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tv   Highlights from...  CSPAN  May 6, 2012 12:30am-2:00am EDT

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>> they are eligible -- eligible to be nominated, but somebody has to stand up there and nominate them. >> if votes are written in for candidates who did not receive 30 tokens, will there votes be counted with the names written in? >> could you repeat the question, please. >> if the votes are cast for names written and that did not receive the necessary nominating tokens, will they be recorded for the name written in or for nota. >> you have to specifically vote for -- >> can i thought nominate gary johnson.
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>> i would like to nominate gary johnson from new mexico. [applause] >> gov. gary johnson's name is placed in nomination. microphone 5. >> i would like to place a nomination for president of the united states mr. lee wright. for the nominations? -- further nominations. >> i would like to place a nomination for carl pearsons. >> for the nominations microphone for. -- further nominations
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microphone 4. >> i move to suspend the rules to allow the nomination of dr. ron paul. >> it has been moved to suspend the rules that allow -- that requires a two-thirds vote. is there a second. all those in favor of the suspension of the rules, please signify by setting aye. fails. four other nominations from the floor. microphone 8. >> i nominate jim byrnes. -- jim burns. >> jim burns has been placed into nomination. further nominations. seeing no for the nominations, nominations are closed. -- further nominations,
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nominations are closed. so the process that we are going to follow for presentations and nominating speeches is we will randomly select putting on a piece of paper the numbers one through four. they can edits are their representatives. the was elected member from -- it looks like nobody has -- does will be the number they are nominated. it will give their nominating speeches. >> will one person from each of the campaigns come forward to select a slip of piece of paper.
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that will determine the order in which they are allowed to give their speeches. lee wrights will be presented first. [applause] carl pearsons will be second. jim burns 3rd. i wonder who goes last.
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mr. nealson. drumroll. big surprise. governor johnson will go fourth. all right. will the nominators, up to the podium. >> he will flash a five minute warning to the candidates when they are running low on time. direct them to stop at the appropriate time.
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>> my dear friends, five years ago almost to the day, the libertarian movement exploded into the public consciousness. as somebody who joined the libertarian party more than 32 years ago when our party and platform was already committed to marriage equality while others were still debating day imprisonment, i can tell you the-- gay imprisonment, i can tell you the first 27 years were the hardest. we had an appealing message of liberty that for some reason did not catch fire with the public until may 15, 2007. there is one man we have to thank. rudolph guiliani. on that day, the onetime 1988 libertarian party nominee for president, who i believe is still an official member of our
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party, was attacked by rudy guiliani by suggesting the murders were motivated to kill americans because of u.s. military intervention on top of cruel trade sanctions and muslim countries. rudy guiliani as you know is a foreign-policy expert because he lives close to the world trade center and were a hard hat on 9/11. oddly enough, not only the cia but the 9/11 commission agreed with the man and giuliani attacked. as for the man he attacked, anybody who is an advocate of peace, whatever disagreements that have on other issues, should join me in saying, god bless you ron paul. [applause]
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we have all heard "war is the health of the state's." it lets government officials who are mere mortals almost as human as you and i place themselves above the rule of law, above due process and habeus corpus because, of course, all is fair in love and war. or is a useful concept to politicians that they declare war on everything. you see, we cannot afford to respect life, liberty, property, we are at war. drowning people in fear is the key to power but we also learned that anti or -- war.
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even if we do nothing but and all the wars, we will be well on our way to a free society. millions are ready to rally around that manner. only one party can be the party of peace and it is not the republican party, which will only nominate a candidate who passes two tests. first, they must be pro-life. second, they must want to kill a lot of foreigners. it is not the democratic party who rallies around a man who holds the record for most children killed by a nobel peace prize winner. [applause]
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it is not even our good friends in the green and constitution parties to understand the importance of military nonintervention but not the equal of importance of that free trade. the the necessary foundation for world peace. the libertarian party is the only party of peace. [applause] libertarians love strategic alliances between people. trade, travel, migration, cultural exchange, build both prosperity and friendship throughout the world. we oppose strategic alliances between governments. they lead to war, terrorism, and a blind eye toward life liberty and property by those governments. friends do not tell friends to respect human rights.
