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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  August 28, 2012 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the and fixable and to help people perform to their highest potential. mitt romney is the right man at the right time, and will be a great leader for our country. it is my honor to nominate mitt it is my honor to nominate mitt romney for the office of united states -- for the office of president of united states of america. [applause] >> the chair recognizes the delegates from the great state of virginia.
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>> throughout his life, people have turned to a leader when they needed help. each time, mitt romney answered the call and he led. mitt romney, with him of the become agrees, and diligence has succeeded at everything he has done. as a governor, with a cabinet, it was 50% women. a turnaround at the scandal- plagued olympics. as a father, a grandfather, and a trusted friend. he is a man uniquely prepared and committed to lead america at this critical point when we can do so much better with the right leadership. i am so pleased that this week
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the american people are again leading this man in seeing with some many of us to know what we have always seen, this is a man to admire, trust, and in trust the leadership of the country. i am proud to second the nomination of mitt romney for the office of president of the united states of america. [applause]
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>> the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts. >> a friend of mine who founded staples with mitt said that mitt romney makes everyone around him greater than they were. 1 of those folks that went on to help mitt romney at the olympics at a salt lake city, every day, you say to yourself, i owe it to admit to be better today than i was yesterday. if there is ever a time for americans to be inspired, that time is now. today, we come together as a party to nominate a man who will energize and inspired this great country of ours. the time has come for a new day in america.
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the moment is now, that man is mitt romney. it is my incredible honor to second the nomination of mitt romney. >> the states will be called in alphabetical order during the roll call. any delegation might pass when his name is called. during the roll call, the chair will announce the vote of each state.
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the secretary will announce the votes to which each state is entitled. i am pleased to introduce our distinguished secretary of the convention, the lieutenant governor of iowa, and the assistant secretary, kelly knight of kentucky. i am pleased to introduce our tally clark.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, let us commence the call of the role of the state's. alabama, 50 votes. >> madame secretary, i am proud to lead the alabama delegation. alabama is on the move. a leader in transportation technology, 3 world-class auto manufacturing plants and a new jet plant just announced. we need a job-builder who will cut the debt holding us back.
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delegates unanimously cast our votes for the only person who can do that, the next president of the united states, the mitt romney. >> alabama, 50, romney. alaska, 27 votes. >> madame secretary, alaska, the largest red state in this glorious union, enjoys an abundance of pristine coastline, towering mountain ranges, roaring rivers, lakes, streams, a gigantic glaciers, wonderful wildlife, extraordinary natural resources, and i unprecedented duty.
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alaskas stands ready to elect a new president of the united states. alaska casts 18 votes for gov. mitt romney and 9 votes for representative ron paul. >> alaska, 18 f.. romney. >> american samoa, 9 votes. >> we are the only american soil in the southern hemisphere. as proud americans, we cast our votes to elect the next president and vice-president of the united states of america, gov. mitt romney and a congressman paul ryan. they will restore economic health and stability to all of
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the people of america. >> american samoa, 9. romney. arizona, 29 votes. >> i am gender, governor of the great state of arizona. -- i am jan brewer, governor of the great state of arizona. fellow delegates, thank you. governor romney might not be from the west but he is a westerner at heart.
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he embodies our western spirit and shows all that can be achieved with the american formula of hard work, face, opportunity, freedom. i am proud to announce that arizona, the grand canyon state, 26 votes in nomination of mitt romney and 3 votes for ron paul. >> arizona, 26 running. -- 26, romney. >> arkansas casts its 36 votes
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for the next president of united states, mitt romney and the next vice-president of the united states, paul ryan. >> california. >> at a time in california continues to suffer, we must instead choose to restore our economy and to restore belief in america california, the state
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that gave america and of the world the inspirational leadership of ronald reagan. the great state of california proudly casts all of our 172 votes for another champion and another living example of american exceptionalism, governor mitt romney. >> calif., 172, romney. colorado, 36 votes.
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>> madame secretary, i am proud to stand and represent the great state of colorado. the words "america the beautiful" were inspired by the mountains from the top pikes peak. we will tat and -- will cast the deciding votes today. the source of the marble which graces the lincoln memorial and the tomb of the unknowns soldier. as well as that standing snow and skiing. i am proud to stand here with 1 of the fund as members of not only our delegation but this
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delegation, a student from the university and soon to be freshman. a certain president is campaigning on a colorado campus. >> i am proud to be done is member of the colorado delegation. i would encourage you to get involved, take this nation back. "colorado, 28 -- >> in colorado, 28.
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>> conn., home of the next republican united states senator, linda mcmahon. far week probably cast all 28 votes for our friend, governor mitt romney. >> delaware, 17 votes. >> we are the first state -- ladies and gentlemen, excuse me
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-- to make its pride in our country, our way of life known, cast all 17 of our delegates, all 17 of the delegate votes for the man who will return constitutional government to the u.s., the man who will return their rule of law to the white house, mitt romney. >> delaware, 17, romney. district of columbia, 19 votes. >> the district of columbia is excited to pledge all 19 of our delegate votes to mitt romney. >> district of columbia, 19, romney.
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florida, 50 votes. >> madame chair, i asked that we take a moment of silence for those that have been affected by the storm as well as those that will potentially be impacted by the storm. florida is the sunshine state, well, most times. i am the lieutenant governor from a general carol, proud mom of gov. rick scott, who has shown america that florida knows how to prepare and respond to hurricanes and provide less touted to our visitors. -- and provide hospitality to our visitors. [applause]
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florida is also proud to have in the home of governor romney's first major state primary victory. the proud home to the convention that will nominate governor romney for president and 29 collect oral votes that will put governor romney over the top. -- 29 electoral votes that will put governor romney over the top. we cast our votes for gov. mitt romney. >> fla., 50, romney. georgia, 76 votes. >> madame secretary, on behalf of the georgia republican voters and the empire state.
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i stand here with the speaker of the house. we, along with the governor probably give 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states, mitt romney and paul ryan. >> could i please have the state of georgia repeat your account? >> 72 votes for mitt romney. we have 34 ron -- 3 for ron paul
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and one and decided. >> georgia, 72, rumomney. guam, 9 votes. >> i am the governor of warm and it spread republicans. we are where america's day begins. i have my purpleheart
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commemoration to. we have a simple count, it is 9 delegates unanimously for the next president of united states, mitt romney. >> bomb, 9, mitt romney. -- guam, 9, romney. >> hawaii. >> i'm the vice chair of the hawaii delegation. why is proud to cast 3 votes for congressman ron paul and 17 votes for mitt romney including 5 released santorum delegates.
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we are proud to be here and we are described as the loveliest fleet of violence to sail in any ocean. there are republicans in hawaii and we are here have a our voices heard. >> ally, 17. -- hawaii, 17th. >> idaho. >> i bring you greetings from the land of the balanced budget and also 32 votes for the president of the u.s. who will balance our national budget.
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>> idaho, 32, romney. illinois, 69 votes. >> i am the republican treasurer of the state of illinois. we are the birthplace of ronald reagan. i want all of you to think about january 20th, 2013. you will be watching the television set and it will be a bitter winter day in illinois. at about 11:00 central time, you will see the supreme court justice of the u.s. walking out, you will see mitt and ann romney coming out. he will raise his right hand and become the leader of the free world. shortly after that, he will
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lift out of washington d.c., michelle and barack obama. we are the state to be a the immediate past president of the u.s.. 6914 atom is leave for mitt romney to be the president -- 69 unanimous vot for mitt romney to be the next president of the united states. >> illinois, 69, romney. indiana, 46 votes. >> madame secretary, the great state of indiana, where gov. daniels lead us to a $2 billion short plus stocks are plus, tax cuts, and balance budgets and where we will soon elect our 50th governor and richard
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murdock, the 51st vote to repeal and replace obamacare in the u.s. senate. we will have two republican women joining us in congress and there are already strong congressional delegations. expand our state house and legislative majorities, and keep all of our statewide elected offices proudly cast all of our 46 delegate votes to america's next great president, mitt romney.
