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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  November 21, 2011 12:30am-2:00am EST

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>> on behalf of the house and parliament, i thank you for your address in the depth of the message it contained. as a leader of a close ally, you have been received as a most welcome trend. especially as we commemorate the formal alliance. as an individual, you inspire us all as a symbol of what we can achieve. you remind us of what we ought to achieve. as a former senator, i know you are pleased that we have the president with us and our colleagues. in thanking the president of the senate and senators, i thank you for aspiring in of them the
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appropriate behavior of the grandeur of the occasion dictated. [laughter] i wish you a successful and enjoyable remainder of your stay in australia and success in your travels in the region. i hope that you have a safe return a pan home. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011]
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x, and look at the iowa republican party's ronald reagan dinner where rick perry talked about his plan to overhaul government. the remarks by political leaders. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you. you may be seated.
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please stand. it is my pleasure to introduce our leader, the chairwoman of the republican party, i do the davidson. >> thank you. welcome to our third annual ronald reagan dinner. i would like to think our featured guest for joining us tonight. it was an honor to talk to the governor this summer as the call me when he was making a run for the presidency. he wanted to know what the band of politics was. he was planning to come up here and shake things up a bit. i think you'd agree that he has.
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he said he was looking forward to coming up to scott county to shake my hand. it is my privilege to welcome me to scott county and to shake your hand. to each of you for coming in support of scott county republicans. adjustor your generation and we are able to provide the activities that support our candidates. since our last dinner, a great things have happened. we had great success in 2010 elections starting with the top of the tickets. there is a 52% margin. we also carried our secretary of
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state. we took all the reseat even with three democrats running. we took over a democratic policy, reelected our republican representatives and elected a need center. here's some other interesting statistics. enjoy your salads. when the compare the last non presidential election of 2006 to 2010, and democrats outnumbered republicans by 1500 vote spin democrats outnumbered republicans straight party to give voters by 4500. in 2010, we narrowed that gap to
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only 348. on election day, our volunteers made 11,000 calls. i'm happy to report that republican registrations are higher than this time. some may say that this is due to the current political climate. that may have played a role. there are other counties that have not shared similar results. the success is not only a jury did to great candidates but also due to the number of new programs and activities instituted by the county party and dedication of great volunteers.
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we have been busy building upon the success. they have been taking video of many activities the past few years. yes? later. sorry. we will show a video of activities that have been happening. and would like to introduce a greater people that i of the privilege of working with. serving as our three vice chairs, can all stand?
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melissa as undersecretary and has taken on the role that we have established. where are you? brian is our immediate past chair. she serves as our treasure. he still serves a vital role. they devote an incredible amount of time. i ask that you join me in a great round of applause.
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and now a word about a little gathering that we are having. all 63 of our sites have been confirmed. they will be listed this. in 2008 we had about 4700 voters. this year we are expecting a record turnout. this gives us over 7000 voters. i would encourage you to get here early. and yet never intended a caucus before, we have posted an information about everything you've ever wanted to know. as we embark on this critical election year, and by you to get involved as you bring us to
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victory freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. the dinky would agree with me that this is especially relevant today. i thank you all for your support as you work together to ensure that our freedom is never extinct. thank you. >> thank you. please, enjoy your dinner. we will resume the program and 20 minutes. >> we will restart the program. continue to enjoy your dinner.
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but we know he can hear ok. as the microphone picking anything up? i'm the finance chairman. i want to think many people for the success of tonight's dinner. the mayor elect is here. representative tom will be with us tonight.
