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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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america,to cite the tea party people who rose up and deliver the great victory in 2010. who felt the sense that something was wrong in in america. there was something that was out of whack. something they could not sit on the sidelines anymore and just watch america that they knew and loved fundamentally change. that is why karen and i sat around the kitchen table, just like we all sit around the kitchen table. we talk about our feature and -- our own future and our family and our country. we decided to step forward and run for president of the united states. we went into this little town in the hills of the appalachian mountains. somerset, pennsylvania. i went there for two reasons. i think what is fundamentally at stake in this country is freedom. the government taking and robbing every man, woman, and a child, every institution that
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seeks to do good in our society, they continue to rob it of their freedom and try to control everything from the top down. [applause] our family went to this little town and pennsylvania. it is not where i was from. i did not grow up in somerset. i had a couple of friends in sommer said. [laughter] we went there because of two things that represented to me what was at the core, the threat that this administration was to those fundamental freedoms. number one, as i mentioned before, that is about a few miles from where my grandfather came to this country and worked in those coal mines. that is where my grandfather dug his way to freedom for me and my father, and now this
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generation that follows me. i would just down the road from the place where an airliner crashed on a september day, 5 miles away, where the first blow for freedom was struck in this war against radical jihadists. i want to stand on that side to make a call that this race and this campaign was not about tearing everybody down. it was not going to be about negative ads. it will not be about anything other than painting a bold vision for our country. one that believes in the working-class values that my grandfather taught to me. [applause]
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workers who believe as -- barack obama actually got it right when he made the comment in san francisco unbeknownst that it was being recorded. i come from that area of pennsylvania that he was referring to that held on tightly to their guns and their bibles. [applause] those are the people in in america who are being left behind. those are the folks in america who neither party has a voice for. they say they care. they want to do everything for you from the top down. they do not believe in you.
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they believe a in their ability to care for you. that is not america. that is not what the working people of western pennsylvania, the working people of south carolina, the working people of this country want. they want somebody who believes in them. [applause] we went out all across this country in these three states. let me assure you we are going to florida, then we are going to arizona and colorado -- [applause] [ chanting "we pick rick"] and we are going to deliver a
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little different message than the other folks in this race. i respect them greatly. it is great to be up there shoulder to shoulder with them taking on every night and day as we travel across this country taking on the policies of this president. i plan to be a little different. i will go out and talk about how we are going to have a republican conservative movement that makes sure that everyone in america has an opportunity to rise, not just those who have an advantage. maybe those who have had an opportunity then somebody else. every person in america will have the opportunity to rise in america again. [applause]
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it is a pretty simple formula. is a pretty simple formula. it is a formula i talked about the other day at the debate. it is a formula we all understand. it is a formula that values work. it respects the dignity of all work in america. it stands for anybody at any job. we respect that, but we also want to give you an opportunity to rise in society. and that is what is missing. as much as we like to talk as conservatives to cut taxes and reduce spending everything will be fine. that is simply not the case. we have to create an atmosphere where people can get the education they need. we have to create an atmosphere where people can get the training they need. we have to create an attitude that says we want to compete for those blue-collar jobs that create the opportunities that in two generations one of their
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kids can run for president of the united states. [applause] we also want to say that we stand up and we want to promote the values that made this country great. the values of faith family, and freedom. those values that we understand and we all know that is what works and in america. i talk about the liberal think tank that says if you do three things you can almost guarantee to stay out of poverty. work that i just talked about,
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get that education and graduate from high school, and get married before you have children. marriage, family. [applause] if we are not the party that stands up for the truth about the importance of marriage, the importance of family, the importance of fatherhood and motherhood, the importance of those values of instilling virtues in the next generation of children with faith, then we are a party that no longer has a heart. we are not a party that will be a majority party in this country. we have to be the party that speaks to everyone. those who know and understand that it is the heart of america, it is that beating sound. it is that beating pulse of the healthy family. [applause]
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i want to thank everybody here from the state of south carolina. thank you so much. i want to thank the citadel for the tremendous hospitality and the wonderful job the cadets have done for us. i want to particularly thank them for that beautiful muzzle, that beautiful muzzleloader that i got the other day. [applause] i want to say to all the folks across america who are looking for that candidate, that candidate that can be a good, stark contrast. somebody that in contrast on all of the issues that are important for america today.
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the ones who will decide this election. the ones with experience on national security, the consistency on the conservative principles that made this country great. i ask you, it is a wide open race. join the fight. thank you. [applause] [chanting "we pick rick"]
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[applause] [chanting "we pick rick"]
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[chanting continues]
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[cheers and applause] >> mitt! mitt! mitt! mitt! [applause] [cheers and applause] >> you guys are fantastic. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] you should hear them when i win. [laughter] this race is getting to be even more interesting. i want to say thank-you for all of your help over the last days going across the state.