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>> the first in the nation as caucus state that rewards hard- working liberty-loving candidates with delegates to this man is a convention. iowa casts the 22 votes for ron paul. [applause] and 6 votes for mitt romney. , 6, romney. kansas, 40 votes. >> madame secretary, i am proud to represent the great state of kansas. a state where we often say,
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there is no place like home for barack obama in chicago. a state where we grow leaders like general eisenhower, senator bob dole, and our incredible governor, sam brownback. a governor who is leading us to become flayincome tax. in kansas, we celebrate success like k state football. leadership, success, these are all great qualities in mitt romney's.
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we cast 39 votes for mitt romney. .> kentucky's >> kentucky, the horse capital of the world. the home of the most important horserace in the world, the kentucky derby, and indisputably the college basketball champion state of the nation, and proudly casts all 45 of its votes for mitt romney, the next president of the united states. >> kentucky, 45, romney.
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louisiana, 46 votes. >> madam chairman, glad to be here. the home of gov. bobby jindal. we are proud to be here today and we think all of america for the thoughts and prayers. we would like to record 12 votes for santorum, 12 for paul, and at 32 for romney. >> louisiana, 32, romney. maine, 24 votes. >> as a proud member of the main legislature, i am proud to say for the first time in 48
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years, maine has a republican house, senate, gov.. [applause] maine republicans are working hard to restore our job climate. we are looking forward it to defeating obama this fall. we are proud to cast 14 votes for mitt romney and 10 votes for ron paul. >> maine, 14, romney. maryland, 37 votes. >> madam secretary, the great state of maryland, home to the beautiful chesapeake bay, our maryland terrapins, and the finest blue crabs on the face of the earth, also the home of the u.s. naval academy, and we're coming up to the celebration of
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"the200th anniversary of th star spangled banner" in baltimore, we are broadcast all boats for mitt romney and paul rye alan. >> maryland, 37 romney. massachusetts. >> and secretary, the home of mitt romney, the great commonwealth of massachusetts, unanimously and proudly casts all 41 of our votes for mitt romney and paul ryan. >> statistics, 41, romney. -- massachusetts, 41, romney. michigan. 30 votes.
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>> as chairman of the michigan delegation and the governor of the great state of michigan, it is great to be here. we were at the state at the bottom for the last decade, and we are proud to say the republican leadership, we balance our budget, and we need that mess in washington text. where the place to look to, and we're proud of that. -- we are the place to look to, and we're proud of that. you are all welcome to come to michigan. i am proud to report we take great pride in being the home state of governor romney and the romney family. defer toi'm proud to the announcement of the boat to the brother of mitt romney, scott romney.
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>> scott, scott, scott. >> the great state of michigan, where mitt romney's father, george romney, served as governor, michigan, where ann romney and nick romney were born and raised, but from a loves our country. he will bring jobs and opportunity to the poor and middle class. he will restore fiscal sanity and economic growth. he will provide america up with leadership and bringing peace and prosperity to home and abroad. i am truly to announce these votes for a man who happens to be my brother and whom i love, mitt romney, the next president of the united states.
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24 votes for mitt romney, four boats for ron paul. y. again, 24, romney minnesota, 48 boats. >> minnesota, where we are very proud of our state republican party, which runs a fair convention with integrity. we cast 33 votes for ron paul, one vote for senator rick santorum, and six votes for
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governor romney. >> minnesota, 6, romney. mississippi. 48 boats. votes. >> on behalf of the state of mississippi, i am pleased to cast our 40 votes for governor mitt romney. >> miss the city, 40, romney. -- mississippi, 40, romney. missouri, 52 votes. >> matt and secretary, missouri, the show-me state, the home of the world champion st. louis
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cardinals, and the only battleground state that voted republican in 2008, cast three votes for senator santorum, four boats for ron paul, and 45 votes for mitt romney. -- four votes for ron paul, and 45 votes for mitt romney. >> misery, 45, romney. montana, 36 votes. >> from big sky country, the treasure state, with our coal, oil, and gas puling america, which cast all 26 votes for mitt romney. >> tech, 26, romney. >> nebraska, 35 votes.
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>> madam secretary, i am proud to be from the cornhuskers state, a red stake, the state of the top-ranked college women's volleyball team in the nation, and to the best annual collegiate sport the event in the nation, omaha's college world series, the state that is the land of the sikh stand hills from where our next u.s. senator, a rancher and a small person, chaos. once she is elected, every statewide office will be held by a republican. a state led by republican governor who has balance our budget without raising taxes. nebraska casts 33 of votes for the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> nebraska, 33, kwami.
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>> -- romney. >> nv, 28 votes. >> in nevada, freedom is not just a word, it is a way of life. the silver stake is well represented here at the national convention. we have delegates here from clark county, home of las vegas, entertainment capital of the war, douglas county on the shores of lake tahoe, elko county, mining capital of the world. six states nominated that champion of the cuts in addition, congressman paul for president of the united states. iowa, minnesota, alaska, virgin islands, ore., and nevada, and
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the spirit of freedom that has inspired the founding of our country and in honor of the liberty that has made the united states the greatest country on earth, we proudly cast 17 votes for congressman ron paul five abstentions, and 54 romney. >> nevada, five, romney. >> new hampshire. 12 votes. >> madam secretary, new hampshire, the granite state, where it all begins, where this year not just our leaves will turn color, but the entire state will turn red, new hampshire, zero of wolfboro, next summer white house for the united states of america, new hampshire
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cast's nine votes for mitt romney of massachusetts and 34 representative ron paul. >> new hampshire, 9, romney. >> new jersey, 50 votes. >> madam secretary, the garden state, the proud owner of tonight's keynote address given by governor chris christie, proudly casts all 50 of its votes for the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> new jersey, 50, romney. >> >> new mexico, 23 votes.
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>> madam speaker, new mexico has 400 years of cultures working
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together. new mexico is the home of the country's first latina governor, governor suzanne m. ortiz does. new mexico is where we teach our children to respect others and themselves. new mexico is looking for a president who will unite this country. new mexico casts all 23 votes for mitt romney. >> new mexico, 23, romney. >> new york, 95 votes. >> madam secretary, the great state of the york, the empire state, which stretches from the atlantic ocean to lake erie, new york, the media capital of the world and the financial capital of the world, new york, which
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won from the democrats were congressional seats than any other states in sweeping nancy pelosi out of the speakership, new york, reacting to the vision of mitt romney, of a society of free people and free enterprise, private casts all its 95 votes for the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> new york, 95, romney. >> north carolina, 55 boats. -- 55 votes. >> the great state of north carolina was blue in 2008. madam secretary, this year north
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carolina will be wolf pack red in 2012. and we cast seven votes for paul, and we proudly cast 48 votes for the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> north carolina, 48, romney. >> north dakota, 28 votes. >> secretary, i am the governor of the great state of north dakota, the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the united states, fastest-growing personal incomes in the united states, and the only state to have a surplus all four years
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of recession, because we built its. -- we built it. our state is the home of senator john heoven, representative rick berg, and the home of the divisional i-a champion north could as distinct -- north dakota state bisons, north dakota casts five votes for ron paul. >> north dakota, 23, romney. >> northern mariana islands, nine votes. >> madam secretary, i am the governor from the northern mariana islands.
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the newest u.s. territory. we joined the american political family in 1978. we are very proud to be here. we are strong believers in god, and we believe in america. importantly, today or tonight, we believe in governor mitt romney, we are proud to cast all our delegate votes to the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> northern mariana islands, 9, romney. >> ohio, 66 of votes. >> madam chairman, i am the governor of the great state of all ohio, and on behalf of our
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delegation and the great state of ohio, which leads the midwest in job creation, number 4 in america, is the home also of a u.s. presidents, the birthplace of such incredible inventors as thomas edison and the wright brothers, and of course, the home of many great astronauts, including john glenn and the incredible neil armstrong -- incredible neil armstrong -- ohio casts all 66 of its votes for the next president and vice president, mitt romney and paul ryan. >> ohio, 66, romney. >> oklahoma, 43 vote.
