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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  May 17, 2012 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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your shades and your readers all in one.together from joy mangano, these have earned the good housekeeping it is a 9 mp summer set. you four styles of the magnification of your choice, $22.95 it is coming up, and the rest of the hour is beauty.maybe you want to whitenyour teeth this is a personal iswhiteningteeth whiting device. you have free shipping and five flex payments, you have seen this done so many major shows, and177-
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820, at the end of the show wheat solve the problem of unwanted hair. that is what is coming up from no! no! if you have not seen the presentation please watch,733, and that and much more coming up on hsn today. [♪ music ♪] >>host: had to put on my shades >>host: e that i can read this because readers are built in, >>host: we are talking about the joy mangano today's special here you go. [♪ music ♪]
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we have sold 22,000 of these and joy mangano has sold over 3 million overall. she gives you so much for your money. if you went to a drug you would pay about this i pricetwice at this price. get for paris along with a solid case and for soft cases, now you do not need to
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this is black frames in you can see the bifocal you just choose a magnification, 1 1.5, 3 or 3.5. .the the of these are year toward its color it is your oval cat eye with your soft brown lenses this, you get this as and you have one more which is the style which universal looks good on everybody. do have
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the aviators, it is not too much, nine of these are overdone maybe your aviators are for your sporty and tortoise will be for your fashionable days, just choose the magnification you can choose 1 1 .5 2 2.5 3 if you are not sure which to go for we have a chart. [reading] when joy mangano brought these out she only when up to a three point zero magnification-and those were the
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fastest if you need readers and you need sunglasses, we go into the sunlight, maybe you are sitting outside in a restaurant and you need to read the manual it is hard to keep track of all of your glosses and these are built right in, with this it is all in one night, these are lightweight and comfortable, you have all of your some protection built in, it breaks down to $5.73.there
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is no double in this update is already done for you and the bifocals are on the bottom, it does not block your when you need to read and look down to a little tilt you have it, you get6 c13 eight leaders, your cat eye, your rectangle, your square all with a soft case, item # 151- go ahead and get yours today.
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if you ever misplaced your glasses, no worries anymore, insteadc13 99 to 95¢ the a $12.95. maybe you have always wanted a beautiful smile how about from glow brilliant. we will continue on with the globe brilliant. if you want a beautiful smile look at these teeth, the difference between yellowing teeth into beautiful white smile is huge it makes you look younger, no matter what you are trying to do, maybe you or
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a coffee drinker or wine drinker, this is innovative technology, winning it is ground-breaking technology it is clinically shown to work are you a fan of the doctor are as show he is the good to die america it is the hot pink for anti aging we have
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a special today you get that g6 c13 and this lip at which we sold this for the lips, free shipping and handling five flex payment of it is the edison award 2012 winter and we are joined by dr. jonathan levine you and your wife stacie are in this together. stacey levine has been in the beauty business for many years,
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>>guest: it is definitely a family affair, i think of the inventions, through my we innovate, we use my practice as a testing lab what are the compromises people have, and the products which are out there there has not been the innovation in 10 years, and the concept of try and jails has been around for 25 years. as a big idea for this innovation we just received the edison is to take this light and heat into a mouthpiece3
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oxygen from off the surface of that teeth. look at this animation, you charge this controller this would charge the mouthpiece now you look veggie vaio which is an applicator--at the g-vialapplicator and now this mouthpiece clothes into the mouth,--goes into the mouth, and it will activate the oxygen peroxide gel, it will create the overall whitening. and the oxygen does not escape the surface of the tooth if you are painting on a product, we use
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these important elements of light and heat, a labor and we bring you these results.6 c13 >>host: you have one device for the family, we sell these separately, you just have to get a mouthpiece, you put this into your mouth, and your face will glow, when it turns off i know my eight minutes are up and i need to reapply the gel (...) this just goes on your it is not all over the place, i would go through pretty much anything if it made me look better this
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will make your teeth white. >>guest: that is what you could expect are going to see five that shade it changes. you get even white menwhitening. teeth that are really yellow- get all of the way to a beautiful white shade in five days, of course it depends on the starting shade how old you are, you can go all of the way up from 10 days these are the results you can expect to we did testing and boston of 48 minute applications will see these shade it changes. closely, what
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this allows, you twist off the no oxygen goes in or out, because the gel is extremely it does not get on to their roots. that is what causes the sensitivity. >>host: if you put it all over your face that is where you are going to feel it. because you have a little brush you get in between the teeth like it is a car driving on a rainy day. and they do not get in between the really not the idea.
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>>guest: you can target to the teeth with you place this month gel and then or a ceiling that gel onto the skin,vthis universal mouthpiece built into it flexible circuit which means it is flexible is a universal mouthpiece which customizes, it will seal theen on to that teeth so that it can get into that it is as hydrogen peroxide breaks down, (...) >>host: we should check to see how easy this is to apply >>guest: simple easy application, and she is applying in the protector to the lips which will
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allow when you place this on your teeth it3 soothing applicator this onto your teeth top and bottom you squeeze out a piece size amount and then you push the on to this control, and then the lights go on, it isn't eight minute application, it is hands-free you could literally be doing anything that you need to do. laundry doing the dishes, not cut into your lifestyle it is superortable >>guest: i have with them for about a year and a half friends getting married there are baby
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showers i want to look good in photographs. it can maintain thisi am on the computer and the best part is i can share this with my family my mother loves this even with curved mirrorsher veneers. >>host: if you have at some kind of bonding now dr. jonathan levine has an office in new york city where he sees many celebrities, and this is the technology6 c13 in his i want you to take
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(...) >>host: you will want a natural smile,3 this is the perfect white smile >>guest: it is true, everybody is a little bit different in the '90s everybody wanted supra lite teas now people want a more natural smile it blends harmoniously with all of the other features, it is the easiest way to look every decade we get older, our teeth change by about the shade, you want to
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reverse the it is great for anti aging that easiest way to look younger is to whiten your teeth with something that is not sensitive, is to have a product which is fast and highly effective with zero sensitivity, we have taken professional elements of light and heat and built it into this mouthpiece this seals been in jail and to the teeth look at the animation, the gel is on that teeth first, now you have a professional whitening at home, and this mouthpiece will be sealing the oxygen on to the teeth allowing it to come off of the and this oxygen will
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go into this,breaking down the color pigments, creating an overall light. what happens is stain goes on to your natural teeth easier than a ceramic surface what lightning does does, put this in jail on to the natural surface, it will take any of this stain off of the natural turf tooth surface. \ >>host: price is but we want you to try this we are doing five flex$57 a month, went to purchase that device-one-so
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purchase of the device you never need to purchase it again. you can keep these in the refrigerator get this home, use% and then we are just talking about maintenance. how do we keep this up? >>guest: the regiment is this 4 8 minute pplications. it is best to do this after you brush and floss, due that day to come 93, then you start to see a terrific result, results you will see it optimum results
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this is what you can expect after you have whitened your teethyou need to maintain. there will always be a regression back to the original shade now own this device use this minute applications a week or eight months--or a month.and you do not need to worry about having the great latte. you go into mo de. and you do this twice a year, >>host: it is a onetime purchase of the device, and those inexpensive plastic things with the goncourtunk and you
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have to keep buying them every 60days here is something you do maintain twice a year, a onetime and one for the family. you just need to get a mouthpiece for percent in your family get one for you and want for your husbandone for you and one for your husband and this and that is it is just veggiethe g-vials. i get6 c13 ordered so the minute i noticed this i can start doing this. it is about time for me to do this you do not need to sit there with a stopwatch, what i do is i push the button with the light goes out your
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eight minutes is up. >>guest: in professional whitening we protect the gums we use high concentration gels we four of these 20 minutes applications and that is the old days. what we have been able to do is take the 20 down to eight minutes so you can do this at home. because it is only eight minutes it is not as much sensitivity if you look at this animation you can see this is placed into the g. weill(...) you place this into the mouth, these will help to activate the oxygen peroxide
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this is highly charged oxygen to take a stand off of that teeth. take the stain off of the >>host: you get the device itself, the mouthpiece, your g- vials., and your lip balm. >>guest: it is important, in natural formulation with a vitamin e aloe, everything is natural you want to put on to your lips and the inside of your lips it is exactly what we do in professional white endingwhitening. your lip balm will go first and go on between each eight minutes application.
