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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 16, 2012 1:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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anniversary. mauve bewrayed carter is up next with elizabeth carter6 c13 >>host: over 100 years ago and that 1910, elizabeth arden opened her first red door salon in new york city. this is our only elizabeth arden show today, we have incredible values and we start right off with it is a full-size, never been done before, it has been saved for this it is marked $129 a retail value $129,
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it is free shipping and handling, and three flex payments are available for everybody this visit only you are looking at some of the most amazing before and after and meet our grain to tell you a lot more about this, and for $96.75 just a few hundred of these to go around. and then we have the first airing a remarkable product. you know you do not see pricebreak sunny elizabeth arden. -- price breaks on the elizabeth arden and what is remarkable about this product is helping to elimi wrinkles it
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helps to even out this skintone, today, $75 free shipping and handling three flex payments only $25 per payment. and this is item number 968-907, full-size, and as we already mentioned earlier pure finish mineral foundation it is unlike any mineral foundation today it iswith two flex payments it is not
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only non it does not cake or settle into fine lines, it is beautiful on your skin. and today once more, free shipping and handling, the lowest price ever. get the (...) and you know elizabeth arden was one of the first to introduce by make up to america this has never been seen before
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double density mascara. from $19.50 down to only $15 choose from the black or the black brown, through out the entire houryou, we are thrilled to have the elizabeth arden here on hsn. [reading] (...) i cannot believe the difference i was stunned. >> i do not see the lines i do not have the rough patches.
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>> prevage is significant, people see the results and they continue to use it. [♪ music ♪] >>host: it will change the way you feel your skin--see your skin this was saved for today the only day you can get prevage. you get your prevage daytime moisturizer and you can get the eye serum and this is the hsn it is on a pricebreak for the first time ever full- look at the screen, [reading]
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>>host: free shipping and handling and everyone of these products and we have three flex payments of $32.25 a payment. technology >>host: i would love to also at this time will come robin mason who has been in the beauty business for over 20 years it is a pleasure to be+ >>guest: thank you for joining us we are excited to present prevage this is unprecedented. never offered
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this price so for this limited quantity i hope we can blow them out today. this has results that have been documented and is recognized worldwide in scientific journals. ou see the results. now this is your entire regiment today we feature your daytime and your eye treatment and this is idebenone an exclusive ingredient only found and.
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it will help to fight aging that when you see the orange powder and ease anti-oxidants how to fight off those free radicals. i am so excited i am a user of prevage and have been using it for years >>host: it does not take long to see results, look at the before and after. and these are remarkable results, with this important ingredient which is exclusive, it is not just addressing one or two of the
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challenges >>host: >>guest: you constantly have a shield around your skin to protect you from the he sought in the animation, is a product which will ccreate a complete shield, and will help to treat and prevent which is why i love the product so much. if you are getting up there and want to start correcting that dark spots the lines and wrinkles, and that is what this product of abouis about >>host: this is
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really remarkable, when you look at this in the after it is brighter and cleaner,er skin looks more even, >>guest: she is brander and looks smoother and again we would do some closeups in a minute this is your all over and die wrinkle treatment products you have your provideevage ceram and then your prevage day. it is much brighter, more luminous, >>guest: and this is after only six weeks
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of use you will continue to see this progression over time. >>guest: you are looking at these before and after is, at this i have fewer than 500 to go around for the country we love to hear from you. for over 100 years elizabeth arden has been legendary in bringing the newest and the most important and effective ingredients in the world of beauty, you have the entire full size of the is normally49 because you get the opportunity to try the eye serum we have free shipping and handling, and
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another thing robin will talk about have the powder, this is your ibedebe >>guest: this molecule is in all of the tested against the best in the industry all of those anti-oxidants to hear about so often, is so powerful, recommended our dermatologists all of that time and the results speak for themselves.
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(...) >>host: 97% stopped skin softness and smoothness,--saw (...) [reading] >>host: now those are remarkable percentages. >>guest: those are incredible i have been working in skin care for a long you do not find results like this these are real clinical test results. high 80s middle '80s, you know we3 product that works but in the high 90s that is incredible. this product where you will see the results and you will feel the difference in notice it immediately, over time it continues to build and
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show the softening of the lines c13 all of those things that unfortunately make ice this is a product the proof is in the pudding. >>host: and youave a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee one of the important fundamental beliefs of elizabeth is the combination of science and nature, you get incredible products we have the pleasure of bringing, before like this, now clearly today that is what this is the first and only show3 elizabeth arden, we have 450 left for the country. look- at the value, and this is 1.7 oz which is really important. [reading]
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[reading] >>host: and we have free shipping and handling, three flex payments, for $32.25 a payment on your credit card, remember shipping and handling is free, you can bring this home and you have the opportunity to use this on your skin. the results were after six weeks and the remarkable thing about the product you are going to seeresults even sooner as many people have. >>guest: you are going to begin to see the deepening of the e what i am impressed by is the blood of the eyes are lifted-- hoodof the eyes are lifted the crow's feet are getting softer and this is
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after just six weeks of time. >>host: here is another one, and the funny thing about this, the eyesshow age. >>guest: this is really dramatic puffiness underneath your eyes, how many of us wake up and see the puffiness underneath the eyes, i love that this is encapsulated, you get this over time, you are reaping the rewards, >>host: what i think is great about this configuraton is you get both of them.chance, what i think is great is this is a simple system, we have fewer 400 maybe 300 (...)
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and this is going to be addressing everything is not just about the lines and wrinkles, the uneven skin town why not get the best of the best i started the hour of showing some of the amazing rewards that prevage has one.n. it no where else can you pick up what you are getting today for this and this is a great photograph you can see everything total luminosity, to the difference in the eyes, >>guest: how many skin tones do we
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have you have this all in this does everything together you do not need to worry about all of these products and layering it gives you spf 30, >>host: please do not hang we will continue to take all of the phone calls first of all we are checking in with l eslie annto find out more about what is going on at hsn. [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome to your hsn spotlight and leslie ann. you can win the proform treadmill today and get 60 days of healthy tips all from self magazine all you have to3 is register at make sure you do go to it keyword self magazine healthy
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and exercising. take a listen to this message from bon appetit. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] 7] [reading] >>host: low my name is bobbi ray carter i in here with robin mason arden cosmetics3 many people calling for the daytime moisturizer, we hope you are ready i love this, it is a full-size, not a
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sample size, we have never done this before, we will share more6 c13 before and after if you want to purchase one product with the most remarkable technology it will do this with 100 years of elizabeth arden this is it, is your hsn price we have this for the first time that $75, this is a remarkable product. >>guest: idebenone is a small branch
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molecule if your product has a hint of orange you know you are getting the fx of idebenone. -- effects. i love to wear this underneath makeup+ great about idebenone is it is one of the most potent in to buy radicalsyou are treating your eyes throughout the entire day. i want to take you through why idebenone so special and exclusive to elizabeth arden and only found in prevage products. we have tested this against many other anti-oxidants like vitamin c, vitamin e, coq- we have what is called idebenone. it is found in everything we have. is
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a bright orange powder which is unique and special thing goes on clear. you go outside white cap and add the morning you are attacked by free some might come up pollution, stress all of this comes out in your skin and your this is why prevage is so special it will attack a free radicals and almost prevent them from showing the signs of aging i in confident i do not need to fight off the free radicals, look at the results come here is your proof. you look at these pictures and you see the dramatic difference not just the luminosity and brightness but actually the fighting of the aging signs you
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have dark circles discoloration, puffiness all and this i product and the results are astounding >>host: [reading] >>host: the bottom line is you a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and this is the only day you will see provideprevage products if you purchased the daytime moisturizer chance to have the full size, and the best part about this is, about having one beauty products with a very important exclusive ingredients, you can look here and see the difference, and the occurrence of the lines, there crow's feet, look at the upper eyelids and they have a more lifted appearance,
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and one of the hardest areas of all is the and puffiness or underneath the >>guest: you need to get one for discoloration, one for puffiness something which will apply in this is everything in one, it will address everything which will afflict your eyes. your skin is smoother and brighter you get these defects throughout the entire day--effect. you are treating all of these on your skin. it is not just when you apply, it goes down like silk. on like silk,
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>>guest: one pump is perfectly calibrated, it goes on like and will dry into this skin beautifully. you could put this on undermakeup over makeup, it is a product absorbed into this skin. >>host: and the first time we have ever done this at this price. it is one of the most remarkable things about shopping on hsn since 1910, elizabeth arden opened her first ride door salon still fifth avenue in new york city, save $25.10 of the most important in major award winning product bring this home and use this, if you do not like the way your eyes look, or are you purchasing multiple products for different
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problemst the idebenone which is totally exclusive to elizabeth arden. and this is and we only have about 300 of these3 we have a little bit over 400 to go around. and we actually have this serum available as well it is very limited and is worth showing to everybody, and the great thing about this is it is a simple three product regimen. >>guest: you applied the eye serum after you cleanse your skin moisture and your spf protection and you obviously want a special treatment for your eye this has been documented and has been put into the press, maybe you have seen this in
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the magazines this is certainly your opportunity to try this out, i have never seen offer a powerful sizes like this. i hope you take the opportunity >>guest: >>host: we do have a handful of and remember free shipping and handling is across the board on every item perfect five star review pre item #968-905 it is your full size of this serum. these are what we call promotional sizes
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item # 131-644.when you think of the world of and you think about how many beauty lines come and go, it was 1910 when elizabeth arden c13 very first she was the first to trained salespeople, she was always on the forefront of beauty. that is you are getting today. you are getting the chance to enjoy at the best price you can, and we give you
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a 30 day and unconditional money back guarantee you have seen their rewards, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, for only $75 for the eyes you the daytime moisturizer, it was a $149 it is the first time we have offered you prices this low something we always say, it comes down to the key ingredients >>guest: is why i am proud to work for elizabeth
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you know the reputation for the elizabeth arden red door spots we have research and development labs across the world to study these products that is why we know about idebenone.we know the results that it supplies, you have prevage products using the hai product or the full face the product, you can see the difference in a matter of days it is that, the bright ness in luminosity look at
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this the eyes look wider, and the hood of the eyes are lifted the sunlight used to reduce these wrinkles occur it will effectively take care of all of those problems for you. you can see all of this and that before and after photographs, we have your anti aging eye serum and a daytime moisturizer, who sees percentages like this, 97% the appearance around the eyes improved[reading]
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>>host: you are looking at remarkable6 c13 remarkable ingredients, the only way to see what a product can do is to give it a it takes a you know you love, we have all known about elizabeth arden for some many years it is an additional treat >>host: at this time in little over 300 or so one minute only about the daytime moisturizer, also a huge it is the first time we have done a crazy price, it is only
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one measured dose, it is immediately absorbed into the eye area, my eyes are thin and are hollow i am on my way to noticing incredible incredible resultstoday, and we have two flex payments for this visit i want to remind you a companion piece you are getting daytime moisturizer the eye and moisturizer is, only $99 and free shipping and handling and 2
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payments we also want to remind you we have a few this year i'm available, perfect five star review on and then you have the data and moisturizer, moisturizer, and #113- with this, it the $149 value. your than 300 to go around it is very exciting and so much more coming up as be coming back to offer you the great opportunity to the mineral foundation and diane gilman as well [commercial]
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. >>host: my name is bobbi ray carter and we are joined by robin mason when you go summer time, i just came back from a cruise you do not want to wear a lot of heavy makeup, this we had never too great values for you with idebenone but this beats it all, a customer check with four point six starss is the mineral makeup we have a lot to tell me about why this is so different, see $44.50, look at the breakdown, [reading] we give
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you two flex payments,[reading] >>host: and this is blendable and a beautiful, it does not sit inside of your lines
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>>guest: this allows your skin to breathe and gives you coverage and is good for your skin.and if you know anything3 mineral foundation, it is messy. has been corrected we have figured out the method to actually deliver in mineral foundation any neat way. grinder and believe me this is all you are going to need. this is a product you can take with you and not worry about any of the waste
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>>host: you could spend $37.50 just for this one you get this entire configuration, this is simple, we are going to show you some of the different before and after started >>guest: you do not need to get the exact perfect shade, if you are light, there is a nice luminosity to the skintone it will even out the and the next one will be light i am wearing this
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if you want later coverage, do not want the cathy filian put one brush around the face and it is gorgeous and look at the blue when you apply foundation sometimes it will settle into the fine lines and will get cakey over time, over time it gets cakey pre lit and heavy,--. and at in this is a healthy good for you foundation to apply beautiful we will show you some demonstrations
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she is doing half a face now this is kate, she is wearing no. two she has beautiful skin, it does not settledhere it is a beautiful luminous finish (...) >>host: and the
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great thing about this is you do this one time and it does not this is what makes your makeup look so over 140 still spoken for you have free shipping and handling and you have the lowest price ever. we are going to say hello to janice in welcome to hsn. we heard you when for the eye serum. - >>guest: have been a fan of elizabeth arden for over 30 years, i started using prevageover three months ago high paid full price for that. it is a great product, i have been using
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elizabeth arden since i was 30. i want to tell everybody i have very little crow's feet i have very few and i am told all of that time how young i look i believe it is all due to its elizabeth arden >>host: the first thing to say is there are so few women and men the world that can speak to a loyalty like that. what would you say to customers out there (...) you saved $25 on your eye serum right >>caller: and i did pay over $100 for mine i know it is a great value. >>guest: eye and
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told all of that time how young i look >>caller: i often need to show my driver's license. >>host: can you see the before and after? have you tried the foundation? >>guest: >>caller: i have not tried the mineral foundation i do use the elizabeth arden mousse foundation, it is light. i may think about trying that >>host: thank you janice. >>caller: keeper did >>host: we have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee now janice has been using this for 30 i am
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somebody who never liked minerale makeup i could never put it on right, it made my pores look like craters, unique, i'd put a tiny little bit on my hands, immediately you get soft coverage. look at the luminosity on my hands,very matte finish and flat and lifeless truly one of the most remarkable products arden if you are looking for the medium, i have 350 available it is dull lowest price in hsn history. --the lowest price in hsn
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history. we all go to major diamond's stores and spend way more than the fact you get two brushes, and it comes with a miniature kabuki brush, and i love the fact that this is angledhandling, two flex payments you bring this home $18.75 and your credit card we will go over all of the colors again. >>guest: zemeckis simple fair, light, medium, dark. and fear is quite light, a model kate was wearing it, light wood b mike keller me and you were wearing--e my color
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you are wearing medium it gets a drying and cakey camera it is buildablecoverage just use the kabuki brush, it is a pitiful healthy foundation i have never seen anything like it, i can get the health and breathability it brings to my skin. >>host: vitamin a hdmi vitamin c vitamin e you have titanium oxide it is skin brightening and comfortable to wear >>guest: her model is wearing no. four medium. it is actually can see darker skin
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tone. the luminous do we finishdewy finish.i imagine this throughout the day. over 300 spoken for if you are looking for the medium, i am now medium we have 300 of the medium left.look at her skin have you ever seen mineral makeup look like this?i say this to all the women who hate mineral makeup. mineral makeup is the natural here you get the additional benefits of vitamin a, c, it does not look like in it has a beautiful luminous glow, it
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does not to the lines and wrinkles you're only way to know is to try and that want to talk about the value you could spend c13 just for this you get a baby and you have little of this product, youwist you run your brush in very little on your skin is needed we should talk about the reviews site, a customer pick. my favorite of all of the reviews natural. >>guest: it is the best way to describe it, you grind only what you% always fresh, always knew.
