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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 2:00pm-4:04pm EDT

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k gold of course on the bclosure. this is an earthy feel. it is really18 in.. perfect and individually hand knotted. $109.90 on price break. if you want to experience the favorite color that carol always talks about, this is the way to go green opal and the tsavorite. that tariff is showcasing and beautifully modeling what is our cross. it is 166 left. is the real fashion statement an influential for anyone looking to showcase their faith, it is a way too. it is done a cord and has the zircon throughout and zircon is rare. we will tell you the story about zircon. a totally different thing the cubic zirconia. i love this! item # 173- 102. [♪ music ♪]
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>>host: the pink opal that is why i wore this today. this is theopal, a lot of us by door pink opal and a mystic qualities it possesses. this is a dream piece you have wished you have, and that you can. sizes 5-10 item173-017. they graduate small to large they are $399 on 3 flex payments look at the way they have been finished on the inside it is the quality, the small touches that make the difference item #172-997. a big story i do not want to go crazy but i have to3
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is 100 in. of fresh water cultured pearls that is an opportunistic buy. carol brodie tell you the story we will not be able to do this again.we bought this at an astounding price that is why we can offer this to you $79.90. if you google 100 in. of freshwater pearls you will have a hard time finding anything at this price. the black is the beautiful. collar and i also have the they are right there. you can double this or triple this, you could read this as a belted if he decided. do what he wants, but do not miss out. i want to showcase this, i know this ring will get a lot of attention today. this is a combination of lapis, blue topaz and diamond is art without words. we
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have 20 remaining.close and look at the design, it c13 design upon design. you have beautiful bezel-set topaz in the look at the custom cut lapis on the exterior framing it and you have genuine diamonds overlay, it is the stunning. 4 flex payments hese earrings to be put in the show to be with this ring you have three choices you have lapis, malachite red tiger's eye. fine earrings like this? you are looking at something that you would13 some custom-made in the cells of france in each choice before a
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complete sell out. they are gorgeous. item #160-494.with 500 people on the phone line and we already have items on the verge of selling out. this is a blowout this is an amazing value of jasper $18 first- come first serve our representatives are standing by is on the magic stretch wire it will not break. is a genuine red zebra jasper you will adore this for all seasons you can layer this with- your watch everyone is unique $18. that is the lowest priced item in the entire show. 4 carol brodie regular peelers this is not red knew, i do have some
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upsetting news brodie is best selling ring ever is now being retired, this is the final look. if you have a long and wanted this ring it is beautiful blue and champagne diamonds this is the last time you will see it.the appraised value is just under item133-200 production we know that the evil eye has been very popular this is the prism pendant that the spread it today. you are wearing this at 2:00 p.m. with michelle sorro >>guest: i am busy getting dressed i do not have time to talk to you >>host: carol brodie had a whole new look, you will love it. but i
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that she did. >>guest: michelle had it on, i'd put it on right now. i was trying hard to change. can i come back down? >>host: is your show, >>guest: you: i wasnging in the back i could not let the jewelry on myself i was trying to go so fast >>host: was a record time, you change in 4 minutes. show you the ring >>guest: i am wearing this ring, i am obsessed >>host: this is brand new >>guest: that are only 10 remaining 6¢ 7 only >>guest: this is cigar band style, i left you a room you need to own this. >>host: you had to
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know that when he designed this it would sell out like that. there is a quick update, we have beautiful color choices that are only 20 remaining. talk about elegance and femininity, this is the ultimate goal i know so many eddy a share that sentiment four flex payments of under $40. we love your stories 1-866-376-8255 thank you for comment in the chat room, everyone is chatting with the hsn application that you can download. i can read everything that you write on there, i am reading it now. people isa delivery as fabulous >>guest: thank anything bad because i get
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hurt feelings. feelings are easily hurt. >>host: always nice things. let us begin with this ring and necklace that is on its way as well. this is a fabulous limelight that has a lot of green adventuring. tell me about the combination >>guest: this is a paramedic or sugarloaf cuts, this is a very hard to give -- it is difficult because they have to start with a the reason we did that we want to show the pyrite that is silver specks on the inside. like to gamble this ring is called a prosperity ring. green is the color of prosperity, the
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producer is rushing the along i do not need to be is allison.i am sorry, i apologize. >>host: we are trying to do something record- breaking by trying to get through everything in the show. this 13 carats of beautiful gemstone i love the simplicity for the money it is on 3 flex payment of $36.63 this is a hong kong, it is big >>guest: this is a cushion cut. about it in a minute.- there will not let me talk. --my producer will not let me talk. >>host: this is a fast sell out, it will be first-come first serve. talk about looking awesome, this is it >>guest: this is an
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example of the piece i found in europe. it is mixed medium i took the beautiful cord we kept the backside you have these sterling silver rhodium plated and a chunky delicious lobster claw clasp then you have this beautiful soft as can be self -- nsilk it is a goth cross it sits on my wrist beautifully and as bombay said it curves. this almost 70 points of white zircon. what is white the starting as a 5 star review. white zircon is when a diamond is not a diamond is a zircon. it comes from the earth right
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next door to the diamond is a billion years old and has the sparkle and reflective properties up a diamond, because it is more plentiful it is less expensive. what black spinel is to a black diamond white zircon is tova white the diamond. they are genuine gemstones that sparkle more brightly than the gemstone that they you wear this cross bracelet people will come up to you and i will ask where you were have been traveling, tell me more about cross and when you got it. rarities is about where gemstones >>host: it is sold out congratulations >>guest: you will love this piece >>host: we did not get a chance to present this! >>guest: for those
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that got this i cannot wait please write me on face book and let me know what you think thank you thank it is pitiful. >>guest: she is so mean today she is in my esa she hates me back, but we it. >>host: we would be on a different planet right now >>guest: i would be talking about launch >>host: do not get me started3 stomach is crumbling. this is one of the blow up of the hour chroniclethis is to for at this stage 14 have been sold. the hearings go with it, people adore opal. >>guest: pink opal like this is unreal.
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ll be coming out. the need to see these on, i say it's the thing about fine jewelry nothing feels as good as fine jewelry crushed and jewelry finds good but real jewelry is better. you are seeing and elongated rectangle is a beautiful piece of very rare pink opal. opal the value is determined by the intensity of the color, you will see that the ring is more intense than the earrings. that is because i wanted to keep the price low are on the r earrings, it is a 1950's style that is completely framed in white sapphire. sapphire in white is called a fancy sapphire. look at those together, when you put these the magnificent colors of pink highlighted by gorgeous sparkle.