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you will see professional whitening which is maintained for the next five-six months. and then 2 whitening sessions. >>guest: using this at home is simple for everybody. what i really want to share with you, i am sure you have tried to whiten your3 teeth this technology has been clinically proven five shades later in five days with no sensitivity it has received the thomas edison award for innovation for which talks about the efficacy and that design it is simple to the world is a dental hygienists --aprilis a dental hygienist it will
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get warm, it will warm up, peroxide gel on your making it more effective and efficient for only eight minutes it is a simple eight minutes application once those eight minutes are up, the lights go out you repremove the mouthpiece any repeat the is not uncomfortable. you are not joking, you will not know you have this in your mouth. that is how comfortable it is. bid is four of eight minutes applications and that technology is brilliant. inside of this mouthpiece, does he resistors and the light, it gets soft and flexiblebraces this is the
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best gift for them when they take them off. you have more than one year of whitening. not in the retail distribution this way. device called a news this the results you get are incredible, you will be excited look at this before and after. >>host: speak for themselves i want to tell you more aboutmr. more about dr. levine. these are products he is improving on. you
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plug this in, we recommend you charge this for four you can shave years off of your looks, a beautiful smile does a lot for somebody i would love for you to talk about the >>guest: what is important is you need to stabilize hydrogen peroxide, working 15 years on these systems this allows for a purified hydrogen peroxide gel. it has no breakdown by products which cause sensitivity not only is it purified it is the fix that topicfixatropic and
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will stick to your teeth. can target this where you want to whiten this is as good as any product on the market >>host: and the secret to gum sensitivity do not put this on your gunsgums. >>guest: of the light and heat is built into this.and you can see that are at home, safe levels of peroxide do not have the professional levels because you would burn your mouth
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these are the type of results you can ve days, five shades changes for difficult people. >>host: teeth whitening your teeth that is one of the many innovations in this, thing when you squeeze this is like single toothbrush, when this goes into your teeth it goes in between your teeth, and this is
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another you have the warming it is every single thing is innovative there are a million different things >>guest: it has the anatomy of that step, the fixatropic geprofessional whitening results to everybody at home.hygienist to use this product she started with us in february of last year,--april >>host: >>guest: we were lucky enough to april tell us about this experience
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>>model: i was excited to try glo brilliant. i had tried everything from strips, trays my patients would tell me it is not working and sensitivity was the biggest problem. you will not get that with glo brilliant. i glowing, white endin my teeth. with your tray, you put your gel inside of the tray it goes everywhere, and then you have to go back to the doctor every few weekseck for with this you take this wonderful technology3 do this at your own pace within five days you have a brighter smile
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>>host: it will go in between the teeth it is not just a lower price today your shipping is free $57 and tax. you will own this b1 * purchase your purchase this one time, if you have somebody, maybe you want to get get a mouthpiece for everybody. and these come with want to keep in vince, you only need to get this place a year this is a fabulous fabulous purchase. to get really jealous i will give you the
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item number, two flex thank you stacey levine and dr. jonathan levine.i want to go to new york to have you work and my teeth but i do such a great job on my own. >>host: enjoyed >>guest: enjoy that device, it works. >>host: back at the p.m. if you want your friends to watch.6 c13 this is a great beauty and innovation we are going to check in with tamara hooks. [♪ music ♪] it is our spotlight we do not want you to miss anything at we have some great showstoppers take a look bad. [♪ music ♪] >>host:
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[reading] >>host: here is more information about snow white and thehuntsman. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i want to
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thank you so much for waking up and starting a day with hsn my name is tamara hooks, we are moving into one of my favorite products to no! no! professional hair removal system you can do at home.this has been loved and revered worlde is not a regional problem, it is a itissue it is embarrassing when you have hair on your face, maybe it is hair on your chanceeath your arms, no! no! is that global leader when it comes to this you can get this at home, we have offered no! no! here for several years many of you continue to uset 22
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minutes to talk about this let me show you what you get, choose pink or silver these both work exactly the same, choose your and you get that offee buffer you get your 2 thermicon tips for your face and your body, you have a quick dvd to watch just one and if you forget everything that we say just watch that. smooth after treatment cream with it will slow down the regrowth of on wanted air and you have the charger-- unwanted. at the price you see $249.50 think
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about how much money you have already spent and this is the last time you spend money on this issue, added 1 to two-733, we are joined this morning by jennifer crawford you see this in the magazine's editors rave about this. when you use this it works for you virtually pain free >>guest: who wants to talk about >>host: thank you for coming >>guest: yes it has been a great few days i would love to hear from you come in millions of the world wide i have met and
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you are having a incredible results thank you for sharing your stories, like you said this is beauty innovation why does anybody want to talk about unwanted this is a quick short term solution try no! no! it is finally given to in the privacy of our own home you can do your own skin care regimen why go to a doctor's office to remove i will show you how easy this is to it is pretty simple, here is our on and off button on here is your ability to adjust that eat.the heat. it became back and said please help us get of
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facial finally we have the ability to do and then we have these tiny little tips, not a blade, we are finished with pink and shaving. we have a small tip for your face and the larger tap for your body,-- tip.this3 need to do.and this same motion to a few were taking in a razor, you will no! no! instead. you only go after the same area a few times, it will take off the surface hair you can certainly she is when you first start, at the same time it is treating your hair, that blue light is humidiheat a wireis emmitting a wire.
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i do not have any hair left, you would notice the follicles getting lighter and lighter, and your hair will come back thinner and finer is you, this could be stubble at the end of the day after using no! no! for six weekssee it is starting to like 10 and then we'd show the progress. [reading]
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>>guest: if you are a no! no! girl, you know this slows it down it does not faze you. >>host: look at your before and we get that huge difference this has already made, followed by two weeks of nothing. >>guest: and she had to do6 c13 every day she shaving on a daily basis, many of us struggle with facial hair we can hide it length hair and back here but facial care providesce issue and
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there is nothing you can do. were you doing? you shave or wax you have thinner skin. it isn't easy solution it comes off right and your skin looks better. >>guest: you finally see your skin. a >>host: you finally see your skin, to her point6 c13 things you cannot hide from. it is embarrassing something we wish we did not need to think you think that everybody is staring at you need to use thisou would not brush your teeth once and expect them to stay clean for the rest of your life, use this. yourself
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finding that you do not need to use this. a lot of people go three or four times a week, we are showing you with the push of a button we are going slow and gliding over and over. it is really quick.i keep my next to the remote control we keep our razors in our shower because we know every single day it is the same thing, if price is a problem, not let it be. we give you four flex
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>>guest: talk about the cost. [reading] >>guest: it is the full process to wax. [reading] >>guest: you'd never spend another dollar again, and you have results, for not as much one wax treatment, we give you this 60 days.i have been all over the world with this technology best
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value even after all these years of doing this year #one beauty infomercial we had a few people call last night and say be purchased this on the infomercial, and they did not stick with this, and they saw this again on hsn in a matter of 60 days, or that time frame give yourself that time to try it. are going to do something every day anyway try something which will ultimately give you results your razr does not give you results,l not give you results, this gentleman had problems with the back of his the benefit for him
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was it slowed it down the growth cycle and this is james he does not have a lot of hair.but it was coming back so fast he had to shave twice a day. this is after six weeks of no! no! so we can see the out regrow its. my follicles were so dark you could see black dots for me, it was life changing, i was shaving twice a day, when you look at the cost it does not faze me i saved
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money. which i used toward something else >>host: we will share more testimonials we want to to gentlemen who love you know about. >> my wife was able to help out since i could not reach my back, it is gone. >>guest: >>caller: tri that try >> this and you'll
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be happy. >>guest: no! no! as a couple maybe your teenagers want to remove air, you have men who have the back of their neck, you have mothers and grandmothers. we have your extra tips and offers. this is it once this is in your home and that is it, keep this by the coffee table. >>host: we will talk to some people who
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have seen you have seen some of their before and after is, only that beauty magazines, but even the doctors talk about how revolutionary this is and you do have this technology built into the palm of your hand which is about the of your cellphone but to me this is more important than my cell phone id is confidence in the palm of your if this is on your face, there is no amount of makeup which can cover it is always smack dab in metal around your lips and chin, theeburns instead of hiding in covering, remove this listen to the doctor.