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with friends like that, we create enemies. libertarians believe in humanitarian intervention by volunteers who are supported by others who volunteer their money. the most positive image of americans is our generosity. we oppose humanitarian intervention by governments whose decisions are influenced by what president eisenhower called a military industrial complex that profits from finding crises and his arrogance causes them to fancy themselves as experts about another country and culture because they viewed a youtube a video. of all humanitarian, the u.s. government is the one whose past
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record of horrible unintended consequences and distorted intelligence has most earned it a time out in its own corner of the world. it is time for some humanitarian that non intervention. bring all of our troops home around the world, treat their wounds and stop creating new ones. this is the unique libertarian the message. there is only one thread -- there is only one candidate who has made peace the focus of his campaign. he is a retired air force sergeant who looks a little bit like a colonel who makes fried chicken. before i turn over the microphone to the woman who should have been our 2008
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nominee, i am pleased to put my support behind lee wrights of texas. >> i love you, too. i am honored to second the nomination for lee wrights. now, first, i have to be the bad news. in 2008, our presidential candidate was ridiculed for not being a true libertarian. if we have another candidate who is not consistently libertarian, we will endanger our brand and confuse the public about what it means to be a libertarian. [applause]
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now, the good news. with lee wrights we have no reason to worry. he was raised by libertarians to be libertarian. he does not know anything else. a vote for lee wrights is a vote against the national sales tax, a vote to end the income tax and replace it with nothing. [applause] lee wrights understands our presidential candidate should be helping our affiliates. he believes in performance, not just promises. his campaign has made tv and radio spots that are free of charge to any candidate that wants to use them. the spots are put together so each can did it can customize the last 10 seconds.
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-- each candidate can customize the last 10 seconds. here is an example. [videoclip] [unintelligible] vote lee wrights for president. [applause] >> all right. some more bad news. in 2008, our presidential candidate was polling as 6% of the national vote when he gained our nomination. however, he only received 0.4% of the actual vote. the wasted vote syndrome takes over in the ballot box
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regardless of what people say before the election. now, the good news. lee wrights is attempting to change that by activating the entire peace movement that right now has no electoral outlook. it gets better. he is encouraging peace lovers to vote libertarian with his million voters marched to the polls as seen in the following tv radio ad. >> your vote could stop one war, which one would it be. >> stop foreign wars. >> stop the war on drugs. >> stop the war on the american tax payer. >> stop all wars. join the million vote march. go to million embowed march to learn more and to sign up. war breeds war.
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peace breeds prosperity. >> joined the 1 million vote march and vote libertarian. >> as you can see, you get more bang it for your donated balk. he does not have highly paid staff. he has done with thousands of dollars what others have done with tens of thousands. if you make a mere presidential nominee, he will make you proud to be a libertarian. the libertarian party has always been his first choice, and now he helps he will be yours. i am pleased to announce lee wrights. [applause]
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>> did you miss me? today. i cannot tell you what a honor it is to be considered to represent my family to the american public. we can make a difference in 2012 and beyond that we have to do that by being different. that should be easy enough because most of us are different already. different enough to know the on the way the federal government can create jobs is by firing bureaucrats. different enough to know the devastating war on drugs has to be stopped so we can save
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precious lives in this country. different enough to know that taxes, regulation, government agencies, exacerbates our problems rather than solving them for us. individuals are good enough to make their own decisions that give bureaucrats involved. we can take care of ourselves without any help at all. different enough to know we can make a difference by being different. [applause] what ever happens here today, we are going to go forward. we will show america what libertarians are all about. we did that last night. last night was not so much about running for president as showing americans libertarians are not the bogeyman everybody thinks we are. like other americans we have many things in common. sometimes the only thing that makes us different is knowing rely on government is not the answer to the problems we face in america. i will ask you once again the same i have asked every where i have been, join me and my
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family. i am not at war. if we say that enough -- if enough of us say that, they cannot have it anymore. [cheers and applause] >> speeches for pearson come up to the stage plese. again i will remind our timer will flash five minutes and stop time for you. >> it looks a lot more crowded from up here. carl pearson is an attorney who
