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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  January 1, 2011 6:15pm-6:30pm EST

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of what it is to be an american, what it is to sacrifice, what it is to fight for a gad cause -- fight for a goo cause. and they did it with a set of virtue as that are timeless, that are known and that i think we've got to emulate ts time for us to deal with the problems we have now. they were courageous, ty were selfless, they were courteous, they were people that would fight for a cause, they were ones that exhibited charity, thrift, certainly known in that generation. and i think these are things that we've got to bring back. hard work, compassion. that's -- that seems to me when i think of that generation -- and nobody's perfect and that generation's not perfect -- but those are ideals and those are ideas that i saw in practice, whether it was them on the battlefield in world war ii or if was them raising their families at home or if it was their educating of their
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families, if it was saving for the future generations. that's what they did. and i don't know if you -- if you ask people in that generation, did you do this on purpose? they might not say -- they may say, well, we didn't or we didn't, but most of them would say well, this is the right thing to do and it's the thing we needed to do. and i think it's what we need to do now. i think we need to emulate those virtues of the greatest generation and apply them to our problems. their problems were more foreign than ours are. ours, i believe, are more domestic, dealing with our own debt and deficit as a country and as a society, and as individuals and individual households, us creating and saving for that next generation in the country and investing to do that. and being selfless and sacrificial in doing that. building family structure and doing things that are for the good of our families. they are things that we need to do and that virtue and that old ancient path that they followed, th they said we just did because it was the thing we
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needed to do, i think we've got to do the same thing. and i hope we will as a country. there has been a debate that has started up in america that i don't agree with and it's whether or not this is a special country and whether or not america is an exceptional land. and i, for one, fully embrace the notion that this is a special place. i believe in american exceptionalism. and i've been in many places over the world that you see this in action. and i've been in many places in america where you see this in action, where somebody selflessly takes care of other individuals. or lt night i was at the korean embassy and we were talking about what's taking ple in north korea. and one of the people working there at the south korean embassy was just amazed that people in the united states would care what happens to people in north korea. i said to one of the people with me were just saying that that's how we look at the wld. if somebody else is in bondage,
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if somebody else is in difficulty, we -- we feel that and we want to help out and deal with it. and that, to me, is part of what american exceptionalism is all about. this is a special place, and has a special calling, and if it isn't us doing it, in many cases around the world, it doesn't get done. i've been in the sudan and they aren't calling on the chinese to lead sudan into a freer time period. i've been in other places in africa and on north korean border, and if you're looking for somebody to sve their pro, it's the americanshat go in and do it. our task now is to not only do that around the world but it's to do it here domestically. i just think we've got to look more and more at ourselves and say, we are a special place and i think we have to look at ourselves as a baby boomer generation that i'm a part of and say that you've got to prove and earn your exceptionalism.
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i think we've got to step up to the mark as the greatest generation -- as the greatest den ration did and be -- as the greatest generation did ande willing to serve in a tough way, in a sacrificial way the best interests for the future of our country. and we've got to do it and now's the time to do it. i'm appreciative that the president had a deficit task force that he appointed and that they came up with some ideas, some which i agree with, some of which i disagree with. but i'm glad that they've started the discussion and the debate. if the figures i've seen are accurate, half the american households receive an entitlement check from the federal government. half of the american households. we've got a deficit and debt that is structural. it's not just based upon one-time war funding, although war funding has contributed to it, but it's structural and we've got more going out than we've got coming in. and it is time that this is dealt with. and i think that's part of the
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message from this last election cycle is the american people are ready to have an intelligent discussion, a difficult discussion of what we're going to do to be able to save ourselves fiscally. and now's the time to do it. and we actually have the structure set up to do it, with a republican house, democrat senate, democrat presidency, this would be the time and the structure to talk about this sort of difficult issue, and our generation should step up and deal with it. i am not going to be here for that discussion and debate but it's time we have it and it's time we bring back these timeless virtues to deal with our domestic problems the way we've dealt with international problems in the greatest generation. mr. president, as i leave this body, one of the rites of passage is to sign your desk and i just did that. i did it in pencil. i figure that all of us will fade with time and that
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signature will fade with time as well. but the things you remember are the lives that you touched and the lives that touched you. and the souls that are touched. and it's people that deal with -- from the heart are the ones that touch your life, the ones tha touch your soul. i want to express my deep appreciation to my colleagues that have touched my heart and i hope that i've been a positive statement to many of them. the palm that som that comes tos one that says, "and his place that knew him no more," the palmist wrote. -- the psalmist wrote. so you sign the desk, you move on, you look back at the signatures that are in the desk and you don't recognize any of them. the place will know us no more. but the hearts that we touch, the hearts that touch ours will remember forever. and i certainly will. i want to thank you and my colleagues in the senate for letting meserve with you.
