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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  January 20, 2012 8:00pm-10:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next c-span's "road to the white house" coverage continues with a mitt romney rally in north charleston. then newt gingrich holding a town hall meeting. and rick santorum's appearance today on "washington journal." >> virginia governor bob mcdonald chairman of the republican governor's association has endorsed former massachusetts' government mitt romney. mcdonald flew to south carolina to campaign for romney. now republican presidential
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candidate mitt romney discusses jobs at the charleston convention center. >> thank you so much. thank you. ♪
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♪ >> how great to have everybody with us. [cheers and applause] it is a great day in south carolina. we've got some guests with us today. show them what we think about south carolina and mitt romney. [cheers and applause] this is a real treat because we
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have done a lot of work. we've talked to a lot of people and tomorrow is the day. [cheers and applause] what i want you to know is a little bit of about what i'm hearing. you know, a governor's always have their pulse on the ground and see what's going on. and all of a sudden yesterday we started getting all these calls. and the calls were a lot of people who supported perry who said we're ready to jump to romney. [cheers and applause] then this morning we started getting all the calls saying he rocked it in the debate last night. [cheers and applause] we thought that was pretty good. we were excited about it. but guess what? we've been around the state today pouring down rain in lexington county. hundreds of people stood in the
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rain to see mitt romney. [cheers and applause] >> that's all for you. so this is what has happened. we've had people like ambassador david wilkins who used to be speaker of the house. everybody respects him. he's jumped onboard. general spears, he's jumped onboard. you saw the treasurer, he's onboard. we've got all these people wanting on the romney train. but let me tell you why they want to get on the romney train. the coolest thing we could ever see is a jobs candidate go up against a government-loving president obama. [cheers and applause] because in south carolina what do we care about? we care about jobs.
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spending, the economy. we don't care about any other distractions. we don't care about anything else. and most importantly, we care about having a one-term president. so this is what we know. he's been in the private sector for 25 years. he knows how to create jobs. but this is what i know. over this past year, i knew the hardest part about my job would be our unemployment rate. i knew it would be balancing our budget. i knew it would be making cuts that are important. what i did not know was the hardest part about my job was going to be the federal government. and they have stopped me from doing my job every single day and you have felt it. the first way we felt it was with nlrb and what they did to boeng. boeing created 1,000 new jobs at the same time expanded 200
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jobs in washington state. and president obama and the national relations board said you can't do that in a right to work state. well, you know what? we won that. they dropped that suit. we're doing just fine. but therch we went on to do great -- but then weapon went on to do great things. the people of south carolina said we want illegal immigration we form. i passed it. and president obama and the justice department stopped it. >> boo! >> president romney will fight for us to get that law passed in south carolina. and then we said, if you've got show a picture i.d. to get sued fed. if you have to show a picture i.d. to get into the debate last night, by the way. if you is to show picture i.d. to get on a plane, why would you not show a picture i.d. to protect the integrity of our voting process? we listen to the will of the
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people i signed a bill into law, president obama stopped i. guess what mitt romney wants to protect the vote in process. we just had about as much as the federal government in our way. when it comes to health care, mitt romney says, nicky don't worry about it. day one, i will repeal obama care for our country. and i am incredibly proud to let you know we've got the coolest first man in the room. michael hailey. and you know that we are a very proud military family. i love watching him walk out the door every day in his military uniform loving his job. but what we need is a president that understands you strengthen our military. you don't weaken it and ten
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turn around and apologize for it. president romney understands that we will make sure we have a strong military and we will make sure no one ever challenges america. [cheers and applause] so while you've heard me to say this and what i will tell you is we are going take this election tomorrow. i need you to do something for me. it's what you do when you leave this rally. we've got an election on a saturday which we don't always do but it's a great thing because people have no excuse not to go vote. e blast your e-mail list tonight. tell them we're supporting mitt romney because we can't afford the democrats raise any more money watching us go through this process. we need for you to get on the phone saying i'm voting for
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mitt romney. let's make sure they get to the polls ond -- and then let's celebrate really loud tomorrow when he comes in first place. [applause] i've said my do. but we ve -- michael and i are so thrilled because we've got great friends in the house tonight. what you've seen across the country is chi yoss which is in washington. we don't want anybody that has any ties to washington. we've seen what that does. we do want someone that understands jobs. and right now governors get it because we're having to deal with the fightses of our state. and we're strog deal with a president that won't let us do our job. there is someone who is leading all of the republican leaders head-on saying we are not going to take it. we are going to fight back. we are are blessed to have a
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governor who wants to support mitt romney. it is governor mcdonald. give it up. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. good afternoon, south carolina! it is a treat for me toe come from the old dominion, the cradle of democracy to the paul meadows state where i vacationed for years with my parents back when i was a kid to endorse mitt romney for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] let me say governor hailey you have just done a bang-up job here standing up for the values that have made america great. balancing budgets without raising taxes. standing up against the bureaucrats to protect your work to right laws. governor hailey, well done. congratulations. and it is really a treat be here with the next first lady
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of the united states as well who is a lady of tremendous courage and character and faith. a great wife and a great mother. she's done a marvelous job. mitch, she is your number one asset. i can tell you that. i'm delighted to be with my wife, the first lady, maureen mcdonald who am i also delighted ining you she is endorsing mitt romney. we call that a to fer. i'm endorsing mitt romney for president because he's a results oriented conservative. he's a strong leader. and he is the best person in the republican person to beat barack obama in the debate and in the polls next november.
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you know what we need in america anything more than anything else? we need leadership. we need people of character that will lead this nation at a very difficult time. i believe that mitt romney is that leader. you know what we've got in washington right now? we talk a lot about surplus and deficits. we have a surplus of rhetoric and deficit of results. we need to work on solutions. governor mitt romney has worked in the private sector to getting things done for the people of massachusetts and for the people that work for him. jobs, top issue in this campaign. 8.5% unemployment right now for over 35 months, almost the entire obama presidential. nearly 25 million people unemployed are under employed.
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what we have from this president, more spending more rhetoric and no ideas to get america back to work. that's terrible. don't you agree we need a new president of the united states? >> well, mitt romney knows how to create jobs that's why you're endorsing him today. he has done that whether it's been governor of massachusetts. in the pry vas sector being a leader that has turned the olympic as few years ago. he has created jobs because he understands it's not the government but it's the private sector -- the access to the american dream. that's the america mitt romney believes in. you have strong right to work laws like you do in south carolina and crg you can actually get people back to
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work. we had more on the attack on the american energy industry. president's attacking coal. i tell you that's not the past. that is not the past they're reating job in this country. spending and taxes. you know, we need a president that gets it that it's not the government's money, it's your money that's getting budgeted up there in washington, d.c. and so we have the largest increase in the national debt for any president in american history. >> they can't even get a budget so we need a change. mitt romney balanced the budget. he cut $3 billion in definite spending. he cut taxes three different times.
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to an unsustainable and immoral level. mitt romney will run the finances of the united states like it was his own family money. that's what you need, somebody that cared about your money. -- somebody that cares about your money. [cheers and applause] we need -- we need a president. you heard governor hailey say so it well. michael, thank you for your service. i am the son of a world war ii veteran. and my father and mother were in iraq. i think we understand that you must protect and defend the veterans that serve in these wars if you're going to continue to attract the best and brightest young women in the depuche. president romney sid said it so well. i'm -- said it so well. i'm getting ahead of myself.
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he said we're not going listen to politicians to decide what the policies of the united states are. we're going listen to the battlefield commanders on the ground to stet policy. and so that's what we need do. this president -- this president continues to advocate policys that reduce military spending and be able to decimate the largest naval fleet. we will be able to dispend and expand freedom around the world. that's the kind of leadership that we need and as next commender in chief in the united states. don't you agree? and finally we need a president of the united states that understands the basic decency of the american people and the traditional values upon which this nation was built. we understand -- we need a president to understand that america is the greatest force.
