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tv   American Politics  CSPAN  April 18, 2011 12:30am-2:00am EDT

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that is what the bill was about. you do not want to take strong action on climate change. most canadians know that. you prefer to subsidize your friends in the big oil companies. >> the original question was about your vision of canada in the world. you have failed to get a seat on the security council. you achieved nothing at the g-8 and g-20. you shut down every independent organization trying to do good in africa or asia. you shut it down if it disagrees with your ideologist. we have to have a foreign policy based on democratic values, respect for canadians overseas, respect for what they're trying to do. let some flowers bloom. let democracy breathe and live. if you are going to promote and abroad, you have to respect it at home. you shut down everything you cannot control. that is the core of your vision of government. it is hostile to the values of
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democracy upon which this country is based. >> this is simply not true. canada is one of the most forceful promoters of freedom and democracy abroad. when it comes to foreign aid, it is delivered largely through private organizations and international partners. that is largely how we do it. we work with other people. themdea we're shutting down is not based on any fact. the most important initiative we have on child and maternal health, we have attracted billions of dollars to deal with the health problems of the most vulnerable people on the planet. other countries and international organizations are working with us. that is what canada is doing in the world. in parliament, all we have is this mudslinging accusations back and forth. we're out there making a difference in the world. that is what canadians expect of us. >> next, donald trump is at a tea party rally in florida.
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then remarks by louisiana governor haley barbour. >> monday, a discussion with pakistan's finance minister on the economic relationship between that country and the united states. live from the international center for scholars, beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> throughout the month of april, will feature the top winners of this year's c-span studentcam competition. nearly 1500 middle and high school students submitted documentaries on the theme washington, d.c. through my lands. during the program, meet the students who created them. stream all the winning videos any time on line. >> now, real estate developer
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and potential republican candidate donald trump. he spoke saturday at a tax day rally organized by the south florida tea party. he criticized the obama administration on several domestic and foreign policy issues, including u.s. policy in libya, the economy, and foreign debt, health care, an energy policy. he says he will decide by june whether or not he will seek the gop nomination. this is about 50 minutes. this is about the american people. >> this is about having servant leaders in the country. after me comes a fellow with a
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pretty big hairdo. [laughter] i am sure you will enjoy your him speaking. following knee will be mr. donald j. trump. ♪ ♪ transcontinental somewhere along the way you find out who you are living in america across the nation
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living in america ♪ [applause] >> this is really amazing. i want to thank congressman alan west. he is an amazing guy. i have been a supporter of his. he is tough, smart, and a real patriot. also, rick scott. he is doing a good job.
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it is not easy. he is doing a helluva job. my second home is right down the road in your competitive community known as palm beach. i love florida. i would like to thank the south florida tea party for the opportunity to address this group of hard-working, incredible people. it is my great honor, believe me. [applause] over the last six months since i started thinking about this, i have been asked so much about the tea party by reporters and a lot of different folks. i have come up with a truthful but standard answer. they are great because they made washington start thinking, both democrats and republicans. they made washington start thinking.
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i want to thank you all. it is fantastic. when i was asked to do this speech today by a friend of mine, he said it would be in an auditorium with 250 people. what happened? [cheers and applause] with all of the wind, at least you know it is my real hair. the united states has become the laughing stock and a whipping post for the rest of the world whether we like it or not. we do not like it. the world is laughing at us. they're laughing at our leaders taking the advantage of us. it is a disgrace. i have said on numerous occasions that countries like china, india, south korea, mexico, the opec nations, and many others see our leaders as weak and ineffective.
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we have been taken advantage of to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. we have to take our country back. [applause] i know a lot of people in other countries. before this whole thing started, they would sit with me and dinners and say they could not believe what they are getting away with. i cannot believe what we're getting away with.
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one said he could not believe i was running for president after what he said. he said they're doing great. the negotiators are fantastic. [laughter] they meant that. they ask who these leaders are and where they came from. over the years, i have participated with people like this in many battles and have come out almost always as the victim. i have to say that. you need that kind of a person whether it is me or somebody else. [applause] when i read that line to my wife this morning, she said that it was too conceited. but we need people that win. we do not need people that lose all the time. [applause]
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i took a chance. i took a chance when i said that. that is what we need. i be in many people and companies. i have won many wars. -- i have beaten many people and companies. i have made billions of dollars. i look forward to disclosing my financials. i have built a great, great company. [applause] the reason i like that as a scorecard and acknowledgement of my abilities is because this is what we need. during my lifetime i have always been told that a person of great accomplishment and achievement cannot become a politician or run for political office because there are too many enemies strewn all along
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the highway of success. i have heard this for years. even the most successful leave themselves open to great criticism from the many that they have beaten and those who have watched the battles. the fact is this theory of a very successful person running for office is rarely tested because most very successful people, the kind of people we need leading our country, do not want to be scrutinized and abused. that is what happens. unfortunately, this is the kind of person that this country must have right now. [applause] our current president -- [booing]
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they all want me to say, "you are fired!" we have a long way to go before i start using that. it is too early. i have it in the back of my mind. [applause] our current president came out of nowhere with no track record. there was absolutely nothing to criticize. he did not do anything. i cannot look in his 75 deals and say his secretary did not dot the i and he did something wrong. he did not do anything. i have never lived my life with a view towards running for office.