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>> as a harvard and yale educated physician, one of the things that makes me very comfortable talking about no! no! is all the research and clinicial trials that show that it really does work. and that is why i feel confident recommending it to my patients. >>host: you heard from the doctor as well as myself and jennifer skeptic i said this will never work. this is treating the hair. we want you to hear some people. >>guest: it is we to look at that sideburns. >>model: i did not realize how hair i had my and to look at that photograph now i have no care because of the no! no!.hair. nothing was covering it. at my hair. me my self- confidence back. now
7:54 am
i do not need to worry about the hair in my face, it has been a big life changes. >>guest: you see us doing this here again you make it look simple asking are you doing this right now? we were talking earlier about sharing this with your family. and this is how mary kay was introduced to this. >>model: we were passing this back and forth so often i get my own. i got the pink. every time the blue light goes on you know it is taking care of care on your face. it has been the game changer for me. i in of a different age i am not going to let down i will
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continue using something to enhance my looks and this is what does that. >>guest: her skin looks beautiful. it does not look like she had professional treatment onthreede. but for those of us doing this right here you hardly notice with the exception of bobbi you can tell he had something done. i like to bring in the men. we lost our air we do not have a lot say. look what you can expect he normally has stayed dead scared. --thick dense was last show is this show you could
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shave first or trim down if you have larger a pairhair and it will take it off and make sure you use your buffer to take off crystallized their pre he will start to have some real growth but it will be thinner and imagine if you have this home.guys only do this with me when they are here. you have to understand once you bring this home you will do this consistently, you will continue to get those3 are all different
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skin tones and hair types and it works on all of austria not everybody is a candidate for lazer with no! no! anybody can use this technology >>host: with this day is over, her visit will be i am skeptical about many beauty products bill knit back it will work for you you just have to use it it is virtually in 40 you will feel some warmth and you will get the feel of how to glide with this you just have a nice collide
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this is treating your hair underneath your skin. it is getting your hair underneath your not, up any more if you just want to shave it for the rest of your life go ahead and do that. when you are 20 you only shave your legs, as you get older you start shade your bikini line in your underarms arms, >>guest: radiancy is the leader in light and heat technology and they sell
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technology to the dermatologist office. i started using this on my face and it made a huge difference literally, i did not struggle with the darker hair you do not realize until it is gone. we now have something to deal with previously if you just had that peach fuzz, maybe it did not bother you that much but you did not have the alternative,vthat you have the alternative i favor is what people call and share their stories and asked what skincare are you using? >>host: you are removing use the flex pay, it is not just the best
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the value civet over $37 but flex pay. $62.38 on your credit card. >>guest: check back with me in six weeks to tell us how >>host: we will see you at 11:00 a.m., that we want to share some other great things with you. like some great electronic deals you may be looking for a camera, maybe you are the key for a computer [reading] >>host: we have one more hour hsn today and we will get started right now. >>host:we will
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start with our third hour up hsn today and a presentation of our today's special. mangano, very opular, you get four pair of sunglasses that are also and there only $22.95. this is an unprecedented order and you are loving it because over 23,000 sets have already been sold. c13 everyone is four pear a item 151- the rest of the hour is all about skweez couture. at $59.90. a wonderful piece to wear under a blazer, very sexy or to have it under something for beautiful shaping item512, $49.90
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with two flex payments and here is a two pack of all layering tank. this is a secret of those of us but us who wearwork in television to wearc13 our blouses or if you are wearing something c13 wear it for and pour shaping item 190-512.and we have shaping leggings and it is great to have all the extra shaping and these are very comfortable and affordable and they will be coming up in this hour as item 183-398.all that and more on hsn today. i do not leave the house without sunglasses and i am excited that they are our today's special.
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thongone day only, joy mangano has done it again, shades bifocal readers and sunglasses in one and you are getting four pair, [inaudible] aviator. all of these are the hottest trends. there is the latte. you will see all the cool shades. these aret mangano has given you all the hot styles.for a sitting by the pool or sitting on your porch and you can be reading because these6 c13 readers built-in adorable and stylish and weeb byers here with us. >>guest: how gorgeous are
8:04 am
beautiful bifocal sunglasses and you get four pair of these and these are the absolute and on readers that bifocal sans sunglasses and you have an entire wardrobe and you get all four of these and each of these beautiful, spring action hinges that you know and love and the bifocal is built into the bottom of your sunglasses. joy mangano is so clever to give us sunglasses we can wear every day, not only for but because of the positioning of the bifocal and you will get all comfort and light weight and good housekeeping seal and over a 3.3 million have been sold of joy mangano readers and you will have built-in uv protection and impact and beautiful bifocal sunglasses and an entire wardrobe beautiful styles. we will tell you what you get. >>guest: you get four of these cases
8:05 am
as well. joy mangano is so innovative, these are soft cases and they can be used to clean the lenses. they are made of the same material as a lens cleaning cloth. i will show the tortoiseshell. i like these! i am crazy about sunglasses. >>guest: those are beautiful with your hair and you can match these with your outfit or leave them in different parts of your house and you these slipcases as well as this hard shell but caterpillar leather look. vachetta leather look. you will be able to keep beautiful sunglasses in here and they will be protected and you could put
8:06 am
one pair and here and put them into your beach bag or purse and they will be protected and we will show you what you get. the entire wardrobe. these are the ones i am that beautiful black framed and3 joy mangano has never donene look before and the bifocal is built in the bottom and she worked with ophthalmologist to have the positioning so you will be able to a map while you are driving. look at the and the bridge of the nose there are no movable pieces so there is no pinching that will happen and the spring action hinges be comfortable and lightweight and you have a flattering effect on your and they are absolutely beautiful what they sought square shape what the smoky gray tinted lenses and that is one of them that you are getting and i am wearing them and i love them and you saw helen
8:07 am
wearing tortoise shell. >>host: may i be the model? >>guest: this is the oval cacti - with a soft brown lands. >>host: there is the tortoiseshell. >>guest: they are flatter into any face and you will be able to wear all four of these and now we have the latte berry movie star and they have% a beautiful rectangular shape, and a soft brown lands and remember the bifocal is built into these beautiful sunglasses and you will wear them every day and last but not least, another beautiful design that joy mangano never offered before gray with goldtone accents and i want you to see the workmanship when you get home you
8:08 am
will see accent's screwed and for security and you have spring action hinges and these are aviator. >>host: i need to move to a better neighborhood so i can wear these.i shop at the most expensive stores in the that is what these say. >>guest: there has never been a better by on the bifocals and a every time and you get all four of these designs and 4 slipcases and a hard case and the value is unprecedented. the only decision you need to make is what is your magnification? and we have a reference to show you how to choose your magnification and it is based on your age. >>host: i like that you did this based on your age. >>guest: joy mangano did this.% under 40, [reading]
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choose your magnification and if you have never bought her readers before comment i choose based on your age and that is the safest way to go. the bifocal is built right in the bottom so when you put these on you can see it right there and it is very unobtrusive and you will put them on and go in you will be able to and watch television and go to the beach and see everything and the children, and when you look there is your magnification. these can be your everyday sunglasses, and i think what you pay for only a pair ofu saw the picture at the beginning, these are all trend and think what you would pay at the store to 100 percent uv protection lenses
