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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 17, 2012 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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+ need you really kind of get spoiled it changes how you look at your closet and how you get dressed in the the other thing as graduation gifts hide purchased huggable hangers for everybody in my life. they make the most amazing gives.see what >>host: is so much for checking out the encore presentation of the today's special. we have a great morning with hsn today. >>host: keaney. >>host: and tamara hooks. we have brianne then no! no!. this hour as elizabeth arden! >>host: the first item the customer pick ceramide face past with the ceramide screen sample. break.
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the entiree shipping and handling for elizabeth you can add these capsules to anything that you are any skin care regimen. item # 129-351. also in this hour, if you want the perfect day cream an spf of 30 which is the most crucial thing i think for beautiful skin. we have some before and after with the beef moisturizer cream prove $49.50. what 2 flex pay $24.75. item # 968- professional set of make up brushes. we have less 200 sets to go around. this is the last day of the free
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shipping and handling. $19.50. you get the case as well as the brushes. item # 968-finish metal powder foundation. you are getting the 37 of 50. and the foundation.-- metal powder. 2 flex pay of you have a different color choices there. all that and so much more on hsn today. [♪ music ♪] >>host: elizabeth arden! is one of the trusted names in beauty and internationally recognized. we are
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excited to elizabeth arden at hsn. this is the last day of visit and this entire show has free shipping and handling. we have a special guest that has been in the beauty business for 20 years. i questioned, because she looks so young! robin mason, i know you are in charge of marketing and sharing your knowledge of the product with everyone. that is what you specialize in. so great that you are doing free shipping for us. >>guest: we have a lot of things to share with you because chris the gray offers. >>host: our first offer isto hsn. ceramide caps, you are getting all of them and then get the day cream that we talk about that we sell separately. it is a sample size and great for travel and to have in your purse. if you like to try it, we are including $88 is
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the retail value. you cannot be this anywhere but c13 flexfit this is a customer pick with 4.7care here said there is a lot of competition. we can add this to anything else we are right? because this does not do what other things do. >>guest: ceramides are lippes found in the skin but there is a skin care regimen no matter what you are demma at this tunic and you will see a noticeable difference. take these capsules and twist open and one capsule, one dose and apply it right after you cleanse the skin.all of the moisture and the other products are enhanced of the ceramide lippes that are found in this product. >>host: they are sealed individual
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go to waste. they stay fresh because they have to be (...) individual and make a huge difference is. >>guest: is elizabeth arden klan to the fame.--claim. when our researcher developed they have established that ceramide make up 50% of your skin. there are naturally found in your skin. collagen a blasted the moisture and all the other elements of the skin do function
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no matter which skincare you are using, you are not going to get thefull benefit. ceramide are like the bricks (...) ceramide is like the mortar. what ceramide capsules a lot less to do is infuse back into the skin where your skin does not make apply the capsule on top6 c13 the skin and there's a lifting pumping and firming that allows your skin to look more youthful. the results are clear. these are after just a few weeks of just six weeks. look at the difference in the skin tone and the clarity. you can see the difference in the diminishing of the dark and lines amigos' start to fade. that is basically allows your moisturizer to work more efficiently. >>host: you are
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minimizing the appearance fine lines of mccall's and you are retexturing the skin. i look at my daughter who is 12 and her skin is this flawless kind of perfect stand because and she does not need any texturing, as we get older it is like a road the does rougher and rougher. this is with the ceramide cassel's two. if you have a favorite skin-care line, you can add these capsules to it. before and after carissa six weeks twice a everything at hsn has a 30 day money back guarantee. free shipping and handling. if you want to a department store. it is elizabeth arden available in department store? guess it. here at hsn we are doing a price break. $24.75 on 2 flex pay. your
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total is less than you would take in the departments are quite a bit. is quite a bit less than it is only a hsn. no one else is doing theal and we are sending it to you for free. you do not have to pay shipping and we are charging less than the department store for today this is the last day of the visit. only at hsn can get on flex pay. not only 30 days to try it, money back guarantee, but you are putting out less than $25 free shipping. you start using it and you will notice results from the very first time that you use them. >>guest: the results are what speaks for the if you take a look at the test results and how they love it, scores.
