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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  August 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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pleaded not guilty to all the charges. so there is -- there is definitely going to be a trial in april 2013 and i think we're going to see a lot more details coming out in court about what the police believe is happening with lolsack in the summer of 2011. it will be really interesting to see what comes out of that. >> so currently, these gentlemen -- and they were -- they're all men, correct? no women actually involved. >> that's right, yes. >> where are they? are they on house arrest, in jail? what's their status? >> they're on bail at the moment, except for ryan cleary, who broke his bail conditions. and again, you pay contempt of court i'm not allowed to discuss that in the u.k. but jake davis and ryan akro akroid are wearing electronic tags, which means they have a curfew, they're not allowed to be outside the house after 10:00 p.m. or before 7:00 a.m.
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arrested and is waiting to be sentenced. i heard he would be sentenced before the end of the year. but i am not clear on that. >> parmy olson, does anonymous
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in any way still exist. does lulzsec still exist? >> the worst of attempts to revive lulzsec although the main guys organizing it are definitely not on the internet any more. a few other guys from the anonymous community tried to start something called lulzsec reborn but nothing to offer in the same way. we have not seen another hacker group come to prominence with the same kind of attention are be as destructive as lulzsec was. there have been other splendor groups from anonymous with names like cabin crew and they have done some damage and gotten press attention but nowhere near the amount that lulzsec had. >> was there a relationship between wikileaks and the
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occupy wall st movement and anonymous and lulzsec? >> i think it was definitely a lot of support between the two sides. there was an overlap of -- and terms of left wing libertarianism. a lot of guys will align themselves with that ethos. certainly the kinds of processes they were using to propagate ideas and spread the word about an event, the people from occupy wall street could use those kinds of processes. people from anonymous were a part of occupy wall street as well. so there was definitely overlap there. nothing really official. but a some dyadic relationship. as far as wikileaks, one of the things i learned from reporting on anonymous and lulzsec was the guys that lulzsec were invited into a chat room where they could talk to representatives of wikileaks.
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one claimed to be julian assange himself. there was video evidence of this which was up loaded to youtube, showing julian assange at the laptop at the same time as a discussion happening with the lulzsec hackers and then deleted moments later. at that time, wikileaks or the representative was asking lulzsec to collaborate on hacking into the servers of an icelandic organization and try to find elements of corruption. this is really explosive stuff for lulzsec at the time. the guys were shocked that they were being in such grand company. it hit home that they had become big. the guys were actually reaching out to them. the and that try to find the vulnerability is in the icelandic organization and websites and they could not find it vulnerability they could actually exploit. it was a little too complicated so that the not go any further. but the collaboration did
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happen. there were a few discussions. >> how did you get in touch with these folks? >> i was very interested in anonymous when it first came to the floor in december 2010. i have always been interested in secret communities and underground groups and how those committees work and the relationships within them. i knew i wanted to find out more about anonymous. i asked and -- a well known observer if he could put the in touch with a spokesman a dented u.k. he gave me in e-mail that i wrote to. as e-mails went back and forth and i became more interested in this culture. the person behind this e-mail address was saying that allows them to see the world differently. i wanted to know more. that person and that being topiary and we transferred those discussions dues -- to skype.
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i eventually wrote a profile on him for forbes magazine. i decided i wanted to take it for other -- further. i reached out to other people in the networking got topiary to introduce me to others. there are so many interesting personal stories from the people i was speaking to about this being a way to tell the whole story of anonymous through the eyes of a people to a been a part of it. as they knew i was writing a book and not really a new story where whatever they said would be published next day, there were more open to talking to me and allowing me into some of these private chat rooms where they were discussing things. not really the chat rooms where they were discussing atacks but separate rooms degraded to talk to me. >> we are out of time but we have been talking with parmy olson, london bureau chief for "forbes" and author of the new book "we are anonymous, inside
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the hacker world of lulzsec." thank you for joining us here on c-span3 >> thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] but the library of congress has a new exhibit, books that shaped america. 88 books were selected by the library for their influence on america and american culture. here is a brief interview about the exhibit and how you can join in on an on-line chat about the library's list and what books you think should be included. >> we actually call that books that shaped america as opposed to some of the other words we consider like change. we think books stolie have an impact on american society. wly have an impact on american society and the very essence of what america is. the earliest book is actually ben franklin's book on electricity and thomas keynes
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book. many of them identified the we were becoming or aspirations we have had. others told about experiences that we had uniquely as americans. we also thought that it was very important to look at nonfiction and books that either were self- help for kind of broken barriers of certain kinds. there are many books that are innovative, that showed america as an innovative country. that use the books and stories to inspire going to the frontier. that could be literally or in the intellectual sense. >> if you like to participate in an on-line discussion with the associate librarian at the library of congress, one of people than ever on book tv, we would like to hear from you. e-mail us at
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>> if this was the scene about 9:00 eastern just after 9:00 eastern this morning in norfolk, virginia, in front of the uss wisconsin after mitt romney announced that paul ryan would be his selection to be a vice president and running mate. they barnstormed the state today after this announcement and covered a number of stops throughout virginia. the first of several days of a bus tour. with mitt romney and paul ryan. and more white house coverage coming up for you this evening. we will get to your phone calls and give you a chance to see this morning's events from our folks. -- hear from norfolk. if you want to see some of the other video we covered today and things we have shown you throughout the day, the secaucus speech in speak at the reagan
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library, all that you can find in our library at we will get your phone calls here on c-span and get your reaction to the pit of paul ryan by mitt romney. we will let you know the numbers in advance before you get to their -- before we get to your calls. for republicans, the number is 202-737-0002. independents and others, that number is -- 202-628-0205/ we will get your calls in a little bit. we are following twitter. thousands of postings today, in particular the hashtag is #romneyryan2012. here is one from his home state governor, scott walker treating in reagan democrat territory on the south side of milwaukee. patrons were thrilled with the
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pick. that is from governor scott walker. we will get your phone calls in a bit. we wanted to give you a chance to see the announcement this morning from the uss wisconsin in norfolk. it is just under 40 minutes.