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the you know what i call the3 collection? this is my angel kissed collection. i imagine that if you were to be cast by an angel this is what it would look like beautiful. the earrings ahh lightweight and has an omega backs that earring says proudly on your year. i want to show you this ring on my for her would order the right size look at has presence, it is a major rating.look at my nails shall ballet slippershat is the color of the ring and a soft beautiful pink.- is an angel's kiss.someone said on face book that would be
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ring and earrings, i have allison in my ear again. it is gone. thank so much. not know if the earrings are gone as well, they will change your complexion. look at these on your wife, you have to get those for her. >>host: we can afford those on flex bed >>guest: chelsea, you look beautiful! it is super lightweight with an omega the color is so soft. when you put the soft pink next to your complexion is like putting on a $500 facial cream. the when they sell in the department store6 c13 who is buying a diamond facial cream, i guess someone is. the earring is like wearing the most gorgeous pink lip gloss, polish. the backs out if
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you have short and debug can the back they will see the borgias' gallery of a lotus flower. pink opal, when you talk about what it means it means a gentle love and kindness. people get a romantic i hate to say this because it sounds crazy, but i will say it because i read. when the you wear pink men3 more comfortable approaching you. let us say you are single like some of the women who call that are getting divorced are going through a separation. men feel more comfortable a cute guy? >>host: see how lucky you are chelsea.
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>>guest: i think sheet you are lucky she is gorgeous. look at this with adam freeman insistent pink shirt. the white zircon will eliminate your skinand make you more approachable. it is like wearing the most beautiful soft pink against dress skin it creates the monessen's sort of like a beautiful pink pearl. pink opal has the same luminosity as a pink pearl. look at mother nature is kisses >>host: it has sold out >>guest: you have no crazy how this producer is today. allison is going to have to come on the show, she is being funny >>host: we will have to be she made a
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fake telephone rang and said it was sold out >>host: it was me who made it sold out naturally and that no less head over to the lovely carrie smith. >>host: great day at hsn we have lots of stuff to tell you about let us start with clearance items available on i kid you i go here every day, you can find just reduce items, marked down stuff that is good to too good to pass up. let us check out some showstoppers [♪ music ♪] >>host: you will
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find a cinder futura quartet 4 in-1 machine with software is a great guy. new with free shipping and handling, and then we have the rarities blue lapis and diamond art deco ring. we have dg2 animal face tee shared it is kids tune in at 9:00 p.m. for a two- block with colleen lopez and no one and only diane gilman. that is brand new as well. as always log onto key word showstoppers to check them out right now. [commercial] [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host:3 thank back of the shell >>guest: i made him laugh >>host: see in it and we are reading them thank you >>guest: i want to see them, i say anything bad? i and into care >>host: it is all nice things, they are telling you you are evil eye is beautiful. >>guest: that is a great idea for christmas with my new home collection, it is a plaque with the evil eye. we need to talk about the
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special $79.90 i will use the blow-out deal because it is. stress and ask that this price is on heart of and the market today. black or white,. the white peacock or whites. elias, torsade this, however you want to wawhere this >>guest: this is ridiculous, i have to be honest when i got the offer to sell them i thought they were fake. i said there was no way we could sell them 100 in..that is 8 ft. pearls for less than $80 beta but she said i sent them q and they are real and are amazing and barbara rope. you have to see them. i will tell you what happened a jeweler
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ordered hundred units of these pearls and when it came time be liver i do not know what happened i just know they were not able to pay for the it did not go through. hsn and me and my by said we have an opportunity for carol brodie i will sell these to you (...) i cannot remember the exact math but the point is itches sell for twice as much -- these showed should sell for twice as much, compare and the least expensive was a 7 mm version
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100 in. and it was $50 more. you look at the appraisal valueselling these to you at the manufacturer's cost. this is an opportunity, these are genuine pearls and has natures and perfections the you know they are makes you glow like the moonlight.coco chanel to get upon herself to bring the pearl to fashion. pearls are and i can . -- pearls are iconic.i only have two seconds to put this audit i took this and i tied into i have had two seconds to do it and i did not want to get the microphone caught. i have my beautiful evil eye on top of its, i think this makes
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outfit. the color of the black pearl out all of the colors in my blouse. diane gilman was selling a similar blouse if you had a chance to pick that up the peacock necklace will be a great way to celebrate the look. >>host: i have to tell you seriously for one second it. with carol brodie is wonderful jewelry we get lost in this wonderful world. this is a completely different animal, this is 100 and pearl necklace. out of all the items in these 2 hour is this is the best value at under $80. do not let this one go. >>guest: this is best buy not just in my collection, and
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the entire universe of fine jewelry will not find another opportunity like this. cannot find this again, when it sells about it sells out. no one will come to me again saying they could not pay their bills this is one of once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. i am so excited when i can bring you these opportunities. bring in things that should cost $100 more and be able to sell them at the cost we would buy them for that is amazing. pearls that are the last thing you put on in the last thing you take off because our real pearls. but john fragrance on before you put to a pearls on. pearls come from the water that is why there are luminescent and delicious, take a damp paper not west. that will keep them nice, it
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will keep greaseless and gorgeous. these are natural pearls, they come directly from the water and the pearl beds that are baroque they are 100 dishes -- >>guest: i will take this and add it to the black pearls chelsea is wearing a white t-shirt or what ever you are wearing you can go to an amazing cocktail party, or that you are at work in you did not did the look you you can take to strand of the black and white there is nothing more chic than black and white together. what aboutc13 totally casual? what about a belt? i was trying to do that
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but i did not the time all changing. you could put this through the loop of your jeans and given it a tie. you could torsade this eggies a qt ball --tying it into a bowbrainer we always say that but what does that mean? that means you do not have to think about it is practice that when you are stuck you throw these on. say you are going on a business trip at $79.90 for 100 in. of a genuine cultured pearls you cannot even buy simulated pearl 100 in. for that price. throw them in your gym bag, it is not a big deal. these are real pearls, if you have
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a young lady graduating she should have a strand of pearls. it is not like you invested thousands of dollars into these pearls. when i graduated from high school my parents bought 7 mm strand of cultured pearls, i wonder what to do with them they were shorts and little. this is chunky, now i can take my 7 mm pearls and adamite chunky de lashes pearls on top and now i am modern and updated. did anyone get this today? why the tassel earrings? check out these together. what about the tassel earrings? how about
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getting 100 in. strand, and pairing it with the+ earrings and then having the 1920's flapper look. the tassel is an important trend ever since the 1920's. >>host: am so you just grab that, we will show you the details on the earring.3 have 50 remaining. >>guest: at is all labradorite and iolite >>host: last chance on the earrings, it is 5 rose. the news coming and we have000 of these necklaces in the last five minutes, that are close to selling out. peacock/black will be the first to go, that the classic white, get both of them >>guest: was the deft -- makes a great gift, look at
