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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:26pm EDT

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7t235900][ is back with myself 7 pm. shivan sarna is up next michael anthony. do not go far. do not miss it. stay tuned for shivan sarna. [♪ music ♪] i am -shivan sarna i hope you'll stay with me on our special day of celebrating highgate manor and sterling silver, stainless steel for you with michael anthony jewelry find me on on shivan sarna on facebook. i want to show you think's coming upanthony paolercio . on facebook page you can actually see my cats. it is perfect have these for you in sterling silver and gold they have a place in my if you are a cat person you will feel the same way they are24.95 for the
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and their pals create a nest 40 the gold heart. -- tells tailsthey save their farming because i am a cat person here is our special guest anthony paolercio . >>guest: what a show these are the final two hours and we have6 c33 2 impact with unbelievable values i hope you are ready i know we have the phone on auto dial because you will need it. >>host: here is your chance to call in and say hello to anthony paolercio and you can tell everyone you were on tv. us and tell us what your story is about wearing michael anthony jewelry . here is the cat done for you -- pique @ stud for you in the sterling silver.
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>>guest: today we are truly world wide if it needs to be made in a certain country we can do that and we can produce just anything. what do you think this piece? is fantastic looking at the gold heart the silver and the beautiful size. you can para a rose gold chain on here look of the diamond cutting on here6 c33 2 love this there is a lot of metal considering the fact that it is stamped 0.925 and 10 k gold now only 500 available. if you are a kitty cat person do not >>guest: this is
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brand new to collection we have never created silver and gold 10 like this. a 17 end in a 29 in. if you were going to wait for a change that would be the one. do not wait for the kitty kat that will be gone. >>host: you know6 c33 2 have friends that are that love . i am thinking that would be a cuteto engagement present as well. >>guest: i was thinking for two people that are love is so perfect as a symbol of it would be great. >>host: look at how
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pretty that is on chelsea you could wear it every day it symbolizes the sweetness and not the less that happens with. more people in america and caps and then dogs -- cats. it is brand new remaining and obviously it is a fantastic in your fantasticate gold and silver. >>guest: nice feel to would easy to maintain because of the high-polished with a bill that would accept almost any -- donna beautiful you will enjoy it. >>host: you can put it on the charm bracelet as well. those cats are up to something their
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heads are next to each and they are making plans. i hope you will plan to be wearing that on a charm and maybe pick up a couple of and give them as a here is the chain we just saw on chelsea. this is the ultimate glitter rope chain it is 16, 18 20 or 22 in. all you decide is rose, yellow, white or yellow goldin shoes your side. -- size all available on 3 flex payments this is the time to stock up. 22 in. is difficult to find in the marketplace. if >>guest: great values in a great
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selection. this is a quick look for% today only 50 available of each. this is it on the pricing for today it is the manager or sell out which ever happens first in your light gold or yellow gold . $34.90 shipping and tax on your first payment in they get home to you about 1 in. in length a full gram of gold last time a limited warranty if ascaris a mattoon's about it. >>guest: this is an easy retrieval lifetime warranty because it is said actual textured that has multiple finishes on it that makes it very strong. that is why we are able to give you such a big look such an affordablerice. lovely locking mechanism that the ring set beautifully on your year. it white gold spectacular -- earyou do not find a lot of white gold in the marketplace but
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at these look at how beautiful the yellow is made and the way that the gold3 2 so nicely it almost looks like stockpot go but it is a three- dimensionalring so it is of a scene completely around. it is also 0 little bit oval in design. this is the kind of tureen you can put on and wear day in and day out. pierre -- tureen earrings >>host: $20 40 remaining of each i think they are an ideal or interview during as well. do not wait if your interested in those. these have been a very popular they are the 2 tone cross drop earrings also on flex payment. show
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these to you at this price you since you why so many people have the first time we have had a chance to show them this visit. they on the cross. tell us the story. >>guest: it must be over 50 years ago a woman had a and in the dream she saw two sets of footprints walking in the sand and then there were other times when there were only one set footprints and she questioned god as to why youof banded major my most difficult time. godresponded it was then that i carried two and a light bulb went off and she said now we understand at the end of the day that is what started the footprints craze end is has been remade
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into ring and you see it as posters, you have seen in a lot of places is a great way to give a to someone, a young person you are trying to teach about the presence of god how he supports us and how nice it is to go through life having faced -- facedith . this is exactly type of the children that we like -- type of jewelry that we like to make. you cannot go out to the marketplace and buy something like a great look and everyone loved to have a pair of cross