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has that spent a career fighting for civil liberties, ballot access, the end of corporate subsidies. all of us are here today because we share a similar ideology. after today the real challenge begins. we take our message to voters outside of our party. then an ideology will not be enough. to appeal to voters outside of the party, we must show them that our principles offer solutions to the very serious problems facing our country today. also show them our principles offer them the chance to help -- better for your lives. that is what carl pearson attends to do. he has shown libertarian principles are the key to restoring the free market, helping the private sector
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create jobs, improving education through competition and ending the foreclosure crisis. carl's message will resonate with voters. regardless of what we think in this room, the economy, jobs will top of most voters this of concerns. his message will show voters that the libertarian party is not just the party of principle, it is the party of real solutions for america. ladies and gentlemen, karl pearson. -- carl pearson. [applause] >> thank you for this opportunity. we could actually win the election. i think we have to focus on the
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voters rather than trying to cater to the libertarians. we are only one-quarter of 1% of the 169 million voters in the united states. the voters are looking for help. they are losing their jobs. they cannot get employment. the cost of college is far beyond what anyone can pay for. they cannot go into bankruptcy. the homes of parents are being foreclosed upon because of student debt. the small business has been stifled. a long that idea of small business is where we should be focusing. that is where i am focused. my first business was at nine years old when i had a paper route. i am a high-school dropout. i went to harvard law school. i a magna cum laude from long island university and it was
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tough getting into high school when you are -- tough getting into harvard when you are a high-school dropout. i have been through a lot of hard knocks but i have been waiting on tables, short order cooks, setting up tents at the bowling alley, delivering bulk and learning how to carry 10 bottles into arms. i still work about 18 hours a day. i could not even be here because i had to go to bankruptcy court for a client on a critical mission the other day. i had to come here late and sacrifice my on opportunities because i have professional pride and responsibility. my responsibility here to the party is to point out where you are going wrong. i think you have got to direct your energy to the 99%.
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not selling yourself to the 99% of the principles as to which we are all sold already. we will not convince anybody in the room on libertarian principles, we are here because of them. what about the 99%? they had no idea that libertarian principles can provide the answer. i have analyzed what is going on, because i have been living it. i created a career field. i owned a school that was licensed, accredited, and it had student loans for 18 years. i am an attorney and all sorts of fields, taxations, securities, franchises, copyrights, trademarks, patents, securities. i have been all over the place and i have put it altogether. small business has been
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regulated out of business. the three main organization types that have been getting jobs are no longer producing jobs. the military, thankfully, government, thankfully. there are no longer net employers. big business, and thankfully, has been giving our jobs overseas. the voter does not understand that the regulations are such that we in small business are not able to produce the jobs that the economy now needs. for example, on my web site for the past year, i have said we need to allow small business to advertise for capital. nobody in this room had any idea
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that was illegal since the year 1933. president obama or somebody may have looked to my web site because on april 5 this year the past a bill incorporating my demand. we now are allowed for the first time since 1933 to advertise for capital. that to me is worth everything that i have put into this campaign. but there are several things more. number one, i call it the first three of three. we need to have the first three employees of any employer declared free of any regulations. any person small business in this room will know immediately that that would create millions of jobs. 20 million people like me who are self-employed. we cannot hire. we do not even put ourselves on
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payroll. we will hire if the first three are free. we can create full employment in the country, but we have to know what the things are we need to do. we need to have a deregulation of payroll. most importantly, i cannot hire somebody who is a college graduate. colleges -- my all modern sense 1633 has not changed their curriculum that much. it is still history and government. if somebody comes to me and says they are a graduate and harvard, i say get out of here. you cannot help me. i need to have people trained in technology. we are not allowed to train people and technology because of the licensing laws relating to higher education and vocational education. it is illegal to set up programs to train people to go to work for small business. small business cannot train the people because they always leave. we are always in the training business. we have to allow privately financed training programs, train the people who will go to work as the assistant to the honor of a small business and split that person's business in half.
