you can picture the cabinet photo. we are all in this together, just a little bit more to the right. [laughter] let me ask the prime minister, in all seriousness -- is it really wise judgment, when he is telling everybody to tighten their belts, to put his own
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personal photographer on the civil service peril? >> mr. speaker, he asked -- on the civil service payroll? >> mr. speaker, he asked in the question. that means he has answers to nothing. is that what the opposition has been reduced to? the last government -- this is the answer -- >> the prime minister will be heard, there's too much shouting, even by senior members who ought to know better. >> the last government, last year, spent half a billion pounds on communication. we are cutting that by two- thirds. we will be spending a bit less on replacing mobile phones. but, honestly, one not engage in the issues? we say you need a new system to fund higher education. that is what we are backing. he says he wants to graduate tax. the shadow chancellor says to
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not do it. what on earth is he reduced to? >> he can even defend his own decision, mr. speaker. is not the truth that what we're learning about this government is that it is a government of broken promises? promises on tuition fees, broken promises on child benefits from the prime minister. that is what they meant by broken britain. the prime minister used to say that he wanted to restore trust. all he is doing, day-by-day, is destroying trust in politics. >> you can come here every week and have a succession. -- have a succession of lame sound bites or engage in the substance of the future of our country. mr. speaker, we know what he is against.
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he is against the housing benefit taxed, against the king shall benefit of from millionaires, we know what he is busy against taking child benefit from millions, we know what he is -- he is against the housing benefit tax, against the child benefit from millionaires, we know what he is against. what is he for? >> what practical encouragement can the prime minister give to organizations such as the boy's club who are attempting to direct young people toward positive role models and expenses rather than the fate otherwise? >> we need to make sure, as we are making difficult decisions about public spending, that we got one funding organizations that divert young people away from crime. that is one of the reasons that we have set up a special fund for this year and next year to
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make sure that those organizations that need help get it so that we can keep giving young people face to do and divert them from crime. >> may i give the prime minister another opportunity to enter the question? does he think that the 500,000 public sector workers facing the axe will be pleased to know that he has hired his own personal vanity photographer? >> the last government, half a billion pounds wasted on communication being axed by this government. that is what is happening. you have a choice when you come here. you can read in the whip's handouts or you cannot. try again. >> could i incurs the prime minister to work with members on all set -- can i encourage
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the promise to work with members on all sides of this house, starting with the shadow health secretary who is proposing a benefit cap? >> we do need a debate on how we tackle the welfare system and how we get it under control. one of the best places to start with housing benefits is the manifesto written by the gentlemen sitting opposite me. this is what it said. it's a very, very clearly that housing benefits -- here we are -- housing benefits -- they all stood on it. housing benefits will be reformed to ensure we do not subsidize people to live in the private sector on rent that other people in the working sector cannot afford. -- thevel of opportunity i
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level of opportunists are so great that even the people who propose it are against it. >> our thoughts are with mary byrne who was severely injured and is in hospital. two hundred families have had to be evacuated from their homes. i would like to pay tribute to all the city services and the city council and, most of all, the ordinary men and women in that community who have stepped forward, rescued a child from the rubble, opened up the local post, and publish it giving people local shelter. the cost of this event will be enormous. like every other survey, we are facing a difficult budget. would the prime minister offer any help he could give to those families?
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my hon. friend will echo -- >> i think the house is being unfair to the hon. lady. she is speaking about a powerful issue and on behalf of her constituents. it was a dreadful accident and we should think of all those people who lost their homes and are in temporary accommodations. of course, as i understand it, the city west housing trust, which owns this problem, is working with the local authority to make sure that residents will be able to return to their homes as soon as possible. she raises the issue about funding. we will make sure, in looking at this, that we will respond as rican. >> these are some of the highest levels of deprivation in england
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and need infrastructure development. it also has huge potential in creating jobs in the automobile sector. will the prime minister look again at the exclusion of these staggering posts and look at wind manufacturing portside and business investment last week? >> there is a great opportunity for communities, particularly coastal communities, in our country to make the most of offshore wind. we have spoken to in number of leading industrialists who are thinking of investing in britain to make sure the grants are there. this grant scheme only applies to assisted areas in england. what he is saying is not an assisted area parent there are other sources -- assisted area. there are other sources of funding. i hope he will look into those as he stands up for his community. >> following the transport
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secretary statement last week, will the prime minister give the commitment to the people of leads that the much-needed new generation transport system, the trolley bus, will receive the government funding it has been promised for so long? >> this issue is currently in the consideration and i am sure you will be one of the first to find at the results. >> there are foreign nationals applying for indefinitely to remain in the united kingdom. a massive 80% of these applications were approved. would my hon. friend assure my constituents and that efforts to reduce the backlog left by the previous government and people will not be waived through simply and offered indefinite stay? >> i think my hon. friend may say point. we have been left a backlog of 400,000 to 450,000. i can reassure him that there
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will be no amnesty. all cases will be considered on their individual merits. we are committed to getting the issue of immigration and asylum under control. we are looking at the government -- at the last government's point system. even under their tier one of highly skilled people, it turns out that around 30% of those were actually in low-skill roles. we will sort it out. >> i would like to return to the education and mental loans. he said, "we will keep it. we have taken a look at it. we think it is a good idea." can he explain to me and the 1150 students at the college who are currently getting the ama why it the government is now stopping it? >> we face a situation where we have the biggest budget deficit of any country in the developed world.
