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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  April 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and their families do not live anywhere near merit the terry base. there in virtually every community in this country. one day they are our police officers, firefighters, our doctors, and art teachers. and then the next day they are deployed to a war zone. just about every county in america has sent a service member to iraq or afghanistan, and their families including goldstar families who had made the ultimate sacrifice, they live all over america. and there probably is not a town in this a town in this country without a veteran. in other words, we want america to realize every community is the military community. these are the stories we're going to tell. these are the stories we will celebrate. to help us, we are joined by outstanding folks in l.a. thing about capturing the public's attention.
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nascar, wal-mart, major league baseball. they will create public service announcement. it will feature the likes of oprah winfrey and steven spielberg. everybody is stepping up. writers, producers, actors, all have committed to telling war stories of military families in movies. working together, we will make sure that our military families are never forgot. that leads to the second part. what we can actually do to support these families. we're going to focus on the specific things are millet that -- military families have told us they care about. things that we can make a contribution to. employment, wellness, mental- health. we will be champions for our military spouses and veterans as they look for new jobs and advance their careers.
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we will make sure that businesses know just how lucky they would be to have these talented veterans on their team. education, we will work to help our military children thrive in the classroom. even as they move between schools and deal with parents being deployed. we will work to make it easier for military spouses to continue their education and to get their degrees. wellness, good mental health. we will remind this nation that just as our troops deserve the best -- support, so to military spouses and children. they need the support as well. that brings me to the most important part of joining forces, how we're going to get this done. as i said, this is a challenge to every segment of society. our model is simple -- everyone
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can do something. we are joining sort -- forces across the government. it will make such a difference for so many families. these commitments of the do something even more important. it will give military families exceeded the table across the government. it means we will all be working together to make sure we are forging new partnerships to serve military families for years to come. we will join forces with cities and local government. we want the whole country to know about states like michigan and cities like pittsburgh that encourage folks to volunteer to support our troops and their families. if states can make it easy for these families, they can make it easier for spouses to get their professional licenses.
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they can also help make it easier for children to transfer between schools. so every state and every town in this country can do something. we are joining forces with businesses, large and small, including some of the biggest. they're making new commitments as we speak. companies like sears, k mart, sam's club. they're telling spouses that they move to a duty station, they would do their best to have a job waiting for them. siemens is setting aside can% of its positions for veterans. the chamber of commerce is stepping up. encouraging its members to hire spouses and veterans. to find mentors for wives and women veterans. the chamber is going to host more than 100 job paris across the country for these individuals. technology leaders like a well
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-- aol. will help connect employers that are hiring. companies like hewlett-packard and microsoft will train spouses in new technology so they can start their own businesses. believe me, the list goes on and on. every business can do something. we are joining forces with nonprofits, reaching in communities across the country. the u.s. so it's going to expand its efforts to help military families on the home front. an education coalition is teaming up with the pta to help communities better serve our military kids. the national math and science initiative will bring advanced placement courses to tens of thousands of students including
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military kids. the sierra club and the ymca are partnering with family associations to give a 15,000 military kids camp. the heart association will help spouses and women veterans lead healthier lives. the list goes on and on. everyone is stepping up. every non-profit can do something. finally, this is about all of us joining forces as americans. we can do it right where we live and work. if you are a parent or teacher, you can encourage or school to find ways to support our military kids. if you're an accountant or counselor, you can offer your services pro bono. the jury member of a church or synagogue, you can their juror fate community to reach out to military families who are
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grieving. something as simple as mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow for the family down the street. telling mom or dad you'll take the ship on the car pool or bending a had to be wounded warrior in your neighborhood. you do not have to know a military family. thanks to organizations like blue star families and their partnerships with the american red cross, every american can write a letter to a military family and let them know that they will be serving the volunteering in their own community. it is that easy. if just any military family, they will tell you sometimes it is the smallest things. the simple gestures that say thank you. that makes the biggest difference in their lives. if you need ideas, you do not
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have to go far. we are creating a new web site. because every single american can do something. that includes me and jill. we're not asking anybody to do anything we will not do ourselves. starting tomorrow, we're hitting the road. i think phil is going to drive. [laughter] we will be travelling throughout the country celebrating the service of military families in the communities and businesses and folks to support those families everyday. at each stop we will encourage every american to ask a simple question, how can i give back to these families who have given me so much? that is the question. i am excited about this
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campaign. i know jill is too. we know this is not something that we can do just for this year or next year. this is not a short-term effort. our military families deserve our respect and support at every stage of their lives and no matter who is in office. it is our hope that what we are launching today becomes part of the fabric of our country. to make sure that it does, i am roud that one of america's leading institutions on security has stepped forward to help coordinate joining forces. it is going to be guided by an advisory board of distinguished americans with a wealth of experience in serving military families. those include general, "crystal -- mcchrystal. we are grateful to you both.