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>>host: [reading] [reading] >>host: and that addresses a lot of our challenges, here is another one.3 [reading] >>electronic voice: [reading]
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>>host: and today you get #two brushes over 500 of these spoken for we have a clock on the screen i want to give you anate, over 250 remaining in medium robin is light, and we have fair and we have dark you have four different and read the reviews. the lowest price we have ever had on the pure finish foundation, we are giving a #two brushes, fort (...)
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this miniature kabuki brush settles and side, when a complete collection, look at that beautiful results. >>host: i know with the affair color we only had 600 we have the final 200 printer medium will definitely be down, it is very limited in medium and also i happen to like the big mirror. >>guest: everything is all in one, we have taking care of all of your
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we have been working with women for over 100 years, every attention to detail is taking care the innovative package with your travel brush and side, is like your morning coffee you only grind what you need, you do not need to continue to apply this. >>host: a member of the value for elariia $37.50, the lowest price we have ever had before you can always go to and for the entire visit all of the products are free shipping and handling and then it
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is $18.75 on flex pay. and the brush would be $37.50 alone, we will let you know we have about 150 in medium and 150 in dark. these are the most limited. hang up, stay on the telephone lines. this is your entire five piece brush set we have fewer than 200 of these to go around we have your face blush brush you get the eye shadow, the all comes to you and these in this case, and we initially had a pricebreak. only
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$19.50 we have one final item for you what is so great about the mascara is it is the first time we have had mascara on the air it is black or black brown only $15 it is smudge proof, it will last all at a number of 097- 452, elizabeth arden was one of the first to introduce make up to america and some of the most and innovative mascara, this will fit in your eyelashes, we talk about volume and length, we have it all in this double density mascara.and this brush this fantastic to get you not only see their richness and the thickness, but there is no clumping or
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smudging. this will stay on your eyelashes it does not smudge or flake and you get a gorgeous dark rich color and the extension is fabulous. >>host: and i love that brush. >>guest: the brush makes it so special >>host: we only have 200 to go around, you can see brush, a very easy to apply it will dramatically thick and your eyelashes and this was separate and the find at the same time $15 as your price, thank you so muchrobin mason tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.? >>guest: early >>host: if you are calling for the mineral makeup, continue to
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thank you to robin mason for being with us we have concierge collection coming up. [♪ music ♪] [♪music♪] >>host: hi everyone. welcome to hsn's quick buy. i'm lesley ann machado and i'm joined by r.j. graziano, and we're going to talk about a really special piece in honor or the 100th anniversary of the titanic. take a look at this stunner. this is item 177- 930. this is $39.95 for your blue heart drop necklace. tell me all about it. >>guest: well i am so thrilled to offer this once again at hsn. this was offered for the first time 10 years ago and was a complete spectacular sellout. but besides that, a remembrance to so many customers that still keep it and still adore it because of what it represents. this is the blue heart necklace we're calling it the eternal love necklace. just get lost in the dreamy blue and the spectacular size of the gorgeous resin pendant, surrounded by kind of stars. stars overlooking
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the ocean if you will of over 90 set stones. it is a remarkable piece. if you notice on back, the edwardian type engraving that is so synonymous with what a passenger on the titanic would have worn in that era. what it says there is that beautiful engraving that says eternal love. so this is a wonderful moment to cherish love that is no longer with us, or a love that is here today and hopefully will be cherished forever. >>host: oh it's incredibly beautiful and such a great piece too, because you can completely dress it up with your most beautiful, elegant cocktail dress, but it's really great casually as well. kind of a little rock n roll feel too. go now to and type in key word, quick buy, to discover all of our great offers. and while you're there place your order for the r.j. graziano blue heart drop necklace. item #177-930. it's less than $40. thank you for watching quick buy. [♪music♪]
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>>host: been welcome again to hsn and thank-you for joining us. my name is bobby ray carter. sit back and and have the opportunity to invest in your home. i want to show you some items we have coming up in this hour and i was so happy to see this because it is one of my favorites of all of the fiber beds we have had and this is what i want you to see. i have only about 600.look at the loft and the feeling in this fiber bed. it is the
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last time we will have this on the price break $10 off and $119 retail value and this is so wonderful price. $59.95 and two flex payments and at the last airing at the price break but we only have ahundred, 300 and queen size and some available in king size. all three sizes available and the pillows as well. and then, one and only carleton varney will be here and this is brand new island breeze hawaiian 3 piece quilt set available for everyone $99.95 and you are looking at that beautiful we have about
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80 left in full/queen, 20 left in king size and a handful left and twins size and you also get the shams with thatbelieves in living color fully. is known for his fabulous sheet sets and these are 100 percent cotton and the feeling of the sheets is up more remarkable and wonderful wicker pattern and brown, green, blue, pink, we have all colors and all sizes at $69.95 twins size, full, king, a california king. and when we talk color blocking in fashion, the world of home decor follows the world of fashion and here we have a customer saving
2:03 pm
marked down from only $139.95 song of the island's six piece comforter set and you get two of euro shams and two of their regular shams and the bedskirt as well and we have3 full queen, california king. we would love to hear from you. to enjoy our concierge collection and any of our fiber bed then we would love to hear from you. 1-866-376- go right into another one ofese it is my to welcome back ellen bunner. i know that we have many
2:04 pm
different fiberbed in our inventory and i was happy it was this one and it is my personal favorite because it has such a good loft. that is the shot i like to start off with because that shows everyone what you are getting. >>guest: it is 3 in. on the gusset but it billows above that. >>host: $59.95, it is the last opportunity on this price and we have taken it down to only $59.95 with limited and 50 n/a full/queen and 300 in queen anne 250 in king size. we have that available on flex payments as well. >>guest: it is cozy uncomfortable it is
2:05 pm
microfiber on the exterior, and it has a skirt. almost works like a mattress pad and what is the biggest complaint other than a topper going flat but they hate when it slips around on the bed. there are anchoring bands and other things to keep it in place but nothing works better than a skirt all the way around and it is very deep so if you have a big mattress and you wanted to be more comfortable this is 18 in. with elastic all the way around and it is one of only fiber bed we carry that completely machine washable. >>host: i see many callers the phone
2:06 pm
lines and this is it. your last opportunity to enjoy it at this price and we would love to hear from you and i want to talk about the pillows. starry night pillows and you get all four ofd we 1000 of these available $24.95 and that is to get all four them and they are hypoallergenic and machine washable. >>guest: this is a great way to make your bed look and feel better and i will show you what is inside.the microfiber exterior is great because it is soft and silky and launders well and when you launderette those are walls of fabric that go all the way through so these like individual pillows under your body and when you launder this, they will stay in6 c13 and this is called puffball filling.