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i appreciate all the people you brought into the polls for us. this is an exciting day. thanks to all of the people. let's begin with your governor. i owe her very much for her help. and the chairman of my campaign, i appreciate that help. there has been a number of legislators, and they have been with me since the beginning. and of course the people of south carolina who helped to this campaign. i owe you so very much. thank you for this great night tonight. tonight i want to congratulate the speaker gingrich on a hard- fought campaign. we are now three contests into a long primary season.
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there is so much worth fighting for. we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. tomorrow we're going to go to florida. [cheers and applause] it is a state that has suffered under the failed policies of pope. -- president obama. three years ago, we had nothing but promises and slogans by which to judge the president. today we have a record of deficit and debt. president obama likes to remind us that elections have consequences. today the consequences are clear and the states have never been higher. i have said this before and i believe that this election is a battle for the soul of america. [applause]
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it is a choice between destiny's kerpen -- two very different destinies for america. president obama wants to transform our country. we want to restore the founding principles that made this country great and the hope of the earth. [cheers and applause] he is making the federal government bigger and bloated. i want to make the government simpler and smarter and will do it. [applause] he has raised the national debt time and time again. i will cut the budget. i will finally balance the budget. [chanting] >> we need mitt! we need mitt!
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>> he passed obamacare and i will repeal it. he has adopted an appeasement strategy. he believes that america's role as leader of the world is a thing of the past three and. -- a thing of the past. i believe in a strong america and i believe america must lead this world and the free world must leave the entire world. in recent weeks, the choice within our party has also come into focus. president obama has no experience running a business or a state. our party cannot be led to victory by someone who was also never run a business. [applause]
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our president has divided the nation and engaged in class warfare and attacked the free enterprise system that has made them the envy of the world. we cannot beat them with a president who assaults free enterprise. [applause] when my opponents attacked success, they're not only attacking me, they're attacking every person who dreams of a better future. i will support you and help you have a better future. i will make sure america is a place of opportunity. [applause] i am passionate about our economic liberty because i have witnessed our free enterprise system as it creates prosperity for all. over the past few weeks we've
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seen a frontal assault on free enterprise. we did not anticipate republicans to join president obama. that is a mistake for our party. ours is the party of free enterprise and consumer choice. [cheers and applause] the republican party does not demonize prosperity, we celebrate success. that is one of the differences between our party. he leaves the party of big government and believes in entitlement, he is wrong and we are right and this is a battle we cannot lose. [applause] those who pick up the weapons of the left will find and then turned against us tomorrow.
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that is the choice our party gives america. or else there is not much of a choice at all. americans will demand a choice in this campaign between prosperity and success and opportunity and those who believe in government. i believe they will choose us. [applause] " if president obama thinks he can compare his record of job losses with my record of job creation, that is a battle we are going to win. [applause] if he thinks he can compare his record of crony capitalism with free-market success, that is a battle we can win. [applause] let me be clear -- if republican leaders want to join this president in demonizing success and disparaging
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conservative values, they will not be fit and to be our nominee. our campaign has fought hard in south carolina. in the coming weeks i will keep fighting for every single vote. i will compete in every state. [applause] we're going to win this nomination and the president obama. -- and defeat president obama in november. [cheers and applause] our campaign will be about the business's i helped start not the bills i passed. -- i tried to pass. we will champion the founding principles of liberty, opportunity, and economic freedom. i do not shrink from competition.
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i embrace it. i believe competition makes us better. and notice making our campaign -- and i know it is making our campaign stronger. in the coming weeks, the ideals of free enterprise will need a strong defense. i intend to make it. [applause] the american people -- >> we need mitt! we need mitt! >> thank you. i agree with you. ann agrees with you. [laughter] the american people will be looking for real choice. i will provide it. the plan we are offering protects opportunity. our blueprint is the constitution of the united states of america. [applause]
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if you want to make this election about restoring american greatness, i hope you will join us. if you believe these last few years are a detour, i am asking for your vote. we still believe in the america that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. we believe in the america that challenge just to be better than ourselves. we believe in that shining city on a hill. this election, i am asking for your support. we need you to join in the fight. thank you, and god bless the united states of america. [applause] you guys are the best. thank you so much. "born free" playing] [chanting "mitt"]
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we love you guys. thank you. [applause] that was awesome, ma'am. -- man. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you, guys. thank you. we love you. [cheers and applause] ♪ [chanting "we need mitt!"] ♪ ♪
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[chanting "newt can win"] [applause] >> ok. ok. let me first of all say thank you to everyone in south carolina who decided to be with us. in change in washington. [cheers and applause] calista and i are happy to have our daughter, maya a chief -- our son-in-law, our two chief
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debate coaches who are both right here. we are delighted to have my sisters here i also want to recognize several people who were important in south carolina making this happen. the judge really took over and did a great job. the former congressman is a terrific class act. he did a great job putting things together. [applause] house majority leader kenny bingham came on board and helped us. the speaker was tremendous. we travel the last couple of days together. vivian was tremendous helping us across the state. peter mccoy was remarkable. i wanted to say we had a team on our staff who worked week after week.