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[applause] good stuff. jill and i truly believe that if enough people across this great country realize just how much are military families do for us, and if we look in our own lives to see what we can offer, there is no limit then -- to what we can do to keep these families strong. if we do this, if we come together, i know we will come closer to our vision of a nation that truly recognizes and honors our military families. it is in america where every soldier, airman, a marine, and woman, can the plate knowing
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that their families will be taken care of back at home. it is an america where every military spouse has the support that he or she needs to keep their family strong and thriving. it is an america where every military child has the support they need to grow and learn and realize their dreams. it is an america where our veterans and their families, especially our goldstar families that have sacrifice so much, are honored throughout the entirety of their lives. in short, we see a nation where more americans across every sector of society are joining forces on behalf of our military families. believe me, this is going to remain one of the defining mission. thank you for joining us to make this happen. jill and i hope this campaign will be worthy of the service
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and sacrifice and strength of every single military family in this country. and that it will make a real difference in their lives for years to come. thank you so much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the official party has departed.
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♪ >> the first lady mrs. biden will travel around the country to visit companies that support military families.
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>> than a few moments, secateurs a state clinton. washington journal is live at 7:00 eastern. we will talk about the federal budget than the programs designed to help military families. >> a couple of live events to tell you about today on our companion network c-span 3. a hearing on the rights of crime victims at 10:00 eastern. president obama will talk about his fiscal policy in a speech a george washington university. that is a little after 1:30 p.m. eastern. throughout the month of april, we will feature the winners of the studentcam competition. students submitted documentaries on the theme of, "washington d.c. through my lands."
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watch the video is just before "washington journal." meet the students who greeted them. stream all of the videos any time on line. >> next, secretary of state hillary clinton at the islamic world forum. it includes leaders of the u.s. and more than 30 muslim countries. it meets -- is convening in washington for the first time. this is a little more than a half-hour.
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>> good evening ever run. thank you for that introduction and your french. it is a pleasure for me to join you at this islamic world forum. his highness and the people of qatar have posted the forum for years. as has been set, i was honored to be a guest last year. now i am delighted to welcome you to washington. i want to thank the center at the brookings institution for keeping bees the event going and growing. i want to acknowledge all of my colleagues and the diplomatic corps who are here tonight including the minister of state of foreign affairs, the foreign minister toward in, and the secretary general of the islamic conference. over the years, the u.s.-
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islamic world forum has offered the chance to celebrate the diversity of its of muslims around the world. which is pioneering innovative energy solutions the preparing to host the world cup, the two countries as varied as turkey, indonesia, and malaysia. each offering its own model for prosperity and progress. this forum offers a chance to discuss the equally diverse set of challenges we face together. the need to confront the extremism, the urgency of the achieving a solution between israel and the palestinians, the importance of a bracing tolerance and universal human rights. i am especially proud that this year the forum is recognizing
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the contribution of the millions of american muslims who do so much to make our country strong. as president obama said in cairo, is on has always been a part of american history. every day, american muslims are helping write our store. i do not need to tell this distinguished audience that we are meeting at an historic time for one region in particular. the middle east and north africa. the bond arabic winter has begun to thought. for the first time in decades, there is a real opportunity for lasting change. a real opportunity for people to have their voices heard and their priorities addressed. this raises significant questions for us all. will the people and the leaders
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of the middle east and north africa pursue a new, more inclusive approach to solving the region's persistent political, economic, and social challenges? will they consolidate the progress of recent weeks and address long been denied aspirations for dignity? or when we meet again in one year or five years, will we have seen the prospect for reform made and remember this moment is just a mirage in the desert? these questions can only be answered by the people and leaders of the middle east and north africa themselves. the united states does not have all the answers. in fact, we are struggling to