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we appreciate the service. a big thanks to the davenport string quartet. they provided the chamber music before. it never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent we have with the young people. and want to thank our republican executive committee. carol crane who heads the women's convention. jane murphy and many other of
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the folks. we appreciate for all you do. this is the third year we had a ronald reagan dinner. we have more than 300 people in attendance. we come to mark this of the premier events. this is a wonderful event. we appreciate your support. i also want to thank the members. we raised $20,000 for the
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parties. this is the fuel that is propelling our momentum. it is paying off. it paid out in 2010. being a political fund-raiser reminds me of the old joke. we have lots of money in the county party. we have every time we needed to win the elections. there are three great opportunities for you to do this. these are items their actio auctioning off. do not feel shy about moving up another 10 are $15 to win. we have a new opportunity this
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year. we are hosting a raffle. what is the big prize? [inaudible] you and your family and friends can enjoy a week's vacation and this 6 belgium 3.5 back to retreat. they done it a week's stay at the lodge. this really was the playground. it was surrounded by the hiking trail and lakes. all this will be selling tickets
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this evening and beyond. we take credit cards this year. it is classic. finally, the centerpieces, thank you for donating those tonight. aren't they fantastic? and pastures, which had request about it. can we take it home? you can for only a $10 donation. that is your third opportunity. you can purchase these there. it is great of attendees for you to support. where we raising record sums of ?oney stack
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it'll be settled in eastern iowa. if eastern iowa votes republican, we will celebrate a great victory. they can keep the college for the democrats. it is no mystery or accident that president obama has been to scott county twice in recent months. do you think that just happened? no. our opponents none of this is the battleground. do you remember when john kerry and george w. bush showed up on davenport? 3 banks are held up on the other side of town? my point is they know it'll be
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that type of election. it will come down to what happens in places like scott county. republicans are united. president obama will take that avenue protest off to harvard yard. we're going to have a new republican president perrin it is with that resolved that we gathered tonight at the ronald reagan dinner to celebrate the man knew laughed at are you better off today than you were four years ago? here in scott county, you're probably aware of this. we consider ronald reagan one of our town. he was born across the river in and illinois.
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this is the time we had in california. these of the values we pride. he understood what america was really all about. it is with great pride and humility that we hear on the hundredth anniversary of the birthday of ronald reagan gather.
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>> he worked as an actor. >> a spokesman is ronald reagan. >> good evening. february 6, 2011 marks the day president reagan would have turned 100 years old. this moment is a historic opportunity to remember the lives, lessons, and legacies. >> to limit ourselves to small dreams. >> he believed america's best days lie ahead. >> those who say we are in a time when there are no heroes, they do not know where to look.
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>> there is confidence and optimism. >> we would like to do a better job of getting the ones that america is in there. it is a freedom that is special and rare. >> ronald reagan stood for time as beliefs. these are memories that must be handed down for future generations to do the same. >> if your parents have not been teaching what it means to be american, let them know. >> he also never failed to see the humor and life.
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>> i buy myself for the first time in a long time beyond prime time. >> i will not exploit for political purposes of my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> >> he is in the second grade in the riverside school. he said i would hope you will get well quicker you'll make a speech in your pajamas. >> we knew ronald reagan as president as the great communicator. >> it is the content. i was not a great communicator.
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this came from the hearts of our experience. and are believed in the principles of have guided us for two centuries. >> he believes in democracy and freedom. >> we knew that some things are worth dying for. and democracy is worth dying for because it is the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man. >> he tirelessly fought communism to create a better world. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> he believed in america and americans. he led us to have faith in our strengths and confidence and our nation. >> as long as we remember our first principles, the future
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will always be hours. >> when to begin the move, there's no telling where it will end. >> we remember most the president reagan inspired freedom and change the world. >> it is in that spirit that we gather to hear from some great republican leaders. match was here three years ago we had our first ronald reagan dinner. he is here tonight. he made the republican dinners. it is pretty impressive.
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he said i will go on run for this. he was one of those candidates who worked extremely hard and carried a message about restoring the integrity requiring that we have those to vote. please join me in giving a republican welcome to our secretary of state. >> it is wonderful being with you tonight thank you for our your hard work. scott county is a republican county. i want to thank all of you for your hard work.
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gemma is my chief deputy. i am a iowa graduate. they give me a great support. i appreciate all they do. we had quite a year. my wife and i had our third child peering we found out that god blessed us with another one. in february, we had our fourth child. we had quite an experience.
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this video really touched me. it reminds me of why i am a republican. i was born in 1979. my father was a democrat. he switched parties that year. i was a little kid perrin and the oldest of five boys. to be shoveling in the spaghetti and other food, try to get as much as we could. we would see the president on the news. i hear my father talking about how great ronald reagan is. it is because of ronald reagan that i am here today.