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america is great because america is good. and if she ceases to be good, she'll cease toe be great. this in these past couple of months, i've had a number of conversations with mitt. he shared his heart with me. he's told me about his faith and i've learned that he is an incredibly decent, and honest and generous man who first an foreperson most cares about his family and his country. [cheers and applause] i had the real honor, mitt, of growing up here near mouth vernon. my house where my dad and mom raised me was about a mile from mount vernon, the appropriate owned by george washington. and washington had something something profound about the heart of his country and the
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values that we need in our lien leaders. that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained. in other words, character counts and values matter in our people and in our leaders. [cheers and applause] so -- so i am here to ask you to help elect a man of character and decency that loves the values that this nation was founded on and to make sure that we elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you, guys. wow, look at these guys. you are the best. thank you. thank you so much. was it red sox? is that what you said? there are probably more red sox
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fans than patriot fans but i love them both. i'll tell you what i love. i love hearing people like this. it's great if the -- for the mcdonalds co come there virginia. they've been with me all over the state over the last several days. and in weeks they traveled on to new hampshire. but today's an unusual day for your governor. she turned real old today. this is her birthday. she turned 40 years old today. so we're going to sing her birthday song. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear nicky ppy birthday to you ♪ [cheers and applause] >> there we go.
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>> all i want is president romney for my birthday. we've got to get him in the white house. >> i see enough plaits -- plates to serve everybody here. i want to say thanks to the governor. what a wonderful governor you have. you have a strong unwaivering conservative who's making things happen in the state. i just think she's the best that you can possibly have. thanks very much, governor. and happy birthday. thank you. [applause] now there are a number of things i love in life. i love my country. my deep and abiding faith in god. i also love this person that i met in elementary school. in elementary school she was in the second grade. i was in the fourth grade. but i didn't notice her. but when she was just about 16, i did. i went to a party at a friend's house. and she was there. and i noticed her in a big way.
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and she came with someone else. and i said, look, i live closer than anne that you do. we've been going steady ever since. my sweetheart anne romney. >> oh, it's great to see all of you. snk you're so generous and your so friendly and warm. this is southern hospitally. thank you so much. we appreciate that. mitt and i have been married a long time. in the process we have five wonderful sons. when they were little, they were not so wonderful. one of my son's is here. hey, cage come up here on the stage and alley my granddaughter. this is my oldest son tag. and now that he's here, i'll tell you that he was always the best behaved. >> and allie my oldest
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granddaughter who's 16. thank you allie. when it was particularly difficult and mitt was traveling, he was a consultant when we were married, he would be traveling quite frequently and that meant i was home with these very naughty five boys. he would call home and he would remind me to nang there. it would be ok. that actually my job was more important than his job. and the cool thing was is he meant it. so it was great having that kind of support. the wonderful thing now about as you look in perspective and you see these boys is the wonderful thing now is to have the grandchildren. so that's the joy in life. and i will tell you the most joy i get in life is watching my grandchildren misbehave.
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and then they say to my sons, oh, you deserve it. it's true. i love it. and you all know that family is where our happiness really lies. and if -- it's wonderful that i see so many families here and so many children too. so it's great to that. mitt and i are in an unusual position right now to make a big difference for the future of this nation. a year ago i asked mitt when we were thinking about running again. i will remind you four years ago i told him we would never run again. i said i would never have another baby after i had my first one. that i would never do another pregnancy. i really asked him last year. i'm not going to ask who are you going to run against? we can't figure any of those things out. i can't figure out if you win or lose. all i want to know is can you save america. and he said he could. and so let's give him a chance to do that.
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you, sweetheart. hey, tag. move this table back, will you? you know i like to walk -- there we go. i want to get closer to you guys. this is a great state. what wonderful people. what a thrill it's been over these last days and months to come to south carolina and see so many friends here. this election as you know is more about them just replacing one man. i am very disappointed of our president. he was critical of president bush for building a huge deficit and then his has bng three or four times as large. he was critical for the downturn in our economy but he's been in office for three years. he hasn't been able to turn it around. he said on the "today" show, he said if i can't turn this economy around in three years, i'll be looking at a one-term proposition. well, we're here to collect,
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all right? he's over his head. he's badly over his head. internationally he's made mistakes, with regards to our economy. this is the slowest economy we've seen since hoover. and so the american people want a difference course. the president has said he wants to fundamentally transform america. that's why it's not working, mr. president. we need to return to the principles that made us great in the first place. [cheers and applause] the president has looked at debt. he's looked at spending and debt. he put in place the stimulus that didn't create private sector jobs. it glue government by 130,000. his path, of course, he would take us on is bigger and bigger government. and bigger and bigger deficits. my plan would be eliminate
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programs, cap spending and finally balance our budget. [cheers and applause] he's looked at -- he looks at something like health care and said health care isn't working terribly well. let's make it more like europe. that's the wrong course. the right course for america is to make health care more like america. i will repeal obama care and get america back to the principles of enterprise. our credit rating has been degrading. i will restore it. this is a president who looks at his friends who have offered favors, who've raised money or perhaps were associated with his favorite interest groups. so he has his labor union bosses. they want to come out with decisions that push against right to work states.
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my view is that that kind of crony capitalism is wrong for america. ly restore the fair balance between favor and management and protect the rights of workers to be union or nonunion based upon their own vote. his approach to enterprise is interesting. he thinks he's best at picking the winners and losers in our economy. how about putting $500 billion -- excuse me $500 million into sillen drum. think about what happens when government becomes the venture captainism. $500 million they put into it. you know how much money went into staples? about $about 5 million. we used the back of an old shopping mall. we sat in nog chairs because it
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was the people's money. i'm going to get rid of crony captainism and return to the free enterprise system that made us strong in the past. the path that the president has taken us on is one which i think fundamentally believes that america is in decline relative to other nations. and therefore the president seeks to appease those other nations. you heard this this week. he sent a little note to mahmoud ahmadinejad, another please and thank you, and pretty please that goes to ahmadinejad. the right course for america is not to have a pretty please but a president that will never apologize for america knowing this is the greatest nation on earth. [cheers and applause] the president has proposed cutting our military spending by $350 billion. and then another $650 billion on top of that coming down the road.
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his own secretary of defense has said that those kinds of cuts respect a doomsday scenario. his secretary of defense said that. and yet he proceeds in that direction. do you alize our navy is smaller than 1917. our air force is smaller and older than at any time since the air force founding in 1947. our soldiers have been rotated time and time again. and yet he wants to cut the number of soldiers in our military and only have capacity for the first time since the second world war to be able to fight only one war not two at a time. this is a president who is pulling back on the capacity of our military by cutting our budget. the world is a more dangerous place. i will restore our navy. i will restore our air force. i'll add 100,000 troops to our personnel. and i will provide the sources they so generally deserve.
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[cheers and applause] this is an election about a very different path. as i go to the list of items, and this president is taking america and a very different place. i think he takes his inspiration from the capitals of europe. i take my inspiration from the people of america, the cities and towns of this great land. this president is transforming america into a european-style social welfare state. europe is not working in europe. it is not going to work here. [applause] i believe the founders of this country were right. when they chose -- when they chose the words that describe what we would apart from the nation that controlled us, they said the contract -- the creator endowed us with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. in this country, we would be
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free to pursue happiness as we choose. by virtue of our education, our hard work, the risk-taking, maybe a little good luck, our dreams, people have achieved extraordinary things. as they have, their success does not make the rest of us in court. their success makes the rest of us better off. that was the brilliance of the founder's spirit that was what made america such a powerful economic engine. do you realize the average income of an american is 50% greater than the average income of a european? much older nations with strong economies of their own. many times better off than those in china and asia. this is an extraordinary story, not a story based upon a government guiding our allies. based on free men and women pursuing their dreams. that must be restored to america. [applause] i love this country.