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it has been a great joy. it is a fabulous nai the natione greatest nation on the face of the earth, and it was an honor to serve here. god bless america. i yield th >> in his first weekly address of the new year, president obama pledges to work with republicans to help solve the nation's problems. then senator-but let kelly ayotch with the republicans address, talking about reducing government spending and safeguarding against terrorist threats. >> as we close the books on one year and began another, and what to take a moment today to wish you a very happy new year and to top about your that lies ahead. at the start of 2011, you're still just emerging from a once- in-a-lifetime recession that has
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taken a terrible toll on millions of families. we all have friends and neighbors tried to get their lives back on track. we are, however, riding a few months of economic news that suggests our recovery is gaining traction, and our most important task now is to keep the recovery going. as president, that is my commitment to you, to do everything i can to assure our economy is growing, creating jobs, and strengthening our middle class. that is my resolution for the coming year. still, even as we work to boost our economy in the short term, it is time to make serious decisions about how to keep the economy strong, growing, and competitive in the long run. we have to look ahead, not just this year but the next 10 years and the next 20 years. where will new innovation come from? how will we attract companies of tomorrow to set up shop and create jobs in our communities? what will it take to get those jobs? what will it take to out-
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compete other countries around the world? what will it take to see the american dream come true for our children and grandchildren? our parents and grandparents ask themselves those questions, and because they had the courage to answer them, we have had the good fortune to grow up in the greatest nation on earth. now it is our turn to think about the future. in a few days, the new congress will form with one house controlled by democrats and one house controlled by republicans, who now have shared responsibility to move this country forward. here is what i want you to know -- i am willing to work with anyone of either party who has a good idea and commitment to see it through. we all expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or failure to deliver. as i have said since i first ran for office, solving our challenges will not be quick or easy. we have come through a difficult decade, one of new threats and trowels we did not expect when it began.
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but a new year and a decade stretches out before us. if we just remember what america is capable of and the up to that legacy, i am confident we are poised for progress. one in which our economy is growing, are standing in the world is rising, and we do what it takes to ensure that america remains in the 21st century what it was in the 20th, the greatest country in the world. thanks for listening, and happy new year. >> i am the newly elected senator from new hampshire. the arrival of the new year brings every new sense of optimism and purpose and opportunity to take stock of the year just passed while looking forward to the promise of new beginnings. for republicans, the start of the 112 congress on wednesday will mark the opening of a new chapter for our country and party. we are keenly aware that the american people are relying on us to change this business as usual in washington, and we are well-positioned to do just that.
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in the house, 87 republican members are set to make john boehner the next speaker, putting republicans in charge of the chamber. and in the senate, 13 new republican senators will give us greater say in the democratic- controlled senate. the american people sent us to converse with clear instructions -- make government smaller, not bigger, and stop spending money we don't have on programs that are not working. it is now our responsibility to carry out the will of the people. americans across the country have been taking time to declare new year's resolutions. it is an opportunity to clarify goals and make productive stands for the future. republicans had to washington are participating in a similar exercise. as we prepare to start the hard work of governing, we are doubling our commitment to the principles on which we were elected. these resolutions reaffirmed that the beginning of the new year are intended to eliminate the path forward for our
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country. job one is to stop wasteful loss to spending. as the mother of two children, i am like parents across the country who are worried that are nearly 14 trillion dollar debt threatens america's economic future and our children's future. to ensure generations to come have even more opportunities than we have had, congress must get serious about meaningful debt reduction. this is not a republican problem or a democrat problem, it is an american problem that will require tough decision making from both parties. republicans are ready to lead that fight. creating the conditions necessary for businesses to add well-paying, sustainable jobs also tops our agenda. with millions of americans unemployed or under-employed, we must work to jump-start the economy. the successful republican effort to prevent any income tax hikes
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on families and small businesses over the next two years was an important first that. -- first that. coming from a small business family, i have seen that risk- taking american business people, not the government, create good jobs. we need to harness common sense, pro-growth programs to get our economy moving again. by getting washington out of the way, we can unleash the american spirit that has made our country the most innovative in the world. finally, and most important, america must remain vigilant in the face of continuing threats from terrorists and broke states. just over one year since the christmas day bomber's failed attempt to bring down a jetliner, we're reminded that we continue to live in a dangerous world. my husband is in iraq war veteran and lieutenant-colonel and the air national guard. as a military spouse, i personally understand the sacrifices that our service
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people make to keep us safe. in 2011, we resolve to stand firm with our troops as they continue the war and its terrorist networks around the world. the challenges that we face are great. but so is the resolve of the american people to face these challenges head on. america is the greatest nation on earth. we must fight to keep alive her promise. thank you for listening, happy new year, and may god bless america. >> c-span's original documentary on the supreme court has been updated. sunday, the grand public places and those on the available to the justices and their staff, and how the court works from all the current supreme court justices, including the newest justice, elena kagan. also, recent developments. the supreme court, the highest court, caring for


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