2:07 pm
very technical! it looks like a cluster. it gives you resilience and loft and movement and you can sink down into this topper but on like down it will not sink down and it is very resilient. whether you sleep on your side or stomach or back, you will find that your bed will rise to meet you and kill all the kurds of your body.-- fill all the curves. >>host: important investments. if you have had your mattress several years and you do not want to purchase a new mattress or you have taken your mattress and put it into the guest room and if you have gone out to purchase a
2:08 pm
mattress pad and not even a fiber bed, this is the best of bothwill spend hundreds of dollars to get the of filling you get in this fiber bed. and the fact you have a fully elasticized skirt that runs all the way around and if you have a deep mattress it will easily fit up to 18 in.. >>guest: it is very stretchy and easy to remove from the bed and it can be laundered home so there is no maintenance cost and if you have had a featherbed and you are not cleaning it as often as you would like, i love this one for that reason because can toss that into the laundry at home and it will not cost anything extra. c13 great for the guest room because itll renew that old
2:09 pm
mattress and it will we talk about6 c13 mites in your mattress, and the same is true for your topper and when you have one you can launder it your bed fresher and cleaner and more comfortable and the great thing about a fiber bed is that makes your bed look better. you have a bed that looks like a box because it is flat and rectangular, this is the secret in bed we have on our studio6 c13 every magazine layout it will make your bed looktter and make your bed feel better. >>host: people are paying of $4 pillowtop mattress is and that is what you are getting. you are taking your basic mattress and creating this pillowtop. it feels
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so nice. and the fact you have baffle box construction and we are down to the final three dozen in full-size. and we have 250 left in queen and 200 in king size and that is all and this is the time and we have seven minutes remaining and your last opportunity at this price and after this show it willaround and look at your mattress. take off our sheets and we do not think about the mattress pad most of us do not have a fiber bed and you cannot even get a mattress pad $59.95 but here, you are getting all this loft. >>guest: you have that skirt and with concierge collection
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we do a good job with% pads and fiberbed and this is like having both of and 1. you have the elasticized skirt all the way around and look at this loft. many of your toppers out there are only 2 in. but this has a 3 in. gusset and you have more loft because of that side wall of fabric and if you looked at that, it is about 4 in. in height and it is very plump underneath you and that is a game changer on your bed. if you add this tottress to extend the life of that mattress and you want to protect it, this almost works like a mattress pad. >>host: the aim is to protect the mattress. you 30 days so get this home and give the sleek test. the first time and goes
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on the mattress what -- sleep you will understand. think about the fat that it replicating an expensive pillowtop look on your mattress and you do that ator $29.98 flex payments and over 400 have been spoken for and we will say hello to clara in california. you are with bobby and ellen today. we are so glad you bought this. >>caller:i have been pricing and they are quite expensive than the big box stores and they do not have the skirt to cover the mattress. >>host: the last time i one aide came in had gigantic bad and i got it home and i took it out and it was flat as a pancake. -- bag. saw this
2:13 pm
kid that impress you the feeling in this? that is a full 3 in. of gusset. >>caller: yes, and the mattress that is on the bed rightter days and it needs a facelift and i think this will do the trick. >>guest: write a review if you love it and i would love to see that. >>host: thank you for calling.even the piping is silver gray all the way around the edge. full skirt all the way around the entire mattress. >>guest: it is a mattress and a fiber bed all together. it is the
2:14 pm
same price for any size and if you were looking at a fiberbed for a king size it could be hundreds of dollars. vmuch you would spend for a mattress pad and a fiber bed. you are getting both of those in this. i love featherbed and fiber beds and they are great because you do not have allergy issues and perfect for the guest room and machine washable. that never goes hand in hand, a fiber and machine wash ability! >>host: may we see the fiber filling again? >>guest: this is individual clusters and when you lie down on this you get resilience and3 and rather than it being one piece connected fiber, because it is
2:15 pm
you can sink into that and think pressure points like shoulders and hips and if you have a hard time getting comfortable, the topper will help you. and it pubs you. >>host: -- if you do not care for lying on featherbeds, you will like this fiber bed instead and i have 180 left queen size and 180 left in king size.i cherish my sleep and i love getting into bed at night for a great night's sleep and we also have pillows. you are getting four of these. and we will show you the graphic. $24.95 with a starry night pattern. $24.95 and
2:16 pm
here is a close-up shot and hypoallergenic. >>guest: and machine washable. the microfiber exteriors so it launders well and it feels soft and silky and you have a box quilting so filling is evenly distributed beneath your body and it is machine washable and the difference is it has a fitted skirt unlike other toppers and it will be easy to put and takeoff and you will not with that and it is hypoallergenic. >>host: we have 550 gone and we lost the full size and 150 left only and that in king size and queen size. that all we have. thisan opportunity because we have many fiber bed said. you are
2:17 pm
getting a fiberbed and if you bought the mattress pad and you wanted a fiberbed because you want this loft. you heard from clara, you could spend over $100. getting two in one and the fact is it has a full skirt that is fully in elasticized instead of those little corner and the piping is beautiful and complete baffle box construction, soft and lofty and it can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer and you need not dry clean and it will and extend the life of your mattress. >>guest: it is like you get everything in one. if you have thought about layering, you need not do that because this is13 mattress pad and fiberbed together. >>host: this is
2:18 pm
going to sell out. >>guest: we need an item like this. that is what people want from their mattress pad is the3 more comfortable mattress. >>host: the ones on the retail and how tiny they are, and what i hate about them is the crunchy feeling and this is silky and soft. >>guest: and it will give you that protection and you can launder this so you know your bed is clean and i of this as an extension of your mattress that you can remove and launder especially if you have an older mattress this can soften it and recreate the culprit that was once there are if you bought that new mattress and it is too firm, -- recreate the softness. sleeping with
2:19 pm
lots of pillows and you might want to try sleeping with this instead. >>host: you have the baffle andy filling will not be shifting. and that skirt it will not shift. >>guest: most times they will shift on the corners but this is taken right to the corners and looks like it is built in. >>host: left in queen size and 100 left in king3 and that is all. please do not hang up. and ellen bunner will be back at 6:00 p.m.. please staye lines and do not forget the pillows. four pack available $24.95. we have the final 900 of and they are hypoallergenic and they have a polyester microfiber we have and they are machine washable and tumble dry and we
2:20 pm
wanted to show you another beautiful piece we have available, this is from house beautiful market place where you have the chance to enjoy an assortment of gorgeous home furnishings that will complete look and you are looking at 160-578, the and storage bench available for everyone $219.95. we have a headboard available items 085- 733. " we have only a couple available reviews, twins /full/queen orc13 king/californiag we have those on four flex payments as well with perfect 5 star reviews and also we have of steamer trunk and table or cocktail
2:21 pm
table available. item 097-604.four flex payments available there regardless of which one you choose. we will continue the calls and we will take all of your calls on the mattress pad and we will check in with anji corley to find out more things happening at hsn. >>host: you look beautiful! anji corley here. we love to keep in the know with all things about hsn. onriday may 25th we will celebrate america right here at hsn was some of our best items from jeffrey banks and sebago footwear and we will have an hsn live concert and joshed turner and you can pre order the cd now.
2:22 pm
[commercial] [commercial] [reading]
2:23 pm
♪ music >>host: welcome to hsn. my name is bobby ray carter. when we are talking about carleton varney we are talking one of america's best known interior decoratorsnot only the president of dorothy draper but he has decorated all kinds of hotels around the world, the greenbrier hotel castles and ireland the white the bette davis mansion and he is here to share his exclusive
2:24 pm
collection. >>guest: this a completely new show because everything on the set is all new and it is called song of the island's and as springtime is here and summer is coming, i want you to realize there are many islands like the hawaiian hotels where i have five hotels from shelter island to mackinac island to palm beach island, and all of these products are in relation beautiful island colors for the breezes, and and all these products are designed for this show a and all- these patterns are brand new. >>host: and very limited and very popular today and the total quantity across the board we have fewer 100 to go around, in a beautiful yellow color and completely
2:25 pm
reversible,size full/queen or king 100% cotton, the regular price $119.95 but today $99.95 a pair of shams included. four flex payments. get this less than $25. >>guest: the american quilt is a standard and these designs go back to kimngng kamehameha and the history of or hawaiian quilting is fantastic and i have put together historic details from the beautiful old y and quilts and it is so beautifully madeent cotton and a beautiful holbein flower and if you follow the history of hawaiian designs these beautiful
2:26 pm
hawaiian or used in all the finest homes in all the history of polynesia. -- a y and flower. -- hawaiian flower. the quilting method vermicelli stitch. and this is the type of quilt you can hang on the wall. if you go through polynesia you will see this. the other side is a beautiful striped and is available in sunshine yellow which is the color of the sunshine state of florida as well as hawaii.sun and water. this is an opportunity to purchase a collectible that will go on and on and this is the end of that today but there will be a few remaining. for those of you that
2:27 pm
uncollectable there represents the state of hawaii tahiti and more borrowing this is used in southampton and many islands, >>host: like your own tropical oasis you can create at home and you also get these shams and we will show you some photographs. >>guest: this is an island home i did. with all those colors of the flowers. orchid flowers, yellow flowers and that is a place in new england. t ishe big island in hawaii. it overlooks the ocean and that is owned by tj turley on the big island in hawaii. the beautiful green and the beautiful sky. a beautiful
2:28 pm
state. and this is part of the villa. the beautiful-disk is colors. -- hibiscus. >>host: only a few left in the ull/queen, only 60 left. you will only be able to find this right here at hsn and it is brand new s carleton varney said and 100% and we all know what is happening with the price of and it is completely reversible and i love these little bows. reversingthe stripe and you have two different quilts in one. >>guest: can use this in a room with a wicker and a summertime and take this to nantucket island or the
2:29 pm
southampton, and it is an historic treasure. you will want to pass it onto the next generation. use it with royal blue walls or light aqua walls and it is a beautiful piece and i hope that people who e- mail me and face book me to tell me you are enjoying this. >>host: does not matter what kind of furniture you have it will go your furniture and you walk into our room decorated this bright sunny yellow this is your tropical oasis and it will take you to the wonderful island of hawaii. left. ken full/queen is on its way to becoming a collector's item. >>guest: i have a wonderful picture
2:30 pm
that i did of ringo star's bedwith that beautiful quilt on it and here are the euro shams available. have those in blue or yellow item736. $49.95 and available for everyone with free shipping. and we have the pair available item 175-734 in yellow or blue. $44.95, with free shipping. and coming on in this hour, if you want to talk about transportingfrangipani, gardenia or rose. this is our song of the island's foam perfume. you are getting not only the beautiful fragrance bottle and all of the diffuser specs beautifully
2:31 pm
gift boxed and very limited. -- sticks.another opportunity for you to enjoy a sense of the tropics. -- home perfume. >>guest: it is only available here." we worked very6 c13 putting all the flowers and the fragrances because i believe that fragrance is as important as color and a room. the senses, sound or a side or smell all are part the environment and that is why i brought this into collection, all of these natural fragrances from the beautiful flowers of the islands. >>host: the first time, so feel free to treat ahead of time. you have outdone yourself this time. >>guest: we have an
2:32 pm
entire team doing this >>host: one thing we enjoyed the about carleton varney are the sheets, 100% cotton brand new wicker pattern sheets. - green, blue or pink. we could have used it blue or the pink or the green. >>guest: all these are island colors. this is bamboo bark collar with chocolate and and a cafe au lait and we have the hibiscus pinkbougainvillea pink. color. if you go to caribbean and ny e. this
2:33 pm
bougainvillea color particularly if you get the sheets and ocean blue, an accent6 c13 bougainvillea, what could be more tropical and what could be more summer looking then to walk into a guest room with a beautiful blue sheets the furnishings are contemporary bamboo white modernhave this beautiful look is a banana leaf green. you will see in the next set we have a fabric beautiful banana leaves and this is tropical woven basketweave is part of nature and the furnishings of the tropics. >>host: today you have a and at this point we have all the sizes including california king and it is incredible to pay the same price for all sizes twins
2:34 pm
king $69.95.and the 3 flex payments making it even more affordable and if you have been fortunate enough to pick up one of sheet sets from carleton varney you know about the remarkable feeling with 100% cotton and you are getting patterns and colors you can only get here and mixing and matching even as we have it against the yellow set and we have a few available in the full/queen or even in the next set coming up, it is about mixing the colors. >>guest: it is about the feeling that summer is here and it is fresh and bright and we walked out to the beautiful garden that has all of the and all the flowers and we bring the breezes of the caribbean and of all
2:35 pm
ie and hall of it is here to enjoy it on your bedding.this can transform a room instantly. i love green, one of my favorite colors, because it is the color of nature and if you or in a pine forest it is green around you such as in oregon, new hampshire and maine and in the tropics you have palm trees and the beautiful foliage and gardenias, and i think green is the collar that goes with everything. -- color. if you have room that now has a fabric or curtain on the wall that is floral you can always use this beautiful trellis ratan look. >>host: furniture of course, but we