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thrash out answers to our own difficult political and economic questions. but america is committed to working as a partner to help unlock the region's potential and to help realize its hope for change. much has been accomplished already. uprisings across the region have exposed myths that for too long or used to justify a stagnant status quo. the myth that government can hold onto power without responding to aspirations or respecting its people's rights. the myth that the only way to produce change in the region is through violence and conflict. and most pernicious of all, the bet that arabs do not share universal human aspirations for
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freedom, dignity, and opportunity. today's degeneration of young people read jack's these false and merit -- rejects these false narratives. despite the best efforts of the sensors, there connecting to the wider world in ways that their parents and grandparents could never imagine. they now see alternatives on satellite news, on twitter and facebook in cairo and tunis. they know a better life is within reach. they are willing to reach for it. these young people have inherited a region that, in many ways, is unprepared to meet their growing expectations. it challenges have been well documented in a series of
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landmark arab-human development reports. independently authored and published by the united nations development program. these reports represent the cumulative knowledge of leading arabic scholars and intellectuals. answering these challenges will help determine if this historic moment lives up to its promise. that is why this january, just weeks after a desperate tunisian street vendor set fire to himself in public protest, i talked with leaders of the region about the need to move faster to meet their people's needs and aspirations. in the 21st century, the material conditions of people's lives have greater impact on national stability and security
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than ever before. it is not passable for people not to know what is happening beyond their own small village. the balance of power is no longer measured by counting tanks or missiles alone. strategists must factor in the growing influence of the citizens themselves. connected, organized, and frustrated. there was a time when thoses -- those of us who championed civil society or worked with marginalized minorities or on behalf of women or were focused on young people and technology, we were told our concerns were noble but not urgent. that is another false narrative that has been washed away. these issues are at the heart of
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smart power. they have to be at the center of any discussion attempting to answer the region's most pressing questions. can be leaders reform economies that are now over the depended on oil export and stunted by corruption? overall, arab countries were less industrialized in 2007 that they were in the 1970 pr. unemployment runs double the world wide average and is worse for women and young people. while a growing number of arabs live in poverty, crowded into slums without sanitation, safe water or electricity, a small elite has increasingly concentrated control of the region 's land and wealth.
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the 2009 arabic -- arab development report found that these trends "result in the ominous dynamics of marginal with asian." -- marginalization." according to the 2009 global integrity report, arab countries almost without exception have some of the weakest anti- corruption systems in the world. citizens have spent decades under martial law or emergency rule. political parties and civil society groups are subject to repression and restriction. judicial systems are far from free or independent. elections are often rigged.
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this leads to a third and often overlooked question, will the door to full citizenship and participation finally opened to women and minorities? the first arabs human dealt -- human development report found participationen's was the lowest in the world. successive reports of shown little progress. the 2005 report called teacup women's empowerment -- "women's empowerment" was linked to the fate of the arab world. this is not a matter of religion in women postal lives. muslim women have the joy of greater rights and opportunities
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in places like bangladesh or indonesia. or consider the family bought in morocco or the personal status code into the jet. communities and from egypt to send all are beginning to take on entrenched practices like child marriage, honor crimes, and he about cutting. all over the world we see proof that women's rights are compatible. unfortunately, there are some who are working to undermine this progress and export a anti- bomb and ideology to other muslim communities. all of these challenges from unemployment to widespread corruption to the lack of respect and opportunities for women have a few of frustration among the region's young people. changing leaders alone will not be enough to satisfy them.