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>>host: and then with so muchstory to pitch as well. if you have shopped with us in the you appreciate all the inspiration- that .antthony brings to us and it is manifest in this precious metal. you may not experts find gold and silver and $29.95 but that is what this we love stainless steel however keep in mind that this is sterling silver and gold combined c33 2 flex payment for under $15. as the shop with us is buy more jewelry and save fashion in save. you save on shipping and handling as you go through out the day care on television or on you can take advantage on at great prices order an use automatic ordering
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which would be a great idea right now. you can say hello to us live on the just like maryann n. michigan good afternoon. eye area 20 pieces of michael anthony jewelry . >>caller: i have purchased and numerous chains over the years and today i purchase the 22 in. gold glitter chains to hold all of my and i purchase the heart ankle bracelet. i love everything i have gotten and they have held up and i tell you i got a gold filigree ring and from you i would say it has been at least 20 years or more. it is just as nice now when i take it off my finger as the day i put it on. it is not a
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scratch or is still perfectn it was almost an inch long is this sort of oval it has a point to it. >>guest: 2 ring . >>caller: i think it may be 18 k. >>guest: actually 14 k, it looks like 18 k as you heard has a beautiful color to it. i am so happy that you in the key for taking the time and sharing that the viewers because a testimonial coming from you is a lot different from us. i was wondering it's got to be of these 20 years. >>guest: in august and will be 20 years that i am here it could be 17 or 18 years. >>host: it is holding up. we were just talking about
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that before6 c33 2 show. >>guest: hopefully i will have another 20 years. >>host: thank you for being on hsn will love having you here. these earrings are $30 they are sterling silver and gold . look at that price and you may be thinking they are stainless steel which i would understand but the fact of the matter is it precious sterling silver, precious gold and there is so much meaning. the beautiful diamond cutting on the filigree and cold footprints as well. could possibly item #142- band ring we have for today only this may be one of the ringsthat marion was talking for under $160 today because the visit and today it is 4 months at $49.99.
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>>guest: we have not done a gold ring like this size and a year. >>host: white, yellow or rose. >>guest: this is all of gold, this is not gold plated. >>host: rose, white , yellow today $20 off for anthony paolercio visit. we are going to have a time before we get to visit with anthony paolercio again. if you have occasion is coming up today is day to shop in stock is the perfect father's day gift one for you in one for him. this your glitter rope chain from anthony paolercio and 10 k gold . we have 3 flex payments across the board and white yellow, rose we are showing it to youee display to choose your colors. you can
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split them up on flex payment with one of the eight different credit cards in this out to you . add these to your and we have bill green in the spotlight to tell you more about what is coming up on hsn. [♪ music ♪] i will tell you what is in the spotlight hsn has teamed up with caesars' entertainment and you have to hear about this because we have signed up and they have signed up to give away trips to las vegas go to in turkey were resorter rewards store and enter. do not miss this opportunity i also want you to know about protection plus because many of the products you select from regis and we offer protection plus and it to skip the really great
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show host shivan sarna i hope you stay with us today is the day-last day of the anthony paolercio visit. we have a precious metals and stainless steel. notice how many this only so we have had. this is the best of them all. at $17.95. this is in stainless steel. put it with one of the gold
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chains we have for you at the bottom of this screen. this is 3:16 it is inspirational. >>guest: its says he lived, he loves, he gave. we think those words what a way to go through life. if someone were to say that about you , you would be honored. that is a beautiful complement. wearing a piece like this will actually give you the opportunity to start living like that. if you ever fear from that this is a reminder of around your neck. unbelievable piece is 3 in breathable on day -- it is in grave a bolt on the other side. look at the size -- you can engraved the other side. have a 29
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in. sterling chain that would work beautiful for the men or women we also have a 17 in. chain that will work beautifully. do not miss this opportunity because this is a piece that not only its beautiful but have so much meaning and at the same time when you wear it, that is what i always think about when i choose a piece. i think of you guys and pieces that you would love to a piece that i would c33 2 >>host: incurred in faith in the95. the strength and doorbell team means you will be able to dive into the swimming pool, go swimming by the seashore and really this and be inspired and never have to worry about taking itf. it isc33 2
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great price of $26.95. have youanything engraved lately? it is not inexpensive and also the clarity of the engraving is. >>guest: we use lasers sometimes we stamp them and sometimes we engrave right into the peace. the crosses his starkly has also been a piece that the person wears director life and it becomes era of limits pass on to the nextration. bp said this will absolutely do that. you did lifetime of wear out of it and you'll pass it onto a grandson or granddaughter and they will be able to bear it because it is virtually and destructive.