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i love this country, i love its beauty, i love its people, i love the patriotism of the american people. i love the hymns of our nation, "america the beautiful" is one of my favorites. one verse i love, "heroes proved in liberating strife who more than self their country loved." do we have veterans or members of our armed forces? would you please raise your hands and derecognize? thank you. [applause] this is a veteran-rich state. we salute you. there is another verse, let me mention. "o beautiful for patriot dreams
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that sees beyond the years." when the patriots wrote the declaration of independence and constructed the constitution of our nation, there were not just writing a temporary phenomenon. there were crafting an enduring, permanent nation. those are the principles to which we must return. they are our inspiration. they are the blueprints korea i know how jobs are created. it is not by pushing government deeper and deeper into our lives. i know what it takes to get america's economy going again, to put people back to work, to hold in our hearts the principles that are the blueprint of the constitution. i love this land and i love this constitution. i revere its founders. i will restore those principles, i will get america back to work, and i will make sure we are still the shining city on the hill that ronald reagan spoke of. thank you. get out there and vote.
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[applause] -- waw ♪ree ♪ born >> how are you? good to see you. hi, how are you? good to see you. how are you? hi, how are you?
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good to see you. how are you doing? hi there. i like your hat. hi, how are you?
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thank you so much. hi there. thank you. how are you? thank you so much.
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nice to see you again. thanks for being here. how are you? hi, how are you? i hope so. thank you for your work. thank you so much. thank you for coming. how are you?
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thanks for being here. thank you so much. i appreciate you being here. how are you? thank you so much. hi, how are you? thank you for being here. hi there, how are you? good to see you. thank you for being here.
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>> we are here for a boy's got even. -- a boy scout event. good luck. >> thank you. look at this. red, white, and blue. thank you, thank you. >> we are supporting you. >> thank you. you are very kind. thank you. how are you?
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>> 1, 2, 3.
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>> thank you writ -- thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> i went the wrong way. thank you. thank you.
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hi, how are you? how are you doing? ♪ made in america ♪ ♪
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>> thank you so much. >> hi there, how are you? great. thank you. hi, how are you?
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thank you. >> we love you. >> thank you so much. how are you doing? good to see you. >> i am going to put this picture in my window. best of luck tomorrow. >> thank you. thank you, thank you.
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thank you for being here. how are you? hi, how are you? >> would you please come outside and actually speak to us? >> how are you doing? good to see you. wow, good to see you.
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how are you doing? good to see you guys. it is always an uphill battle for me in south carolina. i came in fourth last time. i would like to come in first this time.
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what a wonderful place that is. i grew up in a place that was not 2 miles from lanham. the pinery. i plan on doing my very best. >> you ever got to do it. >> thank you. how are you? hi there. how are you?
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>> you are worth it and you work hard. people do not know that you work for everything you've got. you tell them. >> thank you. thank you. you are getting crushed back there. two.e two, let's have >> he is going to snap my picture. >> there is one. take your time. thank you. there we go. thank you so much. i appreciate it. thank you for being here. hi, how are you? he is the best. thank you so much.
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thank you. thank you. you bet. d know the name? -- do you know the name? >> this is my grandson. >> thank you for being here today. you are very kind. thanks, you guys.
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>> if you tell the truth, you will be a better candidate. truth-telling is what it is all about. >> yeah, yeah. >> you have got to be telling the truth. >> thank you. thank you so much. hi there, how are you? thank you so much. thank you. good to meet you. thank you. where is the camera?
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good to see you again. there you go. thank you. good to see you. you bet. thank you. >> woo! >> thank you so much. >> i cannot wait to see you back in d.c. >> thank you so much.
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a great people with a great history, freedom-loving and hard-working. thank you. >> governor, may i get a picture with you? >> got less you. -- god bless you. >> i have a cold so i cannot shake your hand. can i show you this letter? my gift to you. >> thank you for a much.
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-- thank-you very much. thanks. >> gentlemen, we've got to get going. >> hi there. thank you. oh my goodness. >> we have created a monster. >> exactly. [laughter] come on, we need you out there. >> i was out working the press.
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and i found religion. [laughter] >> yes, thank you. >> this is my daughter, lucy. >> good to see you. thank you. thanks. how are you doing? >> i am your running mate, right? [laughter] >> we are going to keep pulling you of your time and time again. you know that. what can i say? every time i turn around -- [laughter]
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>> thank you, sir. thank you for coming. >> thank you. good to me you guys. -- meet you guys. ♪
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>> the cs then rode to the right or -- wrote to the white house coverage shows you the events leading up to the south carolina primary. >> the obama administration came out with a policy that said that in her program, she cannot teach abstinence. as a preferable way of avoiding out of wedlock births. and she cannot talk about marriage. she cannot talk about marriage as anything other than an alternative lifestyle that is no better or worse than any other lifestyle. my question is, why? >> when the president adopts a stimulus package of hundreds of billions of dollars that nobody has read, and then discovers, to his great surprise, two years later, that the shovel-ready jobs were not shovel-ready and the stimulus fails and we are
8:57 pm
$800 billion deeper in debt, at some point he has to take responsibility. that was his plan, his proposal, and it failed. >> as candidates meet with voters to get their message out -- >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> after the polls close, we will show you the results from south carolina along with candidate speeches and your phone calls. >> republican presidential candidates are making their final campaign stops in south carolina before this weekend's primary. new gingrich told supporters in orangeberg that voting for him would be the first that in electing the next republican president. he did this in the orangeburg mall cinema room. this is 45 minutes.
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♪ [applause] >> thank you all very very much for being patient. i apologize that we ran late. a couple of different things happened and each of them added a few extra minutes. i just apologize.
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as a former teacher, i have to tell you that speaking with as many people behind me, i kind of want to look over my back. i sort of trust you, but the rest of you are dangerous. [laughter] i understand that your agriculture transmission serenade you earlier. i appreciate you endorsing the and i am delighted that we have mike campbell and that he has endorsed me. he has been active and i work with his father for many years. it is a great thing to have him here. of course, the speaker is here. speaker this, speaker that. we finally decided that newt would do. we are thrilled to be here. tomorrow is going to be a very important day. with your help, and with the
9:00 pm
help of other good citizens across the state of south carolina, we are going to take the first big step towards ensuring that a conservative is nominated for president of the united states. [applause] let me just ask you a couple of questions. i thought at first it was one of those mirrors reflecting this room. there are that many additional people. hello, people. that is pretty astounding. i am very impressed with this turnout. i want to ask you a couple of questions. how many of you agree that the united states is very badly going in the wrong direction? [applause] how many of you agree that we
9:01 pm
have to defeat obama, but beyond that, we have problems with judges and bureaucrats and we have to fix all that, not just the white house? [applause] how many of you agree that the left will fight us every inch of the way, even after we win the election? [applause] those three questions explain why i am running. our grandson robert is right over here. he is 10 years old. his sister is on the way. she is 12 years old. the question we raised, what kind of country will they inherit? if we do not profoundly change things, they will inherit a country that is weaker, more vulnerable, less free, with huge
9:02 pm
burdens where this generation of politicians spend all the money and left all the bills for the grandchildren. we decided that was just wrong. wheat new when we decided we iran -- we knew when we decided we would run, we knew there would be negative attack ads. we knew the media would attack us. i am not running to preside over the decade of being -- decade of being a normal establishment republican. i am writing to change the whole structural power in washington, d.c. -- i am writing to change the whole structural power in washington, d.c.. i am happy for the academic left to, most of the elite media, and
9:03 pm
all the left-wing democrats. this campaign is about the end of their dominance of the united states and the development of the new center of power called the citizens, in which we take power away from washington and returned back home. [applause] if you go to, you will see a systematic letting out a very dramatic changes and direction. -- changes in direction. let's take the issue of judges, some of them who have become dictators. we laid out in a 54-page paper, go back to the constitution, the declaration of independence, the federalist papers, the riding of alexander
9:04 pm
hamilton, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, we laid out the case that there is no judicial supremacy. it is a modern act of lawyers and law schools and arrogant judges. it was supposed to be a balance between the three branches. that means no one of them can be supreme. the supreme court is supreme inside the judiciary. it cannot dictate to the congress and cannot dictate to the president. that will be one of the major struggle starting in january. [applause] people ask, how fast can we turn around the mess that obama has made? i believe the recovery will start late on election night.