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>> good morning. what a treat to be back in my own home. it is such a pleasure to be that the governor of the most business family state in america. [applause] thanks for having us here today. this is the mother of president, and birthplace of democracy. 405 years ago, the greatest country on earth gave birth to the united states of america. [applause]
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the home of the greatest in the world. all of you that our veterans, raise your hand so we can give you a round of applause? [applause] you understand like mitt romney, freedom is not free. it takes the blood and sweat and tears of american men and women in uniform. [applause] it is a treat to be here with the guy i think was the greatest reform governor of the modern era who will be next great united states senator, george allen. [applause] and 40 men and women in uniform are veterans, you know -- you have a better friend in congress than randy forbes.
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please help him get reelected. it is also a key to be with our great lieutenant officer, bill. he has done a great job creating jobs in virginia but we have some headwinds in washington. it will be easier quitting jobs in, virginia if we have a president mitt romney. [applause] -- easier getting jobs in virginia if we have a president mitt romney. how about that veteran singing the national anthem? she do okay? [applause] i am so delighted to have our next president here today. his opponent has been here. a little bit. it seems like every time he
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comes here, he makes a little news. he was here last week and said if i did not when virginia, i will not be president again. i want you to help him keep that promise. [applause] a couple of months -- of months ago, he came to roanoke and said something i still cannot believe. he said if you are successful in business, you did not build that. somebody else made that happen. ladies and gentlemen, i think that shows what we need a new president. that statement tells you everything you need to know. this is a president that does not understand the free enterprise system and the american dream and we need a change. let's say you are interviewing
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for a job or to get rehired, that is what the president is asking us to do. you have your reservation and you are trying to show your skills. but this resonance of the president. he says -- how about jobs, and 8% unemployment rate further 42 months. the lowest number of entrepreneurs starting new businesses than we did in over 30 years. not so good, mr. president. when it comes to energy, his record is making it harder for the coal industry to have new permits and harder for the natural-gas industry. making it harder to dispose of nuclear materials. refusing to allow virginians to use their god-given natural resources to drill for oil and
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natural gas. when it comes to that debt, let's look at that record. the largest increase in the american national debt in the history of our country. but $0.20 trillion. all of you young people, you are paying that bill. that is the record. and no plan to get out of it. only a budget that gets us to $25 trillion in debt by the year 2121 -- 2021. if you have that kind of resin i, there are only two words that come into my -- you are fired.
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thank god we have a clear choice in 2012 for the united states of america. [applause] because this election is about one important thing. which person has the vision to get the greatest country on earth out of debt and back to work? there are two very different ideas. there is the status quo with this president who has the view that more spending, taxes, and entitlements lead to prosperity. more unemployment, debt, and deficits. that hope of change has been fear and recession. then we have the positive and optimistic reagan-romney vision of america, the vision of the gop, the great opportunity party. if you work hard and dream big and he's a god-given talent, you can still be anything you want to be in this great land of freedom america. [cheers and applause] that is the vision of mitt romney who says this is a great land of freedom, hope, and opportunity. 100 years ago, a poor farm boy from ireland left on a ship and landed in boston. that was my grandfather.
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he worked as a laborer in a factor. he never thought that 100 years later, his grandson would end up with the same job of thomas jefferson, be the governor of virginia. but that is the united states of america. the land of dreams and opportunity. being an average middle-class kid from fairfax county, i am thrilled to be governor of virginia. that is the heart and soul of this campaign for mitt romney. doing things and putting policies in place at the port and expand and offer hope and opportunity for our middle-class families. governor romney has put forth a visionary five point plan to be able to get people back to work. promoted ought to burn our ships and small businesses because you did build it and if you do, you provide jobs and opportunity for other people.