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when bad things are said about me, and i am sure they will be said, you have to remember that i am a successful businessman and not a politician. thank goodness. [applause] "business week" magazine which is now "bloomberg business week" -- where is the reporter from "business week"? stand up. that is not her. that is a beautiful woman. [laughter] "business week" magazine said in a vote of its readers that donald trump was the world's most competitive business person with bill gates being no. two and warren buffett being no. 3. steve forbes stated i was one
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of the greatest entrepreneurs in the history of free trade. [applause] that is something this country is not doing well in. considering the shape the united states is in now, we need a competitive and highly competent person to deal with what is going on. by the way, instead of china making $300 billion projected this year, instead of all these other companies and countries absolutely draining our money, we would not be having the kind of fight we're having in washington between the democrats and republicans. we would be having a much more thriving country.
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we would be doing great. you cannot have china taking our jobs and money, making our products. they do all of this and then they lomas money and we pay them interest. they manipulate our currency. i know how to stop this. they have a problem. they have loaned us money. i am doing very well. it does not matter. we hold the cards. they are manipulating their currencies. it is almost impossible for our companies to compete. we have all the cards. if we ever do anything to stop the tremendous inflow of cash, they are rebuilding their airports and bridges region when was the last time in this country that you saw a big bridge getting built? 50 years ago?
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when was the last time we saw an airport being built? we do not even fix them up. i landed at la guardia. i leave china or saudi arabia and it is like coming into a third world country when i land at la guardia. it is old, dirty, falling apart, disgusting. it is made out of rotted 2x4's. i go to qatar and is great. if these other countries can outsmart us, i am not angry at them. i am angry at our leaders for letting it happen.
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so i am in catarrh -- qatar and see the most beautiful airport i have ever seen. the manager is showing me around. you can get a massage before a flight. you can get anything. i say to the man the this is the most beautiful airport i have ever seen. he says it is just temporary. there is the airport where building. you have to be kidding. we're living like in a third- world country. it is all being done because of our leadership. it is so bad. [applause] i said on numerous occasions that we should watch china and opec and what they're doing.
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i bring this up because it is so sad. this could be taken care of. we have somali pirates taking over the largest tankers in the world. now we have germany wants to buy the new york stock exchange. i am all for free enterprise. i do not want germany owning the new york stock exchange. [applause] as a businessman, i of seen what china and opec have been doing while our politicians have chosen to cast a blind eye and have state dinners in their honor. we give him a state dinner and all he does is rip us off. we should have gone to mcdonald's. if i run and win, our country
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will be respected again. china, opec, and all the many nations ripping off this great country of ours will be dealt with very differently. [cheers and applause] obama used to go change and even he is embarrassed by the word. i want you to know where i stand on different issues. i am pro-life. [applause] i am against gun-control. it is interesting, gun-control. the bad guys are going to have the guns. people that are good and
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wonderful will hear that they did not make enough income -- the bad guys are going to walk into your house with a gun. the bad guys are not going to get rid of the guns. it has never happened and never will. i am against gun-control. [applause] i will fight and get rid of obamacare. [cheers and applause] by the way, a quick side note, i always say i was really smart. if you believe obama should be giving his birth certificate, they make it like you have an i.q. of 13.
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i went to the best schools. the level of animosity even within our own party -- i heard carl rove on television. it was terrible. what he said was amazing. he was so against me because i am questioning. all i want to do is see this skies birth certificate -- is see this guy's birth certificate. [applause] republicans have to be careful about that. karl rove did not do well the last few years of bush administration. whether you like him or not, george bush gave us obama. i am not happy about it. we have a disaster on our hands.
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we have a man that will almost certainly go down and in history as the worst president. the other thing is that i will create jobs. i will bring jobs back home. when you want to find out if somebody used your credit card, do you know who answers the phone most likely? somebody from a foreign country, usually india. what is that all about? then they have incentives for doing business, outsourcing they call it, overseas. i was watching the other day ben bernanke. he was saying that job growth is slow. how can it be fast when china is making all of our products? how can be fast when kids are
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going to college. and then they want to move to china because that is the only place they can get a job? it is pretty sad. ok, a couple of words on foreign policy. i am watching things go on. we cannot afford education. we cannot afford to build a road, yet we are in iraq, afghanistan, and now libya. we do not want to change in regime. we want nothing to do with the regime, but we want them out. i can just imagine our soldiers and pilots asking what they mean. he says we're not going to be involved in regime change and then we want him out. nobody knows what the hell they're doing. gaddafi is winning. i see him writing through the streets waving at his people. it is amazing.