9:05 pm
[applause] the american people are so optimistic, it may start in september or october. the basic principle is simple. we do not have a problem with the american people. we have a problem with government. that problem has been accentuated by the most radical and incompetent president we have had in our lifetime. he is the most radical president in history. [applause] this has a real human consequences. when you have a president, who in the middle of this kind of economy, would this level of unemployment, would the price of gasoline the highest it has been in american history -- 2011 was the most expensive gas prices in
9:06 pm
history. this president kills the keystone pipeline, which would have created 20,000 to 50,000 construction jobs, would have enabled oil to come from canada to houston it would have money processing the oil there. it would have been shipped out of the ports of houston and made money from the shipping. instead, in order to take care of some environmental extremists in san francisco, he stops it. it is wrong on national-security grounds at a time when the iranians are practicing -- it is wrong on economic grounds. as an unintended consequence, it is hard to believe the administration understood. robert was -- it is one thing to
9:07 pm
say that the white house cannot play chess. it is another thing to say they cannot play checkers. [applause] if they cannot play tic tac tow -- [laughter] i think obama had no idea the canadians had an alternative. the environmentalists are not against the pipeline, they are against canadian oil. the prime minister of canada is a conservative in his pro- american. if obama wants to cancel going through the united states, which is the easiest route, i will cut the deal with the chinese to finance putting a pipeline across the canadian rockies to vancouver. we will ship its trade to china. the oil is still going to get out. we will have lost every single
9:08 pm
job and 30 to 50 years of processing and access to the oil. this is truly dumb. [applause] in all fairness, i was reassured because the president, in a moment of decisive and courageous leadership, has announced that he is going to hold an invitation-only town hall meeting on main street in disney world. [laughter] would like to go to disney world. we like taking roberts and maggie to disney world. i like the disney characters. i thought to myself, imagine the photo opportunity. when you have mickey mouse, the
9:09 pm
president, and a goofy. [applause] what are these people thinking of? i am told they will close half of the magic kingdom in order to have a ticketed events. we want to be fair so we are writing a letter to disney. we're asking them before the florida primary to host a town hall meeting outside the park, where it can be freed where anybody can come. we will take the great risk of listening to uninvited, ordinary people ask questions. [applause] i want to talk about two things. i want to talk about american exceptionalism and job creation.
9:10 pm
this fall, i will challenge the president. if you help me win tomorrow and i become your nominee, i will challenge the president to 73- hour debates with a time -- seven 3-hour debates with a timekeeper, but no moderator. and he can use a teleprompter. [laughter] if you had to defend obamacare, but knew what to use the teleprompter? -- wouldn't you want to use a teleprompter? part of the reason why we should have these debates is because by his very radicalism, he creates a wonderful opportunity for the american people to have a serious philosophical discussion
9:11 pm
about to we are. he is a disciple -- i believe in the declaration of independence. the constitution. the contrast to be terrific. i believe in american exceptionalism. we are just people, but we have inherited from the founding fathers, an understanding of self-government, which is exceptional. it has enabled people to come from anywhere on the planet and learn to be american in a way that no other society can do. it starts with the opening phrase, we hold these truths to be self evident. there were not offering an ideology, they were trying to understand the truth about how humans can live together.
9:12 pm
all men are created equal. it was flawed and execution. we had slavery, women had a secondary role. we spent 200 years working to make the ideal of normal. it was the right ideal. at a time when you had kings and queens and emperors. they go on to say, this is the heart of the american experience, the number-one issue that we have to win in the next year, we are in doubt by our creator with certain unalienable rights. this is at the heart of the american experience. got endows each one of you personally with sovereignty. the state never lawns power to you. -- loans power to you. [applause]
9:13 pm
what does that mean? the reason the constitution begins, we, the people -- those rights are unavailable. that means no government can come between you and god. those rights have come directly to you and cannot be taken from me. this is the founding political doctrine in the united states. it is the heart of who we are. among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. very important concept. happiness in the 18th century meant wisdom and virtue, not acquisition. the founding fathers believed that a virtuous people could remain free and foolish people would become part of a dictatorship.
9:14 pm
it does not guarantee happiness. the right to pursue happiness. there is no provision in the constitution for a federal department of happiness. [laughter] there is no provision for happiness stamps for the under happy. if you had sent to the founding fathers, some politicians will say i want to take from the overly happy and redistribute to be under lely happy. they would have thought he was crazy. it is the heart of obamaism. we should have a great national debate. do we want to remain the americans?
9:15 pm
do we believe in the declaration of independence? or do we become some new people? i was -- my daughter is here. she rode to come up -- she wrote, up we were told we were electing a change we can believe in. a captured perfectly the heart of the obama problem. the right to pursue happiness implies pursuit or activity, which implies the work ethic. i had a very interesting dialogue monday night in myrtle beach. with juan williams. it seem to be a strange, distant concept. something worthy of study in an academic environment, but something not to be subjected to young people.
9:16 pm
i began collecting these stories. michael reagan called me and i was thrilled today when he endorsed me this afternoon. he said i was the candidate who was the most like his father and the most capable. michael called me, and he was laughing. when he was 10 years old, he went to his mother and said, i really want a 10-speed bicycle. she said, you should earn it. he said, mom, i intend. she said, i will find jobs around the house. we will talk to our neighbors. he said, i do not want to wait that long. >> she said, ok. she wrote up a contract and she loaned him the money to buy the bike. she said, you have to pay this. obama -- if someone would have said to obama, you have to pay it back. he would have understood the whole idea of modern finance.
9:17 pm
michael reagan paid off his bike. that was at 10. we had a young guy in new hampshire, and 11 years of age, he founded a don't company. -- don't company. -- donut company. he is now 16. his father is thrilled, because for the first time, he can drive himself to sell the doughnuts. to work, you have to have jobs. here is my proposal. i worked with governor reagan on developing an economic plan. i've worked with president reagan on passing the plan. when we needed to get one of every three democrats to vote for it. i were to develop a plan based on the reagan's.
9:18 pm
the reagan and eight years led to 16 million new jobs. the four years i was speaker lead to 11 million new jobs. by the end of my speakership, unemployment had dropped to 4.2%. because we took people off welfare, off unemployment, of public housing, of medicaid, we were able to balance the federal budget. when they went to work, they started paying taxes. you reduce federal spending and you increase federal revenue without a tax increase. the only time in your lifetime we had four consecutive balanced budgets. we know what works. it is the opposite of obama. [applause] we're for lower taxes. he are for higher taxes. we're for less regulation. he is for more regulation.
9:19 pm
we are for helping the people who want to create jobs. he wants to wage class warfare against the people who create jobs. it is almost like it is an anti- jobs program. let me talk about the process. we have a series of tax changes designed to make our manufacturing industry the most modern in the world, the most productive in the world, so we can compete with china and india. we have a proposal to modernize unemployment compensation. you have to sign up for a business training program to learn new skills. will never again give someone money for 99 weeks for doing nothing. [applause] in 99 weeks, they could have earned an associate's degree. it is a human waste.
9:20 pm
you have a better trained workforce with better equipment and now you can manufacture. i am very much in favor of developing the natural gas that is offshore. there is at least $29 billion worth and louisiana -- in louisiana. you begin to develop the economy just by developing your natural gas resources. i want to take part of the royalties from offshore and use it to modernize the charleston and georgetown harbors. charleston has to be modernized because the panama canal is going to be widened in 2014. the next generation of ships are too big. the port of charleston is every fifth job in south carolina is affected by the port. it is really important. the next stage is to reform the corps of engineers who currently say, it will take eight years to
9:21 pm
study how to win prue support. i remind people that we won the second world war in three years and eight months. [applause] you can go to and to the right regulatory policy. we use energy to create jobs and energy to create improving the port. i want to come back and be at the port of charleston to watch the first large container ship carrying south carolina manufactured goods to china to be sold in the wal-mart's in china. [applause] all this can happen and it
9:22 pm
starts tomorrow. tell all your friends and neighbors, if they are conservatives, the only effective conservative vote to stop in massachusetts moderates is to vote for me. if every conservative in the state decided to vote for newt gingrich, we would win a shockingly big victory tomorrow. that would be good. conservatism needs to come back. in the reagan tradition, we need to shock the country and in shock washington, and then put everybody back to work. prove to the world that we are an extraordinary country. [applause] i apologize for running late. this is going to be a little tricky, but i would like to take some questions. do we have a microphone in that grim, too? how many microphones do have? why don't you go into that room?