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let me do what i can do and let the other person to all the technology that is swamping ever since the advent of the internet. things have changed. i am not a technician. i do not want to be. i need help. the jobs that will be available -- 20 million jobs are in the availability of $3,000 a week for somebody who can save me 20 hours a week. there is a huge amounts of economic activity that will create jobs in america but we have to deregulate small business. that is my message to you. let the public know that. they will vote for you. if you do not tell them that, they will not have the reasoning. they will not understand why they should be voting libertarian. we can win the election, but i think we have to tell the truth
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and say what it is that needs to be done in the economy. if we do that, i think we will get -- we will probably get -- we could get one-third of the vote. i thank you. [applause] >> again, there will be flashing the time right down here. >> patrick henry was 39 years old in his prime. he was one of the best speakers in the world when he spoke the
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words i am going to speak. i am neither one of those things. the words are so strong that i think you will appreciate them. to set the stage, the ear is 1775. the month is march. the location is richmond, virginia. the legislature is meeting in convention. less than one month later, on april 19, 1775, on the green in lexington, mass. was fired the shot around the world. then american minutemen drove back to force of the best soldiers in the world and it was the first american victory in the revolutionary war. [applause] because of the growing threat of british navies and armies, patrick henry called for the creation of militia.
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the opposition pointed to the seemingly positive attitude of the last petition sent to the british government. there was no need for alarm on account of the increase of british military. on march 23, 1775, patrick henry answered the opposition. here are the words of patrick henry. no man thinks more highly than i do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentleman who have just addressed the house. but different men often see the same subject in different lights, and therefore i hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as i do opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, i shall speak my sentiments freely and without reserve.
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this is the time per ceremony. the questioning before the house is one of awful moment to this country. for my own part, i consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery. and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. it is only in this way we can hope to arrive at truth and fell the responsibility which we hold to god and our country. should i keep that my opinions as such a time for fear of giving offense, i should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country and an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of having, which i revere above all earthly kings. mr. president, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. we are apt to shut our eyes
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against the painful truth and listen to the song of that siren until she transforms us into beasts. is this the part of wise men engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? are we disposed to be of the number of those 2 having eyes see not and having years here not the things which are so nearly concerned their temporal salvation? for my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, i am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it. i have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lack of experience. i know of weighed no -- i know of no way of judging of the future by the past. and judging by the past, i wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the british ministry for the last 10 years to justify those hopes with
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which these gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the house. is it that insidious smile with which our petition has been lately received? trust not sir, it will prove a snare to your feet. suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with those were like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. our fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled that force must be called into win back our love? let us not deceive ourselves, sir. these are the implements of war and subjugation. the last arguments to which teens resort. i asked gentleman, sir, what
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means this marshall r. ray, if its purpose be not to force us to submission. can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? has great britain any enemy in this quarter of the world to call for all the accumulation of navies and armies? no, sir she has none. they are meant for us. they can be met for no other. there are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those change -- chains which the british ministry have been so long forging. and what have we to oppose to them? shall we try argument? sir, we have been trying that for the past 10 years. have we anything new to offer upon the subject? nothing. we have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable. but it has been in vain.
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shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? let us not, i beseech you, sir, d.c. our selves. we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on. we have petitioned it. we have remonstrated. we have supplicated. we have prospered in our cells before the throne and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and parliament. our petitions have been slighted. our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult. we have been spurned with content from the foot of the throne. in vain, after these things, may we indulge in the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. there is no longer any room for hope if we wish to be free.