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>> madam chairman, i am the governor from the great state of oklahoma. from a state that believes in faith, family, and freedom, from a state that has one of the strongest economies in the united states and an unemployment rate of 4.9%, the state that is in the heartland of america and is the home of janet ryan, felt paul ryan, and also the state that is the wettest stake in the nation where barack obama lost every single county in our state, we proudly cast 34 votes for the next president of united states, mitt romney, and six votes for ron paul.
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>> oklahoma, 34, romney. >> oregon, 28 votes. >> i am so proud to be the chairman of the oregon delegation here. oregon is a resurgent read state. we are tied in our house, a virtual tie in the senate come of oregon is going to be the next red state on the west coast. i never thought i would say this, but we are going to beat the new jersey of the west. the great state of oregon casts , ronotes, 4 votes paul, one of both, rick
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santorum, and 23 votes, mitt romney. >> or done, 23, romney. >> pennsylvania, 72 boats. >> madam secretary, i'm governor, corbin, and i am proud to be leading the delegation from the great commonwealth of pennsylvania, the cradle of democracy. the birthplace of a nation, where our constitution and declaration of independence were both created. where this party started in pennsylvania with its first meeting in pittsburgh and its first national convention in 1856 in philadelphia. i am proud to say that we are here to tell the world that we are open for business, and i am proud to say that we are going to support the next president of
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united states, by casting 67 votes for mitt romney. five votes for paul -- for ron paul perry 67. >> pennsylvania, 67, romney. >> puerto rico, 23 votes. >> that secretary -- madame secretary, i am proud america. puerto rico, behalf of the proud americans of puerto rico, 51st state of the union, with a second highest military participation in in the state of the union, where governor romney won the republican primary by
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83% of the votes, we cast our 200 votes for the next president of the united states america, mitt romney. 23 votes. >> porter re, 23, romney. >> -- porter re, 23, romney. -- puerto rico, 23, romney perry . >> rhode island. >> it is the home of the likes you know as that rating miss usa. i am pleased now to yield to the
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mayor of the city of cranston, for our report. >> thank you, mr. chair. i am proud to it cast all the votes for what -- for votes for ron paul, and the overwhelming majority, 15 votes, for mitt romney. >> rhode island, 15, romney. >> south carolina, 25 votes. >> i and the state treasurer, and i am honored to cast on behalf of the diligent and god- loving people of south carolina, 24 of our 25 votes for the diligent, hard-working and god- loving mitt romney.
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at one vote for dr. ron paul. >> of carolina, 24, romney. -- south carolina, 24, romney. >> south dakota, 28 votes. >> madam secretary, south dakota is the rushmore state. it is home to wall to rob, the big pioneer of the show, and is the pheasant hunting capital of the world. under the leadership of our great governor, we balance our budget every year, and because of policies put in place by our governor, and a republican legislature, south dakota as the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation. we invite people to come to our state. we're open for business in south dakota. south dakota casts all 28 of its delegation votes for the next president of united states, mitt
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romney. >> s.d., 28, romney. >> tennessee, 58 votes. >> madam secretary, tennessee, a state with no income tax, no debt, and the budget surplus, a state that first cast their vote to finally give women the right to vote, and put george bush over the top in 2000, proudly casts all 50 evidence for the man who is more than ready to take on the challenges facing this country, governor mitt romney. >> tennessee, 58, romney.
5:56 pm
>> texas, 155 votes. >> madam secretary, i am the chairman of the republican party of texas. texas cannot the largest republican state in the union, whose citizens, for 20 years, have had the good sense not to elect a single democrat statewide, and which has led the nation in job creation for the last 10 years because we actually still believe in capitalism, casts one vote uncommitted, one vote for
5:57 pm
governor buddy roemer, one vote for governor jon huntsman, one vote for congresswoman michele bachmann, one vote for senator rick santorum, 28 votes for our fellow texan and defender of liberty, ron paul, and 130 votes for the man that will lead our party to victory and our country to prosperity, the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> texas, 130, romney. >> utah, 48 boats. >>-- 40 votes. >> on behalf of senior senator orrin hatch of the great state of utah, which posted the
5:58 pm
greatest olympics in history, because of the greatest snow on earth and the impeccable, proven leadership of the drama, and utah, which consistently has the best managed stake in the nation compound this governor ski government out of your pocket, to the great salt lake, 40 votes ously pass a 4 for utah's favorite adopted son, mitt romney. >> utah, 40, romney. >> thurmont, 17 boats -- vermont, 78 votes. >> thurmont, america's first
5:59 pm
republicm, today road runners and chairs with the gulf states that are being affected by isaac on the anniversary of for not being ravaged by hurricane irene, our sympathies, thoughts, and our prayers, as they recover from what is going on. the great state of vermont is pleased to cast its votes, four four ron paul, and 13 for the team for the times, mitt romney and paul rye and. -- paul rye and. virginia, 49 votes.
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>> i am governor bob mcdonnell of the great commonwealth of virginia. the cradle of democracy where america began in 16 07 in jamestown, virginia. the home of patriots like george washington, thomas jefferson, and patrick henry and new patriots like the majority leader eric cantor and the youngest member of the republican national convention, evan, aged 17. at the home of the lowest unemployment rate in the southeast. the state that has accumulated $1.4 billion in surplus. we are honored to cast three votes for congressmen ron paul -- [applause]
6:01 pm
and 46 votes for mitt romney. [applause] >> virginia, 46, of long romney. -- romney. >> of virgin islands, nine votes. >> united states marine corps it is retired. i am here with kevin dixon, the student government president at the university of virgin islands and our delegation. american's parent dies, the territory of the united states virgin islands. , theerica's paradise territory of the united states virgin islands, and gives our support and our votes, one vote for john paul. -- ron paul.
6:02 pm
eight votes for the next president of our united states, my harvard classmate, governor mitt romney. [applause] >> of virgin islands, 8, romney .] >> washington, 43 votes. >> madam secretary, we are from the real washington, a washington state. we are not from the washington that is bleeding st bankrupt. we are from the evergreen state. green from trees, not other people's money. we cast five votes for ron paul. and we cast 38 votes for the next president of the united states, mitt romney. [applause]
6:03 pm
>> washington, 38, romney. >> west virginia, 31 votes. >> republic in the gubernatorial candidates from the great state of west virginia where our motto, mountaineers are always free, has never run more true. where we need a man like mitt romney to stop the war on coal, the ft barack obama, -- defeat barack obama, and bring jobs back to our state and nation. west virginia is proud to cast all 31 of its votes for the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> west virginia, 31, romney.
6:04 pm
wisconsin, 42 votes. >> i am governor scott walker. [applause] [cheers] thanks. thanks. thank you, fellow delegates. wisconsin -- wisconsin -- [applause] wisconsin, wisconsin, at the home of the national football league's mvp, major league baseball's mvp, miss america,
6:05 pm
and our national chairman, but most importantly, someone i know as the bravest person i know in politics, the most courageous and decent, the next vice president, paul ryan is from wisconsin. [applause] wisconsin proudly casts 41 votes for the next president, mitt romney and one vote for ron paul. >> wisconsin, 41, romney. >> wyoming, 29 votes. >> madam secretary, we may be last in the alphabet but we are
6:06 pm
first and so many other ways. we are the equality state. we give women their right to vote. we were the first 80 do that. we are home of the first national park, and the grand tetons, we are the number one energy-producing state exporter in the country. [applause] we are number one in coal, which produce oil and gas. with our great toryism, we are a can-do state that produces not just for our state, but for all of the country. we are also a first in other ways, we were the state to give mitt romney his first victory in his first to delegate. -- and his first delegate. it is a pleasure on behalf of the republicans in the state of wyoming to say we are the rest -- the reddest state.