9:23 pm
why don't you find people here? that lady is right next to you, so she gets to go first. >> it is kind of long and that have cut in half. how you plan to convince generations of people who were born and raised on government entitlement that they have not and will not prosper when they settled for a democrats designed life of poverty forever dependent on one government tells them they can have? how can you get this growing group of americans to believe in themselves and not the government, to trust and their own abilities and not on all sam's, to work at a job earning a better salary instead of living at the mercy of some overstuffed faceless bureaucracy? thank you. >> that is a good question.
9:24 pm
when he was about eight years old, he and his best friend got a job at the school. their job was to go in an hour early and to set all the tables for the cafeteria. in return for doing that, they got free food. they thought that was really cool. they could eat all they wanted, and they earned it. i ever talked about the idea that the very poorest neighborhoods, we ought to try to find ways for poor children to have worked at the school. if you take a new york city janitor, their unionized, they pay more to the gender than they pay the teachers. they have fought for it -- they pay more to the janitors than they pay the teachers.
9:25 pm
they could do lights and janitorial work. i will be up front. i do not think pushing a mop or sweeping a broom is inappropriate work for an 11 or 12 or 13-year-old. i do not think working in the cafeteria is inappropriate work. learning how did the dishes is a good thing. my mother told me that the board had to do it. right? [applause] here is what the left is all is in trouble and my freedom keeps coming back. people like to be independent. people like to have their money in their pockets so no one can tell them what to do. i believe we can we 90% of the people the work currently dependent into independence.
9:26 pm
there'll be surprisingly few people to fight the idea that unemployment compensation ought to have an educational requirement attached to it. if i cannot find a job, maybe i need to learn something new. this is also a fight we will have as a country. i want to create for the younger generation the right to choose a personal social security savings account, not a requirement. anybody who wants the current system is right there. if you are a young person in would like to be able to keep and save and invest the money and you realize in the two places we have tried it, the average person has two to three times as much money as they would get from a government program. the first time a 16 or 17 or 18- year-old works part-time, and we would let the them put their
9:27 pm
half in the savings account. the first time they do it, they will notice that it is growing. this is going to lead them to go, savings as smart. i could have more money. a generation would start to change its behavior. they will see it in their own personal life. i am an optimist. i believe most americans -- my central campaign theme on economics and simple. you have the finest food stamp president in american history in barack obama. [applause] i would like to be the finest paycheck president in history. [applause] i will go into any neighborhood, i will go before any group, i will talk to anybody of any background. every part of america, more
9:28 pm
parents want their children to earn a paycheck and be independent and want their children to be dependent. how about somebody over there? >> thank you for being here today. part of the provision of the bill was a direct lending, which consolidated federal student aid lending under department of education. when you are president, will you repeal the entire bill and allow student lending to go back to the private banks? >> the answer is yes. what they do not score in washington is the likelihood of fraud at the federal government runs the program. we know in medicaid, over 10% of all payments are fraud. my brother used to be a student
9:29 pm
loan investigator for the state of pennsylvania. when you had people who became doctors, who borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was a challenge. that was part of his job. he will tell you that having the private sector responsible for it is dramatically cheaper than having a government bureaucracy responsible for it. >> federal student fraud investigation is what i do full time. >> am i right? >> 100%. [applause] >> in the other reporters to a black could talk to them? if he thinks i am -- any other reporters it would like to talk to him, he thinks i am 100% right.
9:30 pm
>> thank you. we only know what we hear and read. i would like to know your stance on the national right to work law. >> i would sign a national right to work law. today, that you have a federal compulsory unionism lot and states can opt out. if you eliminate the federal law, states that want to could create a compulsory union in their state. you would not have an automatic bias towards unionism. i suspect over half the states that have compulsory unionism would not adopt it. it is so clear that it kills jobs and there is a reason alboin -- boeing came here.
9:31 pm
>> [inaudible] >> i would not prohibit a state that wanted to from adopting that the state level. i would eliminated as a national thing. >> i am a senior citizen. i am on medicare. i would like to know what are your plans for us to be able to continue to receive medicare and not have to pay such high co- payments? what is your stand for senior citizens? >> by repealing obamacare, we would return $500 billion to medicare, which has been taken
9:32 pm
from it in order to pay for obamacare. we would strengthen medicare that way. i wrote a book several years ago -- over 10% of the medicare and medicaid payments go to crooks. that is $120 billion a year that we could save. i would apply the concept of the management system that both bmw and boeing is in order to modernize the things to reduce costs. we need to have the same driving cost reduction in the help system that we have in manufacturing. how do we take waste out? we were just at the children's hospital in charleston. they talk about how much time and energy they waste trying to get specific approvals for things that are totally obvious. it can take days to get the paperwork done.
9:33 pm
all that is an added cost. i am very much for tort reform. we did a study -- up to $800 billion a year is defensive medicine that is done for the purpose of being able to withstand a lawsuit. that is absolutely ridiculous. what we have one or two more questions. >> mr. speaker, we of all heard how are big cost in medicare is killing the country. especially obesity is a problem we find in our national government. one way that i think could reduce this obesity is that all elected or appointed officials retiring from the government would not be compensated for
9:34 pm
their for the services they have received in any form. would you support such a move or would you not? >> they should not have a pension? i think the pension they should have would be a defined contribution pension. they should put the money can. -- money can. it should not be a pension that is paid by the taxpayers. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. until recently, i was living in san francisco completing a master's in science. while i was there, i helped in several summer camps with sampras's go high school students. about a quarter of the student and a high school or illegal immigrants.
9:35 pm
you have before said that you believe there should be some sort of comprehensive immigration reform. some way of distinguishing between people that were born here and then you're a long time and people that of recently emigrated year. if you were to become president, how would you implement this without creating two classes of citizens? >> they are not citizens, first of all. some people love been here 25 years, marriage, children, but in paying their bills and working, whether they should -- i am opposed to anybody who came here illegally getting citizenship. the only exception is if young people, or willing to join the american military answered the united states. in that case, they should be eligible for the same
9:36 pm
opportunity for citizenship. that is the only exception i would make. my position on immigration is very straightforward. i do not think it can be comprehensive. bush could not pass a comprehensive bill. obama could not pass a comprehensive bill. it is too big. you have to take a series of steps. control the border. we're drafting a bill right now about what a way of all federal regulations and would assign a person to be in charge of getting the border under control by january 1, 2014. if you take the attitude and the drive we had in world war ii, you can get this done. of the 23,000 department of, and security employees live in washington, i would move half of them to texas and arizona. you control the border. you make english the official
9:37 pm
language of government, so it is clear. [applause] do improve the legal visa system so that it is easier to come here legally. we make it really hard to come here legally and release easy to come here illegally. it should be the exact opposite. to make it much easier to deport people and they should not be here. if i find somebody who was a member of a gang, if they are not an american system, get them out of the country in two weeks. you want to make deportation easier. then you want to create a guest worker program. said the economy does create opportunities, people could apply legally.
9:38 pm
once you set that up, you dramatically increase the penalty for hiring somebody illegally. we will not tolerate it anymore. at that point, you have created the environment that where it -- where it is difficult to get a job. most people who are here illegally will go home. the one group i was talking about are great -- are parents and grandparents, who may well belong to your church. we ought to create a citizen review boards in every county. we ought to say, if you can prove you have been paying your bills, if you can prove you have family ties, if he attended an american family to sponsor you, we would give you a residency permit.
9:39 pm
if you want to apply to become a citizen, you have to go back to your own country and file. you would be exactly on that date, like anybody else, and you would wait as many years as a tip for your right to citizenship. in the interim, you would have a residency. i want to eliminate anyone in the united states being here outside the law. i want to have a system -- i think this system is doable. i know some of my friends want to support everybody. how let -- want to deport everybody. how likely are the american people to send police out to pick up grandmother's? i am trying to find an honest straight forward slightly complicated solution but i believe we could implement.