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but we give all say that. ronald reagan fought for freedom. i know i start to sound like a broken record. yet to show an idea to open a checking account and to buy a beer, wine not when you vote? >> our freedom is based on voter integrity. what do we have debt to someone could change the system, there occurred a cheat the system, we have a problem. we're fighting for other reforms. our bill got stalled in the
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senate. it was not his fault. it got stalled because the iowa democrats will not let it out of committee. we need a vote. we need your help. you need to talk to your friends and family. signup to become a friend on facebook or follow us on twitter. please, do your part. if we do not do this, we will not seek photo at is a vacation pass here in iowa. photo id pass here in iowa. this should not be installed in any part of the legislature. i want to encourage you to take an active role in iowa caucuses. there's a reason we are first in
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the nation. we take this seriously. i just ask you to continue to do that. so we can prove that we care about who is president of the united states. thank you so much. have a great night. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your tremendous service. if this trip to have a republican secretary of state. we have many goals in 2012. certainly going to want to add to our majority. we have certain races at the majority level. one thing we still do not have is the republican congressmen. we were redistricting la tely. we havewe have carried this cour the bulk of 2010 for congress.
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we have to do that in 2012 and lead the way for the rest in the second congressional district. we have a couple of the candidates running for this. we will give you a chance to get to know them a little bit. i will go in alphabetical order. first up is john. come up here to introduce yourself. [applause] >> thank you very much. good evening. it is a pleasure to be here. it is an honor to be here involved in this third annual ronald reagan dinner. my wife and i have been involved since its inception. we appreciate being a part of it. as many of you know, brian and
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they put many hours in preparing this. i want is a key to everyone who has spent the time and energy organizing this wonderful event. thank you very much. if you're not a member of the lincoln club, we have been involved in numerous initiatives and have brought many candidates, including all the presidential candidates, just about all of them here to scott county. please consider joining the lincoln club. gov. perry, thank you so much for being here. i know it is a very important time for you right now. we appreciate that. time is short. i want to get to our formal remarks. on january 11, 1989, in his farewell address to the nation, ronald reagan spoke as he did throughout an entire political career, a shining city.
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he called a proud city that was built on rocks stronger than the oceans, windswept, and god bless. -- blessed. now it is crumbling under $15 trillion of death -- debt and the erosion of the freedoms that this country was founded upon. freedom of taxation, freedom from regulation, and freedom from litigation. it is time we secure the crumbling foundation and restore our shining city to its proper place as the world's greatest country. i do not want to tell my children, and i do not want carroll to tell her children years from now that there was a time when america was great. i want my children -- that there was not a time when america was
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great. i want our children to experience american exceptionally some themselves. how are we going to shore of this foundation in compete globally? first, in less than one year, we will elect a new president of the united states. [applause] at the same time, we will elect the fiscal and social conservative to represent the people of the second district. [applause] with your support, i will be your innate -- your next united states congressman. reagan [applause] talked about peace through strength. he was not only talking about military strength but also economic strength. i will not dwell on military strength, except to say that people still exists in the world today. as many of you know, i ran
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developing a nuclear weapon. evil still exist. we must be prepared. today, economically, we are at a tipping point. unemployment is above 9%. consumer uncertainty is at an all-time high. large and small businesses have no idea what is coming around the next quarter. as a matter of fact, i would argue that the administration itself does not know what they are doing. christmas tree tax, no christmas tree tax. they do not have their act together. what will it take? less regulation. i know firsthand working for one of the world's greatest businesses, john deere and that dog frank single -- effective job creation. odd-frank.peal daughter fran
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[applause] what the nlb did to boeing is unamerican. they said when, where, how they can manufacture airplanes. nancy pelosi just the other day said they should unionize or shut down -- or boeing should shut it down. your current congressman voted 90% of the time with nancy pelosi. we must eliminate the newly created consumer by nature protection bureau. we must repeal obama care. [applause] the united states supreme court might do that for us. finally, we must rein in the state department. what they did recently by
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delaying the keystone pipeline is unacceptable. they have destroyed american jobs, and they have created a hindrances to american energy independence. i think it is time for freddie mac and fannie mae to be retired. [applause] so indra -- solyndra, millions of taxpayer dollars gone. i can relate to this. oversight has to be applied. when i am elected to congress, i will bring tried and true business principles to congress. we will streamline government, make it more efficient, and
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eliminate fraud, and eliminate waste. two other points. [applause] we must lower taxes. america has the second highest court press -- corporate tax rates in the world, only trailing japan. we must live with that. we must be able to compete on a global basis. we must allow those corporations that have trillions of dollars overseas to repatriate that money, 0%, bring money home, invest in america, invest in southeast iowa, and create jobs here at home. [applause] and finally, energy independence. i work for john deere. we use a lot of energy. governor, the state of texas has shell gas, a game changer.