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>>host: the world runs on stainless steel, the stainless steel. and with the inspirational message you have put on this. >>guest: the he lived he loved and he gave. my dad is one of this exemplifies his living in what he has done throughout his life. beautiful piece jumbo lining get more than one. >>host: with buy more and save this is like to and once they are all attached to the same bill -- bail
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a couple of things we have not had a chance to share with you this the dog tag and sterling silver pendant. on the is the serenity prayer $10 off. $19.95. with bobbin steak coming up you have a couple of-- father's day coming upengagement presence and wedding presents . in my pick of the two hours this is what anthony wears every day it is the nativity pendant with chain in this case. >>guest: might trace. >>host: $39.95 this >>guest: from the church of the nativity one of the few times of a church has actually released parts of
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the church is documented by the vatican as being the jubilee's down from the 2000 so there is no doubt in my mind having seen the affidavit i came from the mayor of jerusalem and the affidavit from the bishop of the3 2 church. i know that this is original sound. the bad news is that this will only be shown and then we will retire this piece of for a new one. i was equally as if you do not have one of these this would be the. if you are thinking of getting one it it your choice. get both of at this price.available in here is. here you can
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wear them to gather at the same. today only $10 off with the cross pendant you receive the chain at the same time for $40. it is stainless steel is everything we were talking about is our strength and durability. there is the style design that is in the >>guest: there are wholeat allen had that piece. we have gotten testimonials threat the holiday season. i purchase one for myself. they buy them for children, mothers, fathers is a magnificent piece. >>host: get it today before the price goes up. and then for today here is the tassel necklace that chelsea and i were sporting. it
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is popcorn at with the drop it is is a $15 savings and hundred $39.95. you will notice that there are also stations of beats that are faceted sa and diamond-cut -- beadsunder $140 pick >>guest: chelsea has it on the shortest position 18 in. and there is3 in. extender brings youto 21 in.. has a half way. you have flexibility. >>host: this is also a braided style the wrist of the3 2 popcorn necklace is and this will >>guest: their reason why we made this piece, we used to make pieces like this gold when it was still a very
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affordable. it is an impossible to create a beautiful necklace like we decided to design inselberg not only does it said beautifully on the neck pin -- silver on a non casual or a casual basis or if you are going out to dinner or affair is a beautiful piece. it is very comfortable and the fact that you have the 3 in. extender will give you the opportunity to choose a the look of the peace. >>host: silver you are looking at white metals today notice how it works with the stainless steel on my hand with the nativity on my ring. this necklace is 0.925 sterling silver, lifetime limited warranty asked rep about it. we have
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terry n. handwash antenna thank you for joining us at hsn, what a. what is it about michael anthony jewelry you appreciate? pick >>caller: the spirituality and iraq may start out all of our souls. >>guest: pinkie. >>host: you the footprints? >>caller: there isn't anything that i haven't seen that this gentleman has made that i did not love. your personality as i enjoy and i am honored to talk to you . i am a little bit choked up right now but i wanted to tell you that i got the two- toned drop earrings with the footprints.photographs of footprints in the sand of my little cousins and nephews i had to get it for my mom. it is a
5:33 pm
small but beautiful. >>guest: it is made nicely i am glad you took the time to call i love to speak to viewers like you that have experienced the product. thank you for taking the time your mother will love them their not tiny they are a nice size but she does not have a pair of cross earrings she will love them. >>guest: thank you all my [laughter] goodness thank you . >>host: pinkie for calling us. >>caller: thank-you, goodbye. >>guest: cannot be afraid to call and we love to talk to you . for me it is an affirmation of all the work they do to bring you these pieces. >>host: we strive to hear from youand if you download the ages and application you can chat with us live we
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can answer any questions that you have is a nice way to shop at the same time. this is the hope faith love stretch bracelet. this is a change of pace, i love what you have it is $34.95. simulated turquoise , wide added, >>guest: the only thing you choose is the color is made a beautiful filigree cross. those are the 3 motif in faith , hope, love is comfortable wear we have already gone testimonials the we know that you love them. >>host: i love the way chelsea has put them on to layer them $34.95. while anthony paolercio is here today before he goes off on another adventure we will not see him until august. $34.95
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instead of $49.95 price breaks are temporary. so with the this price break is another example of something not to miss. notice the diamond cuttingc33 2 this bracelet is hard to mess. pick >>guest: the way it is opening this fact that it is three- dimensional and the fact the offer it to you user all things the prior to my coming here we did not do at hsn. come >>host: again on 20 years. >>guest: when you see this in person you're going to love what i love most about it is the diamond-cut all the way around. in sterling silver. pillows >>guest: sit on your hand beautifully. there were only a few lucky people that will pick up the phone and actually receive one
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and wait until you see it on your we cannot feel it on your hand. when sean and i were looking at the show before we can run when she saw the bangle bracelet and the price she looked at it and it was like a double have shopped with us before and you do not own one of our silver wrinklessilver bangle braceletes. >>host: this sterling silver. look at gold ring . >>guest: it takes the same amount of effort to make a sterling silver bracelet as it does to make a gold bangle bracelet. and our actual work only knew how to work on an gold so the quality you are getting here and the polish in the finish this would have been reserved
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for gold in the psi seven or 7.5. this is the gold ring next to it. you cannot even tell the difference. humans will jump in and enjoy it., $20 off. who is precious metals today on sell? we are here at hsn. you have the opportunity to have a custom size and the opportunity to give a gift that is precious metal and if you love braceletshis is a coin to work nicely off the hand like that.tes can be tricky this is open and close pendant. >>guest: o put on sometimes you struggle the bangle bracelets with one hand.