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they did a great, great job. [applause] there are so many things and i have so many memories from different parts of the state. everybody, including people who, by accident, voted for the other candidates, everybody was nice to us. i think south carolina and showed a southern hospitality as beautifully as i have seen. -- as any place we have been. [applause] are also want to mention general livingston, who is a congressional medal of honor winner who gave me the honor of
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introducing yesterday. a man of that patriotism and dedication, it meant a great deal. it was a remarkable evening. i am grateful for that moment. [applause] >> go, newt! >> the biggest thing i take is that is very humbling and a sobering to have so many people who so deeply to get their country to get back on the right track. [applause] so many people who are so
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concerned about jobs, medical costs, about the everyday parts of life and who feel that elites have no concern or reliability and do not represent them at all. [applause] in the debates we had, in myrtle beach and in charleston, where people reacted so strongly to the news media, i think it was something fundamental that i wish the powers that be would take seriously. the american people feel they have elites to force us to quit being american and become some kind of weather system. -- some kind of other system. people misunderstand what is going on. it is not that i am a good
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debater. it is that i articulate the deepest felt values of the american people. [applause] you know, this is a remarkable system. what makes us different from every other country is that we are free. because we are free, we can produce leadership from a range of places. sometimes that leadership is good. we had an actor who made movies with chimpanzees. [laughter] he turned out to be one of our greatest presidents. ended up with the disappearance of the soviet empire. [applause] we once had a peanut farmer nuclear physicist to did not turn out so good but the genius of america is that you can come from any background. i watched the five speeches of
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-- the fine speeches of the other three candidates on our side. i was struck with how much they reflected the openness of the american system. rick santorum showed enormous courage in iowa when he had no money, nobody covered him and he kept campaigning. [applause] >> vp! >> i rest my case. he has made an impact. [laughter] [applause] here is a guy who articulates the values of social conservatism and manufacturing -- and the importance of manufacturing and who may have been as right as the dangers of iran as anybody. [applause] as a further example of how wide open our system is, we have ron paul who, on the issue of
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money, and the federal reserve, has been right for 25 years. while i disagree on many other things, there is no doubt a lot of his critique of fiat money is absolutely the right direction and is something i support strongly. finally, governor romney, with whom i disagree, is nonetheless a good example of america. he is hard-working and has been successful. he has organized large systems. he did a terrific job at the winter olympics. the fact is if you look at the four of us, we're proof you can come from a wide range of backgrounds and in america, you have a chance to try to make your case no matter what the elites think in new york and
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washington. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> you have just now captured the heart of the campaign. the fact is, we want to run and not a republican campaign, we want to run an american campaign. [applause] we are optimistic about the future because america has always been optimistic. we believe, as our sign points out, if we unleased the american people, we can rebuild the america that we love. [applause]
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now, i believe and decided to run because we concluded this is the most important election of our lifetime. if barack obama can get reelected after this disaster -- [booing] -- think radical he would be in a second term. >> no more years! >> i have a proposal. with your help, we are now moving on to florida and beyond. [cheers and applause] i want you to know that if, and anyone here who knows anyone in florida, contact them by sometime tomorrow.
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my good friend knows many people. i am confident he will have an impact. if i become your nominee, and i think i will become your nominee, together, if that happens, and it is up to all of us to work to make it happen, if that happens, i will challenge president obama to 7 three-hour debates. to be fair, i already have conceded he can use a teleprompter if he wants to. after all, if you had to defend
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obamacare, wouldn't you want a teleprompter? [applause] there a number of issues we have to talk about with the president. i am going to get there in a second. [laughter] i believe this campaign comes down to economics including jobs, balancing the budget, the value of money, national security, and what we have to do but the centerpiece of the campaign is american exceptionalism verses radical ideas. -- the radicalism of saul linsky. >> usa! usa! usa! usa!