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very noticeable softer. whatever you are using, i encourage you to try the ceramide capsules. you will find every other pride that he put on your face works better. you will find your skin plumper retexturing eyes. he talked about your 12 year-old daughter, helen and it is true. it is useful and lifted and it is plump and firm. that is what these capsules will allow you to do. it is all about moisture and these allow your skin to accept moistures of the your skin looks plumper and firmer. >>host: i know we have a special guest make an artist. >>guest: lindsey is applying on he just passed a little bit. dab at all around the facial area and that absorb so quickly into the skin. i
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apply makeup right after this. it is also a beautiful primer as well. you will find that you make a goes on beautifully and flawless. patrice your skin drop the day. you are allowing the benefit of ceramides or up the day. skin will not drive or tight and talked which does tend happen. sometimes by noon you feel tight and talked. as with this capsule will allow your skin to do is retained moisture throughout the day proved she is make >>host: this is something different. this is only with elizabeth arden. >>guest: it is basically what miss argan has created as her skin care regimen. we are known for%
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ceramide technology. over 20 years of research and development. when you build a house you would not just layer brick on top of you put6 c13 the mortar. ceramide is the lipids set up to retain. moisture is the key to antiaging. apply it on the top layer of skin. over 50 percent of your skin is made up of ceramides. we have been able bioengineered ceramides delp your skin restore its full level of ceramides. face and throat13 about science to the throat and décolleté. i even do it on the back of my hands if there are any left over. you will see the benefit of the enhanced titration and the results are astounding. >>host: today is the day to try it for yourself because it is free shipping and handling. is the last day of the visit. after today
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we buy have left on you will pay for shipping. under $25 but the flex set in the department store, it would be in ada dollar value. here is we have a special low price. the capsules, is not like you are opening a jar and a start to lose potency of immediately. it will last because they are individually done. >>guest: if you are traveling or you want to throw them into your hand back, they stay sealed. they continue to grow week after week and you see improvement on the stand. i travel a lot. we get on planes, you put your skin to this crazy weather and this is
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whatc13 back to normalcy. i carry a few in my purse and great if you travel. to my son's soccer game on theds, you are in the sun and the humidity. i can apply it on top of make up or under make up. you can use it throughout the day and you get the instant refresh. in is to and facial. you will see the skin instantly lift and plump with the dewy finish makes a perfect for applying throughout the day. >>host: is fragrance free. it is also a preservative free and emulsifier free. it is not like you are putting oil or something like that on your skin. this is technology and 20 years of research. this is something that elizabeth arden
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is known flagship store in new york city and none for the iconic red this is a customer pick on what i like to do is read what other hsn customers have to say. 4.7 star rating. and almost a perfect five star. if you are sang arias the skin-care line or things from other skin-care lines. i have added this toregiment and it is easy to do. these last a long time. the capsules committee did not have to worry about the potency. little individual gold gems to your skin at that extra something.