8:10 am
that are gorgeousc13 and beautiful styling like this beautiful tortoiseshell and they are bifocal and you get for paris and a slipcases and the hard case and the slipcases work as a cleaning cloth and you have a good housekeeping seal and 3.3 million people have embraced these readers over time that joy mangano has brought to you and they will make you look a million dollars without spending a million dollars. -- four >>host: the color of drawstrings on thees matched the color of the sunglasses. for the latte and you have the6 c13 that matches the color of the class is so even before you take them oute case here know which ones are inside and it has uv protection and i bought a pair of very expensive sunglasses that or
8:11 am
over and they were a gift and they did not have uv protection. >>guest: it happens all the time and you think you just sunglasses for cutting the glare but you need uv protection for your eyes and want to be fashionable and you want to be able to see and you get this charge showcase and did your at the beach you can put them into beachbag in this case and not worry about them.ave us the tinting either soft gray are soft brown depending on the color of the frames. that is all part of eyeglass wardrobe, and it is not so dark that it you walk into our room you cannot see indoors. she has the exact correct depth of content so it will function comfortably in appstore or outside. the days of wearing your and a
8:12 am
pair of big sunglasses over them as the beach or in your car are gone. joy mangano has combined your bifocals with your sunglasses to give you affordable, i protecting sunglasses and you will be able to go about your day and not think about it. >>host: if you are new to joy mangano this is a good housekeeping seal and this was a customer pick by itself and you get for pairs with the drawstring and customized hard showcase with the foam and you canvsee that good housekeeping seal and it is a customer pick. you get four of these $22.95, this is one day only, 23,000 have been sold since midnight and it is only 8:15 now is 24,380 have been sold. about
8:13 am
this another 20 seconds but you can order on or call your representative and there is an easy way to get your magnification by your age range and that is on or speak with your representative and they will tell you which ones you will want. you get four of these pairs uv protection sunglasses with bifocals built-in with four soft cases and one of these hard cases that are worth on joy mangano will6 c13 at 10:00 a.m. with bobby ray carter. >>guest: i believe these will be gone by the end of the day. >>host: we love your new haircut! and if you want to pick the shades readers elegant stand one sells out every
8:14 am
time and because we have our today's special, we have this back in stock. will check in with tamara hooks and she will show a skweez couture and make us look gorgeous! >>host: we will make you look gorgeous and your slenderized and if this bank to skweez couture by jill zarin. i know you are running around and trying to get dressed but you will see in this hour dressed will be easier and more fun because everything will be controlled and will slip right on. let me tell you6 c13 jill zarin, one of the3 housewives of new york and before that, she spent 20 years and hosiery industry which jockey and other companies and her line has been in magazines like allure, glamour wall street
8:15 am
journal, and she knows what to do when it comes to making women look gorgeous and we are glad you are joining us this morning. >>guest: good morning, everyone! twist-up! wake up! >>host: many women who are watching right now are getting c13 they are putting on the same old thing. would it not be nice if you could put on something that would make you feel sexy even if the whole world does not see it and you could wear a jacket on top and it need not be revealing but you have control and shaping in your ready or not shaping corset. why did you choose a course? >>guest: i felt like saying ready are not here i come. i designed this corset and last night at 1:00 a.m.
8:16 am
shannon was wearing this with a pair of white jeans and her posture was incredible and she felt it very secure and she knew what she was wearing and she felt good about it. you look at a traditional corset, they lots of hooks and eyes and you need someone else to get you into it but not with skweez couture. it is a zipper with a safety clasp that has solved the problem. you can set this upas it sped up in and twisted around, and you are in it. it has stretch enough that you can turn it around and the memory will go right back i knew and the this is you asked me for. in my first visit we had a corset and it sold out but the comments were that it did not have strap and i understand that and i am musty and i
8:17 am
know what it3 to not feel secure.-- busdty. all of these straps are able to go around the neck. and you can probably where it on your shoulder and it is adjustable and ap need it for security shannon needed it and i needed it. >>host: i probably would not need it! when you put this on it gives you control and holds you in an all the right spots and i love that detail and it sets up straight. and >>guest: what it has that appreciate, it has the princess cut seems and i6 c13 are educated consumers and you know what i mean, it gives you that v. it
8:18 am
cuts in on a slight angle to give you a slenderizing appearance. i have put on 5 lbs. since my last and i need my shapewear more than ever and as paid and you gain weight and you eat a lot more, and it makes you feel and did give shoe the posture that you need. -- as you age. this is a huge investment and it is something you will actually put on. many of the ones i have our beautiful was laced but they are too difficult to put on. >>host: you can see our ladies wearing this with their everyday outfits. >>guest: you can dresses up and dress it down and if we ask them how they felt in this they would say they had not worn anything like this before and as young and
8:19 am
beautiful as they are, it is and and it is not your daughter's corset. >>host: you can put this by yourself, and it will be a great addition to your wardrobe because we have lots of basics but these are things you want to add even just for yourself and nice and long so it covers the navel. you have all of the detail and the curbs but it does not. >>guest: from the designer i have bought corsets from the that is an italian designer with two names and i have paid $1,500 for a course that you cannot put on by yourself. --.
8:20 am
when i was in france with bobby combo we went on lingerie shopping and it was a very sexy trip. that one day i would make my own corset. and i am an and i know all the manufacturers and where to buy the best place in the world and i found some that was affordable that looks like it is expensive it has a floral design. these are details that make it in fashion and it is timeless lace which is what you are looking for.and black and white goes with everything, you need not think if you are looser in the belly and you want some support and you want to look fabulous or your clothing is not fitting, put on a corset and it will hold you and and you could wear this
8:21 am
with a jacket or underneath something else. you can wear this as a foundation piece under your dresses. >>host: it gives you control all the way around, under the arms or we might have the dreaded back fax and you have no worries about that. >>guest: this would make a wonderful gift. >>host: the way you order is simple, extra small/slops. medium/large large/extra-large, 1 x and 2 x and last night shannon was wearing the medium/large. and it was a perfect fit. >>guest: the truth is i speak to the
8:22 am
truth, this is the most comfortable corset that i have ever worn compared to everything on the market and at a fraction of the price because what i did was i took apart the corset that i had that was $1,500 and i wanted to find everything that was wrong with that like the bones were too hard and they were cutting into me and the bones would slip out. wanted to make sure that the bones or soft and comfortable against your skin. >>guest: it is as beautiful on the inside as the outside and i cannot tell which side is the right side. >>host: this is the inside of corset, nothing is open and completely finished and you have detail and that is why you would expect to pay more. the outside and use it this up and you will look
8:23 am
amazing and i know that many of you are on and go right now when you are standing in your closet saying i wish i had to that wear that with my pencil skirt. >>guest: you know a quality garment when you turn it inside out and you do not know the difference and this garment is pure quality and the stitching and care that went into every garment and hsn has the highest standard of quality control i have ever seen and they went through every garment that we- made by hand, to make sure there were no missing stitches or hanging threads. jill zarin to the test. when you put this anything to the people in your life, and see if they noticed that you stand it differently and you feel differently and this is something
8:24 am
that you add to your collection for you and it3 paymentsmedium/large large/extra-large, 1 x, 2 x, item 183- 349. we will check in with for our spotlight and we will be back with more. >>host: if you want your go to guide check in with a spotlight and it is all about hydroxatone right now. celebrating their first anniversary and discover your glow with a breakthrough line of beauty products and weve to exclusive launches with overnight three pair and i treatment tomorrow and that will be first anniversary of hydroxatone.and now you are and and know what our spotlight.