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we must allow those entities that want to drill for natural gas to drill for natural gas. we must be energy independence by 2020 if we have the resolve and put our minds to it, we can do this. that is why i advocate for and -- all of the above energy policies. we must drill now. we can do it if we put our minds to it. that is how you create jobs here in america, reduce taxes, energy independence, get government out of our lives. all politics is local as one person stated. if elected to congress, and will spend as much time in the second district as i possibly can fighting with every fiber of my body to create a climate where we can create jobs and return jobs to iowa.
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when elected, i will make washington, d.c. as inconsequential in your life as possible. thank you very much. god bless you all and god will bless america. [applause] >> the second candidate that is scott. here he comes. he is in west des moines. >> thank you very much. a great event. this is my first one here. i have been to the other one twice. ronald reagan was a wonderful
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president. he has really helped the republican party and meet in where i am going in the future. i usually do not prepare a speech but speak from my heart. i can go on and on about what is going wrong in washington. there are several apartments we want to get rid of. energy. [applause] there are so many departments in washington and the federal government that we have to disband. my personal background, i have been doing this for 30 years. and applying cost savings. i have travelled throughout all of iowa to bring back revenue to the bottom line. most of the rural hospitals in the state of iowa earn one of 3%
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profit margin. i save $330 they do not have to lose in income. i know what it takes to run a business. i know what it takes to get the job done. if i had the authority to go to washington, within one year i could erase $1 trillion in spending. i know where to look. i know how to find it. they talk about fraud constantly. mainly one congressman senator that is talking about eliminating fraud anywhere. it is close to $1 trillion and it is the front itself. we do not know how much is there, because we do not look at it. we have to really take hold of it and be strong. one of the things that ronald
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reagan talked about is the character of the individual. the character of the individual is the most important thing we have. a lot of the representatives we have in washington seem to lack that character anymore. they do not bring it forward. we need better representatives in the second district. if what the state has produced -- the good news is in 2010, we had a 10,000 more republican votes in the second district than democrats. that alone will help us get this guy out of office and get the republican back in there that can lead the country in the direction we need to go. [applause] some of the things i talk about this character. my character is extremely strong.
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i am very strong and focused in the direction i take my life. i have had to do a lot of things in my life that many people probably would not do. i am originally from minnesota. i have been in iowa for 20 years. i consider myself a citizen. they redistrict so i am in west des moines. i have moved to marion county. that is so that i can be part of the second district. i move from cedar rapids to iowa city to be in the second district. the main thing we have to look at when we are looking at a candidate for congress, who believes we have to change the face of congress? how many? in order for us to change the face of congress, we have to look at a different type of
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representative and bring them into congress. currently today, over 70% of the representatives in congress and the senate are of one profession. it is an attorney. i can say that, because my campaign manager is than an attorney and agrees with me that we need to have more people from this background. that is what i represent. the business background, to be able to deal with the spending and identify all of those areas that we can eliminate the costs from our government. i cannot tell you how much waste there is out there in a few governmental agencies that i have worked in throughout the years. we need to set the new tell for congress. we need to elect the candidates that have business backgrounds. i know how to get rid of from the waist.
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if it is getting rid of the energy department, then so be it. those are the things we have to really concentrate on. if we want to change congress, we will have to change the way we vote. even the voters have control over term limits. you can change congress. to change congress, you will have to find and selected different representatives than what we have had before. i do not have a speech. i will give you a few other personal things. i am father of five children. i have one more. my youngest is a senior in high school. my commitment to this job is
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done periled. -- unparralelled. i have the accountability and integrity needed in this office. i will be around for questions. thank you for your time. thank you. [applause] >> we appreciate you coming. next up, dan. [applause] >> good evening. i'd like to thank the scott county central committee. thank you judy for the opportunity to speak here tonight. what an honor to be part of the celebration to honor president reagan. i'd like to say a little bit about myself. i am a father, it has been, and a small-business owner.