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that as a belt on the model. is the kit as ever. i like that. have a real pearls greasing your beautiful body >>host: this is gone the black spinel ring sargon. >>guest: i love that ring thank you everybody in. >>host: carolas wearing this as well you will see it in a momentremaining sizes 6-9. the lowest upraise price was $1,098.we have exclusive earrings to go with this on we also have these other era in which is beautiful as well >>guest: i am wearing the blue lapis, check this
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out allison because even though there are a million people watching it is all about allison.this is beautiful is an art nouveau earring and if it is a ring inspired by a cigarette box.i want you to know that lapis as a stone of good health, and prosperity we pair this with a gorgeous genuine champagne diamond and golden vermeil these are timeless heirloom pieces, when you bring this home people will wonder for years to come you will wear them to every major e events. you could just wear this to a card game and they will wonder when he had been to russia. >>host: had he been to russia? >>guest: i worked at
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faberge for years but i never made to russia. i will go with chelsea, and i will leave you at home. i like the way this other any left alison? there are not many pearls remaining we 660 of these available. let us blow these out, it is a special talking about genuine red zebra jasper is stretched so it goes on easily simple but everyone at $18 and has a beautiful supple tone and color that you could wear with everything. >>guest: it is a total neutral we were laughing in the greenroom and he
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asked why they are so inexpensive >>guest: that are an opportunity purchase when we got them and has a face value $100 that are on magic stretch which is the jewelers rolls royce of stretch, it is to the stretch and will not fade or stretch out. it has memory to go back on your wrist. red jasper is a neutral it is like a red african sun caller id is organic, it is $18 okay? life, and celebration. this is being the life of the partya facial cream or a pair of denim jeans or a t-shirt $18 that is like 3 coffee is bitter and
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it is fine jewelry >>host: chelsea did the same, she did this tsavorite because she is getting that. adam told me. i did this with the smoky quartz. tell me that this does not look so right. it is with the supermodel and amazing zircon across i have the blue eyes and this all looks so great together. you would not think that the red jasper that is earthy in organic that you could pair this with the smoky quartz and champagne diamond, you would think it would only work with earth tones about the trees is because of the color of sun is a natural gemstone. everything that nature has created works together, it is it natural color from the earth. this is
2:36 pm
the color of the sedona mountains in arizona, red clay model and that is the you have your own beaded bracelet at6 c13 through this on, you will make yours look hefty that at an extraordinary point >>host: last chance it will sell out speed up >>guest: the red jasper bracelet, i will never rarities will never ever sell another piece jewelry for that price again. if you want to get a rarities that beautiful purple box, never again at that price but that >>host: this $109.90. is my favorite, i bought chelsea's engagement ring and cushion cut >>guest: so is >>host: now i can
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see where she got the loves carol brodie. >>guest: lookout ... the smoky quartz looks with the red jasper. the cushion cut is called the candlelight cut. test, look at the way the light reflects on the facets. there are 58 height shaped facets the colors. do not just be a hog. i have an attitude today. >>host: anything for carol brodie. item #3/4 elite four flex payment of $42.40. we are down to the final quantities in the blue topaz. look at the way that the gemstones have been cut the are called
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kite's shape the facets. when you get the natural light flame, look at that. that sparkles like a delicate mary diamond and no one can tell me different. that is yellow quartz. look at the smoky quartz that will be like a flaming ember in your year. >>host: the ring is gone >>guest: we an earring that is only available on that goes with that ring >>host: i want everyone to pay attention to the tv the signature and best selling from carole in the history of hsn is this ring. today, the terrible news is it is officially being retired. this is the last time that you will see this and we only have 95 remaining and this is the last ever presentation.
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>>guest: this version is being retired this fancy blue diamond and fancy champagne diamonds. i will continue to you fancy tattoo diamond rings and has over 1 carat of champaign and blue diamonds. also my great girlfriend she sought michelle sorro wearing this and she asks for me to order this. said if i order this for you it will $599 she said i do not understand it was just on a price break. i said that was diamond prices from two years ago i cannot do this again for less $589 and fancy blue and champagne diamonds. this is diamond had to ring it is like you have a tattoo on your finger, all celebrities and
2:40 pm
magazines have this ring. it is comfortable with it is toward -- c13 concord it is barco's like crazy >>host: we have to talk to sahara she has been waiting patiently, you are live with carol brodie >>guest: hello sahara >>caller: i am having such a good time thisest: thank you so much >>caller: i bought both dollars of the pearl and the red jasper bracelet busting of a ring you have done now >>guest: uvc del the best buys of the day you are clearly smart shopper. if it might be a
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stretch you will never get 1 carat buff fancy champagne diamond the $334 ever again especially with this craftsmanship and quality that are over 90 previous and that are all four and five stars >>caller: that looks gorgeous >>host: it is a nice sunday afternoon. these were the pearls that she was talking about >>guest: you saw that she tied this together in seconds and it is beautiful. there is a good
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movie coming is called snow white and the huntsman [commercial] [reading] [reading] [♪ music ♪]
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>>host: ladies and gentlemen i gave you the one and only carol brodie >>guest: i am having the best day today with adam freeman and chelsea and tara and annoyingn and might year, i am having the best day thank you for staying with me i know a beautiful day and my sons are at at the beach and my customers are with me. but it is really friends over family. e all my girlfriend i am so happy to spend my day with you >>host: this item was to sing we only have 35 remaining that was pregnant today this is the evil eye done in a new way, the prism pendant >>guest: the you have a graphic of a dollar we have
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all had dollars, we like to spend them. if you look at one and see the top of the pendant that is what this says, the great seal of the united states is a sale of prosperity because it is the on the dollar bill in our country, it is the all seeing eye of god it is meant to be positioned of the pyramid. that i represent wisdom, health, i'll tell you what this is as tilbury, the beautiful pyramid that we set the eye on is the three dimensional, what is happening is this is the biggest value for your dollar. this looks like six or seven carats of diamonds that is so
2:45 pm
incredibly and intense. thank thank you so much, that is gorgeous. >>host: we have also sold out of the rest red jasper >>guest: thank so much everyone. >>host: w many do we have left? >>guest: all you are hearing about is allison, she said you should slow down because you are running out of products. how many colors are remaining? smoky quartz all sizes we only have a couple of the canary. >>guest: is a yellow diamond
2:46 pm
and beat smoky is we only c13 remaining of the prasiolite will also show it. the earrings also needs to be shown together this was my today's special a few months a this was inspired by my years at harry winston.ring, when i work that harry winston i went downstairs and the ball to show a celebrity the cushion cut, i look that i look at it and i wanted one. i brought it home to my husband and i said i need to have this he said you need to pay for it. it was the biggest joke ever, i brought it back and i got a tv version. -- i got a tiny version.the
2:47 pm