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this could be the ingredient you are look at how much brighter the skin is. the clarity, lines and wrinkles as softer. even around the nose and mouth area. >>host: look around the eyes. the tone
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think of a road. they road and have things to hold it is what the c can send it back. no risk this visit that ends today free shipping. it is13 almost like the
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aginng process is in reverse. >>guest: you see the see the results. cer amides us this and youll see a difference over 3 >>host: free shippin emg.this has a
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professional brush set for blush and eye shadow and i kind (...) contouring. $19.52 free shipping and handling + the item # 968- 580. i am very excited. i talk about my age. i will 50 in a couple my secret is sunscreen sun screen. it will
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protect your skin. i do not care if you are 12 or 80, you need sunscreen. daughter is toile. that is what i say that. do not leave the i say look around at some of the women in state that is so sunny. do you want to look like that or like mommy? is never too late to start sunscreen. >>guest: enough how much the sunscreen is critical. you conceive of moisture rich cream for daytime use in the spf it is to products in all the free radicals that attack our skin and began to the sands of raging aging, the discoloration,oduct we get
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it all in3 restores the ceramide blendable and gives to the spf 30 provegin to see the difference when the ceramide6 c13 restored. the thing prompting, >>host: we have 80 of these left. this is the last day of the visit and has been popular. another sunscreen product and this is around the eyes. take a look at the eye that is facing how when you are you will see more damage on one side of the face and the my personal evidence to you, is all about sunscreen. this the sum of his you when you are driving on this side. it may see faster on this side in the. $37 for free shipping and
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handling. item # 96 a-84. if we are going to check in with tamara and she is korres tell us what is going dollarspot at hsn. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you helen! pleet it tendency was in the spotlight to get you in the know for this week. [commercial]
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>>host: friday may 25th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the capri load joshes see the punching bag. you can alsofacebook. [♪ music ♪] % >>host: but as our spotlight for the [c [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] for watching. on helen keaney and we are continuing on with elizabeth arden. at the eye cream just sold out with a sample that i was showing you in front was a difference product. the packaging is gone. this is what it will look like. it is in this packaging. that is your eye it is a wonderful product and it is completely sold we are moving on to the moisture face cream which is what i was talking about, but the eye cream is gone. s p at this 30. if you've ever tried in the face creams heard is
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i do not like to sunscreen on my face, it mice faced break out. there are reasons for that. you are not using high- quality or going to the bust of the best. what we are doing for the price break49.50, at last a long if i would say give me one thing, sunscreen amazing moisturizer. this one is spf 30 which is talk of the line and then the moisturizer is a phenomenal moisturizer i have very dries again. it does not make break out. kimmie smith been very much dries. i put it on before do mymakeup. i'll do capsules and and do this and my favorite make up is from elizabeth arden. this is a product that you do not
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want live without. >>guest: you are in the sun everyday. uva and uvb pro tection. you want both. it is is arich bec ause of the amide technology yoy get
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moisturizing. >>host: triple of1, 2 and long olast .) r is a reason companies likeelizabeth arden stay around because they work. >>guest: know our products are going to show them results. ceramide, a collagen a elastin tim love vitamin
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fusion. >>host: this is a consumer perception that survey. 103 women, over eight weeks, we gave survey. 97 percent scan appeared smith. provided intensive moisture. skin was more supple. this gesture was not only hydration, but long-lasting! if you are putting something on your skin for on, the provinces not to last very long. you would do something that will last until you go to bed at night. put on the hydration, spf. if he did not have a long-lasting hydration, after an hour or so, your skin starburst drying out and sucking in the foundation in the
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make up creating the lines. as like in hollywood how do old age makeup. the paint something and blow it out the date the dryer and a regal and up with that as with the environment does to you. when you look at the beginning of the day with a flawless finish, let us what you look like at the end of the day. >>guest: that is why ceramides are important. the puppy to retain the moisture. he talked about collagen and all the wonderful things that you need, but your skin cannot produce them without the ceramide level being at its optimal level. bioengineered. you get the ceramide onto your skin and you will notice the difference. the promise and furnace. it is like building a house. do not just layer blocks on tops of blocks. you need the they hold themselves together. the
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cells. >>host: this is for any age. it i not you do not yourself thesun, you damage the skin. >>guest: put it on you skin and the skin lifts and feel3 sper. >>host: 450 left.