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really listen to this one. this is the thing i do not understand. in the old days, i would say bring them home. somebody said to bring them home. that is cool. listen for a second. this is somebody that has common sense and business sense. ready? in the old days when we won a war, we won a war. for thousands of years, you won. you keep the oil. you keep it. to the victor belong the spoils. now we go in and fight wars, hand over the keys after we are finished after years and years and trillions of dollars, we hand over the keys to people we do not know, do not trust, and in most cases do not like us. ofre spending billions
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dollars a week in iraq, afghanistan, and libya, and nobody even knows what our endgame is. i want this money to be spent rebuilding the united states. [cheers and applause] by the way, i am the strongest person on military spending and military strength. going over there is ridiculous. i gave an example in afghanistan. we build the roads and schools. they blow up the road and school. we then go back and rebuild the road and school. meanwhile, in alabama, florida, and new york, and everywhere else -- we cannot get any money. it is crazy.
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i am ok with globalization but not with countries making so much money that they are destroying us. we will change that. in new york, i know all the great business people. they are vicious and ruthless and horrible human beings in many cases. i want them negotiating for me. i do not want a diplomat. a diplomat is a person that studies hard. they learn how to be nice to people. i do not want nice people. [cheers and applause] what china does, they have a system that is different and tougher. what china does is from the time they are born, they send over their toughest, meanest, smartest people. they do not laugh or cry. they are tough and nasty. we have people that are just as
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tough and even smarter -- and i know them. why are we not using them to negotiate? i have a lot of japanese friends. i will say again even with all the press here. in japan, we have all this trouble. i was called by news outlet. they asked what i thought. for 30 years they have been ripping us off and taking advantage of us, but i still think we should help. don't i have a great heart? it is unbelievable what they got away with. that is okay. we should still help. ready? when we first entered iraq, many people said -- the smart people -- that we were going in
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because of the oil. remember? iraq has the second-largest oil wells in the world after saudi arabia. i do not know if you know that. iraq's great wealth. the second-largest oil wells in the world after saudi arabia. what turned out badly was that was not the case. after many years, like tenor 12, we have spent $1.5 trillion. if you want to have $1 million for governor's got to rebuild schools, you cannot get it. we spent $1.5 trillion. i never even heard the word trillion until two years ago. we do not hear billions anymore.
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if you need a million dollars to fix up a school, you cannot get it. we spent $1.5 trillion and more importantly, we lost thousands of brave soldiers and military personnel, not to mention the soldiers with one arm and no legs and problems. they're not even treated well with everything they did. that sounded scary. i am not surprised. that was obama. we spend all this money and lives, all of these wounded. we have decapitated the military power. for years, iraq and iran were back and forth. thousands of years, one goes
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this way, one goes that way. they start doing all sorts of things with the gases. it is a disaster. " one would have a victory. in the other. then they would sit back. we have decapitated the armies in iraq. iraq, within a short time after we leave -- iran will take over iraq. i have been told by very smart people that are already in the process of doing it. the problem will not even have to fire a shot. us and we stand cannot stand them. the are closer to the leaders of iraq than we are. as soon as we leave -- they do
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not want to mess with us. so i am saying very simply, and as sure as you are sitting there, that iraq within minutes after we leave will be taken over by iran. if that happens, all of those brave soldiers and military personnel that have died for our country not to mention the money that has been wasted. iran is going to take over the oil, which we all know. do you agree with me that iran will take it over as soon as we leave? if iran is going to take over the oil, we take it.