cushion cut is a candlelight cut it is incredibly elegant. when you are looking at beautiful smoky quartz it is a beautiful neutral. i liken it to maple syrup, when you pour it on to your pancakes or if you are meet directly on the plate and they like it off >>host: [laughter] >>guest: and has that golden color it is rich and sweet and attractive and warm. i feel that way you are dealing with 58 fastest on this gorgeous jumbo cushion de yellow quartet smoky quartz you become iconic you create an iconic look when people see if they are not sure what it is, they think it is a diamond. this is
2:48 pm
13 carats in total you have beautiful white topaz down the sides and a 13 carat pans cups piece of quartz. when i worked for the most tulare's and world 13 carat diamonds were few and far between the. >>host: [laughter] starry >>guest: thank you much. this is not a matching set this is an everyday carpet earrings with amazing reviews. these have posts in the back, and has a clutch backs the
2:49 pm
earring itself literally close -- glowing, take the light from above and reflects the light on your wrea complexion so you look more beautiful, they know that they have seen that same look at the academy awards.6 c13 trends from we had legal clearance to use picture are on the oscars, i did not think we still have that. i would show you. this continues to be the trend, it is pierre faceted -- pear-shaped faceted quartz. we had a mint green prasiolite that is the closest to a
2:50 pm
diamond, and then you have the delicious maple syrup smoky which is warm and inviting. when i see where in women's and smoky quartz it makes me or in europe. and we do have the skills. allison said that we had them even though she's told me before she does not.look at the best dressed list every single one of those girls are wearing an earring like this a small drop or stud.on the red carpet the girls know that the light reflected from this3 makes them look more youthful. and you have your chunky necklace, you heidi n/a chunky necklace and all the rest are in a stud or earring like this
2:51 pm
>>host: you cannot go wrong with this is a style that the look that and every lady has to have this. we do have the blue topaz in the pendants, the earrings are selling out to.this is the last item in the hour and then we move on to our finale hour.we have a caller from georgia, you are live with adam freeman in carol brodie >>caller: thank it is good to speak to you both. your jewelry! it is so explicit >>guest: i love getting these phone calls my head is the side of my tushi righte now, it is huge >>caller: really enjoy your shows and artillery >>guest: thank were you able to pick anything up today? >>caller: i did i got the red jasper
2:52 pm
zebra bracelet >>guest: that the most affordable piece ever? >>caller: yes, it was, wasn't ahh of the price. i said it will go with allnd tones the share. >>guest: i am obsessed with your accident, i love a southern accent it is so elegant i feel like i am at kentucky derby. it is so cool. >>caller: thank you >>host: have you been able to purchase carol brodie in the past? >>caller: no unfortunately i have not been able to i wonder the pearls, but the party have long pearls, it is a super by >>guest: many calls from the south, i love hearing from
2:53 pm
the air. i did not realize how customers we have there, all of my callers from new york or los angeles i am so happy to spend the day with you and adam freeman and alison who is still in my year >>caller: thankyou i really appreciate speaking to you >>guest: i hope that you enjoy your bracelet, i have to deter accent, i have to get rid of my long island thing. >>host: we have to go now. >>guest: allison used to live there she just told me. we do not care though.we hung out before the shot and we had a best time, she is one of my best friends, she said she will not come out she says that she hates me. she
2:54 pm
needed me, she will not come out because she does not the way she looks today. her heart is as big as any jewel we thank her for taking the lead on our show today >>host: allison is so passionate about the business and job, we could never ask for a better producer. stay on the phone lines for this and thank you for your call.we are down to the bare bones on what is left. if you have a major credit card any of the big ones, you can do a flex pay there is no credit for credit check or flyaway or interest, everyone is approved. no life away. laawaty flex, they make set affordable
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>>guest: this will not bear up till next our but i wanted to teach a little. -- is coming up in the next hour and is by far the most amazing value i have ever offered, look at the way the prasiolite plays back to the pendant and earrings >>host: this is teamwork >>guest: this is over a 11 this ring is literally straight off the red carpet from thecannes festival . if you are thinking to yourself you have a wedding or a special occasion or an amazing the you need the perfect suite of jewelry you can have one piece. %
2:56 pm
takes care of my children, she goes to church every sunday she asked for matching pieces.i am not like you i do not have style i need my things to match. i am giving you a prasiolite ring, we want the item number. she will not put the item number up aliceallison says i am cheating. we will give you that information in a little bit. this is the sweets, if you like a matching set you are sophisticated, you love the old world glamour you what a set that speaks to each other. maybe you are a mother and daughter and one you gets the pendant and the other gets the earrings and you can trade off. the magnificent of this pear-shaped pendants. elizabeth
2:57 pm
taylor had one like this she had it sets and a pair just like this with! facing out. when it points up to your face is a movie in a movie studio they3 lights that point here and then they go up on to your face that it's a trick to make us look younger i do not know if it works, but that is a trip. now we give you a so when the light hits the pear- pendants the facets in the pear-shaped are the light on to your neck and face, it is a youthful and gorgeous glow. the style is classic you cannot go wrongt pear- shaped pendant or drop earrings, there will be never be an
2:58 pm
occasion when it is work a wedding, a celebration, it does not matter even if it is a day in court. from what i eat here are in court now. >>host:t: i was there last week i thought it because the policemen was wrong i one. it was not a parking ticket, there was an undercover cop behind me i got out of the lane, i wind because do not scare me i did not know who you are, you have to put on your lights. >>host: go girl >>guest: i did. these are classic pieces that can be worn anywhere light with you on the red carpet or just for
2:59 pm
dinner. >>host: what an amazing our promises real life. >>guest: but you dealt with that, you got a fighter and a leader. this is the star, there is no doubt. this is 100 in.. you can double or triple or quadruple this, you could wear this as a belt or do what ever they want to do with this. flexibility for onetime only price that cannot be beat. do not miss out. item #173-020.
3:00 pm
>>host: is first time at this price is $50 off and this is a true strong filigreed designed. only 150 i believe. dime a shape center stations you have to see this, you can basically squeeze it together a little bit or open it whatever you would like to do but it is that really pretty color that you are going to love.i adore this is the rose firm aid slatedpath mermaiplated. you have amethyst and smoky quartz in there. and we never have enough room in our graphics but everything is on flexpay.
3:01 pm
payments and the hearings are conflicts of $109.98. necklace we have to see as well. tc the stand that it is on the see how high this is is very i paid it so i am not here all the time. anyway this is really nice it is tourmaline, sterling silver, 25 in., $59.90 watermelon colors blues all coming together and save for this hour, the item number of that would. it looks gorgeous with the next item. this is the colors of tourmaline beautiful pendant. there is
3:02 pm
actually a ring and a bracelet to go with this.look at the bracelet. it is bold a lot of sterling silver in here as well. as the ring. money here as well. these are such pretty cabochons, really exciting color selection. adored for believe and i know you will as well. --i adored tourmalineknow you do as well. please look at this, we are really panicking at this stage, this is inspired by a very famous piece that would cost thousands of dollars.3 interlocking rings, this is for her it could be for him as well black tourmaline and ellis, show everybody how many are left either 77. 77 of
3:03 pm
these. i will bet my doll bottom dollar we do not end up doing a presentation. all sizes available at this point and it is a beautiful. talk about the wedding band for a signature statement piece. order right now. showstopper, goes beautifully, this we showed you in the first hour we mentioned it in the second hour, chelsea is wearing two of them and now i believe 200 sold.6 c13 this is awesome because you can later this with everything from watch to more bangle bracelets. you'll really appreciate what carol brodie did. beautiful spinel, all the way around, i mean every " of this is covered with black spinel. i adore it with this ring item173-049. a lot of ordering that ring.