9:40 pm
on the very first day i am inaugurated, i would instruct the attorney general to drop the lawsuit against south carolina, arizona, and alabama. [applause] i want to encourage states to help us enforce the law. i would move to cut off all federal funding to any sanctuary city which refuse to enforce the law. [applause] please tell your friends and neighbors if we did every conservative to decide that newt gingrich is the right person to stop a massachusetts moderates, we will win by a surprising margin. that will set the stage for us to win the nomination but that
9:41 pm
will set the stage for the debates with obama. the debates with bob will be fought -- the debates with obama, you will enjoy it. because there are so many people, and because they're already running late, it is very hard to take pictures or sign things. we would love to see you and shake your hand and talk to you briefly. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪only in america ♪ >> the road to the white house coverage shows to the candidate events leading up to saturday's south carolina primary. >> the obama administration just came down with the policies that
9:42 pm
said in their program, she cannot teach abstinence. as a preferable way of avoiding out of wedlock births. and she cannot talk about marriage as any other than an alternative lifestyle that is no better or worse than any lifestyle. why? >> when the president adopts a stimulus package of hundreds of billions of dollars that nobody has a red, and then discovers to his great surprise to years later, that the shuttle ready jobs were not shelbourne ready -- shovel ready jobs were not shovel-ready, he has to take responsibility. >> thank you.
9:43 pm
>> after the polls close saturday evening, we will show you the results from south carolina. along with candidate speeches and your phone calls. >> up next, ron paul speaks at the south republican leadership program. after that, chicago mayor rahm emanuel takes part in a forum on the 2012 presidential campaign. >> if you have -- part of that royal family of saudi arabia, which has bought one of the largest news franchises in the world, you have to look at his motives. >> diana west writes about culture and politics. >> there is an argument that should be made that he should have to register as a foreign
9:44 pm
agent. >> more with syndicated columnist diana west sunday night at 8:00. >> ron paul speaks at the southern leadership conference in south carolina, calling for more limited government. south carolina's primary takes place this weekend. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you for coming out. i am delighted to be here. i want to introduce my wife. she is sitting over here.
9:45 pm
[applause] she and i will be celebrating our 50th anniversary within a week or so. february 1. i appreciate the opportunity to visit with you. the campaign has heated up. the debates last night were very interesting. and sometimes distracting. overall, i thought the debate went quite well. people ask me quite frequently how the debate did go, and i said, compared to what? it can always be better and it can always be worse. over the years, debates have always been very helpful in promoting what i have been talking about on sound economic policy. this has always been encouraging because we get some any new
9:46 pm
supporters once we present our case. generally speaking, my views are different in reality than the other candidates because the rhetoric might not be extremely different, in reality, it is different. so often, we have canned goods that will talk about changes, but still support the status quo. my position is that we have to do a lot more. the status quo today is too much ignoring the constitution. people ask me, how did we get into this trouble and what do we have to do? i do not think that question is difficult to answer. we have avoided following the constitution. it should not be difficult to get out of trouble by having people in washington that obey the constitution. that is what we should do.
9:47 pm
[applause] it's is across the board. it is a general lackadaisical attitude about to fall and the constitution. it also reflects an educational system that over many decades has taught generations of americans that the constitution is not to be a rigid document. that is like saying the bill of rights is not a rigid document. the 10 commandments are not a rigid set of rules. since we got careless with this, the document does not mean a whole lot. when it comes to monetary policy, the founders of this country aboard explicit about protecting against inflation. they have suffered inflation from the continental dollar.
9:48 pm
the constitution should have changed because there is no authority for the federal government to be running education. we do not need the department of education. you can continue to go down the list. take the executive branch of government. have you ever noticed they write a lot of regulations? they should not write any regulations. congress passed laws like they do with dealing with the environment, the epa. they write regulations and they go way off on tangents. when you write a regulation, you are writing a law. that is the executive branch and doing what the legislative
9:49 pm
branch is supposed to be doing. we need to challenge this. we do not need an executive branch right to register edges -- writing legislation. we need to adhere to the rules. [applause] we have gotten careless in another area that is still important because it has contributed some much to our financial crisis in the ongoing activities overseas. one of the reasons we fought and the revolution was the encroachment of the military on the privacy of the colonists. the military would come into the homes and occupy homes and tax the people for fighting force. they resented the fact that the king to take the people to war as well as tax the people to fight these wars.
9:50 pm
it was explicit in the constitution that the president cannot just get up and go to war. we have lost that's completely. both parties have been derelict in back. we go to war at the president's insistence. has to come to the congress to get involved in libya and various countries and now in syria? if we have to go to war, does he get a declaration of war? no, they just go and do it. i do not think it is right. they should declare war if we have to go to war. [applause] this means we would go to war more rarely. if we did go to war, we would win them instead of stagnating and being involved for 10 years. and other insults is having our
9:51 pm
president go to war under a u.n. banner or nato and not even consult with the congress. we need to change that, obviously. [applause] a lot of times our debates will be designed to either talk about economic policy or social policy or foreign policy. last night, it was foreign policy. if you are truly interested in economic policy, you cannot talk about foreign-policy. -- you cannot not talk about foreign policy. that is money at of our economy. war is always a drain on the economy. when you spend money, it is a real insult to the economy at home. this $4 trillion that was spent
9:52 pm
running up debts which had nothing to do with our national security -- in fact, it undermines our national security by getting involved. [applause] $4 trillion is a great burden. the crisis we are facing economically it is a debt crisis. they talk about what kind of programs we will designed to stimulate the o'connor me and take care of the unemployed. very rarely are they addressing the subject in a serious manner about the real problem. that is the debt burden. all this activity can barely pay to finance our debts. if you think of all that we of, $16 trillion. the national debt was raised by $1.20 trillion. it was done by the president and the congress speedily tries to
9:53 pm
prevent that from happening. -- feebly tries to bourbon that from happening. -- tries to prevent that from happening. we still live with this fiction that the world will for ever trust us to print the right amount of dollars. the dollar will always maintain value add we can print our way out and finance the debt. already, we are suffering severely from that, even though it is still being propped up and people are still taking our dollars. since 1971, when we lost the last link to gold, at our dollar has lost 85% of its value. if you are an old-fashioned person and you do not want to speculate in the stock market, saving money and being frugal was thought to be a good thing. if a person followed that and wanted to play it safe, they could not even keep up with the
9:54 pm
depreciation of their money. theoretically, if you put all of your money away in 1971, $100,000, you would have $15,000 of purchasing power. the system we have is very destructive. our problem basically is that we do not follow the rules and the marketplace. true capital comes from saving. but we do not save. we substitute savings with a printing press run by the federal reserve. they create money out of thin air. [applause] as long as people accept the dollar is going to continue to do that, the problems we face economically are international. the dollar is the reserve standard of the world. we're getting away with
9:55 pm
exporting our dollars. we get goods and services at a cheaper rate. eventually, the world will reject the paper money. our credit has been downgraded. franz's credit has been downgraded. europe -- france's credit has been downgraded. europe is in a mess. everybody is scurrying around every single day. how will we take care of the greek debt? there is only one way you resolve that. the debt has to be liquidated. instead of liquidating, the big banks -- big take the dead and a transport it -- transfer it to us. this is why wall street still thrives. they get the bill alps -- the bail outs. the middle class is shrinking. people are losing their jobs. we have to change that whole
9:56 pm
attitude. debt has to be liquidated. that is why we are not having economic growth. there is nothing we can do in politics. the people have to understand a very important issue. what should the role of government be? this is what the founders bought the revelation about. they decided the role of the king was wrong. the role of the federal government was designed to protect our liberty. no more complicated than that. to provide for a strong national defense and protect our liberty. [applause] today, that has evolved.