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to balance our budget within the next eight years. to be able to get people trained in the skills and other disciplines necessary to create the work force of the future. to be able to have a sustainable energy future. this president has no plans. governor romney has and all of the above comprehensive plan to use our god-given natural resources to promote american energy independence. that will help the middle class create jobs and opportunity for a long time. [applause] you know the issues and you know the ideas of mitt romney. i want to say about all those policy issues, what really matters is heart and character and vision and passion. the scriptures say for lack of vision, the people perish. opposite is true. with vision, the people prosper.
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one of the loan is places anywhere you can find is the inside the that oval office. when the cabinet members leave and the advisers are gone, the president of the united states has to have faith and know what they believe and make the right decision for the people of the united states. that is what you get with mitt romney. he is a man of faith, a man of principle, a man who was been successful as governor, successful in the private sector, successful run in the olympics. he's a great family man. five kids, 18 grandkids. he has been incredibly generous to people all over the country and all of the world. he has an amazing passion and vision for the country. he has a deep and abiding love for america. and what it stands for and the great american dream. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. [applause]
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♪ ♪ >> thank you. what a welcome. thank you so much, virginia. hey, guys. what a great governor you have. what a terrific man and a terrific leader. way to go.
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[crowd chants "mitt!"] thank you said very much. it is great to be back in virginia. your city's duty is matched only by its proud heritage as a defender of freedom. thank you, va. thank you, norfolk. today we take another step forward in helping restore the promise of america. as we move forward in this campaign and on to help lead the nation to better days, it is an honor to announce my running mate in the next vice president of the night states, paul ryan. -- and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. [applause]
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his leadership begins with character and values. paul is a man of tremendous character, shaped in large part by his early life. his father died when he was in high school. that forced him to grow up earlier than a young man should. but paul did with the help of his devoted mother, his brothers and sister and his support of community. as he did, he internalized the virtues and hard-working ethics of the midwest. paul ryan works in washington but his belize remain firmly rooted in janesville, wisconsin. -- but his roots remain firmly planted in janesville, wisconsin. his word is good. his upbringing is obvious in how he has conducted himself. including his leadership in
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washington. in a city that is far too often characterized by pettiness and personal attackspaul ryan is a shining exception. he does not demonize his opponents. he understands that honorable people can have honest differences and he appeals to the bat -- to the better angels of our nature. there are a lot of people and in the other party who might disagree with party -- with paul ryan. i cannot know anyone who does not respect his character -- i do not know anyone who does not respect his character. [applause] paul is in public life for all the right reasons. not to advance his personal ambition but two events the ideals of freedom and justice. and to increase opportunity and prosperity to people of every class and faith, every age and ethnic background. a faithful catholic, paul belize in the words and dignity of
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every human life. -- paul belives in the words and dignity of every human life. [applause] with energy and vision, paul ryan has become an intellectual leader of the republican party. he understands the fiscal challenges facing america are exploding deficit in crushing debt and the fiscal catastrophe that awaits us if we do not change course. he combines the profound sense of responsibility for what we owe the next generation with an unbounded optimism in america's future and understanding of all the wonderful things american people can do. he also combines firm principles with the practical concern for getting things done. he has never been content to simply curse the darkness. he would rather light candles. throughout his career, he has shown the ability to work with members of both parties to find
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common ground on some of the hardest issues confronting the american people. paul and i are beginning on a journey that will take this to every corner of america. we are offering a positive governing agenda that will lead to economic growth, to widespread and shared prosperity and will improve the lives of our fettle -- fellow citizens. our plan to strengthen the middle class will get america back to work and our country back on track. [applause] we offer solutions that are told, specific and achievable. we offer our commitment to help create 12 million new jobs and to bring better take-home pay to middle-class families. [applause]
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to strengthen the middle class, will provide our workers and children with the skills to succeed. we will cut the deficit, have traded that works for america and champion small business. we will unleash our energy resources to achieve north american energy independence. [applause] we will health care for those who cannot care for themselves and we will return to work to welfare. [applause] as poverty has risen to historic and tragic levels, with nearly one out of six americans falling
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into poverty, we will bring these families into the middle class. unlike the current president who was cut medicare funding by $700 billion, we will preserve and protect medicare and social security and keep it for the next generation. [applause] under the current president, healthcare has only become more expensive. we are going to reform health care so that more americans have access to affordable health care and will get that started by repealing obamacare. [applause] a time when the president also campaign is taking american politics to new lows, all we are going to do something very differently. we are going to talk about aspirations and


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