2:36 pm
will bring in these bright colors and mixing and matching them. our whole line and quilled is sold out. thank-you so much. >>guest: i want all of you to enjoy it because they are wonderful. >>host: and we have last call, only three dozen in queen size and 100 in king sizewonderful6 c13 and mattress pad, with a 3 in. loft and last airing at that pricepillows and you get four of them and6 c13 package that are all hypoallergenic and machine washable at $24.95. and with these sheets and we will again with anji corley to give us more updates about hsn. >>host: i have more
2:37 pm
things happening at hsn and i love to keep you in the know. we have showstoppers happen every day. maybe extra flex payments or hsn exclusive is and here is a look at showstoppers on the way today. at 7:00 p.m. with marlo smith we have a customer pick on with free shipping, a shippingt e n spain relief by tony little. and then joy mangano madison avenue handbag travel wallet coming up tonight 11:00 p.m. with shannon smith in six colors. item 173-5 a 1.and
2:38 pm
these earrings. -- 581. $24.90 amber teardrop sterling silver earrings. with adam freeman. 6 c13 [commercial] [commercial]
2:39 pm
[reading] [reading] >>host: welcome to hsn. my name is bobby ray carter and this carleton varney and our last quilt sold out and we have a limited quantity of these. first of it is six pieces, on the island's six piece comforter with a comforter, and you
2:40 pm
get two of the regular two of the euro shams and the bedskirt to go with it. and you get all of this today on a prize of $139.95 and we took $40 off and totally brand in with four flex payments and free shipping. $34.99 flex payments. >>guest: this design i called song of the islands are cymbidium orchids and if you look at the design that has my beautiful pacific blue background and i call that carleton varney blue and it has lavender and pink and lovely green leaves and it is beautifully and made it solid carleton varney blue. very soft and elegant and at the same time, you get a bed that as the same shade of blue and
2:41 pm
all of these wonderful shams. look at this beautiful pillow sham. and all the details of these things that go with that and this particular embroidered pillow was done to match these sheets. and the sheets in green. a beautiful bougainvillea pink. pockets it a summer look fromands for your home. it an opportunity to take all of these island colors and everyone loves the orchid and everywhere you go you see beautiful orchid plants everyone wants a phalaenopsis. florida and you stop and look at the orchids. they are very fragile% but they last a long time. i have all of my beautiful flowers. this was
2:42 pm
all hand drawn and appliqued everything he was done in my office in association with hsn. this is a fabric available anywhere else and if you were to try to purchase that fabric by the yard, the fabric by itself would be worth far more. >>host: and we sold out the california king and it available in twin size-king size.and it is very rare when we do a 6 p-set with carleton varney and i there is something about these colors. when i was married had four kids and they are the most romantic flower. very cami and relaxing and tranquil. >>guest: -- calming. look of
2:43 pm
summertime all year long and we all want the magic of the garden and particularly a garden that is fragrant. you can almost sense the fragrance of the flowers and a room like this. it is our room to dream about. put dream room and your own home from hsn. we want you to have a rest pole, happy, summertime room to enjoy all year long, think of song of the island's because we live in this city but we dream of the islands. -- restful. >>host: it is beautiful. >>guest: with the coordinating pieces, the bamboo sheets it all and any of you have purchased other things of me such as the heart sheets on, these
2:44 pm
will go along with that. >>guest: this looks beautiful with pink sheets. and you are getting their regular shams and you get the euro shams. and i think the next one to sellout will be king size about 12 and the twins size than three dozen and full-size and 200 in king size and 100 in king size. when we do these collections with carleton varney they areery labor intensive and limited. >>guest: next year we are doing something completely different and if you are thinking of twins size getting sheets in pink because the pink pillowcases and pink sheets laid over this will be beautiful. with soft pink walls or white or green walls
2:45 pm
>>host: i love this green wall and my daughter was talking about painting her room this color. >>guest: it is an island fabric princely matthews did and my office. banana leaf, the idea of this set was to bring you into the tropics with a sense of a contemporary look with the dorothy draper black and white floor. in august we will do something else, but this is your opportunity to have this very special pattern whichc13 of my exclusive patterns and i used it with a pink background in the duchess of windsor's suite.has her curtains and bedspreads all done in this design with a pink background. >>host: i love that we can use this same
2:46 pm
pattern. i love your good stories. >>guest: i want to make sure that you think happy colors in your home. when i do an arrangement of flowers for our room even if it is flowers from the caribbean, i like the flowers on the table to look like they are still in the garden. you see the flow of the pattern is all about the way natural flowers grow. >>guest: >>host: and the orchid has a soft elegance and graceful. >>guest: this is the cymbidium orchids print on the sheets but this is a phalaenopsis orchid and they last a long time. you can have them several weeks. >>host: i have so
2:47 pm
white one and i have had it over a month. you can have these beautiful orchids for ever in this set. you are getting the bed skirt and it is a complete 6 p- set, bedskirt and you could reverse that if you like because it reap verses that beautiful carleton varney blue and we have the euro shams and regular shams. >>guest: i loved painting ceilings blue and the bedroom. are in the islands. i have some friends in maui and i did that house for themc13 beautiful and their name is spiel,dy and and they have a movie3 i did for them
2:48 pm
davis, song of the slands.betty engravable did a movie called song of the islands. >>host: were you the inspiration for her were all she the inspiration for you? >>guest: she was on the back of all the airplanes in world war two. >>host: i must give you an update because we have almost 300 gone and we have 6 and twins size, two dozen in full-size and 150 in queen size and only 80 left in king size and that is another no matter what size you are purchasing, you are paying the same price for each one.and in the retail market you would be fortunate to3 comforter at $139.95. and for the euro shams you could
2:49 pm
spend $100 for a good euro sham. >>guest: i have always thought that people who purchase these designs they send me notes from different places and i got one today and they say how much they love howlite translated and given them new spirit and their life. young our old. it is all about the magic color, what we see and smell and feel and hear and if you dress a child and put them into a nice shirt and pants they feel better. and the same thing about your bed if address your bed and something beautiful and paint the walls a beautiful color, you feel better and you wake up better. >>host: it does change you. and many of us get into a routine and we are using the same dark colors, and it does not matter what the furniture is, you can see we are doing
2:50 pm
this with a wicker bed but it does not matter what style your furniture is. >>guest: you can do this in white or any kind of room. this song of6 c13 orchid fabric will work with and there are so many from the comforter that is beautifully lined and and 100 percent cotton and a complete bedskirt pet matches the background fabric and beautiful pillows and throw pillows and accent pillows, it is a total decorating done for you. >>host: and as you are looking at the sheets you can still ask the sheets and for this set, clearly the green or pink would be beautiful with this configuration. >>guest: and this sheet fabric can be usedy contemporary furniture. and for a youngare an older person, spirit
2:51 pm
of life, give pink sheets and a new spirit and this bedroom can do that for you. >>host: that is what you have always believed. you do feel differently. i get dressed in the morning and i put on black and if i put on a bright color it affects the way i feel all day. the same in your bedroom, you will walk into your bedroom and this will take you on a trip to hawaii.or fiji or the island's. >>guest: can dream of the islands. we live in the city but we dream of the islands. and mostvof us have the opportunity, when we go to the islands we looked at the french upon a and the oleanders and the bougainvillea, -- frangipani, and you can take some of that and put it into your own environment. and you
2:52 pm
get the fragrance of the islands that is coming up with our home fragrance. >>guest: even without that you can imagine the fragrance and you can a beautiful orchids anywhere in america. these are cymbidiums. >>host: st 330 have been spoken for and the entire ensemble, you get the bedskirt, the comforter, and we showed the back of the comforter our beautiful carleton varney blue and the the fact that you get two of the regular pillow shams and two of the euro shams and free shipping and please do not forget that. and $40 off and the same price on every size, item877. and we
2:53 pm
must show this to everyone lives because this is absolutely beautiful. that gorgeous orchid bed scarf 30 x 70 in. item960 and i want to show this to everyone that brand new with free shipping and we 200 of these. been $149.95. >>host: when i was in shanghai i went to the factory and i actually drew all of these flowers and if you see the entrance to program and you see my hand drawing a beautiful flower and all the beautiful ferns and greens it can be the most fantastic thing and it could be used as a wall hanging. if you have a beautiful bed and a house, make this a
2:54 pm
wall hanging to hang over the bed. it a wall hanging as well as a bed and you could wear it as a shawlyou can take that and wear it as well. these are sometimes worn by women. it is the quality, it is so silky and beautiful. >>host: we only have 200 of these. >>guest: this is all done in an image of what the islands are all about. >>host: please do not hang up, the final 200 and now we will complete this wonderful experience for everyone with our home perfume.
2:55 pm
097-485 song of island's home perfume, frangipani, rose gardenia. you will get the glass bottle, and you get eight of the wood it diffusers and we have only 100 of the $19.95 and a beautiful gift box. >>guest: it is carleton varney blue and when you open the box it is all line with my green and white stripes. it says the flowers of the garden in full bloom, come these carleton varney fragrances 2 jelly perfume every13 in garamendi's are all natural fragrances and beautifully packaged and when i designed a bottle i wanted it to look like a perfume bottle on the ladies dressing table+ these are my cufflinks. that is embossed on the
2:56 pm
front of this beautiful square bottle. >>host: i love that! >>guest: out wanted it to a perfect bottle of the highest level and when you of perfume from france you do not think of sitting big sprays in the roomba you think of them being very simple fragrances, the beautiful gardenia which is a fragile and it is a wonderful flower use as a boutonniere and i love to see gardenias floating in water and when i opened the greenbrier pool casino we had the entire pool filled with floating gardenias. it perfumed the space. what i want to say about these fragrances particularly aisle and rose are the frangipani, you
2:57 pm
can fragranced a room by putting a small bottle on a desk or in your home, because it unnatural fragrances and it is not overwhelming and will not knock you downome of these concocted fragrances pet remind me of something hanging in the car. >>host: or they are not intense and this smells like a flower. >>guest: it is not concocted. it is beautifullyckaged and great for a >>host: holiday gift only 400 of these to go around. >>guest: and the packaging on the front and the frangipani flower was named for the and it was used as fragrance on their globes. -- gloves.
2:58 pm
>>host: you will be back at 6:00 p.m.. and please do not hang up and we have only 400 of to go around. it smells just a flower. we invite you to stay on the phone lines coming6 c13 our today's special from tony little and we will tell you about caesars year do not just take a vacation, escape to total rewards. hsn is teaming up with caesars entertainment to bring you exclusive offers including up to 30% off room rates on a collection of world- class hotels and resorts. caesars total rewards is the only royalty program that allows you to earn credits while doing the things you love. like gaming, dining out, shopping and much more. you can use your credits during every visit or save them for something special. at any one of caesars entertainment's 37
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properties around the world. the choice is yours. the moment you caesars hotel and resorts youe the meaning of absolute luxury. experience spacious and elegantly designed rooms, all while earning credits. enjoy high-stakes excitement in the largest network of resorts and casinos. you will find the hottest slots and action packed table games where you love more ways to earn and more ways to redeem your rewards credits. no matter what you are hungry for you will always find a place to satisfy your appetite at caesars. choose from hundreds of dining options serving everything from burgers and fries to fine wine and filets. as a valued member of the total rewards program you will also enjoy special discount
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pricing. hsn and caesars total rewards want you to escape to the vacation of your dreams. and use your rewards credits in ways that matter to you. the more play and enjoy caesars great entertainment options, the more rewards credits you will earn and the more benefits you will unlock. do not miss out on this limited time offer exclusive to hsn. to receive up to rates visit keyword: caesars entertainment and book your escape today. 6 c13 [♪ music ♪] >>host: you pick for joining us my name is bobbi ray carter ear. i ready for more fun at this i have been waiting and waiting for the ease because we did not see is our today's special
3:01 pm
with tony little this will be the ones per year, but we did not have 7- tier you are looking at great colorists ec whites, bubblegum pink, purple denim, gold that is what i call loan in the original silver everyone in the chocolate but the best part is you do not get just one you get to. everyone will get a pair of black to go along with if it is a patented footbed if they are lightweight at 7 ounces, the lightest weight we have ever had you get the gel in search -- insert you get the arch support, everyone receives the color black. you get the entire molded patented footbed and they come with a cue to little tote bag the
3:02 pm
toe to $29.95 a thousand cabin spoken for today we have sizes10 if you ain't half size go up to the next full size. gold is the limited by only sizes 9 and 10 remaining in gold for everyone. item167-195. their light weight and breathable, they have stability and they will help you keep your foot in place, you will not realize you are wearing them. we will celebrate the sixth anniversary of tiana b. one of the dresses, i am wearing this take a look it is up it is lace please i have 500 to go round we have this3 white and black
3:03 pm
$54.90 a share price to day item 168-356. also available this is brand new and saved for the hour it is the cowl me up it is black multi or available for everyone what everyone on flex pay, two flex pay for this our only of $22.45. mardi oxenberg will be wearing this is a great sheath dress with scarf id is bread new purple, red, black royal $39.90 assure prices there. another dress you will see for the first time also on anniversary products payment black, red blueberry, charcoal with this is hearts will drop twist $49.90 and available for everyone now you