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that is the prism that these politics have to be seen. you can either confront the problem in front of you and deal with them, which is what this government is doing, or run away from them like the party opposite and put in something that will be more targeted and more effective. we have to deal with the the mess we were left. >> i thank my hon. friend for the question. the making of automatic enrollment review passed last week will examine the impact on businesses of these reforms. it would to bring -- these reforms would give 0.2 million
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people of attorney to set for their retirement. we will be looking at those extremely carefully to make sure this is not onerous. >> i welcome the government to save its culture. every new piece of legislation, no matter how small, increases the significant impact on their bottom line. would the prime minister introduce a scheme that will show the impact on small business? >> he makes a good point. this policy will be road tested on beer companies that will introduce it first. but there is a problem with only 10% of very small businesses having pension provisions. this will give 1.2 billion people a chance to save. we will look very carefully -- 1.2 million people a chance to save. we will look very carefully at it. he knows i have appointed lord
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young to look at the impact on all small businesses. we also have the new rule where every regulation means another regulation is scratched. >> the total overall savings made by reducing the number of m p's by 50 and increasing the number elected lords by 100 -- >> lets start with reducing the house of commons. his constituency has 55,968. but my constituency has many more than that. and i am afraid i will just have to ask him to work in little harder. >> earlier this year, the prime minister visited my
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constituency. it is the world center of excellence in -- can insure local companies about the future of the visa system to make sure that investment is not lost to this country that supports thousands of local jobs. >> certainly. as we look through the last government points system and immigration policy, we really do believe that is not going to be difficult to achieve much better immigration control without disadvantaging business. things like intervention company transfers should not be included in what we're looking at. -- -- things like inter-company transfers should not be included in what we are looking at. >> the prime minister believes the challenges facing our country are the previous governments.
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heard the biggest mistake he has made as prime minister is in his office. >> i will let others to judge the many mistakes i will make in this office. as a talented former head teacher, you have to accept your responsibilities. it is about time that side except theirs. >> given what the former chief of defense staff said, will the prime minister overtake never to be done essential defense measures because they are politically too difficult? >> i think my hon. friend makes a good point. let me pay tribute to the outgoing chief of the defense staff. he has done an extremely good job of the country. he made an important point, which is that it is important
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not that politicians have to agree with the chiefs on every occasion. there should be a lively debate between them. but we should not, as politicians, put off positions that need to be taken. i think we have taken the tough decisions that needed to be taken. >> 300 job losses will take place in wolverhampton. can the prime minister explain exactly how this squares with his promise to protect them? or is this just another broken promise? >> the promise that we made is a promise that has been delivered, which is to make sure that any chess spending, when you combine capital and current spending -- to make sure that nhs spending, when you combine kaplan current spending, is -- when you combine capital and current spending, is
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sustainable. >> as he knows, this is the first-ever british public parent will he join me in celebrating -- -- as he knows, this is the week.ever british publi will he join me in celebrating? >> i am a big supporter of british pubs. i want to be a pub-friendly government. i will be going to a pub this week, but i will not tell you where it is. otherwise, it will be discontinued. >> 1.4 million people will lose their jobs. in january, another 300 will be lost.
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why is the prime minister picking on hardworking families? why does he not taken out on the causedand those who too the problem in the first place? >> in this government, unlike its predecessor, has introduced a banking levy. the banks will be making a contribution. he quotes from the report that has been published this week. it has not been received by other organizations with much enthusiasm. they said that it is dangerous for the cipd to make headline grabbing forecasts based on little more than a guess. members should be spending less time on talking down the economy and more on how we can gain growth. >> the prime minister would agree with me that it would be wrong for convicted prisoners to be able to vote as suggested by the european cause of human rights. the incarceration of convicted
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prisoners should mean that there are a lot of rights for that individual and that must surely include the right to vote. >> i completely agree with my hon. friend. it makes me physically ill to even contemplate having to give the vote to anyone who is in prison can frankly, when people commit a crime and good to prison, they should lose their right, including the right to vote. but, again, we are at a situation that we have to deal with. this is costing as potentially 160 million pounds. so we have to go through proposals. i do not want to spend that money. it is not right. painful as it is, we have to sort out another problem left to us by the last government. >> how does he view the prospect of prisoners electing the new fleece and crime commissioners? [laughter]
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>> the gentleman raises another reason -- >> i am particularly anxious to give the answer. >> i am afraid we have to deal with the situation in front of us. will we delay and delay and waste another 60 million pounds of taxpayers' money or will we take difficult action and explain it to the british public as best we can? i do not think we have a choice if we will do the right thing to save the exchequer many. >> is the prime minster where that the duchess' high school is in far worse shape and has been excluded from that program? will he make sure that it is fair consideration under a much more focused and better-managed team? >> i can give that assurance, that we will have a new scheme.
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there are 15 billion pounds of school capital spending in the program going forward. that will enable us to rebuild many schools and primary schools as well as secondary schools and i'm looking forward to doing that. >> in answer to your question, the reason for not -- that seems to be in contradiction to the talks -- can he give me a definitive answer? >> the steps we took in the budget, which i think all right, is to look at the tax system and try to simplify the corporation tax regime so we can bring about one of the lowest rate in
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corporation tax in the developed world. that is what we have done. we have cut the incorporation tax. we are bringing it down to 24%. we are doing that by removing a number of allowances. it is sensible reform that will make britain, including scullin, one of the greatest places to do business. -- including scotland, one of the greatest places to do business. >> each week the house of commons is in session, we bear the prime minister's questions. you can find a video archive of past prime ministers questions and links to the house of commons and prime ministers website. >> tamara, texas gov. rick perry talks about his new book. it is part of his booto


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