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if we need to preserve inviolate those inestimable -- inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending. if we may not basically to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained. we must fight. i repeat it, sir. we must fight. an appeal to arms and to the god of hosts is all that is left us. they tell us, sir, that we are weak, unable to cope with so formidable adversary. but when shall we be stronger? will it be the next week for the next year? will it be when we are totally disarmed and when a british
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charge of the station in every house? shall we gather strength by irresolution and an action? so we acquire the means a of a factual resistance by lying on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? sir, we are not week if we make a proper use of those means which the god of nature have placed in our power. the millions of people armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which possess are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles along. there is it just got who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up france to fight our battles for us. the battle is not too distraught
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alone. it is to be vigilant, the active, the brave. besides, sir, we have no election. if we were based enough to desire it, it is now too late to retrieve -- retreat from the contest. there is no retreat but in submission and slavery. our chains are forged. there clanking may be heard on the plans of boston. the war is inevitable. and let it come. i repeat it, sir, let it come. it is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. gentlemen may cry, peace. peace. there is no peace. the war has actually begun. the next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms. our brethren are already in the field. why stand we here idle?
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what is it that the gentleman wish? what would they have? is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? forbid it, almighty god. i know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. i am about to take up this here peace and sometimes the reflection causes blindness. you might want to shut your eyes for just one second.
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i can see. my name is james libertarian burns. thank you. my net -- my friends call me jim and i hope you will too. i discover the libertarian party in 1973. in january 1974 i was elected chairman of the libertarian party in nevada. we had 20 members. 15 and las vegas and five in reno. it was against the law to register as a libertarian. to change that we needed 25,000 signatures on a petition. we could not do that. so how do you build a party? my lawyer friend helped me to legally change my middle name to libertarian. i filed to run for congress and the republican primary. my name was placed on the
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ballot statewide as burns, james libertarian. the word libertarian -- thank you. [applause] the word libertarian appeared on the ballot in the nevada for the first time in 1974. we built the party. we got on the ballot. we did what we always did. that is to do a lot with a little. libertarians, i want to say thank you. thank you because you are special. special because you are chosen. chosen because you made a choice. he chose libertarianism. libertarians believe people should be allowed to live as they choose, so long as they do not initiate force, threatened to initiate force, or engage in fraud.
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when libertarianism is adopted, we will enter an age of peace, prosperity, and progress. you are special people because of your knowledge, you are among the only people who can bring us all peace, prosperity, and progress. we are not better than anyone else. we are just people. we do have it within our power to bring us all peace, prosperity, and progress. i would like to thank you very much. i would also like to say one more thing. i do not like my chances for getting elected for president. but i would like to speak to you again as a vice president nominee. i need just a few more of those tokens. if anyone would like me to speak, there is still time to put them in the blue thing down
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there. thank you. i love the libertarian party. goodbye. [applause] >> representatives from gary johnson's campaign, please take the stage. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, i am the current party treasurer. i am here today to nominate for president of the united states a man that nobody will mistake for barack obama or mitt romney. [applause]
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a man who receive the highest rating from the american civil liberties union on matters of civil liberties of any presidential candidate they examined this year. a man who recognizes the facts of the insane war on drugs in the united states and how it is tearing apart other countries. [applause] while he admits that while governor of new mexico, he did not create any jobs. he did so before and as an entrepreneur or who built the construction company from a single man operation to a business that employs over 1000 people. he is an experienced job
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creator and knows what drives economic growth and this nation and around the world. he is an athlete who has been to the highest point of four continents including mount everest which declined with a broken leg. -- he climbed up with a broken leg. he joined the libertarian party over 30 years ago. [applause] i am here to nominate a man who has walked his talk his entire life. it is a distinct honor to place into nomination for president of the united states, the former two term governor of new mexico, gary johnson. [applause] >> i am here to second the
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nomination of gary johnson. [applause] gary is by far the best qualified canada we have ever had to be president of the united states. -- qualified candidates we have ever had to be president of the united states. [applause] he has been a leader in every aspect of life. a tremendous small businessman, it was talked about earlier this afternoon. a tremendous small businessman who grew a big business from nothing. a political persuader, and that is what we need for libertarian candidates. we need people who can persuade the great unwashed -- the non libertarian majority. that is what we need for a candid it. that is what he has proved he can do.