3:04 pm
have the opportunity to take advantage of our panted lifestyle sandals from tony little [♪ music ♪] >> my cheeks health sandals are very comfortable. some of the things that i love about the sandal is there is a gel insert that goes along the bottom of the shoe. it's really cushiony. it gives your foot a lot of support when you're walking and you can, honestly, barely feel it when you're walking. in this shoe, it goes in a little like right here and right here so that it cradles your foot so that when you're walking it doesn't slide all over the place. and also there is a nice arch support which gives >>host: they are patented ecology and cutes, it is good to have tony little here >>guest: i want you to understand why
3:05 pm
you cannot buy anywhere in the country, only here today you to paris for the price of wide only once per year -- pair3 for the price of1 once per year. these have no arch support it are over $100 they offered no support we all have foot problems and issues >>host: these are all flat andleather and offered no support in my opinion they are not good for your feet.another wide, no support. this is made of particle boardc13 know what this is made of. here is
3:06 pm
my want you to understand it because no one else has it.this sandal is where meets fashion, it is flexible and movable because it is made out of low impact epva the same that they use an athletic shoes to absorb the impact. then you have arch support everyone needs that to stretch your foot and give you flexibility, you have gel. what does that do? 8 gives you support you have this that is like an energy pad.and has a new herringbone design. oured and protective system is a super lightweight high-tech saddle that your foot sits inside not on the top, that is important. >>host: and you get to paris >>guest: 2 pairs
3:07 pm
this is your last chance to get it i am holding the black when you choose the white3 the black to go all around with it york sizes are 6-10 hole sizes only if you are a 7.5 balm up to and 80. -- size 7.5 bumpup.we have the purple haze black. denim what i love about the denim this will work with your dark denim and/or chambray you are black you get to
3:08 pm
pears. basically paying $13 per pair the gold is the most limited we only have sizes 9 and hand you can appreciatebeautiful herringbone design along with a silver, i almost won3 silver and is the next most limited when you get the silver you get the black as well. finally the chocolate, you get the chocolate and the black. do not forget you get the key to tote bag to take them along with you. i still haveiginal pair of gold, i took them on the cruise i went on6 c13 lightweight you do not realize you are wearing them that are so comfortable on a you feel the support >>guest: the gold
3:09 pm
and the black very low quantity believe it or not the purple haze in the black. there the purple haze on the screen you can the technology her foot is in the sandal cradle, it is not flopping around. at a science and technology. i want you to see that her feet are sitting inside of the sandal, not not on talk. when she lifts the foot she eight gel heel and arch support supports the effort and it is cute. these fit your feet that are customized to your feet when she runs or whatever she once they will not be flying audio. we will put you off to the side, here is the first sets. the bubble gum. you get to paris one you are not getting
3:10 pm
charged for --6 c13 get 2pairsshe has the herringbone design her foot is cradled inside have the fold gel heeled. -- full gel heel. people by the dell just for the issue, they spend $15 just for the insole, but you get two pairs of sandals that will change your life >>host: it is about $14 per prayer >>guest: that is crazy -- per pair >>guest: i could not find mine because i think someone stole them! >>host: i am loving the silver >>guest: that are
3:11 pm
only 3000 remaining if you want the silver, i think they are hot with a black, you have to move quickly if you want them. let us keep moving, bedol go to the testimonials this is the lowest quantity we have with the gold. if you like the beige in goldt quantity >>host: i have the gold they can dressy with a lob maxi dress. >>guest: we have the it the purple haze, do not be afraid there is your set in that shot there are no other issues like this you have science and fashion and you cannot get this and any store in america. >>host: we said once per year but we did not do them last year, it is just a
3:12 pm
day. have two more shows today and that is all you can see have 25,000 gone. i like the arch support, i am a big sandal girl i have paid hundreds of dollars for sandals with no arch support. i am standing in there i like having the additional support my foot is cradled i have the and they look great but i can wear it is dressed up or dressed down, and i paid $14 because you are getting 2 pairs for this price. >>guest: science, technology comfortable, we have had hosts that have had them over 60 as they are scuffed proof and waterproof, a low impact that 7 oz.a pair of the sandals where 7 oz. take a look at technology. have you ever seed a sandal
3:13 pm
way your foot is so cute it sits inside the sandal and you have full reducing the impact and you have arch support, all of and two pairs for $14 per no one does that just us. >>host: we are sold out of size 9 and 10 and the gold >>guest: colors are going to start breaking, rabid colors 2 knot wrong >> i think myc13 incrediably comfortable. during the summer time, i wear sandals all day everyday. i love that it actually cradles my feet and it has the gel insoles and the arch support. it's almost like the tennis shoe sandals. i also love the fact that there's a lot of traction on the bottom. so it's perfect for boating or whether you're just walking around with friends shopping. you can
3:14 pm
dress them up or dress them down, and their just incredibly adorable. every single person that called its the black 2 p airs then you pick a fashion color >>guest: the number one seller is the combination of black-and-white, but the one that is all sold out is the gold in the black. followed by the silver >>host: bubblegum pate pique hazesilver silver and the chocolate brown healthy lifestyle sandals annie will spend less than you would spend on just one of
3:15 pm
the gel insole. you get sandals3 technologies that are unbelievable. dr. ravitz dr. ravitz is a podiatrist she is a foot surgeon she believes and our shoe technology her no. 1 choice of shoes that she loves and wears is the sandalve the cheeks healthy lifestyle sandals, so cute, comfortable with great arch support a gel insole for shock absorption a comfortable piece that goes in between your toes which is narrow enough that you do not feel it. you have a unique toebar which allows you to hold on without a flipflop sound and they are comfortable to wear all of the time. >>host: i think it one of the things that is hard to convey, d.c. the
3:16 pm
price at $29.95 you get not one but two it is hard for you to understand the technology. this is not a sandal, i have% over $300.40 designer sandals that were raw card with no supports. these are eighth patented footbed >>guest: i want to show you the difference, here is our patented technology. this is a patented have a full gel footbed @ re-texture foot from impact you have our support and a heel cup and the tow bar which allows your feet two flex what you are walking, and you get the low impact eva the same that the use and athletic but there -- footwear. this is the blouse
3:17 pm
couples sandal you will wear, the notice the thong it was designed to comfortably between your toes for those of you that had not worn a thong sandal notice is not round is oblong it was designed to fit between your toes.people are wearing things without support, we are having issues with our feet because we have to take care of them.these cannot work and they cost a lot of money. here is the technology here i have put this in half.look healthy arch support is that is my favorite part.if it is like walking on a sponge, here you have the unigel it is like getting a
3:18 pm
heel cup that would cost separately you can see the arch support on the other side and the gel fit inside, i am flatfooted might cashews did not fall off -- the sandals are not falling apart. --13 fallingc13 >>host: if you are just tuning 25,000 haven't spoken for. the gold silver, purple haze of the most limited but everyone gets a black bear to go all along with it. --a black pair this is science and comfort is
3:19 pm
already up the screen you had 30 day and unconditional money back guarantee that goes along with each swann. when you understand the technology in this, what i like the most about this is the arch support i have not found that in any other at sandals i spent a fortune on. we will show you more testimonials but this point you should just know what size and color you want.have sizes go up. >> what i loveandals is the fact that they're very flexible. they're very soft. they're very modern looking. they're very lightweight. you can wash them. they dry within minutes. they're wide for people like me with wide feet. amazing because i tend to walk on my heels.
3:20 pm
so, it really helps a lot. they're just very lightweight. i'm telling you.- you're always on the go and you're a mom, you must get one of these, and they're so cute. sandal coverlet you can see the gel heel cupyour foot it is all health and all science. when she moves in the sandal flexes and you have arch support which is important to stretch your foot to get the back in confit actor wearing high heels all the time. they are virtually indestructible.look out queue to the black and bubblegum is we all they do this for one day per year this is your chance. next one isc13 has to have the
3:21 pm
denim because everyone wears denim jeans. we also look great with white pants, as taryn moves in the is moving with her. it is where fashion meet science. one is very low quantity, it is last call on the can the concept again, you get 2 pairswhen the you look look at this year by such a volume it is not available in retail stores. although over $14 per pair today a junkie pear of sandals for that price and here you get technology. c13 herringbone, right there is purple
3:22 pm
haze. also very limited. a line burner, no. 1 seller. >>host: everyone gets the black. we did not talk about the your feet hurt your entire body hurts. >>guest: if you back or any issues at anything, it all and in your feet. >>host: with the patented footbed you are helping your feet and your whole body. >>guest: i wanted you to see this, this is the size of the gel watch when i pushed down that are no sandals out there that you would get this, that is what that is there. see that? the bottom of the issu it ist has a heartbeat >>host: that as a full gel insert
3:23 pm
>>guest: low impact evathing you have ever wanted in the sandal >>host: 26,000 spoken for >>guest: congratulations, you are buying science and fashion at a great price >>host: gold and white are thec13 popular this hour. everyone gets the black. we share some more testimonials. the look of my cheeks health sandal. i love the color. it'll go with just about everything. i love the detail, and the fact that it is so lightweight. i love the arch support and the cradling design because if you're running after two children like i am a lot, you know you really want a sandal that is going to be comfortable. that's going to give you support and cradle your foot. my foot doesn't slip around like i get with other sandals. it really gives you a great degree of support and comfort.
3:24 pm
i am telling you my type of boat shoe >>host: that is so funny [laughter] >>guest: they are scuff proffof in a floater,getting 2 pairsat $29 net assents. here our wheel of cheeks, you get a black or with the gold. silver white, purple haze bubblegum denim. >>host: colatepairs $29.95
3:25 pm
>> my cheeks health sandals are very comfortable. the number one thing i like about them is they are very lightweight so you can walk around pretty much all day. they also have a nice gel insert in the heel and they also have a nice arch support. >> oh my the cheeks sandals are so comfortable. they are just the shoe that you want to wear everyday. >> i love the >>host: remember you get the tote bag, it comes with the kit tote bag as
3:26 pm
$29.95 you are basically paying $14 in change fornd technology and fashion. we keep going back on how it was made. >>guest: hey are thin keep in mind is follow impact eva you have arch support, you have it gel heel cup when you for it. you have flexibility of front it is super lightweight under 7 ounces for the pair you by gel for 20 or $25 for one pair of shoes. the hair odealt you have here, you have a technology. you will fall in love, they are the most popular sandals and the world >>host: today is the
3:27 pm
day, we did do the last year. >>guest: i was sad i could not make the delivery date. >>host: please stay on the phone 38 unconditional guarantee, you will love them. everyone gets the black. tiana b. 6 anniversary we will second to see what else is coming not >>host: thankwas online i do know we have clearance on line? it is easy to get to and you can save it is all available potoo annual see the the savings the too good to pass up.i see my tony little cheeks i love them, you can get u.s., they are the today's special. my girl diane
3:28 pm
gilman, she is coming back, 18 s at hsn. [commercial] [♪ music ♪]
3:29 pm
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: happy anniversary! sixth anniversary of the and the tinana b >>guest: she looks like she a $300 dress >>host: i had an entire closet of tiana b. this is the sixth
3:30 pm
anniversary with mardi oxenberg shirred this is our last show >>guest: it is a quick visit not just the last show ever. just for the anniversary. >>host: we are going to start off the gorgeous lace stress i am wearing >>guest: the silver completely sold out the white would be perfectc13 bridesmaids' or for the bride's rehearsal dinner or for a graduation or reunion. walking into your peony and that is coming and the man that never spoken to you you walked and with that and you say do not talk to me. goodbye. >>host: vtell everyone at the white is only available in up 1 x 2 x, 3 x in the white we do have all thethe
3:31 pm
black $ can see the overlay with the lace and this is machine washable! >>guest: a lot of times a year by an expensive the lining will be taffeta, not us, we have knit. so when you sit down and will not get up to your hat 70 and regal. can wear to church and it will look for a nominal -- when you stil it will not wrinkle >>host: out expensive does it look in the if it looks like a high end designer >>guest: when i saw
3:32 pm
you pearls and looks like a $300 out fit, $54.90 >>host: there is complete stretch to this as well >>guest: instead of using taffeta under need to be used knit but even allays sketches the entire dress stretches. as a beautiful net time -- my mannequin and amanda today, this is amanda the mannequin. we have a triple sleeve so it gives it a nice feminine sleeve and has a little bit of cover about. this is right in nyc i am so proud of that thank you to my wonderful production
3:33 pm
team for doing this, it is phenomenal. we have a lot of people on the line i say this will sell out >>host: this is the final show of sixth anniversary and is the last call on the i read that i am wearing my daughter myself and my mother had a closet full of tiana b. >>guest: soda's callie northagen >>host: we love tiana bead. tried the fit and the care this is all stretch and you can do it in the washing machine >>guest: you can put this over your head, you will not have to wait for anyone to zip you ought it is perfect.
3:34 pm
we worked really hard with hsn to get this ball of $55 retail. i am a good customer order this today on wednesday you will most likely get it may be monday the address you will have and for all the holidays coming up this would be the perfect christmas dress >>host: for any occasion and it looks like you have spent a fortune on 8 designer dress not hang out item168- 356 $54.90 a share price tag today extra small-3 x.