6:07 pm
we proudly, today provide 28 votes for the next president of the united states, mitt romney. one vote for ron paul. >> wyoming, 28, romney. [applause] [chanting mitt]
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>> are there any states that have not voted or wish to change their votes? we are prepared to announce the results of the role call. the honorable mitt romney has received 2061 votes. [applause] more than a majority entitled to be cast at this convention. mitt!'s go,
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[applause] >> that chair is pleased to appoint the following american to serve as the escort committee for the honorable mitt romney, at ben romney and tag romney. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the republican leader of the united states senate, the honorable mitch mcconnell of kentucky. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, it is time to determine our nominee for vice president of the united states. the chair states that in compliance with the rule 40b, the chair has evidence that a majority of delegates from each of eight or more states supports the candidates who will be presented for nomination for vice president of the united states. the chair would like to remind delegates of rule 40a which provides in part that if there is only one candidate for nomination for vice president who has demonstrated the support required by paragraph b, and motioned to nominate such office by acclamation shall be in order and no calling of the role
6:14 pm
with respect to such office shall be required. at this time, the chair states that he has been furnished with evidence that there is only one can it for nomination for the -- candidate for a nomination for the office of vice president of the rules of the convention. delegates and alternates, please welcome steve king, the national for wisconsin. >> good evening. in two months, our country faces a momentous decision. we will decide whether to continue our slide into debt and
6:15 pm
dependence, or whether to restore opportunity and self- determination. i believe the americans looking for leadership, americans are searching for substance. we are here because mitt romney has chosen as his running mate the first real leader of his generation, a man who can help us believe in america and again. his name is paul ryan. we are here tonight as republicans united and excited for a romney-ryan presidency. i remember talking with paul. even at the age of 27, he was a
6:16 pm
man with big ideas and the courage of his convictions. this time in politics has been a family affair. his brother helped lead the campaign. his mother and sister in law knocked on doors and gave fliers. now he is joined by his wife and sons.ughter and you will find them in church on any given sunday and after that watching a packers game or swapping stories with family. from his first campaign, paul asked voters directly, hire me. he has reminded his constituents, every member, i work for you. -- remember, i work for you.
6:17 pm
he never forgets out -- who he works for. nobody has been more effective for the good of wisconsin and america. paul ryan has the courage to tell the truth, even when the truth is hard to cure. -- to hear. he has paid, thoughtful ideas -- big, thoughtful ideas. he has the determination to tackle tough challenges, even those others choose to ignore. paul ryan is the leader we need at this moment in our nation's history. mitt romney believes that. do we? [applause] ladies and gentlemen, it is my singular honor and distinct privilege to nominate my good
6:18 pm
friend, my fellow citizen of wisconsin, a genuinely good men from the midwest, paul d. ryan to be vice president of the united states of america. thank you. [applause] [chanting "ryan!"] >> delegates and alternates, pursuant to rule 40a, the chair recognizes our distinguished
6:19 pm
friend from pennsylvania. >> mr. chairman, i move that paul ryan from the state of wisconsin be nominated by acclamation. by this republican national convention for the office of vice president of the united states. mr. chairman, paul ryan believes in america. [applause] >> without objection, the previous question is ordered. the question is on the motion that paul ryan be nominated by acclamation. all those in favor signify by saying aye. those opposed, say no. in the opinion of the chairopinion the motion is agreed to -- in the opinion of the chair, the motion is agreed to.
6:20 pm
ladies and gentlemen, i am proud to announce that paul ryan has the support of this convention to be the next vice-president of the united states. [applause] [chanting "ryan!"] the chair of points the following great americans to serve as the escort committee for their brother. the brother of our new nominee. janet ryan, tobin ryan and stan ley ryan.
6:21 pm
[applause] thank you very much. in a moment, let me make clear, we will recess until this evening's session. then we will reconvene at approximately 7:15. however, delegates should begin returning around 6:50. in order to be at -- in your seats at 7:10. thank you for your cooperation. the chair declares the 2012 convention in recess subjects to the call of the chair. h[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪
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>> good evening, and welcome to our coverage of the republican national convention. this is the first official day of the convention. there was a session yesterday. there was an unusual roll-call vote on this early part of the convention. but because of the storm and a rescheduling, tonight making it official that mitt romney and paul ryan are the gop nominees for the 2012 election. during the next 45 minutes, while the convention is in a break, we are going to open up our phone lines for your reaction to the ticket. we would like -- people who
6:27 pm
support the ticket and support blow and all others. we will take some telephone calls -- president obama and all others. we will take some telephone calls. we will talk to people who were here in person and get their reaction. we're going to start with reaction from the floor. steve is down there. he has some people to talk to. >> we are at the new jersey delegation. this is todd christie. first of all, how has your brother been preparing for tonight's speech? >> he did his last practice yesterday. he would like to get away from it to the day of. he spoke this morning, had a couple of meetings and has spent the bulk of the day in his hotel with his family. >> when did he get interested in
6:28 pm
politics. are you surprised or did you expect to see him at this level in the retarded -- republican party. >> it is great to have asked me this. chris got involved in this and -- in politics because of this governor. during one of his early campaigns, chris expressed to my mom that he wanted to get involved in politics and go to work for the governor. my mom said, ok, let's get in the car and go. he was 14, or 13, and they drove up to his house and knocked on the door. nowadays, a chris probably would have got shot. thank god it was back then. >> you deliver the keynote address. we showed a portion of it today. how did you prepare for the speech in 1998?
6:29 pm
>> it is a difficult speech to give. it means you are setting the tone for the convention and possibly the campaign. it has to be right. you have to point out the problems the democrats have but you also have to set a vision for the party. you have to paint the picture that mitt romney is going to carry from here. it is not an easy speech to right. you're talking to the convention and millions of people who will never see governor christie in person. >> some of the headlines that it was a hard sell. and a soft sell by ann romney. >> we'll have to wait and see. governor christie can be tough but he is also highly intelligent. he can also be thoughtful. i will tell you, one of the top
6:30 pm
for women around is ann romney. how soft it will be i do not know. she has been a tough campaigner. she loves that i very much. >> you remember that meeting when he was 14? >> i will never forget it. when he gets up to speak tonight, there will be a vision of the kit on my front steps, saying, i want to get into politics. he certainly did. >> looking at that point and come back keynotes, i jersey style. there has been a lot of talk about how hard this speech will be. what can we expect from an audience? >> will have to see until the governor comes on. but i agree with governor kane, my brother is known by a lot of moments that it posted on youtube. things again repeated over and over again. he is incredibly funny.
6:31 pm
unbelievably intelligent and has a number second to none. i think america will get a chance to see all sides of governor christie tonight. >> thank you for being with us. susan? >> chris christie will deliver that keynote address at the 10:00 hour tonight as will ann romney delivered her speech leading into local news coverage across the united states. later on we will give you a rundown of who to expect at what times that you can plan accordingly. remember we are stringing this online at c-span -- streaming this on line as you get real-time coverage of the convention and a lot of commentary by people watching it
6:32 pm
and involved in it on our convention page on our website. let's start taking calls to get your reaction to the official nomination of mitt romney and paul ryan as candidates for the republicans, beginning with a brian, a supporter in ohio. caller: it is a glorious day to day for america. governor brawny, the next president, a nominating him, is a great day. get rid of the chicago style crux, barack obama. he is the -- he has destroyed this country. it is time for this country to get back again on top of the world. we are number one, the red, white, and blue is number one. he is going to get this country back on track. >> our next caller is my call from new york. he is a supporter of president
6:33 pm
obama. caller: i know this is a joyous day for the republicans. this is the country of the red, white, and blue. mitt romney, paul ryan has a tendency to talk about obama -- which is not true. i would like to see more media addresses directly. as far as i am concerned, obama is a great president. he believes in the red, white, and blue. pretty much, though republicans but -- >> >> is a comment isryan in philadelphia. -- next is a comment from ryan in philadelphia. caller: you had romney and
6:34 pm
others. the other is was a majority for ron paul. i watch c-span to get that? and i think it was a disservice to the -- the fact and i think it was a disservice to not name those who got the votes. it was a onetime only vote. c-span, obviously, from watching the outcome that they did not want to mention anybody else's name. but from the statistics point of it, c-span should have put on the other people, especially ron paul who was basically the other. any comment on why that was the way it was? >> thank you for the critique. i do not have an expectation except it was moving in that direction, at the tally of the others would have been a small
6:35 pm
number. thank you for watching. let's go back to the floor. >> susan, governors scott walker is finishing up an interview. a large chair for him as he was ready to place paul ryan's name. we are going to move over here. why do you take another call. >> be glad to. texas is next. ted, you are on. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to congratulate mitt romney for this resounding nomination and their ability to restart the economic engine of the united states. >> california is next as we take reaction from across the country. tonight's vote putting in mitt romney and paul ryan as the official candidates for the gop.