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[laughter] >>host: currentfree shipping for the visit ends today. we have a lower price and fle x pay. nofirst month payshipping and tax. look at yourself at the end of the day. has your make
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up lasted all day. >>guest: that is the true test. you start to pull theoi stureuse throught out day. vuva and uva and uv b pro i love my caps and thefreshness and in
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different climates. >>host: from a plane to outside. [laughter] (...) >>host: agoutbout 400 a department store, is $68. at hsn $49.50 and free shipping. if you like, you can pay half this month and half next month on 2 flex pay. i have
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used sunscreen my wholewould break out and it was like an oil spill on my face. the technology has come so far. even though it was bad sunscreen and did not have beauty benefits, it was better than no sunscreen. you a sunscreen with the gorgeous, incredible moisturizer. at this this was to riser is incredibly gorgeous. this is an spf of 30. you want to have an spf of $24.75, get it home. if you do not love it, free shipping and handling. you can send it back. encourage your daughter. i do not care if your daughter is 20, 30 or 40, this is the key. the situation
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withen, but the sun is getting apparently, i have read (...)and putting it on my arm and all the place because it's so moisturizing. [laughter] >>host: apply sunscreen on the back of my hands every day. i jewelry shows. i did not want spots all over my hands. >>guest: use it on the neck in the décolleté. when i talk about lifting and as we3 unfortunately we begin to see the sagging and the crepeyness in the neck area and the décolleté. this product works miracles. use and around the neck and the décolleté.sagging around the jaw bone, you will see afdifference.
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>>host: at this price 200 sold and only 300 left. arden over 100 years and has been in the beauty business. this is a one day special. it is the last day of the visit. it is not even going to last the hour. this is not want to be available at this price. special events and a price break. $49.50. after that, when it is gone and this will sell out today. over 200 have been sold and we did not start with that many. we had 450. will 100 people in the ordering process. if ever buy orders to of them we do not have any left. if you have held back
6:37 am
from trying sunscreen's because he have had an issue with it is hard to put your make a bomb over some sunscreens, this is meant to be put then you make a buzz on beautifully over it. it is made of beauty benefits of the ceramide technology. it is almost like check off your list and almost five products in one. it the left, from wrinkles moisturizer and the spf. this, i like products that work as hard as i >>guest: how many product do need? >>guest: you got your5 in 1.lifting and spf 30.
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this is argeous hydra: ov the quantity+ gone.q. how $24.75 this month? the product and we send it out to you in the next month to pay the other half. that is what you would think of with a television. we doing this with spf and skincare with elizabeth arden. free shipping and handling. i have about 150 item
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# 968-881. still available, ceramide face caps. we ascending >>caller: face cream. travel size included. of $80. $49.50. 250 just this morning are sold. this is the last day where do free shipping and handling. everything is selling out because it is the last day of the visit. this is going to be less than two minutes before we sold out. fivece brush of essentials. you get the call to the luxury case, zippered case this
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is a deal. i have spent over $30 just on one brush. >>guest: beautiful makeup application people come in to buy he gets sell 5.--set of 5. every type of brush and ankle. gorgeous cool to case the comes beautifully packaged. it is yours today for such a great deal. >>host: 70 it is the last day of the and you have a 9:00 p.m. show with tamara coming up that has that amazing foundation that will talk about later. this is the last opportunity. 70 of you can get these process. i got this set and i gave it to my daughter and i bought one for
6:41 am
myself for travel because if you have someone young who is starting to use make up like with anything else. anything they do on the planet, is the tools then it's the difference. the person that says what have you don't your blush? is not quite right? it is because they did not planned. as with the brushes are all about. >>guest: 1 brushes are made with the right contour and ankles everything seems to go back so much wear beautifully. >>host: we have 20 left. [laughter] >>guest: gorgeous set and a great gift. people come intoread doris botches for these brushes. grab them here. >>host: thank you for your calls is gone. this is going to be a pretty short show. thank you for your calls on this. we are checking in with camera and we have another spot like to find out
6:42 am