3:35 pm
available in the black. >>guest: i was going to wear this, i was not sure.i had the black, and that i took the red because i never wear red. i know you wear red.i said i call this the call me apps -- cowl me up,this looks fabulous on the model. it has a built in c13 >>host: this is the first airing on an anniversary price and two flex that is this our ollie. >>guest: --only flexible payments you can get this home $22.45, what is great about hsn is that you can get this homec13 flex pay and they did not charge you
3:36 pm
interest. no interest whatsoever you get 30 days what i love as you can get this home and try and on in your own home, you do not have to go to the mall and go in a disgusting and dresser room with the worst flooding in the world then it is the wrong size and then you have to get dressed again -- worst lighting in the world. >>host: this polyester and spandex, this is all attached so you will not worry about it shifting and moving. we have black and red, this is the first airing >>guest: i was going to wear the red, and and i was going to wear the black but then i decided on this one with the scarf instead.i have to when i tried it on and they both said oh my goodeodness
3:37 pm
>>host: this 38.5 in the medium it is completely machine washable and easy to take care of, you see the two flex payments that is just for this hour only. every closet need a little black dress, what makes this special is the attached scarf. >>guest: zebra, we love zebra it looked phenomenal with the stress. i said it is a winner, a no- brainer. you just get up in the morning and you have to wonder blouses and denim, think about3 wondering what dress you will wear, what you have to do is put it over your head with no zippers
3:38 pm
pepita. look at the model jamie, she was just a lace dress she had 30 seconds to and she is in the new dress, that is how easy it is to be in 8 tiana b. breast dress you will see this will work with your accessories. the red is spectacular >>host: this6 c13 piece, he put it on and you are done and you look amazing this fabric you can be in it all day long and you will look and feel of amazing. we are going to jump to the telephones to sent a letter toerry and north carolina about them to hsn. >>guest: i got the
3:39 pm
white wind bobbi ray carter rocker i want the red shoes are showing. i have a tra year, i have not been able to wear it because of health problems, but it is a beautiful dress and i love it. >>guest: keep the white 1 on weightless but i would order the red wine now, when you get this home you will wish you ordered. days and you can always decide to send the back. we will put you back to the operator and then you can order the red dress >>caller: the one i ordered last year was a medium, do all yours read the same >>guest: yes, they
3:40 pm
do. we have3 stretch quality assurance and all of the measurements have to be the same on every garment company they go by hsn standards on their fit >>caller: ok >>host: thank how it works out for you >>caller: youanniversary >>guest: thank i hope your mother feels better enjoy >>host: you have 30 days to try are fashions. we were talking about packing, i just went on acres and i had a little bag and all my tiana b. dresses. be dressed or cash will, it could be a lunch or dinner or sightseeing >>guest: party or graduation party or
3:41 pm
reunion you have all of this to go to in the summer.the stress will be good now -- this dress will be good now and later with a or turtleneck, you can read this 12 months per year. i imagined this at christmas or to a holiday party. you could take this to a cocktail party. you will be ready for any holiday >>host: that and that the hour $22.45 per payment on your credit card, press it up or down put it in the washing machine. it is easy.all of this is made in the united6 c13 are so proud of
3:42 pm
that. you have been doing this for 20 years >>guest: it was longer than that, but we will go with 20 years [laughter] >>host: everyone shopping in this hour, this13 first area. mardi oxenberg is coming up next with her dress and scarf but you are checking in with an anti for the hsn spotlight. -- angie >>host: i love the new hsn card, it has a brand new look and even more benefits, that sounds fantastic. [reading]
3:43 pm
>>host: if you wonder about our appraisal values, take a look at this. [reading]
3:44 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: i dismounted to stop by and let you know what is coming up, i am callie northagen we havev byeva this is the caftan it is all about easy dressing for summer i like the bead work is beautifully made it is light and easy and breezy be three different colors you can select green purple pink $129.90 it is in many series price and on
3:45 pm
flexible payment. take a look at these beautiful handbags check out the price breaks. this is one of two colors but this on it is a day and evening bag item #181-946. i love that, there is the pewter colored. we have a beautiful show in store for you i hope you stick around. now back to bobbi ray carter into debbee. >>host: we were to sit chatting where else can you go to get a number wind pop tiller sheath dress no matter where your figure talent is audible look great it 95 percent polyester 5% spandex you can rub this into the
3:46 pm
washing machine and you get the scarf to go with it. is $39.90. we have red, purple, royal. mardi oxenberg is wearing the black. $39.90 >>guest: the scarf is 100 x 10 in..i will tell you what to do with the scarf, i will show you you take this and double not and you just keep going around and around and is an infinite beat scarf, that is just a waterway but you could wear this around your hips.i am being strangled
3:47 pm
i am wearing too many scarfs >>host: most can say they are all different. the dress is 30 in. >>guest: that is the length -- 38 inches i cannot bear to 34 in.. this is your basic sheath i have had this for 10 years, i am not kidding. this is the work force of my collection. in my opinion at $39.90 i would buy a black and a color. i think this is a basic collar >>host: i love the
3:48 pm
red, it is like a tomato red >>guest: the scarf is pretty and has a white, avocado, kelly green. you cannot even get a scarf $39.90 >>host: you get a great dress it is the basic sheath dress >>guest: i will% take this off because i have some of r.j. graziano on i do not know what i am doing, i am trying to get out of this scarf >>host: [laughter] see how great that looks with the r.j. graziano necklace >>guest: ideas came from the office and now i am out for drinks and dinner or out to a wedding. i warned this type dress to black-tie affairs, you just need the right type of accessories.this
3:49 pm
is a canvas for you to weigh your jewelry problem-- wear your always have the+ day money back guarantee >>guest: i like the beautiful ona scarf >>host: the opportunity you get the day no matter which when you are going is fabulous anniversary death for everyone watching that is adding to their collection -- it is a fabulous anniversary @ gift for everyone watching today >>guest: we have a
3:50 pm
shrug that matches you can see we have it and the colors black, red charcoal. >>host: look at the way this fits, this looks fabulous warrant as a belt at $39.90 bid is the perfect opportunity >>guest: we sell thousands of the shrug on >>host: as a reminder this is the dress i have been wearing it is very popular at $54.90 in the white we only have one3 x. we have sizes extra
3:51 pm
small-3 x in the black. it is all machine washable. the lining underneath is all stretch. we have a lot of you on the phone for dress with scarf we have a final offering for you at the twist front dress. i was wearing this in red >>guest: hearts will drop when you wear this people will say all my goodness. >>host: we have it in red purple, black. -- vblacks red blueberry crumb a charcoal. >>guest: look at the details on the neckline is a twist
3:52 pm
with a little opening >>host: it is the jewelry and a friend you do not need anything >>guest: this is 38 in. or 41 in. in the 3x when you see the model that our 5 barefoot 10 in. and it will be short on them. on me, it is exactly where i wanted to be. >>host: it is perfect, is a sheath dress with the fabrication 95% polyester and 5% polished spandex. i love the twist front it becomes your ornamentation, if you did not need anything. >>guest: ith this i
3:53 pm
would wear a fun bracelet or a pin the neckline is so unique. you will not see yourself coming and going can wear this to the office or to any defense.yvette -- easily looks like it cost $125. >>host: we are spoiled hsn prices and tiana b. >>guest: i have the advantage showing what it looks like on a person when you go into a department store and can look great on the hangar but then when you put it on your body yuck.this
3:54 pm
is dress happens to look good both on a hangar and on your body, you can see on the >>host: the charcoal color is beautiful >>guest: black and gray to is your basics, the pop of color is a blue or red. we make this red exclusively for hsn >>host: it is the best shade of red >>guest: what i like it has no some have a lot of blue cast to witit tomatoes this is the tomato should look like >>host: you always
3:55 pm
have a 30 day conditional money back guarantee if you have not warrant a dress that are in port and in fashion this year dresses they are challenging to fit. tiana best and care and value. the quantity is in the hundreds to go around for this. with the wear it with a belt or not or with a shrug.i am not sure if we can show the item number for the shrug, but you can always go to >>guest: we always sell out, we never had enough was at a restaurant i took out shrug and i had to have its.
3:56 pm
>>guest: this is a beautiful blue banding and it is like a knot with an opening here and hear about your bust and then the rest of the dress buffaloes. room -- rest of the dress flows people will see the dress clangs.this does not have a static cling. i normally have a handbag with me to stop many but i did not have it. i had a big buddha baguette today and 8 dresses and to shrugs i put all my
3:57 pm
dresses on carry-on because i cannot afford for them to lose my and that i would not have anything to wear >>host: for the flex payment you will pay more than that to check your. we have the colors still available charcoal, royal blue red, black. this is brand new and saved for hour for the sixth anniversary we had the chance on flex pay as this $24.95 per payment on your credit card without any interest whatsoever. that is just for the anniversary.- number is out there for the shrug #156-318. that is just one of them, we do have a lot of
3:58 pm
different shrugs on >>guest: you will also see a few dresses that the only have on this dress was special would be designed it we wanted to know what would make this different. i named this hearts will drop because when you wear this it is 0, but my heart. 6 c13 perfect, is more than a basic (...)twist >>host: that would be a better name, at basic with a twist. maybe i should just call you when i am thinking for names.basic with a twist is what it is. >>host: the black and a blueberry is the most popular. extra small-3 x.all
3:59 pm
the same for every size. this is a great dress that will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, you will not spend on dry cleaning because you just for this into the washing machine. nothing is too tight or clinging. mardi oxenberg thank so much, happy anniversary >>guest: i will see you next month everyone, we have a today's coming up in june that is exciting. thank you everyone, at next year will be our seventh anniversary. >>host: thank tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. with joy mangano and a fabulous today's special, you will love it. stay tuned for callie northagen.