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i have an acreage outside of bluegrass. i recently celebrated 26 years of marriage. she was my high school sweetheart. some said it would not work, but i have proof that we do work. i have five wonderful children. one child started at west point. in august, we put our littlest off to kindergarten. we have been added for a while. [laughter] [applause] we go to church at st. andrews in bluegrass. i am a member of the national association of realtors. i serve on the board of directors for the genesis health system. i am a lifetime member of the nra. in our idle moments, our company is headquartered in davenport. we have construction and
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property management. you may have seen some of my advertising. when considering the event tonight, i could not help but think about how much we need to rein in. i remember as a teenager listening to president jimmy carter in a sweater telling america to turn down the thermostats and the best days of america's had passed. my generation would be the first not to do as well as their parents. the country was in malaise and economic and patriotic. our military suffered low morale. america was not herself. i knew it, and we all knew it. then came ronald reagan. he had a vision of america that matched our vision. america was still a rising star. he almost single-handedly
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patched the bruised american psyche. he restored confidence in america. he rebuilt cover military. he lost as on the longest peacetime expansion of the economy that the country had ever seen. with tanning -- he brought an end to the soviet empire. some refer to him as the cowboy. fast forward today, we are in during another long term -- president, barack obama. by choice or by coincidence is bent on destroying american exceptional listen. i say coincidence, because if one had put together a plan to destroy the american economy, it would look a lot like president obama's economic policies. apologizing all around the
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world to what he deems as america's transgressions. in passing down mandates and allowing the department of justice to run roughshod over our constitution. we are back to living in a malaise like the carter years. this is not our future. it just is not so. this time we are lucky. we have a road map back. a map drawn by president ronald reagan. this time we know what to do. he showed us and it worked. we need to get big government out of the way, reduce government spending, and look at the mandate and a loss that are destroying the spirit of americans. even the left, the american entrepreneur were is the true engine of job creation and
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growth. i am no ronald reagan. because of him, i know what has to be done. my first priorities as congressmen would be job creation. it is a role i am uniquely qualified in. i am the only one that creates jobs. we need to get government out of the way. we need to cut government spending. we presently spent over $4 million every day, $4 billion every day. america -- millions of south -- millions and thousands of dollars every day. many of our children and grandchildren are affected. this is wrong. there is a way forward. the problem is entrenched professional politicians are unwilling and unable to make the
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tough decisions to do the right thing. that is why it has to go. [applause] his record speaks for himself. voting for stimulus after stimulus, and bailout, cavan trade, obama care, the list trade, and obamathe trad care. the list goes on and on. i spent the first decade of my adult life working in offshore texas. we presently spent over 700 million to -- $700 million a day on foreign oil. we need energy jobs. we find our adversaries, making them more powerful. vladimir putin recently stated
1:24 am
that america is a parasite. this from a leader of a resurgent russia with the world's largest proven energy reserves. we need common sense domestic energy policy. we need to get some americans working again. i believe in american exceptional as some. i believe they deserve better and our children deserve better. you can imagine what it would be like coming of age with an american turned upside -- with an america turned upside down. join with me in the task of ensuring that america stays the shining beacon on the hill that ronald reagan spoke of. god bless the soul of ronald reagan. god bless america. thank you.
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[applause] >> thank you. we have heard a lot about ronald reagan's tonight. one thing is true. where you come from the find you for the rest of your life. that is true of our speakers tonight. rick perry came into this world the son of a second world war veteran. his mother was a woman of a face with good home values. they live in a small hometown of texas. it is a place where you work hard and have strong families and good values and make a real difference. rick perry was an eagle scout
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and played football there. only six players were on the team. [unintelligible] he went on to be the first in his family to go to college. he graduated with a degree from there. he went to the united states air force where he served his country to the rank of captain. he had an honorable discharge and returned home and ran for state representative and was elected. he started a young family. in another change happen. the democratic party changed. and so he decided to join the republican party. he ran the race that many said
1:27 am
cannot be won. he ran for agricultural commissioner and knocked out of the incumbent, someone who was said cannot be beat. perry was reelected. in 1998, he was the first republican elected lieutenant government -- lieutenant governor in the history of texas. it speaks volumes. he went on in 2000 as lieutenant governor and became governor. he has been reelected twice in that position as well. he is a member of a dynamic and prosperous state. please join me in welcoming a man who remembers where his roots lie in texas and a great conservative republican leader. please join me in welcoming gov.
1:28 am
rick perry of texas. [applause] >> thank you. it is an honor to be here with the. the hardest working woman in show business. you are awesome. i really appreciate that. thank you. a fabulous coordinator. thank you for all you have done. that's secretary of state is all over this.