3:04 pm
is going to be red hot, black spinel and% to6 c13 combinations and is the cross necklace. look at that. she is positioned across the way that i have never seen done before. >>guest: it is so chic. >>host: actually made across an integral part of the necklace. only 80 of them to go around. it sparkles and shines like nobody's business and that is why we love it. to the end of the hour we sapphire buhrstones for the end of the hour and what of the true royal just blue comet comes in a variety of colors and i have 2 choices in terms of color i as sterling silver or gold for may.vermeil. much
3:05 pm
hand-picked hand selected sapphires. we will show you the ring but we are not permitted to give you the details i can now open up the phone lines and say we deep taking phone calls. if you would like the prasiolite and white zircon emerald cut this is a real this is the very definition a carol brodie ring. the very definition of this collection here at hsn.are you kidding $239.90. how many of these? awesome. one more question, it is the pick of the hour. just a hilight that is all genuine. is the simulated is created? no, it
3:06 pm
is the authentic merchandise carol brodie brings us up and dig pieces at hsn. then we >>guest: rainbow moonstone adam, is crazy. >>host: can youee it? look at the rainbow, it is magical. that is what it is. >>guest: triple a quality from the finest moonstones in the world. i am so proud, i am beaming like a moonstone item beaming. >>host: is gone, the spinel ring is gone. >>guest: we did not even present debt oh my gosh! adam to what set. present that.
3:07 pm
>>host: have a 62nd special on the cuff bracelet. the first collection today with the rose color. --60n second. >>guest: in europe they call it pink gold most of you see in your in the couture house this is pink gold, rose gold is utterly feminine it was introduced in the 1920's by cartier. it dates back to the 1920's and the reason we love it is because is feminine, is alluring, it is the color gorgeous blush. have 11 points of diamonds and this is a vintage style bracelet so it looks like it dates back
3:08 pm
to the the cuff bracelet is also adjustable you can put it and titanate to your wrist. >>host: will let you know when it is completely gone. a lot of people are calling in and asking them all the evil eye hamsa hand. 3 flexible payments $63.30 and carol brodie has this in your hands right now and this is another one of your famous pieces. >>guest: my friend's daughter was garments said yesterdaybar mitzvah'd yesterday and she thought it was so cold better father even knew what is wise. >>guest: it is the hand of god the hand of aphrodite basically a protective hand it takes care of
3:09 pm
and nurtures you and what has the evil eye in it it means it is the ultimate >>host: protector >>host: only about 18 of that. now i will be cuff bracelet next to the rest of the collection. amethyst and smoky quartz and the way the rose the workmanship that has gone into this, at every option is on flexpay. the ring is $309.90 and the earrings $439.90. these were not designed by me, they were designed by my very good girlfriend who creates all of my catherine the great jewelry. her name is molly and what she
3:10 pm
she studied for probably a decade all of jewels of the roman off and then she recreate for me catherine the great designs end here is my favorite3 about catherine the great. she was known as having the largest opulent collection of jewelry and the world. she understood perfectly that the effect of a glittering court was more important to the eyes of other european monarchs then a great army so people would travel all over the world to see the great monarchs of catherine the great. these are done authentic styling. rose gold was not part of the vernacular of that. but piece because it is so feminine and dilatory i chose to use it. was the
3:11 pm
type of omega bed earring typical of the time. of catherine the great. the back gallery is completely finished to mirror the front gemstones so basically from behind or in front of you are looking at the most beautifully made piece of jewelry.3 when you have open jewelry like this you do not want to see anything that is not finished on the back gallery. to qualify microns 18 k gold over a lavender amethyst or a rows amethyst which was very popular during the time of the catherine did send her army down to mines to procure more amethyst. prasiolite is amethyst but it is done may cream demand colored green. --dementcreme de
3:12 pm
could show in my ear because i think a great way to show it is on. it is super lightweight, super comfortable it will move with me i know i am kind6 c13 saving up my jewelry is not. take a look at the way this glistening and glowing. i will pull my hair back just so you can see what happens. it makesole face light up. there we have about our beautiful model who has the coolest air. look at how that looks on. whits lined jewelry i learned this from harry winston. it can never look find
3:13 pm
off comment you can only see how looks when you wear it. >>host: the fault lines are open. call us on the talk line at 1-866-376-8255. --phone lines. 25 in. we have heard from you is going to be a great length for this. love tourmaline because you concelebrate some any great colors with this. we will get an up shot a you can really see this. tourmaline is a gemstone that sometimes gets forgotten about. >>guest: tourmaline is in the exotic gemstones and to, it comes in more colors than any other natural gem stone in the world. all of these colors are completely natural. the
3:14 pm
tourmaline is mined in brazil and is polished and tumble. when you look at the beautifulvthough what watermelon or the raspberries that is how it comes from the earth they are not heated or enhanced they are completely natural they are and polished than they are sent to india where we have the mostamazing artists and they said it a long table and all of the individual colors of tourmaline are put out and no two necklaces all of the artist lay out the stones up to 25 in. and then they began to hand crochetedc13 sterling silver. now chelsea is wearing the pendant in the traditional way and i am wearing the more modern so i took the lobster claw clasp@
3:15 pm
hollenberg pendant from the lobster claw.say you are just magnificent 25 in. of exotic gemstones by itself. you have your own evil eye your pendant at home your own little drop take and put it on the lobster claw clasp. in your owned and it is going to take your $59.90 necklace and turn it into a $3,000 look. >>host: look is what it is all about. as this is going so we will say a good afternoon3 from illinois. welcome to hsn, you are on with carol brodie and adam. >>caller: hello carol, i remember as several years ago it was a white agate with ruby pendant and the rubies circle around it. i
3:16 pm
am >>guest: trying to remember it. >>caller: i did not get6 c13 have to know when you bring any more white agate and ruby back? >>guest: now if you go to i have a magnificent white agate and ruby earring that beyond and i think i have one other piece. i love rubies and i love white agate so i will definitely try to bring them back for you and i cannot thank you enough for taking the time to call us today. >>host: thank chrys. it is sold out, thank you for your calls. the ring ok >>host: crystals called asking me about rubies because rubies are the gemstone july and this is ruby tanzanite and sever right necklace.