4:00 pm
>> the result is something that will resonate with you your life and in power in your own inspired style. luxury redefined. >>host: these other shows that i look forward to.v by avon. this hour will be a blast. -- is a sexy little thing she is so smart.she will speak five languages. --e by eva. she has such a unique eye for style and never afraid to step at the box and let your own sense of style come true. through. call and say hello but do yourself a favor and treat yourself to something. look how gorgeous the first blouses this is the chiffon blouse with camisole.brand new for the
4:01 pm
are going to see blood in a few moments wearing this color. we continue on, live television is always interesting. --going to see eva. we have extra small-3 x. we have the miniseries pricing. tomorrow i cannot wait to get started. we have the endless caftan. we love being comfortable. we did not want to be restricted. -- embellish is every and breezy. you cannot see the beautiful embellishments. this is the top that i am wearing. i love it is a fabulous
4:02 pm
and $20 off with 3 flexible payments. it comes with the most exquisite beaded belts. you can wear it either way. wait until you see the sleeves. they are called angel sleeves. that is what you feel like. everything with fashions by eva are easy to care for. is 163- 836. that is something you can see with the gorgeous coral i am wearing that in the taupe. as to get things started is not just a leader in the industry she leaves life of6 c13 and the venture. she is about celebrating life with the voyeuristic that she believes in. her style is not about trend or stylus about evolution.3 did a lot of jewelry as well in this show. they will stand the test of time. her line is
4:03 pm
eclectic chic, casual and interesting just like eva and such a fan. >>guest: i am a bigger fan i am so excited to see you. when i was watching you and my room i was saying that color and everything looks fabulous on you. >>host: thank you. >>guest: as because you are stunningly beautiful inside and out. >>host: thank much of the blouse that evil is wearing is coming up. these hand nodded baroque pearls are coming up as well as it is amazing. --blouse eva is the coral pink multi. look at the embellishment. this may be one of the most beautiful garments and you have done. i love it. >>guest: is summertime by almost say the same thing to the classic gray colors that we love
4:04 pm
like turquoise coral, pink and bright in of course cashmere and paislee with a little bit you can barely tell. i have beige background. i love these talks. they are really what you want to completely dressed them up or down. if you want to tuck it in or not. we have a little show underneath so there is nothing to see unless you want to. >>host: exactly, you get the camisole. you have told coverage it is sheer and light. >>guest: we added the embellishment on the sleeve which is so subtle i like the fact it is subtle. the sleeves are like bowling. you a lot of comfort but the body is straight. -sleeve- starlike balloon. as important when you think fit you are thinking you cannot have something which is just large
4:05 pm
everywhere you have to have the proportions. when it falls on your body is false really well. >>host: or is interesting sleeve that you are mentioning it helps to slenderize the body gives you that trick. >>guest: you know how all this everyone that man with v, a gives you that v. [laughter] and the natural v. it also will give you graciousness. think that is important even in a simple top. the other thing that is important to have a little sled on the side which makes it very comfortable. -- slit. >>host: does not look like it is easy to care for but it is. this 27.5 in. and the camisole is 17. wheeled extra small-3 x. if you are petite like one answer is 16-18 women and 2 x
4:06 pm
1 pie because this is brand new and 3 flex payments you can do one payment down and see for yourself. this line from eva is one of our very and most fabulous fashion in jewelry lines that we offer. i am not just a fan as evil as a friend but i have a lot of your clothes. >>guest: that makes me so happy.the big part about this line and my philosophy is that you will love it more tomorrow than you do today.3 it is this really important thing about being on trend but never being trendy. you can build your6 c13 wardrobe. you can build your distinct style but has enough pizzazz. let me all the work. i have become obsessed.i bring it back to you. even when i finally get the pieces after i have been working on
4:07 pm
themc13 believe we are actually able to do the and i am proud of it. i am so excited to have it. >>host: please stand and show how you have styled. >>guest: and kind of done half a thing. >>host: fun like you are saying you are about encouraging people that have their own sense of style. >>guest: i was saying when i was getting change i was putting on the pearls. somebody was saying to me you know you are doing. yes when i walk into a store and somebody says you look great and i know i do not.we know when we do not you have to have that confidence this is a half a talks.6 c13 little too long. -- tuck. you take a little piece and you blouse it. it almost gives you like a side thing. if you
4:08 pm
want you can add a belt. >>host: i love a with a pair of capri, skirt or leggings. >>guest: would look great with a skirt. >>host: is so blowsy you do not have to be word about bust issues. 38 small large, 36 extra large 52.5 is the 2 x. this woman i know you probably enjoyed her as the host luxury tv. i know you are a mentor on the hit project accessory. your busy and you travel the world. i do not know how you do it all. >>guest: >>host:just like you. [laughter] we do it all by not thinking about family love what we do every day. i do not think about what i have to do tomorrow i think about today.i am
4:09 pm
completely passionate about every minute of it.once in awhile i cannot sleep because i worry. [laughter] >>host:6 c13 >>guest: sometimes i will bother somebody as i am more rain. you can call me anytime that you are worrying i will be up. >>host: happens to me, 3:00 a.m. really? >>guest: why am i not sleeping. [laughter] >>host: that is so cute. absolutely adore this piece. i see on girls in their 20s or ladies in their eighties it is one of the most beautiful pieces >>guest: it is so classic because the designs that are in it. paislee that keeps coming back and a little bit a leopard and the color palette. it is classic yet it is noticeable we want to deal with a walkout and somebody says i love your shirt. you can wear it now one month and you will not get bored. blonde
4:10 pm
brunet, short hair or long hair. both of these colors work very well. i came out today saying i was going to where the tank. i was in the changing room i mike wide-leg not do the blue?--wear the pink. it is what you prefer. they have all of the hughes makes thin. >>host: if you are just tuning in this is brand new. i know a might be more than what you are used to spending but it is worth it.with thisin this line is worth every dime. it will get better in time i think that truly defines the classic. >>guest: fashion is a moment+ and style is what stays. i really believe that.the ability to c13 yourself over a period of time and when people bring back the pieces missing this is 7 years old but it is 7 years old and
4:11 pm
somewhat better than when you have today because as part of the layering it is part of that life that creates great style and great individuality. on >>host: sleigh i am falling more in love with it every time.--honestly. >>guest: , i was looking at you from the side and thinking what color would be better? as you had this one i thought it is beautiful then i looked at your eyes and the turquoise would be better. [laughter] >>host: we are very busy. thank you do not forget about flexpay it will allow you to something a try without any risk. c13 want you to be thrilled and come back often. $29.98tried on in your own personal dressing room and enjoy. -- try it on. were going to use some of the beautiful jewelry including this bracelet
4:12 pm
339. how fabulous is eva is wearing these earrings. i was going to wear them in the coral i could not resist. >>guest: skin looks chic anya you are one of these women. makes all of that that beautiful smile and your. >>host: thank you. the most >>guest: support accessory all women could have is her charm and smile. if you have that than everything else is extra dressing. we want a little extra dressing. [laughter] or go >>host: 1 to move into the jewelry that evil is wearing. i did not know if i could speak about this it is so beautiful.u have that leather cord and individual nodded in between each of these amazing simulated baroque pearls believe me if these were real were just saying before the show when strand
4:13 pm
would be like $10,000. >>guest: a story about this. i believe great classics always come back it is the same thing with jewelry and fashion. the same thing with architecture. curls have been a big traditional forever we dream of to read somehow i have never been a pearl girl. i have always thought they make you kind of like this or i have been looking at it recently and i found a necklaceyears ago that i absolutely adored. it was this necklace. pearls and you could wear short or long. --it was. it made it fun and unexpected with the leather. so i spend the last nine months trying to figure this out here they are. the
4:14 pm
time with a little pearls on the end. the gray, the white and that we have read cordweight pearls if you want to be more funky. -- red. every woman has to have this. i will buy the rest if they are not. [laughter] >>host: are 52 in. terry >>guest: have three of them and i twisted one of them around. i have a choker and a necklace. even if you only get one you can wear it raft and you can wear a long period because you to adjust the size. --wrapped. they are very easy to put on. >>host: are these $59.95? >>guest: it must be a mistake. >>host: - understand the pricing but it is
4:15 pm
what it is to take advantage in the enjoy. the about this as a gift- giving opportunity. maybe you are trying pearl for the face time. evil was--eva. maybe13 want to treat yourself these are fresh and modern with the leather cord. the silvertone brown, brown or the red natural.are four choices. use flex pay if that helps you try at least one color. at this point we have 500 to go around this is the first show of the visit.i am this kind of giving you a heads up. >>guest: this is a must have daughter who thinks she has all figured out. schussing to me those are pearls and they are kind of cool. --she had set to me. these are very elegant and at
4:16 pm
substantial but they have something to them which makes it easy to always have the strand that kind of kids you a certain this does not do it. >>host: here is the white/red and here is the silver/read.we have a drape around each one is 52 in.. we have the silver and natural or the weight in the natural. --whit, >>guest: i love the combination i think that is what a really beautiful. gives you the flexibility wear grayce sometimes in the white sometimes. if you like white then go for. get least three strands that this price. >>host: them like about the baroque they are not perfect. >>guest: sort of
4:17 pm
this quality. i think in the baroque pearl makes it a little. in the magazines the pearls are back. whether it is ring or earrings. there is another thing about the pearls that i realized on your skin they are so flattering. because of the color and the shade and the softness but did you sort of this very beautiful glow. >>host: they really do. >>guest: i think that is why they have been sort of famous. like us. a lot of purity about us. [laughter] >>host: my mind made the that is why we like the real rob version of a pearl. --. those are all hand knotted. lose the whole strand if
4:18 pm
something happens. the are no metal components here is all of that chording is super cool.that is how you open and close it. it just pulls open and closed. even there you have the baby girl pearls.trulift one of the most beautiful strands that you will find. -- >>guest: i think it is amazing it is generous and large. there is one thing i have to say. they have much more lustereen. --en. way to see this side of a pearlized by its luster. just like a woman. these trusts sexy they are c13 sort of your grandmother's pearls. >>host: you can
4:19 pm
really wear them in a couple of different ways. this year twice around or as a bracelet. i was >>guest: just thinking that. then you can pull that away. i have not spent my time doing it right. you could get three or four strands with one necklace. >>host: why it is modern fresh hip young and cool. closer tovstrands. there is no size constraints. #189- 331, to not rings are coming up and this bracelet mike earring and necklace set. we have quite a show under c13 before we with own to check in with angie to us more information on the hsn spotlight.
4:20 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: thank are the and i am back again i want to tell you what is happening on the go to guide it. these are things we do not want to mess. how about clearance items? you know when you go shopping you do not want to miss a deal. these low low prices and the just reviews items are waiting for you on savings are too good you do not want to miss out. check it out now coat 2 am look for the tabjust as clarence. have fun at shopping. --cle arance. [♪ music ♪] 0 showstopper items. restarting off with tony little we have free shipping and handling on the orah wave perfect tense pink relief. coming up tonight at 7:00 is the customer pick. bands warming jannell pleat madison avenue
4:21 pm
handbag. you can catch this and 11:00 p.m.. --with joy mangano. speaking color of amber teardrop sterling silver earings are coming up tomorrow at noon with adam and leslie. first time back in one year it sold out in 4 minutes unbelievable. make sure you out the showstoppers. pre order now and go to [commercial] [commercial]
4:22 pm
[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i love that eva who was one of the busiest women on the planet a down time you being exotic in your own version of the caftan. 6 c13 >>guest: in
4:23 pm
somewhere else under a palm tree. that is why i put this a walk around pretending. >>host: is brand new for the visit.let me hear6 c13 then we go into the details. we love this bright green. fabulous and the purple and pink is a always at favorite we took the price down to the last- minute is now under $130. it is 54 in. long his hand wash and dry flat. it is a light weight georgette. >>guest: have a little of session. one of them is men. sunday nights at to not call me that is what i do. let us focus on the women for a second, to have a easy glamour style. 3
4:24 pm
caftan or a house dress or a beach a dress. can call it anything you want. being fun and sexy and have a elegance. part of the material of being a georgette that is not 2 sheer crew can has. coverage embellishment and the slit. can wear it out. it is not dressy. has6 c13 good looking side which is easy to repair never have enough of these. >>host: i am with you. --is easy and never have enough of these. he did not even have to worry
4:25 pm
about jewelry.we have this fun tribal kind of print. you can be anywhere in the world. st: it is such a trend right now the whole tribal. you have that printed that kind up so it is tone on tone. it is too much of anything. let us talk about the embellishment. this embellishment has taken about one year to come. + >>host: >>guest: really.we wanted to make sure it would feel good on your skin and look good, etc.. these are applied on top. u do not feel anything against your skin. from a distance you cannot tell there embellishment you sort of see the light glowing. it is an amazing necklace. and is 9 charring
4:26 pm
you in the face to report >>host: you are absolutely right. >>guest: tried this the other day. these little heels and it will look so good. maybe >>host: simply jeweled sandals this is the way to live life especially in the busy summer months. kate is >>guest: a different kind of busy. >>host: a couple weeks of school being out it is time to kick back and relax. maybe you are enjoying downtime of the kids on the down time. >>guest: you are going a fun cocktail party. the beauty of the summer you did not have to over think your wardrobe. the most chic sings of summer of the things that feel like they are so easy. the most--
4:27 pm
sheet things you had. this colorful fun. >>host: these are extremely limited you guys are all over it with a number of people on the lines mural looking at like 500 left.the painting is very popular. tanabe mannequin me the green is hot. everyone is all over the green. -the green is hot. a and clam sofa with mustard color pillows. --eggplant sofa. >>guest: icing purple feels very regal because of the british. the pink is
4:28 pm
the only one shoe (...) like the hues for the pink. i am telling you they are all fabulous but ever is your favorite color.i am so >>host: in the champagne brunch you can go anywhere. all whole new freedom. this >>guest: is not about staying home this is about take me out. [laughter] these are really pieces to collect. it is almost like you collect one every year and you end up with the unbelievable collection and you go where would your friends for the summer getaway. where does she get them all? you collect them over time but you are
4:29 pm
also comfortable. in the summer when you are wearing tight clothes but not even tight but you feel like everything is sticking. this is the opposite >>host: 54 glorious inches. nice long side slits.wheat is generous.this week is generous--the swe ep. it is all about comfort. if you have a hope or a prayer about trying something new and enjoying elegance this is feeling effortless this is something to try. one team is all it takes an you contrite in your own private dressing room. $1 a to see if this will not give you a whole new sense of elegance. it is interesting and beautiful. >>guest: i
4:30 pm
summertime is your time. i really believe all of these tailored items that we have to fit in or do this, throw them out the window for the summer. you have all winter long too contrived. elegance is about the loose-fitting. >>guest: the they have a very nice fit. if you want to belt them they look really great. >>host: love that nice long side slit. that with high wedge of 3 >>guest: as wedges are so high.sonya looks hot. >>host: are looking at 300 total and that goes between all sizes and all 3 color choices. we need to give you an update. item183-
4:31 pm
297. most fabulous pendant coming up. this is a simulated lapis feather pendant. you have done this in the most unique way of course this is the by eva. v by eva. >>guest: that is a unbelievable piece not to mention the earrings. the other night i was the earrings @ dinner they are telling me they were v by eva laughing. that was my second pair. i have no more. i went on line and i bought back some earrings.