6:36 pm
reginald supporting the president. caller: thank you for taking my call. there have been many warnings to the republicans but they are not listening. the only thing they see is the defeat of the black president. that burns in their miserable souls. what kind of president can romney call himself? many will not be able to vote for or against him because of legislature to ensure those citizens did not vote. can he claim to be a legitimate president? the republicans are in a scary scandal here resulting in anger but they will never be able to overcome.
6:37 pm
thank you. >> thank you. gov walker is ready so we will return. >> i did not want to interview that -- interrupt that interview. you had quite a year. >> it is nice to be campaigning for others. >> what does that feel like for you? >> it was great. it has never been about applause. it has bet -- been about getting things done. it was not about personalities. it is because the things we have done. we appreciate that. that is a good message. the american people want people who will fix things. >> what is in the water up there? >> revolution. we grew up just down the away from each other. in many ways, we were influenced by president reagan.
6:38 pm
we have an eternal believe in the power of the american people and the american spirit. i think you are going to see that this week. it just happens we came into our own at the same time. >> tomorrow, what can we expect from paul ryan? >> i think we know him in wisconsin. we love him across the board. i think people are going to need to hear about to be is, other people do not know what an incredible focus he has on a pro-growth agenda for america. i think they are going to hear a lot of that and he will make that case as to why mitt romney is qualified to be president and has the passage -- passion to be an exceptional president. paul had a great kickoff yesterday. i think you will see governor romney back often. that is important in the midwest.
6:39 pm
there is a good chunk of the battleground states. we like to hear from the candidates. the vote to the person, not just the party. the more he comes to wisconsin, it is a winning message. this president has failed. 12 million of our fellow americans out of work. the last month, 44 of the 50 states sought unemployment go up. that is an indictment. you will hear that tonight. i think tomorrow night and on thursday night, you will hear the case about how they're going to help all americans, the taxpayers do better under their administration. >> when did he let you know he was picked by mitt romney? >> he kept his word. he and i write a lot and he wrote to me words of encouragement, making sure i was eating right. i do the same for him.
6:40 pm
i wrote him that friday night. i went to say my prayers before going to bed and felt compelled to pray for paul and for his family. i sent him a tax and said, tonight i prayed for you and your family. he said that it meant the world to him. but still did i now -- little that i know he would be making that announcement. he is not just courageous, one of the most break politicians i have seen. he is a good, decent person. i do not know of anybody more decent and paul ryan. he will be a great help as the vice president. >> governor, thank you for being with us. >> you are watching c-span's coverage of the republican national convention. we are on a break between sessions until 7:15 eastern time.
6:41 pm
we are using that time to hear from you about the selection of mitt romney as the nominee for the 2012 election. our next call is from new york city. lemina. caller: i am somber -- happy for mitt romney and ryan. i am from west africa. we just had a civil war. so many things go on, as a naturalized citizen, i am happy for the way elections are run here. there is one thing i do not like, the negative ads on tv accusing one another about killing this, a killing that, whatever. we should be a civilized people
6:42 pm
and talk about what we are going to do for the future of our kids and the future of us. i hope as this election goes by, barack obama and mitt romney will come to the round table and talk about what is going to happen with us, not with them or the democrats or republicans. besides that, there is a party and a human being. it is the human being that controls the human being. thank you. >> next is a republican supporting governor romney. go ahead. caller: there are so many of us here who have been fighting for mitt romney for so long. we are tickled to have him the official nominee. i wanted to say congratulations to mitt romney and to paul ryan.
6:43 pm
they have 150% of our support. there are many people that enthusiastically support mitt romney. i want to get that out because a lot of times we hear the media say that people are lackluster in their support for romney. that is not true. we are thrilled to have him be the soon to be next president of the united states. he has thousands that are endorsing him. we are out here supporting him, we are praying for him, and we wish him the best of luck going forward in this campaign and we will do all we can to get him well acted. >> we are going to -- get him elected. >> we are going to go back to the floor. >> i have to ask you about #48 --
6:44 pm
>> gerald ford. football. >> michigan is an important part in this convention. how competitive is it? >> a very competitive. i am positive he is going to take michigan. >> kansas is a state what they expect to win. >> this has been incredible. now to be here now, several years later part of the convention is phenomenal. it is part of the delegation. wichita state university. the best baseball program in the nation. we are here in our get out. we have several over there. >> if you saw the venue and the stage, what was your impression? >> an awesome experience to be here. a dream come true. >> what will you tell friends in
6:45 pm
kansas? >> it has been incredible. get involved in stay involved. our future is at stake. >> i want to move over here because we have a member of the louisiana delegation. hurricane isaac is making its way to your home town. >> i am talking to family members every half-hour. i am nervous. >> what is it like to be here for this event when a lot of people are keeping a close eye on this storm. ? >> we are used to hurricanes and taking care of ourselves in louisiana. my son is with my family. i feel good with that. i have them at the hotel. i am not afraid of the wind, i am afraid of the water. >> what are the lessons from katrina seven years ago? >> i >fema is more from -- think fema is more prepared.
6:46 pm
they have learned from katrina. >> what are you hearing from the governor and others from the republican party? >> he is definitely staying in louisiana. he has to because it is a direct hit. several of the delegates could not come because they are parish leaders. they had to stay home for their constituents. >> if i compare that to talk about the politics, day one is the official start of the convention even though they gathered yesterday. >> it is exciting. it is nice. i am hoping for a change for the country. >> what message do you want republicans to take away from this convention? >> change. we need to get the country in order. we need better fiscal responsibility. i am a physician.
6:47 pm
hopefully, we will focus on the most important thing, the economy. >> thank you and good luck to your family. i hope they stay safe. oflet's give you a sense what tonight will be like when the convention re-gathers. this is the list of speakers they have published beginning with john boehner and former candidate rick santorum along with cathy mcmorris rodgers. she is a member of the house leadership team and has been given a speaking role each night throughout the convention. also on the schedule at 8:00, kelly ayotte of new hampshire and the gop's are going to emphasize their sitting
6:48 pm
governors across the country as a demonstration of their leadership and economic success. here is a list of some of them. governor john kasich of ohio, mary fallin of oklahoma. bob mcdonnell of the virginia and scott walker, whom we just heard from, of wisconsin. at 9:00, the governor of nevada will be up. that is the list of governors from the evening. then we will hear from ted cruz and artur davis, a congressman who switched parties and became an active republican. we have seen him a lot on television. and nikki haley from south carolina. then ann romney and the keynote
6:49 pm
speaker, governor chris christie. we have been talking about him. that wraps up the tuesday night schedule. we are going to go back to taking calls. this roll-call vote tonight which makes the ron the ticket -- the romney ticket official. caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like to say they need to go to i'd be going there, i learned that governor romney outsourced more jobs in his state, and he had the worst rating. if he could not run a state, how can we trust him to run the united states of america? i would also like to add that
6:50 pm
the $614 million they said about -- president obama had taken out, that is not true. the republican states came to president obama to get this implemented. if you remember, when president clinton was proposing that, they tried to get that implemented. obama implemented it but said you had to add 20 more jobs. he is not trying to kill the jobs. he is trying to add jobs. if the republicans would stop voting against everything, they vote against everything that president obama tries to get past. the transportation bill, the estimate was 15 million jobs.
6:51 pm
15 million people back to work. i would like to propose -- mitt romney cannot even when his own state. he is losing in that state because those people know what he did when he was a governor. >> let me jump in. thank you for your call. we are going to go to don in north carolina. caller: i am not from north carolina, north dakota. hell? -- hello? first of all, this is not why i called but in response to the other gentlemen, i would have to say, when governor romney worked for the private sector come at he did what was -- private
6:52 pm
sector, he did what was best for the private sector. when he worked for the olympics, he did what was best for the olympics. nobody can challenge this because everything went well. what he worked for the state of massachusetts, he brought prosperity and did not allosaurs jobs when he was governor of massachusetts. instead, he created a lot of jobs. these are facts. the gentleman that was talking before was talking about outsourcing jobs when he was in the private sector. he never did that while he was governor of massachusetts.