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[applause] by the way, it is estimated that they have 15 trillion dollars worth of oil in iraq. people do not realize how rich they are in terms of the oilfields. we give some to iraq. we pay back ourselves, plus some, of course. and also we payback great britain and the other nations that help us. they should be paid back to. in addition to paying ourselves back, i want to pay back the families of the soldiers who died. [applause] end you know what? if you gave them a couple of million dollars a piece, i tell you what. it is peanuts compared to what you are talking about. it is nothing. nothing can ever replace their
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husband or sun, but at least this can help a little bit. you are talking about literally peanuts. in other words, we do not fight a war, hand over the keys to somebody who hates us -- we go to afghanistan, we fight a little while, our kids get blown up, and then we leave. we win, but we do not win. they are all saying very strongly, very very strongly -- >> [shouting] >> there is no public government. it was supposed to be our government, but it is not working out. that is the problem we have in this country, people like this. [applause]
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not as far as libya is concerned, we do not have any policy in libya. we do not know what we are doing in libya. we have no idea. we have no idea who the rebels are. it sounds great. i hear the rebels are from iran. i hear they are al qaeda. i hear there is lots of problems with the rebels. i am only interested in libya if we get the oil. if we are not going to get the oil, no interest whatsoever. [applause] now, very interesting. the arab league -- this is one of the great moments in the history of the united states, from an embarrassment standpoint. france led the charge, first time ever. obama could not even give us that privilege of being first. the arab league, composed of
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saudi arabia and the richest nations in the world, asked us to go in and read them of gaddafi, who they do not like. why aren't they paying us for this? why didn't we ask them for payment? they would have paid whenever we wanted. if i had said, "we want $5 billion," that is nothing for these people. i just told you the airport story. that is nothing for these people. they should pay us. we are already into libya for hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars, like we are in there for so much. hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. unbelievable. will be breaking the sacred barriers very soon, and what are we doing it for? with all the problems we have here, why are we doing this? it was recently reported that china's economy grew at a far
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higher rate, and they said they are not doing so well. 9.8% in the fourth quarter. would we like that just 4 1/4? because we are stagnant. we are like nothing. 9.8%. and those numbers, i could not believe them. the fact is, this happened again because of all of the business that are getting from the world, but mostly from the united states because of manipulation. we are fast becoming a country of broken dreams. i hear this all the time. it really is a very serious matter. i am very strong on concise borders. we either have a country or we do not. [applause] but one thing i have never, ever heard -- that is achievement.
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i know incredible people from south america, from europe, from asia. they cannot get into the country. they went to the best colleges. the went to our colleges. they want to work and great jobs. we don't let them in. and yet, i have had some many people begging me because they think i know all the senators -- it is impossible to get them in. you come from europe, you come from latin america, you graduate with master's degrees, you cannot come into this country. but sadly, if you are a criminal, a sex offender, a rapist, a murderer -- somebody who has never achieved anything, and you run across the border, the state in our country, in some cases with benefits, and never leave. what is going on? [applause]
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despite what you hear from washington, and this is going to be the big problem because they have so weakened the dollar -- despite what you here in washington, inflation is rampant. food prices had their biggest increase since 1974. 1974. that would be nothing compared to what is going to happen to you at the gasoline pump. gasoline prices have gone up 67% since obama took office two years ago. rising gas prices will absolutely killed any movement of the economy. that is the blood of the economy. the 67% -- i got that statistic four weeks ago. now it is higher. between are pathetically weak dollar and our president's inability to rein in the opec nations, fuel prices will be hitting levels never even dreamt
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of before. good luck, folks, when you want to take a nice ride with your wife or your husband. clothing and all other goods you will be buying moviegoing through the roof. cotton is probably the worst thing that has happened anywhere. it is unbelievable what has happened to cotton prices, which is clothing. yet you speak to president obama and he will tell you that inflation is under control. where is he living? the truth is, he lives in the world of make-believe, in my opinion. even the fact that he became president is the world of make- believe. how is that? [applause] obama is unwilling or unable to show his birth certificate. he had lousy marks in school and he got into harvard on a scholarship. explain that one.
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i have friends that have kids that have always that cannot get into harvard. the cannot get into wharton either, which i am proud to tell you. but he got into harvard. >> how about israel? >> she is saying how about israel. how about israel? i have so many jewish friends that have supported obama, and i say are you crazy? there is never been anyone worse for israel than obama. [applause] i mean, thank you. stand up. take a bout. there has never been any president worse to israel. and yet all my friends said i should come to a fund-raiser for obama. why would you have a fund-raiser for obama? you don't talk to me.
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anyway. he did one deal in his life. that was a real estate deal to purchase the expansion of his house at below fair market value from a monster and campaign contributor and one of his best friends, who ended up going to jail. and obama was hardly even looked at. his name is tony rezkin. if anybody in the audience did what he did, you would be somewhere else. how he is getting away with that and this birth certificates kim -- this whole thing is incredible. a couple of little things. you people are worse than i am. bill aires.
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should i do it? you are my people. i love you. he was a bad guy. he was a terrorist. but he was obama's best friend. obama dropped all of his best friends. i have to finish with this. he buys a house. we all know about houses, right? he buys a house lot, just a lot. obama wants to make a larger room in his house. so if he sells below market bellevue a chunk of the back of it. what does that do? it ruins the lot. no one is going to buy it. how come the back of my lott is gone? where is it?