1:19 am
[applause] running a libertarian type campaign, cutting taxes, eliminating regulations in the state of new mexico, a heavily democratic state in the two terms is an unmatched feat for a libertarian candidates. he not only has been a hard core libertarian and understands and preaches and practices libertarian philosophy, but he is able to translate that into real everyday politics and real everyday persuasion to people. he has the stature, i think, not only to attach himself to millions of americans, but also to crack the media. he is into public policy. the media has to respect that. he has greater advantages for
1:20 am
us. he is a great individual. i urge all to vote for gary johnson. [applause] >> thank you very much. i want to be the libertarian nominee for president. [applause] look, a presidential candidate has to recognize the problems that face this country. give the solutions that go along with the problems, and only the libertarian candidate will offer up the solutions to the problems that we have. and then you have to have a reza may -- a resume to go along with that. i think i have the resume. i have been an entrepreneur or
1:21 am
my entire life. i have been an athlete my entire life. i got to be governor of new mexico for two terms. i said no to bigger government. how did that work for a state that was two-one democrat? they did a poll on all the favorable presidential candidates running, and there was only one viewed favorably in his or her own state. i am telling you, people in new mexico wave at me with all five fingers, not just one. [applause] good government was easy. it was not hard. it was easy to look at issues first, second, third, last, politics last, nonexistent. people saw it. i really do think i have a
1:22 am
resume when it comes to civil liberties. i have it in spades. i think i have it in spades when it comes to fiscal responsibility. i base that on the fact may have been vetoed more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. all government -- all government's needs to occur under the strict adherence to the united states constitution. as governor of new mexico, i made very few promises. i promised to veto any tax increases. i vetoed every single tax increase, not one single penny of tax was increased over in a year. in new mexico. the had never happened before. i promised there would be fewer
1:23 am
state employees when i left office than when i got there. there were 1200 your stay employees when i left office -- your state employees when i left office. that had never done -- that had never happened in the history of the state. i promised to increase the amount of money we spent on education every year. i did that for eight straight years. that gave me the liberty to talk about real school -- real reform that was bringing proper reform to education. if i had promised everything i delivered as governor of new mexico, i would have never been elected because i would have been another blowhard politicians. as president promising to submit
1:24 am
a balanced budget to congress. i am promising to veto legislation where expenses exceed revenue. promising to advocate on the part of the fair tax. look, i am listening. i promised to advocate on the part of the less unfair tax. i promise to end the military wars. i promised to end the war -- [applause] i promise to end the war in afghanistan. i promise to bring the troops home. i promise to end the costly and ineffective war on drugs.
1:25 am
look, most americans are fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. i fall in that group. i think this is a broad brush stroke of a libertarian party. a broad brush stroke is government needs to exist to protect us against force and fraud. government needs to protect us against individuals, groups, corporations, countries that would do us harm. imagine a libertarian president challenging congress to bring about marriage equality. imagine a libertarian president challenging congress to reduce impediments to free markets. free markets means no tariffs. imagine a libertarian candidates for president challenging congress to repeal the patriot
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act, abolish the department of homeland's security. imagine a libertarian president challenging congress for meaningful immigration reform. the libertarian candidate for president is going to be the only candidate talking about gun rights and gay rights in the same sentence. the libertarian candidate for president is the only candidate that will be talking about slashing welfare spending and slash a warfare spending in the same sentence. the change to me to be a libertarian is not a change. i have always been a libertarian. i pledge to be active in the
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libertarian party beyond the 2012 election. make no bones about it. the goal here is to win the election. [applause] it has always been about the message. i think the message i am delivering is the same message of that of ron paul. ron paul has always said he is a messenger. one week ago, he said, look, i am not dropping out of this race because the crowds are growing. this is a growing movement today. when ron paul's candidacy comes to an end -- i hope it does not. i hope he is the republican nominee. when it comes to an end, where
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does this message go? is there a viable alternative to voting for ron paul, it will be the libertarian nominee. [applause] this is not 2008. i debated bob barr at the republican national convention on drug policy. somewhere between that debate and 2008 he fell out of bed, hit his head, and became a libertarian. i am glad it happened. this is not about 2008. i do not have any of that baggage hanging in back of me. i did and npr interview yesterday.