3:17 pm
similar to this as you can see. 3 definitely talk about tanzanite would be nice we have a tanzanite ring and that is a wonderful way to add to that collection. blower colors of course item #132-742 and it is now priced $159.90. >>host: the rosetone cuff bracelet is sold out as well. >>guest: what it just get up and show you that if you have any of evil eye enhancers, this is one of my evil eye enhancers that are on sale and not sold out yet. i am sorry this is live tv. just take a look at that basically what you can do is take that enhancer and put it on these exotic beads you are looking ruby,
3:18 pm
tanzanite and tsavorite some of the most exotic gemstones in the world. >>host: all of available call us right now and carrie smith is standing by to tell us what is hot right now at hsn. >>host: the hsn spotlight, so much to tell you about. did you know that you can $10 on your purchase if you apply with the hsn card or hsn mastercard and are approved. they have a greatok, so easy to apply and so fast. again once you are approved your first purchase. also you can win a proform treadmill sew easy to register unless you can get 60 days of healthier ways to stay fit. definitely is check that out. then we also have our today's special from
3:19 pm
diane gilman. ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪]
3:20 pm
>>ho [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are down to the final 39 minutes and we are so excited, i was reading some of the messages carol love your taste. also a question asking for more red jewels in your collection. that's >>guest: easy to do write to me on facebook, go to the rarities fine jewelry on facebook page or subscribe to my personal facebook
3:21 pm
page and tell me what you want. all i want to do is bring you the jewelry that you love. tell me what it is you want and you have got it. excited to be able to create jewelry for use so this is great. >>host: hsn is a leader in electronic retailing and i want to give you a quick update on quantity.colors of tourmaline to go back to necklace you purchased, 95 now left. look at the way they are set and the different sizes i love the cabochons. reach >>guest: reviews these are not tumbled and polished these are full cut gem tourmaline cabochons, these are very rare so what you are looking at here is you got the beautiful necklace those words tumbled and polished organic beads. these polished cabochon gemstones, all of that white topaz is all hand set. this is a very rare
3:22 pm
very high-end collection you are looking at. look what i did with chelsea, you have to see. i took the green opal beads i do not know if you still have them left, ladies tell me right now camouflage opal bead with this gorgeous pendant of exotic tourmaline this pendant of tourmaline, has such a big enhancer class on it that you could even put it on jumbo beads. and you can wear it on aging. did you get up pearls today everybody? by the way if you picked up these cannot imagine what this is going to look like when you take this off of here, this is tv so you will excuse me. do you have pearls at home? if you do check that out.seriously, look
3:23 pm
how gorgeous. this tended is sort of like a miracle of jewelry. it is such a big enhancer that this will work on everything you put it pearls come camouflages beads. the blue lace agate beads are just unreal, but i can even put it on this. look at that.this is such a great pendant. i will not spend anymore time telling you about it because i imagine we will not get to keep it. fifth there >>host: are only about nine left. we will go to beautiful cast california and say good afternoon or good and joslyn has ordered a items from you today carole. . >>caller: after new to you both and thank-you for
3:24 pm
bringing gorgeous back. it is >>host: is your first time seen carol brodie? >>caller: as it is i had no intention of purchasing anything but that beautiful new york accent is certainly my first time but it will not be my last time i am sure. that >>guest: is such a huge complement to me that this is your first rarities is it with me and you bought eight pieces, that is major, thank you so much. >>caller: all i have been waiting to speak to you there are actually a couple more pieces i want to purchase i am going to get off and shops and more. >>guest: luster favor tea's that you bought? just tell me? >>host: [laughter] >>caller: probably the french florida lead. florida laypaths lore delhfleur-de-lis.
3:25 pm
it is >>host: a good day. pendant is gone. >>guest: ever bought as it is a great purchase you'll love this pendant. >>host: is exciting on hsn and i think it is about time for [♪ music ♪] >>guest: [gasp] >>host: ct is already black spinel is without a doubt ultimate by so far for the three hours it has been the most popular choice.piat people have bought one, to even three of these you can buy as many as you would
3:26 pm
like, black spinel all the way around.not just halfway but all the way around.the ultimate building layering, building block to anything. throw it out with aul watch ur bangle bracelet kerrie @ item173-049. terra is wearing this she took the black spinel from the first hour, nowhere of those left but it is a great example of how great those can look. it is deep dark not seen in the other jewelry designer use spinel like carol brodie hast is a showstopper. >>guest: spinel is the sister to the black diamond but it is a pretty air sister. it is more rare but it has neverd by any major jewelry company before. we had a caller before use that i have
3:27 pm
black diamonds and i have black spinel but black spinel sparkles more. this is any eternity bangle bracelet so why you are looking at 2.9 carats of black spinel. now i just ct with this bracelet as a example. the bangle bracelet itself if you are a conservative woman you just the the bangle itself.if your style tends to be more like a rarities girl which is like one is never enough with rarities girl's we like to later. ne bracelet you have at home. the other thing i will tell you and i should not say this. in 7-9 hours tonight i have are rainbow moonstone bangle that pairs beautifully with this black spinel if you do to of the black spinel and one of the moonstone you will die.seriously will never see anything like it but i do like the black spinel bangle in a pair or i like it
3:28 pm
slain back with anything you have at home. bangle bracelets look great with more than one i will be honest with you. safe to i have a stainless steel watch eye of a gold watch i have a ceramic watch you like me wearing the black spinel eternity bangle bracelet with my watch? oh yes.i am wearing a watch on one hand is low watch i am not selling today but i will eventually. here is a gold and diamond and hear is the black spinel it plays beautifully together. maybe you have evil eye watch. great minds think alike. love this eternity bangle paired with anything that you have. it is like that perfect bit of glow. and because it is black spinel which is so reflective but it is also cool and modern, it will update anything you have at home. say
3:29 pm
redolent cool bangle bracelet coral & shell old shave it got from your grandmother, your mother or your and add role on the black spinel and all this and you go from old to new.$109.90 to get 2.91 carrots of black spinel. ct ob black spinel.of black spinel. i just wanted to share with you this black spinel bangle bracelet, is the little black dress of jewelry. you can never go wrong. you can never go wrong with a bangle bracelet and you can never go wrong with wearing something that looks so rich and simple. once
3:30 pm
>>host: ntered that is going fast.not as the evil eye right in the center but the whole watches fabulous. now we're going to speak to massachusetts. greta say hello to carol and adam. had you ordered rarities in the past? he >>caller: time you were on i ordered the agate pendant, i actually got the house and the evil eye. unau >>guest: the the black tea eternity bangle bracelet will play back to the black rhodium chain on that necklace i wanted to share that with you. >>caller: yes i've got a tiger eye scroll ring across >>guest: necklace
3:31 pm
i also want to show you i put the cross necklace on my with the eternity black spinel bangle. what do you think about this? why >>caller: like it i have been looking for ever for style across going east to west and i have not been able to find it. >>guest: can i tell you when i first thought i did a fashion event my one-year anniversary in 2010 and i did a fashion editor event in new york city and one of the editors i think she wrote for a all else style she was wearing it in gold with but it's crossover year. i decided that was so fantastic and i decided to make an black spinel with the sapphires. the sapphires are on both sides so if it turns it does not matter.both sides are covered. look said that. both
3:32 pm
sides are covered. >>host: , thank you for your call. this you can see we are under way to a sellout, 30 ofvthese watches our remaining and i can vouch for the quality of carol's watches. if you pick up the spinel ring earlier it is sold out but imagine how this will look with that. if you want to get more one you can save on shipping and handling. half off on the charges beach additional piece after your first purchase from any of carol's items or diane gilman steve any jewelry or fashion item. now dolores' from california welcome to the show you are live with carol brodie. hello >>caller: . >>guest: load dolores. i am