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your senator is on it. he buys this trunk. if you think about it, not only was it under market, but he rendered the rest of the piece of land useless. and when i heard that, i said, "that is the end of him." nothing. he is president of the united states. can you believe this? baill -- bill aires -- i did not want to do it because i did not want to get wordy, as obama would say. he is a bad guy, a terrorist. but he is a genius. there has been a long controversy about obama's first book. who wrote it? bill aires came out recently and said, because if he dropped him
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like he did the legendary rev. right -- wright. what happened is, bill aires -- i wrote the biggest selling business book of all time. virtually all of my books were best sellers. someone number one. i know a lot about books. the man that wrote the second book made a big mistake. the man that wrote the second book did not write the first book. the first book was written by ernest hemingway. the second book was written by a high school graduate. the difference was like a chicken salad and chickenshit, ok? [applause] and yet, and yet, and yet, if you think about it, without that first book, which he did not
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write -- there is no way that he wrote that first book. there is no way. because we know he wrote the second book. he wrote the second book. there is no way the man that wrote the second book wrote the first book. here is the story. if he does not write the first book, and if the first book is not brilliant, if it is not brilliant, he is not president. because his whole aura was caused by the genius of the first book, which was written by bill aires. so it is very, very said. forget soros. leave him alone. he has enough problems.
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it is hard to believe what has happened. it is hard to believe obama became president, not because of race, not because of color, not because of anything, but because of all the things we do not know about. why did he spend millions of dollars trying to get out of the birth certificate issue? why is it his grandmother said he was born in kenya and 51 seconds later it was like, "i mean" -- how did this happen? he got the nobel peace prize. he got the nobel peace prize. just think about it. al gore was a big step above. our country has so many bad
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issues. three wars. an economy that is terrible. rampant inflation that our leaders refused to a college. an infrastructure that is crumbling, and many more problems. in places like china, india, saudi arabia, and many others, the are building airports, bridges. it is the most unbelievable sight. there is a crane on every corner. we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. we do not use it. we are a country that actually, despite what everyone thinks -- we have a lot of oil. we do not let people drill. we have a call. we have oil. we have lots of different things. we do not let our people use it. it all has to do with what is going on. it all has to do with your
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leadership. it all has to do with the person on top. the ice skating rink in central park is a good example of what can be done in the free market. the city of new york spent eight years and $21 million -- you probably do not remember it. the weather is not as nice. $21 million, and were unable to get the rink open. it was a political nightmare and a great embarrassment to the city. i asked to take over the project. i had kids. i could not take the ice skating. i asked to take over the project. after four months and $1.80 million, a big portion in demolishing the incompetent work that was done -- today, it is a case study. i did it in four months. it took them in eight years.
1:19 am
i did it for $1.8 million. just a little local story, because you know this. fairly recently, down the road in palm beach, i bought a house in bankruptcy court for $41 billion. isn't that the kind of deal this country needs? making good deals is how the country thrives. that is why you see all these countries that are thriving because they have so much money they can build airports, schools, hospitals, and all the things we need. you need that kind of thinking.
1:20 am
whether it is me or somebody else, you must have that kind of thinking. it is imperative. we cannot continue to go on like this. if i decide to run, and if i win, i will not be raising taxes. but i will be taking in billions of dollars from other countries and will be creating vast numbers of productive jobs. and we will rebuild our country. the united states will be great again. thank you all. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011]
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>> president obama was in chicago on thursday, raising funds for his 2012 reelection campaign. he made appearances at two private fund-raisers and then delivered a speech at the navy pier. this is about 30 minutes. >> even as we are all excited about what the future holds for chicago under its new mayor, we also of his predecessor, my chief of staff's big brother, a huge debt of gratitude.
1:22 am
give it up for richard daley. i can tell you that i like to tease rahm and joke about him. this is a guy who stepped into one of the toughest jobs in washington. there may not be tougher jobs. he stood by my side every step of the way. i have seen how he has performed under pressure. i have seen the kind of commitment he has to the american people. you guys make a good choice. he is going to be a great mayor. i am proud to call him my friend. [applause]
1:23 am
i see friends everywhere, people i have been knowing for a long time. it is good to be home. it is good to be home. this is the city where i fell in love. this is the city where i got my start in politics 25 years ago, working with churches on the south side to bring jobs to the jobless and hope to the hopeless. this is where i stood with so many of you in grant park, almost 2.5 years ago, when we showed the world that all things are possible in the united states of america. [applause]
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this is where we are going to be basing the 2012 campaign, back in chicago. this is the first time in modern history that a city -- a sitting president has based a reelection campaign outside of washington. but i decided i do not want our campaign to be just hearing all the pundits and the power brokers. i want our campaign to be here, because you guys are the ones who got me started. [applause] i see people in this audience who supported me when nobody could pronounce my name. i see folks who supported me when i ran for congress and got a beat down, and then helped
1:25 am
nurse me back to health. one of the things i have seen again and again over the last couple of years is a conversation in washington that is very different from the conversation around kitchen tables and office coolers. among the to make sure that our campaign was rooted in your hopes and rooted in your dreams. i want to make sure we are putting the campaign in your hands, in the same hands, the same organizers, the same volunteers who proved the last time that together ordinary folks can do extraordinary things. that is what this campaign is about. [applause] we are all bit older. some of us are a little bit grayer.