1:29 am
thank you for the work you have done. i know the people of iowa are very proud to have you and the work you do. the local senators and representatives, thanks for coming out for your public service and sacrifice that he made. these three individuals in -- they share their views about the future of this country, individuals -- and they aaa get about what this is really all about. nibbling around the edges is not going to work anymore. they -- we want people elected to washington that will truly make a difference. honored to have them up here.
1:30 am
in being here, i'm always reminded -- dependent always think they pick friends. it is the people in iowa that pick the president. we have that figured out. we have a special connection as brian was sharing with you. [unintelligible] as i was growing up, there were some things to do. working at the farm, and mama
1:31 am
make sure i never miss it. our teachers at the little school lived around the campus. it is an incredible committee. pretty humble beginnings. i will be forever grateful. we were not rich. people would say we did not have much materials. but we were rich. we were rich in things of faith and family. we were rich with great neighbors who took care of each other. i learned like in a lot of western societies, the opportunity was not granted it to you because of your family name but it because of your capacity to dream, your
1:32 am
willingness to work hard. as americans, we do not believe government exists to punish success in order to spread the wealth. we believe government exists to protect our rights and guarantee our freedom. i think washington today has all wrong. they punish success instead of multiplying it. they seek the public sector to stimulate the economy when that is the job of the private sector. i think the insert to every problem is to add a new agency of government. [unintelligible] [laughter] [applause] i do not believe people got us into this mess should get as out of it -- i heard one person in
1:33 am
south carolina say, are you better off today and then you were $4 trillion ago? the solution is not to nominate someone who is going to nibble around the edges. we will have to have people like these congressmen that walked in here tonight talking about bold ideas and about making a difference. washington does not need a new coat of paint. it needs a complete overhaul. [applause] it is really interesting as i look across the country and i travel since the middle of august -- america remains mired in the ruins of this washington out of touch big government economic policies. when you go into washington,
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d.c., and the surrounding area, they are doing just fine. it is really interesting. the washington, metro area is now the most affluent metropolitan area in the country. that is because of all of those lobbyists and all of those overpaid bureaucrats who have not suffered one bit. main street windows may be getting boarded up, but the cash continues to flow to the wall street financiers. tomorrow, i will unveil a plan to upper all three branches of government and overhaul washington. it touches every branch of government, because they each have contributed to the demise of america.
1:35 am
i want to address federal judges that have eric get a real rich and our loss from the bench. [applause] i will address the permanent raucously of the executive branch. i will put four germanic reforms for congress that spends too much but is in washington too much. the question facing us in 50 days is not whether not to embrace change but to decide for iowans to decide here is the most critical messenger of the change. i am the first to admit i am not the most polished candidate out there. but i stick to my principles.
1:36 am
those principles include something so simple you could fall your income taxes on a postcard. even timothy geithner could fill this out and get it in on time. those principles include creating a level playing field. if we are closing the corporate the pill -- loopholes that these people have been exploiting. i am the only candidate that has a plan to balance our budget by the year 2020. it was our nation approaching $15 trillion in debt. i think any discussion of the funding for foreign ages should start with the no. 0. and we will not find nations who
1:37 am
opposed our interest and harm our soldiers. that is just a fact. when it comes to protecting life, i fell more than just a pro-white rhetoric. i signed a parental consent right -- law. i signed a budget that defines planned parenthood in texas. rather than down to the political correctness of the liberal elites, i want to define marriage as a sacred institution between one man and one woman. and put it in the texas constitution. i was proud to sign legislation in the last section that in our state, you must come with a photo id. keep at it. you are at the right track,
1:38 am
brother. leadership is not about stock but substance. we all get knocked down. it is whether we get up. throughout the years, americans have been defined by men and women who got off the mat and fought for their values. it started with the pilgrims. they would not accept religious persecution in their homeland, so they sailed here to find a new life and freedom. it continued with the colonies. they never stopped fighting. not until they won that battle. generations of americans have not shrunk from the fight.
1:39 am
the forces of fascism in two world wars forced communism and the and tom and the cold war and our troops have fought dictators that threatened our vital interests in the middle east, asia. right now, and there are millions of americans on the mat. not because of a foreign power but because of flawed federal policies. too many. they know the shame of going home to tell a loved one they lost their jobs today. too many have had to tell their children they cannot afford to go to college. millions have lost their homes, because the federal government and the credit rating -- credit rating agencies say they can afford zero down.