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>>host: you put this on any work done. >>guest: if you needed that extra large size you cannot find that out and retail they only handle one size and that is the regular which is 7 1/4 they definitely will not handle the larger. >>host: the 7.5 does fit. us and stay in the ordering process here is the showstopper that is coming up. michael anthony jewelry interlocking not pendant serenity, wisdom courage all combined there. that is above not ultimately. pillows -- not -- love knot
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>>guest: i was holding before the show and looking at the weighted 3 dimensional away this carved to the wording and the texture. >>host: you could certainly engraved on the back if you wanted to and that would be defined on the gold chain that we have coming 2 for you as well. that has so much as far as the gift possibility as well as one for you can really take advantage right now. brand new this is first look item #180-941. that is in the stainless steel. i also want to remind you about the negativity ring and the pendant necklace or the pendant necklace to the nativity cross or ring $39.95.
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guess what we made it even we threw in the chain at the same if you want the pendant with chain is $39.95, here is the ring that is also two months at $19.98. >>guest: the nativity sound that came from the renovation that occurred in the church of the nativity which is the known that the birth place jesus christ. what makes this so as the year 2000 the vatican recognized it as the jubilee's down and there is a plaque in the vatican that (...) >>host: or today only and love the fact that we have so many with this day only pricing. the
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and not go anywhere because we have the glitter rope chain coming up. bill green has also gone to tell us what else is going on in the spotlight. >>host: thank you for joining us for the go to guide all things hsn. in the spotlight hour are three special showstoppers they're like miniature today special and the occur throughout the day. join us with laurie feltheimer from hot in hollywood coming up12:00 p.m. eastern time for a 2 hour presentation with callie northagen the choice of the blouse pants or maxiskirt. the beauty of bioscience what is it? coming up
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tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. with tamara hooks and alan delicious helen keaney. tony little is going to be in the with the healthrider twist antenna i am tamara hooks it is one to be on flex payment with free shipping and handling all items arele in the showstopper tap on that you can see on your ipad. you can upload theapplication to your phone . the hsn mobile application is our intermission and back to shivan sarna after [commercial]
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>>host: this is hsn i am here show hose shivan sarna if you are channel surfing stay right here because we have the chains for you rope buckle chains the number one most popular chain handle
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vault is the rope chain . it is now available for you on 3 flex payments the world's largest ct rope rope chain mfg. banded is anthony pillar c-eye for michael anthony jewelry . they're the 1 decorative the patent that is now working with other goldsmith's and the diamond cutting technique that is also a part of you really put rope chain on the map. >>guest: the first rope chain was created and about the 600 the oldest one could find to document that along to someone. the next thing that we did was take an replicate that and be able to manufacture. this is a sample of what is the exact chain it looks like except much larger.are tooling soldered
5:45 pm
together and a second set that are soldered together. this one passes through the next set and all four of passed through the third set. why is important? that is the robotic soldering that was completely proprietary that machine had to international patents on better protected how we would manufacture that change. here is you see and even though they are in long there are sometimes some spot where it needs to a attention to detail and soldering. it is 3 difficult to make this what you see is a hand soldering process. someone is also doing a look at that dexterity the unique to do this kind of work. the one we are showing here is also