what is going at hsn. tamara hooks! [♪ music ♪] >>host: beautiful ladies are talking to you this morning also tonight, 2 and into the beauty report with amy morrison tonight at 8:00 p.m.. she will be talking about summer beauty routines. in addition have some beautiful things from elizabeth arden and glo brilliant teeth whitening, she will have a showstopper from wei east. that is the beauty report with amy morrison. with some great things and it's all bon appetit. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: this has been more like an auction rather than (...) robin is with me robin masons from elizabeth arden. famous for their iconic red door and over 150 in the beauty business. when they come of mineral foundation i have seen mineral foundation and the
6:44 am
they are all the rage, but what is different about this? we have the lowest price anywhere for the visit.shipping flex pay of $18.75. robin why is this different than any other mineral foundation on the market? >>guest: if you have ever the mineral foundation, this is like nothing you have tried. not only is it the most innovative+ packaging, you grind what you want and has the c mineral extract, calcium magnesium and this is good for your skin. imagine putting on a foundation that is good for your skin. i grind just what i need. i can travel with this and it does not end up all over my bag or my suitcase. today the brush comes with it. beautiful kabuki brush. both of them to come with powder and
6:45 am
good for your skin. and do we finish. would you associate that with the mineral foundation some of us like been trying with foundation. dry skin or over 40 like myself and men will foundations, i want to assure is moisturizing. whether you get the fair, light, medium or dark, those are the shades. we are doing 34 specials with this. large kabuki brush small kabuki brush and free shipping. we are doing a price break and also flex pay. is driving to your house and making a red door house. i did not know what else they could really do. i even did too much of this. >>guest: twist,
6:46 am
shake and apply. >>host: the finish is gorgeous and flawless! this brush is incredible. i would spend $37.50 on this however, you get the incredible mineral (...) >>guest: you get the two brushes, a powder puff and the gorgeous powder. i was not an metal powder foundation user at all until i saw this foundation. gorgeous kabuki brush. and travels with you. you get the full- size facial brush. this product is good for your skin. imagine a foundation that allows your skin to breathe and give 0 dewy natural finish. i have a customer who wrote to me before i came up here and she said i love my pure finish because i have never seen a
6:47 am
finish that looks flawless. it is a flawless finish and a stunning and gorgeous finish. you can apply it once or the before and after this, this is the she would be using shade #2. a little bit of texture and tone and clarity. a little brighter skin tone and a gorgeous finish. this would be a little bit of a darker very shear and your skin you do not philip vf cakey foundation. >>host: am just took a darker shade and used as a bronzer. >>guest: i am using
6:48 am
no. 4, the lights. if you are tantalum might want to go up in shade or if you are like you might want to go down a shade. >>host: it is up last day of the visit. this is a newer product. 20 years of you want to buy the brush separately, you could spend $66.50 or at $37.50 and free shipping and handling and 2 flex pay of isn't my favor moisturizing
6:49 am
nation is in the 9:00 a.m. hour. if you do that foundation with this on top of it, you will look he just walked off the catwalk. your skin is going to look flawless. tamara is going to have that foundation and 9:00 a.m. hour. this is like you are out the door. >>guest: renee has beautiful spin, but you can see a deeper tone. lindsay is applying the pure finish metal powder and it does not look fake or like there is foundation on her skin. as a beautiful spanish. you can see the before and after and how she had looked earlier today before she it. gorgeous been already, but just to enhance and a beautiful imagine a foundation that is good for your skin. it is not the, kicking me think of mineral powder's as being drying. not all. i wear this throughout the entire day and wear a little bit
6:50 am
during the weekends. and gives a full coverage during the break. it is a finish that i feel so confident in my own skin. >>host: you can keep this in your purse. it comes with a little mini kabuki brush. you can keep it in your purse so that it is good to go. just do a tough up.her skin is glowing and how long does this take? >>guest: 20maybe. kat iswear no. 2. fair. finish. not
6:51 am
messy. you know that powder goes every where. >>host: creamy included. is that worth $37.50?if you would like to get this home, we have been on sale. this is the last day of the visit. after today is over, the free shipping goes away. if you are fantom i recommend to go and get your favorites. after today the shipping and handling goes away. it is a large and the travel size of the kabuki. the decree be moisturizer mineral foundation that
6:52 am