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not at cronyism continues to choke off opportunity for participation. or of citizens cannot rely employees said the courts to protect their rights. the power brokers inside and outside of government needs to step up and work with the people to craft a positive vision for the future. generals and imams, everyone was benefited from and reinforce the status quo has a role to play. they also have a lot to lose if it the vision vacuum is filled by extremists and rejectionists. a fourth course -- crucial question is how egypt and tunisia can continue the
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progress. protesters are asking how they can stay organized and involved? it will take forming political parties and advocacy coalitions. it will take focusing not working together to solve the big problems facing those countries. in cairo, i met with young activists were passion about principles. but still sorting out how to be practical about their politics. one veteran egyptian journalist and dissident expressed concern that a reluctance to move from protest to politics would endanger the revolution's games. he urged young people to translate their passion into a positive agenda and to use political participation to
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achieve that. as the people of "and egypt embrace citizenship, we look to authority to guarantee fundamental right such as free assembly and expression. to provide basic security on the streets. unfortunately, we have seen too many violent attacks from egypt to iraq and pakistan, that have killed dozens of ethnic minorities. part of a troubling world wide trend documented by the state annual human rights report. communities around the world are struggling to strike a balance between freedom of expression and tolerance of unpopular views. each of us has a responsibility to defend the universal human rights of people of all faiths
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and creeds. i want to applaud the organization for its leadership in securing the recent resolution by the united nation 's human rights council that takes a stand against discrimination and violence based upon religion or belief but does not limit freedom of expression or worship. in egypt and tunisia we have seen troubling signs regarding the rights and opportunities of women. so far women have been excluded from key transitional decision making process these. when women marched alongside the men in the early days of the revolution, they were part of making the changes that egypt was seeking. when they recently walked again through the square to celebrate international women's day, they
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were met by harassment and abuse. you cannot have a claim to a democracy if half of the population is left out. we know from long experience that building a successful democracy is a never-ending task. more than 200 years after our own revolution, we are working on a. real change takes time. but it is well worth the effort. as one egyptian women's rights activists said, we will have to fight for our right. it will be tough and require lobbying, but that is what democracy is about. you have to persuade your fellow citizens to go along the path that you wish to take. we know that democracy cannot be transplanted from one country to
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another. people have the right to devise their own government. there are a universal rights that apply to everyone. ed universal values. one lesson learned around the world is that it can be tempting to fight the old battles over and over again. rather than to focus on ensuring justice and accountability in the future. i will always remember watching nelson mandela at the budget he hosted after his inauguration as he welcomed three of his former jailers. to him, they were as important as any king or president or prime minister who was there. when he was powerless, when he
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was imprisoned, they treated him with dignity. they built upon him as a fellow human being. it helped him to move beyond what he had suffered. he never looked back inning there. but always forward in hope. the united states is committed to standing with the people of egypt, tunisia, and the region. to help build sustainable democracies that will deliver real results for people who deserve them. we want to support the aspirations that are so important. our values and interests converge. history has shown that democracies tend to be more stable -- stable. the challenge is how we get from where we are to where we want to be.
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the fifth question for us as americans, how can america be an effective partner to the people of the region? how can we work together to build long-term sustainability? with this goal in mind, the obama administration began to reorient u.s. foreign policy in the region from our first days in office. we put partnerships with people, not just government, at the center. we moved quickly to respond to recent the events and to affirm the principles that guide our approach. the president and i have spoken about this on a number of occasions. just late afternoon today. i know the president will be speaking in greater detail about the policy in the middle east and north africa in the coming weeks. we start from the understanding
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that america's core interest and values have not changed. including our commitment to resolve conflicts, counter threats and defeat al qaeda and its allies. this includes a renewed pursuit of comprehensive peace. the status quo between palestinians and israelis is no more sustainable than the political systems that have crumbled in recent months. neither israel's featured will do -- and ignore the legitimate aspirations of palestinians can be secured without a to state solution. while it is a truce is -- truism that only the parties themselves can make the hard choices necessary for peace, there is no substitute for continued american leadership. the president and i are committed to that.
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we believe our concerns are shared by the people of the region. we will continue working closely with our partners, including many in this room tonight, to advance those mutual interests. will understand that a one-size- fits-all approach does not make sense. as i said before, the united states has specific relationships with countries. we have a decades-long friendship with bahrain but we expect to continue into the future. we have made clear that security alone cannot resolve the challenges facing them. violence is not the answer. a political process is one that advances the rights and aspirations of all the citizens of bahrain. we have raised our concerns publicly in directly with
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officials. we will continue to do so. the united states also strongly supports the people of yemen in their quest for greater opportunity, their pursuit of economic reform that will meet their aspirations. the president needs to resolve the political impasse with the opposition so that meaningful political change can take place in the near term in an orderly, peaceful manner. as president obama has said, we strongly condemn the violence committed against peaceful protesters by the syrian government over the past few weeks. the syrian government must respect the rights of the people. they're demanding the freedoms that they have long been denied. going forward, the united states will be guided by careful consideration of all the circumstances on the ground and
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by our consistent values and interests. but also by something else. we believe in this region. we see no reason that it cannot be among the most progressive, peaceful, successful regions in the world. what we look at other regions in the world that have undergone change, sometimes violent, sometimes difficult, we see no reason why this reason cannot succeed. wherever we can, we will accelerate our work to develop bonds with the people themselves. with business leaders, religious communities, women and minorities. we are rethinking the way we do business on the ground with its citizens. we want the citizens to help -- set priorities.