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a beautiful change made in the same process as the sample i was showing you . what is so important about rope? these are made in 10 k gold with 14 k gold solder so the ct is much 0 why is that important? that is important because the chain will never change color. you'll have your phone call after phone call that says we heard from marion today she said the ring glycolic of 18 k and terry spoke about the pieces that she alone. hear over and over the counter is hal did you get this color? it took years to perfect and once we did perfected it was perfect. >>host: rose has been spoken for entirely i am not going to make a mess out of it by removing it22
5:47 pm
in. in the rose is the next to we have it in the rose white , yellow gold and the been the most limited across the board in the sizing a third of the quantity has been ordereda we have available. 3 flex payments on anyone that you choose. 16 80, 20 or 22 in.. you can see we are busy close 400 already gone. with graduation happen probably right now weddings, bridesmaids, also for father's day get him one of the long chains and you get a chance to the pride of knowing that he or she is wearing true gift of gold. i would love to show you the class which super strong and all a part of the lifetime warranty. that is the michael anthony jewelry you can see it marked right there. when you get
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this, you can count on it and that for the lifetime warranty comes into play he has been in the business for, >>guest: s. what you will see is that this chain will roll on the neckline. it will take that you have and kick it up two notches instead of having thin chain this is a 1.7 1.8 mm and it makes pendant local life. it looks more important. the white gold is spectacular if he had a multicolored piece and you want to combine it is beautiful. do not miss the opportunity at the end of the day when these argan we will be back in august for the anniversary show -- are gone but i cannot promise you these will be back.>host: i am going
5:49 pm
to grab them all. i am just going here is the wrist of the look. i want you to get in as close as possible. one of the things i appreciate about the rope chain when the twist and they did not look twisted because they are twisted, also going to look perfect. >>guest: look in the way it curves to the hand that means this chain will take the form of youridentical and we have a change like this it will float on the neckline. it looks beautiful. >>host: look at that with the diamond- ring we have juanita from new mexico back thank you
5:50 pm
for all of your phone calls. we have buy more jewelry and save + are people joining us ring of this is your chance to get a true michael anthony. the ring is in but also your world- famous ultimate gold dust roll (...) ultimate gold glitter rope chain . a dollar a day and we also have all the way up 22 in. still on those three flex payments. are you noticing the colors? there they are. three months of $32.50 in 22 and is $35.20.
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notice how warm and the rosetone in. >>guest: you can really see what makes this the shine and sparkle. when time 8 you are said this chain sparkles in the dark like christmas lights. another one of the color of the chain of lights. why they said that is because there are individual plates which are the side of the link and when it is compressed it creates a mirror when he twisted chain it you see that beautiful neckline. although maintenance meaning that you do not have to worry about this you just wear it the ordinary order from the shower will make this chain cleaned. >>host: we have updates. 20 in the 22 in. in the rose ise board in a white wheat 20
5:52 pm
remaining, india lote we have 22, last call on 22 in. is the most popular. you cannot find a 22 in.. if you have a 17 in. necklace or anything that is in the inches then here are the ones to nestle ins and chains. a lot of you have been asking about the gold chains and an gold rings . just imagine you wearing this matching and back to the the ring is unbelievably comfortable in for months at $39.99 -- in an gold . >>guest: what makes this so spectacular is the size. it sets off of the cannot
5:53 pm
but it looks like a massive piece. you know it has to be thick enough to take the diamond cutting because of what we do2 into the ring to create the diamond- cut look. it actually will save the gold so it makes it more but the beautiful diamond cutting action creates a sparkle that you have never seen before in the gold . >>host: all 3 colors are available only have 180 between all three and all sizes . >>guest: if you are a size 7 and you are looking at the white,6 c33 2 >>host: in the white gold the size 10 is gone. lifetime warranty with ease. the y is the most limited. i love it with the sterling silver bangle bracelet under $70.