6:53 pm
i have been following his career for a few years. >> thank you. the caller earlier unhappy with us with not putting the tally of votes, our own calculation, ron paul received 190 of the boats from the delegates -- votes from the delegates. >> nobody knows more about the number is in politics that chuck todd. you have been keeping a cap on all of this. the president is in nevada and virginia. this race will come down to where? >> i look at it and i have four of our nine and tossups where i say, i think romney, maybe it is a slight favorite. a florida, colorado, and even. that gets into 250. he is 20 short.
6:54 pm
you look at the next on the list, ohio, nevada, new hampshire. look at that, all of them present challenges for romney . toomey, florida, virginia, obama may have to just win one of those three and he will prevent romney from finding a path to 2 70. it is a tough position. >> you tweeting out earlier -- >> who was the average state of what ever? we have 50 great states apparently. we have no average states. it is my favorite tradition. i love being here on the floor. thank you, c-span, for putting their roll call on. it is always interesting to see, we found out some of the dynamics.
6:55 pm
you heard the minnesota delegation saying, we proved we have the fairest -- excuse me, conventions with integrity. it is one of the great traditions. sunday, it will matter again. conventions' keep changing. the business is over. the business part is over. we can leave. we have no nominating speeches anymore. we do not call them that anymore. we say, here are the prime-time speakers tonight. none of them are connected to the business of the convention. one of two things could happen -- carefully stay with this process, conventions will go down to this -- a day or two.
6:56 pm
if the parties to wake up and realize this race to labor day may have unintended consequences, we have had hurricanes two conventions in a row, go back to july and august. if you are the out party, the early convention is better for you. i think it is statistically proven. we will see what happens. that could be the other thing that happens. >> people talking about a bump following this week or next week. what are you looking for? >> i do not think there is going to be a bump. september 15, that is the first poll after everything is settled. i am going to be. about one number -- romney favorable rate. that is the thing that has the most flooded the. it could move. if we see a bomb, -- most
6:57 pm
fluidity. it could move. if we see a bump, it will be there. the bump has to be in the favorable rate. >> weekend at this interview to your video library. >> the only evidence of me on television without this beard. >> and choctaw of nbc, lamenting the way conventions used to be -- chuck todd of nbc, lamenting the way conventions used to be. we have in for graphics -- so you cans see how they got closer and
6:58 pm
closer to labor day. we show you that and we also have other options like web- exclusive videos. you can create your own quips of anything you have seen and shared them by a social media. it is a place for you to watch what is going on and be part of the conversation by posting comments or sending out clips. we also have a google + hangout. we will show you what they are like. >> let see introduced cabin of georgia. what time will you be going to the floor for the first day of the convention? >> i am from texas. >> i am so sorry. >> it is ok. i am getting ready to catch the shuttle in about 30 minutes.
6:59 pm
we will be going right over there. the same thing -- it will be a long ride on the bus before we can get into the area. >> what are you looking forward to? >> today will be about voting on the rules, the platforms and things like that. to me, i know there is a lot of but weons that go ron, need to make sure we put forth the best platform for our party and make sure the rules benefit our party. that is the most important part of this convention. >> who is the leader of your delegation? the you have a lot of meetings? >> we have a meeting every morning. the head of the state republican
7:00 pm
party often gives us information, i will probably butcher his name, but we meet every morning and we have leaders come in and they give speeches and let us know what is going on, keep us informed on what we need to do as delegates. >> do you have your cow by a hat with you? >> i do have my cowboy hat. i actually had to come back to my room because i worry the wrong -- wore the wrong shirt for today. they are wearing the, as you can see, the texas flag shirt. so i do not have mine on. i came to switch and get my hat. so i'm not traditionally a cowboy hat wearer so i just want to make is sure i put it on right. >> that's a sample of the google hangout that's available on c-span's convention hub.
7:01 pm
you get a sense of what it's like to be a delegate at this convention. we're going to return to the convention floor. >> i guess we'll stay with the texas theme. this is mark and travis, both first-time delegates to this convention. we'd like to ask what this experience has been like? >> it's been great. it's an opportunity for us to be able to get involved and be a part of this process. i think it's going to be a great election year. i think it's a time for republicans to be able to tell the world, tell america that it's time to get back to work. i think businesses in america have been hit with a lot of speed bumps, there's a lot of not wanting to hire anybody. if cap and trade had gone through, a lot of factory electric bills would have doubled. where are they going to have to get the must be? -- money? they're going to have to let people go. we have a lot of obstacles wanting to slow businesses down. >> do you have good seats?
7:02 pm
what do you want to hear from your newly minted nominee? >> i want to hear what romney's plan is i hope he can introduce himself to the american public in a way that we keep hearing that the american public wants to hear from him. so he can explain more about himself, his family, his ideals. we know president barack obama. it's time for the country to get to know mitt romney and i think this convention, the days that are left in it are going to get him only the platform to let us know. >> ron balls -- ron paul, he's had a big presence. will ron paul supporters support mitt romney? >> i think in time they'll understand the importance because there's so much on the line, as we move forward, and they've had their -- they've had their place and now i think it's time for us to unify. i think they have had a great dissent and many of them as you have seen have spoken their piece but we're hoping we can mend some fences and move forward to get back the white house. >> another fellow texan, george w. bush, is not here tonight. do you wish he was here? should he be here this week for the convention? >> i'm from texas, of course,
7:03 pm
so i'm pretty partial to mr. bush. i'd love to see him here but this is mitt romney's time. this is his time to have the spotlight and let us know about what mitt romney's vision are for the fewer and looking backward at this point not do the party as much good as looking forward. mr. bush, staying outside of tampa now, and not taking any of the lime light is probably in the best interest of the party and mitt romney. >> you talked about president bush? >> i beg your pardon? >> your thoughts on president bush? >> i think he's a good president. he's a good, honest family man who had good intentions for america. the time to get spending under control is going to be a big part of our politics going forward. and i think any criticism that many of the conservatives have might have been regarding the spending. i think moving forward it's time to get more physically responsible. >> first-time delegates from texas. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we have about another five
7:04 pm
minutes to hear your reactions from the around the country. next is up a call from houston. >> thank you for taking my call. i'm just calling to -- well, i was listening that eva longoria's going to be at the democratic convention. just to let everybody know that all hispanics are with obama. well, that's not right. because some hispanic -- because i'm hispanic and i'm not with obama. with that all that obamacare, i have two members of my family that work in insurance companies and they already know they're out of a job. so how is obamacare creating jobs? that's all i have to say and i'm all for the romney-paul ryan ticket. >> thanks. as you can hear, the music is starting up which is a call to the attendees to come back in with the gavel coming down in
7:05 pm
about 15 minutes. at this point we're going to watch and listen on the floor and we'll see you right after tonight's presentation, after the key note, to get your reaction. we'll see you then. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ ♪
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>> delegates and alternates, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
7:10 pm
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7:14 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to the speaker of the house, john boehner. >> delegates, alternates, ladies and gentlemen, the convention will be in order. you know, we begin tonight with a fundamental question. can we do better?
7:15 pm
the answer in my view is obvious. you bet we can. you know, the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? president obama only offers excuses instead of answers. his record is a shadow of his rhetoric. yet he has the nerve to say that he's moving us forward and the audacity to hope that we're going to believe him. allow mi me to illustrate. i'm what you'd call a regular guy with a big job. i've got 11 brothers and sisters, my dad and my uncles owned a bar in cincinnati. i worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables, tending bar. so believe me when i say, i learned how to deal with every character who walked in the door. so, let's say right now some guy walked into our bar full of guys looking for work, having a tough go of it, and the guy said, well, the private sector's doing fine. you know what we'd do?