9:57 pm
john adams warned if it ever evolved from a republic to a pure democracy, eventually, society would murder itself. in many ways, we are murdering ourselves with our spending. we still accept this notion which has to be challenged. entitlements are not right. you have a right to your life and your liberty and their property. but not entitled. [applause] nobody is entitled to somebody else's efforts. as long as that exists, a token change in washington will not make the difference. the good news is, the people's attitude is now changing. significantly. [applause] even those who are on the receiving end of the retirement
9:58 pm
system -- entitlement system is very frightened. the people paying the bills are sick and tired of paying the bills. this is why we're going to have changed. the people are starting to send this message. i am. encouraged, especially when i travel around the country and talk to the next generation, they know what is necessary. they know what a proper national defense policy is. they know what a proper monetary policy is. they know the president -- they note -- the people is supposed to run the economy and the government is supposed to get out of the way. [applause] this has gained the support of those who know that government rules cannot mold personal behavior. economic liberty and personal liberty is one in the same.
9:59 pm
that is what we have to protect. i am very optimistic on the long run, on the short run we still have a lot of work to do. there will be a significant event coming up soon. i think it is tomorrow that may send a message to this country that we want less government and more freedom. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ >> con bemis put --
10:00 pm
>> suspensor road to the white house -- the white house came up with a policy that says in her program she could not teach abstinence as a preferable way of aborting out of wedlock birth. she cannot talk about marriage. she cannot talk about marriage as anything other than an alternative lifestyle that is no better or worse than any other lifestyle. my question is -- why? >> when the president adopts a stimulus package of hundreds of millions of dollars that nobody has read and then discovers to his great surprise that the shovel ready jobs or not shovel ready and the stimulus fails that leaves us a hundred billion dollars deeper in debt, at some point he has to take
10:01 pm
responsibility. that was his plan and it failed. >> as canada it's me with voters to get their message out. >> after the polls close saturday evening, we will show you the results from south carolina along with candidate speeches and your phone calls. rick santorum was a guest on "washington journal" and spent 20 minutes taking calls. host: i am going to jump in on a question that came in from our facebook page.
10:02 pm
many returning u.s. veterans are in need of medical health as well as assistance to transition back into society. do you believe that veteran benefits should be excluded from cost cutting measure considering the sacrifices that these people have made on behalf of our country or not? guest: the answer to that is yes. they should be excluded from any kind of reductions. these are men and women who have stepped forward to defend this country. this country has a special obligation to them. these are heroic people. they are signing up every day and they are reenlisting every day. i can tell you as somebody who grew up on a be a ground and my mom and dad men at the va after world war two. they lived on the post for the first 18 years of my life and i got a chance to meet veterans
10:03 pm
and work with them. i can tell you that there are a lot of problems in the v.a. health care system. there are a lot of problems with government-run medicine. we need to do a better job at meeting the needs when it comes to mental health issues these servicemen and women are dealing with. you do not have an enemy lining up in n uniform against you, you are constantly on watch for whoever is around you. that kind of stress is very hard to readjust. we have to do a better job than we are doing. >> senator santorum will be with us for about 15 minutes. he is on location with the campaign event will be today. we are going to get in your calls, your tweets, and your
10:04 pm
facebook comments. caller: hello, how are you doing. my advice would be to be very specific about your stance on things like the pipeline, jobs, things like that. if you want to become the nominee, i really think -- that would be my advice to bypass all of the hoopla and get specific about what we are going to do about the pipeline. are we going to waste our money on renewable or are we going to get back to basics and make this country grew by doing what we do best. that is drilling, farming, mining and things like that. what do you think? guest: i could not agree with
10:05 pm
you more. i am absolutely for going into the pipeline. as i have mentioned many times, my grandfather was a coal miner. i have worked with mining companies and have believed strongly it is one of the keys to lower power costs. the obama administration's war on fossil fuels is hurting our country. i am for eliminating all energy subsidies to let the market work. we need to get rid of the green energy subsidies. the best example of what we can do with respect to energy in the cost of energy is what we are doing in pennsylvania. the price of natural gas in the last seven or eight years has gone from $12 down to $2. we were drilling and we have created an increase in supply. we can reduce a lot if we open
10:06 pm
up and allow more production in this country. host: next question from facebook. -- guest: i do not know what specifics she said cutting back, i would assume tariffs. i do not support terrace because that is a tax. i understand it is a tax on foreign goods, it leads to retaliatory tariffs on our goods. we need to compete and we are not competitive with the major trading partners we compete with. labor costs are higher than most of our trading partners. we have to get the government out of the ways of manufacturers can actually compete and bring the jobs back from overseas. last that we were talking about apple that has thousands of
10:07 pm
people employed in china. they should be made here. i am sure they would be made here if we had the opportunity to do so on like competitive basis. that is what i want to cut it to zero -- cut in half for everyone else. for manufacturers and processors, we want the jobs here. we need to compete against china. the tax is the limiting our ability to compete. you can go to our web site and see our entire manufacturing plant. it is a plan that will help blue-collar workers in small- town america be able to participate in this knowledge based economy by having those products made here in this country. host: steve jobs biography, he was asked about the factories in china, his response was one of
10:08 pm
the major problems was the u.s. educational system not producing the type of engineers. that was a larger problem than taxation. guest: yes, we do have a problem with respect to our knowledge in math and science. look, there are lots of manufacturers -- with all due respect to steve jobs, there is a lot of manufacturing -- i was just at the bmw plant and the boeing plant. that is about as high-tech as you are going to get. we have process engineers. we can train them. the more jobs there are the more demand for the jobs. a lot of them are coming from people coming from overseas to come here. that is okay, too. we can and for that knowledge instead of exporting the blue- collar jobs. i suspect a lot of people working on apple products around the world would be very happy to have the opportunity to come
10:09 pm
here and do the same. >> did you support the initiative to bail out the tory, specifically gm? >> i did not. i called for a structured bankruptcy for the very beginning. i oppose the wall street bailout which was the funding source for the wall street -- gm bailout. i was the only one on stage that it on principle. even though people said there could be a financial meltdown. the bottom line is, the greater bulk of over the longer time is having the government in check itself into the private sector in such a huge way, allow the capital system to work. that is what i believe in. the same thing with gm and chrysler. they could have gone through a structured bankruptcy. the only difference between those two companies coming out of bankruptcy versus the bailout is that the unions would not have a big owner should share of the company. the bondholders who were in line should have gotten a fair share.