1:26 am
[laughter] i will let michelle know you said that. but all of us can remember that night in grant park, the excitement on the street, the sense of hope, the sense of possibility. yet even as we celebrate, you remember what i said back then? i said our work was not ended. o work was just beginning. because while it was clear that i was going to have a full plate going into election-year, i would be lying if i said a new hopeful that play would be. it has been a little fuller than we imagined. we took office in the middle of the worst recession in our
1:27 am
lifetimes. it left millions of americans without jobs. you have folks losing their homes. a recession so bad that many families are still grappling with the aftershocks, even though the economy is growing again. but the economy is growing again. we are creating jobs again. over the last four months, we have seen the largest drop in unemployment since 1984. over the last 13 months, we have added nearly 2 million private- sector jobs. that did not happen by accident. it happened because we made some tough choices. we saved the american auto industry. they said it could not be done. there were some folks who were going to write it off. but now gm is hiring back every single worker they laid off, and
1:28 am
everyone of the big three american automakers are making a profit once again. that is because of the tough choices we made, because of the work you did getting into office. because of you, we're able to prevent another great depression. because of you, we are making the most meaningful education reforms in a generation. because of you, we overcame the status quo and reform will street, making sure we got some of the toughest consumer protections, so you will not get cheated when you apply for a mortgage or take out a credit card.
1:29 am
because of you, we did make sure that everybody in the society of ours -- if you get sick, you do not have to get bankrupt. if you get sick, you do not have to mortgage your house. if your child has a pre-existing condition, that is still going to be cared for, because we passed health care reform that provided coverage to every american. [applause] because of the new, we were able to rein in the worst abuses of the health-care industry. because of you, not here in the united states of america are we going to have people who are on the streets because they get sick. along the way, we did a few other things. we signed into law the willie
1:30 am
ledbetter bill, that women need to get paid the same as men for the same kind of work. [applause] we finally overturned the injustice of don't ask, don't tell, and said that everybody can serve their country. they don't have to lie to serve the country they love. we put two women on the supreme court, including the first latina justice. we brought back 100,000 troops from iraq and ended are combat mission there, because we knew that it was time.
1:31 am
and along the way, we had to do with pirates. [laughter] who thought we were going to have to deal with pirates? that was not in my campaign platform. pandemic, earthquakes. don't forget oil spills. the hopeless and anticipation we all felt that night in grant park -- we needed to resume america's standing in the world. we signed a historic arms control agreement, secured nuclear materials.
1:32 am
that is why we are on the right side of history now throughout the middle east, because we believe in preventing innocence from getting slaughtered. we believe in human rights for all people. [applause] that is why we have taken the fight to al qaeda. that is why we are still working in iraq to make sure that transitions to a peaceful democracy. that is why we are taking care of those veterans when they come home, because that is a sacred obligation that we have. [applause] here is the point, chicago. we faced an extraordinarily are -- an extraordinary array of challenges at home and around the world. we would not have made any of this progress if it had not been for you. i grew up here in chicago.
1:33 am
i was not born here. [laughter] let us be clear. i was born in hawaii. [applause] [laughter] but i became a man here in chicago. and a lot of the people who are here today, the values, the ideals, my beliefs, my core convictions about what makes america great were forged here. because it is here, in this incredibly diversity, -- diverse city, that people from every
1:34 am
creed and color, from farm towns and inner-city neighborhoods somehow come together, immigrants from all around the world. it is here that i am reminded about why america is so great. it is not the size of our skyscrapers. it is about the size of our gdp. it is the fact that we are able to keep 2 below ideas together at the same time. one says that we are all individuals, in doubt with certain inalienable rights and liberties, and that we are self- reliant and do not want folks telling us what to do. that is part of being an individual. it is so important to us. but we also have this idea that we are all in this together, that we look out for one another.
1:35 am
that i am my brother's keeper, i and my sister's keeper. but i want to make sure that child on the south side or the west side or out in dalton -- that they have the same opportunity that i have had, and that i am looking after them not out of charity, but because my life is richer. my life is better when the people around me are happy and the people around me have a shot at the american dream. and those values that all of you helped to form in the -- i carry those with me to the white house. i wake up every day with them, and i go to bed every night with them. i am thinking about you. and when i read those letters every night from constituents all across the country, and they
1:36 am
talk about what it is like to send up 16 was amazed and not get an answer back -- send out 16 resumes and not get an answer back, and the worry of not being able to take care of their kids, a child running a letter that their parents are losing their home and is there anything i can do. when i am thinking about those things, i am also thinking back here, thinking back home, about what you have taught me. that campaign in 2008 -- it was not my campaign. it is your campaign. it was about your best instincts, your best impulses, your vision for america that is more fair, more just, and more equal, and has opportunities for everybody, regardless of color, regardless of race, regardless of creed, regardless of religion, regardless of sexual orientation.