7:16 pm
that's right. we'd throw him out. think about this. a guy walked into our bar full of people paying more for health care, paying for more gas, paying more for everything, and this guy would say, well, we're better off than what we would have been. well, you know what we'd do. we'd throw him out. [applause] now, the guy walked into our bar full of folks who couldn't tell you the last time they got a raise or whether their house was above water and the guy said, well, we tried our economic plan and it worked, you know what we'd do. we'd throw him out. now, let's say a guy walked into our bar and before he could say anything he overheard a regular telling his story. turns out this guy ran a small business. got involved in it while he was in school, then out of nowhere his business partner died. they had just one customer.
7:17 pm
so he fault like hell through sleepless nights and close calls, paid their dues, proud of what they've managed to do. now the guy walks into a bar and heard that story and he said, well, if you've got a business, you didn't build that . well you know what we'd do with him, don't you? we'd throw him out. [cheers and applause] by the way, that small business guy is my story. that was our business and we did build that. [cheers and applause] but you know, it could have just as easily been the story of anyone who's built something from nothing. no guarantees, no government there to hold your hand, just a dream and the desire to do better. president obama doesn't get this. he can't fix the economy because he doesn't know how it was built. so in 70 days when the american people walk into the voting
7:18 pm
booth, what should we do? we should throw him out. because we can do better, we can do a lot better. and it starts with throwing out the politician who doesn't get it and electing the new president who does. [cheers and applause] mitt romney comes from a family of builders. his father built houses, built businesses, built industry. george romney was a can -do kind of guy. and he was fond of the old saying, that when things are at their worst, that's just the place and the time that the tide will turn. well, delegates, this is that time and this is that place. [cheers and applause] we're here to preserve this country the same way we've built it. by exercising our government-given right to set a new course. so who better to turn this tide than the man who has dedicated his career to doing just that?
7:19 pm
for states, for businesses, for the olympic games. president romney, boy, i like the sound of that. president romney will keep his word and he'll keep his courage too. he'll keep faith with the idea that government exists to serve the people and that people who built this economy. mitt's jobs plan will build a stronger middle class through energy independence, schools for our kids, not the teacher's unions come first, free trade, the path to a balanced budget and an end to the uncertainty and the tax hikes that threaten small businesses. it's a big job. so we're fortunate that mitt has chosen his runningmate as a leader who is second to none when it comes to rooting out and fixing washington's worst habits. when i met paul ryan 22 years ago he was a student at miami of ohio volunteering on my first campaign for congress.
7:20 pm
soon he'll be our party's nominee for vice president of the united states. who says this isn't the greatest country on earth? you know that -- they call this america's comeback team. like any good comeback, i need some true believers. so if you believe that we can do better, if you want your children and our children to have a stronger, more prosperous america, then mitt romney and paul ryan need your help. because we cannot turn this tide, only though if all of us are all in all of the time. all the way until the sixth of november. it starts here with a convention that led loo -- that will lead to victory for our party and more importantly victory for our people and the great cause of freedom. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
7:21 pm
>> please welcome back chairman . >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the 2012 republican national convention. [cheers and applause] once again we thank the people of tampa for their hospitality. tonight we embark on a better future for every american. mitt romney and paul ryan will lead us. our timeless, tested republican principles will light the way. free enterprise, individual opportunity, limited government . they made america great and and
7:22 pm
only they can keep america strong. the last four years under president obama have been trying and troubling for this entire country. the tired big government policies of the past have failed us. we can't afford any more disappointments. we need a new direction. we need a new president. i know, i know, and you know, just the man for the job, he's a family man, he's a businessman, he spent his career building successful companies and then he saved the olympics in 2002 and brought pride to our nation. as governor, he balanced the budget, cut taxes and created
7:23 pm
jobs. the president america needs is mitt romney! [cheers and applause] governor romney has a record of tremendous accomplishments but he doesn't ask for ac lates -- accolades. he just asks, how can i help? that's the mark of a true leader. a humble, focused, on getting the job done. mitt romney spent his life turning around failing enterprises and america need as turn-around. specifically we need barack obama to turn around and go back to chicago. [cheers and applause]
7:24 pm
guys, let me tell you about my friend, paul ryan. a man of true integrity, he doesn't descend into the gutter politics of the other side. he rises above it. and charts a better path. he's my buddy, my congressman and i can't wait to call him our next vice president. [cheers and applause] and, hey, won't it be nice to have a second in command who can spend his days doing more than just prying his foot out of his mouth? [cheers and applause] paul and his wife's three children are the light of their eyes. in congress paul doesn't worry about his political future. he worries about the future of
7:25 pm
his children in the same way sali and i worry about the future of our two kids, jack and grace. their future is in jeopardy because president obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt for all of our children to pay off. that's unacceptable. our founders didn't declare our independence only to see us become dependent on the borrowed money of foreign nations. we still have time to chart a better course. but if barack obama gets four more years it might be too light late. we're not just spending borrowed money, we're living on borrowed time. look at the record of the
7:26 pm
outgoing administration. 23 million americans struggling for work. 42 months of unemployment above 8%. the worst jobs record since the great depression. it's time to elect mitt romney so we can get moving on the great america comeback. [cheers and applause] now, the obama apologists in the mainstream media, they say, oh, it's not his fault. well, we have news for the media. we knew that things were bad but that's no excuse for making things worse. [cheers and applause] four years ago barack obama was
7:27 pm
an unproven leader. well today he's proven himself. he's proven that he's not up for the job. mitt romney and paul ryan will be up to the job on day one. [cheers and applause] like paul ryan, i'm from wisconsin. where republicans have done pretty well in recent years. well, here's why. because we govern like we campaign. we made promises and we kept promises. that's what americans want. leaders of their word. well, president obama, as we all know, is a man of many words. but he's not a man of his word. he broke his promise to cut the
7:28 pm
deficit in half and he broke his promise to fix the economy. and adding insult to injury he actually attacks success. this president looks down on american free enterprise. as speaker boehner just said, the president said, if you've got a business, you didn't build that. yeah, we do build it, right? that makes me think, that makes me think that barack obama has a problem with the american dream. i grew up in a place called kenosha, wisconsin. my dad was a union electrician and he retired from the racine
7:29 pm
unified school district. you know, when we drove through the town he didn't point to that big beautiful house on the corner and my dad didn't say, hey, look at these lousy people over here. he did what every one of your parent it's did, he said, listen up, pal. if you work hard and you go to school you're going to be in that house and mom and dad, well, we pray that it's three times bigger. no parent in america, democrat or republican, wants the kind of negative glass-empty view of america that president obama is trying to sell. we're the party that celebrates success. [cheers and applause]
7:30 pm
we are the party that believes in the american dream. we want all of our children to have a chance to succeed. so, this convention is an invitation to all americans to join us as we fight for a better future. this is our generation's rendezvous with destiny. this is our generation's time for choosing if you believe that america can do better, than the we stand withrs, - you. mitt romney and paul ryan stand with you.
7:31 pm
[cheers and applause] we are so blessed to be here together. we will have a great week. i thank you all for being here. god bless you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 2008 winner of america's got talent. tallent."a's got ent" ♪
7:32 pm
tomorrow all the things workedgone that i had for all my life ♪ thank my lucky stars to be here today ♪ the flag stands for freedom and they cannot take that away ♪ ♪ and i am proud to be an american, where at least i know i am free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died coup gave that right to may ♪ ♪ and i will probably stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ doubt i love this land ♪
7:33 pm
♪god bless the usa [applause] ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee ♪ across the plains of texas, from sea to signing seeks -- shining sea ♪ ♪ where there is pride in every american heart and it is time to say ♪ proud to be an american, where at least i know i am free ♪ and i will not forget the men who died who gave that write to me ♪
7:34 pm
♪ and i will proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪god bless the usa ♪ i will gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ doubt ie there ain't no love this land ♪
7:35 pm
[cheers and applause] god bless the usa ♪ [cheers and applause] god bless you all and god bless america. [cheers and applause] audience: usa! usa! usa! usa! [cheers and applause]
7:36 pm
whoo! whoo! [cheers and applause] [rock music playing]
7:37 pm
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
7:38 pm
[cheers and applause] >> the first day of college, i remember my father looked at me very seriously and said, your mother and i have done everything to get you where you are right now. we have never taken a and out. we have worked hard for everything we have had. you will not take from the society. you will give back. >> my favorite part of running for congress, hands down, is
7:39 pm
talking to people and meeting people. i love utah. look at how beautiful this place is. we live in the greatest place in the world. my heroes are my parents, my husband, and my children. they understand and all they want to do is fulfill their dreams. >> if i were to start listing the things she was involved and, participation in service and our local church, she teaches fitness classes, she makes our home a wonderful place, and she helps me as a partner to raise our children and teach them our principles. she is very talented. her mind works very quickly. >> the good news is you will be happy when it is done. i am passionate about having a healthy life. it is about how strong you are and how much endurance you have.