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ng] [reading] [reading] >>host: you are watching hsn and jill zarin is joining us.and as you are ordering we are moving onto something else. this is not your basic legging. and in your years in the industry you have seen and you wanted to create a legging that would make your body
8:27 am
looked better. >>guest: you do not needbasic legging but take all of your leggings out of your closet and appeal are getting dressed thisning i want you to listen. throw out and give away all the ones that ripped shredded, and dirty too short, and if you have had it in your closet over one year and you had not worn it, you need to replace your leggings and you need things that you wear all the time. i have the perfect legging for 365 days a year legging. >>host: one of the styles has already sold out. if you are watching this morning, this is the one you need the most. >>guest: if you feel you have enough leggings you could
8:28 am
get my version of disco ball, and it has a little sprinkle of twinkle on the bottom. you want people when you walk into the room to notice you you do not need a lot going up at the top and bottom. i want to explain something important about these leggings. like paint there are three different finishes matte gloss and high gloss. cotton is matte finish, does have something special. i know this is very difficult on television, it has a little bit of shine and a micro dot pattern that is very subtle i would not call this high gloss, but i would call it gloss. understand what you
8:29 am
are getting a little bit of a pattern and i gave it special scenes at the bottom for anchoring your legging down because there is nothing like walking in a legging and it inches up by new nt wanted anchored down with a special seaming. -- seams. everyone at hsn is wearing this.when you are getting dressed this morning you will wish you had these to put and live down here in florida it is rainy and you do not want to wear airt but you want to wearc13 it tank top banded jacket. this has 2 in. waist and so it remains flat and nothing is more annoying than a muffin top legging that cuts into your waistline. and the fact is flowing over your belly button area. this will rise
8:30 am
above your belly button. it has 2 in. waist band you can see in my hands and it will remain flat. and the other great thing that is new, is the butt lifting technology. the old leggings that you have in your closet, show me one that you have that has a butt booster. >>host:usually they will flatten you out in the back or they become a saggy. with this one you have career lifting and you can see the shaping there. >>guest: 3 see the rear end. >>host:thislt in and instantly my body will look helps to
8:31 am
thighs and tommy and your but looks more lifted. >>guest: the traditional a simple and straight bankslength. curves are so show off yurc13 and if you do not have a rear, this will make it look like you have a rear. >>host: that is the difference between purchasing the correct leggings or having the wrong ones. your body is not straight up and down and it so you are legging+ show off your curves. regular leggings and what they do and what they do not do and this might be
8:32 am
your first purchase from skweez couture. we have all little bit of pattern that is tone on tone that like to show what their shoes, go for the one with crystals around the bottom to show off those hotp shoes you have in your closet. >>guest: veryone feels they need some blame. bling you should not feel that you are wearing them. they should trim youwn. i find that am slouching all little bit because i worked at a computer and i need my clothing to give me support that i am missing in my life. this clothing from skweez couture will give you support that you need. everything i
8:33 am
design is what was missing in my and i have a problem, solution based brand. i am working on things now that will take me two years to bring them to you but it will be worth it. >>host: have been suffering from the same problems for years and i am willing to wait if i know they are coming. if this is your first time shopping skweez couture or hsn, it is very simple.if youshopped with us in the past we have your information and if you want to order by computer or by phone you can click and get these. medium 1 x 2 x, extra-large are available, item96-705 and coming up we have the sweet cheeks. these are the seamless shaping boy shorts in black
8:34 am
or nude.calling all girls, you need these. there is always an occasion where you need to tighten it ups. >>guest: this fabric is all gone aftertory on this. out and that is the same fabrication. i believe it a host pick, that fabrication and the body suit and i cannot get that fabric anymore. >>host: when you hear jill zarin say that i do not want you to wait. we are moving onto something brand new and this is a way that you can change the look of every outfit in your closet, and it is your package 2 n/a layering tank, turquoise and white or you get your basic black and nude, or you can get your black and
8:35 am
fuchsia. if you can get more one package i encourage you to $10 on each package in this visit. small-extra- large and you can layer these up. >>guest: these are the mostnk tops and i started with a stylus that work with me several years ago that ordered some tank tops for me and i wore them very long as they layering piece under jackets and sweaters like shapewear, but not extremely very comfortable shapewear. but the fabrication was a bit scratchy so i went out and i searched everywhere and i found the softest, most comfortable fabric and i will predict this will be a customer pick. i think you will all be riding in and telling me how much you love it. i would
8:36 am
not call6 c13 turquoise. it is more like aqua or sea foam green. i must tell you a story. i was trying to find if it's for today and in daughter's closet she has to one pink and 1 green from the store and hsn is so good with this and they are right on trend with colors and these are the colors of the season and the reason i chose these colors and not those very bright ones, is because that is such a short season and soon it will be over but you will have these all long time, basic bright trendy and affordable. >>host: it a pop of color if you need it and you have the basic colors and we have fewer than 900 with everyone on the phone. you know that i tank tops can
8:37 am
be to lose our to baggy and the straps might be to the fin. >>guest: these are bra-friendly. -- not too thin. i measured my wife is from extract to make sure these would cover comfortably. -- widest bra strap. you could wear one or two or three or even four of these.if you like your tank tops comfortable you like slenderizing features by a larger size. if you like it the way i do sometimes very tight, and it pulls you in, what i am wearing right now is the large in the white underneath because i wanted to be long and stretched down. the white
8:38 am
one in the large/extra-large because i want it longer and then i am wearing a small in the black and pink because want it leered and i want it to pull me and. i want itleaner. is smoothing out my tummy. because i had gained 5 lbs.. >>host: these are things we and throughout the summer and i like that support, that is medium support with shaping control and when you put your on and you want to put this over, it smooth out that button-fly so everything is smooth and you will not have those lumps and bumps that we usually have with every tank top and our wardrobe. is turquoise
8:39 am
and white and fuchsia and black and then you have a black and nude. >>guest: i am sure all of close the models are wearing are available at hsn so you can make an identical outfit. there are tank tops out there that could cost $4 up to hundreds of and you do not want to spend too much or get one that is too cheaply made that will fall apart and this one is collar fast and you will be able to watch this many times and it will come out the same as it went in. -- do not want to put your time and investment into shopping and only go for the price because it will fall apart. you get what you pay for. >>guest: if you are buying trendy piece is you will only wear once or twice then go for the low price but if want basics that you
8:40 am
want to look good every time you put them on this is where you start. there are no tags. nothing to scratch you are stickout. and you have stretch. this is small and it bounces back. it has great memory. it bounces back side to side and you have6 c13 blanket if you want to stretch it out. >>guest: it feels like cashmere or velvet. this is a great gift. if you have lots of girls living in your house, if you have children or your mother you can give them all out and you can recycle the collars.d then you can switch out and it is like getting new clothes. there are two in each package, -- colorsblack and a
8:41 am
nude, black and fuchsia, turquoise and white item 190- 512. >>host: my name is helen keaney and we have the go-to guide for hsn this weekend this saturday we have a special from acer computer, look on and do not miss product launches and free shipping and flex payments and featured in electronics, and the acer will be that today's special on saturday. that is our spotlight trumpets [commercial]
8:42 am
[reading] [reading] >>host: jill zarin is getting us ready for summer. tell me about the capri pants capri as can
8:43 am
be tummy shaping leggings, >>guest: go into your and pull out all of your old black leggings and you need some variations. i showed you the butt booster before and this one is the one. i would wear this to the movies on friday night. as hot as it is outside whether it is a winter or will be cold in the air conditioning and you want to be wearing something covering your legs when you go to the movies on saturday night. i have 25 years of experience and purchasing merchandising and creating product and i am the president of zarin the important part is the tummy. the tummy band, a very thin
8:44 am
ribbing that goes all the way the belly. and it will suck you end. and you can see on me i am not only wearing the layering tanks but under that i am wearing this. and i have been doing the before and after and i wish i had one to show to show these tummy leggings suck you in and what else i did, it is very important how you stick to the bottom and you cannot have it both ways. if you have no special stitching down there it will ride up by new and one look will bene will go down. you do not want that. no one is going to tell you the truth was one legging leg and one down, i would tell you to pull your pants down.