4:32 pm
they are amazing an extremely flattering. 6 c13 lapis that makes it interesting. the fact >>host: the pendant is next to come will talk about the amazing snake design. 15 individual rose. we have three different choices.atite. about the obsession with the serpent and a moment. we have the amethyst i love the amethyst with more of a hematite stone with the snake. the goldtone with the agreement beads are really popping the color. green. on flex pay $29.98 and it is a excellent gift. wrist.
4:33 pm
>>guest: is wearing two of them i love that. i absolutely love that. wide-leg love this serpent? you can never catch it. why do i love the serpent? there are so many different colors and patterns. it comes in so many different sizes just when you think caught the snake you have never really caught a snake. a kind of keeps you on the chase of life besides the it is one of the most interesting animals that are done in design particularly in jewelry forever. is sensuous m. bold, can i continue? the gatt >>host: ? >>guest: is an easy and very classic. if you go back all designs from cartier they always dessert--snakes and them. i am crazy
4:34 pm
about these bracelets. >>host: are amazing. fifth >>guest: seen strands. >>host: they are all connected. you do not have to work. like it would be a bangle bracelet it is one of the coolest things where the yudu one or two of them are extremely popularinterested in to make your way to your computer, phone or bi-fold or download the hsn application. i will >>guest: also think it is beautiful one on each cuff. if you have a very thin at sweater and you push it all the way upper you almost feel like the end of your cuff would be and of a bracelet. on a very13 black t-shirt or a white t-shirt or whenever color you have. imagine how amazing that would be. there is a great saying leonardo de vinci says the highest form of simplicity of la,
4:35 pm
luxury is simplicity. bold, fun and sexy. all >>host: of the above. >>guest: plea before free. >>host: this is a bold look. this is a lot of bracelet yet a big bang for your buck. $29.98 u. contrite and see it in is more magnificent than it comes across on air.with all the individual stones not only the pavé-set round crystals on the body but the on the i.e. an individual. i cannot imagine how many different stones are in here. >>guest: unbelievable.other thing i do not know if you noticed where the serpent lying in the middle of the body there are tiny stones also. you will notice nothing except for magical piece right in the middle. i
4:36 pm
feel like i have nothing on it feels so light. it is a very substantial bracelets that actually has no weight to it. from a distance- looks like beaming emeralds yellow diamonds in a crawling all over it. of black diamond's looks like a million bucks. my little favor right now have to say is the amethyst. i do not know why i guess because i do not have that many things that makesi find that to be very new and very interesting sealife this against the white it really does not look like water looks like on your wrist. look at this. i have just want to end to this crazy jewelry store
4:37 pm
anywhere you want to be. >>host: as though to marrakech. iolite >>guest: that idea. >>host: is so interesting, unique and gorgeous. great price $39.95.there is a snake, evil and across i am wearing the cross and the snake. but all the stonework. there is the evil eye. it is so popular in the world of fashion of course we have that in the snake design as well. we have the snake in the black or the goldtone. item #095-924. we will update you on sizing me get closer to the presentation is just around the corner. now were going to talk about these beautiful earrings. his >>host: completely gorgeous we also have before you look
4:38 pm
at we have the goldtone in the orange brown and the hematite in them black. 3 almost 3 in. long. they are for the pierced year on the inside you see free-flowing serpent, that snake. you know >>guest: the about one year ago we did 1 pear which was the black hair we could not make them c13 time. flat-- pair. so that of is summertime of saying we have to make in wwood we brought them back and even though it looks like coral what i love about this againstc13 skin you know how you have this very subtlecolor and it is a little pc and paint.
4:39 pm
vshare. that is what these earrings are and that is what they do pay more than coral. >>host: really lightweight. >>guest: --looks and. wearing the top of brown ones. -- lint brown. i do not know how you can go wrong. it is feeling really like today is it because we feel so heavy? [laughter] really >>host: flatters. is nothing worse3 something pulling and tugging you are uncomfortable all day and all night i think it is a daytime and nighttime kind of hearing. i complete >>guest: lee agreed.
4:40 pm
daytime, nighttime or play time. --i agree. it is not too big. sometimes you have these very long earrings and they are very substantial. you are wearing them when you feel like you have trouble moving ahead.this has enoughlook and powerful without being too big. >>host: time it is here even this time around i on line before the visit. everytime i get on with the show everything is sold out by the time i make my decisions. this is one of earrings on its way to sell and out.the coral is the most limited we are down to 100 pair.we have to hundred in the black and 200 in the ground. that is all we could secure. -- ow cann. there is a 1:00 a.m. show and we are together tomorrow at 7.if
4:41 pm
you are looking for something unique who wants to wear something everybody else is wearing coming and going. step that of the box and live a little. that is what i have learned from you. >>guest: these earrings are so much fun and they will be noticed. enjoy wearing them and then when you do not know what to where you are like i would just where these. it is simple enough and easy enough to rely on. --wear it to. really part of that great wardrobe and signature style. we have >>host: graduation's coming up.of bridesmaids gifts and things maybe there are teachers that you want to say thank you that you have done such a great job with the kids or you appreciate. something like this is an unexpected gift. treat yourself first. uphill >>guest: always.
4:42 pm
[laughter] >>host: on the line for them there are fabulous. we c13 that with much more. has a series of shows starting tomorrow here is some information about [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
4:43 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: it is always so much fun when you are shopping with your girlfriends. that is how i feel every time you are here. eva and i can talk about this beautiful blouse. i believe >>guest: i wore this in the same color you are wearing. i think i was going to wear the coral. they are all >>host: so spectacular. i think i wore this month. the toe >>host: teal, coral and this is jade if you are using express. --
4:44 pm
taupe you is just like a wisp of air.a little elastic at the like a little extra coverage. this belt is completely beaded. body thousands of beads.but >>guest: is incredible not only is beaded there are meticulously put together they are flowers with and flowers. it is double so when you tie that you have the beautiful tie pieces that feel like an old japanese. obie it is a tiny detail sonya has done something fabulous. i am going to use the belts instead of that way i amc13 tonal. i think that is so chic.that is the individuality. she has flipped it
4:45 pm
around. you canear it the beading, nobel or your own bill. fresh >>host: cmos.26.5 in. long and the sleeves are the coolest things. there is a slit the under i believe you call them and angel sleeve. you cannot >>guest: also: a obie sleeve. what i love about that it has this very big allure. it has a very a sense of elegance and sophistication. your ninth draft is also very comfortable to move in. the body of the tunic is fitted and has elastic. everything
4:46 pm
else is comfortable. you are only flying in one place. else looks like you are walking with 2 regal scarf. --italmost. >>host: 3 shows for the visit and on the show this is $30 off. have 500 lucky ladies to take advantage of this. on flex pay it$36. feel so well again and feminine. at the end of day the comfort factor is always #one. >>guest: love you look at this and you are saying i need wear this in a fancy way. >>guest: axel answering is no. has white capri and zippered with great lenses. wedges. you just
4:47 pm
want to look fabulous and throw on your jeans and you have more. >>host: no clasp or zippered. is >>guest: so light. earrings i am wearing continue to be available. c13 just getting home from work.a lot people record them and get home from work and hope they can still get the items that are featured. again you can go to if this is what you want to see more of detail on the information is there for you. i tried to go through all of it. i am wearing a small. asked the operator for sizing.
4:48 pm
we are about to lose some sizes in the coral small in particular. it has >>guest: to see the coral is fabulous. now that you are wearing those earrings and does want to see the coral on next to your face. >>host: is one of the colors when i wear this color (...) seem >>guest: those earrings for that, i do not think you need anything else. that is the other think piece is to not require a lot. they are a generously important but of having too much on. dresser grape pierre earrings and you are done. we are going to >>host: milana the tunic blouse 163- 836. but we also have all and
4:49 pm
the jade and we have the taupe and the perfect canvas. >>guest: i am going crazy you have in this cuff on both hands. i am thinking how come i only have one. weaker >>host: put you up. we do not have enough time6 c13 talk about the big stone drop jewelry. almost gone they are very limited. i ordered the green. like that >>guest: beautiful emerald drop. these mats beautifully to the next best 959-26 is the item number they are all priced to move. we want to tell you about the fender pendantsfeather pendant. it is $10 off the miniseries pricing. it is almost 4 in. long and 2 in. and
4:50 pm
wi comes. with 18 inset as with the 2 qt. to extender. -- 18 in. necklace with a 2 in. extender. >>guest: we have a mixture of white stones and darker3 stones and the play together with the lapis really makes it interesting. it is very noticeable but is not jarring. >>host: it is so cool. the whole feather such a prevalent part of fashion. chain itself is like a popcorn chain. it is in >>guest: corn chain has done with hematite. it looks like hematite is
4:51 pm
hanging off of it. also if you want to take it out you can use your own chain.the chain is fabulous you can also shorten that period. even with what i am wearing it might be a little too much. i deny >>host: think so let us look at it with your neckline. --i cannot think it looks like too much. try new things. at first we thought it would be too much, i do not think so. if it is >>guest: that is okay. then you it off and have more fun with it.he only way to know is a try. if you want to have fun you should try it.i have tried really hard and i spent a
4:52 pm
lot of time bringing women bring to you in the right way perfectly done.--bringing what i bring to you. it is a >>host: heart have a favorite because i have about 100 from this line. feast your eyes about these beautiful drop earrings. there are three different versions. there is a oval rectangle and a swirl. this is 50% off that will disappear before your eyes. item 095-925. i am switching into these, the rectangle. >>guest: star my favorite and i will tell you why they are so art looks like the art deco pieces from the 40's. it is unbelievable. the workmanship on the rings are extraordinary. --
4:53 pm
earrings insta fact they are completely lined everywhere. -- besides the fact. it is almost as if you have gone to one of the most expensive jewelers in the world he would be doing this kind of work. you do not see this kind of work in costume. the fact the detangling makes it look so beautiful. i wear these all the time every time i get asked where did you get them the rose g gold is still in. i would say it is a little more (...), >>host: ? no >>guest: less, and more fun and
4:54 pm
traditional. classic shape they to own as a woman in your life. never have to worry about that again. it will not look like your regular time in hoop. the row >>host: is in the circle the hematite is the art and the swirl is in the yellow gold. it does not come across all i promise. be blown away 7! the remain in the rectangle. the scroll-design that there are 80.they are calling this peacefully. in the hope that there is less than 100 swell. 50 percent off, i treat yourself and try this.
4:55 pm
>>guest: this is a forever earring. unbelievable. >>host: you have to havend i see everybody is all over it. there are now 50 remaining in the race. --095-925.we have pershing the serpent, the evil eye and sizes 5-10. i think these look great on the mail finger or the pointer's tinker. there are so dynamic. there exclusively beautiful. >>guest: i think
4:56 pm
there are great combination of bold the that the same time fun elegance. he has this ag site but then there are very elegant. the reason is there are complete, beige in smooth. the snake is incrusted inside. it is quite unusual at this price is complete be unusual. >>host: 39 balls 95 this kind of insane. his >>guest: some much fun. of course of a white snake and a blacksnake of the most classic obvious and easy pieces to do.
4:57 pm
>>host: 0 i is most limited. the upper echelon of wealth. it is fan-tastic evil eye in histories have been worn all of the middle east. now is sort of everywhere. protecting you from everybody else. that is the story behind the evil eye. every ready once [inaudible] zigzag >>host: great.a
4:58 pm
fax--a. it is so comfortable are really enjoy this. $39.95 these have sold very well at $59.95. they are so >>guest: much almost at this price you should treat yourself i love >>host: that crosses the gorgeous amber color. i am looking >>guest: at the cross with a bracelet and this bracelet and a facility and turn the world around and you found in these things. how come time goes so fast? always >>guest: they were going to see each other at the words.
4:59 pm
you are running off so fast i could 9 buy. yourself unique i love your courage and strength. on the line for the rings as well. a-10 i cannot wait to love to remind you once the most item this is the nest caftan. the time where it is very popular as well.


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