1:37 am
if you have not knocked down all those doors, if you have not called all your friends back in 2008, i would not be here. but we did not come here tonight just to go down memory lane. we did not come here tonight just to pat ourselves on the back. we came here tonight because we know that for all the progress we have made, we still have business to do. we are not finished. the only way we are going to finish is the same way we began this journey, and that is together. weird when you have to keep on working. together, we have to make sure any american who is looking for work can find a job that pays the bills. we have to make sure that hard- working families that are doing everything right are not falling behind in getting ahead. we have to reclaim the american dream for all americans. that is the change we still
1:38 am
believe in. that is what i think about every single day. that is our no. star. that is our destination. we are not there yet. with your help, we can keep america on track. with your help, we will attract new jobs and new businesses to our shores. we will make sure america is not just competing, but we are competing to win in this economy. we're going to make sure all our kids are ready for college, because a world-class education is the single most important factor in whether america succeeds in the 21st century. [applause] with your help, we can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure -- not just our roads and bridges, but our rail lines and communications networks. with your help, we can continue to invest in cutting edge
1:39 am
medical research, breakthrough technology, and finally have an energy policy that makes sure our entire economy is not subject to $4 or $5 a gallon gas, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and clean up the planet in the process, so we to bequeath to our children the kind of planet we inherited. with your help, we can out educate, out innovate, and out compete the rest of the world. and we can only do all of this if we get our fiscal issues under control. i give a speech about this yesterday. [applause] when i was running for president, i talked about a new era of responsibility in this country, and part of that means restoring some common sense
1:40 am
about our federal finances, restoring fiscal discipline in washington, living within our means. last week, we were able to prevent a government shutdown. the reason we were able to do it was because we agreed to spending cuts, but we insisted on protecting investments in things like education and medical research. but now we have to rein in this long-term deficit and deal with this long-term debt, because it threatens our financial stability. we will not be able to do all those good things if we do not get our fiscal house in order. but if we do not deal with these issues, all the issues we care about are not going to be able to be solved -- educating our kids, caring for our sick, looking after our report -- all of that will be threatened. yesterday, i tried to lay out a vision for how we could act
1:41 am
responsibly. we need to build on the compromises we made last week. but we cannot compromise on our investments to grow, investments we need to create jobs. we have to reform defense spending. we have to reform health care spending. but we are not going to sacrifice our fundamental commitment we made to one another through medicare, medicaid, and social security, the safety net for our people. [applause] we need to bring some balance to our tax code. back in december, i agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, as much as i dislike it, because it was the only way to prevent a tax hike on the middle class. but the fact is we cannot afford one trillion dollars of tax cuts for folks like me. not now. now when so many other americans
1:42 am
are struggling. now when our deficits are so high. i think americans like michelle and me have been blessed. this country has given so much to us. we can afford to do a little bit more to make sure that every child in this country has an opportunity and every senior is kept safe. that is our vision for america. we have a big vision of a compassionate america and a caring america, and an ambitious america, not a small america. it is a vision where we're living within our means but still investing in our people, where everyone make sacrifices, no one bears all the burden, where we live up to the idea that no matter who we are or what we look like, no matter whether our ancestors landed on ellis island, came here on slave
1:43 am
ships, are crossed the rio grande -- we are connected to one another. in this country, you are my brother. we rise and fall together. that is the idea at the heart of america. that is why we want to keep fighting for immigration reform. we cannot have a nation that forgets its immigrant roots. we can have a nation that is a nation of laws, but also a nation of forgiveness. this idea of bringing everyone together and making sure that everybody is contributing, everybody is responsible, but everybody also looks out for one another -- that is the idea at the heart of her last campaign. that is the idea of heart of this campaign. that is the idea of the heart of america. this is not my campaign. this is your campaign.