7:40 pm
the difficult things are not easy but they are worth it. if i could describe freedom in one word, it would be the ability to make decisions and reap the benefits of those decisions. if i could go to washington tomorrow and change one thing, it would be to restore the power of decision-making back to the people. it is not the government's responsibility to save our country. it is us -- up to us to save our country. what makes america great is this idea that we are free. free to work, live, shoes, and failed. -- choose and fail. our failures make us better. i have no regrets about where i am. i love my life. i am running for congress. will, we will rock you ♪
7:41 pm
you ♪ill, we will rock >> i am thrilled to add utah's voice in support of mitt romney. let me tell you about the america i know. my parents immigrated to this country with $10 in their pockets and with a hope that the america they heard about really exists. when tough times came, they did not look to washington. they looked with in. the america i grew up knowing was centered in self-reliance and filled with the possibilities of living the american dream. [cheers and applause] the america i know is grounded
7:42 pm
in the determination, in patriots and pioneers, in small businesses with big ideas, with farmers who work in the beauty of our landscape and our heroic military. it is found in the olympic athletes and every child who looks at the seemingly impossible and says, i can do that. that is the america i know. [cheers and applause] president obama's version of america is a divided one, opften pitting us against one another. his policies have failed us. we are not better off. we can change that. [cheers and applause]
7:43 pm
mr president, i am here to tell you the american people are awake and we are not buying what you are selling in 2012. [cheers and applause] the american dream is not just my story. it is not just your story. it is our story. it is a story of human struggle, standing up and striving for more. our story has been told for more than 200 years with small steps and giant leaps. from women on a bus to a man with a dream. from quavery of the onshore mars of today -- from bravery. this is the america we know because we built it. [cheers and applause]
7:44 pm
audience: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you. yes we did. thank you. with paul ryan, with mitt romney as president and paul ryan as vice president, we can restore and revive that american story we know and love. the world will know it, our children will tell it, and our grandchildren will possess it for years to come. god bless america. this is our time. we are the best and last hope on earth.
7:45 pm
thank you. [cheers and applause] >> you may know her from the hit tv series, and she is also a radio talk-show host. ladies and gentlemen, janine turner. >> wow. whoo! hello, fellow patriots. as an actress, i have worked on movie sets all over our great land, from new york -- where are you, new york? whoo! new york! to los angeles.
7:46 pm
from miami to seattle. as a constitutionalists, i have traversed america, visiting classrooms and town halls from ohio to arizona. whoo! from colorado -- where is colorado? come on, colorado. where is colorado? to wisconsin. there you go. i have witnessed the splendor of american ingenuity, the triumph tenacity, and the goodness of americans's
7:47 pm
to president obama, the government did not build it. god and the american people built it. [cheers and applause] while we are at it, i stand here as witness to say, america is exceptional. [cheers and applause] america's on japan airship was sponsored by our founding father's vision reach a founding fathers' vision of small government. -- america's entrepreneurship was sponsored by our founding fathers' vision of small government.
7:48 pm
i believe the best way to keep our republican form of h mittment is witgh romney and paul ryan. our constitution guarantees us a republican form of government. in article 4, section 4. our liberal brethren, they do not feel constrained by our constitution. that is convenient to them. ignoring constitutional limits, they do whatever they like. don't they? like grow the government to unbelievable an unsustainable heights and accumulate historic and catastrophic debt. patrick henry said, kids me liberty or give me death. -- give me liberty or give me
7:49 pm
death. obama's society says, give me liberty and gimme gimme. why? because democrats depend on dependence. america was not born with a "gimme gimme" mentality. america was built with their hands at work, but not with their hands out. [cheers and applause] the torch of the american dream is filled with the unquenchable desire for independence, liberty, and freedom. free enterprise has paved the way for americans to earn their own success. it has created an america that
7:50 pm
has yielded an unprecedented level of progress. this progress has lifted up humanity to greater heights of living and a greater level of dignity. mitt romney will preserve this exceptional american legacy. [cheers and applause] barack obama will destroy it. obama is stifling the american dream, primarily because it is not his dream. [cheers and applause] his dream is not of an independent people. his dream is of a dependent people, based on the principles of antiquated government. mitt romney will restore the american dream based on three
7:51 pm
about are tried and true founding principles. god gives us our rights, not government. [cheers and applause] think about. if man gives us our rights, then a man can take them away. as james madison 41, if history has proven, men are not angels. two, the checks and balances of government are power amount. without them, we have tyranny, which straddles liberty. 3, are you ready? this is what i believe. the genius of the people will pravail. for the people's voice is the
7:52 pm
republic. for the republic, mitt romney will stand. god bless america. thank you very much. "i built it," comedy i built please welcome a country performer. >> ♪ it cost me my life savings
7:53 pm
♪ big cigar and i bought it ♪ ♪ i worked it my own twot with working hands ♪ it with no help from uncle sam ♪ shut andur big mouth your eyes on the job at hand ♪ ♪ i bought it with every dime i
7:54 pm
owned ♪ built itd it and i with my own two hands ♪ ♪ yes, i built it with no help from uncle sam ♪ ♪ there is a moral to this story, i will make it short and sweet ♪ it and i worked it ♪ own twobuilt it with my working hands ♪ with no help from uncle sam ♪ ♪ i built it with my own to
7:55 pm
hands ♪ andtwo working [cheers and applause] >> please welcome a small business owner. [applause] >> good evening. two years ago, i would never have a match and i would be here with you tonight, speaking as the republican -- at the republican national convention. what an honor to be with you tonight. i am a mother from delaware. o-owner with my husband.
7:56 pm
i plan on taking on a new title, the next governor of the great state of delaware. [applause] tonight, it is my honor to talk about the three things that inspired me to run for office. my family, the business we built, and my belief and america's on limited potential -- my belief in america's unlimited potential. my husband received news that would change our lives forever. we learned our son was autistic. we loved him with every fiber of our being. the experts told us not to expect much. "your son would never learn to read, write, or communicate effectively."
7:57 pm
they said to accept it. we realized the paychecks of our jobs would not pay for the professionals he needed to overcome the odds. we followed the deep and longstanding american tradition. we took a rest. we bet on the future and we started our own business. [cheers and applause] when serving in the army, my husband had taken a report on a street. i saw him pull, a sewing machine out. a second-generation mexican- american, my husband will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. [cheers and applause] our friends thought we were
7:58 pm
crazy. did we not have enough challenges trying to raise our son? why not just accept the lot in our life. my dad was an old-school guy. he was a former drill stop -- drill sergeant. he taught us to work hard but think big. i remember he wants pointed to a big factory. he told me that is more than a building. it took a lot of work to get that thing. it all started out as an idea that someone's kitchen table. you could say our upholstery business was our kitchen table idea. 15 years later, we employ more than 70 people in our 70,000 square foot factory. [cheers and applause] we are so proud of what we do.
7:59 pm
we make umpire vests for little league. restaurant seats for pizza chains. we are taking work away from chinese and mexican competitors and bringing it back to delaware. [cheers and applause] how did it happen? we defied the odds. we rolled the dice on losing or gaining everything. we did not listen to the experts. we grew our dream. with our son, we did not listen to the experts either. he still struggles with autism. this past june, he completed his first year at the university of


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