3:33 pm
>>caller: never mr. show. the first time i bought anything from your the beautiful larimar i've also got a beautiful diamond butterfly ring sometime ago i bought a coral beads from you i did >>caller: not know if you remember them but they are beautiful. >>guest: is what,
3:34 pm
in june next month i have a today's special in june and you will really want that is you have the coral beads. thank you so much for waking up early in checking out new rarities.i am not at 7:00 tonight which would be 4:00 your time or something like that. >>host: list month at the dates of your visits? i believe >>guest: it is june 70 than it is a crazy today's special and my rarities girl's will be crazy. the lore >>host: as just mentioned the butterfly ring and i have a limited number now available. look in >>guest: this but to dangles together with the black spinel butterfly? seta sparkle when you put the two
3:35 pm
together? i do not want to ups beltupsell anybodyth is they look really beautiful when you have to because you get so much more sparkle. you could also wear with any bangle bracelets that you have it home. i am not trying to have you by 2 by any stretch of the imagination but if you any of my black spinel jewelry, even across, it all works so amazingly together. i am never going to be a host. i can never do the host movement. >>host: in first semester shopping academy is an amazing way to it all together and you'll do it. it is not that you are saying by to, if you would like to buy to there is all whole
3:36 pm
different look with that. if you can just 1, get 1, adore it and love it. i will get the name of lady in a few moments asking about the shambala yet , we have that coming up. this >>guest: is triple a quality blue lace agate and this is the moonstone beat and when you see6 c13 compared back with the blues and i put onre beads, this beautiful periwinkle color, this gorgeous sky blue with clouds in is really flattering is a victorian snake class. we have >>host: just been told there will not be a presentation on this. this is the rainbow moonstone with white sapphires. look and
3:37 pm
>>guest: it with my necklace can i assure you, wears wannabee. just so i can show you the bead on the necklace isainbow moonstone and the ring is rainbow moonstone and the whole thing together just use your rainbows of blues, beads and flashes of green really beautiful together i wanted to share with you. what >>host: a show still 20 minutes left after we are done suzanne runyan is here. we have >>host: a great afternoon here of course heading into the evening and he begins where best of western technology meets at the brilliance ancient chinese herbal secrets and it all comes together one of the most successful cosmetic lines here at hsn. wei brian is here and i love this set. everything is going south from head to toe we want
3:38 pm
it all to go north from head to toe and that is what this set is all about. and then diane gilman is here for two huge hours.we are going to have a jean fest and of course we are going to are about our best buy of the day. have now sold officially, how many? we are almost at 77,000 of the good news i am good for the next couple of i can promise you every color and almost every size. her first-ever crop jegging bed is actually a today's special. totally awesome, get more than one a great way to have fun in the summer and that is all coming up at hsn. [commercial]
3:39 pm
>>host: couple6 c13 about a state you for your calls the showstopper is completely sold out get on wait list. the moonstone carol
3:40 pm
is gone. i had >>guest: never had a show likethis is so exciting. i feel like the most popular girl in high school. just a you know i was really the fattest girl in high school, and i had the big nose but my daddy fixed it for me. >>host: [laughter] >>host: it needs to be like this, i just want everybody to see because can we look at it on a model,20 >>host: 4 left.c13 have never seen a necklace like that before. first >>guest: of all if you all terra can you let me know months facebook because i think she is my new one. been looking for blond model so long at hsn. she is awesome and rocking her looks about chelsea has a new
3:41 pm
sister. is adam's wife and she is always my rarities model. karen has a great look in she is doing rarities the right way. we might have has some doughnuts with terra afterwards. the night at this necklace i first saw it on (...) it is because >>host: they love that on terra. >>guest: why so much. you know what it would look great with kenya to show everybody my earringrings if you see them i really would like to share them with everybody when we're done. sheets >>host: showed me on the brake and they are good. these also, an unbelievable necklace maybe you
3:42 pm
love a diamond in the rust look but you are think he could never afford a diamond inust these are sapphires in the and they literally glisten like sand walking on the beach. >>host: this is the other option as well it looks similar but different this ruby tanzanite and sever right. 36 in. long and the with this is $159.90. fellow was appraised value on this was over $500. the ring i just mentioned, look at the ring on her finger. i know >>guest: these are really limited they went on a price break today's ottawa to show everybody what they are two separate rings all diamond's and sapphires. i wear them together so the choice is rose gold for may with diamonds and pink
3:43 pm
and blue sapphire or you have got yellow gold formayver maffeimeil and they play back beautifully with the colors of sapphire necklaces or it the cross necklace. this is a look that i found in the most fancy french jewelry store and the whole world. --gol vermeil. does not saddam it took me
3:44 pm
four years to get them but i did them on a price break today. i hit >>host: the privilege of seeing all of these pieces, those rings are in a class of their own. this is >>guest: what we call hide jewelry. when i work for the high jewelry houses there were different kinds of jewelry there is organic, bohemian, this is what is called high jewelry. that means that6 c13 styling and the materials are the finest in the world. diamond's micro pavè by the fancy jewelry howlers jewelers was large cut saturated intense fancy cut sapphires. there retail mault was over $2,000 so we will keep showcasing knows, they go beautifully with a sapphire 36 in. in either gold vermeil or sterling silver. and
3:45 pm
sapphires come in many different colors and people do not realize that. >>guest: sapphire is what most people call a sapphire any other color other than blue incl white is called fancy sapphire. chelsea is put on the eagle eye enhancer. just rondelles and i put them on wire wrapped chain saw you can wear them every day.they are lalande gerais the same you would slavonic balm auray you slip them on every day and they become a part of you that make you look a little bit more sexy. --are lingerie the same way you would slip on long a
3:46 pm
sandal. now what >>host: arps customers would like to know if you are going to do any evil eyes in for may. gold vermeil. >>host: look and make these things happen just like that. now we are excited prasiolite and white zircon, we are down to the final quantity.less than 20 seconds positioning this and then we have to go to patricia. the viewed >>guest: a full horseshoe on this side is the most beautiful design element. the white gemstones white zircon they are the sister to the diamond it is all natural gemstone. do know is the 50th anniversary of marilyn monroe's
3:47 pm
passing. this is my tribute ring to marilyn monroe. marilyn monroe in my former employer she sang, talk me harry winston, tell me all about it i created a ring that she greatly to see this sterling silver ring i put it under gallery that you could see through to dimension through the emerald cut prasiolite. shape should i want you to know that emerald cut was her favorite. this is ring that every single person that i've invited over to look at the collection family editors this is the ring that everybody picked up from everything in the may show this is the ring that every woman needs to have. it is the most beautiful
3:48 pm
celebration. the emerald cut is called a step cut emerald cut it almost looks like you are looking a prison. and all of white zircon that is framing this ring and look at the size. x 13 mm. >>guest: equal to an 11.5 carat diamond. --11 x 1 3mm. i hope >>guest: you can get it and share in the iconic 1950's glamour days. if we to >>host: away the price right now and said how much do you think this is, there is no way you guessed it was $239.90. if used >>guest: said
3:49 pm
price on this? you would say to there is a matching pair of earrings. you need to have the hearings to come but trust me. the classic prasiolite and roaster france with the white zircon. this is a ring that my mother loves come i love, my 19 year old cousin my 90 year old at, hello and mimi she said it is like what war in europe in the '50s i love it.was her 90th birthday. and mimi was icon, one is my mother, harriet who is watching who is like audrey hepburn so classy and elegant the other is my producer. know the other one it me me because she is the most glamorous woman i've ever met.