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we are soliciting proposals from a wide range of organizations. we want new partners. we want to invest in new ideas. we are exploring new ways to use connection technology to expand dialogue and open lines of communication. as we map out a strategy for supporting transition, we know that the people of the region have not put their lives on the line just to vote once in an election. they expect democracy to sweep out corruption, extend opportunities. united states will work to create diverse economies where there can be more inclusive prosperity. united states will provide immediate economic assistance to help democracy is overcome the urge the challenges including
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$150 million for egypt alone. in the medium term, we will work with our partners to support an ambitious blueprint for sustainable growth, job creation, investment and trade. the u.s. overseas private investment corp. will provide up to $2 billion to encourage investments across the middle east and north africa, especially for small enterprises. we look forward to working with congress to establish enterprise funds for egypt and tunisia that will support competitive markets and provide small businesses with access to blow past capital -- a low-cost capital. we want to improve and expand the investment funds which allow egyptian companies to send exports to the ad states of duty-free.
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we are working with partners for a new beginning. an organization led by madeleine albright and walter isaacson of the aspen institute. it was formed after president obama's cairo speech and includes the ceos of companies like intel and morgan stanley. these leaders will convene at a summit at the end of may to conduct american investors with partners in the region's transition of democracies. under the auspices of partners for new beginnings, the north africa partnership for economic opportunity is building a network of public and private partners and programs. to deepen economic integration among the countries in north africa. this past december, the partnership can be more than four hundred young
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entrepreneurs, of leaders, venture-capital lists, and leaders from the united states in north africa. these contacts have already helped lay the groundwork for initiatives to create jobs and support start-ups. there will be a follow-up meeting later this year in morocco. we are discussing ways to encourage closer economic integration across the region. as well as with the united states, europe, and the rest of the world. the middle east is home to rich nations with excess capital as well as poor countries, hungry for investment. deeper trade and relationships between neighbors would create many new jobs. across the mediterranean, europe represents an enormous potential for greater trade and investment. if we were to reduce trade
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barriers in north africa alone, just a that one act could boost gdp levels by as much as 7% or 8% in tunisia and morocco. it could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars of new wealth across the region every year. the people of the middle east and north africa have the talent, they have the drive, to build a vibrant economies. just as the citizens have already done in regions long held back by a closed political systems. from southeast asia to eastern europe, to latin america. it will not be easy. there are many obstacles. unfortunately, i ran provides a powerful cautionary 10 for the transitions.
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they were subverted by a new and brutal dictatorship. iran's leaders have consistently pursued policies of violence abroad and tyranny at home. security forces have beaten, detain, ended recent cases, killed peaceful protesters. even as the president has made a show of denouncing the violence against civilians in namibia and other places. he is not alone in his hypocrisy. al qaeda's propagandists have tried to kill the region 's movements to their murderous ideology. it claims to speak for the downtrodden. it rings hollow. their argument that the only way is by the change has never been so fully discredited.
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last month, we witnessed the development of the doubt even in this extraordinary season. colonel gaddafi's troops turned their guns on their own people. his military jets and helicopters unleashed a reign of terror against people that had no means to defend themselves against the assault. hundreds of thousands of citizens were in the cross hairs. in the past, when confronted with such a crisis, the leaders of north africa and the middle east averted their eyes or closed ranks. but not this time. not in this new era. theoic, the gcc, they issued a strong statements. the arab league and convincing -- convened in cairo. to condemn the violence and
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suspend libya from the organization even though colonel gaddafi helped the presidency. the arab league went on to call for a no-fly zone. i want to thank jordan for contributing plans to help. that is not all. the arab league affirmed, "the right of the libyan people to fulfill their demand and build their own future and institutions in a democratic framework." that is a remarkable statement. that is a reason to hope. all the signs of progress we have seen will only be meaningful if more of leaders in more places move faster and further to embrace the spirit of reform. if they work with their people to answer the region's most
6:50 am
pressing challenges to diversify their economies, open their political systems, crack down on corruption, respect the rights of all of their citizens including women and minorities. those are the questions that will determine whether the people of the region make the most of this historic moment. or if they fall back into stagnation. the united states will be there as a partner working for progress. we are committed to the future of this region. we believe in the potential of its people. we look forward to the day when all citizens of the middle east and north africa, and all around the world, have the freedom to pursue their own god-given potential. that is the future that all of us should be striving and working toward.