8:45 am
ost: these are those issues that you will not need to worry about because you have 25 years' experience in this industry and you have solved the problem for and you can get these in sizes medium-2 x. well i ordered my regular size? >>guest: ordered your regular size because you want this to work for you. i wear this in a gymnasium and i am a little bit lazy and always on the go. if you have not gone to the gymnasium yet, and you are in our rush where these to the gymnasium and i would wear exactly what i on to the gymnasium and i would wear one tank top and the leggings and then i would put all of this back on and go out the door to work. >>host: these secrets that we hear from women like jill
8:46 am
zarin and women write to you all the time and ask how you look so good. you must have tummy control. so that if you gain a couple pounds no one will know. >>guest: you do not want an entirely new wardrobe but want leggings that you can wear when you are having a fat day. if you are not feeling your best or you have cramps and you want to be comfortable and you need the support and you do not want bad and you do not want your belly hanging out, you want something that will support you and make you look amazing and it is cool cotton for summer and i am all about comfort and style. everything at skweez couture is comfortable." look at this model.3 took one second in the morning to get dressed and she put
8:47 am
on skweez couture leggings and a tank top and a sweater over it. i wear the tank says layering pieces and you need multiple colors and you have one for the wash and one for the drawer and one that my daughter skull. you need to have enough so that you will have a backup. >>host: you already have a black blazer and a hot pair of shoes and you need the two pack of the tanks and you want the tummy on your capris. with any of the capri pants or the leggings they are not see through. times have you seen people wearing leggings that you can see through. you will not have that issue here end you will feelnd you will move differently and you
8:48 am
will not feel that jiggle the last thing you want. >>guest: i have node jiggle and my leggings are anchored down. it is these subtle qualities- no is about squeezing you and ann contouring your body with shaping and comfort and style that you want. my black is different and i worked so hard on making sure that i have the shade of black and you cannot believe how shades of black there are. this must be the correct black because it must match with your black jackets that you have different shades of. it cannot have shades of red in it. you have no idea what goes into
8:49 am
choosing a. >>host: are you not glad that jill zarin knows what goes into it and with all those years of experience. we only know what does not work until we put on the correct thing. when you purchase leggings you often buy the cheapest ones but they will be the closest thing to your body and do you not want them to make your body book the best. if you put on $10 leggings you will have a $10 body. >>guest: and cheap leggings are fading and they will3 hold ups through washing after washing. these are well made, quality leggings, that is what you need and that is what you will get from skweez couture and that is what you will get from me. >>host: we all understand the problem of the bag beanies and and the sea through
8:50 am
and the no control and there is no bagging and there is tummy control -- baggy have double duty at $30. that c13 steal if i have ever seen one. medium, large, 1 x duets extra-large. item 183-398we still have the two pack of the layering tank available. many of you are calling to ask about that.jill zarin is wearing those right glass and nude, white and turquoise black and fuchsia. -- black and and because you have flex payments you can get more one package and you can layer them up and have different outfits for every
8:51 am
day. been waiting to get to this customer pick. this is great for travel.sitting on 5 hours and sitting in a terminal for hours.these are sweet cheeks seamless shaping boy shorts and nude or black. now, and every time we have had these on, they have been popular and you must tell us people think that all shaping boy shorts are the same. >>guest: i do not have many more of this fabric left because you bought all of them! this is the last show.this is imported and i searched everywhere for it and i am sad i cannot get more of it. it is like a
8:52 am
corset but it is invisible when you wear it. it is the mostand with a cooling feature and it is antimicrobial, and this is the everyday, all day long that you wear with everything, and dresses, skirts, pants and my assistant, sarah where's this as a boy short underneath her tennis dress. and you could wear this around the house in black. >>host: we have small-extra- and do i apron regular size or should >>guest: i c13 would order up one size. do not be shy. and do not go for smaller because you do not want to
8:53 am
choke. it is shapewear but it should not cut off your circulation! >>host: you will still look more slender end you will look smoother and i wear this with white pants and pencil skirts and because this is a cute little short this is kit for teenagers wearing those short skirts. >>guest: my daughter is required to wear this under her ridiculously short skirts and i also one with lace on it that she will wear also.she is so comfortable and she could go to the and this and she could wear them one at shorts. >>host: it does not look shapewear. jill zarin said she cannot get more of this fabric and we have fewer than 700 left. i know that you will love6 c13 and if you get only
8:54 am
one of them you will be able to get more.get one in black and one and nude and go up 01 size so you will feel comfortable and falls in love with skweez couture. this is the reason it is featured in so many magazines because you give us what we want and our body looks amazing. >>guest: i am the real deal and i am honest on television and i spent 1.5 years working on skweez couture to get you the right product. it has incredible and it was a customer pick and your favorite and also and the body suit that comes in black and nude and can be worn with everything and and non roll waistband and it has a smooth the bottom and it will might give you on muffin top and the corset tree is important. it is not
8:55 am
an old-fashioned girl. it is not grandmother's corset. it flexibility and comfort and elasticity and it should be able to breathe. >>host: it will keep you flap. at this and after. this is not from dieting.that is smooth and. >>guest: if you are home right now getting dressed you probably wish you had this. >>host:if you are not% screen right now you must come and see this. is becoming more kalemie and we need more help under there. -- clingy.
8:56 am
>>guest: if you are getting dressed right now you wish you had this because you would have more security when you go out the door. you want something+ will give you some lift and when you remove your clothing you could wear this around the and you need not hide it in the daughter says that the shapewear that they used to wear, they would take off their colort out at night they were embarrassed about old-fashioned and ugly things. could be worn as outerwear. it is beautiful. >>host: if you see this on the model it looks like shorts.
8:57 am
what you do not see but what you will feel is they are support and smoothing and when you are walking your thighs are not rubbing together and as the weather gets hotter everyone starts and you do not your thighs rubbing together. >>guest: and it is seamless. and it goes completely flat when you are wearing this. when you are wearing this it goes completely flat and you are getting both, you the design factor off iraq and when you are wearing this you will see it and you can dresses against it. -- flat. >>host: this is the inside. >>guest: you can tell a quality garment when you turn it inside out and you cannot tell the
8:58 am
hanging thread. this minor difference makes the difference in shapewear. there will be no holes breaking through and it hold up two washing. my garments will stand and they will stand the test of time. >>host: the fact that this is a customer pick speaks volumes item 151- 952. thank you so much. >>guest: to stay and play with all of you! >>host: when is your next visit >>guest: : june 16th and it is a host pick. >>host: now we will hear from helen keaney. >>host: 13 today's special and i started out the hour with a quick presentation and if
8:59 am
you have not picked that up, this is our today's special from joy mangano, four pairs of beautiful sunglasses and you get four different styles and four different cases and a hard case as about of fashion sunglasses and these also are readers with bifocals and 100 percent uv protection, and you can read your favorite magazine on the $22.95 to get four pairs bifocal sunglasses readers with uv protection. oval cat- eye, elegant rectangle, aviator. i am wearing and toward a shell. wheat have them in latte, will start our next hour and i will see you tomorrow on hsn
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today and tamara hooks is here with elizabeth arden [♪ music ♪] >>host: ou for joining us on hsn my name is tamara hooks. we are devoting this hour to your skin.we have elizabeth arden. we want to showcase some things from this hour. everything is on free shipping and handling elizabeth arden. when you hear in elizabeth arden and skin care i hope you think about ceramide. and they are the best and giving your skin a boost. maximizing the side of your skin. giving you a soft smooth look. and you also get a great sample of your moisture cream with spf 30, it should cost more than $68 alone we will move along to the
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center more from elizabeth arden. with your moisture cream spf 30.we had at this earlier this morning it has already been so popular if there was ever a time you needed to focus on the protective barrier from your skin with spf 30, it is right now, we are not into the summertime yet and the sunlight is already hadlost. and this is your ceramide ultra lift and firm makeup spf 15 fair, light,% darkill help you choose your shade it. you want
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review. it is $49.50 today. you are going to6 c13 the difference in this makes in your skin. look if purchased separately in the retail market. [reading] >>host: normally $88 but today only two flex payments under $25. we are joined by expert robin mason who has done this for over 20 years it is great to shop with you. >>guest: it is great to be back here. >>host: you were talking this morning about ceramide capsules a lot of technology went into this. >>guest: when you think about elizabeth arden you think about ceramide. we have
9:04 am
claimed are fame from ceramide technology. and we were the first to create it within a capsule, it is golden nugget. it is a unique technology when you think about skin care, if you do not have a proper ceramide level nothing else will work properly between your cells, you lose moisture collagen, elastane, this when your lines and wrinkles start to form, you need your but biologically engineered it will give you back here tone and texture, this is what the golden nugget's will i travel everywhere as these, this is why people continue to come back to elizabeth arden because of the results, you can see a dramatic