3:50 pm
--aunt mimi.i dreamt that one day i would be one of the fancy people that came but i am not but i get to the jewelry for all of them. i have got to hang out with the most exciting girls in the and be there jeweler and this is the best part of being a glamour girl. 96 >>host: left and that is it. how are the >>guest: any left, it is such a good ring. >>host: k, it is gone. it is a >>guest: great ring. we are >>host: counting you in so do not hang up. prasiolite with the beautiful white zircon. 18 x 13 mm. i am being
3:51 pm
told ok grate are we showing this or should we do a presentation? we want to show this for just a couple of minutes it was one of our star items from last hour we have heard your comments and calls saying can we see it again. absolutely we will show again you have your choice of black or white.and opportunistic buy and it is 100 in.. this is not grandma's pearl necklace. it had >>host: is the cool factor. how about the >>guest: are new rarities model terra? every >>host: thing looks great on a terrace seriously but look what you can do with this. you are upgrading your pearl experience and it is all real. you cannot find 100 in. of9 mm pearls for this price. comparable you saw
3:52 pm
something a little smaller. >>guest: mm, 100 in. of they were $50 more. 1-2 mm smaller they were not genuine pearl and they were $50 more. the price we are looking at (...) eating >>guest: he kind of like them just get them home because you cannot get 100 in. of pearls. i have adding enhancers and pendants to them. i thought they were a little plain for me and then when i started jazzing them up and putting the black-and-white together. i need to also show you what i've been doing at home because i became obsessed with them. i take a black-and-white so just so you know i wear black yoga pants every single day because i am wearing working from home or going to the jewelry district.
3:53 pm
what i do is i take two of these like this then i put them together like this basically fold them in half, i've been up for some in the hours is not even funny i take them and i put them on like this my assistant randy tate is a little ball out of grosgrain ribbon and ties a bowl in the back for me and look at what i get. you can get >>host: that look for than $160 if you order it right now. tanzanite tsavorite and ruby. --little of grosgrain ribbon. not diaz inc you can show tear as earring? she is wearing an earring that is rainbow
3:54 pm
moonstone and amethyst and i want everyone to see that before we finish. this is the >>host: down $219.90 now priced at $159.90 and below is appraised value is $550. i have to report it because it is important.we send it to $3eighth three different appraiser said we take lowest appraised price. you have an >>guest: a lens or you have lobster claw clasp you can hang on all of your enhancers and this look came straight from milan. i these wire wrapped polished bead necklacend i said pictures on to say and the and i said do you think we could ever do in milan they were several thousand dollars for the strand she said i think that one of our can source
3:55 pm
these gemstones for this make them there and we can probably do it for about $500. i ok legacy. now it $159.90 with and appraisal of five under $50. so many of you called and said can you give us a more red jewelry. this is red ruby, purplee the and greens tsavorite. this is still look of summer, summer is all about+ polished gemstones added beautiful diamond's lipoic enhancer 2 @ wear alone, twisted around and make it a bracelet which i will do right now with the prasiolite ring. this is so easy did twisted around to make it bracelet. now look at. maybe you do not really wanted as a necklace but i wanted as a bracelet. that looks awesome.that is
3:56 pm
>>host: ght there. a- >>guest: and inmy 7-9 our i have a crescent moon brooch that you could put right on top of here and you would have the most chic ever bracelet on the face of the earth.i am just sharing with you even though i am not supposed to. now we are down to the final six rings mac. this was a final (...) i think >>guest: chelsea is going to get those. the nice >>host: thing if you see anything like flex pay makes an affordable. you cannot go to a jewelry store and say (...) >>guest: hides as looked in the camera and tell me i
3:57 pm
did not look like have $50,000 worth of jewelry on my hands. i do, i know i looked at myhands and i said i looks so rich you would not think i am just a working girl. that is a whole idea of rarities, you should be in style and so chic but you should have that gorgeous glamorous look. the fall >>host: lx stay on the phone line for the ruby. final 100 to go around. if you order it today right now your wish is our command these are the earrings. this is >>guest: a rainbow moonstone earring with 14k gold vermeil and handset micro pavè amethyst with black rhodium. look at the appraised value on
3:58 pm
that you are going to take your 79 dollar pearls you have the earring bid is a $900 appraisal. we want the >>host: to our models, and everyone here on hsn who did the show. i was >>guest: see tonight from9:00 p.m. with connie craig. i cannot tell you how amazing i feel right now. and it is all because of these girls here it a fun >>host: show thank you for taking part. do not go anywhere because the fun will continue hsn. i will be back with you. throughout the day's time and like me on the
3:59 pm
like carol brodie on facebook, or on twitter as well. any comments you want to hear she loves to hear from you. set >>guest: and the messages on the rarities facebook page or the carol brodie page, i cannot wait to see you again just two or three more hours. you are in >>host: line to go get something to eat? i am >>guest: going to go get some doughnuts that terra be eating.suzanne >>host: is on the way next have a great day here at hsn with secrets from the far east. [commercial]
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has done anything like it.that is why we are excited about this show.who is the brilliant lady behind this? not only founder developer and manufacturer she is here with me. and pink shirts today. >>guest: happy afternoon. >>host: i love the lineup. we are starting i did shaggy this from preview because it was a surprise. --i did not get to show you. last time $20 actually let me correct that, we did have this one other time and 13,000. we are down to 800 and this is your face and hydrating paste, age recovery eyes alive and the 16 advance herbal eye pads. this is the last and
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final chance she will never do this again. it is a good time if you love the eyes alive to get this. why you put this together? >>guest: this is like a magic for your eye area. take a look if your eye area has feet take a look at this. all i am doing is opening up deep wrinkles and putting in this and still line filler into her deep lines. and the wrinkle is gone. about two minutes, sits in to the skin it becomes part of your skin. the appearance of wrinkles erased. that is what i call the magic serum.


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