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the question was, if you are on the torture rack and they are going to kill you, who are you going to vote for, mitt romney and barack obama my response was, look, i have climbed mount everest. i know what it is to hunker down and do what it takes. take this to the bank. i would die. [cheers and applause] there is only one choice, and it is going to be the libertarian nominee for president. i respectfully ask you for that nomination. thank you very much.
1:30 am
[unintelligible] >> he does not give you political speak and talk around the question treated he gets right to the -- around the question. he gets right to the point.
1:31 am
>> do you want a person of character? you have gary johnson. character and personality matters. >> he has lived the american
1:32 am
dream. >> he has. that is absolutely right. >> [unintelligible] >> i think it is the first ballot. that would be the first time in
1:33 am
a long time brigi. he is moving towards a first ballot nomination. for the first time in a while, they might have something. >> it is a huge opportunity for us. >> by the way, on that note, i am going to the republican convention. >> i am going with you. >> i will hang around outside with a huge signs.
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>> how are you, sir.
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gary johnson. gary johnson. the former new mexico governor gary johnson was eventually elected as the libertarian party's per the dental nominee. after the announcement, he addressed the convention, thanking his supporters and family. [applause] >> i humbly accept the nomination. thank you very much. [applause]
1:46 am
>> i will make a pledge to all of you, and that is that none of you are going to regret what happened here today. [applause] i really want to say thank you to my parents. they are both here. earl and lorraine. i talked about earl last night. my mother is the reason we were in new mexico. she was with the bureau of indian affairs. she is the one who had me doing tap dancing lessons in a tap dancing school that had one of boy and 30 girls. she had me playing the piano. i was the best sifter great piano player that could happen. i love my parents and i want to say thank you to them both. i want to say thank you to my
1:47 am
fiancee, katy perry i am in love, and it will be a white house -- kate. i am in love, and it will be a white house wedding. [applause] where is kate? i want to thank my sister and my brother-in-law, lori and scott. my son eric is here. eric's, where are you? eric, where is eric? eric quit his well-paying job in denver two-and-a-half years ago to come and do this with me on paid. -- for two years unpaid. if that is not just as lovely in a gesture as anything i have never received -- thank you. [applause]
1:48 am
>> my daughter gave me a call and said i'm the worst daughter in the world. i said what are you talking about and she said she would be in brazil which bs in santa fe ballet. my daughter was -- she is there with the aspen santa fe by larry. her car broke down out of gal lup, new mexico. she happened to have her tools with her. schindler was the alternator. she hitch -- she knew it was the alternator. she hitchhiked, got an
1:49 am
alternator, went back and installed it herself. [applause] >> my brother called me and said i watched the debate on c- span, you did great, you got your ass kicked by r. lee wrights. [applause] r. lee wrights, where is lee wrights? [applause] >> what a gentleman, when a pleasure, what the the light it has been sued debate lee wrights -- what a delight it has been sued the date -- to debate lee wrights. >> let's get this guy elected. [applause] >> he said it along the way,
1:50 am
and it is true. we made each other better -- better candidates. no one could have been more cordial, more gracious, more particulate regarding libertarian ideals and beliefs -- particulate regarding libertarian ideals and beliefs. [applause] so, where do we go from here? this is about winning. this is about winning. so, this is your decision, but i want to execute the following, -- ask you the following, and that is, please consider jim gray as my running mate. i believe that he affords the best opportunity to winning, and in this process we interviewed a lot of candidates as potential vice presidential candidates, and without question i think jim gray does a better
1:51 am
job when it comes to articulating libertarian ideals and beliefs than anyone else. i go back to the year 2000 when i met jim gray for the first time, which turned to be returned out to be the first of one dozen times, -- which turned out to be the first of one dozen times, and he was very outspoken on the war on drugs. he brought an expertise on this as the superior court judge in california that was just undeniable. it is not just drugs. jim gray ran as the libertarian candidate for senate in california, and i think he does a terrific job when it comes to articulating libertarian ideals and beliefs, because back to the criteria for our candidates, that needs to be the number 1 criteria.