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difference around your you want to talk about your eye capsules and face capsules if you want to increase the hydration, i encourage you to just add you are going to see a noticeable difference >>host: . i am glad you said that, some of you have skin care you have been using that you that is great at this i want you to add this and watch the boost this will give to the performance of the other products you are using i am glad you called this a golden nugget. when you put this it is different3 any other formulation. you will rub this into your skin. and as you put this on and start to absorb into your skin you will
9:06 am
understand it will optimize the collagen in your skin and you have a smoother look and you get 60 of these. you can continue that great feel and those great results on your skin. >>guest: i think this speaks beautifully for the product it is more toned and you will see smoothness. and this is ceramide technology is known for a treatment serum. it is the first thing that goes on. it is brighter. and this is after only six weeks. between the nose and mouth lines, and around your jaw line, you can see a much more lifted tone and texture, brighter
9:07 am
>>host: everybody looks fresher and yonder and like they have great is one of the best complement's anybody can give to you that you have great skin. if you have not tried these capsules please try them today. is something i have seen many times but never tried, a friend of mine said i have to try these she put a few of these into my she made me promise to try these she asked me today if i tried these and i said yes, they are luxury and feel good on your skin. your skin is smoother and brighter you get a chance to the technology that elizabeth arden has perfected above and beyond what other people are
9:08 am
and this is something you are going to add to your regimen. use your favorite serum but use this first and see how much better everything else works on top of that >>guest: your skin is made of 50% lipids and what you are doing with all of your other treatment products is treating the collagen and elastin, we are treating the ceramide level in your skin continued to use what you, you will notice optimize the difference and you incorporate into your daily and the moisturization which is contained is incredible to look at these test results, [reading]
9:09 am
>>host: even if he or leap, you want to try something new it did it feel so and it was from the first time you used you are getting 60 of these golden nuggets. and one jar should cost world pay that because and they know the difference it makes in their skin you do not need to do that, you flex
9:10 am
payments. you have every reason to try that just washed your face, you still look like that before picture. >>guest: you will use your skin regiment over many months. at these to it, look at that difference all we have given them is the capsules. and here you can see the difference one capsule a day in the morning after the clans, and you can see that difference, you are getting the treatment+ elizabeth arden is known for and this is one of their top- selling skin care items, over 20 to get these results >>host: she actually looks older than that before picture, older and the final after she looked and fresher
9:11 am
everything looks plump and wish to rise she looks amazing she's >>guest: adds the moisture which is what allows your skin to do it will hold onto the moisture skin plump and lift and firm >>guest: and >>host: and in the after pictures it all looked like the head professional treatments they looked like they had three days at the spa. but they did this themselves. they say they could things come in small packages. it is a golden nugget. >>guest: she is putting this on to loren, you can mature skin, you can see how the product goes in it dries beautifully, you can see the gorgeous finish. and you can see how beautifully
9:12 am
the foundation goes on to her it is not just a treatment it is priming your skin for what comes next. like i said, the ceramide treatment works throughout the day. >>host: if dryness is your patient, we are moving into the hottest season of the year, and your skin feels like it needs a is sap for moisture, that is what we are talking about >>guest: we are known for a spa treatment you can do in your home every single day >>guest: good things come good >>host: things come in smalle or after is for the face or neck. when you look at if you already use the
9:13 am
elizabeth arden ceramidepayments if you are just looking at this for the first time, would you like to have skin care that you love? would you love to be able to say you had skin that you love?in the before pictures youof the women looked fine, now they look great and you have the little golden capsule the golden nugget. >>guest: and there are no preservatives, it is a single dose product cost i
9:14 am
always keep an abundance of these in my hand, these will stay for a long time i can use these at anytime you feel dry and top, this is this secret. >>host: many will supports their face with water water is fine but will evaporate quickly. you are adding more to your skin. >>guest: these are biologically engineered ceramides, it will absorb it into this skin. and that is the secret to the youthful appearance. >>host: we will show you again the animation so you can get a good feel for the ceramide >>guest: we are known for this technology at elizabeth arden your skin is made out of
9:15 am
50% lipids, the rest are made out of a variety of over half our ceramides, your skin will not hold moisture if you do not do applied these it all around the skin and you are going to see instantaneously held those cells are a plumped up >>host: this is just once a day weeks, we will show these to you. to target your eye area, please know we have the eye capsules coming out. because the ceramide--the skin is made out 50%
9:16 am
ceramide date gives your skin what you are craving. item # 129-351, and two flex paymentsjust a quick preview,vlift and firm makeup, give you the lifting and firmness that you want, it is also available in your makeup, light is m = boss, botanicals disk, and dark = warm bronze that is coming up in a second, capsules, very quickly everything we said6 c13 ceramides for the face we are and to ceramide gold id capsules,about six dozen of
9:17 am
these remaining free shipping, 39 --$9.50. >>guest: we do this because we want more women to experience this. your eye area tends to show aging more faster you have the discoloration, the fine linespuffiness, everything is contained within here this is made for your eye area it is made for sensitive skin >>host: i am glad we have these but only a handful, we have your eye capsules which will sell out, i want to give you a quick tip
9:18 am
because this took me 15 minutes and w open this is to push down. --just pushed is dermatologically tested you have it right here it is a single dose, these are enough for both eyes >>guest: it will absorbc13 right into this skin apply megabrite afterwards. and you get the ceramide infusion >>guest: >>host: you understand when you see a name like elizabeth arden
9:19 am
this is soldout thank you for your phone brought along a lot more goodies from elizabeth arden we will talk about our spotlight. ourleslie ann. >>guest: >>host: [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome everybody my name is leslie ann and a little special somebody is here on the 25th. [commercial] >>host: we are
9:20 am
debuting his new album on may if you like us on our facebook page you can access the concert and a live chat with make sure you do and tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. with amy morrison she has a beauty report with a show stopper from white east. by the way, take a listen to this message from bon appetit. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪]
9:22 am
>>host: mason who has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years with elizabeth arden, that this will give you super moisturization giving the protection from the sunlight u v a n uv b and the sunlight is going to get hotter and hotter we need to protect her skin you have a protective and your son might protection, you have super moisture, all in one two flex payments under $25 and even though robin mason will be here later% with the beauty report this is your last chance to see this. c13 >>guest: when you
9:23 am
want everything in your moisturizer you need to turn to ceramides fluffy nest and the richness, a little dab will last the entirey we talk about ceramide technology. it is what elizabeth arden is known it is a technology that we have mastered over 20 years and what this does is it goes into your skin, it will infuse bill ceramides back into your skin--those ceramides back into your skin. first this ceramide technology will hold moisture and it is a rich and powerful moisturization it
9:24 am
will last very c13 long and you can see in the before and after one time a day for * a week. t: can you look at your skin with that the stitch of makeup and look as great as they do in the after picture? maybe your skin is dry and feels like it shrivels the moisture loss is so great, it is only going to get hotter, it is going to get worse this gives you the sun protection i noticed we have fewer than 150 of these left, these are going fast. on tonight because we expect this to sell out it was on earlier this morning, and it so many women got this and then, of dryness is your issue you
9:25 am
have probably used everything it is moisture but not greasy >>guest: it is a beautiful finish and you get you get the lifting you get the plumping you all of the benefits of spf you want to make sure your moisturizer is covered on both, plumping, firming, full broad 6 c13 moisturization, all of this is contained within this cream. and all of that will last for the entire day. >>host: you will have this jar for a long time i need just a littlel my finger area,get so much, it is rich but not
9:26 am
look at the way this will spread i can do my hand, all of the weight of my wrist, with just a little scoop, a little touch of this it will last you a long time, and the moisture already in the side, it is unique and exclusive to elizabeth arden this has made us successful. >>guest: this has made us successful as a beauty we have the exclusive ceramide technology. 50 percent of lipids in your skin is made added that ceramides, >>host: can you see
9:27 am
this on camera?i put lotion on this morning this is where it is starting to skate. it feels amazing, that is the difference. this the better your skin will it looks refreshed, you will have this for a long time 60 of these left and counting,r price. even if you never order anything from elizabeth arden, go to your computer if you have a log switch over to line [♪ music ♪] you for your phone calls we check
9:28 am
in one more time with leslie ann machado for your spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: spotlight the you know the ages and credit cards have a brand new look and more benefits?apply for your hsn card today. [reading] >>guest: >>host: every night at midnight we launch a new today's special, this is from bon it is really great make sure you take advantage of that.