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>>guest: this will work on your pointer finger the ring finger beautifully. if you have a large knuckle any of difficulty getting rings on this all open on the reverse it is easy to slide it over. where can you find rose gold at? >>host: look at how warm it is and how brilliant the white is and the warmth of the local ofs this might be a great wedding $159.95 and it is3 2 non-traditional but powerful right hand ring and also for your left hand as
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well. this is today only the visit6 c33 2 over today. when you get this, you will be back for more and you will be thrilled if you were able to acquire michael anthony gold for four months $39.95. debra from kinetic -- connecticut. >>guest: hello debra. >>caller: miami 20 your customer of pure gold jewelryplace to get rose gold and when i saw this remote has been said i could get a forefathers' day. c33 2 supermarket and i do food sampling and i have to wear gloves this is going to be my new rose gold wedding band. and may i just tell all hsn customers had ever seen a ring like this in the last five years? this is a ring
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from 10 years ago. and i knew what it takes to diamond-cut that baby. >>host: on a roll good for you . >>caller: thank you for the rose gold in ordering online i do a lot of ordering online late at night. thank you . >>guest: for taking the time. i would sing the same thing to myself and chevron had this on i said it has been long time since i have seen such a chunky piece of gold like this. faugh >>caller: maybe do a spanner do a spanner ring? >>host: will love to have you here on in the key for shopping on www.hsn.comou want it to you can download the
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application on your phone . you can even watch hsn on your mobile phone we have the nativity cross it is in stainless steel the chain is included $39.95. it has not been this price and i don't know how long. drink at 2 months and >>guest: this be the last presentation ofoth the ring in the pendant. we were fortunate enough to create an alliance with the family of a man by the name of stanley sporkin was an amateur archaeologist who the church trusted with the simple promise of a portion of the proceeds of the stone would go to different charities to help people. not only did he do that by his family did when the vatican authenticated this as a nativity
5:58 pm
i work this out with them in the year 2000 and started making these pieces. many of you out there on them in cold or -- gold. pick >>host: before these are spoken for you want to secure your seat and i want you to know who will tell you more about them in the next hour a while we have, and the item number is right there go ahead and make yourmove it is in sterling silver as well do not over think it. [reading] >>guest: that is a fabulous prayer from one i understand the research i have% done their prayer goes back to year 1050 in the
5:59 pm
changed a little bit but it is widely used around the world many people know it. every parent of a teenage child needs to have a piece with the serenity prayer especially if they just got their driver's license. if you have any children in the house that have become young adults and are driving by yourself this pendant you cannot go wrong still cannot figure how we are doing this at $ it is $20 and that is sterling silver in that classic dog style. to see the beautiful workmanship of we >>host: pioneered the use of lasers in the jewelry process dating back to spent
6:00 pm
$1,000,000.86, 87 and 88 and i failed i was not able to produce jewelry even after having million dollars. a was only about the year 2000 we were able to and now you have a beautiful pieces like this. this took a long time. >>host: all long time coming and million dollars later in this is an inch in going on an inch and a half. >>guest: this for men and our women you can give this to a 16 year- old boy, a 15 year old girl she to wear on a gold a stainless steel chain or you could give it to grandpas and he would love it. >>host: % father's day happy grandfather stay.
6:01 pm
>>guest: you will still could in time. >>host: under $20 lowest price ever as we get into the next hour, the last hour of the visit will have a chance to anthony until august a quick walk right now at2 you have to look forward to in the hour. 6 c13 >>host: that is the ring. $39.95 stainless steel, two flexpayments $19.98. >>host: buy more fashion and jewelry and save! pay full price regular shipping & handling on your first jewelry or fashion item, and receive 50% off regular shipping & handling on every additional fashion or jewelry item you buy today. one of my favorite designs when the quantity we have in this offering is sold out it is going to be retired in this particular design. showstopper from earlier today
6:02 pm
a very very powerful3 inspirational bangle-bracelet. 1100 already gone. there is the star or the heart. >>guest: beautiful. >>host: choose about your charm. and there are too lovely settings. >>guest: other wings to the heart. >>guest: and it is adjustable. it could be made smaller or expanded to be made a little bit larger, spectacular! >>host: 7 in. but there is an opening on the back.$22.90. and that is so sweet. >>guest: a beautiful lobster claw. >>host: in the shape of a heart! you are good! >>guest: we try.6 c13
6:03 pm
>>host: speakingook at what we have. this is that two-tone anklet--hearts. if you love anklets call. >>guest: and it is 10 in. 1 in. extender. it is like 50 50 silver and gold. there is silver heart and yellow heart. >>host: two-tone. and you couldalways wear this under wrist if you want to. --on your wrist. is anklet seasoned. >>guest: a work of art. >>host: it has a pair of earrings which matches the necklace which is a true waterfall of chain. >>guest: the
6:04 pm