takes seconds to apply that is going to make your skin look gorgeous and flawless. this can be applied a cream foundation if you want the stunning red carpet look. you can also do this for your every day going to the office. this is great if someone as young and just getting into makeup. i have girlfriends to my age around 50 or 60 and they will say i have never been good at putting makeup on. that line right there. you do not get that with mineral foundation. you cannot possibly get that line right here. you're just putting itth that line went you (...)this is goof- proof. maybe for people who are little tentative this is also the make up for the pros would no like a reply to this. >>guest: you'd see this product applied on every single customer because it has one of
6:53 am
our best selling foundations. very noticeable difference of do we finish. your skin can. he did not kill again have the heavy makeup field. the coverage is i can wear it on high- definition tv and i am wearing shade number for proof eye ambilight. we got up to dark. milan 4 shades it is forgi ving. it is good for you. >>host: i have given you this. a little hold. spf 20 in this. maybe you
6:54 am
bought the moisturizer where they can go together or just pop this open and have the spf perfection of 20. it is a win-win situation. it is very affordable. >>guest: it is not just about looking good on the outside. she always believed from 100 years ago when she started her business is feeling good from the inside out.f, protection and then you have the beautiful instant gratification of a beautiful foundation. good your skin gorgeous finish. you can see lindsay applying it on our models. it is a stunning, easy-to- use and foolproof.
6:55 am
you do not the line or the separation between the neck and the jawline. you can apply in all of the face. >>host: cake is a young and beautiful and in the after she has summit the stick on. lt to focus on her cheeks. this warmingers mineral foundation. nothing else has been done. it is phenomenal. this is what is going to do for- you. i love the idea that is goof- that is not a good look when you have that line and allow time do not have good lighting in your bathroom. [laughter] >>guest: this is fool proff and a powder thatgoes on
6:56 am
evenly. a little warmth and golden. only 4 shades and easy. vitamin a, c calcium magnesium. all the good things we want. >>host: i do the medium. i am very fair. either way it is like if you are in like i.m.. i could to the lights and will probably go with the medium to give it more coverage and glow. today is the last day of the visit. over 1400 have been sold just today. left no be with free shipping and handling (...) away. i
6:57 am
do not want to pay for shipping it. metric get this home. if you do not like, you can send it if you do not get it today you will spend more for itthis to be your every day. you can leave this in your purse. i do not care if you forgot your sunscreen. spf of 20 and the mineral foundation. if you use another doesn't have an spf was a moisturizing? at the end of the day, does a and your find symbols or not give you the beautiful and useful glow? i want you to try one and compare the two. i know that you like this one the best. >>guest: is so innovative and easy to use. we have the grinder. twist just what you need. fresh ground like your coffee every morning. you can see
6:58 am
that there is no mess and no fuss. cried exactly what you need. that is enough for your entire face. a gorgeous person goes on so easily and condors. you can see again, beautiful finish. no mess. you can carry it in your handbag or your suitcase and not worry about it spilling or flossing alps or do all the things we do not want to do. >>host: item093- 060. you are already loving it. this is a phenomenal product. take a look at before and after. i would like to have a modelould do that at some as in her 60s. adding that someone like myself, i have a couple more weeks that i can say i am in my for those of us that our
6:59 am
little bit older this comes in and saves us. everyone in their 20s books amazing, let us try this, those of us who are like 50 and over. $37.50. free shipping and handling, 2 flex pay of $18.75. i know that you've back at 9:00 a.m. with tamara with lots more of great products. tamara and i have two more hours of hsn together. we are going to get going with the right now. >>host: thank you helen and to wear for joining for hsn today. my name is tamara hooks and helen keaney will be joining us as in this hour. flock to show some things we have coming up! [♪ music ♪] 6 c13 >>host: 22,700 of these ordered already you can
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9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
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10:23 am
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10:26 am
10:27 am
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10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
10:34 am
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10:59 am
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11:22 am
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11:31 am
11:32 am
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11:36 am
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11:38 am
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11:59 am
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