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>>host: joy mangano has done thisvagain how fabulous are theseay's special- are regular6 c13 sunglasses every one of these, brand new, black framed in white, you have gorgeous a your graphite gray, sold three point three million of thesejust the most reviewed item, we did 2 of the bifocals here you
9:30 am
get the whole 90 set, perfect optical quality, we have 2 amazing power is coming up with joy mangano,[♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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finish it does not look heavy or take on. it just settles beautifully on top of the skin. >>guest: all you need after this is a touch of muscari. mascara. when your skin looks this good, look at that. >>guest: this is why it sells so it is just that fantastic you are going to be so happy >>host: is a customer pick on please read the whenever co-host helen keaney this is her she gets so many compliments on her skin. and when you
9:41 am
see somebody like robin mason and they know a secret, and the secret is out it is not a secret because it is a customer pick. you have let us know how great it is you want to tell us yourant to hear from you but have 90 minutes left in this hour. you know, the fact, it not only looks great, it is forgiving. it does have a forgiveness factors. >>guest: c13 what is so great about these hard to make sure we are leaning towards all of the
9:42 am
customers. this allows a back and forth. that is why we have this beautiful range of color i am wearing the boss color-- buff color is the medium, we have fair, light, tan, bestdark. >>host: if you want
9:43 am
to try this today is that day. [reading] >>guest: this is a long time to see these kind of results are rare >>host: you want something to give you that coverage, a flawless finish you can apply this with a brush, have a set of great makeup
9:44 am
brushes, you can use your spongin your fingers. --you can use your sponge and your fingers. remember the golden nugget wash your face, wash and dry and put on your capsules, it is a great primer for your makeup. something we will already a long lasting wear is going to last longer, it makes everything better. you have the same technology and the skin care capsules. >>guest: that is important what is so unique and special about ceramide what are you, why do you need this foundation it will not only left it will plump and firm, you get ceramide
9:45 am
technology to last throughout the day korea you get beautiful coverage and worldwide foundationworld class foundation >>host: did this special when your makeup is made by the same company as your skin care. when it is all done with the same philosophy in mind, it is rare, sometimes we will get our make up from one place skincare from another one you have lifting and firming, you have your ceramides and you have spf built
9:46 am
in. it is a gorgeous finish, beautiful coverage, you are not worried about foundation look, you do not even need a powder >>host: so if i go away on a i can have my primer and skin care right here. i do not need to take my makeup and my powder, and my concealer, my spot concealer. and my spf. and now i need to check my bag and pay $25 i could throw this bikers said it is
9:47 am
you do not have a lot of time and energy, you do not want to spend all of your money and a deputy --in the beauty department everything today is free shipping and handling this is something you would have happily paid full price for. now this is a customer pick. it says a can you give the foundation you have right now? would you buy this again when it is done. if you cannot say that about your foundationed to try what some many people are love and reared with the
9:48 am
to hsn hannah. >>caller: thank you. >>host: to you use elizabeth arden? >>caller: my first time on the makeup and you had ceramide before which had a great value, the exfoliator, the cleanser, i will try them medium buf. i hope that is what i need. what do you love elizabeth arden? >>caller: iolite this news texture your spf and there, when you use the product you do not feel and some of your cleansers i have used these sensitive skin i am trying to decide which is best
9:49 am
for me. >>host: it sounds like you have a lot of other skin care prevent >>caller: yes and i am glad you have been on the show today i hope you could count on more often. >>host: >>guest: i will try. it >>host: thank you need to try a few different brands and products but when you the one your skin likes, your budget likes, c13 convenience, definitely stick to this does to your skin. if you were thinking about this we have about 750 of these left look how
9:50 am
gorgeous she looks pretty >>guest: renee is wearing a tan you can see that beautiful coverageluminosity she looks glowing and spending you do not need and that coverage is flawless through the colors, i am wearing the boff color, this is really fair and light is called a vanilla shell deeper, is the warm >>host: more than half the quantity is gone. you want to
9:51 am
take advantage of the flex i # 094-692. capsules which is so we still have these available you would be paying $80 for that, joy use this as your skin care and your primary. definitely try this out, i was saying now that you have your makeup on all you need is mascara and lips, >>guest: even have it ceramide even on your eyelashes
9:52 am
>>guest: you want something to make your eyes look open and wide it does all of that and is healthy for your eyelashes this product will contribute tohealth you allow your eyelashes to be more subtle and more moisturized, and then, the volume and i color and that beautiful length is what the product is all about. >>host: a lot3 loss of using mascara, your eyelashes look good for today but you really want to think about the look of the eyelashes and what you are doing to help them, you
9:53 am
could go to basically any store and buy a mascara and many times the ingredients are very harsh, that doing great things for your eyelashes and you remember how much better they like in the past, it is nice when once again you have a skin care company creating the rest of your beauty, you can use that technology and make something that looks good and feels great ophthalmologist tested these are suitable for contact lens wearers we are glad this can work for you. she is stunning. you have the length volume, color, all of that is beautiful, and the brush is aerodynamically developed, it works
9:54 am
in all of the contours of the eyelashes what is so unique is you are contributing to the health of your eyelashes. >>host: we only have about 260 of these left, these are bigger than your eyes these are so easy to use she looks natural and the after, >>guest: beauty the brush right out no clumping or smudging we all have long days, by the afternoon you do not want the raccoon eyes. happen, lash it stays on your lashes. >>host: when you start to fidget with your eyelashes here are mascara has
9:55 am
flaked off--your eye mascara has flaked off. many of love that your skin care company created a mascara suitable for contact lens wearers. handling we now move along to the final item this is your choice ofks we color for every occasion, color for every mood, if you are looking for exceptional lipstick which is creamy, free and you start right here with your you have these are your brakes you have hot
9:56 am
pink, we have iced coffee, we have starlight in the center and we have amber if you want to go with that neutrals it will stay in this family over here, in your great colors are over here >>guest: 6 c13 exceptional lipsticks, we produce a beautiful color, these are fantastic. i can wear these i am wearing marigold today, and we have the pure red colors which elizabeth arden is known for and that is called red diamond and hot pink is the color of this season, like tamara hooks said you have your neutrals. i want to
9:57 am
show you have billable these colors are3 buildable these colors are prepared and this is your popular hot pink the color of this season if you could grab here, you get your skin care technology it does not move, i have been wearing this the entire hour. and my lipstick has not moved i am wearing marigold >>host: a love that this gives you a nice shine. you get
9:58 am
a nice crisp color it is creamy. >>guest: it feels good on your skin, what is important to is you feel comfortable look at this gorgeous finish kate is wearing red that is your signature color, and rene is wearing the ever popular hot pink. it is the color of the season, hot pink is a top seller >>host: i worked in the beauty and mystery before coming to hsn it was
9:59 am
a well-known fact the quickest way to elevate your mood was to purchase lipstick. for yourself, it is instant change, handling if you want a few go for that451. robin mason is back tonight 8:00 p.m. in the beauty report with amy morrison. thank you for joining us and thank-you for all of your phone calls if you are calling for anything from this hour from the capsules to the lipstick and anything in there we now turn things ever to bobbi ray carter with joy mangano. [♪ music ♪]


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