1:44 am
[applause] and, you know, i have to tell you -- there is going to come a time when i will fully engage in this race. when the time comes, i will be campaigning. i will be ready to go. but i have to tell you right now, i still have this day job. that is why i am going to need your help, now more than ever. this campaign is still in its early stages. but now is the time when you can help shape it, and make sure it goes out of the gate strong. let me tell you -- i am a little
1:45 am
ding up. -- dinged up. i know there are times where some of you have felt frustrated because we of had to compromise with the republicans on some issues. people are frustrated because we did not get everything done in the first two years. there have been times when i have felt the same way you do. but you know what? we knew this would not be easy. we knew that on a journey like this there were going to be setbacks. the boy to be detours. there would be times were used number -- where you stumble. we also knew that at every juncture in our history when our future was on the line, when we were at a crossroads like we are now, the country came together. we were able to make the changes
1:46 am
we needed. that is what earlier generations did in lexington, concord, so much, stonewall. it is what you did in the corn fields in iowa. that is what i need each and every one of you to remember and to one more time, not for me, but for us, for the future we hold in common, for the better days that lie ahead, so whenever you hear the people say our problems are too big to solve or we cannot bring about the changes we seek, i want you to think about all the progress we have already made. i want you to think about the opportunities that lie ahead. i want you to be excited about the future that lies before us. and i want to remind you and i want you to remind everybody else of those simple words that sum up what we believe as a people. yes with him.
1:47 am
-- yes we can. [applause] thank you. [applause] go bulls. [applause]
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epssic: "your love kepp lifting me" (higher and higher), jackie wilson]
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>> delaware, a brief look at some of the possible republican presidential candidates from 2012, from today's "washington's
1:54 am
chore -- washington journal." host: 6 for being with us. let me begin by asking. for -- the era of activity of statements -- it seems like there was an uptick over the last five or seven days. days. guest: i think the snow started to recede up here, steve. that may be one reason. it's interesting you bring up barber. he's the subject of today's front page story in the sunday news. he has a take on afghanistan that i haven't seen from republican candidates before. that is that he seriously questions the policy why we are there. host: and that, of course, is diametrically opposed to what john mccain and george bush talked about in 2008. guest: absolutely. and as i said, i met with several of the republican candidates. and none of them have been as strong, if they've taken that
1:55 am
position at all, as barber. but we've had pawlenty, santorum, etc. it's getting closer i think our primary schedule for early february. people are testing the waters. but one of their concerns is ms. palin, that you had on the screen a little while ago, and whether she's going to get in and whether huckabee will get in. so it's still an unformed field. host: we check in with you from time to time. on camera enoff camera. this year florida trying to move its primary potentially to january 31. what is in the state constitution in new hampshire? and what would an earlier florida primary mean for new hampshire in 2012? guest: well, state law pretty much gives the secretary of state, a gentleman named william gardner, the ability to set the primary wherever he thinks it is -- needs to be set so that it doesn't jeopardize the first in
1:56 am
the nation's status that's been refined over the years. at the moment i don't get the feeling up here that there's a lot of concern about florida. there's been some talk in recent weeks that they may move back. i do think they're in a stronger position than some other contenders to the throne because of the strength of their republican population and that they're supposed to have the convention there. i imagine things will work out. if they don't, we'll have you up for thanksgiving, steve. host: and we will be there. we were there for christmas last go-around. a link to the "union leader" website is available on spec on he was in new hampshire last wednesday and thursday. jamal simmons is here, as well, with a question. guest: good morning mr. mcquaid.
1:57 am
>> good morning. guest: i look forward to getting back the next year or so. what's the role of the tea party in new hampshire? is there a strong tea party contingent there? have they started to move from one to another? >> as far as candidates go, i think they are like a lot of republicans which tea party people really are, like a lot of republicans, still sorting it out among the candidates i think a lot of them have, you know, a love affair with governor palin, were she to get in. but otherwise it's pretty well distributed. host: leslie sanchez is also here, joe mcquaid with a question. guest: yes, sir. and you raised it yourself. a lot of people are curious how the attitude is toward governor palin and what has happened in the last few years,
1:58 am
kind of watching her popularity. how do you feel that new hampshire feels about her today? >> well, i think if she got in the race, she would be one of the top three people in the race because of the name recognition and issues. i see no indication that she's coming to new hampshire. and if she doesn't come to new hampshire, i don't think she's in the race. host: and joe mcquaid, let me ask you about governor mitch daniels, the governor of indiana, former o.m.d. director in the bush administration. he has announced that he will make his decision sometime in early or mid may. if you have somebody like him who has not made the effort like a mitt romney or others in this cycle, does that help or hurt him? >> i think because it's such a late start, mid may, june, july, is not going to hurt a candidate with street cred like a city governor. we've got ambassador huntsman
1:59 am
coming up here next month to address southern new hampshire university's commencement. he's just now getting a couple of people started here. i think it's a wide open race. host: he's also going to be in south carolina. let's see, south carolina follows new hampshire. he'll be delivering a commencement speech there in may. joe mcquaid, the publisher of "the union leader." when will you come out with your endorsement for 20912 candidate -- 2 2012 candidate? >> next, remarks by haley barbour. after that, a house hearing on the management of arlington national cemetery. national cemetery.


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