10:10 pm
other than that, you would have had pretty much the same company and maybe even a better company because they would have been stripped of more legacy costs' that makes it hard for them to be competitive. host: i ask because this morning gm once again leads the world in auto sales. more than 9 million vehicles investing toyota. let's go back to calls. aaron from salt lake city, utah. caller: good morning. i am concerned about the fact that the career republican candidates, with the exception of newt gingrich, have not clarified in positions regarding basic scientific and medical research in this country. it is important because it creates jobs. a return of $2 for every $1 invested and would be crucial to controlling the cost of health
10:11 pm
care. it is harder than ever for young scientists to get funding for research. guest: i would say this. i have always been a very strong supporter of science. i think it is one of the things that the federal government does a good job at which is basic science research. i also supported at the time the doubling of the nih budget to help with basic medical research and improve our knowledge of the human genome project. not the second be done on the private markets for profit. basic understanding of science which obviously benefits a dollars based economy. having said that, i have to say that we are at a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit. we are spending 40 cents out of every dollar we are borrowing, most of it from china. to go out and say, we are going
10:12 pm
to increase funding at that level -- we are not going to be increasing funding at any level that i can think of. we have to look at government and enter a constrained resource environment. the best thing we can do for medical research is get the economy growing. if you get the economy growing, there can be pharmaceutical companies and others who are going to be sponsoring more research at colleges and universities in addition to government research. the economy growing has to be the number-one priority right now. getting government under control will be a big part of that. i am not saying we should cut research, i am not looking at that area or any other area outside of our commitments to protect our country through national security to grow the size of government. host: senator rick santorum with us for five more minutes. a democratic caller named tony. you are on. caller: i love that you picked
10:13 pm
up about janitor motors beat -- general motors being the no. 1 automaker in the world. that just contradicted at your statement about bailing out the auto industry. i wanted to ask you two quick questions. do you and your family still collect health care from the big government? the last thing i want to say, you will not be president of the united states. that is a facade. it will not happen. obama will be president again. stop lying to the public. be honest. guest: we will let the elected figure out who will be the next president of the united states. i do not think it has to do with honesty. gm and chrysler should have and could have gone through a structured bankruptcy process. that would have ended up with a company surviving with different owners and frankly would have been even more competitive than the current structure. it would not have to do things that the obama administration
10:14 pm
was twisting their arms to do as a result of the money that the government gave them. i stand by that. i cannot remember what his second point was. if you recall i am happy to answer it. host: i am going to move on to another facebook, because our time is short. -- guest: i do not support teaching creationism as a complement. i do support academic freedom. one thing that every child likes to learn about is who they are and where did they come from. how did the world come to be? how did they come to be? i believe as most americans do that we are creatures of god and god created the heavens and the earth. i think there is ample evidence for that in creation. there is a theory of their of evolution that is a legitimate
10:15 pm
scientific theory. obviously, it should be taught in schools. we should have a discussion about the issue of evolution and what we can learn and what we do not know and cannot know in many respects about that theory. also, the idea of whether we are in fact just a mistake of natural law. over time, we just happen to come into place. a completely this ordered random process that created all of this that we see. that is just from a philosophical point of view. it is an interesting thing to argue what science can and cannot prove. it is interesting for children to be able to sort through that and have a discussion as to whether we are just random -- the application of time that traded this entire universe or whether there was somebody
10:16 pm
directing it. having that discussion is an important discussion of from a religious point of view but from the standpoint of science and what science can and cannot prove and show. host: our last call is from bloomington, illinois. caller: hello, i want to wish you good luck in your campaign. i like your idea about eliminating income tax on manufacturers to produce their products in the key u.s.. my concern is that unless components are also produced here, job creation to be negligible. guest: hold on, every manufacturer. if you are producing the a part for anything you make, it is a 0 percent corporate tax. if you are processing the for example. if you are processing food products and you are taking
10:17 pm
soybeans and throwing it into soy oil, you are a processor. if you are manufacturing anything, anybody who makes anything and then try america is going to have a 0% corporate rate. it is for everybody out there. it will be a huge incentive to bring out not only final assembly like we have here a in charleston with the boeing plant but also making the component parts that go into that dream liner. host: senator kent -- senator santorum is with us. what is your bottom line on results on saturday in order to continue to florida? guest: we are going forward. this recession is transformed itself in the last 24 hours. i am not sure how that will shake out and show by saturday. i have already won one of the
10:18 pm
two primaries. i feel good about the momentum that we have across the country. polls are showing we run second in florida right now. we feel good we can go down there and be very competitive. this is a long process. we were doing 700 or 800 town hall meetings. it has really been in the last week that we have had the resources to compete in this race. now that the race has narrowed, people are starting to rally around us. we are getting funding to begin competing in the long term. we are starting to staff up around the country. we feel this is a race that we can and will be successful in. we are going to go on not just after south carolina but beyond. host: how significant is the story about new gingrich's failed message in the kind of -- failed marriage and the kind of voters you're trying to appeal to? guest: i think we all said these
10:19 pm
personal issues are very difficult. my feeling is your activities in public life are subject for scrutiny and people can look at them and make determinations as to whether these are issues of character. as to whether this is the kind of person you want to put into the office of the president, specifically when you do those things in public life and while you are in public life. i think that adds an additional level of relevance as far as the specifics, i will not get into that. i think people will look at that as the well with everything else, assess that, assets when it was done, how long ago it was done, but the circumstances were in make the determination. i trust the american public that will make the right decision. host: our lines are all lighted up. i hope to see you again on the campaign trail. thank you for your time.
10:20 pm
>> tomorrow on "washington journal", chad connelly, adam green discusses the progress of strategy in the 2012 elections. tom tarantino from the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. washington journal live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> next, chicago mayor rahm emanuel 6 part on the form of the presidential campaign. then michael bloomberg on his efforts to improve the city's education system. >> hoover argued a couple of things. he argued that american policy toward japan in 1940 and 1941 was rather provocative and
10:21 pm
perhaps in a juvenile way he said we are putting pins in a rattlesnake. eventually the rattlesnake will strike back. >> saturday night on "after words," the former presidents evaluation of decision starting with the second world war right to the cold war. also this weekend, jeff charlotte on religion and the inter-american. and a sunday night at 8:15, understanding our constitution by looking at "the odd clauses." >> now, a discussion on the 2012 presidential race. chicago mayor and former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel were among those talking about the reelection campaign and the
10:22 pm
campaign for the republican presidential nomination. joining him is rachel maddow, david brooks, and alex castellanos. the even is moderated by george stephanopoulos. this is about 1 hour 10 minutes. >> if everybody could please be seated. if we could quiet down i would be grateful. our panelists are ready. once again you will hear first from david axelrod.
10:23 pm
thank you very much. >> hello again. [applause] we want to put a panel together today to give you an advance look -- a preview of attractions to come. we have a panel that is second to none, i think in their insights and their contributions to the discussion. let me introduce them one by one. first, i am so grateful to our moderator george stephanopoulos. i met him when he was made governor to president bill clinton. he became an essential person in that campaign and in the white house. he became a best-selling author and made the transition to journalism and has become one of america's most respected journalists. his sunday show is a must see
10:24 pm
four people enter washington for years. so much so it has now been repriced. he is back as he anchors good morning america. understanding what his schedule is, i am particularly grateful he is here today. [applause] i have known our next speaker since he was 22 years old. he would pummel me with calls every day. he has been pummeling me with calls ever since. we had a chance to work together over the years. he is truly a force of nature. he does not really need an introduction. let me introduce the great mayor of the city of chicago, rahm
10:25 pm
emanuel. [applause] i mentioned in my remarks that i grew up 100 yards from our next panelist. we actually lived parallel lives. he began his career in chicago journalism, i began my career in chicago journalism. we both went to the university of chicago. the only difference was he apparently attended class. let me introduce one of the great public thinkers in america today, david brooks. [applause] now, when i was at the white house, you may remember we had a little bit of a problem with an
10:26 pm
oil leak and then to the gulf of mexico. in the midst of that, we had a small luncheon for a few journalists. these things go on and on some times. our next panelist was there. she was quizzing the president on how we were capturing the oil and whether we were doing it properly. i have read two books on this. the president said, rachel, you have read two books on this? those who are aficionados' on her television program and before that her radio program knows she draws down very deep on these issues. let me introduce rachel maddow. [applause]
10:27 pm
and finally, let me introduce somebody who is kind of my opposite number on the republican side. alex castellanos has been doing campaigns as long as i have been doing campaigns, only on the other side of the ballot. i have deep admiration for him as a person and as a professional. for his passion for politics and for this country, he is exactly the kind of person who we want to include in our program as all the pro -- of the people on this cut from today. [applause] >> thank you for bringing us all here. congratulations on your new upcoming position. i wish i had your booking skills for sunday morning. what a great day to be here. one of the great things about
10:28 pm
politics. had we had this discussion last thursday, it would have started off in a completely different way. had we done this last thursday, we would be sitting here saying, mitt romney is looking like he is heading to three in a row. he won the first three primary caucuses unprecedented. you wake up this morning and it turns out he lost iowa. newt gingrich is surging in south carolina. we do not know what will happen, but instead of being 343, he could end up being 143. what difference does that make and can he be stopped da? >> i did work for mitt romney last time. i was hoping he would overcome at this time. a pleasure to be here. i am glad there was an opening in my schedule. as a republican, i want to point out that my marriage is not as open -- [laughter]
10:29 pm
i have never seen a year like this one. i do not think any of us have. the republican field at this point has entirely distinguished itself. mitt romney, i think is still the only candidate who can with the republican nomination. i do not think anything has changed. i think he may get crushed in south carolina on saturday. he has run a very defensive campaign so far. he has run a campaign from the four corners. you have a lead in the sit on it. there really has not been much beyond jobs. i in the jobs guy. i am mr. fix it. i think that will be tested here. nevertheless, newt gingrich has a ceiling.


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