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thank you all very much. [applause] [applause] >> madam secretary, i am confident that i speak for everybody here what i say that as we listen to what you had to say, and we listened carefully indeed, i think all of us appreciated that we were hearing for the first time a truly comprehensive, clear, authoritative explanation of policy, purpose, and help for the arab awakening. i am equally confident that everybody here joins me in being
6:52 am
thankful that you would use this occasion to make the statements and to draw us into your thinking, to give this a sense of what the president will have to say. i am sure that everybody here is hopeful that he will be with us next year. please join me in thanking her. [applause] >> follow c-span on twitter. is the fastest way to get schedule update and links. you can join in the conversation. join the viewers who already follow what. from but tv and c-span radio. get started at twitter dhaka on
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we ask students from across the country to consider washington duke -- d.c. through their lands. to better understand the role of the federal government. >> our homes are important to us. we sleep in them. most people take them for granted. what happens if somebody takes it away? millions of families have already lost their homes due to one problem -- home foreclosure. on foreclosures can happen to any house no matter what shape for size. you may be wondering, what exactly is home for closure? >> it is when a party cannot pay the bank for the bone that the paint gave them. >> the bank will file a petition to close on the property.
6:54 am
after that, the bank has to prove the owner -- the person will go to court. the debate will issue an order of foreclosure. broadcasting live with katie, for closure rates have been alarmingly high. in our community, there is a foreclosure it in one and won every 189,000 houses. the numbers continue to add on. >> most people do not want to live in neighborhoods full of foreclosure signs. >> foreclosures are a huge problem for not only the families but for blenders -- lenders. they have to sell the property. the main problem -- the main people affected are the family.
6:55 am
they have to leave the house. >> how has it affected the economy? about these have gone down. people who are staying in their homes cannot sell their homes because of the fact that values have gone down. we talked to a home selling expert. >> how quickly our homes sold? >> the average today on the market is 120 days or an average home cell. as far as foreclosures, 60 days. >> there are too many foreclosures. >> is like a domino effect. one event to lead to another. another problem homeowners are facing isrobo signing.
6:56 am
they send documents without looking at them first. they could allow a guilty party to stay in their homes indefinitely. this is causing the federal government to stop testing petitions. they are now looking over them more clearly. some people do not believe that. >> i am waiting to hear one of the regulators say, here is what we have done. we saw it, we acted, and we did this. i did not hear that. at least i would hear them say, here are the kinds of sanctions we can do if servicers misbehave. i did not hear that either. what i heard was, we are investigating get. we hope to know more in a month or so. and then we will do something. >> however, the federal
6:57 am
government understands that robo signing is not the only problem. >> the american dream is being tested by a crisis that not only threatens the stability of our economy but the stability of families and neighborhoods. it is a crisis this strikes at the heart of the middle class. the homes in which we invest our savings, raise our families, and plan in our communities. >> president obama has been thinking of ways to help struggling homeowners since the day he took office. >> we will have to confront some difficult decisions. cutting spending we do not need in order to invest in the things that we do. as president, i am committed to doing my part. >> to thinking of new ideas to help homeowners. >> this program stands for home
6:58 am
affordable modification program. >> it was designed to help people lower their payments, to be able to maintain their home and not have to move out. that was the goal. >> this program is supposed to address many problems. officials can determine which mortgages can need help and what kind of help they can use. the council is look at many things, payment history, and the scores. the federal government also gritted a program called hafa. the recent -- many needed an alternative to prevent foreclosures. the government realizes that hamp alone was not enough. but it is still an action. billions of dollars are into the
6:59 am
program. many homeowners already have a brighter future ahead. who knows? they might even have a place to call home. >> go to our web site to watch all of the winning videos and continue the conversation. >> a couple of live events to tell you about today. on c-span 3, the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing on the rights of crime victims at 10:00 a.m. eastern. president obama will talk about his fiscal policy in a speech to george washington university. that is a little after 138 -- 1:30 p.m. eastern. >> in a few moments, and your calls live on tico washington journal." the house is in session for general speeches at tenney stern. the agenda -- 10:00 a.m. eastern. eastern.


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