1:52 am
this is your choice. i recognize that this is your choice, and all i am asking you is to just give jim gray a listen, and if you do that, you will understand what we have come to the conclusion on, that this affords us the best opportunity to win, and that is what the goal needs to be, to actually win in november. thank you very, very, very much. thank you. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> the afl-cio president joins us to talk about labour solutions. last month, unemployment numbers, and the possible impact of job growth on the union vote.
1:53 am
news makers airs every sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. sunday on washington journal, former cia man london unit chief joins us. he will talk about the release of documents retrieved during the raid of bin laden's compound last year. tray grayson will discuss a poll by his institute that shows president obama has widened the gap between 18-29 years old. anthony potts will talk about his state is a battleground in the election and preparations are the democratic national convention in september. washington journal every sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> i seem to have earned a certain place where people will listen to me and i have always
1:54 am
cared about the country. the greatest generation gave me a kind of platform that was completely unanticipated. i thought i ought not squander that. i had to step up, not just as a citizen and journalists, but as a father, husband, and grandfather. if i see these things, i ought to write about them and try to start the dialogue, which i am trying to do with this book. >> in his latest, "the time of our lives," tom brokaw urges americans to think about the american dream. he has written about the greatest generation, the 1960's, and today. indefinitely today live at noon booktv.on c-span2's >> at the bipartisan policy
1:55 am
center discussed the shrinking base of the moderate republicans and the rise of the tea party. both the republican and democratic parties have become divided. president nixon, according to the panel, with the last true moderate, but his contributions are largely ignored because of the watergate scandal. this is one hour 25 minutes. >> good morning. i am a visiting scholar "-- scholar at the bipartisan policy center. i focus on transportation and
1:56 am
infrastructure issues, but my role this morning is to welcome all of you to this conversation about the vanishing republican moderate. i do so on behalf of the president of the bipartisan policy center and our colleagues, sebc. i know there are lots of important, famous, powerful people in this room. i do want to acknowledge two people. first of all, welcome congressman mickey edwards of oklahoma. also, and i hope he will participate, a regular member here, senior fellow at the bipartisan policy center, secretary jim glickman. i also want to of knowledge and hope he will participate actively, ron brownstein. he has written a great deal about the issues we will be talking about today.
1:57 am
i am very pleased he was able to be here and join us. as you know, the bipartisan policy center was established five years ago, building on the work of the national commission on energy policy. it was founded by four former senate majority leaders, howard baker, george mitchell, bob dole, and tom daschle, who believe that while there is a critical place in the making a public soon -- public policy for partisanship and different views and values, all of whom are certainly on the barricades, fighting for their parties. but they also believed in practice that we have to shape and negotiate solutions for tough and critical national issues across tough, partisan, regional, and economic climates. some of you are aware -- about one month ago we honored centers baker and dole for a combined
1:58 am
century of service to america. as a result -- and i think all of you hopefully how the material about a fellowship program that has been established in order of senators baker and dole, honoring their commitment to public service. we have established a fellows program that will allow talented individuals to work with experienced policymakers. i will be happy to share any more information with you. bpc has been dedicated to these principles that were so effectively carried out by the for extraordinary american leaders. we have done so in energy, building on the work of the national commission on energy policy, national security, transportation, institutional reform, the democracy project,
1:59 am
which is sponsoring this event, and of course, i am all of you are aware of the extraordinary work done by peake indemnity and alice rivlin, client fiscal and economic policy, our so-called debt reduction task force. our conversation this morning is part of the 2012 election series and is organized by our democracy pride project. in a moment, and will introduce our colleagues. he will introduce our panelists and will moderate this event. as the invitation notes, this event will be followed -- i am not sure we have a date for this yet -- june 20? thank you. on the vanishing moderate democrats. [laughter] [laughter]


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