regional one i made was maybe 10-12 years ago--original. it was magnificent and you guys loved it. but as gold started going higher it became price prohibitive. this is the first time we have a waterfall piece back in silver and is made to the nines. >>host: also on flexpayment. if you are on hold us now we are getting to u.s. fast as possible use automated ordering smartphone or tablet. --you ask. this is our showstopper, wisdom, serenity in courage. who could not use a little or a lot more of that? it is a great combination.+ you see the size of this? it is a really
6:05 pm
important piece of jewelry. when people see you they will be drawn to it. then, they will see the words and be inspired and you will be feeling the inspiration as well. under $19, 180-941. from last hourhave gotten a huge response on the ultimate glitter rope chain. very limited in the 22. 20 18, 16.three flexpayments across the board as we move into this next hour. i wanted to remind you about them because you will see something, a pended maybe you will want to put on this chain. --pendant. here are the nativity pieces. we are going to take you through the entire story. i know this it is today only at $39.95.ring and the pendant
6:06 pm
which comes the chain. two flexpayments $19.98. when this particular style nativity cross and this is the one anthony wares and the ring when they are sold out the quantity we have they are not coming back in this style.keep in mind the relic on the inside of the cross and the ring of those are not infinite in nature they are not just replaceable.tell us the story. >>guest: there was an archaeologisthe was an amateur archaeologist, he was by the way the man who invented rental furniture back in the '40's. in israel around church of nativity. whenever
6:07 pm
he found something important he would clear it with the church he did not want to touch anything. they respected him for that. when they were doing renovation in the church of the nativity which i was fortunate enough to go there they were making a doorway into the larger he asked what are they going to do withhe stones? normally they would bury them. because they liked him so much they gave him them. he shipped them to the u.s.1963-2000 he and his family use them to raise money for different and charities. now i work with his daughter diane. she basically trusted me to make jewelry and do the same.we have been doing that the last 10 years. in the year 2000 when the church the nativity stone the jubilee stone for the 2000
6:08 pm
and authenticated the actual bishop who was the presiding bishop of the church at that time because there is 4 sects of the (...) at the time they authenticated the stone came from there, there was also another affidavit signed the mayor of bethlehem that stones were authenticated. once i saw that kind of documentation i knew that it was real.we started13 pieces first in gold and then we made them in silver and gold and now stainless. if you have ever wanted know the true nativity stone and you will hear the testimonials or you can go on line. some of them. ly is a game changer for many people because you feel so close to christ. just
6:09 pm
fabulous. >>host: $39.95 first of all. something you can wear with your stainlessvsilver, gold. this is in stainless. on the back is laser engraved word faith. and here is the front, customer pick on visit only and after this hour anthony is going back home. today is the day to save $10. on the inside of the resin is a piece of the church of the nativity where christ was born in bethlehem. we all know the story and that is literally a part of the building. on flexpay, get it home and inspect it for yourself. you can do all the you
6:10 pm
want online at and enjoy sharing the story. >>guest: when i was in israel and i visited the church of the nativity, i could not find anything like this.and this piece, as with a certificate that shows the mayor of bethlehem at the site at the time citing the affidavit. it also talks about the jubilee stone. itbered so we can only sell a piece with the certificate and that is your assurance that the stone is actually from the church. when you see if it looks like a relic. the is spectacular and comfortable on the hand. >>host: the ring is still $39.95. >>guest: it could be worn by a man very comfortably. the cross the same thing. i wear one and i have won one since the day one. >>host: you said you watch this
6:11 pm
2000 i remember when you did that. we were talking about how time was flying before the show. how is that it is due tomorrow?is that possible?-- june. this is that gift to give important person in your life, the entire family would appreciate one of these. when you read the reviews and you said how everybody in the family adores them. and that it is a family bond. >>guest: i got a testimonial one time that a woman purchased one, the piece came home and then she bought one for her husband, her son and her were fighting over who was going to wear it. at today's price of not need to do that. with father's day
6:12 pm
around the corner believe me it is not overstated. it is very subtle. when people see it they cannot even imagine what it is. that and then i tell them the story it is like what? how is that possible? >>host: you will do the same thing. % also you have certificate of authenticity. i know based on the response we will continue to show it to you. this visit only today.we have about 45 minutes of the show left. it is today you are getting the $39.95.the chain comes with the pendant. is the same item #. sizes 5-8 only in the ring. good luck if you want those sizes i would
6:13 pm
definitely not hesitate. where it on your pinkie. >>guest: both pieces come with the certificate so you can authenticate for yourself that this is the genuine article. i can only tell you this, of the testimonials that we have received the same feeling of warmth, comfort, the same feeling that thisst important cropthey have ever worn. i know when i made this in our studio, the original i kept thinking that this cross could be that important to someone. because again crosses are the number one symbol that are sold and then hearts. at the end of day you could be buying this for your husband and he will never remove it. or your son. it is