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>> the fact is, what we are going to argue is that american exceptionalism, the american constitution, the american federalist papers, the founding fathers are the source from which we draw the founding of -- all our understanding of america. he draws his from radical left- wingers and people who do not like a classical america. one of the address you -- one of the issues we will address first o-- she will be a great first lady, with your help. [applause] one of the issues, and i am prepared to take this that the -- this straight at the president and the media, the growing anti-religious bigotry
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of our elite. [applause] if you get a chance, go to, there is a 54 page paper on the balance of power, putting the judiciary back in its proper role in eliminating dictatorial religious bigots such as a judge in san antonio who issued a ruling that not only could students not pray at their graduation, if they used the word benediction, invocation, god, he would put the superintendent in jail. [booing] we do not have speech a dictatorship by anti religious bigots. serious. [applause]
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the second theme is jobs, having stable money, and let's be clear. this makes some of the media nervous. president obama has been the most effective food stamp president in american history. i worked with ronald reagan to create jobs in the 1980's. i worked with bill clinton to create jobs during the four years i was speaker. i would like to be the best paycheck's president in american history. i want to go into every neighborhood of every ethnic background and say to people, if you want your children to
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have a life of dependency, you have a candidate and that is barack obama. if you want a life of independence and paychecks you have newt gingrich. i will bet you we have votes everywhere. [cheers and applause] i just talked to rick perry who is deeply committed. but as generous of his endorsement this week. his passion, we are going to work with him to return power to the states, the local government to get it added washington, d.c. -- out of washington, d.c. [applause] one reason i ask you to be with me, if we shrink the washington
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bureaucracy, we have to grow citizenship back home. i am also committed to getting back to a balanced budget. since i am the only speaker of the house to help create four consecutive balanced budgets, i can tell you i will work very hard to get back to a balanced budget as rapidly as possible and run a surplus to pay down the debt son of chinese leverage -- so that no chinese a leverage exists on the united states. [applause] part of our national security house to be having an american -- hasted be having an american energy policy. i want america to become so energy independent that no american president bows to a saudi king.
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let me give you an example of conservatism basalts problems. -- a common-sense conservatism that solves problems. you have natural gas offshore. as president will authorize the development of that. that will create 80,000 jobs a piece. -- $80,000 apiece. degenerate's royalties. part of the should be used to -- part of the royalty should be used to modernize the port of charleston which affects one out of every five jobs in south carolina. [applause] it is not enough to find the money. the corps of engineers is so long and stupid, they take eight years to study, not to do the project, to study the project. we fought the second world war in three years and eight months.
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if you can beat not to germany and imperial japan, it is unimaginable that it takes a eight years to study the project. i want to overhaul the entire federal government at every level to produce a modern and effective government. [applause] let me also say that the president's decision to veto the keystone pipeline -- [booing] -- you have to wonder how out of touch the administration is. it is one thing to say they cannot play chess at the white house. it is another thing to say they cannot play checkers. if they cannot play tic-tac- toe, the president says we do not want a pipeline from canada down with no mountains
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intervening to the largest petrochemical center in the world so we would make money on the pipeline, managing the pipeline, refining the oil, and in the ports of houston. we do not want to do that because obama is taking care of his left-wing friends and san francisco. they think that will stop the oil. the prime minister is conservative and pro-american. he is going to cut a deal with the chinese to bill day pipeline. -- they will build it to vancouver. we will get none of the jobs or energy, none of the opportunity. an american president who can create a chinese-canadian partnership is truly a danger to this country. [applause] but it gets worse.
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the saudis are building nuclear energy in saudi arabia. they're saying we distrust the obama administration and would rather rely on the chinese. the iranians contest with -- to haunt us with exercises and the obama administration cancels military exercise because they do not -- exercises with israel because we do not want to provoke the iranians. president obama is so weak that he makes jimmy carter look strong. [applause] let me say i believe the debate we're going to have with president obama, the outlining of the two americas, the america of paychecks, food stamps, the america of
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independence, dependents, the america of strength strength and foreign-policy, the america of weakness, those two choices will give the american people a chance to decide permanently whether we want to remain at the historic america that has provided opportunity for more people of more backgrounds and many in history or whether we -- than any other country in history or whether we prefer to become a brand new secular european bureaucratic socialist country. >> know! >> i agree with you. i looked at the future and decided we're not going to go the route of obama and this radical idea. [applause] so, in order to carry out this debate, to rally the american people, to winning the election
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decisively this fall, too profoundly change washington starting monday 1, -- on day one, when we abolish all the white house czars, to do that we need to build on this a victory by going to florida. i need your help in reaching out to people in florida. i need your help in finding anybody who believes in what we're doing and tell them go to to get involved. we do not have the kind of money one of the candidates has. but we do have ideas. we do have people. we have proved this in south carolina. people power with the right ideas beat big money. we will prove it again in florida. thank you and god bless you.
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>> if you have a saudi prince who is part of the royal family of saudi arabia, who has effectively bought one of the largest u.s. franchises in the world, bought into it, you have to look at his motives. >> diana west talks about culture, and the spread of islam in the western world. >> there is an argument made that what should register as a foreign agent given the role of the prince in its corporate structure. >> if more with the editorial writer and syndicated columnist diana west tonight at 8:00 on c- span. >> this morning, christian science monitor correspondent linda feldman and dean at the university of south carolina discuss the south carolina primary results. and the gop presidential primary race going forward. ralph reed


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