1:40 am
who is going to fight for those people? who will stand up for those americans? not an administration that has made our economy crisis even worse. not a president who in the last few days called our people soft. lacking in an ambition and imagination, were his words. just saturday night, said americans have gotten lazy. mr. president, americans are not lazy and they are not soft. they do not lack the vision or ambition. we lack of leadership in washington, d.c. that is what this country lacks. [laughter] [applause]
1:41 am
the american people are not to blame for this bloated federal government that is out of touch with americans. there has been mismanagement. my pledge is to fight to end the irs as you know it today. i will fight to overhaul washington build a smaller more humble federal government. fight to create jobs for every american out of work and will not rest until those looking for work have found it, and they can have their dreams again. we have had enough leaders to point the finger and say there's been is to blame. i want to put this country in a new direction. i am running for presidency, not because it is a lifelong ambition, but because the american people are yearning for a leader that will tell the truth, put forward a bold and visionary plans, who will not appease the washington establishment.
1:42 am
if you want real change, if you want to overhaul business as usual, i ask you for your get america let's working again and get to this movement started right here in iowa. god bless you. thank you for coming out here to be with us tonight. [applause] >> do not forget to file your taxes. [laughter] thanks for being here tonight. [applause]
1:43 am
>> i am excited tonight like a was when we did this a few years back. you can see the energy and excitement. we are ready to win it in 2012 and continue the hard work and be united and committed. great republican victory in 2012. thank you for coming. god bless you. the silent auction will remain open for 10 more minutes. check it one more time. when the auction is over, take your bid sheet to the front desk, and they will check you out. thanks again. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] --2011] [unintelligible]
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>> seymour videos of the candidates at our website for campaign -- seem more videos of the canada is at our website for campaign 20 12th.
1:50 am
we have a link to the media partners of c-span. -- for campaign 2012. , availing to the media partners of c-span. next is a clip from the boston -- next is our sunday roundtable from "washington journal. " it lasts about an hour.
1:51 am
>> it is hard for a true blue conservative to win in massachusetts. mitt romney has been a front runner. he has money. he has the experience of running in coming in second, which a lot of the others do not. at the end of the day, he will
1:52 am
still be a strong nominee. >> one person mentions a long- term strategist. he says it is like a fire run lead -- new hampshire's >> my history with medtronic goes back to 1994. -- my history with mitt romney goes back to 1994.
1:53 am
[unintelligible] once he began debating mitt romney, the rest is history. what was true then it is true now. he has been the quintessential flip-flop. he has no core values. that was true in 1994. i think it is true in this day and age. host: how important is it regarding the endorsement?
1:54 am
guest: mitt romney has shown the ability to win in blue states. the question is can he win in red states? host: statistically a dead heat if we look at newt gingrich. is he the comeback kid? guest: i read a piece yesterday. a match made in heaven or hell. i have not quite figured it out. he is apparently the flavor of the month. he has recognized and put
1:55 am
together a website trying to refute some of the questions raised, whether it has been in a personal level or policy. he claimed to be a historian to freddie mac. he was more of a political consultant type. he is full of hubris and has a historical view that i find puzzling. i do not think it will play well to the public at large. host: did gingrich was joined by herman kane and others. some specific issues came up from franklin is today including the two divorces of newt gingrich.
1:56 am
he discusses that on a website. he said he was going through a deep personal crisis in the late 1990's. guest: the personal stuff is fairly well documented. i do not know the people trust that newt gingrich can bring the country together. what has fascinated me is coming up with ideas, some good some bad. managing them as a full-time occupation. what is interesting is he has been able to shoot to the top of the polls. he has been very good at the
1:57 am
isates and the media's which a republican base. there are a lot of good ideas we will see what -- if he is the flavor of the month. but i do not think he has won. >> are republicans ready to look past this? here is a look at the box news program with the shaun hannity. >> you are not a lobbyist for
1:58 am
freddie mac? >> i refuse to go back to capitol hill as a lobbyist. i tried to give it vice on how to solve them. i never did lobbying for anyone. host: your reaction? guest: you cannot attack them on one hand and then not on the other. it does not look kosher. he has shown some intellectual
1:59 am
flexibility himself. he did some campaigns with al sharpton and nancy pelosi. all those things have given him a reason for some people to doubt where he is going. lobbyists are not very popular with the american public right now. strategic advice, they were lobbying a little bit. host: this is from hurricanes in your view -- herman cain's interview. let us watch from its earlier in the week with him in milwaukee. milwaukee.


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