6:14 pm
important to get one that you love or give one with meaning and have that certificate. >>host: and while we have them today, you know tomorrow it will be $10 more. today, $39.95 and also flexpay.that is two flexpayments that make it so you could get the ring on the flexpay and the necklace that is.95 this month and that next month same thing. >>guest: or if you have to buy more than one it is handy. >>host: >>host: buy more fashion and jewelry and save! pay full price regular shipping & handling on your first jewelry or fashion item, and receive 50% off regular shipping & handling on every additional fashion or jewelry item you buy today. plus the chain is 20 in. in stainless. there is durability, craftsmanship meaning. all the reasons are there. if you want this i will say for sure you have that lifetime warranty you need to be in the ordering process. this is something that has been my host-pick in
6:15 pm
the past and i am delighted we even have one left for you. we will keep it as available as long as possible. launch i think this morning with rachel. we have a showstopper making its repeat appearance with 1200 on. even a small star shines in the darkness. on the back there is your extender and the lobster claw is actually a heart. you made that? >>guest: yes it is beautiful. >>host: and there is the star. 7 in., lifetime warranty. you could stack it as well.this one
6:16 pm
says " love gives wings to the heart " and there is your doubled i hearts. you continue to amaze me. >>guest: we worked hard creating these designs. i think what is spectacular is the way that it sits on the wrist. a very comfortable. the fact you have that little chain in the back holds the bracelet on. you never have to worry about it falling off. the high polished surfaces on both sides allows you to stack perfect withsilver or gold. so you could wear more than one. >>host: we hope you will. if it rotates and there is a heart clasp and a heart charm. $22.90. this is to be
6:17 pm
something that you definitely want to get for a girlfriend or what for yourself. it does not even matter if it is upside down because when you move your arm you are going to be able to read it. and people are going to be drawn to it. >>guest: oval in design so it sits beautifully on the hand. you may be able to adjust it by giving it a little bit of a squeeze. if you need a larger just open up the lock. you do not need to worry about it bending out of is really made to last. >>guest: stainless steel. >>host: about it is hypoallergenic. so
6:18 pm
that will never be an issue for you. >>guest: and the color stays the same. it does not scratch. easy to put on because it is so large. the jeweler could adjust it if you want to.i could go like this. this one i opened up >>host: get that- guy some muscle on him. >>guest: c13 even open it up a little bit further if i wanted. >>host: i think it shows how strong that stainless is. thank you very much.
6:19 pm
>>host: is the thing about this, i saw it on chelsea stacked up (...) >>guest: i love the message as well. >>host: i think your teenage daughter will not roll her eyes that you. instead she will be like i like this thank you very much. i love the message as well. but that is why this is, even here. even a small star shines in the darkness. problem you have your inspiration right here. you could have then they go down depending on how you decide to wear it. is one of the ways to wear it and then " love and gives wings to the heart " if that light-heartedness is important to you that is what the symbolism is there. i do like them stacked with each other as well as
6:20 pm
with other bangle- bracelet you put them on, i love the way chelsea stack them and you are wearing (...) >>host: >>guest: they are comfortable. the most important thing is a piece fits your property and feels comfortable. how many times have you bought something or put something and you love the way it looks and the whole idea but then it does not feel good? >>host: that is a deal breaker. >>guest: but at the end of the day you will not wear it. this is something that will be so comfortable on. that you will wear it forever. >>host: and will be there for you if you are giving it as a gift.we have roofs from kentucky calling. --ruth+ do you think about this lineup today? >>caller: i think they are some
6:21 pm
wonderful pieces. especially like the cross pendant. i collect crosses and i have been to the church of the nativity. go. i got two of them. one i am giving to a dear friend who was going through a problem may be to give her some hope. >>guest: the serenity prayer? >>caller: the church of the nativity. >>guest: one of the things we did not mention at the church star that marks the place where jesus was born is on the cross so you see the circle. >>caller: there is just such serenity
6:22 pm
there. >>guest: i am glad you enjoyed it. >>host: thank you for calling important to have this wonderful piece of jewelry and great you were there. >>caller: thank you for giving all this beautiful jewelry to all us. >>host: we appreciate you being here at hsn.the first time i have heard of anybody who has been there. that is very exciting. if you want this bracelet the inspirational bangle-bracelet it is two $11.45 and it is that stainless steel. we have got build in the despite like he is shining bright telling us more about what coming up--in the spotlight. [♪ music ♪]
6:23 pm
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: anthony paolercio is here with michael anthony jewelry thank you for tuning in hsn and do not forget about the nativity cross. if you have an anklet gift or you wear them all the time i want to hear from you.this is in gold 11" is actually 10" is an 11 in. extender and it is hahearts. look at those spectacular d it is like water with sunlight shining on it. 6 c13 four months at under $20. so romantic! >>guest: what makes
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it so


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